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March 4, 2000
From: Chris Basford
email: basford2@hotmail.com
comments: For starters I would just like to let the Grafton wresters who took part in the state tournament know that they did great at the state tournament. I would also like to wish Ben Taylor Randy Seirs and Anthony Spadafore the best of luck in the future. They did a great job of being senior leaders and that's what teams need. Congradulations to Ben and Spaddy for placing because not too many people who e mailed me thought you would. I would also like to add that coach Auvil and Steve Harlow have straighten those wrestlers out from the beginning of the season. That was proven when they matched our highest state finish and placed more wrestlers than we ever did. You two are the best two coaches I've had and I thank you both for bringing out the best in me.. You two prove to be motivators and that is why our wrestling program will be up and coming in years to come. Thank you two. I would really like to congradulate Chris Leach and Cory Auvil for placing 2nd and 3rd respectively. I know second sucks trust me Leach but at least you have something to strive for next season. That same goes for you Cory. You two are going to take over Buddy McKeen's mine and Anthony Kennedy's win totals so I hope you two can go out on top next season in what ever classification we are in next season. That brings me to my next point. I wish everyone who is Anti-Oak Glen would shut up about their successes. So they've won four straight titiles and are gunning for a fifth next season. No one should hate them for being a tough team. Look what Cameron did in the early 90's. They won 4 straight titles but did anyone say they should move up into the AAA level? They are a single A program and look what they did. Granted both Cameron inthat time and Oak Glen of this time are at a AAA level of competition but they are a AA school and that is proven in the classifications for next year. Coach Shaw is doing what every team should do. He goes out and finds the toughest local competition in the Ohio Valley and Pa. and that pays off. I just wonder if schools are just worried about their wrestlers records because some kids go to states with a great record and get beat out in the first round. A wrestler should not want to hide from competition. They should go out and find it have a goal to beat it and just train like a mad man to do so. "It is not where you start but it is how you finish that counts." I think coach Shaw has done a great job with his wrestling program and fans should take into consideration that he is a great coach and works those kids to be their best. They are a AA program but a good one. They do not go out finding kids to transfer to Oak Glen to help their team so people should shut up about that. "you only get out what you put out " and Oak Glen wrestlers bust their buts to achieve their goals and right now I bet they are getting ready to go after another goal... a fifth straight title! Keep up the good work...

March 4, 2000
From: comments
comments: I dont know why someone said that Stevens should've been OW this year. Regalbutto was by far the OW. Undefeated blowing out his opponents. If anyone other than Regalbutto should've won it there were many candidates. I mean look At matt Easter he blew out alot of opponents over the year not alot of clase matches. His only loss was towards the end of the season and was out of state. I know Stevens lost out of state but he had many matches much closer than what Easter regalbutto. Heath also couldve been a worthy wrestler for the award. All four of these young men had a thing to make people think twice about except regalbutto he makes you doa triple take. What happened with Litten not winning the AA OW i totally disagree wiht himn not taking that award home.

March 4, 2000
From: salami-swami
comments: I dont know why people are saying that AA is so much better than AAA. Oak Glen yes they are may be not only the best dual team in the state but maybe the best tournament team. I think only a few teams could compete in the top ten at AAA level from AA. Oak Glen of course and Williamstown(they are on the borderline maybe top 20). I believe what someone else in the forum said bout Parkersburg South should move down to better competition. In most cases no in all cases but Oak Glen's the teams cannot compete. Congrats to Oak Glen on being a great team that is also very well-coached.

March 3, 2000
From: the truth
comments: well things haven't changed another year goes by and i sit and read how such and such of a thing should have happend and how OG should go back to AAA and it gets realy tiresome i mean come on upsets and problems is what this sport is about one wrong move and you are done that's why it is so exciting so what ever happend happend so let it go and as for OG who cares they are good period wrestling is about good sportsmanship when you bash their program or any other program or wrestler you bash wrestling by the coments you make is there something wrong with being possitive why does everyone have to be so negetive so grow up please. Congradulations to all the wrestlers in all weight classes keep up the good work.

March 3, 2000
From: A whole bunch of people
comments: Brothers who were state champs same year...
1989 - Parkersburg: Rich and Gary Tuttle, 145 & 152
1995 - John Marshall: Chris and Cliff Ward, 135 & 140
1999 - Herbert Hoover: Chad and Matt Wehrle 152 & 189
2000 - Cabell Midland: Justin & J.P. Stanley 112 & 125

March 3, 2000
From: Tara McCartney
comments: I want to first of all congratulate the Parkersburg South Wrestling team on yet another outstanding season! A special congrats to my dad and my little brother...I am so very proud of you both...BUT that is not why I am writing this comment. I just read a comment from "wrestling fan." This person congratulated three state champion wrestlers and then asked "What happened to Matt George?" Well I don't know Matt George from Adam I have never talked to him in my life but I would like to congratulate him on an outstanding wrestling career. I don't know of a single wrestler at this year's state tournament that showed more class and sportsmanship than Matt George. He set a fine example of what it means to be a Champion. Obviously he is a great wrestler. You don't win the state two years in a row on luck. This year he proved that it takes more than a first place trophy or medal to make a "Champion". So congratulations Matt and congratulations to all of the other place winners at this years tournament.

March 3, 2000
From: AA Whiners
comments: All year long I hear AA is so much tougher and better than AAA. Why then do they want Oak Glen to move up to AAA? Shouldn't Parkersburg South move down to AA for better competition?

March 3, 2000
From: Sean
email: junkins@ab.edu
comments: Congratulations to Jim Shetler of Hedgesville on breaking the career wins record for the state. I'm glad I could help. Sorry we didn't get a chance to wrestle anymore. Im just glad my four matches with you helped you do something. :)

March 3, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I would agree with "Concerned Fan" that Oak Glen should not be in the AAA group just because of their success in AA. Oak Glen's and South's wrestling programs were not built over night or without much sacrifice from their community coaches and wrestlers.I believe in the old theory that"success breeds success" and feeder programs start with teaching technique and basics at an early age.It is evident that both programs have all the ingredients to shine each year. I know for a fact that Wood county has several excellent coaches and parents who teach and support their programs. Our little wrestler's heroes are the Patriot wrestlers-they admire and look up to them and most of them are role models for these youngsters. I'm sure the situation is no different at Oak Glen. So when you want to look at successful programs start with community involvement and dedicated parents coaches and kids.

March 3, 2000
From: WV - OVAC Mom
comments: TO OVAC FAN. OVAC stands for Ohio Valley Athletic Conference it is both Ohio and WV schools not just Ohio. Maybe a good match Would be Ohio State Champs vs West Virginia Champs that would be worth while.

March 3, 2000
From: D K
comments: comments: To M C
No disrespect to any wrestler 189 or what ever.The young men that was in the championship deserve it.I personally know Josh Moyers and he is a hard working kid and I hope him all the best next year he'll be there again.I do not know Bellville But he is from OG where they have the best program going.He didn't get where he is by not being good he got there by hard work an congratulation to both of them.I am just upset on what happen to Jeremiah It was his senior year he will not get another chance.As for what he will do after school he has signed with the Air Force.He hasn't decideed if he'll wrestle or not.It is just ashame to see 12 years an alot of hard work go down the tube.Any way I congratulate all the wrestlers it is without doubt the most demanding sport going.bar none

March 3, 2000
From: Fan
Congratulations to Nathan Kinsley and Kenny Griffin for giving their team, coaches, and fans something they will never forget - a great round of semi-final action and the championship finals. You guys did a great job and wrestled with a lot of heart and determination. Your fans and school are very proud of both of you. Also, congratulations to Nathan for achieving his 100th high school career victory, as a junior, with a win in the first round match.

March 2, 2000
From: The Editor
Every once in a while I get some tid-bit of information which doesn't quite justify a column, but nevertheless appears to be valid information which might be of interest to someone. I've got several such factoids laying around on my hard drive. If you've got a burning question, send me a line and I'll see if I can dig up an answer. No guarantees I can get the answer, but I'll give it a whirl...

Reliable Sources tell me that...

March 2, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Great job out to Matt Stevens Jason Trusty and Brandon Williams at State. Trusty dominated his class and definitely deserved OW. What happened to Matt George??? All I know is that a 2x State Champion ends up getting 5th his senior year. That's just wrong!

March 2, 2000
comments: To all Oak Glen Fans: You are exactly right. You are the best team in wrestling for the past 4 years You kill the competion year in and year out at states. You have the best coaches best feeders best wrestlers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your program but I ask you this- Are you state champions because you are in AA or are you state champions because your program was built during your AAA years and is established in the community? Also would you be state champions if you were in AAA the last few years? Oak Glen you have to understand that the competitive spirt is comming out in all those people on here jabbing at you because that is the only way to get some in on you. Dont take it to heart when everyone is talking stuff. Just wrestle! Everyone is mad because you used to be a AAA team and you guys are still wrestling like a AAA team in AA-A competition. To most of us it just dosent seem fair even when we know the numbers allow you to be in our division. Good job.

March 2, 2000
From: Randy
email: wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com
comments: thanks to those who have shown interest in the 2000 aaa finals. im holding off on selling copies till i find out if it is ok did not have a problem in 96 or 97 when i sold them. im awaiting word if it is ok to continue to sell them until then i will not sell any tapes.
and on the movie "takedown" i should have thought before i posted but i will not be selling any copies of that at all i have a few url as soon as i find them that deal with hard to find movies.

March 2, 2000
From: Dean Moore
comments: I would like to mention that if i am not mistaken the Stanley brothers of Cabel Midland are the first brothers to win State championships the same year. Congratulations to you and good luck in the future.

March 2, 2000
From: mc
email: curreyml@wirefire.com
comments: to: DK
i do not personally know any of the 189 competitors at the state tournament and I have heard only outstanding things about your sons wrestling ability but let the boys who won the tournament savor their victory for more than a few days. it is unfortunate that your son did not get to compete but have some respect for the accomplishments of the boys who did compete and placed at the state tournament. Down the road would probably be a better time to talk about what might have been better yet keep us posted on his future wreslting accomplishments. I wish him well.
Editor's note: I know DK, and I am sure that he meant no disrespect to the other 189 competitiors. Several wrestlers suffered big disappointments this season. We have many fans who have commented that "so-an-so should have been the champ..." You are right, there is a fine line between trying to "pump-up" a disappointed wrestler and disrespecting the athlete who was in fact the eventual champ. As editor I try to keep things steered away from the latter. I don't think any disrespect was intended here...

March 2, 2000
From: Weir High Wrestler
comments: I would like to congrtulate all of the state winners. I would especially like to congratulate Eric Noel and Robert Busick. When Eric went to Oak Glen Weir high lost a very good wrestler but i think that it was a good move for him. Good luck in the future

March 2, 2000
From: MR
comments: First congrats to all the winners both team and individuals but as some of you that know me will understand I'm kind of partial to the losers. To them I say that even the very best have lost in a big match and the best overall wrestler does not always win. Who ever is best that day that 6 min is the winner and that can be almost anyone. The one who wants it more! Now to my real point where is the fire the heart in the wrestlers now. I attended the region 1 tourney and I saw the most stalling and whining I have ever seen. When you back starts to be exposed isn't the end thats when you fight the most!! So many "top ranked" wrestlers gave up back points and just plain gave up. It makes me sick. When I wrestled I had almost horrible technique but I won 99% of my matches in high school and won 90% of them by intensity and intimidation by just giving 100%. To all the coaches discipline works well just look at south they have always had good kids but they always have a great "TEAM".
good luck to all

March 2, 2000
comments: How is east Fairmont going to talk about beating south when they have never even beaten fairmont senior or north marion in the 90's

March 2, 2000
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March 1, 2000
From: Wood Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: I wish to extend a hearty congratulations to the coaches and wrestlers from Williamstown. Outstanding accomplishment in coming in second place. Although I also felt that Cameron Ritchie Independence Calhoun and Braxton had an equal if not a better chance to become runnersup due to the numbers that they were able to send to state. Nevertheless they should be complimented on their fine performance also. It goes to show that the competition in AA is getting better. Thanks again Williamstown on your dedication and commitment--you guys are true champions in my eyes. In addition I wish Parkersburg South and Parkersburg a hearty congrats on their outstanding performance. Two things have been bothering me on the forum during the past week and that has been the bashing of Oak Glen and the A/AA MOW. I'm not an Oak Glen fan but let's give credit where credit is due. Oak Glen has a fine program and have set the standard for other schools to emulate. Their only crime in jealous eyes is winning state championships and what's wrong with that. Finally let's leave the AA/A MOW alone. The young man deserved it. He wrestled some top notch individuals in AA & AAA in state and out of state and is most deserving of this award. He is a champion leader and a role model for future wrestlers not only from Williamstown but from other schools as well.

March 1, 2000
From: Jason Litten
comments: I would just like to say thanks to a couple of people who helped me out this year. My coach Dave Peer thanks for all the extra time you put in to help me become a champ. Doug for taking me all over to wrestle in tournaments.Mr. Lantz for keeping me out of trouble. My girlfriend for giving me my space and all of the Frankfort fans for the great support.Sean for believing in me but allways keeping me fired up.Eric Mcartney thanks for the congradulations it's nice to hear. Okay now some words of advice to wrestlers everywhere. Always do your best and never give up. Make the best of your years in wrestling because they will fly by.Trust me when its all over you'll wish you could go back and try just a little harder. Just think of this next time you work out to be the best you have to work harder than your opponents are working and they might be working pretty hard. So when your tired go even harder.

March 1, 2000
comments: next year will be east's year. they have murderer's row coming back (miller noechel sternthal) and four others who qualified for states that will place. they also have three guys who just missed out making it to states who will next year. south better be savoiring their title because they will lose it next year. no 3-peat for south in 2001.

March 1, 2000
From: Rick Welker
email: welkerRA@newriver.usmc.mil
comments: Congratulations once again to the Oak Glen Wrestlers Coach Shaw and his Staff. To the individual who stated that Oak Glen is situated right in the middle of great wrestling Ohio and PA and then states that he would like to see Oak Glen wrestle AAA teams in the state. What sense would that make? Travel long distances to get the same and possibly better competition right in the local area. Believe it or not your team has the same opportunity as they do to come up north and wrestle them. Every year people complain one way or the other regardless who wins the state tournament. Bottom line is quit complaining on the geographical location of schools I don't think that it will be possible for us to uplift Hancock County and move it to please you.
Also I would like to congratulate the Patriots of Parkersburg South.

March 1, 2000
From: Eric Noel
comments: First of all I would like to say that everyone at the beggining of they year was wrong when they said OG would never win another State title without me and to whoever said I should have won OW thanx but I do think Ash Wenmoth deserved it.

March 1, 2000
From: Bob Staats
email: bsspeak@hotmail.com
comments: Congratulations to the two juniors from Ravenswood High that brought home state championships. Ash Gandee (112) won his second straight title (he was 103 champ as a sophomore) and Adam Schindler the latest in a long line of wrestling Schindler's at Ravenswood won the 145 pound title. His uncles Luke (132 in 1981) and Tom (167 in 1985) also won titles for the Red Devils. Also congrats to junior Josh Currey (125) for his fifth place finish and senior Jeremy Nester (171) and sophomores Isaac Andrick (119) and Dana (Moose) Raban (215). Andrick did not place after becoming ill and losing in the first round but he was a victim of the draw. He owned victories over the eventual champ in his class (Tim Haddox of Williamstown). Look for the Devils to be strong in a few classes again next year although it's always been tough to fill all their weight classes over the years that would allow them to win a state team title. After this year's 10th place finish and two state ch! amps however more interest may be generated for future Red Devil teams.

March 1, 2000
From: Alumni 95'
comments: Congrats to Coach Pickens squad on their runner-up finish. One heck of a job with only 9 wrestlers all season. Congrats to Ash Wentmouth and Tim Haddox and all of the other Williamstown high wrestlers...great job.

March 1, 2000
comments: I am a wrestling fan and I think oak Glen has best wrestlers in the state of west Virgina I don't care about Parkensburgh south or any other team in the state we got the best bottom to top line up in west virgina.

March 1, 2000
From: former og grappler
comments: There are no wrestlers from PA or Ohio that wrestle for us sorry thats just another excuse youll have to through out the window but a few years ago there was a young man that came to our program he moved back to ohio before he got to high school. His name was Joey Phlug and he was a state runner up as a freshmen I think.
Lucky for you guys they moved back.

March 1, 2000
From: D.K.
email: dkuykendall@webtv.net
comments: comment: I would like to agree with who ever the coach was that wrote in wanting to wrestle teams like O.G.but does not have the support of the school and probaly not of the community. I have watched both of my boys come up thru the ranks. My oldest should have won statesin 97 an 98. My youngest would have cleaned up in the 189 pound class be it AA or AAA it would not have matter - but that is water under the bridge or where ever. What I am saying is this: We traveled all over coming up thru pee wee they paid their dues. They was an are from Frankfort. Here it is football that is about all this community knows.We started a pee wee program four years ago an it is just now starting to feed the high school.We have no middle school but we are trying to get a program started to feed the high school an please believe me it will be like trying to pull hens teeth. We are in a area that could be a hot bed of wrestling PA being less than an hour drive.If everthing works out Frankfort will become close to the top in AA.We had two boys these year that could easy compete an win at AAA - 152 Litten and my boy at 189 until he had to leave.... Both these boys came up thru pee wee mostly on their own not belonging to any team. So the point is this you got to have a good pee wee program, a good middle school program, and a lot of support from the school an community. So there it is the formala for a outstanding wrestling team. What ever you put in to something is what you will get out of it don't put much in you won't get much out. Period. So if every one tries we will catch OG -- it won't be over night but it is there, just reach for it.

March 1, 2000
From: The Varmint
comments: Well wrestling fans another fine season has come to an end. Congradulations to the OAK GLEN GOLDEN BEARS on their fine season.I see it is now time to bash the bears again. For those of you that say we don't wrestle the top schools in W.V.: Brooke Classic Fairmont Senior--we won Roane-- we won East Fairmont--we won Wheeling Park--we won John Marshall---we won North Marion--we won Preston--we won Brooke--we won Weir--we won. I think we wrestle our share of W.V. top teams.It costs our team just as much to travel as any other team. We wrestle the best competition we can. As for those that say we should be back in AAA I don't see you telling the same thing to Bridgeport Grafton AAA nextyear Wyoming East Weir Mount View Scott Sissonville. All of these schools have higher enrollment than Oak Glen. We also don't have a better than thou attitude. We just support our kids. You don't see us using this web to bash other schools. Please give us a break. We just love our BEARS.

March 1, 2000
From: informed person
comments: jason trusty was the most dominant of his weight class...wood county wrestlers wrestled tougher competition all year and it showed in the tourney...

March 1, 2000
From: OVAC Fan
I would like to see an All Star match between West Virginia State Tour. against the ovac champions. It could beheld in WV one year and Ohio the next year. WTOV 9 I'm sure would teleivise the match. It would give everyone a chance to show there stuff. I beleive that it would be very competivite also. It could be small school wv states or a mix of both small school and big school.

March 1, 2000
From: Micki
email: MickiLynn22@hotmail.com
. comments: I would like to congratulate Jeff Courtney on placing 3rd at the States. You are a CHAMP!!!! Congratulations Jeff! Micki at PSHS

March 1, 2000
From: Eric McCartney
email: ericmccartney@hotmail.com
comments: I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the wrestlers who competed in the state tournament. To the wrestlers form Calhoun you guys wrestled pretty tough keep it up and the sky will be the limit. Travis (my little brother) you wrestled hard all year and made me really proud congradulations an a great season. Chris Morris hang in there buddy you'll get your title. Buddha keep working hard and you're gonna be even higher on that podium. Ramsey you showed a lot of heart out there you were fun to practice with and watch. Jimmy congratulations on being a four time state placer. Coach Stump Coach Gainer and Coach McCartney (Dad) Keep pushing the guys and they'll only get better. You guys made me proud to be a part of the great tradition of wrestling at Calhoun High!!! I also want to congratulate Jason Litten from Frankfort you wrestled like and animal and took home a well deserved title!

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