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March 7, 2001
From: Pat Peters
comments: Comments on the West Virginia State Youth States held in Parkersburg-
The 24th Annual Youth States was held in Parkersburg last weekend. Here are some interesting facts about the tournament.
* There were 614 kids registered to complete in the tournament.
* Coaches who attended the seeding meeting, which lasted 6 hours, seeded 336 kids based on record and competition.
* The top eight kids in each weight class were seeded.
* Only 26 kids that were not seeded placed in the top 6 places. More than 63% of the kids had losing records or the parents sent no records at all.
* 90 to 95% of the State forms that were mailed in had been down loaded off the "WVMat" page.

Sam Baldwin and all the Wood Co. Coaches need a great pat on the back. This was the first Jr. State under a new director and it was ran fair and in the best interest of each athletic involved. Weigh-ins held at Parkersburg South broke tradition of them being held at City Park. This change was due to the fact that the City of Parkersburg moved Wood County Recreation out of the Pavillion. Some kids had trouble making weight, this is always a problem when parents try to have kids drop large amounts of weight. The weight classes are stated clearly on the form. All scales were certified and athletes were given 3/10's of a pound. In the past complaints were made about the use of officials. This tournament had officials from different regions working. This was the best officiated tounament that I have seen. Finally the tournament ran a longer than expected on Sunday. Efforts to make it more enjoyable for the athletes made the the final day longer. We will make every attempt to make the tournament next year even better. I hope that the Fairmont/Clarksburg people will reconsider their participation next year.

March 7, 2001
comments: I agree that things have gotten a bit out of hand on and off the mat and sometimes (but only a few) on the forum. The key is control. The officials and coaches are expected to maintain control during the match while the wrestlers AND their parents should display enthusiasm WITH sportsmanship. And Doc, the forum is in your hands. It is far too popular to end. If you feel that it has contributed to the negative aspects of the sport, then use our forum to turn things around a bit. Keep it positive and edit when needed.......

March 7, 2001
From: KW
comments: The WVMAT webpage and forum has given West Virginia wrestling at all levels a place to get together and chew the fat. It used to be at the old general store with a coal burning Warm Morning stove and a few fruit crates to sit on that all of the old timers discussed their favorite issues of the day. Now for all wrestling enthusiasts it is on your website that all corners of the state can come together and say our piece ( good or bad ). I have gotten to know many coaches and wrestlers from other parts of our state ( some of them I have never met and may never meet and might not want to meet:^).......... . Please keep it the way it is and continue to run it as you see fit.

March 7, 2001
From: Spiderman
comments: I really believe we need to keep the forum, How else are we gonna keep in touch with people across the state? How else are we gonna know who is the man to beat? Or know about injuries? Or how great "The One" Billy Barbour is? From time to time people will do stupid things at matches, but thats gonna happen with or without a forum. We can't let ourselves get caught up in the web of immorality or we will end up climbing the walls, and swinging from tall buildings trying to deal with it. On the same note we can't ignore the radioactive spider which is disorderly behavior. I think it might be a good idea to use the forum to address this problem, as opposed to removing our opportunity to help things,

March 7, 2001
comments: There has been a general loss of sportsmanship in all sports for several years, now. This is most obvious in basketball and other professional sports where kids watch and imitate. I don't think WVMAT should accept any blame for bad behaviour in WV scholastic wrestling. This website is excellent, informative and worthy of being nominated for a website award. Most of the bad behaviour I have witnessed is from the parents. The kids are uniformly great. In fact, one of the things I like about WV HS wrestling is that sometimes when we visit another part of the state, my kids will run into someone they've wrestled and they stop to talk - there is an instant bond there. The kids really are supportive of each other and they understand how difficult the sport is and how courageous you have to be to participate and excel. I could see limiting the forum discussion to specific topics at specific times, simply to cut down on the workload of the editor. Everyone would understand that. Another possibility would be to limit forum contributions to certain days of the week. That might cut down on the workload. If I could cut anything out of the forum, it would be comments that compare wrestlers. This seems unnecessary. Let the coaches do the seeding and comparing. All four of my sons wrestle and the best of them really doesn't care to know how good his opponent is. He just goes in and gives it his best shot, wrestling his match. Of course, a little info doesn't hurt, but I think this highlights the mentality of some of our kids - they really don't care about the comparisons. They just work hard and do their best. Let's not forget this and remind ourselves that what our kids feel about the sport is more important than what we as parent feel.

March 7, 2001
comments: Congradulations Micah Gerasimovich on your 2nd place finish at Junior states this past weekend.We hated to see your 27 match win streak end in the finals, but your courage to put it on the line and test your talents in a bigger arena will carry you to even loftier hieghts in the future. Train hard and good luck at Morgantown High this year.

March 7, 2001
From: Pirate_Mann
email: handyman2@charter.net
comments: Arrr!!! It seems Polly misplaced my black singlet at the Braxton County 16 tournament. If ye has found it e-mail me and ye shall receive treasure. Arrr!!!

March 6, 2001
From: Branko Busick
comments: CONGRATULATIONS to MAX and EDDIE NOGAY!!! 1st. place at W.V. STATES.Good Job!!!! P.S. Hey Coach Nogay, do you no any jokes?

March 6, 2001
From: The Incredible Hulk
comments: I've seen alot of things on the mat, and around it, that make me so mad I could turn green and rip my clothes off. I don't blame them on the forum. I blame them on rock and roll music. After all these things have been going on way before there was a forum or even a WVMAT, or even an internet. I blame it on a lack of morality due to the gratuitous violence surrounding this great sport.

March 6, 2001
From: informed person
comments: when i wrestled in high school..the sport had no forum and no way to follow the action... it was a sport in obscurity ...this forum means a bunch to the kids , coaches and enthusiasts!..you have to keep it..or we will start posting bad stuff about the editor..just a joke!..great job!

March 6, 2001
From: # 1 FANS
comments: I would like to Congratulate two Clay County Youth wrestlers, on doing a Great Job this season and a great job at Parkersburg this weekend. Jordan Adkins 9-10 85# 1st State Champion, Jared Kleman 11-12 85# 4th place and they both did a Great Job. Keep up the Good work and I am sure we will be seeing more about these wrestlers in the future.

March 6, 2001
From: Robert Hickman
comments: Communication is essential to the success of any great organization. The WVMAT forum has allowed a greater level of communiction to take place. I do understand your eyes must be terribly tired after a long day at the office and then reading numerous posts to the web site. Please, Please, Please keep up the good work and please continue to edit the posts you believe are derogatory. Wrestling is far better because of your effort. I see no negatives because of your tireless commitment. I've exchanged ideas, compliments and disagreements over this forum over the past few years and would truly miss this service if it no longer existed. Someday I'd like to meet several of the coaches, wrestlers, officials and others I've traded ideas with over the past years. Faces, when coupled with names and ideas, increase respect and bonding. As for the South fans, we should be congratulating them. Their support for their team is second to none and at least for the moment, they should be the yardstick we ask our school and community to strive for. Once again Doc, Please, Please keep the forum!!!! You and it are a much needed positive feature for wrestling.

March 6, 2001
From: Youth parent and coach
comments: I would like to relate a few positives to allay the editor's fears that the sport is detiorating. This past year at a tournament my son lost a match 12-10. The other boy is a tremendous wrestler and the two have had some great matches. At the end of the match I saw the boy's coach (who also happened to be his father) run onto the mat and up to the official. I saw him pointing to the scorer's table. I feared the worst--that he wanted more points to make it seem the margin of victory was greater. I was dead wrong. He was pointing out that the official and (blush) I had both missed an earlier takedown by my kid and the match had ended in a tie. I can honestly say I was relieved when his boy won in overtime. The man's name was Tim Nolan and his son, Jordan Nolan, wrestles for the Cougars. What a class act. Further, at another match this year, another of my boys was in a grueling match that was stopped for injury time. One of the Wheeling coaches--a rival team--jumped out of the stands and squirted water into my son's mouth while we waited. Another act of kindness. When we have trouble getting into our wrestling room due to a high school basketball game etc., any of the other local club teams welcome us with open arms at their practices. In short, the occassional jerk is more than offset by the numerous good people in our sport.

March 6, 2001
From: Youth Wrestling Fan
comments: I would like to comment on the recent Youth State Tournament held in Parkersburg. I am from the Northern Panhandle and I though it was run great. I was very impressed with the trophys. They were as nice as the Ones at the Wheeling States 2 years ago. I was also pleased that WV High School Champions from througout the state was recognized, not just Wood County ones. The seeding was done fairly. A thumbs up to Sam. Great Job!

March 6, 2001
comments: Wrestling isn't over yet! Wirt's Erica Dye will be flying out of Pittsburgh March 6 to Klippan, Sweeden. She will be competing on the USA Cadet Womens team in the Kippan Ladies Open. She will be wrestling March 7,8,9. Good luck, wrestle hard, and enjoy. "SLAM EM SWEETIE!"

March 6, 2001
From: Casey Hughes
email: SMUDGEPROOF20@aol.com
comments: I would like to take this opportunity to thank a lot of the friends I've made this year and throughout the years leading up to this, my first year in High School Wrestling. First, I'd like to thank my older brothers Tyler and Jeff. You guys are the ones who have made this all possible. You guys believed in me and gave me confidence my whole life, I could have never done this without you two! Jeff, this year's title is for you. To my parents, thanks for always being with me and wanting what is best for me. After getting knocked out at OVACs, you made sure I didn't do anything stupid that could have messed up my chances at this state title. To Roger Kupfer and Wyatt O'Neil, thanks for helping me to be the best I can be, and congrats on your state titles, you two deserved it more than I did. I'm glad you both won. To Tucker Brown, thanks for being my practice partner this year, your skill level and hard work helped my development and made me a much better wrestler. Great job at states man, you've still got one more year for that title, I know its yours next year.

To the Oak Glen team, Eric, Gaelen, Joey, Ronnie, Derrick, Garrett, and Phillip, its been a pleasure to watch you guys, and to talk to you guys. Eric, Gaelen, Phillip; I wish I could watch you guys wrestle some more, but you've had great careers just the same. It won't be the same without you guys there goofing off like you always do. To the Delligatti's, you guys are all three cool. Jonathan, Matt, and Anthony, congratulations on great seasons. Jonathan, great career, I hope you go on to be successful in whatever you do; Matt and Anthony, you two have seasons to go, reach for the sky, its all possible. To Dustin Bartrug and Erica Dye, it was a real treat to meet you two at Parkersburg and actually get to talk to you for a while. Congratulations to both of you on your accomplishments this year, and I hope to see both of you and talk to both of you in the future. Congrats to Brad Nicka of Weirton Madonna on a great year, and thanks for the entertainment all year. Congrats to Ricky Brewer of Magnolia and Alan Tracewell of Williamstown on great seasons. You two are pretty cool guys, good luck in the future.

Finally, I would like to thank my coaches this year, and over the years for helping me to the point I'm at today. Coach Potts, Trowbridge, and Baird, and Brent Hughes and Bo Hughes (Current Coaches at Magnolia and former MOV Wrestling Club Coaches) thank you for all your support and help over the years. You guys taught me how to wrestle! Thank you to everyone I forgot, and congratulations to everyone in the state who won and even placed. It was a real treat this year to wrestle for you, against you, watch you, and hang out with you! Anyone who would like can e-mail me, I am on all the time so don't worry about bothering me. Thank you all, and God Bless!

March 6, 2001
comments: I am looking forward to see the posting of the 24th annual jr. state tourney results from Parkersburg. I saw Brent Samms working away on his computer so I know it is just a matter of time. Sam Baldwin and crew ran an EXCELLENT tourney and are to be commended. P.S. I hope the editor of this site was simply venting from overwork would he said he might shut down the site due to the ramblings of a few knuckleheads. I am ADDICTED to wvmat.com and would end up in therapy :).

March 6, 2001
From: Eric Noel
comments: I just wnated to Congratulate Max and Eddie Nogay for winning the Wv States in Parkersburg this year.

March 6, 2001
From: Proud Small Fry Mom
comments: I just want to congratulate Kyle Neely on a job well done 5-6 40lbs state champ!! Beating a boy from Mason Co. with a record of 36-0. Kyle's two year record is 45-2.We are looking forward to Youth Championship this weekend in Clarksburg.

March 6, 2001
From: mom and dad
comments: To Nicholas Munday Congratulations on your 3rd State win!! You really made us proud yesterday. All the hard work you have put in is really paying off. Good luck this weekend in Virginia and good luck going for another Eastern National win. Keep up the hard work and all your dreams will come true!

From: mom and dad
comments: To Luke Munday: Congratulations on your 6th place win at the States, you have really worked hard this year and we are just as proud of you for placing 6th as we are your brother for taking 1st. You stuck with your practices and never complained. Keep up the hard work and it will continue to pay off for you.

March 6, 2001
From: Chuck
comments: I would like to congradulate the boys from Beckley Central that went to the Youth States this weekend IM proud of you and the way we wrestled. We placed 7 boys in the state this year.

Drew Sauls 7&8 45 2nd
Mike Denny 6&U UNL 3rd
Bryan Mcmillian 9&10 LH 4th
Rusty Shelton 9&10 65 5th
Tyler Toney 9&10 55 6th
Zack Amick 11&12 70 6th
Eric Mcmillian 11&12 100 6th

Also Congrats to the Young Guns's State Champs

Chris Brogan
Jake Justice
Robert Rash

Mike Prince Runner UP you'll get it next year

And JEREMY HART for winning his 3rd consecutive Southern Conference Title and was named OW for the 2nd year in a row. Good Luck at the NCAA NATIONALS.

March 6, 2001
From: ripley fan
comments: Congrats to the Ripley Jr. Wrestlers that placed at the Parkersburg States. Logan Martin 1st (2X Champion), Seth Phalen 1st (3X Champion), Patrick Weaver 2nd, Ritchie Anderson 4th, Derek Stover 5th, Benji Ratliff 5th, JJ Johnson 6th. I am proud, as you should be also, of your performance over the weekend.

March 6, 2001
From: Northern Panhandle Fan
comments: To David and Goliath:
Couldn't agree with you more. Something must be done about the current state wrestling championship forum. We're awarding the best AAA and AA schools in the state with championship honors while denying the best A schools the coveted award. How can this be fair??? The WVSSAC should honor these teams by awarding them with those state championship laurels they so righteously deserve. However, I have nothing against consolidating all three classes into one monster tournament with one state champ per weight class. They could still separate each division into their own points race....very similar to the gigantic O.V.A.C. tourny. Questions?? Comments??

March 6, 2001
From: To The Editor
comments: I personally don't think that this forum has anything to do with the new "rudness" of either fans or wrestlers. I am from South and I personally think that we handle what goes on on this forum very well as do the other people form other schools. I don't think that the forum has to do with that. I think that the rivalry's and fighting and bickering would go on even if it wasn't for the forum. I am very greatful to have this forum, thank you for all the work and effort that you put in this.

March 6, 2001
I am a youth wrestling coach and have been active in the sport for twenty-five years. Over the past 5-10 years I have noticed a gradual decline in the sportsmanship exhibited by wrestlers, in winning and in defeat. I have noticed an increased aggressiveness among wrestlers that I didn't see in year's past. The goal anymore seems to be dominance, over victory, sometimes at the price of victory. When two wrestlers go out of bounds, I see a lot more hostile activity than I remember in year's past (pushing, staredowns). Crossfaces are delivered not to get an opponent to release a leg, but more to inflict punishment (punching). Like in most other sports, technique is giving way to physical strength and aggressiveness. This saddens me, as I have always been taught and taught to children that a good wrestler will succeed over a strong aggressive wrestler more often than not.

Having said that, I don't feel it is this forum which is causing these displays and I don't feel that you shutting down this forum will curtail these activities. You edit out the real trash talk which I am thankful for. Most of the posts seem to come from children who don't know better.

I feel it is the coaches, parents and referees who need to take a more active part in the wrestlers lives. The coaches know which of their wrestlers have attitude problems. If it means sitting a potential state champion to correct the problem, sit him (or her). The parents have the most contact with their children and they are not blind either. The parents can do more for the coach by allowing the discipline from the coach and not constantly questioning it. The referees (and I know there are a lot of them who are relatively new) can do the most by enforcing the rules on the mat. If I were wrestling and I knew that a referee wasn't going to allow any bull,! and a DQ was a strong possibility, I would walk the straight and narrow.

Please don't give up the forum. It provides wrestlers, coaches, and fans a pleasant break from the day. I know I log on every day, not to see trash talk, but to find out exactly what's happening, and it gives me an insight at times to how a match actually went, rather than just seeing the score.

My two cents.

March 6, 2001
comments: To the editor , There have been fights , dq's ,"heated Rivalries" and other such things WAY before this form was ever created. I think this has nothing to do with. Pluss this sport isnt exactly a sport where people get buddy buddy with the competion.

March 6, 2001
From: Coach Stef
comments: As I read Doc's commentary, I was saddened that he would feel that he has not been a positive influence in the sport of wrestling.I've learned through 26 yrs. of coaching that we are always controversial as coaches and athletes. Those of us who believe in the positive influence that athletics contribute to kids becoming citizens and the overwhelming job we do not just on the mat, but in the classromm understand what a great job that Doc is doing. There will always be controversy in sports - those of us who continue to "preach" sportsmanship, grades and hard work should step up to the line, and not back down. That's you, Doc!!! Keep it up!

March 6, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I like the idea of a 7th-8th place match, I also like the idea of a team tournament. I would have liked to have seen the team tournament 5 years ago. I think the team we had my junior year of high school may have been able to win it. On the other hand I don't like the idea of the forum being scraped. The forum is a great place to exchange information, or share an opinion. For instance, my opinion is that "The One" Billy Barbour is the greatest wrestler in the history of the universe. Some people might disagree with that opinion , and that's fine. I don't condone the "ugliness" in anyway. I refuse to believe it is fueled by the forum. Wrestling is a very emotional sport, people do irrational things. This is going to happen. Death , Taxes, and people doing irrational things at high school wrestling matches. I really do not think abolishing the forum is the answer. I think I am not alone with this opinion, and I hope others will support me.

March 6, 2001
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: It is with shaken emotion that I read the Good Doctor's post regarding the usefullness and life expectancy of the forum. It should - no must appear next season. Perhaps a few are too vehement in the support of their local heroes to the point of undeserved criticism of the other athletes whose names grace these pages. It is however the only true and honest medium of exchange for meaningful dialogue among those who truly love the sport. All too often it seems to deterierate into a "South vs the world" site - a "AA would beat AAA diatribe" or " the all time low of the great Hand Shake debate." The trash talk and name calling are more than tempered with the need to vocalize the current happenings around the mats that bring the "basketball floors" of our great state to a state of grace. Many of our local newspapers will hardly acknowledge that the mat sport exists and seldom if ever report more than a box score devoid of details. I can not nor do I care to envision the web site without the Forum because I consider it to be a vital part of the site. Even without the Forum the WVMAT site would be magnificent but it provides the so called frosting on the cake and a little spice and humor. For every erstwhile Mexicano or BUFFALO BILL (he of the all caps fame) there is a balancing force of an Old Coach, A coach Stef, A Dean Moore or a Jenny Sullivan. To squelch the wisdom imparted to the wrestling community in order to silence a few misguided braggarts would not only be a grievious error but would border on the criminal! Please reconsider and allow the forum to continue. Perhaps no one touched off as virtiolic a firestorm of righteous indignation as I did a while back when I angered nearly all of the state's fairer sex with a careless but well intentioned remark about middle school cheerleaders manning (Freudian slip?) the score tables at a tournament my team attended. But . . . the subject was "cussed and discussed" and worked itself out as did all the other controversies which have taken on a life of their own on this board. I suggest that posters might perhaps be required to register their real name and e-mail address with the sysop in order to be allowed to post. I can only imagine what a job it is for the Good Doctor to sort through the mounds of posts and try to determine what some may consider innapropriate. You do a great job and it is much appreciated. From the youth wrestler to the seasoned state champion to the coaches and officials the Forum provides a vital line of communication (and sometimes entertainment) that should be preserved in some form. The trash talk you mentioned in your post is epidemic in other sports as well and ours is almost the last bastion of true sportsmanship. As posters we need to make the Doc's job easier ny keeping our posts on target as he mentioned. If you want to talk trash I suggest the "smack" oriented wrestling board at http://boards.rivals.com.

Sorry about the length of the post but a pasionate plea to save the Forum was in order. Regular posters and "lurkers" who just log on to read every now and then please post your feelings on this matter. Whether we agree or not it is important that you make your feelings known. That is why there needs to be a Forum! Maybe I am way off base but I feel it is too valuable a dialogue to be lost do to the actions of a few.
Coach LeMaster

March 4, 2001
From: The Editor

Another season is winding down, and it is time for me to reflect on the direction this website is taking. I try to consider what is working for this website, what is not, what can be improved, and what should be scrapped.

Many thanks to Coaches, statisticians, fans, and parents who have submitted match results over the course of the season. This website would be nothing without so many sharing this information.

Thanks to the regional tournament directors for getting regional results to us Saturday night, and thanks to Coach Archer for getting us the pill number. I think our regional tournament reporting was the best ever.

Thanks to Brent Sams for getting the Middle School/Junior High picture in focus. I think this is a great contribution to the website. Thanks to Jenny Sullivan for her continued contributions, and thanks to Dr Bill Welker for his key contributions.

Traffic to the website continues to increase. My Internet service provider provides the following stats:
Number of
Home page
Total number of
documents viewed
November 44,094 15,800 157,604
December 63,137 28,186 285,644
January 86,479 42,799 380,672
February 81,727 46,307 370,690

Unfortunately, my Internet service provider suffered a severe system-wide failure the Sunday after regional tournaments, and I think they are still trying to get their system back up to snuff. Even last week, the website was unreachable for 2-3 days.

I regret that we didn't get round-by-round updates from the State Tournament this year. There were data transmission problems. Hopefully, this will be corrected for next year.

As I have stated before, this website is a sort of technology learning laboratory for many of us in the wrestling community. We are learning the capabilities and limitations of Internet technology, which I submit is still in its evolutionary stage. When the Internet works it is great - when it doesn't it drives you nuts. At best, I think Internet technology is only about 95% reliable at present. In 20 or 30 years it might approach 100% reliability, but it isn't there yet.

I think the Internet is about where television broadcasting was 40 years ago. (Yes, I can remember back that far). I remember when I was a kid, Channel 3 in Huntington would periodically just go off the air for no apparent reason. Anybody remember that? Your favorite program would disappear, and the announcer would come on the air and say "The trouble is not in your set - please stand by." Or sometimes it would just disappear completely. I remember when I was a kid our telephone system was a locally owned system with an operator in Grantsville, and a long distance phone call was anything over 10 miles away. (For you Calhouners, a phone call from Phillips Run to Brooksville was a long distance adventure. Forget about calling your relatives in Akron).

The point is, I think the Internet now is at about the same place that television and telephones were 40 or 50 years ago. Works most of the time, but still some bugs to work out.

Perhaps I'm just tired at the end of the season and perhaps my vision is blurry at this time, but I think that there has definitely been more controversy and venom directed toward this forum this year than in years past. Lots of topics fans wanted to debate I just refused to get in to. Of course, the reader cannot know what I'm talking about, since most of the controversial stuff doesn't get posted. Congratulatory notes are fine. Regrettably, each wrestler's/team's big victory comes at the expense of a loss suffered by another wrestler/team. There is a point where appropriate messages of congratulation cross the line into unfortunate braggadocio and passions are inflamed. We do our best to keep things in an acceptable envelope, but it is sometimes difficult.

Here are some valid questions for contemplation

1) Has anyone (other than me) detected an increase in the amount of general "ugliness" on and off the mat this year? Ugliness between fans - booing and trash-talking between fans at events. "Heated rivalry" might be putting it mildly. Ugliness directed to coaches. Heated rivalry spilling over into the mat between wrestlers?

2) If so, to what extent does this forum contribute to this general increase in, shall we say, heated rivalry? Perhaps I am overly inflating the significance of this forum as it relates to the sport in West Virginia. I hope I am. However, if this forum is having a negative impact in this respect -- if this forum is causing controversy to continually boil -- then perhaps it is time to re-examine the utility of this forum.

3) I am seriously considering shutting down this forum, or at least significantly limiting its content to selected bits of useful information. If it has become detrimental to the sport, or a distraction to the sport, then it needs to be fixed. Are we at the point where the benefit (publicity, fan interest, discussion, sharing of tidbits of information) is outweighed by the adverse effect? What do you think? I'd welcome some input on this, particularly from coaches. If you want to share your opinion privately, just indicate "not for the forum" or some such.

March 4, 2001
From: The Department of Reliable Sources

1 - Coaches group has asked WVSSAC to recogonize 7th and 8th place in both classes, it would only be 28 more matches. They said that would not be constant with what they do in track, and they would be forced to change all their sports to this format.

2 - Upper level discussions are taking place concerning a Dual Meet State Tournament. You would need to extend the wrestling season one week. The biggest problem is in chosing the method to select the teams to compete.

March 3, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I would be interested in seeing those seniors eligible to wrestle in NHSCA go. Even if you aren't planning on wrestling in college this is a once in a lifetime chance to compete against the rest of the country and represent West Virginia. There are at least 6 wrestlers with a serious chance to become all-american, In my "Super" opinion ,having seen this tournament personaly: Gandee, Stevens, Johnson, Moats, Noel, Miller all can do it. At this top level the rest of the country isn't that much better, all West Virginia eligible wrestlers could do well. Go Get um Boys!! and remember "The One" Billy Barbour is gonna be state champion, in 2002, and then hes gonna go, ....and win. :)

March 3, 2001
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to congradulate Grafton on their efforts at this past state tournament. Cory, Chris, Keener, sorry to see your careers end, but I wish you all the best of luck in the future. Cory and Chris, if you get the chance, wrestle in high school nationals. They are a great experience! Adam, Trampus, and Ken, I hope you three can get your crack at a state title next season. I am sure coach Auvil and Harlow will prepare you for that though. I would also like to congradulate Drew Toth, Tyler Hughes, Chris Johnson, Jeff Coartney, and Richard Stotler with their high school careers. Drew, sorry you couldn't finish out on top, but you made the best out of an injury prone career. Good luck with baseball and with whatever you decide to do with your future. Tyler, wow... Finally, huh? You are well deserving of being called a State Champ. It must feel pretty sweet, huh? Chris Johnson, I know we don't know one another, but I followed you all through your career. I had you picked all the way this season, and I am glad that you knew that anything less than the best was not acceptable. You showed a lot of heart in your semi- final match against Bosley. I respect that, and wish you well with your future. Jeff, you are apart of a family of champions now. You finally got him. Matt Miller is definetely a next level wrestler, and I hope he chooses to prove that. Jeff, you have one more season to go. I wish you well with that. Stotler, sorry to see your career end the way it did. I wanted to see you win a state title just as much as anyone else did. I know you worked hard for what you did. Best of luck with the future. I would like to congradulate Casey Hughes on his state title. That was one of the best matches of the 2001 finals. You beat a good wrestler, but just remember this, you aren't the sleeper pick for the next three seasons. Congradulations to Oak Glen and Parkersburg South on the team titles. You guys are tough to beat.

March 3, 2001
From: as
comments: to david and goliath.
why extend the state to three different divisions??? do you not like competition?? if we made three divisions the competition would be so spread out it would be boring. if any changes are made in that sense i think it should be to combine all divisions to make a "true state champion" .. wrestling is and individual sport. if you make so many different divisions then we would go to the state tournament and see .. oohh.. lets say 10 good matches all weekend. it is work ethic and desire that will help you to excell in this sport.. not the size of a school.. thank you

March 3, 2001
From: Big brother
comments: I would like to say congratulations to Dustin Bartrug. Sorry i missed it. You did what you set out to do and i am PROUD of you. love ya buddy

March 3, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I don't know how the rest of you wrestling fans feel,but after witnessing last week's state championships,I just want to stand and cheer for every wrestler who participated.It was one of the best state tourneys in some time and as always we witnessed upsets and may have shed a few tears,but WOW,what a gutsy performance by all the great atheletes who gave their best from every school! Only 51 more weeks until next years final event!!

March 3, 2001
comments: Doc,
It is funny how you don't post my comments about **********.
******* broke his **** before the semis drilling. Then in the ***** match he broke his *****. I don't think there is anything thing wrong with these comments. So please post them.
Editor's note: I didn't post your comments because I suspect that there were several wrestlers who wrestled with injuries, and I would probably need to open up an entire separate page if we are going to list all athletes who wrestled with injuries during the season. In my experience with this forum, any time someone trys to explain a less-than-expected performance by a wrestler as being due to injuries, that only opens up a torrent of posts accusing the wrestler of making excuses, etc. Are you quite sure that the wrestler in question wants you making excuses for him on this forum? Another concern is this: Why would a coach and trainer and parents allow a wrestler to compete with multiple fractures (if what you claim is true)? Do you think that perhaps you might be opening these people up to criticism?

March 3, 2001
From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to the 39 Senior wrestlers who are eligible for the National Senior Finalist Tournament!
Let's hope for a GREAT showing by all those who can make it! GOOD LUCK!

WT      NAME    SCHOOL  PL      YR      PL      YR      PL      YR
103     Sammy Bonasso   Fairmont Senior 1st     2001                            
103     Josh Gorayeb    Wheeling Park   2nd     2001                            
112     Ashley Gandee   Ravenswood      1st     2001    1st     2000    1st     1999
112     Jonathan Delligatti     Fairmont Senior 2nd     2001    2nd     2000            
119     Matt Stevens    Parkersburg     1st     2001    1st     2000    1st     1999
119     Justin Stanley  Cabell Midland  1st     2000                            
119     Corey Auvil     Grafton 2nd     2001                            
125     Chris Johnson   Nitro   1st     2001    1st     1999    2nd     1998
125     Tyler Hughes    Cameron 1st     2001    2nd     2000    2nd     1998
125     Tim Haddox      Williamstown    1st     2000                            
125     Nathan Kinsley  University      2nd     2000                            
130     Derek Kennedy   Wheeling Park   1st     2001                            
130     Gaelen Lowers   Oak Glen        2nd     2001                            
130     Clayton Samples Parkersburg     2nd     1999                            
135     Eric Noel       Oak Glen        1st     2001    1st     2000    2nd     1999
135     John Duncan     Parkersburg South       1st     2001                            
135     Mike Muldrew    John Marshall   2nd     2001                            
140     Kyle Eckleberry Oak Glen        1st     2001                            
140     Chris Leach     Grafton 2nd     2000                            
145     Bryan Moats     Hedgesville     2nd     2001    2nd     1998            
152     Adam Schindler  Ripley  1st     2001    1st     2000            
152     Jamie Bolen     Independence    1st     2001                            
152     Mike Staley     Herbert Hoover  2nd     2001                            
160     Casey Daggett   Parkersburg South       1st     2001                            
160     Drew Toth       South Harrison  2nd     2001                            
171     Matt Miller     East Fairmont   2nd     2001    1st     2000    1st     1999
171     Chris Brown     Independence    2nd     2001                            
171     Richard Stotler Berkely Springs 2nd     2000                            
189     Phillip Bellville       Oak Glen        1st     2001    1st     2000            
189     Joey Thomas     Huntington      2nd     2001    2nd     2000            
189     Josh Moyer      Independence    2nd     2000            
215     Wyatt O'Neil    Cameron 1st     2001    2nd     2000
215     Jeff Noechel    East Fairmont   1st     2001            
215     Aaron McCartney Parkersburg South       2nd     2001            
215     Greg Six        Oak Glen        2nd     2000            
275     Byron Wellman   Cabell Midland  1st     2001            
275     Heath Cliver    Clay County     2nd     2001            
275     Thomas Naylor   Ritchie County  2nd     2000            
275     Matt Clay       Herbert Hoover  2nd     2000            

March 3, 2001
From: Dad, Mom, Jamie & Rylee Paige
comments: Matt, 6 years old , 35 pounds & 12 years ago, when you started wrestling, who could have imagined how much it would become a part of our lives. Dragging you out of bed at 4 a.m.( in your pj's) to travel to PA with the cougars, to you driving to school (still in your pj's) to catch the bus to travel with the BIG REDS!! I am so proud of you & all your accomplishments, but more so of the young man your have become. You have always set your priorities (and goals) and in doing so have successfully balanced academics, wrestling & friends. What great memories & good friends your wrestling has given our family. As you pick your path through life, know that we will always be there for you, & I hope your life will be filled with as much joy & happiness as you have brought to ours.

March 3, 2001
From: Jonathan Delligatti
email: delbert103@aol
comments: can someone please tell mewhat kyle turnball's email address is? thank you.

March 3, 2001
comments: I wonder if it wouldn't be a bad idea for the state tournament to have a wrestle off for 7th/8th place and call that honorable mention/all state?

March 3, 2001
From: David and Goliath
comments: I'm dissatisfied with the school classification. West Virginia should do away with regionals and extend the States to three full days and go with three classifications with about 24 teams each. The coaches poll should seed the top eight and then go from there.

AAA - Jefferson 1546; Parkersburg 1485; Wheeling Park 1435; Cabell Midland 1356; Huntington 1301; Morgantown 1292; Parkersburg South 1269; Woodrow Wilson 1189; John Marshall 1125; Preston 1124; Capital 1058; Greenbrier East 994; University 975; Riverside 931; Hedgesville 917; Brooke 904; Martinsburg 868; Buckhannon-Upshur 836; Spring Valley 826; St. Albans 794; North Marion 778; East Fairmont 737; George Washington 730; Musselman 720.

AA - Hurricane 704; Elkins 700; Fairmont Senior 697; Logan 694; Ripley 648; Robert C. Byrd 645; Point Pleasant 645; Lewis County 632; Keyser 626; Herbert Hoover 620; Nicholas County 612; Roane County 612; Nitro 611; Grafton 595; Philip Barbour 594; Bridgeport 590; Weir 585; Oak Hill 546; Liberty (H) 546; Oak Glen 526; Winfield 521; Braxton County 516; Clay County 510; Independence 508.

A - Shady Spring 498; Sissonville 494; Webster County 429; Berkeley Springs 403; Ritchie County 403; Ravenswood 398; Richwood 396; Magnolia 372; Iaeger 355; Tyler Consolidated 355; Petersburg 354; Frankfort 347; Greenbrier West 333; Liberty (R) 333; Williamstown 330; St. Marys 325; Calhoun County 324; South Harrison 293; Fayetteville 288; Wheeling Central 282; Wirt County 271; Big Creek 228; Wahama 222; Clay-Battelle 214; Buffalo (P) 207; Cameron 196; Valley (W) 178; Meadow Bridge 137; Parkersburg Catholic 130; Madonna 120; Hundred 112; Notre Dame 92; Bishop Donahue 72.

March 3, 2001

March 2, 2001
From: Another youth coach
comments: I am the youth coach of several highly-seeded wrestlers at the Parkersburg youth states, including one who happens to be my son. I would be silly to publish the seeds--they mean nothing if the seeded wrestlers don't wrestle up to them. The boys (or girls) will get enough attention when the matches are over and the results are posted. That said, this year's seeding meeting was the fairest ever for us non-Wood County wrestlers and Sam Baldwin, the tournament director, should be commended for putting all the records on one sheet for each weight class for easy comparison. I hope that Fairmont/Clarksburg will reconsider their participation now that Mr.Baldwin is in charge.

March 2, 2001
From: mom and dad
comments: Jason Drappo: We just wanted to thank you for all the excitment you gave us over the years, and all the hard work you put in. We are both very proud of you and all your accomplishments you earned in wrestling. Congradulations on getting your 100th victory at the states this year. I would also like to thank the coaches [BUBBY and BILL] and the [IRON EAGLES CAMP] for all they have done with the kids and say congradulations to the HEDGESVILLE EAGLES wrestling team, you guys had a great year. Jason Drappo you will always be the CHAMP to us.
Love mom and dad.

March 2, 2001
From: MOM2
comments: Congrats to Joey Lobis for taking 2nd in the State Wrestling Tourn. You have worked hard and disciplined yourself well. We are extremely proud of you. You still have 2 more years. We'll get it next time. You did a great job throughout the whole tournament and held your own to the very end. We love you!

March 2, 2001
From: Wrestling Parent
comments: Asking to have the youth wrestling seedings for this weekend posted is kinda far fetched. Considering that some classes have as many as 26 wrestlers in them, and 95% of the classes having 10 or more wrestlers. Unfortunatley only the top 8 were seeded. Or they would have been there all night. Those being very close records and close competion. Leaving out great wrestlers. Some teams had representation, some teams having none, while others were out voted. I say that when this tournament is over, the results will be posted and then you will have your top wrestlers. The small guys no nothing about seeding, as it should be. Most wouldn't understand anyway. The best wrestlers will come out on top and then they can see there name in the top 6 places. Don't get me wrong I am very competitive (maybe too much at times)and my son seems to be more than I. But he has enough trophies at home to prove to him where he stands. And those reading the forum would see those who they new and those they didn't and think that their wrestler was booted out, and should have been seeded. A big can of worms would be opened here!!!

March 2, 2001
From: *Alicia Miller*
email: PrincessLish@girlofyourdreams.com
comments: Hey! Yeah, it's me again. I'm sure everyone's tired of reading the hundred messages that have been posted by me, but you know what, too bad! This year has been the first year I've ever actually watch wrestling or attended any matches, and I actually like it, suprisingly enough. Congrats to all my Braxton guys who went to States, and on their 3rd consecutive Regional victory...Way to be Fellas!
*I'd still like to congratulate anyone who placed at States...you obviously worked hard, and you deserve the recognition.
*I'm also still sending out MAD props to Erica Dye...Girl, I don't even know you, but you're AWESOME!! Congrats on placing at States!
~No Brad, I didn't forget about ya. You went to States your first year of wrestling ever...that deserves a little praise. But don't get a big head about it...*LOL*

March 2, 2001
From: Witheld
comments: To DOC, Thanks for your intrest and true love of the sport. Wiothout your service and this forum where would we the wrestling fans be. You have been very impartial, especially during the mess of the last week. I as a Jefferson Fan apologize to everyone at Huntington last week, especially South..........

March 2, 2001
comments: Devin Abshire:
Thanks Devin for giving us, your family. 13 wonderful years of wrestling memories. I have watched you grow up on the Mat, from a scrawney little kid to a fine young man. You may have never made it to the top of that podium but you accomplished many things throughout your wrestling career. We have wrestled from Fargo to N.Y. to Alabama and never once were you not a sportsman. You won like a Champ and lost like a Champ. Your records at Jefferson and Charles Town will be around for some time, most wins, 120 wins (3 year high school), 3 time state place winner (only 3rd kid in history of school to do so). I will miss the summer's of preperation and winters of wrestling, watching you do your thing. I know that because of Wrestling you are prepaired for the future and will succeed in what ever you face.
A coach, a friend and most of all Your Dad.

. March 2, 2001
From: Wants to know
I was wondering when the Jefferson Junior Wrestling Association (JJWA) XXI Classic tournament, held at Jefferson High School WV, will be held this year in March. I have gone the pass several years and havent recieved any information. I always seem to get the form a week or two before the tourney. I wanted to know sooner if possible. If anyone knows if it will be held this year let me know so I can enter other tournaments.

March 2, 2001
From: Doug "Psycho" Sillex (165) (Harpers Ferry)
email: PsychoSillex@aol.com
comments: The NHSCA State Qualifier...A nice tournament indeed. Last year I took 1st there and went to the NHSCA natonals....this year however I'm in the 9th grade this year and They consider me a freshman. However I'm only in jr high. Personally I dont think its right but...I'll live with it. However, High School or not I still plan on taking this tournament. I don't plan on taking this tournament with any fancy moves because I learned at the NHSCA Natonals that fancy moves will get you no where with good wrestlers. Basics is all I will ever need, I dont care what anyone says. I'll stick to what my wonderful coachs Malcome Ater, and Jim Lawson taught me best. Basics. By the way coachs its been a wonderful 3 years and I enjoyed every min of it. I thank both of you for making me the man I am today. I'll never forget you guys. Thanks a million.
Doug "Psycho" Sillex (25-0)(Harpers Ferry)(165) PsychoSillex@aol.com Note to Editor- Ever consider making a diffrent forum for jr high... it would make it a lot eaiser on the readers...

March 2, 2001
From: Steve Pittman
email: raptors@widomaker.com
comments: We are putting together 2 teams to wrestle in the AAU Elementary National Duals in Kingsport, TN on March 17-18, 2001. We are currently looking for 4 wrestlers in the states of West Virginia, North Carolina or Maryland for the following weight classes: 40lb, 119lb, 132lb, and 148 lb.
They must be in grades 1st through 5th grade and be born in 1988 or after. We are looking for tough wrestlers with experience if possible. Last year we took 1 team and placed 5th in the nation the best Virginia had done in a national AAU event. Please call Steve Pittman @ 757-596-7554 or Randy Hill @ 757-880-0155 ASAP.

March 2, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: Can some body tell me the most number of matches wrestled in one high school season,by one wrestler.Also great job Nic Duncan for placing 6th in the state.

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