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March 31, 2003
comments: well another year for the big blacks of point pleasant. will they ever get over that edge, they lost five seniors, three which were state placers. another disapointing year in 04? hard to tell, being in AA is almost a sure top ten finish next year but its not what they or the town wants. they have one returning placer(pumphrey) two that were one from placement (Bonecutter, Carr) and mccarty,tench,shirley that were qualifers. but will that be enough for next year? not hardley! they will be getting some help from the strong middle school program. James Casto is the stand out coming up as he finished with a 45-0 record last year. also lightweights gibbeaut,dewitt will help down there. Brandon Warner, Brent Hereford have a year of junior high experience and will help fill in towards the middle weights. The long awaited return of Jared Billings should come next year as he has been in therapy for 3 years preparing for this season. But the ones to watch for come late saturday night on march 1st should be pumphrey,bonecutter,carr. they will be the stars on this team next season. So if everyone does there job then it should be exciting but they always seem to stumble at states!(I think that they could and should be able to make a run at power house og but thats just how i fill.

March 31, 2003
comments: greg jones didnt bow out in the consolations. he lost his very first match in double o.t. he then won 2 matches in the consolation round and then lost his 3rd losers bracket match. niether of the kids that beat hime placed. but the kid he beat in the EWL regional finals from pitt made the finals.

March 31, 2003
From: Delmas Barker
email: delmas.barker@us.army.mil
comments: Just want everyone to know that I miss them. I don't know if everyone is aware but I was Deployed in February. I missed watching my kids Jarod and Todd Barker in their County Championship and the Youth States. I am very proud of both of them. Todd won the County and the State. Its his second year and he is now a two time State Champ. Jarod got second in the County and 4th In the State. I am very proud of both of them. I would like to thank the Mineral Wells Wrestling Coaches and exspecially Andy Norman and "Toad" Fordyce for keeping my sons actively involved and keeping their minds off of their father. I miss the whole community and if everyone could please say a prayer for me it would be appreciated. Go Mustangs. I would also like to congratulate all of the Mineral Wells kids that won state and county and also all those that wrestled. I love all you guys and really miss you. Stay safe and I'll be back next year to watch you all do the same.
Coach Barker

March 31, 2003
comments: Let's cheer on our boys at Senior Nationals. Easter, Grogg & Mayle are 2-0 going into Day #2. Good luck and we're proud of you!

March 31, 2003
comments: The way for Oak Glen not to win AA anymore.
1. Consolidate Oak Glen and Weir.
2. Have Hancock County Annexed by Ohio and PA.
3. The rest of the state move to Hancock County to boost enrollement
4. The rest of the state just suck it up and beat them.

I think if more AA teams got to wrestle Oak Glen during the regular season, they would find out that they can be beat.

March 31, 2003
From: Shane Eakle
comments: The circle of Honor Wrestling camp will be held this year from June 16-20. Some instructors that will be at this year's camp are: Ryan Courtney, Doug Moore, Whitey Chlebove, Shane Cunanan, Matt Miller, Jeff Noechel, and Shane Eakle. More camp info will be submitted to this web site. If you have any questions you can call (304)363-0258.

March 31, 2003
comments: Yes, I agree that Oak Glen should be back in AAA. However, Oak Glen was still at or near the top year in and year out even when they were AAA. So, whomever made that post should be careful what they ask for. You do know that in the next couple of years Oak Glen and Wierton will be combined into one school and most assuredly be placed back into the AAA. I expect they will maintain high marks in WV wrestling and most likely set some new standards.

March 31, 2003
From: BlueBlood
comments: Matt Easter and Shane Grogg win first round matches.
Easter dec. Brett Watkins (MO) 17-7
Grogg dec. Shane Hase (ND) 9-3

March 31, 2003
comments: Yes Williamstown gave up a lot of forfeits, but they still got lucky to be that close. Any heavyweight they would have matted would not have beat Manning, Tracewell won (which didn't happen at states), Cumpston did not wrestle in that dual (not yet eligible practice-wise), and I don't think Elder would have got the easy pin he did against LaFrost if he'd have wrestled Whipkey (who was wrestling as well as anyone in the state at the time, which was before his injury), and Lauderman would not have got the easy 6 Cameron forfeited to him because Cooper would have wrestled and Lauderman would have decisioned. Therefore I believe that Cameron would not only still beat Williamstown, but beat them WORSE if they wrestled now or if they wrestle next year.

March 31, 2003
comments: the only team that could dethrone oak glenn would be williamstown, they got 2nd this year with 7wrestlers, and if im not mistaken all of them are going to be back next year except biddle. so williamstown will prolly get 2nd next year. oak glen gets number 8

March 31, 2003
comments: How about this, if you want OG beat then why doesn't a team go out and work hard. Just trying to get them to bump up to AAA wont' settle anything becasue they are a small country school. Wrestler hard and beat them fairly and stop being so jealous.

March 31, 2003
comments: Wow, it's been a while, but lets go over this again. You cannot PUSh to put Oak Glen back in AAA because schools are classified by number of students and Oak Glen doesn't have the numbers to be a AAA school. They are a AA school, so maybe you need to PUSH your program and leave Oak Glen out of it.

March 28, 2003
From: former purple rider
comments: I don't think Shady spring will beat oak glen in two years. That year oak glen should be nasty. I think they'll win everything!

March 28, 2003
comments: Was the "other" youth state tournament held this year in Clarksburg? If so, please send in the results. Thanks.

March 28, 2003
comments: listen, if you want Oak Glen to fall from the top next year, everyone from AA push to have them put back into AAA. that will settle everything.

March 28, 2003
comments: you know i don't think getting put in a cradle is being caught. i saw the match and shyver went for the cradle hard. he didn't luck into it. he took it. since when is getting pinned being caught? i mean that is the ultimate way to win a match. you can score takedowns on me all day, but if i score once with a pin, I WIN!

March 28, 2003
comments: you know i don't think getting put in a cradle is being caught. i saw the match and shyver went for the cradle hard. he didn't luck into it. he took it. since when is getting pinned being caught? i mean that is the ultimate way to win a match. you can score takedowns on me all day, but if i score once with a pin, I WIN!

March 28, 2003
comments: can someone tell me what the link to all the state tournament pictures is?

March 28, 2003
Freestyle Clinic and Tournament in Parkersburg at Parkersburg High School, April 18-19, 2003

Tentative plans
Wrestlers Clinic Friday, April 18th at 4:00PM.
Referee's Clinic - Following wrestlers clinic, approx 7:00 PM

Tournament to be held at Parkersburg High School April 19th starting at noon. Weigh ins will be from 9:00 AM -10:30 AM.

Anyone attending the clinic can weigh in Friday night at 6:30.

The clinic is FREE with Zeke Jones, Mike Mason, and Vertus Jones.

The tournament has a $10 fee and you must buy a USAWRESTLING card (if you don't have one for the current year already) at $25.

Coaches cards are $30.

Note: The date on April 12th at Parkersburg South is cancelled.

Entry form to be posted soon.

Please note that by buying a USA Wrestling card it is good for a year and the member is fully insured by USAW along with other benefits.

Questions: Co-Tournament Directors Scheny Schenerlein (304) 481-3746
Tim McCartney at (304) 863-9431

WE NEED REFS -- Interested refs contact Coach Schenerlein or McCartney

March 28, 2003
From: forum
comments: To Prodder:
The Cameron-Williamstown score of the dual you are mentioning doesn't tell the whole story. Williamstown won more matches than Cameron, but lost because they gave up too many forfeits.

March 28, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Matt Easter and Shane Grogg in the same weight class(125) at the senior nationals!Would pay to see them go at it again.Did anyone notice some of the records and state titles in the 125 class?Pretty impressive!!Good luck to all the WV entrants!

March 28, 2003
comments: I did my research, FROM 76-03 and AA/A not AAA. Do YOUR research.

March 28, 2003
comments: I agree that Easter-Shyver from last year was somewhat of a fluke, but in actuality, Shyver was winning 5-0 at the time of the fall. He got a takedown and a cradle for the pin that would have gotten him 3 back points.

March 28, 2003

March 28, 2003
From: to old timer
comments: I dont think you know what you're talking about at all, smith getting beat is enough to argue about, but tech falled in the first period to someone in the 1950's who probably had very little experience outside of WV? Maddness

March 26, 2003
From: prodder
comments: I just want to suggest that the most likely team to unseat Oak Glen next year should be Cameron. They lost only one senior starter and are all going camping. Hope to see OG at WVU's team camp this summer. No slight intended to those you mentioned, but this team beat Williamstown in their dual and will certainly improve greatly. I hope their coach and athletic director schedule some even stronger competition between now and next states. Is South or Big Red available?

March 26, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Old Wrestler: It may have been the finals that Underwood and Chertow wrestled in but it was Underwood's junior year and Chertow's soph. year.I know the match was not close and the next year Chertow moved up a weight class or two.Rich Underwood was one of the very best to put on a South singlet,thus his 3 state championships.

March 26, 2003
comments: maybe you should do some research (whoever posted the history of state championships) before you just jott stuff down...first off, i did do my research and i noticed that Oak Glen has crowned 31 state champions a total of 41 times. Also, they won 7 straight but 8 overall. which is more than any team in A/AA. do your research first.

March 26, 2003
comments: Shyver would not beat Easter...theres no way Easter didnt get pinned he got STUCK...he was winning when it happened

March 26, 2003
comments: i dont see how Coach Larry Shaw of Oak Glen didnt get Coach of the Year. It's pretty amazing that every year Oak Glen takes first they always give the award to the second place coach. I wonder who will get second next year??? I know who will get first next year!!! the real coach of the year for the past 7 years

March 26, 2003
comments: Anyone have the details regarding the freestyle clinic at Parkersburg South on April 12 ?

March 26, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: i'm going A/AA for this one. i think Shady Spring will get a team championsip before their great freshmen and sophomores from last year graduate, but next year probably belongs to Oak Glen again.

March 24, 2003
comments: Someone has to be the first, so it might as well be me, Oak Glen will get number 8 next year! It won't be easy as Williamstown and Shady Springs will challenge, but once again the OG depth will prevail...

March 24, 2003
From: homer
comments: To: Old Wrestler
Underwood beat Chertow his jr. year at states and his sr. year Chertow moved up a weight at states. I think they wrestled earlier in the year before Ken moved up, but not positive about that. Rich won states in 1981-82-83 and Ken won in 1983-84 to very good wrestlers.

March 24, 2003
From: Old Timer
comments: I've read all you youngsters comparing 2003 wrestlers to recent wrestlers of the past. Well this is the half century show-down. Combined 2003 AA and AAA vs. the 1953 state champs. The weight classes were different back then so I had to do some combining.
103 Bill Julian fall Anthony Easter 1st
112 Robert Pritchard tech fall Turball 16-1 3rd
119/120 Tom Slater dec Radar 4-1
125/127 Calvin Smith maj dec Ashley 10-2(Smith outsizes Ashley)
133/135 Gene Elaw dec. Meyers 3-2 2OT
138/140 Carrol Cambell tech fall Smith 1st (0:38)(Cambell best wrestler ever in WV)
145 Flowers tech fall Ernie Fuchs 26-10 3rd
154/152 Pete Millisakis fall Bliss 2nd
160/171/189/165 Tom Nedeff fall Smith, maj dec Mayle, tech fall Clark (Millisakis wrestled all 3 at same time)
215/HWT Bob Gardener fall Thomas 1st (0:07) fall Dearman 2nd

March 24, 2003
comments: Conspiracy against Oak Glen and Cameron? No. But its a FACT LKC coaches stick together when voting for OW and COTY. That's why they have so many. Sure they might be deserving, but in some cases I think others were more deserving. Obviously you are from around there, so I guess you're going to stick to your guns on this one. But if you look past the surface, its pretty obvious what goes down.

March 24, 2003
From: Ohio Fan
comments: Just came back from the Elementary Nationals in Chester, WV. The venue was excellent. Meet was run with the finest support staff I have seen. Officiating was fair and consistent. This has been the toughest wrestling competition I have seen in a long time. Can't wait to go back next year. Thanks to Dave Jeffrey, Dan Lass and Nick Busick for providing a great meet.

March 24, 2003
From: Ex HuskieWrestler
comments: There is no way mitch smith would pin wes lane. I have watched wes wrestle since 7th grade, and i have seen him pinned only ONE TIME. that time was his freshman year of HS while he was wrestling varsity.

March 24, 2003
comments: The Junior State in Parkersburg was great and very well run, there were a lot of jr high kids wich is good b/c they are the future of WV wrestling..There were some younger brothers of very tough high school wrestlers there too.

March 23, 2003
From: TJ asked
email: nbusick@pinnaclewv.com
comments: TJ asked about strength training for wrestling in a below post. Keep in mind WV has produced many elite status powerlifters and the state has many of them accesible. Go to
If you have specific questions shoot me an email or I am sure David Jeffrey will also answer your questions. We are working on establishing a Powerlifting compeition for wrestlers also. The sport of Powerlifting is one of the best ways to get strong and have fun. Two examples from the past and still strength train with these principles are Vince Magnone and Robert Busick. Also, Brandon Hinkle and Brandon Kupfer use Powerlifting techques as part of thier training.

Congratulations to Dave Jeffrey and Dan Lass for running the USYWA Nationals this weekend. Boy these kids didn't come to play and wrestled thier hearts out. Great JOB by wrestlers and tourny directors. Hope all wrestlers who were injured recover quickly.

Special well wishes to Greene.

March 23, 2003
From: Charleston dad
comments: After watching the Junior State Wrestling Championships in Parkersburg i can see why the Parkersburg South program is so good year in and year out. I was really impressed with the Patriot Junior Wrestling Club wrestlers. I was standing there listening to their coaches while their kids were wrestling and see why they are the class of the junior wrestlers.After the wrestler came off the mat the coach i was listening to, said to the kids . First im going to tell you what you did wrong.Next im going to tell you what you did right and we will finish our talk on a good note. They have alot of good wrestlers and good coaches in that program. My hat is off to them and i gained alot of good information to pass on to my kids as i coach them. Congradulations to them on being Team Champions at the State Tournament!!

March 23, 2003
From: mineralwells fan
comments: mineralwells is a youth wrestling team in southern wood county.there a member of the wood co. rec. league.they have won the county championship 4 of last 5 years.of 23 kids entering the state tournament, 9 came out state champs.the oldest one being 11 years old. along with the patriot club , mineralwells is a feeder program for parkersburg south, which were 1 and 2 in team points in the state tournament in parkersburg. these kids are the future of south wrestling.

March 23, 2003
From: Lisa Whitsett
email: whitsett@armorathlete.com
comments: Get to your local bookstore and buy your copy of Beneath the Armor of an Athlete: Real Strength on the Wrestling Mat. It's the first book written by a female freestyler, and all wrestlers and fans will reap rewards from reading it. The website http://www.armorathlete.com tells more about it, about me as the author, and you can order your copy there, too. See you in the wrestling room for Freestyle.
Lisa Whitsett

March 23, 2003
comments: could everyone stop with the "this yr vs. this yr" predictions. its making me not even want to get on the forum anymore. there is no way of proving any of it, so whoever posts these things needs to find something to better to do with their time. perhaps read a book or do some homework.
Editor's note: I gotta agree -- I think this thread is getting a little old. I'm thinking of some of these guys who have earned state championships in the past. On the one hand, perhaps they are flattered that they are still remembered along with their accomplishments. On the other hand, why not allow these people to enjoy their achievements and rest on their laurels? They made it to the top of the podium, and now, it might appear that someone is trying to tarnish their accomplishment. I'm wondering if we are not doing them a disservice.

March 23, 2003
comments: Noone at 140 is pinning Whittington. He might get beat by these kids but not pinned!

March 23, 2003
comments: Burnout sometimes is the excuse people use when they are tired of working hard. Sometimes it is the excuse when they continue to work hard, but the same kid beats them over and over. Sometimes the real reason for burnout is unknown, but to say there is no such thing as burnout is crazy. Some kids entire life is wrestling every night there is practice and every weekend there is a tourney and i think we all know how bad it can be sitting there all day. Did you ever stop to think that the kids get tired of being trapped in a gym all day waiting to wrestle? Just think about what it takes to go to a tourney 2,3, or 4 hours away, getting up early, the drive there, spending all day in gym, hunger if your cutting wieght, and if you lose the disapointment and dad telling you what you did wrong on the way home. Parents have a key role in their childs attitude and desire to wrestle. Just about everyone likes apple pie, but even it will make you sick if you eat to much. You CAN have to much of a good thing.

March 23, 2003
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Tried to send this through couple weeks ago but it either didn't go through or wasn't posted for some reason anyway let's try again. First want to wish a Big Huge Gigantic CONGRATULATIONS to Danny Lord for becoming the first ever 200 win wrestler in WV history and according to the press here only the 12th nationally. Danny you're a great young man and very deserving of this honor. You make me proud to know you. I wish you good luck at Sr. Nationals and if you need any help getting ready just give me a call. Also want to wish you good luck at North Carolina. The Tarheels are getting a quality young man with great wrestling skills. I'm sure you will represent WV well. Your name will go down in WV wrestling for the first ever to hit 200 and this can never be taken away. All the hard work and dedication you gave to this sport has certainly come through. Like to wish good luck also to the other graduating seniors for Hedgesville--Jeremy Bryant and Josh Jones and any others I may be missing. Thanks for all the fond memories that you gave me and fans like me. I wish you good luck in your future endeavors whether they be college, work, families of your own whatever life may bring. Like to say congratulations to all the eagles this season and hope to see you returning men in the offseason. Eagles return 8 state qualifiers and 10 regional placers which is more than any other team in region 2 but East Fairmont is right behind. With the returners and some people coming back and coming up Hedgesville has a shot at another regional title but it all comes down to who does the work this offseason to realize thier potential. I know East Fairmont and other teams out there will be working hard and will be ready as always. The potential is there hope to see you all working towards realizing it this offseason. North Hagerstown Open tournament is April 2nd hope to see some of you there. Also like to say that a friend of mine Nathan Ferguson a graduate from Grafton High School and member of the National Guard was called up to duty a month or so ago and hope that people out there will keep him in their prayers.

March 23, 2003
From: Spencer/Roane Fan
comments: To poster from March 15 about top A/AA schools since '76:
I guess you must be suggesting that over the years the O.W. and C.O.T.Y. have been somehow voted on as a conspiracy against Oak Glen and Cameron when compared to the LKC. Believe what you want. I'm sure that all of the individuals who are chosen are very deserving and that should not be diminished by those kinds of comments. Often, a wrestler may make an impression by some outstanding effort at the state tournament, while he may or may not have had the most outstanding season. I believe that a coach, while perhaps not known for having the strongest team earlier in the season, can also make an impression by bringing his team on strong in the end, or by making a valiant effort at taking on an overwhelming favorite. Sometimes the most dominant figures from start to finish are not the ones that receive these honors. That's just the way it is. You already know this, of course. I think you just want to stir *%#@ up.

I'd like to mention that Spencer has had 28 individual titles even though the school ended in '93 with consolidation to form Roane County High School. Just think how many they might have had if they had been in existence all along. We are very proud of the mark made by Spencer in the history books. In addition to these 28 individual titles, we have had three 4X state champions. Roane County HS was also classified as AAA for the past 8 or 9 years until this year when they went back to AA. During those AAA years, they had one state champion, along with some other placers that could quite possibly have been AA champs had they been there. I'd like to wish Coach Bender the best for the current group of young wrestlers at RCHS. This year they qualified most of them for the state tournament, despite being predominantly freshmen. We are very proud of Coach Bender, the present crop of wrestlers at Roane County High School, and all the past wrestlers from Spencer. Our wrestling program has been in good hands for a long time. This is a tribute to the hard work by wrestlers and coaches willing to fight to maintain a dynamic program.

March 23, 2003
comments: your crazy if u think Smith would pin Lane..I really dont think smith could even beat Lane..It would be a very close match, i figure whoever got the takedown would win the match...

March 23, 2003
comments: What happened to Greg Jones at the NCAAs? He lost his first match, then bowed out in the consolations... was he sick, ill?

March 23, 2003
From: falcon grappler
comments: good luck to greg carlo who is serving in the military.
pray for him.

March 23, 2003
From: old wrestler
comments: to southwrestling fan
A correction about Rich Underwood. Although Rich did win the match against Chertow, it was not in the semi's it was in the finals. I believe that Rich was a senior and Ken was a sophomore.

March 23, 2003
comments: i dont believe magnone and thomas have ever met but im sure thomas would take him with ease.....magnone didnt have a great showing at the senior nationals, i can gurantee you lou thomas will place if he goes next year. Also, how do you all think WV will represent at the senior nationals? i pick grogg and easter to place, but noone else, tournys to tough for the gearys, mayle, bliss might do alright. i'd like to see grogg and easter get pretty far

March 21, 2003
comments: when are you going to put in the state championships for 1988??
Editor's note: The posting of past tournaments strictly depends on some fan sending me the results. I don't have access to all the past results. Maybe some day well will get everything.....

March 21, 2003
comments: to south wrestling fan: the reason i picked easter over shyver was because he beat him 3 times last year out of 4...the semi final match shyver caught him...other than that, easter won 7-4, 7-4, and 8-2 against him last year....one of those wins were at the NHSCA qualifier. my fault on the walters match...i didnt know what to put about him.

March 21, 2003
From: yo yo yo
comments: to mineral wells fan: i'm not real sure where you are from but what are you talking about. Are you talking about high school, middle school or pee wee wrestling????? it is impressive that 9 out of 23 champs were from mineral wells but i would like to know more about where you are exactally in the state and what age you are talking about.

March 21, 2003
comments: Has there ever been a match at 215 between Magnone and Thomas? What was or would be the likely outcome?

March 21, 2003
comments: You people have no clue. Your predictions of what would happen if current wrestlers went against past wrestlers are way off. It looks like you think just because the old wrestler beat the current one when the old one was a senior and the current was an underclassman that he still could. Thats not always true. In fact I think that most of the time it's not true. Good wrestlers get bettter. So if you could go back in time and wrestle the same wrestlers when they were both seniors the outcome is going to be different.

March 21, 2003
comments: To the South fan....lets not forget that Mitch Smith was on the ropes this year when he was wrestling Codie Gustines. That should have been the finals match. Also I do believe Codie will meet Smith again soon. Codie chose to keep on wrestling instead of baseball. So , you say Mitch can pin anyone in his sights....I beg the differ. But, he is a great wrestler. But can be beaten. If you were to ask Mitch, who was youre toughest competitor this year, hands down...Codie Gustines.

March 21, 2003
comments: was anyone at the south open tourny? lou thomas beats nathan pickens double OT....john dillworth beat wesley pickens, bryce pickens beat kyle walters double OT, phil bliss dominated everyone, dearman pinned lowe from wirt, rader dominated everyone. nathan pickens beat a winfield coach. some good matches there

March 21, 2003
From: Linda
comments: It's 10:06, March 19. Let's all take a break from all of this and pray for Ash Wenmoth, and Adam Schindler, and any other of "our family" that is in the military, and defending us and ours.
Editor's note: There are many whose names have appeared on these pages who are now in service to our country. I'm sure our thoughts are with them.

March 21, 2003
From: SSgrapler0548
comments: I was just looking at the top rankings for AA/A since 1976, and I dont see Shady Spring any where in there for most state championships or individual state champs. We have 5 state championship teams, and 27 individual state champions, and the school is called Shady Spring, as opposed to Shady Springs, which everybody thinks.

March 21, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I know Mitch Smith lost his first high school match this year to a wrestler from Ohio.Reminds me of South's Rich Underwood(3 time state champ 81,82,83).I witnessed him losing his 1st high school match in Canal Fulton,Ohio.Correct me if I'm wrong...but I never saw Rich lose to WV wrestler,that includes victories Ken Chertow in the semis of the state tourney his junior year.

March 21, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: The 2002 vs.2003 matches...Shyver pinned Easter in the semis in 2002 ..better re-think that one and no one outmuscles Walters!Other than that and Mitch Smith pinning everyone in sight your picks were pretty good!

March 21, 2003
From: Southern Hospitality
comments: my thoughts AA/A 02 vs. 03:
103 Billings over Valles 4-2...already happened
112 Ashley over Neal 13-4...Ashley pours it on for a full 6.
119 Biddle over Bartrug pin...Biddle a good pinner in 02.
125 Morris over Ashley 5-4...experience says Morris in a war.
130 Scarbro over Metz 7-5...Scarbro is just a little tighter.
135 Leach over Myers pin 3rd...Leach a big pinner that year. Only in-state wrestler he wrestled and didn't pin that year was also his only loss, to Hughes...
140 Flowers over Whittington 5-2...Flowers wrestles everyone close.
145 Smith over Flowers 12-6...ditto
152 Hughes over Westbrooke 3-2...Hughes just a little better, especially on his feet.
160 Kupfer over Smith 4-3...A colossal match-up! After seeing both dominate their weights en route to their titles (as well as other tourneys and even off season matches.) I still couldn't certainly tell you who I think is better. So I go with Kupfer due to a year's experience edge.
171 Stickles over Moore Fall 2nd...Stickles another level of wrestler. No disrepect to Moore who is VERY tough as well.
189 Hebrock over Clark Fall 3rd...Hebrock would probably wear him down with his strength, technique, and agressiveness to the point he could finally pin him at the end.
215 Magnone over Hashman fall 3rd-This match happened, state finals a year ago. Wouldn't be any different this year.
275 Caughey over Freda fall 1st-3X state champ, need I say more?

March 21, 2003
From: Roughneck Wrestling
email: jscott141@hotmail.com
comments: If any one is interested in post season training, we have started a AAU wrestling club at Nitro High School.

Roughneck Wrestling Club
Mon. Tues. Thurs. 7:00-8:30
Coached by Jason Scott:West Liberty State College 4yr varsity letterman. 2x state placer, Runner-up AAU Nationals in 1997
$25 a month
Plus $12.50 for AAU card(one time)
Currently we have 20-25 kids in the room, rangeing from 6-16yrs old. If your looking for a high intense, and demanding training facility, this is the place to be. Train in the off season to be the best during season.We are going to raise the level of wrestling in Kanawha Valley. Also coaching is Matt Easter 4x state champ and Chuck Easter.

March 21, 2003
comments: Any wrestler interested in getting some matches the Young Guns tourney is this weekend! (3-22)Call me at 683-3189.

March 21, 2003
From: ex-bear
comments: i dont appriciate you not putting my post about crow and stickles vs. jones.

March 21, 2003
comments: All of those who believe there should only be one state wrestling champ per weight class, ummm, I disagree. Since West Virginia has three classes, there should definetly be THREE champions . . . just like football, just like basketball, just like volleyball, and so on. The track teams finally caught on, now it's time for the wrestling teams to do the same. Wrestling is such a great sport for our kids to be involved in, the more opportunities they have to make it to a large tournament, like state, and get the recognition they deserve, the more kids will participate.

March 21, 2003
comments: Who will win between Courtney v.s. Wehrle? I believe that WEHRLE PINS COURTNEY!!!!

March 20, 2003
comments: ok now AAA 02 vs. 03 champs, 02 champs appear first.
103-shyver vs. easter-very close easter 3-2
112-rader vs. turnbull- also close i believe but rader wins 5-2
119-M. easter vs. rader- dont know how to pick this one but id say easter 6-4 OT
125-metz vs.grogg- groggs very tough to beat...lost by 1 to the number 1 kid in the nation. grogg 5-3
130- matt smith(rip.) vs. M easter- easter is to good 6-3
135-mitch smith vs. reynolds- noone can beat smith...smith by fall
140-lane(HH)vs. mitch smith...again smith by fall
145-lord vs. richey- 145 was weak this year lord 10-3
152-walters vs. bliss- bliss outmuscles him 3-2
160-pickens vs. casto- pickens to quick, to good pickens 7-2
171-taylor(JM)vs. mayle- both good, mayles better mayle 7-4
189-courtney vs. tominack- courtneys way to good, courtney by fall
215- lou thomas vs. himself...im gonna have to go with thomas
HWT-morrison vs. dearman- dearman got better but not that better, morrison 4-1

March 20, 2003
From: calhoun fan
comments: shane smith would not beat flowers that bad...it would have been a really close match. he only beat wharton like 3-2 last year and i have wrestled both of them. it would be close. although wharton probably gotten alot better sense last year.

March 20, 2003
From: sup

March 20, 2003
From: Mineral Wells Fan
comments: Congragulations to Mineral Wells on a county championship and a state runner up.I was really impressed that 9 Mineral Wells kids placed first in state out of 23,and nine county champions out of 20 weight classes.Good job!!!!!!!!I would also like to congragulate Adam Metz, a 4 time state champ and a four time county champ also congragulations to Tyler Dickel on winning state for the first time and 4 time county champ.Great job coaching Andy Norman and the rest of the coaches!!!!!!!

March 20, 2003
comments: whats your thoughts about 2002 state champs and 2003?? here are some...
103 Billings over Valles 4-2 already happened
112 Ashley over Neal 4-3
119 Biddle over Bartrug 10-2
125 Morris over Ashley Fall 2nd
130 Scarboro over Metz 9-3
135 Leach over Meyers 10-5
140 Flowers over Whittington Fall 3rd
145 Smith over Flowers 12-4
152 Westerbrook over Hughes Fall 3rd
160 Smith over Kupfer 4-2
171 Stickles over Moore Fall 2nd
189 Hebrock over Clark Fall 3rd
215 Magnone over Hashman fall 3rd
275 Caughey over Freda fall 1st

March 20, 2003
comments: Flowers already beat Richey like 8-1

March 20, 2003
From: Coach Maisel
email: kmaisel@access.k12.wv.us
comments: Just a reminder that the NHSCA National open - West Virginia Qualifier is coming up very soon. It will be held Saturday, April 5th at University High School in Morgantown. You can weigh in and register on Friday, April 4th from 5-7 PM. You can also weigh-in on Saturday morning from 8-9 AM but you MUST be pre-registered and you MUST weigh in and wrestle at the weigh you pre-register for! Remember that the top 4 in each weight class qualify for the National Open in Norfolk, Va. PLEASE TRY AND PRE-REGISTER!! See the entry form on this website. Last year the High School division in this tournament had 6 State Champs, 4 State runner-ups and 25 State place winners and 6 different states were represented!

March 20, 2003
comments: Saying Dewitt Stanley, yea he was good but he only won one title at 103lbs, his 2nd was at 112, so if your going to compare him to other 103lbers u cant use that 112lb year and those 4 pins. I really dont think you have watched alot of those guys wrestle either, because Ash Wenmoth was a better 103lbr then Mike Miller or David Rash. Pluss Chad Burge was better then too. Then there is John Heath who was very tough. Also there is Scott Williams, he stopped Chad Burge from being a 4 timer. Plus u have the Easters way too low on that list.

March 20, 2003
From: freestyle ?
comments: Does anyone have the information on the Freestyle Clinic at Parkersburg South High School on April 12th?

March 20, 2003
From: WV Fan
comments: no way Drew Myers would beat Steve Reynolds 11-3

March 20, 2003
From: T.J.
comments: Does anyone know a good workout to do over the summer. Not to build bulky muscles but get stronger. Also does anyone know a good camp in WV?

March 20, 2003
From: ex-cameron wrestler
comments: to any cameron person posting on the forum:
you earn your respect on the mat. cameron has earned its share of it there. lets keep earning it there, not here. if they want to talk about cameron, fine. if they don't, well that's fine too. when its all said and done at the end of the day, only you truly know how far you have come. if someone says so and so could beat you and they can't be beat, well that's good that they think that. maybe you should think that too and go ahead and make sure you prove them wrong. but i will promise you this, anybody who is anybody isnt on here talking about how great they are. if you happen to be one of those people, well that means you arent where you are supposed to be. i've never seen a state champ who won it by spending all their time on the forum.

March 20, 2003
From: D.C.DAD
email: red1skins@aol.com

Bishop McNaMara HS

easy drive 1 mile off I-95/495

HI this is coach welch have any ? about the up coming tournament talk it out in the forum


... but you can still always e-mail me in private ...also if you know for sure that youre coming please sign guest book with e-mail..and age,grade,weight of wrestler.Trying to compile a e-mail and wrestler list for upcoming maryland girls events in 2003/2004 state has alot planned..want to get the info out to all wrestlers.

Photographer-State Editor for Wrestling USA Magazine Will be covering this state championship so bring youre best game and pearly Whites.


55 times 3

80 not including beltway gals

124 times 2

States coming so far NY,NJ,PA,VA...not a bad drive from SC,NC,WV and Ohio..great tune up for the nationals which is the weekend after!!

If you know you are coming please leave info on the board everyone likes to know the weight classes that are coming also 60 # middle school gal is looking for some competition thats a hard weight to match up 60 and 6 grade 68# is about the max weight she can wrestle..I will be raffling off a 50.00 dollar gas gift certificate everyone can use that.

Coach Welch

More in depth info: www.leaguelineup.com/clintonjets

...USGWA maryland girls wrestling state championships T-SHIRTS will be sold at this event to answer some e-mails.also yes begginers and out of staters are more than welcomed to this event.

March 20, 2003
comments: flowers already beat ritchey 8-4 this season

March 20, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Thomas Lambiotte for his state championship in the 4&under 38lb class at the junior states! Chip off the ole' block,huh Dad?

March 20, 2003
From: Pat Peters
comments: Congratulations to Sean Chichester- Parkersburg Cougars, Logan Martin- Ripley and Mackenzie Peters- Williamstown who won individual championships at Southern Nationals in Raleigh , NC this past weekend. Remember- there comes a time when its all worth it...

March 20, 2003
comments: Looking at the Middle School and Junior High page most promising wrestlers does do a good job of showing talent coming up. However, some outstanding 13-15 year olds do not wrestle for their school and then just come onto the highschool scene. Will there be any surprises within the next couple of years?

March 20, 2003
From: RED

March 20, 2003
From: marte
email: thebear72@charter.net
comments: Does anyone know anything about the camp Zeke Jones is putting on in Parkersburg this summer? If you can let me know about it please e-mail me at thebear72@charter.net Thanks

March 20, 2003
comments: Lewis County 8th Annual wrestling Championship results:
East Fairmont Jr. Wrestling= 209 points 1st place
Jefferson County (JJWA) 206 points 2nd place
Lewis County 3rd place
Taylor County 4th
Also, it was a tie for 1st and 2nd at first, then Fairmont all of sudden found a 6th place wrestler and added three pts. beat Jefferson. Very good wrestling, very good tournament. Congratulations to all JJWA wrestlers (Jefferson County) you guys wrestled you're hearts out. Team trophy is getting closer and closer. We will be back. Great job East Fairmont.

March 20, 2003
From: Wally B
comments: lets put the aa/a champs vs. the aaa champs this year...
Ok, here's how I see it.
103- easter pin billings-Easter too much to withstand a whole match for the little guy from Ravenswood
112- turnbull pin neal-Turnbull beat Shyver and I'd take Shyver in a pin over any AA/A 112
119- rader pin bartrug-Rader is too tough.
125- grogg md ashley 11-2-Ashley would hang around for a while, but couldn't keep it real close for a whole match.
130- easter maj dec. scarbro 17-3-I think Easter majored him at WSAZ's (am I right?) I think it would happen again.
135- reynolds dec. myers 7-2-nothing specific..
140- smith pin. whittington-Smith too relentless for whittington to stop.
145- flowers dec richey 4-2-Flowers too solid to give up the surprise or huge move takedown that is Richey's forte`.
152- bliss dec. hughes 3-2-Bliss/Hughes was very close when they wrestled beginning of the year, although Hughes did obviously gas out at the end of the match and get pinned. Hughes wrestled worlds better at states than he did the rest of the year, but as much as I'd like to and think he could, I can't justify giving him a win here based on season accomplishments.
160- smith dec. casto 4-3-Smith is the best wrestler in the state in my opinion, BAR NONE. He will wrestle anybody, and he is smart enough to figure out anyone who gives him trouble once before they wrestle again (obvious example Ike Stewart).
171- mayle pin moore-Moore had a great state tourney but I don't think he's on Mayle's level.
189- tominack pin. clark-Clark's got good technique, but Tominack is such a physical specimen I think he'd pin him. Although he might be losing by a lot when he does.
215- thomas TF hashman 18-2-Hashman is a big throw and roll wrestler, Thomas has been around the block too much to fall for that. It would be the most exciting tech fall you'd ever see. I bet Hashman would roll him across his back for about a 1 and a half count at least 4 times and never quite earn the backpoints.
HWT.- dearman pin freda-Dearman is just too quick and technical.

March 20, 2003
From: Debbie Dye
email: debbie_dye3@yahoo.com
comments: I would like to take this time to thank all of the girls who attended the West Virginia girls championships. Hopefully we can work on a date to get more participation. Any input will be appreciated.

March 17, 2003
comments: lets put the aa/a champs vs. the aaa champs this year.
103- easter md. billings 10-1
112- turnbull md. neal 12-3
119- rader TF bartrug 18-3
125- grogg md ashley 16-3
130- easter TF scarbro 20-5
135- reynolds dec. myers 6-2
140- smith pin. whittington
145- richey dec flowers OT 4-2
152- bliss md. hughes 11-3
160- smith dec. casto 4-3
171- mayle dec. moore 7-2
189- tominack pin. clark
215- thomas TF hashman 18-2
HWT.- dearman dec. freda 5-2

March 17, 2003
comments: First of all at AAA 103 since uhh it doesn't matter how long u go back, Dewitt Stanley of Brooke would dominate, I wrestled him my freshmen year and lasted no more than 15 seconds, and I have beaten about 9 state champions in my career, stop kiddin yourselves.

March 17, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Congratulations to Milton Middle's Adam "Chappy" Chapman who placed second at Southern Nationals in Raleigh , NC this past weekend and to Steve Shaffer, James Setliff, John Thompson and Evan Thompson who placed at Lewis County States. Keep wrestling guys, there will come a time when winter will ask what you did in the spring and summer to get better! Good luck to all in the Mason County Open and Putnam COunty Open tournaments coming up. Wish I could coach you guys in the "off season!"
Coach L.

March 17, 2003
From: comment
comments: For the people who say that certain kids are the best in the state because they won double a. This state needs only one real state champion in the sport of wrestling. I do believe you need divisions in team oriented sports but not in the sport of wrestling. You have way too many kids walking around,for such a small populated state, claiming to be the state champ. New Jersey has 17 million people compared to 1.7 million people in WV and they only have one "true state champ". It's time to realize that as a wrestler you can be the best no matter what size school you come from. I only wish to see the day the state goes back to one division for wrestling.

March 17, 2003
comments: Any comments on an all-time Cameron dual meet squad? Certainly you'd see wrestlers such as R.C. Anderson, Chad Burge, Eric Potts, Jeff, Tyler, and Casey Hughes, Ryan Dudas, Roger Kupfer, Ron Trowbridge with other possibilities being Brandon Kupfer, Wyatt O'Neil, Tucker Brown, Andy Anderson, Mike Stern, Barry Beresford, Garrett O'Neil, Dave Wood, Isaac Stewart, "Bear" Gray among others.

March 16, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I remember watching John Crain win his 3 state titles back in the 1980's and he was surely one of the best or perhaps the best to come out of Oak Glen High.Derrick Stickles was also one of the greats because he poccessed all the abilities needed to be that in speed,power and knowledge.One of the attributes that I remember most of Mr. Stickles was the way he handled himself in defeat(which was not often!).He lost a couple of close decisions to South wrestlers his jr. amd sr. year and he was one great sport about each of them.I can still see him and Nathan Pickens embracing each other and talking after their match.I was very impressed with that.That makes them both great champions in my eyes!

March 16, 2003
From: to 103 watcher
comments: I believe that u left out 3 tough 103 pounders that are just as good or better than the ones you put down. I feel that Steve Higgins parkersburg, Jason taylor Wheeling park, and Jonathan Delligatti Fairmont Senior should be up there with the best of the best.

March 16, 2003
comments: I just came home from the 8th annual youth championships held in Lewis co. and if what I saw there is any indication of the future of WV wrestling we are in pretty good shape. There were some real studs there. I'm not just talking about middle school or 7 and 8 year olds, but kids as young as 3and 4 years old. A young boy in his first year looked as though he started wrestling in the womb. This kid pancaked, cowboyed and cement jobbed his way through the 4 and under 35# class all by pinfall in the first period. It was quite an amazing site. My son took fourth in that class by way of facing that kid in the first round. I couldn't believe how fast it was over and my boy has done pretty good for the few matches that he wrestled this year (8 matches total). So, congratulations to all of WV's youth,keep up the good work and be on the lookout for these youngsters in the coming years. I hope to see the final results posted on this sight soon, as I was unable to stay for the whole tournament.

March 16, 2003
From: sfan
comments: did anyone notice that region one had a representative in every finals match,also region one had 4 weight classes in which they placed all 4 wrestlers, can anyone top that.this year or ever.prob can how bout lettin us know

March 16, 2003
comments: I think there is an error in the 1987 AA results, Wells who placed 4th at 98lbs is from Williamstown not Winfield. I am not positive 100% on this but there was a Randy Wells from Williamstown who was in the state finals at 103 in 88 and 89, his junior and senior years. So thats why i think that he is the 98lber who placed 4th in 1987.

March 16, 2003
From: crazykid8705
comments: I herd everyone said that josh neal and derek scarbro had an easy weight class.Even if they did they are still the best in the state and i think and hope that they will do it again next year. Congrat's boy's.

March 16, 2003
From: Wally B.
comments: Only a few changes to this one again, I'll explain each one. Team scores don't change much either this time.
TEAM 2001 VS TEAM 2003
112: GANDEE PIN. NEAL-Gandee's senior year he pinned in 47 seconds in the finals. No one could have touched him that year.
119: MORRIS PIN. BARTRUG-Morris was too tough that year as well.
130: C. HUGHES DEC. SCARBRO-Hughes just better.
135: NOEL MAJ.DEC. MYERS-Noel also on another level that year. Gave WV's current top wrestler (at least AA/A, that beating Shane Smith) only in state losses ever in Reg. and State finals.
160: SMITH DEC. STICKLES-Smith just better in my opinion.
2001 46 2003 9

March 16, 2003
From: No respect for Cameron!!
comments: Here goes those 103 predictors again leaving out Cameron! Where's Burge? And if you're going on any wrestler that's ever wrestled there and their accomplishments since (as you obviously are) where's Tyler Hughes?

March 15, 2003
comments: Congratulations to Ohio University's Matt Stevens for finishing 4th in the MAC conference.

March 15, 2003
comments: congrats to wheeling on putting on a great show for division ii nationals....the west liberty family should be proud...the mounseaus(sp?) are a class act!...

March 15, 2003
comments: Frankfort's Best Dual Team:
103- Chase Coleman       '98
112- Tommy Niemyer       '96 – 3rd place
119- Cody Shirey         '02 – 5th place
125- Zach Liller         '97 – 5th place
130- Shane Fridley       ’90 - 4th place
135- Drew Myers          '03 – State Champ
140- Sonny Kesner        ’95 – 3rd place
145- Philip Kesner       ’00 – 2nd place
152- Jason Litton        ’00 – State Champ
160- Jason Moreland      ’95 – 5th place
171- Josh Kuykendall     ’98 – 3rd place
189- Jeremiah Kuykendall ’99 – 5th place
215- Skeeter Knotts      ’97 – 6th place
275- Bill Andrews        ’97-  2nd place

March 15, 2003
From: OG Proud
comments: Im going to have to go with Derric Stickles winning the matchup against Jones. It would be a very close match and would probably be one of the best matches I've ever seen. A few of my friends and I were actually just talking about that match a few weeks ago. That match might even be too close to call. They're both VERY athletic, and VERY strong. I dont think that either one of them are the best out of OG though. I never saw John Crain wrestle but from what everyone tells me he is the real deal. He is Oak Glens only All-American in wrestling.

As for the dual team, you definately have to put Jerry Crow in at 145 and move Lebec up to 152 to bump out Holdsworth. OG has had so many great middle weight in the past 7 years, we couldn't fit them all in....Jerry Crow,Ed Weible, Rob Lamb, Denny Lebec, Andy Wharton, Matt Wharton, Mike Witherow, Logan Glass, Matt Holdsworth, Steve Flowers, Ian Whittington.

March 15, 2003
comments: ohio uses the same format as west virginia does, i'm not sure about pennsylvania.

March 15, 2003
From: 103 Watcher!!!
comments: top 103 of since 1990
1. Dewitt Stanley (2x Champ, 8 pins in 2 years!)
2. David Satterfield
3. Matt Stevens
4. David Rash
5. Mike Miller
6. Ash Wenmoth
7. Paul Richardson
8. Rob Archer
9. Daniel Bonasso
10. Alex Reed
11. Matt Easter
12. Ash Gandee
13. Robert Shyver
14. Anthony Easter
15. Sammy Bonasso

March 15, 2003
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: yeah it might be a closer match than 14-4, maybe.....but gorby would still have won....Gorby turned it up at the state tourny his senior year...he won in the first round with a fall in :24....then in the quarters in :25.....then a tech fall in the semi's and finals....matt easter is a good wrestler but he has never dominated a weight class like that, he won in the finals 6-3.....but anyway....he beat you like 6-0 at fairmont i believe, i watched the match, he dominated that match. Adam Gorby is by far ONE of the best wrestlers ever. Believe me i wrestled him. I was a 2X state placer and he tech falled me. Plus there is no way you would have beat him your senior year. Maybe because you were 145 and he was 130, but if you to were the same weight, i would put gorby up against anyone his senior year (pound for pound).

March 15, 2003
comments: In listing the greats from OG what about that wrestler that filled in at 140 for Lamb while he was injured and placed 2nd and 3rd in the states his jr and sr year. He might fit in there somewhere!

March 15, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: just for fun, i wanted to put together a AAA all-WV team based on the state champions in each weight class. i'm only using wrestlers from 1997-present. this will probably cause a real stir, but here we go.
103 - 1999 - Matt Stevens
112 - 1999 - Chris Johnson
119 - 2002 - Matt Easter
125 - 1999 - Anthony Regalbuto
130 - 1998 - Adam Gorby (I have Easter at 119 already!)
135 - 2002 - Mitch Smith
140 - 2001 - Robbie Ripley (I got Mitch at 135)
145 - 1997 - Zack Litton
152 - 1998 - Jason Ward
160 - 1999 - Matt Miller
171 - 1998 - Mike Thompson
189 - tie - 2000 - Matt Wehrle, 2002 - Jeff Courtney
215 - tie - 1999 - Josh Coffey, 2003 - Lou Thomas
275 - 2000 - Joe Heath

1999- 5, 2002- 3, 1998- 3, 2000- 2, 2001- 1, 1997- 1, 2003- 1

March 15, 2003
From: AA/A Wrestling 76-03
comments: Top 5 Schools
State Championships:
1. Oak Glen-7
2. Cameron-4
3. Spencer-4
4. St. Marys-3
5. Williamstown/Mannington-2

Individual State Champs:
1. Williamstown-38
2. Cameron-30
3. Oak Glen-29
4. Spencer-28
5. Wirt Co.-20

Outstanding Wrestlers:
1. Calhoun-5 (only 15 state champs ever)
2. Wirt Co.-4
3. Williamstown-3
4. Spencer-3
5. Big Creek-3

Coach of the Year:
1. Cameron-5
2. Spencer-3
3. Oak Glen-3
4. Williamstown-3
5. St.Marys/Shady Springs-2

Some interesting facts for thought and comments...
1.Oak Glen-7 state titles, 29 individual titlists, 3 Coach of the Year Awards, NOT ONE OUTSTANDING WRESTLER.
2.Cameron-4 state titles, 30 individual titlists, 5 Coach of the Year Awards, ONLY 2 OUTSTANDING WRESTLERS. (a 4X state champ and a 3X state champ).
The OVAC schools have only produced 2 Outstanding Wrestlers compared to the LKC's 18.
OVAC schools have combined for 12 state championships, LKC has combined for 9.
OVAC has won Coach of the Year 7 times, LKC has 13.
OVAC schools over the past 5 years have had 31 of the 70 state champions, the LKC had 25. (in 2001 Cameron and Oak Glen combined for a whopping 10 of 14 individual champions!)
Note: OW and C.O.T.Y. are voted on by coaches.

What does this sound like to you?

March 15, 2003
comments: TEAM 2001 VS TEAM 2003
2001 36 2003 9

March 15, 2003
comments: I personaly Think 1993 was the best year for WV wrestling

March 14, 2003
From: comment
comments: Too many people want to compare wrestlers from yesterday to the ones of today. WV is being better represented today than it has ever been. Sure their is always a few good wrestlers every year at the state tournament but their is more quality now. One of the reasons is EXPERIENCE!! Back in the old days wrestlers didn't start as young as they do now. In today's world you run into high school kids with 700-1000 matches under their belt before they even step on the mat for their high school.In the next 5 years WV will be even stronger. Their is a core group of young junior wrestlers coming through together that will be able to compete anywhere. Most of these young wrestlers have already proved it by wrestling all over America and finishing well. So in retrospect I would just like to say yesterday is gone(WISH IT WASN'T I COULD STILL BE YOUNG AND NOT AS FAT) today's wrestlers are better and just wait for a few years they will be even better. To the person who said Adam Gorby could beat Matt Easter. I saw Gorby several times and he was real smooth with those legs. But to say he would beat Matt is crazy. If I'm not mistaken Gorby won states once while Matt has won it 4 times. Matt has a scholarship to Cornell, one of the better programs in the country. My final thought is this, a good takedown man will beat a good mat wrestler anyday of the week.

March 14, 2003
From: nm fan
comments: as you know the national high school tour is coming up held usually in pittsburg pa. 1st and 2nd yr wrestlers are invited just wondering whose going from wva. 3 east fairmont wrestlers might place mayle both gearys if they show up . mayle might win it

March 14, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Oak Glen fans: Who wins between Jason Jones and Derrick Stickles? I think Stickles may be the best to come out of Oak Glen high!You O.G. fans know your wrestlers best...what do you think?

March 14, 2003
comments: gorby 14 easter 4??? get real buddy. i wrestled gorby my soph yr , his sr year and only lost 6-0. yeah i did place 4 times but still, i think i could have beat gorby MY sr yr, let alone Easters'. nothing from gorby, he had a great career ,mow , state champ,but the consistent dominance that easter has he did not possess until late. easter is the better wrestler. it would be a good match though.

March 14, 2003
From: RE: OVAC vs. PA.'s MAC
comments: The OVAC destroyed Pa.'s MAC conference (Laurel, Freedom, Montour, West Allegheny, Burgettstown, Blackhawk, Moon etc) in an all star match this week at South Side Beaver Pa high school. Results are posted in the open forum of WrestlingReport.com.

March 14, 2003
From: Sean E. Smith
email: well_ses@ACCESS-K12.org
comments: O.V.A.C. ALL-Stars vs M.A.C. (PA) All-Stars results can be found at

March 14, 2003
comments: I was comparing Anthony Easter in 2003 to Chad Burge in 92 both were soph. Chad was a stud though but I think Easter could have took him. I have watched plenty of wrestling, The Easters are some of the best in the state Ever!!!!!!

March 14, 2003
comments: Independence's best dual team!!!!
Last 10 years
103 R Rash 03
112 Blake 97
119 Rash 96
125 Hart 95
130 C Acord 93
135 Bragg 97
140 K Acord 95
145 Wood 02
152 Bolen 01
160 Warden 93
171 Barnette 00
189 Moyer 00
215 Wisnewski 96
HVT Flower 95

March 14, 2003
From: boog
comments: to compare mitch casto and jason ward is like comparing apples and oranges, i'm a transfer into the state from pa. i've been out of the game for a while, but used to wrestle with samples and ward. wv is a fairly small state and to prove how good you are, you have to get opponents from outside the state (right P. South?). even though ward only won two state titles, he finished second at Pittsburgh in the Senior Nationls...there is only one other guy to have done that....guess who? Mark Samples.

March 14, 2003
From: M
comments: Reading the forum has made me think: First, WV wrestling (for the most part) is going downhill fast. The quality doesn't compare to years past. Next, Jason Jones (160)would have defeated Smith. I think it could have gotten ugly... (no disrespect to Smith) OG is awsome, they will be for years... And between Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, and Williamstown, Wood County really represents! (They have the BEST feeder programs in the state) I also want to wish the best of luck to the 3 West Liberty guys who are wrestling in the Div. II Nationals (Curnes, Monseau, and Poe) which are being held in Wheeling. Good luck Calhoun guys, and Coach Stump!

March 14, 2003
From: fan
comments: what is your opinion on 1999 vs. 2002 I think that would be a close one????????????????????????

March 14, 2003
comments: I distinctly remember DeWitt Stanley slipping by Cameron's Ronnie LeMasters more than once at OVAC's. Cameron's Tyler Hughes, a 103 his freshman year, was beating Ronnie LeMasters (a senior by then) in junior high. So much for the Stanley debate.

March 14, 2003
From: WVUstud
comments: Your picks are pretty good for the Oak Glen dual team. I hate to take Holdsworth out of it but I think I have to. I have to put Jerry Crow in it somewhere between 140 and 152. He only wrestled his freshman and sophomore year but he didnt fool around. He was a force to be reckoned with. For your 2 question marks. Phil Bellville at 189 and 215 is a tough one but I would have to pick Greg Six. Oak Glen hasnt really been strong at 215 during their 7 year run.

March 14, 2003
From: old golden bear
comments: jonny crain is the greatest wrestler to come out of oak glen period.. he didn't have the most wins but he was only there for three years and won three state titles and went undfeated 2 of those years no oak glenn wrestler since has went undfeated one let alone two years and one more thing he was the wrestler of the month nat

March 14, 2003
comments: ok lets talk about next year...i think south and PHS will be very very close with south losing pickens and grogg, while phs has lost 5 , 4 state placers. will phs be strong enough to take state again or will south or anyone else dethrone the big reds.

March 12, 2003
From: WV wrestler
comments: I really want to be representing West Virginia in the SENIOR nationals. And I would like to congratulate Mitch Smith, Matt Easter, Blaine Mayle, Ben and Brandon Geary.

March 12, 2003
From: WVUstud
comments: Somebody mentioned something about Flowers being able to beat Lamb. I might have to agree with that but that would be one of the best matches wrestled if they both could have wrestled in their primes. Also, I'm not taking anything away from Shane Smith being a great wrestle b/c that he is. I'm just saying that I think Jason Jones would beat him his senior year. Yes Smith is a better wrestler for a longer period of time but not in one year. Jones pinning Smith might be over doing it too but I think a major decision is very posible. Also I would like to say that Jason Jones wrestled Greg Jones (WVU) and only lost by a couple if I remember correctly. Somebody can correct that if I'm wrong b/c I might be. Somebody said that Smith is the 2nd best wrestler out of Williamstown, thats another point I would like to make. I would pic the 2nd best wrestler from Oak Glen(which Jones is) over the 2nd best wrestler from Williamstown. Somebody else asked if someone from Oak Glen wrestled in college for 4 years or not.

March 12, 2003
From: bored wrestling fan
comments: these are the top wrestlers since 1990 at 103
1.Matt Easter(Nitro)
2.Mike Miller(Wirt)
3.Matt Stevens(Pburg)
4.Anthony Easter(Nitro)
5.Robert Shyver(Pburg)

March 12, 2003
From: Sean E. Smith
comments: Eastern District All-Star Meet
OVAC wrestlers are involved

March 12, 2003
comments: Eric I can't remember his last name, beat Mitch Smith at the West Holmes tourny in Ohio, the same kid that beat his brother Matt the year before.

March 12, 2003
From: VikingFan
comments: To AAA Predictor-
Dan Lahman would pin Hashman no doubt in my mind!! Dan Lahman was just like his brother Nick a Warrior and they both had the desire to win!!

March 12, 2003
From: No respect for Cameron!
comments: I hate to say it, but some of you predictors are severely biased in your picks, and especially against some of the wrestlers from Cameron. Hughes is a 2X state champion with a year to go, Snider won one state title, and to this day it's hard for me to believe Wyatt O'Neil, also of Cameron, did not win that weight class. Whenever you put Hughes in a bind, he finds a way out, you have to go with him there. Also, to the 103 1990-2003 predictor. Chad Burge #6?? You grossly underestimate how good he really was. Chad was a 3X state champion, and he was an amazing wrestler. Anthony Easter over him right now isn't really fair. In 3 years if Easter is also a 3X state champ and he has done it more impressively then maybe he could earn it over Burge. Cameron wrestlers, I just feel, have been and still are overlooked and underrated by people all around the state. Cameron has exhibited a level of success over the last 15 or so years that is unmatched by any AA/A school, if not of any school in the state. I believe its time to give them the respect they deserve.

March 12, 2003
From: wonderer
comments: what is the best dual meet team that Oak Glen could put together with their teams the last 7 years?
here is mine

March 12, 2003
From: Jim D
comments: Re: Relative AAA Region Strength

As has often been pointed out on this forum, AAA Region I is consistently stronger than the other regions. This trend continued in the 2003 State Tournament and was most evident in the quarterfinals where 30 out of 56 Region I wrestlers advanced to the semifinals along with 26 from the other three regions. Astoundingly, 14 of the 16 semifinalists in the lowest four weight classes were from Region I.

More interesting is that the Region I superiority dissipated in general as the weight classes increased. If one divides the weight classes arbitrarily into three sets (103 - 125, 130 - 152, and 160 - 275), the Region I winnning percentage by set (from light to heavy) was 47%, 35%, and 23% for the 1st Round and 88%, 50%, and 30% for the quarterfinals. This data suggests domination at the light end, clear superiority in the middle weights, but reasonable parity at the heavier weights.

The regional make-up of the semifinalists was 53% (I), 20% (II), 11% (III), and 16% (IV). Round 1 winners were 34% (I), 21% (II), 25% (III), and 20% (IV).

An indication of the depth of Region I is that it sent four third placers and four fourth placers from the Regional into the State Semis. The four fourth beat champs from the other regions to advance. No other region had a regional third or fourth place advance to the semis. Region I also had eight regional runners-up advance to the semis vs five for the other regions combined.

This data is limited to only the number of wrestlers advancing in the first two rounds.

March 12, 2003
From: Terry
comments: I just wanted to wish James Setliff a speedy recovery, we missed you at the Jr. States. Your dad and I have kept many gym walls from falling over by our diligent leaning(Ha!). You are a first rate kid, and a pretty good wrestler as well.

March 12, 2003
From: David Jeffrey
comments: I would like to congratulate the Wood Co coaches on a great job running the state Jr.tourney . The bout system was a major improvement.

March 12, 2003
From: Lloyd Christmas
comments: I would just like to say that yes some of todays wrestlers are very talented. But can you honestly say that you think that Mitch Casto could have beaten Jason Ward (no offense) I just think Jason is a level ahead of Mitch. There are only two wrestlers from this year that I would rank #1 over the past ten seasons.....these two are unreal! Mitch Smith, and Brandon Rader..... but i can promise you that Mitch would have more than 1 loss if he would have wrestled against so of the competition of 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, and so on......you might say that Matt Easter should be #1.....but i beg to differ....Matt as a senior was undefeated, mow, and state champion....AWESOME career.....BUT if you put Matt up against a certain 130lb wrestler from a few years ago that was MOW, Undefeated State Champ i can tell you that it would not be a close match....this wrestler i am talking about is Adam Gorby....he won his finals match 16-1 over a tough Eric Frazier.....if you could take both of them at each ones senior year i would say it would end up gorby-14 : easter-4......

March 12, 2003
From: David Jeffrey
email: uspf@netassoc.net
comments: To Chuck Easter
Chuck send me your phone number or address and I will forward you a copy of the picture you and Mary talked about.

March 12, 2003
From: Dr. Harry Manfrididi
comments: to WV MAT MAN: if you think that anthony easter could beat Dewitt Stanley obviously you dont watch much wrestling....Dewitt Stanley is by far the best 103 of all time.

March 12, 2003
comments: I think these people who are saying Jones would beat Shane Smith fail to see that he hasnt lost to WV wrestler since he was a FRESHMEN and that was in the STATE FINALS. Then on his next 2 title runs he beat the AAA STATE CHAMPS, Danny Lord his sophmore year at 145, and Mitch Casto this year at 160. Pluss i do remember 1999 very well. 160lbs wasnt the toughtest weight class either.

March 12, 2003
comments: I would just like to say congrats to Mitch Smith for beging the only WV wrestler to be ranked among the top eight in the country.Mitch is ranked 7th in the country right now you can see this at http://www.amateurwrestlingnews.com/rankings/High_school_Individual.htm
Again congrats to you Mitch keep working hard and you will acomplish your goals.

March 12, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: to old school: i have the 2003 team winning by 2 points against 1999, wally b has them up 38-12, so i don't know what the argument is about. no one said they could beat today's wrestlers. in fact, we both said they couldn't. i assume you were referring to AAA, because of your examples, but since you want to push it, here's what i think about A/AA.

103 - Gandee fall Billings 3rd
112 - Wenmoth fall Neal 2nd
119 - Westbrook md. Bartrug 9-3
125 - Hayhurst dec Ashley 3-1
130 - Scarbro md. Wince 13-5
135 - Weible fall Myers 3rd
140 - Miller fall Whittington
145 - Lamb dec Flowers 12-9
152 - Snider dec Hughes 2-0 OT
160 - Jones md. Smith 7-1
171 - Kinley fall Moore 2nd
189 - Lewis fall Clark 2nd
215 - Hashman dec Lahman 10-6
275 - McClung fall Freda 1st

'99 - 59, '03 - 10

sorry, that's just the way it is. today's wrestlers, as a whole, are better. 1999 just happened to be a strong year in A/AA, just as AAA is getting stronger now. top wrestlers of that year include Gandee, Wenmoth, Hayhurst, Weible, and McClung, enough said.

March 12, 2003
From: Wondering
comments: I was wondering if anyone could post the dates for some Open Tournaments that will be going on.... I was wondering when the Brooke Mid Atlantic was goin to be held?

March 12, 2003
From: in response to burnt out
comments: i am a former high school wrestler in west virginia and i wrestled from the time i was 5 years old until i graduated. many people came and went from the team during those years but i was always there. in middle school wrestling was wrestling, fun, time consuming, but oh so worth it...

in high school the pace picks up with other sports, classes, clubs and of course girls... after competing in football from august to december a young mans body is battered and you can become mentally exhausted. getting 'up' for a competition is a wonderful natural high but it is exhausting after a while... then striaight into cutting weight and getting 'up' for wrestling several times a week... i guess what i am trying to say is yes cutting weight can have an influence but that became a part of the sport for me... it wasnt a big deal... my mind, the repetitions, thats what wore me down... midway through each season i had to reprioritize and realize that i was doing this to myself because it was so much fun, and so worth it... i will work hard for the rest of my life to try to give back to wrestling... never will my tasks equal what i have learned from it though...

March 12, 2003
From: WVU Watcher
comments: I agree with the predictor on this one, I'd take Shane Smith over Jason Jones too. I think you fail to realize Shane Smith is possibly the best, or at least the 2nd best wrestler to come out of Williamstown (other being Mike Mason). Both are very good wrestlers, but I'll take Shane in a close one.

March 12, 2003
From: old fan
comments: To follow up on a comment made by a fellow old guy,wrestling is getting better in W.V. and our guys are up to the level of other state's ( our top wrestler's ) but in other states like Pa. you do not have one top wrestler you have five or six,in each weight class,but our top level wrestlers can wrestle with them.At the Pa. state tournament college scholarships are given out almost with every medal. Minn-Penn- Penn State- W.V.U.-Lehigh-Cornell Va Tech. not to mention many other's. I do not see that in our wrestling programs here, other than maybe Matt Easter. I feel we are getting better but still have alot of work to go to compete with the best, and we do have the athletic talent.

March 12, 2003
From: Question???
comments: What is everyone's feelings on having two referee's from the quarterfinals on at the state tournament? I know that there used to be two refs for the semi's and finals. Why did that ever change? The refs are there and they sit along the side anyway. If it could help just one kid wouldn't it be worth it?

March 12, 2003
comments: I think that Flowers would descion Rob Lamb. Flowers is a "Machine".

March 12, 2003



March 12, 2003
comments: To Ripley wrestlers:
Nice job at states and on a great season. This class of seniors was very talented and helped make for the some of the best seasons in Ripley's history. But the underclassmen have just as much potential. You all might not be state champs, but as long as you put in the work needed to reach that peak, you can always be proud of yourselves. To the Seniors- Bobby (way to come back after not wrestling for a while and doin as well as you did), Adam (way to come back and beat a guy who beat you earlier, 3rd in the state, awesome), Ty (way to make things work for you, everyone knew what was coming and for the most part no one could stop you anyway, 2nd in the state, great job), Steve (hard work has paid off for you, as well as all the guys you wrestled with in practice, 5th in the state, congrats), and Josh (you finished your career off 3rd with a broken hand, I know what it's like to wrestle with part of your arm broken, and it's not ideal for success but you made it happen for ! you, thanks for putting extra time drilling/wrestling with me in years past). Underclassmen- You guys are the future of the team, no matter where you are right now as a wrestler, push yourselves everyday and leave no doubts in your mind on whether you've earned the right to win. That goes with everyone from JV wrestlers to state champions (Mitch, you have to never be satisfied with where you are, always work to get better, if you do this, its a safe bet that you can put 4X in between your name and state champ, thanks for being a great workout partner all this time). Good luck to all of you.

March 12, 2003
From: WV FAN
comments: Do other states like Pennslvania and Ohio use the pill system? In my opinion they probably have the best high school wrestling around. Maybe we should take notes on what type of system they use, it seems to work for them. If someone could please comment on their systems I would like to know what they do. Thanks.

March 12, 2003
From: marte
comments: Does any one know of any free or inexspensive wrestling clinics going on in wva this summer?I have a 11 year old that wants to learn some new skills.Thanks I can be e-mailed at thebear72@charter.net

March 12, 2003
comments: does anyone know whos going to the senior nationals this year? easter grogg ??

March 12, 2003
From: D.C.DAD
email: red1skins@aol.com
comments: USGWA Maryland Girls Wrestling State Championships on march 22nd 2003.
Bishop McNamara HS

No experience required, Girls if you have always wanted to try wrestling this is the place to start. New thru advanced. very good responce so far alot of very good competition coming in youre own back yard from all over USA, with a few national champions and nationally rank girls.I already have confirmations of girls coming from NY,NJ,PA,WV,VA and there is usually a crew that comes from midwest to eastcoast tournys

More detailed info: www.leaguelineup.com/clintonjets
or e-mail Coach Welch red1skins@aol.com

Elementary K-5 graders.
Middle School 6-7-8 graders.
High School 9-10-11-12 Graders.

** GREAT NATIONALS TUNEUP ** !!!for EASTCOAST girls as the weekend after is the USGWA NATIONAL Championships in MI. (Over 700 girls/women expected for the Nationals)

March 12, 2003
From: Question to Oak Glen fans
comments: Has there ever been an Oak Glen wrestler who competed at the NCAA D-I or D-II levels for 4 years? If so, who and where? Thanks.

March 12, 2003
From: Todd Moore
comments: In response to Jim Lemasters response to the term "burnout", you missed the point. Notice the word "fun" used by Dean Moore...that's what keeps kids in the sport. There are many kids who start in pee-wee and wrestle through past high school. As for a short season, there are many teams which train and compete almost all year long. Yes, ones diet will affect ones mental outlook on the sport. So do it intellegently based on body fat and use a proper regement to take off the desired weight over time...not feast and fast. This years rule change to weigh-ins was one of the best moves made by the WVSSAC.

It's a coaches responsibility to train their wrestlers (and usually their parents as well) on what is a proper DIET FOR THE SPORT and how to implement it and keep it. A wrestling diet is different from most conventional dietting practices. There are digestion rate differences for the basic food groups and varying levels of the nutricional values. A wrestlers family support is critical in this area. What is he/she eating next to the rest of the family at the dinner table. No sense building up a high performance engine then using low grade fuel for the race. Before you raise your voice pick up a book on the subject and read it. Keep the sport fun and kids want to do it, period. If it's not fun then yes their attention will change to what is. If this is what you call "burnout" then call it what it is.

March 12, 2003
From: Weirton Parent
comments: First, I would like to thank the Wood Co. Rec. Bd. and coaches for an EXCELLENT state tournament this weekend. The 700-plus kids were treated with courtesy and the non-announcing bout system worked great. The competition was fierce. CONGRATULATIONS to the following Weir Ruff Riders for a job well done: MAX NOGAY--CHAMPION (9-10;75#); GABE HYPES--RUNNER-Up (6&U;50#); BRANKO BUSICK--3rd place (11-12;130#); EDDIE NOGAY--3rd place (9-10;66#); GARRETT HYPES--3rd place (7-8;55#); and to JOEL PAOLO and MATT ROBINSON for wrestling their hearts out.

March 12, 2003
From: comment
comments: Did the junior states have satellite weigh-ins? Might want to have a variety of coaches from all over the state during the weigh ins. This would probably be a good decision. Parkersburg gets all the money for it but let some neutral people help out in other things,such as just maybe weigh ins.

March 12, 2003
comments: To all you conference lovers out there....South is not in any conference and look at all their state titles! Just goes to prove that the best competition is not in the OVAC,LKC or MSAC..it is the large duals and tourneys that offer the BEST in the nation that get you to the top!!And...you want to settle the conference thing..get with your AD's and hit the mats!!

March 12, 2003
From: cameron sports mom
comments: i have a question after attending the jr state tournament in parkersburg. I would like to know who runs it? how is it run is it a group of one team or what?

March 12, 2003
From: Jr. Wrestler Dad
comments: I want to say how proud I am of my boys who wrestled in the WV Jr. State Championships in Parkersburg on the 8th and 9th. My 8 year old finished 7th and my 4 year old wrestled in the finals of the 4-u hwt(65 max) class and only weighing in at 45 lbs. done a fine job before falling 9-8. Only two hours before he wrestled he had a boy run into him and busted his nose causing it to bleed profusely for 15 minutes. After the mothers of our team and paramedics stopped the bleeding he was cleaned up and was ready to wrestle. Thanks again to all who helped with my son and congratulations to all our wrestlers on a fine tournament....

March 12, 2003
comments: John Crain might have something to say about the best wrestler to come out of Oak Glen. Remember him?

March 12, 2003
From: Nick Busick
comments: Hats off to the folks that ran the Jr. States in Parkersburgh this weekend. GREAT JOB!

March 12, 2003
comments: a little fun of my own!!!
If you would take all 28 state champs at 103 since 1990 and place them in a bracket here is what the outcome would be.
THE TOP 8 103# since 1990
1st Steve Higgins 1991
2nd Matt Stevens 1999
3rd Anthony Easter 2003
4th Dewitt Stanley 1996
5th David Satterfield 1992
6th Chad Burge 1992
7th Matt Easter 2000
8th Scott Williams 1991

112 soon to come

From: roane fan
comments: does amyone know who it was that beat mitch smit from ripley this year and when?

March 12, 2003
comments: Good Job MATT STEVENS 4th place at the MAC conferance tourney.
I think its important to stay updated on how our former WV wrestlers doing in college.

March 12, 2003
comments: I noticed that Aaron Barnette from Independence placed 3rd at the Prep Nationals I guess thats pretty good- What is the Prep Nationals exactly, How does it work because I noticed Blair was in it, aint they a high school team, Aaron graduated last year. ?????

March 12, 2003
From: OG proud
comments: Top championships streaks in W.VA. High School sports.
10, Parkersburg boys tennis, 1976-85
8, Northfork boys basketabll, 1974-81
8, Stonewall Jackson boys track, 1948-55
7, Oak Glen Wrestling, 1997-2003
7, Wheeling Central Softball, 1995-2001
5, Fairmont Senior boys swimming, 1999-2003
4, Cabell Midland boys track, 1996-99
4, Cameron wrestling, 1991-94
4, Dubar boys track, 1983-86
4, Mercer Christian girls basketball, 1999-2002
4, Moorefield football, 1996-99
4, Parkersburg South wrestling, 1999-2002
4, Woodow Wilson boys basketball, 1951-1954

Good luck to future Oak Glen wrestlers, and lets shatter the records.

March 12, 2003
comments: Does anyone have any info on the senior nationals ???or mabey a url?

March 12, 2003
From: Region 2 Fan
comments: To: WVUStud
No doubt that Jason Jones was a very talented wrestler, but as I recall he only won one state title. Also, when you get to that caliber of wrestlers such as those of Jones and Smith it is very hard to major decision or especially pin somebody of that magnitude; wrestlers like those know how to keep the score close and stay in the match. As a freshman, Smith gave Noel all he could handle in the regional and state finals, and Noel was an excellent wrestler that came out of OG as well. So to say that he would major or pin Smith is GREATLY underestimating Smith. It would be a very good match.

March 12, 2003
From: A wrestler of yesterday
comments: I think the people comparing state champions are totally under estimating today's wrestlers. The most extreme case I noticed was 189 where Cody Tominack was severly shorted. Wherle was in my mind similar to Starsick, we know what happened there. It would be close, even if Wherle did prevail I really doubt it would end in the first period as some have speculated.

March 9, 2003
comments: Most Consecutive State Titles
19 Paulsboro, NJ (1983-01)
17 Coventry, RI (1982-98)
14 Overland Ritenour, MO (1948-61)
13 Butte, MT (1980-92)
12 Norfolk Granby, VA (1960-71)
11 Aztec, NM (1990-2000)
11 Alexander City Benjamin Russell, AL (1959-69)
11 Salt Lake City Brighton, UT (1978-88)
11 Perry, OK (1971-81)
11 Arkansas City, KS (1988-98)

March 9, 2003
comments: while oak glen's 7 striaght titltles is a state record there are surely teams with more i know lakewood st eds had a run of atleast ten striaght that ended some time in the early 90's. a pretty intimidating sight was seeing their mats with ten striaght state title years listed on one side and then 10 striaght national titles(an opinion poll of course) on the othe side.

March 9, 2003
From: WVUstud
comments: I agree with all your predictions except for the 160 match. There is no way Shane Smith would beat Jason Jones. Jones would beat Smith by either major decision or pin. I don't think you realize that Jones is the second best wrestler that came out of Oak Glen. 2nd on the win list with 127 behind McClung(130). He also went on to wrestle at the collegiate level. You can make whatever predictions you want because underdogs are a posibility, but I know Jones personally and would put my money on him against just about anybody.

March 9, 2003
From: old school
comments: no former wrestler likes to admit that the wrestlers today are as good or could beat the wrestlers of yesterday. But what we have to realize is that wrestlers in WV are getting better and overall are starting to make an impact on the national level. In the past we had few wrestlers that were on this level but now we have many. We should be proud of these wrestlers making such strides for our state. Examples are.... Easter, Shyver, Turnbull, Rader, Grogg, Easter, Litton, Smith, Smith, and Thomas. All of these guys are known nationally and are representing our state well.

March 9, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: i think you're the most retarded thing, because you can't even spell retarded.

March 9, 2003
comments: I feel there is no need to argue over whose conference is tougher, simply put the OVAC top placers in the state tourney against the MSAC and LKC top placers in dual competition (not predictions) and then we will know for sure. Until a match-up like this is done you are simply arguing your personal opinions which prove nothing. My personal opinion is that they are all pretty tough and should be congratulated on fine seasons.

March 9, 2003
comments: When will the Dutton Award winner be anounced?

March 9, 2003
comments: Why are the top teams done from 97 on? Why are they not done in 5 year installments, that makes more sense. Why not rate the teams from 1947. Even doing it for the last 4 years would make more sense since thats is how long one wrestlers carrer can last. I have noticed there are some teams on there that have done better over the last 4 or 5 years that are not ranked as high because they had bad tournys in 97 or 98.
Editor's note: That page is simply what it is -- adding up the places of teams for the past seven or so years. We don't have complete team scores back further than that.

March 9, 2003
comments: I think it is the most retarted thing compaing years to other years. There is no way saying one year would almost win them all over another. Plus that those predictions are way off.

March 9, 2003
From: Still tired of OVAC hype.....
comments: How about we change this website to ohmat.com, because all I keep hearing is "Ohio is in it, so we are better". Last time I checked, this was a website for West Virginia wrestling. My comment was on the fact that STRICTLY FROM A WV STANDPOINT, THE MSAC TURNED OUT HIGHER PLACERS AT THE STATE TOURNAMENT THAN DID THE OVAC. Not, "look at the OH state champions in the OVAC" - this is insignificant. Coming from a wrestler who had beaten several Ohio state champions, I do believe that WV has "a few" individuals who can do well against Ohio's elite (Easters, Smith, etc.). Also take note that these individuals hail from the MSAC. True, as far as depth goes, Ohio does have a stronger state tournament....BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE OVAC SHOULD RIDE ON THE SHIRTTAILS OF THE OHIO BOYS. As much as they are loved to be hated, both teams from Parkersburg do go out and seek such competition and do fairly well. More people around this state should take this intiative, or WV will always be inferior to OH in the overall spectrum.

March 8, 2003
From: Wally B
comments: This is also something I like to do Predictor, can't say I argue with your predictions too much. Just a few changes on scores, and a few match outcomes. But it made a difference in the score!
103 - Matt Stevens dec. Anthony Easter 12-6
112 - Chris Johnson pin. Kyle Turnbull 3rd
119 - Brandon Rader dec. Matt George 4-3 
125 - Anthony Regalbuto dec. Shane Grogg 8-5 
130 - Matt Easter dec. Jared Walters 13-7 
135 - Brian Flanegan dec. Shane Reynolds 11-3
140 - Mitch Smith dec. Matt Callahan 8-5 
145 - Nicholas Hedrick maj dec Dustin Richey 15-6
152 - Phil Bliss dec. Chad Wehrle 3-2
160 - Matt Miller dec Mitch Casto 7-3
171 - Joey Nichols dec. Blane Mayle 9-7
189 - Matt Wehrle fall Cody Tominack 1st 
215 - Josh Coffey dec. Lou Thomas 5-4
275 - Joe Heath maj dec Ryan Dearman 11-2
03'-12 99`-38
How about AA/A from 1999? That's more my thing, so I'll give it a shot.
103 -99`Ash Gandee pin. Judd Billings-both Ravenswood! :)
112 -99`Ash Wenmoth pin. Josh Neal
119 -99`Willie Westbrook pin. Dustin Bartrug
125 -99`Jason Hayhurst dec. Justin Ashley
130 -99`Justin Wince dec. Derek Scarbro
135 -99`Ed Weible maj dec. Drew Myers
140 -99`Mike Miller pin Ian Whittington
145 -99`Rob Lamb dec. Steve Flowers
152 -03`Casey Hughes dec. Jason Snider
160 -03`Shane Smith dec. Jason Jones
171 -99`Steve Kinley maj dec. Jamie Moore
189 -99`Adam Lewis maj dec. Josh Clark
215 -99`Daniel Lahman pin Pete Hashman
275 -99`Alex McClung pin A.J. Freda
99`-57 03-6

A blowout as far as I can tell, a few bright spots for 03` though in Hughes Smith, and good matches by Flowers, Ashley, and Scarbro. Any thoughts Predictors?

March 8, 2003
From: Linda
comments: I'd like to apologize for leaving out the Ripley wrestlers on my Congrats. Seth, keep on working hard. I'm always impressed with you on and off the mat. Josh, we've had alot of interesting conversations over the years and I've always been one of your biggest supporters. I know you'll succeed in whatever you chose to do beyond high school. Mitch(let me jerk that earring out), what can I say. Your actions speak louder than words. Just remember, whether you want to be or not, you are a role model for ALOT of young wrestlers. But I know you can handle it. Ty- I don't know you as well as Seth but same goes for you as well. Good luck after graduation.

March 8, 2003
From: Wrestling mom
comments: comments to Jim LeMaster: Amen on your comments! My husband and I have never liked the fact that my son had to lose weight for the team. (he and the coaches decided it was for the best) He has decided not to continue his wrestling career due to the fact that he is "burned out" from weight management. I believe that all coaches and parents should take Mr. LeMasters advice and do not allow this weight issue be the downfall of your children and wrestling. My son will no longer be part of the wrestling family that he has been with for most of his life. He says he will miss it but will not miss the empty feeling during wrestling season. Thank you and good luck to all wrestlers

March 8, 2003
From: AAA predictor
comments: i thought just to change the pace of things here, i would compare the 2003 state champions against the state champions of 1999. please don't take offense to this, it's just something i wanted to do for fun. i would also enjoy reading other peoples' predictions on state champions from the past.

103 - Matt Stevens dec. Anthony Easter 10-6
112 - Chris Johnson md. Kyle Turnbull 11-4
119 - Brandon Rader dec. Matt George 4-1
125 - Anthony Regalbuto dec. Shane Grogg 7-3
130 - Matt Easter fall Jared Walters 3rd
135 - Steven Reynolds fall Brian Flanegin 2nd
140 - Mitch Smith fall Matt Callahan 2nd
145 - Nicholas Hedrick fall Dustin Richey 2nd
152 - Phil Bliss dec. Chad Wehrle 4-3OT
160 - Matt Miller dec Mitch Casto 1-0 2OT
171 - Blane Mayle fall Joey Nichols 2nd
189 - Matt Wehrle fall Cody Tominack 1st
215 - Lou Thomas dec Josh Coffey 6-4
275 - Joe Heath fall Ryan Dearman 1st

FINAL SCORE - 2003 - 33, 1999 - 31

March 8, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: In response to the comments of Dean Moore. I have had a number of years in the sport coaching middle school, and as a parent in both the Pee Wee arena and high school level. For the most part I agree totally with Coach Moore - except I can't figure out what his last sentence was trying to say. There are two reasons I see that wrestlers leave the sport after a time. The first will always exist and we can not change it. It is a question of priorities. A word of explanation - when they are starting out and at the middle school/ jr. high levels - if the coach and parents are handling the situation correctly - wrestling is high on the priorities list. I always tell my kids 1. family, 2. church, 3. school, and 4. wrestling. During the short season there is no number 5! Too many times, parents put too much pressure on the kids and live vicariously through them thus moving wrestling up the list. When high school rolls around other priorities are added such as jobs, cars and of course girls. Although my middle school guys are always in love to hear them tell it and can't wait to get their learner's permit, etc. they are able to keep wrestling up there at #4. It is much harder for high school guys when jobs, cars, etc. climb the list.

The other and more evil reason is "burnout" (Sorry, Dean) they are not burnt out on winning or working hard they are burnt out on not eating. The weight loss management issue will eventually be the end of our sport if we don't get it under control! Some moderate weight loss will always be a part of the sport and is not necessarily wrong. Kids will "lean down" after weeks of practice and can lose a sensible amount of weight with a healthy diet and exercise. But ... when you have 7 year olds running for hours (often in plastics) and living on applesauce and Ramen noodles in an insane quest to make a lower weight something is very, very wrong. I know from the quality of the Patriot program that Coach Mooore would never allow that as most of us would not - but it does occur and we have to not turn a blind eye. Would the kid choose to do that - heck no! The idea most often comes from a parent or relative and starts out "Why when I wrestled ... we..." Over my 15 years of coaching I have had parents suggest their kids do everything from wrapping in Saran Wrap (potentially fatal!) to water pills to binge and purge! Thank God I was able to prevent this stuff. Before the season even starts, one of our first discussions is about safe weight management (management need not mean losing!) I also have my kids and their parents sign a sheet ot team rules that includes weight management practices. It's up to all of us who care about the sport to support the efforts to have kids wrestle close to or at their weight. As coaches we need to tell parents that we will not put their kid in a weight class that requires pulling too much weight. We also need to be more realistic in our weight classes and allow those who don't make weight to move up. Cases in point - Jr. States this week ... 13-15 170 then Unlimited. A kid who weighs 180-185 and wrestled at 190 all year in middle school has to choose - lose 10 - 15 lbs., wrestle guys up to 275 or not attend. No good options there. Second scenario -(true case)- wrestler and parents drive 22 hours to Fargo for nationals - kid misses weight by 1/4 lb. Can't move up. Parents are out many hours and dollars. Parents swear kid will never wrestle again. 22 hour ride back listening to parents - kid quits the sport who could have been a top 4 placer or champ in high school states. These are of course extreme examples but true.

Parents, coaches and officials will have to change the mindset that cutting weight is the way to win if we are ever going to stop the exodus from our sport of young talented kids who could have made a real contribution to the sport now and in the future.

I guess I can climb down off my soapbox now!

March 8, 2003
comments: Is Oak Glen's 7 straight state championships a national record or just a state record?

March 8, 2003
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: To the parent that used the word BURNOUT. I dont believe that word at all in any sport . If you make it enjoyable for the kids to wrestle, they will always be around. I have never seen a kid get tired of winning and quit. I have saw kids get tired of working and leave . Also kids get tired of losing because they dont have the desire to learn and get better leave the sport. Also parents causing the kids to leave because of the mental presure being put on them. I have also saw kids leave the sport to play other sports, but never BURNOUT!!I kinda think of it like work, If they keep paying you and you enjoy your job, i am sure you will keep going. Kids have to have fun no mater what sport that they are in. This might get a few responces but most kids that have left the sport is because their parents dont have the desire or dedication that this sport demands to make their child or children successful in wrestling!!

March 8, 2003
From: Dean Moore
comments: I dont think it would be a good idea for the Coaches to seed the state wrestling tournament. While some kids have an outstanding records , how tough was the schedule that they wrestled??? Look at the past coaches polls and you will see that sometimes that they were way off. Take Chad Porter a freshman this year, He was rated 8th, that was the end of the year. He wrestled and finished runner up to Branden Rader. While most of the AAA was close in the coaches polls i believe that the A-AA was way off on their choices for the top 8. I believe that the pills is the favorable way to seed the State Tournament. This keeps some coaches from forfeiting in some or the regionals to keep their kid or kids away from someone from another regional winner. While it is true that sometimes the best 2 kids do meet in the semi-finals it would be almost impossible to seed the kids fairly!!I have been and will always be in favor of all high school wrestlers ,wrestle in a a 32 man bracket or 64 man bracket so all kids get a chance to wrestle in the High School State Sournament. One more day of wrestling would be great both for the kids and the parents. Not to mention that someone would make a truckload of money!! Remember that just because you are rated #1 that dosent mean that you will end up #1. Closing i want to say Congradulations to PHS for their win at the State Wrestling Tournament!!!!!!

March 7, 2003
comments: The point of the whole OVAC vs. LKC/MSAC debate IS that the OVAC is full of Ohio Schools and DOES have AAA schools in it. That's why it's a tougher conference! You can't say "if you only look at the AA/A schools" because there are only a few of those in the OVAC. And you can't say "if you take out the Ohio schools" because the Ohio schools are in the conference! I agree that if you matched up LKC or MSAC against the AA/A WV wrestlers from OVAC that you would win, but that's not the OVAC conference. If you are making comparisons between the two conferences, you have to include all the conferences' schools, or it's not really a fair comparison.

March 7, 2003
From: WV FAN

March 7, 2003
From: Linda
comments: Congrats to Judd for being the first freshman in Ravenswood history to win the states. You impressed even the mediocre fan. Sam, what a come-back! I am very proud of the way you battled back. Andrew, you know how I feel about you. I can't wait to see your destruction next year. Shane Grogg(got any dirt bikes for sale?!) OUTSTANDING JOB!!!!

Shawn Smith -you got the heart for it. Keep working hard. For the 140lb. Oak Glen wrestler that sat behind me Friday-Great job.

March 7, 2003
From: Brooke High Mom
comments: To Curious Parent. My boys are a Junior & 7th Grader. The junior started wrestling in 6ht. The 7th started in 2nd. The Junior was the State Runner up this year and has many accomplishments in the past 5 years. The 7th is wrestling this weekend for states and also excelled. They did not worry about weight until Middle School. My boys are seasonal wrestlers. Track and baseball starts next week. During the summer they attend 1 wrestling camp and in the Fall starts Football. I never tried to burn them out on any sport, but I have seen many talented kids get burnt out and quit by middle school. If our child has the talent, he/she can succeed in any sport without getting burnt out. I personally think a variety of sports makes a better athlete. Good luck.

March 7, 2003
comments: I'm seeing a lot about the WV teams in the OVAC and how they wouldn't compare but what makes the tourney so hard is all the Ohio teams. Let Parkersburg wrestle the champs from Ohio and you'd see many go down. There are great wrestlers in both but with the ohio teams that the WV teams have to compete with the OVAC is tougher.

March 7, 2003
comments: ok here for all you OVAC people....MSAC outscored the OVAC by 40 some points in the state tourny. the OVAC barely scored more points than the LKC. now whos better.

March 7, 2003
From: FaNz
comments: For the comments about MSAC having 7 state champs and OVAC only having having 3 champs...are you awear that your not including the Ohio State Champs!!! So having said that OVAC is alot harder!!

March 7, 2003
From: Peoples Man
comments: Who would win between Shane Smith and David Bertolino?what would the score be? u gotta remember casto only might of beat that kid 3-2 and Bertolino beat the same kid 13-1 but its all in the different styles....some can handle aggressive kids better than kids that get ahead by a point and stall....ya know

March 7, 2003
From: OVAC by FAR
comments: Knapp over Shuller- No Way. Casto over Bertilino- Ha! Bertilino maybe win by major. Ohio State Cahmp! Thomas over Hoppel-Ha! thats the funniest of all because barely lost to Villers who is #1 in the Nation. Hoppel would either major or tech him. and last but not least..Dearman over Davia- please Davia is a 2 time ohio state Champ! The OVAC's competition is harder than any other conference tournament in the state.There is NO comparison!!!

March 7, 2003
comments: ok take all the WV teams out of the OVAC put any WV teams in the MSAC tournament......parkersburg still wins the conference. bliss, flowers. only champs

March 7, 2003
comments: Can wrestlers actualy tap out in a match? If so does it happen very often?

March 7, 2003
comments: 103-rush vs. hayes or easter. rush by decision
112- nicola vs. shyver shyver by decision
119-emery vs. rader, rader by decision
125- tucker vs. casto tucker wins by major
130- shaw vs. litton, shaw by decision
135- shuller vs. knapp, knap wins by decision
140- hoppel vs. smith, smith by decision
145-flowers vs. george, flowers by dec.
152- bliss vs. norman, bliss by decision
160-bertilino vs. casto, bertolino majors casto
171-dimmerling vs. pickens, dimmerling wins
189- williams vs. nelson, williams by pin
215- hoppel vs. thomas, hoppel tech or pin w/e he wants
275- davia vs. dearman,davis by pin

March 6, 2003
From: Geese
comments: editor please put this up who ever said casto would beat bertolino you are crazy mitch casto beat the kid from shady side 3-2. Bertolino majord him like 13-1

March 6, 2003
From: Jim D
comments: Re: MOW
Those selected for Most Outstanding Wrestler (MOW) each year are certainly deserving, but there are almost always at least several others who are only a little less deserving or are equally deserving (or a little more deserving) depending upon who you ask. It is my understanding that MOW is intended to honor those judged to be the most outstanding at the tournament, but it seems apparent that many voters base their votes on who they believe to be the Wrestler of the Year (and in some cases probably consider the records in previous years as well). I would like to see the MOW awarded to the wrestler who had the best tournament, and have a Wrestler of the Year Award also.

March 6, 2003
From: curious parent
comments: Doc:
Here is a question for the forum/or and may be a wv-mat question.

When should a child begin organized wrestling?

For the wrestlers: How many of you started very young, are burnt out and resent your parents/coaches? What age did you start? How many started young and thank your parents/coaches because you now have an experience advantage over your competitors today? If you started later, do you feel that you are at a disadvantage when wrestling more experienced wrestlers?

For the coaches/parents: What is the average age of a beginning wrestler in your program? What is the age of the youngest wrestler on your team? How do you approach practice/competition for a very young child? Weight control?

Doc, I would be interested in your views (as a physician and a wrestling fan) as well as the views of parents, fans, coaches & wrestlers of all ages. Replies from coaches whose kids have grown up on the mat, have enjoyed some success, and seem to be well adjusted/normal kids. What is their secret?

The state keeps talking about trying to catch wood county and how they must do it through their feeder programs. Is wood county starting their kids younger?

What was the average starting age for the high school state champs?

Doc, I know this is lengthy, so delete what ever you see fit. I am a parent of a young boy and I know there are several parents on here who have wondered about this very topic. Surely it will have more of an impact on the readers than the fantasy matchup of the OVAC vs the _____ conference.

Editor's note: Since you asked me my opinion, I'll give it a whirl.

Offer the sport to kids at age 6 - about the time they start to school. Make sure it is fun for them. If they are in a program where they are not having some fun somewhere somehow, then get them out of that program. When I was coaching our youth program we had kids who looked forward to playing "snakes," "fox and rabbit," "flags," and the other wrestling practice games more than the sport itself. Well if that's the case at this age level, then so be it.

Pre-adolescent kids participate in activities for two reasons:
1)To please their parents
If we as parents make sure that our kids know we are pleased with their effort no matter what the outcome of the match, that will go a long way toward keeping the child interersted in the sport. If we require a trophy to be won at every tournament before we give our kids strokes, then that child will resist the sport.

2)To have fun with their buddies
Look at some youth league baseball teams. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the losing team has the happiest kids? As long as they are with their buds and having some fun, they don't get as focused on losing as we parents do.

We have all seen kids who have been active in youth wrestling only to leave the sport in adolescence. There may be some cases of "burn out." Or, it may be that they just decided that the sport is not for them. We have seen kids who wrestled a few years youth, left the mats for a few years, then came back to it in high school.

We have collected quite a number of results from the Parkersburg Youth States and the Clarksburg States, archived on this website, dating back to 1997, and there is no denying the fact that many of the current High School state finalists were youth finalists way back when. Scanning through the archives, one also finds names of kids who for some reason or other have disappeared from the sport.

Some kids have a knack for the sport and some don't. There is no guarantee that putting your child on the mat at age 6 and spending the next 10 years traveling to tournaments and camps will result in a state finalist. I think wrestling is much like any other sport in that respect. A little league baseball pitcher either can throw strikes or he can't. No amount of backyard pitching practice is going to change that very much.

We have all seen cases of brothers, same family, same influence, one brother with a knack and desire for the sport, another brother with no interest in the sport. Go figure.

The program in Wood County is widely held as an example of a successful program. In my opinion, here is what makes it successful:

There is a lot of wrestling tradition in Wood County. There are lots of parents who want to steer their children into wrestling rather than the round-ball sport. It is difficult to compensate for this in areas where wrestling is not considered the "big time" sport.

Wood County has a well established rec league where kids and parents who want to try the sport commit only to some dual matches within a short driving distance, for an evening or two a week, for a limited time. In turn, the rec league is made possible by a sufficient number of interested parents who are willing to run and coach the programs, and a large enough population in a smaller area such that a meaningful number of teams can be organized in a relatively small geographic area. Saturday tournament travel can then be optional for the kids and parents.

In absence of an organized local league, the only thing we have to offer parents and kids is the youth tournament circuit, and it is hard to get parents very enthusiastic about taking on a sport which requires leaving for parts unknown every Saturday morning at 6:00 AM for an all-day youth tournament, particularly in rural West Virginia. Sure, once we parents get hooked, it can actually be a fun and family oriented adventure. But, you lose a lot of parents before you start when you start talking about long road trips in the middle of winter.

To answer your other inquiry, in my opinion, weight control has NO PLACE in youth wrestling. Unfortunately, we have to advertise weight classes for youth tournaments if for no other reason than to try to get a handle on getting the tournament organized and brackets made ahead of time. If there were no advertised weight classes, trying to organize a youth tournament with 300 or 400 kids on Saturday morning would be a nightmare, unless you had some super organized computer system and did the "Madison System" -- which I am not familiar with, but I undersand can work quite well. If anyone has experience with the Madison System, why not explain how it works to us.

But at any rate, we tournament directors (and I have worn that hat several times) advertise weight classes, and as parents we are afraid that we will get to the tournament we registered for perhaps weeks in advance and then find that our youngster is 2 lbs overweight and cannot wrestle. So, we are tempted to, er, do something before the tournament to make sure we make weight.

When I ran our tournament, everybody that showed up got to wrestle -- we allowed kids to move up. Charged them some extra $$$$, but in my experience as a parent and tournament director, everybody is happier when you know ahead of time that if your youngster is overweight, he will be moved up with no hassle - even if it costs and extra $10 or so. Yes, you have to spend a little time in scratch meeting adjusting the brackets, but it is time well spent.

In my opinion, the weight classes/can't wrestle if can't make weight, is one cause of the temptation for parents to spend too much time worrying about their child's weight. And we who presume to put on youth wrestling tournaments should do something to take this worry (excuse) away.

March 6, 2003
From: Tired of the OVAC hype
comments: Look, I rarely place comments on the forum. But the post about the OVAC being tougher than the MSAC struck a chord with me. Sure, the conference tournament is tough, but when you throw in Ohio boys, it's bound to make it better. The addition of Oak Glen helps as well. But from strictly a AAA standpoint, the proof is in the pudding. MSAC had 7 state champions versus 3 from the OVAC. Sure, Oak Glen had quite a few, but I'd take the 7 AAA champs from the MSAC over them any day. Also, I do remember Park South being in there with the MSAC a couple of years ago. I'll elaborate later, but please, whoever is placing these postings, get your facts straight. Thank you.

March 6, 2003
From: LK
comments: To the person who compared OVAC to the LKC by weight class and came up with some kind of score like 1,000 - 0 or whatever: You miss the point, at least the one I've tried to make. The LKC has had a history of success in the WV high school tournament. According to your comparison, 10 of those weight classes you put an OVAC kid in were not even from WV. It has always been my belief that you can not effectively compare the two conferences unless you look only at OVAC A-AA WV state placewinners (LKC 30- OVAC 19). But, like I said, that many points from so much fewer teams than the LKC is still impressive, plus the state title again. These posters still insist on arguing overall conference strength, which is irrelevant in the context of our state tournament. Now if you want to do that, judge yourself against other multi-class, multi- state conferences around the country. This whole debate has gotten silly. I have been impressed with the quality of wrestling coming out of many of the conferences around our state, including those that haven't been as celebrated in the past. It's been fun to watch and be part of.

March 6, 2003
From: WhArTdOg
comments: anyone who thinks adam hopple would lose to a west virginia wrestler, has never seen him wrestle. he is amazing. you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the country that can beat him. (besides the SVSM kid, that is nationally #1, that beat him at states by 2) if think he would lose i suggest you go watch him wrestle once, you will change your mind.

March 6, 2003
From: ProudOGAlumni
comments: To OVAC- OG proud You forget in your post to include Steve Flowers who placed 1st at OVAC's and 1st at States!!!!!

March 6, 2003
From: Anthony Regalbuto
email: aregalbutowvu@hotmail.com
comments: well i was very impressed with this years state tournament. I also noticed a few kids that came a little short of their dreams and goals. Well the only way you can reach those goals is to out work the people that are in your weight class and be so much better than the other people in your weight class that the ref can not effect the outcome of the match. I advertised earlier about my camp and i just have some more news that i will also have Greg Jones, Brent Miller, Greg White, and others from WVU coming to my camp. I hope you are interested and it will be a very good camp for both high school kids and junior league kids. Thanks

March 6, 2003
From: To: JW
comments: I'm sure there are others, but since I'm from St. Marys, the obvious ones to me are the Hughart brothers. Lester Hughart won in 1982, 1983 & 1985. In 1986, Billy and Jeff both won. Also, Justin Ashley and his dad are definitely making history. By the way, congratulations to Justin on a terrific season!

March 6, 2003
comments: Is Tyler Schlatter related to Dustin and C.P. Schlatter

March 6, 2003
From: Interested
comments: Will there be an open tournament in Roane County this year? If so, please give all the info you have.

March 6, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To you people who are fighting over the OVAC vs. MSAC....you have South wrestlers listed in your predictions and South IS NOT in the MSAC!Sorry!

March 6, 2003
From: JW
comments: Whats the most state titles for brothers, father-son, or whole family?

March 6, 2003
comments: i was wondering if you can weigh in more then one time if you don't make weight the first time at the Jr. States

March 6, 2003
From: Jenny Sullivan
comments: Jacob Frerichs placed fourth in this year's Ohio State Tournament. Here's a link for the list of Division II placers: http://www.kingsnakes.com/OW_2003_state_II-top6.htm

The link for all divisions is: http://www.kingsnakes.com/OW_2003_state.htm

March 6, 2003
From: A little birdie told me...
comments: Jacob Frerichs placed 4th in Division II Ohio last weekend for the State Championship Team, St.Paris Graham, OH. St.Paris Graham coincidentally also broke the state record for most points scored in the state tournament this weekend. Among Graham's placers were champions Dustin (that's right, the one Grogg beat! :) )and 4X Ohio Champion CP Schlatter (Who you can and SHOULD see in action at the Dapper Dan Classic this spring in Pittsburgh, as many have touted him the greatest wrestler in the long and storied history of Ohio wrestling!)

March 6, 2003
From: To whoever did the MSAC vs. OVAC post....
comments: You obviously are from the MSAC area because you don't know much about these wrestlers from the OVAC. Here's how I see it, having watched both sets of wrestlers several times this year.
103: Rush vs. Hays-Rush already won! 3-0 OVAC
112: Nicola vs. Shyver-Nicola won OVAC over a returning Ohio runner-up but was injured for states. 6-0 OVAC
119: Rader vs. Emery-I've never watched Rader lose. 6-3 OVAC
125: Tucker vs. Casto-#2 Ohio vs. #3 WV, no comparison. 9-3 OVAC
130: Shaw vs. Litton-Litton already won! 9-6 OVAC
135: Schuller vs. Knapp-Have you watched Schuller? 12-6 OVAC
140: Hoppel vs. Smith-You'd be surprised how good a match it would be. But still Smith. 12-9 OVAC
145: Flowers vs. George-Flowers wrestles everyone close. 15-9 OVAC
152: Bliss vs. Norman-Bliss already won! 18-9 OVAC
160: Bertolino vs. Casto-D-2 Ohio State Champ vs. WV state champ, good match but not that good. 21-9 OVAC
171: Dimmerling vs. Pickens-I give Pickens this one. 21-12 OVAC
189: Williams vs. Nelson-Closer than you'd think. 24-12 OVAC
215: Hoppel vs. Thomas-Hoppel is amazing! You don't tech-fall in the Ohio State Finals and not be. 27-12
275: Davia vs. Dearman-2X Ohio State Champ with more time to go??? How can you not pick Davia?
Final score: OVAC 30 MSAC 12
However, I don't personally believe these would be the best matches, but I thought I'd match them up as you picked them.

March 6, 2003
From: hwtwrestler
comments: I hear ya doc you are right on the stuff to get buff i mean why wouldnt ya you are a Doctor. I realy dont know my stuff on the mix and all the other products they have out there to get you all muscled up. My friends in the wieght room take it and then go lift . My ? is wouldnt some of the products give you heart problems or mess you up in some way ? Thats my main fear of takeing that stuff. I mean after wrestling there is other things and i dont wanna regret what all i took to get at the top of my wrestling to look all buff on the out side and then have problems on the inside . Im just like every other guy i wanna look good and stuff and be a stronger wrestler but I dont wanna die early because of what I used to help me get there.

March 6, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: i give all my props to williamstown...taking 7 to states and getting 2nd. everyone did great.

March 6, 2003
comments: Thanks for all the calls and concern for Shawn Moore. He is doing just fine. Due to the fact that this was his second concussion he had to spend the night in the hospital for observation, which he was not to happy about. He was disappointed in the fact that he was unable to return to watch the finals and receive his award for 6th place. He'll be back at it in 30 days to get ready for next season. Thanks again for all your concern.
-Shawn's MOM

March 6, 2003
From: Chris
email: ChrisB7605@aol.com
comments: Does anyone know where I can buy Adidas Combat Speeds. Thanks.

March 6, 2003
From: 0_0
comments: http://ohio.ihigh.com/0%2C1918%2C4_14_1-4%2C00.html
Ohio State Tournament Results

March 6, 2003
comments: everyone keeps getting on here and saying that rankings dont mean squat because of what happens at the state tournament... thats true... too true... many of the championship matches occurred in the semifinals and i even noticed a few in the quarters... thats not right... no wonder the rankings dont mean anything WE DONT SEED THE TOURNAMENT!!!

March 6, 2003
From: Robert Hickman RPH,MS
comments: To the reader asking about lifting supplements: Forget them. Do as Dr. Miller suggests: A good diet and hard work increases your odds for success in any area. Keep in mind, exercise your brain also, for your body will not be forever young. Odds are you'll make your living using your brain and not your body.

March 6, 2003
From: mat follower
comments: Jacob Frerichs lost in the semis and ended up finishing fourth

From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Jacob Frerichs finished 4th at 130 in the Ohio state tourney.He lost in the semis 3-1 to Zupanic of Walsh Jesuit and lost 5-3 for 3rd/4th.You can see all the Ohio results(div.1,2,3) at www.ohiowrestling.com.

March 6, 2003
From: S
comments: To the person asking about supplements, be very very careful. I, regretfully took creatine and androstene a few years during my wrestling career. I ended up developing kidney stones by the age 18 and now 4 years and 10 kidney stones later I am still dealing with this problem. As far as I know supplements are ILLEGAL in WV HS Athletics as well they should be. My advice to you is to take the Doc's advice.... do it naturally with a better diet and plenty of rest, dont do it with supplements. TRUST ME!!! Know matter how well you perform it's not worth all the pain!!! Remember that old quote, "be a smart athlete, not a dumb jock", take care of your body.

March 6, 2003
comments: Region 1 AA/A had 30 State Place winners. I think that is a pretty good statistic. Keep up the good work region one and OAK GLEN.

March 6, 2003
From: OVAC
email: OG proud
comments: Tim Cumpston 3rd at states...6th at OVACs
Brandon Miller 5th at states...8th at OVACs
Justin Goneau 3rd at states....7th at OVACs
Matt Smith 4th at states...4th at OVACs
Jonathon McFarland 2nd at staes...2nd at OVACs
Jessie Mahan 3rd at states...7th at OVACs
DJ Yoders 3rd at states...5th at OVACs
Sean McIntosh 4th at states...7th at OVACs
Dustin Richey 1st at states...2nd at OCACs
Ian Whittington 1st at states...7th at OVACs
Matt Wharton 3rd at states...4rd at OVACs
Casey Hughes 1st at states...6th at OVACs
Corey Adkins 6th at states...8th at OVACs
Isaac Stewart 2nd at states...7th at OVACs
Rhett Northcraft 5th at states...didnt place @ OVACs
Cody Tominak 1st at states...2nd at OVACs
Bill Whitehill 2nd at states...5th at OVACs
Pat McGillian 2nd at States...8th at OVACs

I dont think that it was coincidence that all of these people placed higher at states than they did at OVACs. I think it probably had something to do with the difference in competition. Here is a few more notes...

*Someone said that if we would eliminate all of the AAA and AAAA teams from OVACs then LKCs would be tougher, but you would still not win because you would not be able to beat OAK GLEN.

*Oak Glen has won 7 state Championships in the past 7 years while they have won 1...yes 1 OVAC overall championship.

*The OVAC all star team wrestled in the Dappler Dan Wrestling Classic last year which is often called "The Rose Bowl of Wrestling". I didn't see the LKCs represented in any Nationally recognized wrestling event.

*This year the OVAC all-star team will go up against the MAC Conference which is in Western PA. So once again the OVAC is being honored for its accomplishments.

You can argue the fact all that you want, but the LKCs will NEVER be as good as the OVAC nor will it EVER be better than the OVAC.

March 6, 2003
comments: CONGRATULATIONS TO NICK DUNCAN SR.POINT PLEASANT for a 3rd place finish at States finishing with a 45-4 Sr.year. A great high school career with a record of 159-36 for a total of 195 matches in high school Setting a new state record for most matches in a high school season at 62. You may not have won the state title, but you are still the best and we all are very PROUD OF YOU.

March 5, 2003
From: IMP
comments: i would like to comment on the MOW award. i always hear the anouncer telling the coaches to get there MOW vote in and they are not even up to the 171 pound weight class. i think that the coaches should be made to wait until after the last match of the tournament to vote for MOW. March 5, 2003
From: HedgesvilleFanK
comments: Congradulations to the Hedgesville Wrestling Team for a great season We are all very proud of you! Special congrats to Danny Lord and Derrick Young for their 3rd and 4th place finishes at States. Danny I know the future holds great things for you and I am sure you are up to the challenge. Derrick your future is also bright and I was very happy to see you claim your 4th place and become the true region 2 champion. After all a pin is still a pin Good Work

March 5, 2003
comments: 38 state AAA place winners were from "ONE" region...anyone care to quess which"ONE"?

March 5, 2003
From: OVAC
comments: ok to settle this once and for all. MSAC champs vs. OVAC champs.
103-rush vs. hayes or easter. easters beat him, hayes would win if they met again.
112- nicola vs. shyver i'll put my money on shyver
119-emery vs. rader, i dont see anyone beating rader
125- tucker vs. casto castos not that great tucker wins
130- shaw vs. litton, littons beat him once he'll do it again
135- shuller vs. knapp, knapp healthy wins
140- hoppel vs. smith, noone can beat mitch smith
145-flowers vs. george, flowers by dec.
152- bliss vs. norman, bliss is amazing to much for norman
160-bertilino vs. casto, i like casto and casto wins
171-dimmerling vs. pickens, dimmerling wins
189- williams vs. nelson, williams prolly pin
215- hoppel vs. thomas, i like lou thomas on this
275- davia vs. dearman, im takin dearman

March 5, 2003
comments: OVAC vs LKC
103- Rush (WP) dec Billings (Rav) (#3 AAA vs #1 AA)
112- Nicola (St.John) maj dec. Morris (Brax) (Nicola beat ohio runner-up huffman to win, then got hurt, JR HIGH OHIO STATE CHAMP. vs #2 AA)
119- Emery (HC) maj dec. Bartrug (St.Mary's) (#3 div 3 oh vs. #1 AA)
125- Tucker (MF) dec. Ashley (Cal) (#2 DIV 3 OHIO vs. 2 time AA champ)
130- Shaw (Brk.)p. DiMarco (Will)(#3 AAA only loss to Death Easter vs. #2 AA)
135- Schuller (Buck.L) dec. Lobis (Ritchie) (yoders #3 AA got 5th in his class vs. #2 AA)
140- Hoppel (Beav.L) p. Elder (Will)( Div 2 qualifier( beat Whittington) vs. #2 AA.)
145- Flowers (OG) dec. Metz (Cal) (#1 AA/ 2 TIMER vs. #2 AA. Flowers already won)
152- Bliss (Brk) dec. Tracewell (Will) (#1 AAA vs. #2 AA.)
160- Bertolino (Buck.L) dec. Smith (Will) OT (#1 div 2 Ohio vs 2 time AA champ) best chance for LKC points although Bertolino is also the elite wrestler in his conference as well.
171- Williams (Beav.L) dec. Burge (Cal)(#6 div 2 ohio vs. #2 AA)
189- Ja.Williams (Beav.L) p. whoever they send out (#6 div 2 ohio vs. n/a)
215- Hoppel (Beav.L) tech Hashman (St.Mary's)(#2 Div 2 Ohio, state champ in ohio last year vs. #1 AA)
275- Davia (Union.L) p. Lowe (Wirt)( 2 TIME DIV 3 champ vs. AA #6)
I have it OVAC 58 LKC 0. possibly 55-3 if shane smith wins.

March 5, 2003
comments: Congratulations to all of Cameron's wrestlers for a great performance at states.
103-Tim Cumpston, 3rd place...I knew you could do it Timmy, keep up the good work and you'll be a serious threat to win it all next year!
112-Brandon Antill...you were an injury away from placement man, just keep working hard and you'll get it next year, you will be a placewinner before you're gone.
125-Noah O'Neil...Sometimes the brackets just don't line-up man, you've already placed twice and you're going to do it again next year. Don't get your head down because you are a very good wrestler.
130-Kelly Hughes...No one had a tougher road than you did, to win you had to beat in order the champ, 4th place, 3rd place, and 2nd place finishers. You wrestled well whether you believe it or not. Keep up the work and you will challenge for a title before you're gone.
135-DJ Yoders, 3rd...You had a great career man. I'm glad you came back for your senior year and I wish you the best after HS. We are all very proud of what you have done!
145-Jeff Cumpston...You had Metz where you wanted him man, but sometimes it just doesn't work out. Keep up the work, stay out,and you will win a championship before you're gone!
152-Casey Hughes, CHAMP...You did it! No one gave you much of a chance at states but you showed them why you were already a champ! Next year you can make it 3, then you'll be in some elite company as one of the best!
160-Isaac Stewart, 2nd...You had a great year, placed well everywhere you went, but you had the OW in the finals. Almost any other weight and I think you win. Congrats on a great year and keep working, you should be a champ next year!
171-Adam Cooper, Tough bracket man, but you needed to be out all year! Stay out and keep up the work and you can place before you're gone!
189-Steve Blake...You were wrestling studs all year, and you wrestled well. Tough bracket to place this year, but with some work and a little more confidence you will place before you're gone.
275-CJ Manning, 4th...Congratulations buddy! No one has worked harder and deserved to place more than you did here! Keep up the good work and go for it all next year! Good luck and health til then!
Thanks for the effort and all the memories this year Dragons, and keep up the good work!

March 5, 2003
comments: Does anyone know if Ferichs placed in the Ohio states.

March 5, 2003
comments: Thank you Shane Grogg for all the excitment you have provided your Grand Maw and me. It seems like yesterday when you started.We have been all over the USA with this sport watching you and Chad, it's been worth every dollar. We wish you the best at where ever you go to college. We'll be there to watch. Good luck at Sr Nationals later this month. Chad Porter, I'm very happy we have 3 more years to watch you. I beleive you opened a few eyes on people who hasn't followed your wrestling carrer. I knew you could do it. Thanks to all you young men who put on a terrfic show at the St. Tourn.

March 5, 2003
From: A.Fell
comments: Can I find the brackets for youth states in Park. this weekend on line? I wasn't able to go to seeding meeting. Thanks

March 5, 2003
From: Scott Fortney
comments: Congratulations to Coach Billy, Kigler, and Pringle and the Jefferson wrestlers on a top ten finish at states. Team-wise, some of the usual potholes along the way, but wrestling a really tough out of state schedule early, working hard in the room and having good coaching really had the top kids ready for when it counted. A special congratulations to seniors Steve Reynolds and Darryl Dorsey. Most people only get to see how good you are on the mat. I would like the rest of the state to know what quality young men these guys are. In a time where athletics seems to be about winning and all the other stuff gets pushed aside, I think it is great for students within a school to see student athletes who are working hard in honors and AP classes, who are considerate of others and responsible with their decision-making achieving their athletic goals at the highest level. Young men just don't come any better than this. Good luck to Darryl with track and school at Marshall. Good luck to Steve with school and walking on at Lehigh (excellent engineering school to which he has already been admitted). Codie Gustines is in the same mold and will provide the same type of leadership as a senior next year. Congratulations to Corie Gustines- great job as a freshman. I know you took notice this year of the guys mentioned above.

Being a former coach in West Virginia but now teaching out of state (Maryland), I root hard for West Virginia school when they travel out of state. I think the state represented itself well out-of-state this year. Jefferson travel a lot because of geography, but schools like Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, Huntington, East Fairmont and others like OVAC school really held up the West Virginia banner when traveling. I loved reading on the Maryland forum about how National Prep champion Mark Frey form Archbishop Curley got stomped by some "West Virginia kid" (Easter). Great Job across the state this year!

March 5, 2003
comments: "A good balanced diet, lay off the junk food, and get regular exercise"....sounds like EXCELLENT advice from the doc. I hope all you muscle men out there heed it.

March 5, 2003
From: Wrestling Dad
comments: I understand why we, as parents, like to answer kids' inquiries about "supplements" with the advice to just "eat right." However, that denies the fact that more and more high school athletes are taking high dose protein and other supplements and in fact USA Wrestling magazine, published by this sports' governing body, frequently runs ads and articles on supplements. These kids see from their peers big gains in muscle mass and feel they need to keep up. Perhaps we can start a "healthy" discussion about what works and what is known to be dangerous. We need to get this topic out in the open. I realize this site is edited by a physician but I am asking for a frank discussion of what IS being used by today's high school athletes. To do otherwise is to stick our heads in the sand. In fact, I think a portion of this website should be dedicated to nutrition and supplements since it is so important to all wrestlers. THANKS.

March 5, 2003
From: Rob Spencer
comments: I would like to say congragulations to all that wrestled in the State Tournament. This was by far the most competitive States I have seen in the past ten years. You all should be proud of your efforts. I would like to especially congragulate Judd Billings, Mitch Smith, Ty Phalen, Seth Phalen, Sam Dennis, Andrew Schindler, Josh Casto, Nick Russell,Derrick Stover and Bobby Cooper(I hope I didn't forget anyone from pee-wee wrestling). I knew you all were special from the first time you stepped on the mat. To Ty, Josh and Nick good luck in whatever the future holds for you. To all the others, keep working hard and it will definiatley pay off. Judd, I am so very proud of the way you stepped up at the right time. Keep working hard and become the first 4 time state champ from Ravenswood. You have the heart and determination of a Lion. You may always be the underdog, but somehow you manage to pull it off. GREAT JOB. Ty, you should be very proud of your accomplishments, I know I am. You gave it your all, and that is all anyone could ask of you. Seth, you have wrestled alot of years, and there is nothing but good times ahead for you. Keep up the hard work and you will be atop of that podium before you know it. Sam, you are proof that hard work and dedication pays off. Keep working hard this year, and you will be wrestling on Saturday night next year. Mitch, there is nothing left good to say about you that has not been said before. You are in a class of your own. You have been since the first day you showed up in the wrestling room. Just please remember that you still need to work hard, and trust in your abilities and always attack. Andrew, great to see you come back. It may have been too late in the season to show the state just how good you are, but please stay with it and you will once again be the man to beat. To all the others, keep working hard and good luck next season. It felt really good this year seeing all of you do so good. I am so proud of every one of you.

P.S. Congragulations BIG REDS!!! Lets do it again next year. Also, congragulations to Matt and Seth Easter. Great Job Matt. Four in a row. Wow!

March 5, 2003
comments: I cant believe no one has said anythig about the Great State Tourny that Williamstown had! Just goes to show ya that rankings dont mean squat!

March 5, 2003
From: dg
comments: Before anyone here goes on about how powerful each conference is -- the OVAC in particular does this -- please go and wrestle in a tournament in, say, Cleveland. The OVAC may be tough in West Virginia but it is not in Ohio.

March 5, 2003
comments: Whats everyone's feelings on the toughest weight class ever, my vote goes to 2000 at 125. JP Stanley (Current Indiana Wrestler), Robbie Williams (2x Runner-Up), Robbie Ripley (2001 St Champ), Mark Evans(4x placer), Matt George(2x St Champ), John Duncan(2001 St Champ), Daran Hays(3x placer), Danny Lord(2002 St Champ 2001 Finalist and 3rd this year), Wes Lane (2002 St Champ) I believe that is 7 championships, 12 finals appearances,and someting like 25 placers. Anyone else have any thoughts?

March 4, 2003
From: frankfort fan
comments: I would like to say congrats to drew myers for winning the state championship at 135 and to devin bosley for placing fourth at 152 congratulations guys.

March 4, 2003
comments: I was just wondering what anyone thought any lifting supplements such as cell-tech? Does anyone know of any better things to take while trying to build muscle. If you would reply to this I would be thankful.
Editor's note: I'd recommend a good balanced diet, lay off the junk food, and get regular exercise.

March 4, 2003
From: sawrestler
comments: does any body have any the weign time and the start time and so on for the open tournment in point pleasent. plz let me now a soon as some know about it. There were paapers laying out at the states and didnt get to grab on. your info will be very helpfull
Editor's note: Posted their form tonite...

March 4, 2003
comments: to wrestling fan
I agree the Smith and gustines match was very exciting but to say it should have been the finals match isn't fair. Gustines didn'tcome back to get third. He lost to Ray for third, who he probably would have had in the semi's if the tourney was seeded.

March 4, 2003
comments: I do not want to take anything away from Shane Smith on the most outstanding wrestler award. He is a fine wrestler and won his title in matches that seemed to be easy for him. But i would have to agree with the person that mentioned that they thought Pete Hashman deserved the outstanding wrestler award. Pete had four matches at the state tournament all ending in pins. The first on being 46 seconds the second match 1 minute 16 seconds third 2 mins and 57 secs and the finals match 1 min and 12 secs. If you ask me that looks like complete domination of a weight class. The total of all of his matches was 4 mins and 21 secs. I believe there should be a little better way of choosing a most outstanding wrestler award because Shane did wrestle great but Pete was outstanding.
Editor's note: We usually don't publish debate over OW awards, because, as the poster has pointed out, there is no reason to diminish the accomplishment of the winner. Smith is certainly a fine wrestler. Hashman also is a fine wrestler. Congratulations to both.

March 4, 2003
From: J Noechel
comments: Congratulations to all my boys from East Fairmont for placing 3rd at states...we just keep getting better and better every year.Keep it up. To the seniors... you guys did a great job, you worked hard all year and you have nothing to hang your head about. I've been around you guys for years now, you're like my brothers. All the hard work will pay off, believe me. I wish I could have had a few more years to wrestle with you guys. We had a alot of fun and worked hard. Blane-good job,you had a great year,I know you've wanted the title for a long time and I'm glad you got it. Ben- also a great year, even though it didn't end up the way you wanted. You showed that you had a lot of guts this year especially in your final matches-Keep your head up. Brandon-You showed that you were one of the best in the state. You had a great year along with your brother. Just keep working hard in the future. Barnes-The hardest worker of them all. You have a great attitude and hope you keep it in ther future. You had a good year and surprised a lot of people. I'm gonna miss watchin and beatin on you guys. Good Luck in the future.

March 4, 2003
From: why
comments: Well if you are gonna say you can compete with the ovac then don't complain about the triple a schools..wah wah wah

March 4, 2003
From: OVAC
comments: I would say that maybe half of the LKC's champions would place at the OVAC tournament.

March 4, 2003
From: A Mom of Wrestlers
comments: Due to the nature of wrestling, I thought I would pass on an article that was published today on the MSNBC News website regarding contact sports and concussions. The website is: www.msnbc.com/news/880031.asp#BODY. The article is very informative and it never hurts to be armed with information when it comes to our kids safety.

March 4, 2003
From: geeze
comments: Oh my...alright guys the OVAC is harder than the state tournament...look at the kids that place at state and down even come close to placing at the o.v.a.c. the lkc would get destroyed by ovac...casey hughes is a state champ..and he got 6th place at ovacs...thats just shows u how hard ovacs is!

March 4, 2003
From: Mr Insecurity
comments: Leave it to RATTEASER to forget to say that the PHS fans started the whole sign thing in the consolation rounds. You are correct one of the signs was in poor taste. And what is the deal with you all saying that South Fans are insecure. I don’t think that it is insecurity. I think that losing is not something that we are used to. Thank goodness we won’t be down for long, as the South will rise again! At least, I hope it will. Maybe we are a little insecure. Wait a minute how can I make this feeling go away. I know, I’ll just say South has been the best team in the history of wrestling. Whew, I feel a lot better now. Thanks to you Forum Psychologists. PHS you guys were the best this year and deserved the championship. Can’t wait until next year.

comments: To RATTEASER I'd like to remind you that it was PHS fans that held signs up during the First session Sat and made nasty jestures. Our signs didnt come up until that eve and by then word had it your coach made them stop (which should had been done sooner). Cant take the heat get out of the kitchen.

comments: Hey Tex who ask you???? Oh and editor when is it you are going to edit out trash talk and all that crap??? Only when South is defending themselves against the loosers you keep putting on here??

comments: I have come to the conclussion that the editor and Ratteaser are either on the same payroll or they have a "thing" going because regardless of what kind of crap the ratteaser comes up with the good ol editor prints it on this one sided poor excuse for a forum!!! What a joke! Its not like we don't know Ratteaser and ------ arn't one and the same!!!

From: True Blue
comments: Flames, Trashtalk, etc. will not be posted unless you are the Ratteaser- and then you can say any Damn thing you want. Careful editor your Red is showing.

From: Truth Hurts
comments: Lets change this from WV-Mat to the good ol boys club!!! What ya say editor and Ratteaser?? Editor you just gotta print this!!!! Give me a break!! By the way not that this will ever get out there on this junk site but phs had way more than their share of signs and slams going on!!! Ain't that right ice ice baby!!!

Editor's note: Congratulations to two fine schools, Parkersburg High and Parkersburg South. Both programs are the envy of most schools in the state. Here is, I hope, the last salvo of venom for the year between some fans of these schools. I think it's time to move on. At the risk of sounding like a jerk (hey, I've been called worse) I suggest that the small number of fans from PHS and South who wish to continue to ventilate about your arch-rivalry submit your comments to your team's websites:
Parkersburg High wrestling website http://www.phswrestling.com/
Parkersburg South Wesbiste http://www.eteamz.com/southwrestling/

March 4, 2003
From: agree
comments: yeah u people definetly need to get a life. Y aruge about wrestling. All we know is the two best teams are parkersburgh and oak glen. Thats it!

Also, stop arguing over high school kids and come out and support your WVU mountaineers, most of you probably didnt know how good of a team we have this year

March 4, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: ratteaser: Poor taste? How about the guy in your stands that painted "South sucks" on his body and boldly stood on your side and blew an air horn to get our fans attention?That's classy!Oh, and one more thing,you don't force feed us second place..our wrestlers wrestled hard and earned that spot just like yours have done over the past 10 years!Perhaps you were not proud of your runner up spots but we are ALWAYS proud of our wrestlers!

Please print this Doc because some things go unnoticed.Thanks.

March 4, 2003
From: South Fan
comments: WOW! What a state tournament. I have never seen so many rideout matches at one tournament in my life. From Brian Williamson's last second escape to Casey Hughes's determination on top in the finals. It was incredible. However, I did notice, especially in two of these matches, a number of stalling tactics by the top man. Can a wrestler be called for stalling in the rideout period? If so, I have to question a couple of non-calls at the tourny.
Editor's note: This question has come up a number of times during the season, re: Stalling in the ride-out period. In view of the fact that the method for settling ties in wrestling matches has changed several times over the years, and the rule makers seem to be continuing to "tinker" with the rule, it would seem that the ideal way of settling ties has yet to be found. I heard one wag suggest that it is time to bring back riding time.....

March 4, 2003
From: a fan
comments: regarding ratteaser. Don't put all fans into a single category. There were plenty of south fans cheering for your phs boys. And when it comes to things done out of distaste there was plenty going on on your side.

March 4, 2003
From: blue
comments: I would like to Congradulations Jason McCoy on his 5th place finish at State and Nick Duncan on his 3rd place finish. It is going to be different next year,but they have done a great job and the best of luck to them in the futrue. Thanks for the great entertainment boys we will miss you.

March 4, 2003
comments: You know,South didn't start the sign business. Where you were setting you couldn't see what we were looking at. All of your team is a class act,....I enjoyed the wrestlers from Pksbg. and from around the state. I think we should be thankful for all the talent on both sides of the river. See ya next year.

March 4, 2003
From: RE: OVAC Ohio champs
comments: Bertolino (160) and Davia (hvwt) are two OVAC champs that won Ohio state high school championships this weekend.

March 4, 2003
From: True Blue!!!
comments: Isn't it amazing that all the crap the PHS Blowhards want to write always gets on here, and very rarely does anyone get to publicly respond. Its par for the course anyway. Here goes one more attempt at setting the record straight. Yes PHS won this year. Yes they deserved it. They worked hard and came up with the title. Now, what the south fans have pointed out is that 1 title in 9 years is not exactly the makings of a wrestling power house. South has worked hard and established a true wrestling dynasty over the past decade. Sometime a AA team will beat Oak Glen but holding the title for a year is a minor accomplishment when you look at Oak Glens overall record. The same holds true for SOUTH. When SOUTH comes back next year and reclaims their title (and they will) phs having had the title for a mere year won't be any big deal. So I am sorry if our ability to use a calculator has again made some of the "red" fans insecure and left you feeling inferior and if there is a wrestlers anonymous somewhere out there maybe they will be able to help you with your "legacy envy".

March 4, 2003
From: Ripley Fan
comments: I would just like to say good job to Nick Duncan of Point. Great job placing third.

March 4, 2003
comments: OG proud...The LKC is made up of only AA-A schools,so lose the AAA schools and lets wrestle!

March 4, 2003
From: LK
comments: To OG fan: Here's something that may stop the laughing. You might not find it funny at all. If you look at how in-state AA schools did in our WV state tournament (top 6 finishers in each class), the LKC comes out on top 30 to 19. It's not really a good idea to compare the two conferences. The OVAC includes the AAA and Ohio schools. It is super tough. To get 19 top six finishers (AA) isn't too bad for the OVAC since the bulk of those were from just two teams. Let's not forget you also took the team title again, so I guess you can still get the last laugh if you want.

March 4, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan in Texas
comments: First of all Congrats go out to Mitch Smith(you da man!), Judd Billings, Ty, Steve, Josh, Adam, and Sam Dennis. Way to go, Mitch that's when the true champs come out, you know how to win when it counts!

Secondly, All you old South fans, DROP YOUR PRIDE! Face it, PHS was better than you this year, alot better. We all know how good south has been in the past, it just makes you look stupid to bring those things up to try and defend yourself, can we say insecure? CONGRATULATIONS PHS!!!!!!

March 4, 2003
comments: I thought I would do a little checking of my own to see how the MSAC fared after reading the debate between the LKC and the OVAC. I must tell you I knew it was a tough conference but I was surprised to find that 7 champions out of the 14 AAA weight classes were from the MSAC. There were 32 AAA place winners overall. I would say that makes it pretty tough.
103 Anthony Easter 1st
103 Jake Hayes 2nd
103 Zack Fraley 6th
112 Robert Shyver 2nd
112 Steve Riner 5th
112 Matt Wilson 6th
119 Brandon Rader 1st
125 Josh Casto 3rd
130 Matt Easter 1st
130 Chance Litton 2nd
135 Josh Evans 3rd
135 Derrick Knapp 4th
135 Chad Nelson 6th
140 Mitch Smith 1st
140 Brian Williamson 2nd
140 Jeremy Ray 3rd
145 Michael George 4th
160 Mitch Casto 1st
160 Chris Gibbs 3rd
171 JW Dowler 3rd
171 Michael Cremeans 4th
171 Steve Sayre 5th
171 CJ Runyon 6th
189 James Nelson 5th
189 Eric Halstead 6th
215 Lou Thomas 1st
215 Adam Casto 3rd
215 Kenny Huthinson 4th
215 Matt Lucas 5th
275 Ryan Dearman 1st
275 Ty Phalen 2nd
275 Nate Howard 5th

March 4, 2003
From: Adam's Mom
comments: I wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to all the coaches, wrestlers, and fans who were concerned when Adam Richardson from Cabell Midland was injured during Friday night's HWT match against TJ Richards. Adam is fine and will be back next year. I also want everyone to know what class acts TJ Richards from Riverside and Jesse Valentine from East Fairmont are. Their concern when we returned to the matches was genuine and I want their respective parents and schools to know what great guys you have.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Shawn Moore of East Fairmont and his family. Our hope is that his outcome is as good as Adam's.

March 4, 2003
From: LKC Fan
comments: "The LKC does not compare to the OVAC."
Well you are right, so let us see how they don't compare:
1. Every team in the LKC had at least one placer, not the OVAC.
2. The LKC had 2 more points than the OVAC, with one fewer team.
3. The OVAC has 2,000 more students than the LKC.
4. The OVAC has 3 AAA teams compared to zero for the LKC.
5. The LKC had as many placers as the OVAC, with one fewer team.
6. The LKC has had the last 6 Outstanding Wrestlers, same time span, OVAC zero.
7. The LKC has had 4 of the last 7 Outstanding Coach awards while the OVAC has had the other 3.

And before you start arguing "What about the Ohio teams," sure that would increase the point totals and placers but I would bet the per team would increasingly favor the LKC.

In closing, in the battle of LKC vs. OVAC may be deeper but LKC is tougher.

March 4, 2003
From: Another LKC Guy
comments: In defense of LKC fan I'm going to assume he/she was only considering the A-AA teams, which are the ones that make up the LKC. There's no denying the OVAC, and LKC fan might agree, is perhaps the toughest conference when you include the AAA and out-of-state teams. The fact is the LKC has traditionally done very well at the state tournament. That can't be disputed. The coaches, fans, and especially the athletes from all conferences and regions are to be commended for their effort this year. There was a ton of good wrestling. I don't think I've ever seen so many close matches throughout a tournament.
I may be wrong (I am sometimes), but it seems to me that wrestling has evolved. As a former wrestler and now coach, it seems that when I was competing 20 years ago, the style was a little more loose, haphazard, or something, ... I can't explain it. Today's kids just seem to be a little more technical. To me, thinking back on what seperated the larger class schools from the smaller class schools back then, it was kind of like that-the competition level was greater on a more consistent basis for the AAA guys, and the AAA guys seemed to use technique that we didn't see as much of at our level. Well, as I watched the action at the state tournament this year, I felt like the AA teams wrestled like the AAA teams that I remembered, and I wondered how I would stack up with them today. Most of the stuff hasn't changed. The fundamentals are there. I sense that the kids have just become better somehow. Maybe someone else will know what I'm trying to say and has their own feelings about this. Our athletes have become bigger, faster, and stronger than in years past. I'm proud of the wrestling that can be found in WV. Let's keep trying to advance the sport.

March 4, 2003
From: B. M.
comments: well, another year of great wrestling is over,and what a year it was.I personaly enjoyed the 152# class in both Div. but I think the A/AA was loaded and very competitive. in my mind it was the toughest class by far.I think that any ten different Wrestlers could have placed.Fawley,Bonecutter,or Boone could have went up or down a weight class and placed.every match was a good match. I had made my picks many times and never would have thought it would have turned out the way it did.so to all the guys in the 152# class,great job and thanks for the entertainment.can't wait to see the ones that are back net year.

March 4, 2003
From: BlueWavesMom
comments: Pictures from the WV State tourney were taken by Action Images and can be found on their site - at www.actionimages.us
Keep in mind - the posters that they make are OUTSTANDING...

March 4, 2003
comments: LKC is the toughest AA conference in the state. The OVAC is a multiclass Confernce so i think it is unfair to compair it to a AA confernce. If u look in AA there are more in the top 10 and place winners from the LKC then the OVAC.

March 4, 2003
From: st.marys fan
comments: how can a wrestler such as pete hashman pin his way through regionals and the state tournamount and not be selected as most valuable wrestler.

March 4, 2003
From: Point 215
comments: I would like info on the Winfield open. If anyone could direct me to where I can get an application or just any info at all, I would appreciate at it. Just lemme know with the e-mail title it is about the open...thanks

March 4, 2003
comments: south's use of signs to malign our coach and team were in amazing poor taste...almost as bad as the taste of the runner up status that was force fed to them!...go big reds!

doc you have to post this....they need to be recognised for their sportsmanship or lack thereof...please post this!
Editor's note: Well, I don't HAVE to do anything except pay taxes and die, as the saying goes (smile).

March 4, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To Bryce Pickens: Bryce,thanks for all the memories that you gave us and for that quick smile of yours that would light up any room.You should be proud of what you accomplished and I will miss you singing the national anthem too(unless they invite you back next year)!Best wishes for your future endeavors...I know they will be as exciting and successful as your wrestling career.God Bless you and THANKS for 3 solid years!

To Shane Grogg: Shane,what can one say about your wrestling career...you got better each time you stepped on the mat and that big smile on Saturday evening pretty much said it all!Best wishes as you continue at the next level and life is yours to conquer!God Bless and thanks for all the wonderful memories!

To Blane Mayle: I remember seeing you and your family on the elevator in Huntington's Holiday Inn your freshman year.Your brother was winning and you had just suffered a tough loss.I asked what grade you were and you said"freshman" and I stated you still had much to look forward too in the future.Congratulations on accomplishing your goal of being a state champion...I never wanted to see Bryce finish second,but he did it to a fine young man and very good wrestler.Good luck on your future endeavors Blane

March 4, 2003
From: to youth coach
comments: You forgot to mention a couple more names in the 1998 jr. states Judd Billings was a champion there too.

March 4, 2003
From: city folk
comments: To: oldbuheavy, just wanted to remind you that the old city folk from parkersburg showed up for the state tournament this year and was more than a marginal wrestler, I do believe he was on top of that podium with your country boy under him. Congratulaltions to Ryan Dearman for his outstanding performance and State Championship!!! Hope to see you on top of that podium again next year!!!!!

March 4, 2003
From: so what?
comments: OVAC,who cares? The season is over. Get a life!!!

March 3, 2003
From: OVAC State Place winners
email: OG proud
comments: I read the post about LKCs being the toughest conference in the State, and I just laughed. So I figured that I would look through the state tournament results and see how the OVAC faired overall...
Abbie Rush 3rd at 103 AAA      Jared Shaw 5th at 103 AAA
Matt Smith 4th at 119 AAA      John Mcfarlnad 2nd at 125 AAA
Brandon Shaw 3rd at 130 AAA    David Durbin 5th at 140 AAA
Dustin Richey 1st at 145 AAA   Phil Bliss 1st at 152 AAA
Corey Adkins 6th at 152 AAA    Cody Tominack 1st at 189 AAA

Tim Cumpston 3rd at 103 AA     Anothony Valles 4th at 103 AA
Brandon Miller 5th at 103 AA   Justin Goneau 3rd at 112 AA
Jessie Mahan 3rd at 130 AA     Gary Dankovchik 6th at 130 AA
D.J. Yoders 3rd at 135 AA      Sean McIntosh 4th at 135 AA
Ian Whittington 1st at 140 AA  Steve Flowers 1st at 145 AA
Casey Hughes 1st at 152 AA     Matt Wharton 3rd at 152 AA
Isaac Stewart 2nd at 160 AA    Garett Railing 4th at 160 AA
Rhett Northcraft 5th at 171 AA Bill Whitehill 2nd at 215 AA
Pat McGillian 2nd at 275 AA    Andy Fegal 3rd at 275 AA
C.J. Manning 4th at 275 AA     

That is a pretty lengthy list of State Place winners that are all from the OVAC. Not to mention the many schools that are in Ohio. Which produced a State Champion, a State runnerup, two 4th place finishers, two six place finishers, and MANY wrestlers that made it to the State Tournament in Ohio, but did not finish.

March 3, 2003
comments: Brandon Rader can we say he is going to be first ever 4 time state champ from PHS!!!

March 3, 2003
comments: Congradulations to Pete Hashman for being the only one to pin his way through the state tournament. Quite impressive!

March 3, 2003
comments: PHS GREAT JOB AT STATE everyone is so proud!! are boys said they could do it and they proved it this past saturday...and they sure are going to do it all over again next year!!! GOOD JOB BRANDON LOU AND RYAN- STATE CHAMPS

March 3, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: Congraulations to 140 AAA wrestlers. Special thanks to Smith and Gustines in the semi-final match, which should have been the final match. I would say this was one of the most exicting macthes of the tournament Gustines had Smith on the ropes in the third, you couldn't ask for anymore excitment than that, then guess what you got it, DOUBLE OVERTIME. To bad this wasn't in the finals. ? Maybe we should go by rankings instead of pulling numbers out of a hat.

March 3, 2003
From: Fan
comments: When will pictures from states be posted?
Editor's note: Er, um, what pictures?

March 3, 2003
comments: Just want to say congratulations to Ripley on their 5th place finish this year. And to Josh, Mitch, Steve, Adam, and Ty great job placing, I knew you guys could do it. And to coach Sayre for being named Coach of the month for Feburary.

March 3, 2003
From: parkersburg fan
comments: to oldbuheavy for that comment earlier before state about the old country boy lookin down on the podium at some city folk from parkersburg i would just like to say CONGRATULATIONS TO RYAN DEARMAN STATE CHAMP we knew you would be lookin down at that old country boy!! Good job to all phs wrestlers STATE CHAMPS!

March 3, 2003
From: sawrestler
email: sawrestler3@hotmail.com
comments: does anybody have any info on the open tournment being held in march at point pleasnt middle school if u do plz sent it to me

March 3, 2003
From: wcmswslr07
comments: im wrestling in jr states..and im seeded 8th with a 21 and 11 record, and a kid with a 0 and 0 record is seeded 4th, i think this is a load of crap is there anything i can do..its probably to late but.if anything let me kno ASAP..thanks!

March 3, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: speaking of senior nationals, watch for brandon rader, robert shyver, A. easter, mitch smith. rader and shyver have all placed in the tournaments beast of the east, ironman, and powerade. watch for them in the future

March 3, 2003
comments: to wrestling fan: ray gustines...ray was up 6-4 3rd period, it looked to me that gustines got a takedown with about 20 seconds left but the ref called them out of bounds. the match should have went into OT. if gustines would have wrestled ray like he did mitch smith, gustines would have majored ray

March 3, 2003
From: Oak Hill Fan
comments: Look maybe Oak Hill didn't have such a good showing at the states as we wanted to, but look out for us next year! Oak Hill has such returning starters as Brandon Wilburn, T.J. Calahan, Jeff Atha and others. Also look for some underclassmen to make a wave next year. Oak Hill has three really promising freshman who will be sophmores next year. They are Matt Zickafoose, Shane Stafford, and Matt Griffith. Oak Hill also has some very good middle school kids coming up such as Frankie Treadway, Ryan Fell, and Jacob Donnally. To finish up all I have to say is watch out for Oak Hill next year!

March 3, 2003
From: Wirt Wrestler
comments: I would like to say thanks to my friends from Point Pleasents, Jason McCoy and Dave Bonecutter. I wrestle and i noticed that every time i came off the matt they were there rather i won or lost. that is what this sport is about. being there no matter what happens. thank you guys. Congratulations to both of you. you both had a few tough brakes but it happens to the best.

March 3, 2003
comments: To Past wrestler
I disagree saying we need to make the weight classes larger becuase of so many underclassmen in the light weights. That is the good thing about wrestling, you can be a freshmen and sophmore who weighs between 100-120lbs and be able to start a varsity sport. How many other sports do kids of this size get to particpiate on when they are that young. As being a wrestler whos whole carrer was under 120lbs I dont believe you see the whole picture. There are 14 weight classes, there is plent of room for upperclassmen and underclassmen.

March 3, 2003
comments: To: The South Fan with a calculator!

From: A Big Red Fan...Get a Life!!!!

I hope the Doc has a "Wrestlers Anonymous"...maybe a 10 step program for the wrestling fans that have trouble letting go!

PUT DOWN the calculator..the old programs from the past 8 years, quit figuring out how bad the "blue team" USED TO beat the "red team".

QUIT reliving the past!!!

LET GO!!!!!! let it go...it's over!!! GET A LIFE!!!!

It's spring, go dust off your golf clubs, find your tennis racquet...something....PLEASE!!!!

THEN...we will meet back here next fall and do this all over again!


March 3, 2003
From: OVAC
comments: The OVAC tournament is by far the toughest conference tourny in the state. It had 2 Ohio state Champions and 6 West Virginia state Champions, and Ohio runner up plus not to mention all the West Virginia and Oiho placers it had. The LKC doesnt even compare to the OVAC.

March 3, 2003
comments: I was just wondering if any of our sr's were planning on attending senior nationals, i was looking through the program and with the exception of 103 and 119 i think we could have good represenatives at every weight class.Lucas Cappas, Shane Grogg, Casey Biddle,Matt Easter, Steven Reynolds, Ian Wittington, Daran Hays, Steve Flowers, Phil Bliss, Danny Lord, Chris Gibbs, Mitch Casto, Blane Mayle, Bryce Pickens, Ray Burge, Andrew Starsick,Josh CLark, Trampus Efaw, Brandon Geary,Pete Hashman, Bill Whitehill, Ty Phalen, and Patrick McGillian... and im sure i missed a few. I just think it would be really nice if this group of young men got together and trained and made a good showing this year in Pittsburg for our great state.

March 3, 2003
From: ravenswood fan
comments: congradulatons to Judd Billings for becoming the first freshman to win states at Ravenswood Sam Dennis for a 4th place finish and Andrew Shindler good job guy.

March 3, 2003
comments: For any parent or wrestler who questions whether the trip to jr. states in Parkersburg is worth it, check out the March 1998 jr. state results on this website. With the exception of Oak Glen wrestlers, who usually attend their own tournament the second week in March, the 1998 pee wee finals list reads like this year's high school list--for instance--Easter, Hays, Shyver, Rader,Smith, Norman, Tominack, Thomas, and Dearman in AAA all competed and placed in the jr. states 5 years ago. Congratulations, guys. Giving up all those Saturdays and weeknights sure paid off!!!

March 3, 2003
comments: Will these results be posted as usual? Hope they send them in. Who won the team trophy?

March 3, 2003
From: South fan
comments: Congradulations to all the South Boys. You all did a great job!!!! we are all so proud of you. Our team has won 7 out of the past 9 years. We took 2nd place the 2 years we didn't take 1st. We have a solid program and we are definatly the most impressive team overall. we have the most awesome fans in the state. The love and admiration we have for our boys and Parkersburg South is incredible!!!

March 3, 2003
From: south fan
comments: ratteaser dont get to used to mailing 2 place stuff just remember we will be back GO BIG BLUE!

March 3, 2003

March 3, 2003
comments: To LKC FAN: YOUR CRAZY!!!! if you think ANY of your teams could win the OVAC your nuts.....OVAC is the toughest conference BAR NONE!!!!

March 3, 2003
comments: To my boys,
Remember, we all stumble, everyone of us. That's why it's a comfort to go hand in hand. Work hard , and get ready for next year, some of you won't return, your journey is over. It was a pleasure to be apart of your lifes for this many years. We the parents cried as you wrestled your last match and as you walked each other on and off the mat.It was hard to watch, for we knew this was the end, we have been together 11 + years as a family,moving from one sport to another with each other. We have watched you grow into young men. Young men we are very proud of.So I will end this here and say, J-Bird McCoy - I am so very proud of you. Nick Duncan ,Nick Russell,Jesse Nott, good luck to the future and may you always remember the times we have shared.
Love, Mom

March 3, 2003
comments: I was wondering if the Wood Co. Rec. Bd. will be posting the jr. state seeding or brackets on this or their own website before Friday? I know the seeding meeting was this weekend. THANKS.

March 3, 2003
From: Hughes FAN
comments: Hughes p. Bolyard
Hughes dec. Fawley 6-1
Hughes maj dec Wharton 13-5
Hughes dec Tracewell 2-2 OT
Just shows you that you cant rank a kid's heart and determination. they said you were 4th or 5th all year and they didnt give you the respect that a state champ deserves. now they have to because you proved them all wrong. maybe they'll learn next year. good job case.

March 3, 2003
From: brookie
comments: WAY TO GO BROOKE !!! Congratulations on 3rd place team !!! Phil Bliss way to go!! There was nooooooo doubt about it! Truly a well deserved and earned title. Congratulations also to, jared, josh, matt, mike, braden, dave, nathan, devin, and derrick on their state appearances and/or placements. "THANK YOU!" to Eric, Kevin, Pete, and Joe. Your efforts were reflected in the accomplishments of this years BROOKE WRESTLING TEAM. To the entire BROOKE wrestling team, "THANKS" for a great year". To all the predictors that overlooked the Brooke wrestlers....I told ya you'd see green & gold in the finals.


SOUTH WRESTLING FAN...thanks for taking the time to meet Derrick. He is truly a remarkable kid and I am PROUD he's my son. The kids a riot. Congratulations to the south team also. see ya next year or the football game this fall.

woodthatmakesitgood- thanks for the accomodations offer- this is the first thing i've missed with my son in 13 years and 4 sports and i was truly bummed. definately won't happen next year! i owe the woods co. fans the 12 pak for the offer. look for it next yr.

to all the wrestlers ..THANKS, it was great watching all the super matches this yr.

To all the wrestling coaches and parents, remember "LIFE, AS IN WRESTLING, MUST BE COACHED."

March 3, 2003
From: Wrestling fan
comments: any comments on the 140 match between ray and gustines?

March 3, 2003
comments: I would like to congratulate Steve Flowers of Oak Glen for capturing his second state title. Also to Ian Whittington for being "THE BEST" at 140.

March 3, 2003
From: thebear72
comments: I just wanted to take time to congradulate the St.Marys wrestlers that took state.Way to go Hashman and Bartrug.

March 3, 2003
comments: the north enders had a pretty good season, but it was nothing compared to the 1995 SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM that had 11 wrestlers in the finals and was ranked 20th in the nation.

March 3, 2003
From: Wood
comments: Great job to all Wood county wrestlers. Phs with your great coaching staff and the wrestlers you have coming back. You should have a great chance to repeat as champions.

March 3, 2003
comments: CONGRATULATIONS TO SHANE GROGG, REALLY ENJOYED WATCHING YOU WRESTLE THE LAST THREE YEARS, as for the big reds, enjoy your moment because it wont last long

March 3, 2003
From: Bill Futten
comments: Congratulations to the East Fairmont team on their third place finish at state. Blane, a special congratulations to you for your excellent performance this entire season. You deserve what you worked for and earned. To Ben Geary, Brandon Geary, Daran Hays, and Andrew Starsick, you came up short of your goals but don't forget the wonderful and great careers that each of you had in high school wrestling. I have watched each of you since your pee wee days and it has been an enjoyment to me and many other wrestling fans to watch your success throughout the years. Each of you have been very successful on the mat and I know with your work ethics that will carry on in each of your lives. None of the four of you may be a 2003 State Champion, but all four of you are CHAMPIONS and winners.

March 2, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: ratteaser: You should know they don't mail runner up stuff...but if they did the mailman surely knows where Dudley avenue is located!!

March 2, 2003
From: Wrestler
comments: You know...wrestling has been over only one day and i miss it already...i will miss all the trips to wherever on weekends...win or lose i always had so much fun...in practice u moan and complain about when the season will be over so u can have free time...well the season is over and i miss it...u don't know what u have until its gone...seniors out there...i feel sorry for you all because if these were prolly the last 2 weeks of ur whole wrestling career...some will go wrestle in college...most won't...my last match this year i cried forever when it was over...for all u who have 1,2,or 3 years left...take full advantage of it...it will prolly be the last time u wrestle...and i hope for the seniors who wrestled last....i hope u gave it ur all and left it all on the mat...

March 2, 2003
comments: Another state tournament, another year of hearing high school boys booed and seeing the place erupt in cheers when some kids lose. Don't these fans realize that somewhere in the bleachers a mother is heart broken for her son who just lost an important match in his life, and hearing other parents cheer his loss makes it worse?

March 2, 2003
From: LKC Fan
comments: Congrats to the LKC wrestling teams. 5 LKC teams in the top 10, impressive. I think that this just proves that the LKC is the toughest conference in the state, and produces some of the best wrestlers. This is nothing new just for this year, year in and year out the LKC teams are always well represented in the state tourney. Congrats go out to all LKC wrestlers, you guys continue to make us proud.

March 2, 2003
From: South Fan
comments: to: RATTEASER I would tell you where to put your mail but if I do they won't put this on. So I will just say have fun we have for 4 years now you can for 1 and we will be back on top next year you can bet on it.And for your pizza and beer send the bill to me it won't be much because I never saw a big red fan that could drink much. Thanks

March 2, 2003
From: past wrestler
comments: As a past wrestler, and a hopeful future coach, I have always wondered about the weight class distribution. With so many athletes spending more and more time in the weight room, and the average size growing and growing, doesn't it seem as though it is time to restructure the weight classes? I only say this because just about every other high school varsity sport is dominated by upper classman, with the occasional under class superstar. Eleven out of twelve placewinners at 103 lbs. this year were under classmen. By no means am I doubting their ability as wrestlers, but I feel that number is too large. Currently, nine weight classes are at 152 lbs. and lower. I would venture to say that average sizes for 16-18 year old students are slightly higher than that. These are just semi-random suggestions but here are some ideas for new weight classes: 110, 117, 124, 131, 138, 145, 152, 159, 166, 175, 186, 193, 220, 285.

March 2, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I agree with all the positive comments on the Forum about the Easter Bros. and Mitch Smith. Ever wonder how they got so good? I remember when they were only 7 or 8 and they travelled 3-4 nights per week to practice when Ken Chertow had his school located in Milton. From Sandyville to Milton is quite a drive and even though the Easter boys lived closer it was still a sacrifice. They wrestled older tougher boys on a daily basis. Even though some matches ended in tears they never quit and kept trying to get better. Their parents put in countless hours, miles and money to take them to camps and competitions. Congratualtions ae of course due to the wrestlers but also to their parents who helped them to realize their dreams. Like coach Bear Bryant said - "The Sacrifcices Are Great But So Are The Rewards." That is what makes our sport so special and it is true of everyone that wrestled in the state tournament. The harder you work, the better you can be. The wrestling world is full of willing people - some are willing to be champions and others are willing to let them. Congratualtions to all who wrestled this weekend you are all winners.

March 2, 2003
From: Wirt parent and fan
comments: Congratulations to the Bridgeport wrestling team and Mike Mason. You guys for your first year every wrestling are very aggressive and tough and will be even tougher next year. It showed this weekend at the states. We have enjoyed watching your team and talking with your group at the States. My sons have gone to Mike's Camp each year and relly think a lot of Mike and learn alot from him. Keep up the good work, and keep Mike with your program.

March 2, 2003
comments: Just wanted to say congrats to East new State Champ Blane Mayle!! and to Ben and Brandon Geary you all did wonderful. Everyone that got to go to states feel proud there werent many good enough wrestlers to go. Congrats to all!

March 2, 2003
comments: Just a little note from a golden bear mom to say a great big congratuations to the oak glen wrestling team. A special congratulations to my son, Matt Wharton, you did a great job and I am so proud of you. I am going to miss watching you wrestle but I know it all has to end this year. Also, I want to congratulate Phil Bliss on his win at the states in AAA. I have enjoyed watching you and seeing you accomplishments over the year.

March 2, 2003
From: Region 3 AA
comments: Look out for Shady next year, they brought 11 kids 1 senior, 1 junior, 8 sophmores, 1 freshman and had 2 state champs Dereck Scarbro at 130 and Josh Neal at 112, 1 runner up Anthony Harvey at 125. Way to go guys. Look for hady to have 5 state champs next year with 9 place finishers. They are so talented in the lower weight classes.

March 2, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Parkersburg High on their state title for 2003.Their kids worked hard and wrestled well.Chance and Lou are great kids.Their dads are reflected in them.

Shane Grogg..state champion! No one doubted you young man...what a tremendous senior season! Aaron,Felix,Chad,Shawn,Sean,Codi and Kyle...build it up and work hard for next year!You guys are fun to watch!

Finally...our prayers go out to Shawn Moore of East Fairmont...sometimes wrestling seems so unimportant when a young mans health hangs in the balance.Please keep up updated to how he is doing and God Bless!

March 2, 2003
comments: Pics from the State Tournament can be seen at www.actionimages.us I was told they would be up on Tuesday. These guys do great work

March 2, 2003

March 2, 2003
From: #1 fans
comments: To Nick Duncan and Jason McCoy{Point Pleasant}. Great job at states. Jason u wrestled great and u came home with 5th place great job J-Bird.Good luck in college. Duncan we all know u could have been there at the top. U had a great high school caree and 3rd at states is still something to be proud of! So keep ur head up high.... Great job boys! We will miss you.

March 2, 2003
comments: While you are counting the place winners from region 1 AAA you might also want to count the place winners in AA from region 1.

March 2, 2003
From: John Bonecutter
comments: First off I would like to say AWESOME job to Matt Easter. 4 timer, that is awesome. Secondly to my school Point Pleasant... seniors you all wrestled hard and i am proud of you, the quarters killed ya but you fought back hard and place...J-Bird you were really fun to watch.....Duncan one bad match all year killed ya buddy, but keep your head up, YOU ARE THE BEST AA 140....Jesse....nice season man, great job on 3rd....russell, keep your head up man, some tough luck killed ya at the states....Dave, buddy i am so proud of you! you wrestled your butt off this weekend, you just got stuck!!! (not taking anything away from him, congrads on your 6th place finish)...now you know what it takes and you will be back next year...you will be ready next year...

March 2, 2003
From: Noel
comments: Wanted to congratulate OG on their 7th straight title. Also congrats to my boy Steve for his 2nd title, and Ian also. A big congrats goes out to Phil Bliss, you knew you could do it and proved it to everyone this weekend.

March 2, 2003
From: To: Wrestler
comments: the website for the pictures was actionimages.us

March 2, 2003

March 2, 2003
From: i agree
comments: i agree with the post on here that said the 140 pound A/AA was very interesting. here is a big congratulations to ian for coming through when it mattered. this weight class could have ended up with any two of the top 8 not placing at all depending on the draw but u came through. number 5 moore pinned number 3 duncan, duncan beat kyle, kyle beat moore twice this year, ian had a great match with kyle and moore both. hines showed heart with a last minute pin against moore, and elder showed great skill throughout the tournament and the season. congratulations once again to ian, ryan, nick, lance, chris, matt, corey, and dale.

March 2, 2003
comments: Congrats to JOSH CLARK and JAMIE MOORE for thier State Championships at 189 and 171 lbs.

March 2, 2003
From: State
comments: After watching the state tournament this past weekend, I was very impressed with two matches. Both of them were wrestled by Mitch Smith of Ripley. In the semi-finals he showed a lot of heart when he scored a reversal on Guistines with 8 seconds left to take it to overtime where he eventually won. In the finals he had the most impressive performance of all the wrestlers. Was he awesome. He could have probably beaten anyone in the country in that match. It is just my opinion, but I strongly believe he is the best wrestler WV has and, if he keeps up the intensity, he will be the best to ever come out of WV. You shouldn't lose another match, ever!

March 2, 2003
From: sswrestling135
comments: GOOD JOB everyone ont shady's team especially dereck,josh and anthony u guys went up there and showed the what shady boys can do congradulatoins to everyone ill be right there be side yall next year see u at practice

March 2, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: to whoever wrote about souths average of winning over the past 9 years......so what thats the past this is now, get over it south fans, PHS was better than you this year. it was your year in football, it was are year in wrestling. ratteaser, im with you 100 percent, but i dont drink haha.

March 2, 2003
comments: Way to go Judd Billings First freshman to win state title from Ravenswood

March 2, 2003
comments: I sure hope that all you people from down south look at some of your predictions on who win states and think about how stupid you must have been. I hope also that the wrestlers from Oak Glen hold there heads high and remember that what people say and think on this page doesnt mean crap and we proved that this weekend with 11 of the 13 kids that we took with us placing. Seventh is heaven and eight will be super great.

March 2, 2003
From: brought to your attention
comments: Its amazing but just go through and look at how many more place winners REGION 1 AAA had than the other 3. I know in a few weight classes the top four at state were all from REGION 1.

March 2, 2003
comments: Congradulations Matt Easter...I could not imagine myself winning 181 matches and only losing 3...WELL DONE...good luck in college

March 2, 2003
comments: Congratulations to coach Dave Satterfield,Judd Billings,Sam Dennis, and Andrew Shiendler. First year coach and a freshman State Champ.Keep up the good work and we will be looking out for you and your team next year

March 2, 2003
From: OGer @ WVU
comments: Congradulations to Oak Glen for winning their SEVENTH state title in a row. You guys really came together and looked over the aversity and showed the state that you are still the best team in the state. Its really something to be proud of. Special congrats to Steve and Ian for winning individual titles. Both were excellent matches.

March 2, 2003
comments: To Ratteaser:
Congratulations on the win. Sorry to hear that you spent too much money on Pizza and beer. You will have to keep that check just as South has done the past 9 years that we have placed over the big reds. Your 44 point victory margin was impreesive but it is not nearly as high as South's average victory margin over PHS. It was 76 points per year over the past 8 years.

Good Luck next year. March 2, 2003
From: WhArTdOg
comments: WOOOHOOO...Congrats to all OG wrestlers, you made an ex-bear proud. I would also especially like to congratulate my little bro. Matt it was an honor getting to watch you flog people for 4 years, I couldnt be more proud. My opinion Larry Shaw for Coach Of The Year!!! I demand a recount. 7 straight titles says it all!

March 2, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Brookie: Met your son Derrick Friday morning before his match and...you're right, he is a great young man!He is so laid back and easy going.You should be proud of him! I also met Phil Bliss'grandparents and they too are very nice people.I congratulated them on Phil's win Sat.night.Our boy Codi Norman gave him all he wanted and still has 3 years left to win his titles.Take care!

March 2, 2003
comments: congrats to lou thomas ryan dearman brandon rader, phil bliss, mitch casto, and blane mayle great job guys

March 2, 2003
From: Nitro Fan
comments: For the forum
Matt, Mitch and Anthony- We have watched you from the first day you stepped on the mat in midget league practice, have gone through all your ups and downs, now you have accomplished everything we've known you could do. Congratulations Matt on your 4x status, and Mitch it's about time you showed all the state what you are made of, and Anthony congratulations and go get'em again. Love you all, and miss you a lot.

March 2, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Congratulations to former Barboursville Middle / Cabell Midland grappler Justin Stanley who placed sixth in 133 lbs. at the NJCWA championships becoming an All American. Justin wrestles for Lassen Jr. College in California. Jared Walters (Milton Middle / Cabell Midland) also wrestles for Lassen and qualified for Nationals by winning his region at 141 lbs. and went 1-2 at the tournament. Great job guys for more detail go to http://www.themat.com Now that JR. College is over I see a great future for these guys at larger schools.

March 2, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: For the forum
Congratulations Cody Mollohan of Herbert Hoover, for being one of the top 8 wrestlers in the state at 119. Way to go freshman!

March 2, 2003
From: Your no.1 fans
comments: Justin,It has been a fast 13 years and we hate for it to be over. But as they say all good things must come to and end. You may not have been a state champion, but there have been plenty of first places, and to us you are the greatest wrestler we have ever seen. We love you.
Dad, Mom and Jen

March 2, 2003
From: Point 215
comments: Congrats to my boys! Pumphrey (112, FR), GREAT freshmen year, me and you gonna be back here next year and you are gonna do better than 6th...but 6th as our freshmen!? We love ya bub, great work!!! Jason (130, SR), bubby, great season my man. I know you wanted it more than anyone else, and you did your best and got the 5th for us. We can't argue with that!!! We are all gonna miss ya...great senior year. Duncan (140, SR), man, you wanted it and you did all you could. 3rd, I know you aren't happy with it, but 3rd is a great showing man. I know you coulda won it, and you know it too...but keep that head up, you did a great job!! Jesse Nott (145, SR), GREAT season man. You had some tournies you just didn't seem awake, and here you go getting third. We couldn't be prouder of ya here...you four seniors carried this team on your shoulders. And Russell (135, SR), it's a shame you didn't get your chance this year. I know you deserved to place...no doubt. As for the rest of us, we got some more wrestlin to do. Bonecutter (152, JR) and Carr (171, JR), it is gonna be the three of us carrying this team next year, and you two had great seasons and don't worry about it, you missed placin by one match. Better than me!!!! As for the rest, McCarty (125, SO) you had a heck of a season, just got a tough draw. Tough draw. It's ok. Next year. And Shirley (HWT, FR) you had a GREAT season. You were wrestling guys 70 pounds heavier than you, and no one here is ashamed of what you did for us. Next year we will all make the states and do some damage. CC (189, SO), Cullen (119, FR), Russell (119, SO), it is time for you all to step up with us and make and make sure these people know who Point Pleasant is. To our seniors, CONGRATULATIONS AND WE WILL MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 2, 2003
From: Jude
comments: Congratulations JUDD BILLINGS . . . the ONLY freshman state champion of the 2003 state tournament. Way to go Judd, we knew that you could

March 2, 2003
From: region 3 A/AA
comments: after the state tournament was over, and the dust had settled, i decided to compare where each wrestler in A/AA finished in comparison to where the latest coaches' poll ranked them. all unranked wrestlers in the future, just remember the coaches' accuracy was a whopping 32.2%, not very good. so remember, polls are over. the guys who finished top 6 in each weight class aren't necessarily who we expected, but they're not a prediction, they're the real deal. when you wrestlers want to stress out and worry about where you're ranked in the polls, don't. just worry about where you place when it's all over. that's what really counts

March 2, 2003
From: Tiger Ali Sing
comments: I was looking over your "forum" and I noticed that many people have made prediction as to who would claim victory at state tournament. I thought it would be interesting to post the most accurate "predictor"

Harry Dunn picked 6/14
Fann 6/14
Swami 7/14
Wrestling Fan 7/14
Room Slammers 7/14
ZZZ only predicted 12 matches, leaving 2 as to close to call, he did pick 7/12 correct
AAA Predictor 8/14
AAA State Champion Winners 8/14
South Wrestling Fan 9/14
Lloyd Christmas 9/14

The top 2 were

Superman who wrote very in depth commentary, that some members characterized as "funny" picked 10/14

and the most accurate predictor of the season was Yosemite Sam, his predictions lacked the flare of Superman's but proved to be more realistic picking 12/14 correct

All in All member of the "forum" did fairly well considering 16 man tournament. However, if I would have made prediction I would have picked all 14 correct.

March 2, 2003
From: aa/a region two fan
comments: Great Job, 4 champions. Just think we was only to get two. This was a great state tournament. I really liked aa/a 140, you could wrestle this bracket 10 times and not come out with the same results. It is a shame Kyle and Everett didn't get a medal, cause any of the eight wrestlers could have placed. 5th place pinned 3rd place.

March 2, 2003

March 2, 2003
comments: I have to give some props to Judd Billings man did he turn things around or what!!! Even though im a Indy Fan and hated to see Rash loose, Billings really took it to him after taking two earlier losses, and a bad one in the semis of WSAZ 26-12 he wore Rash out 11-2, Good job on preparing for that match, the kid was counted out before he even got to Rash, They thought he was going to loose in the Semis but He beat the defending State Champ. Also Good Job to the Shady Boys, NEAL,Scarbro STATE CHAMPS, Harvey we all know you should have been.

March 2, 2003
From: Wrestler
comments: Anybody write down that website that had the pictures of the wrestlers by any chance??? Thanks.

March 2, 2003
From: sfan
comments: congrats to the big reds you boys wrestled tough.good luck next year. graduation will hit you hard, like it did South last year but i am sure the state title will be back in parkersburg for the next few years.who knows which side of town though. as a South fan i want you to know not all of us route against you.

March 2, 2003
From: rance
comments: just wanna say good job to my all my boys from oak glen,,,,,7 in a row,,,,i'm proud of you all

March 1, 2003
From: frankfort parent
comments: i beleive that everyone is shocked by the upsets at the state tourney yesterday. i was there and witnessed them all. i want to congratulate and wish good luck to all competing in the state championships. drew, come home with the title baby.

March 1, 2003
From: all about T.Rash
comments: T.Rash (fr) from Independence is going all the way at states!!

March 1, 2003
comments: I just wanna say good luck to the LEWIS COUNTY BOYS, JEREMY, DARREN, AND AJ!!! I think our boys are gonna take the 130, 160, and 275!!!

March 1, 2003
From: 00joe
comments: I'd like to say good luck to the Shady Spring Tigers at the states. They are a tough group of kids and are still young as well. They remind me some of the Tigers of the early 80's. Theyre all good guys but my favorite would have to be Justin Chapman.

March 1, 2003
From: g-man
email: camo4ever@yahoo.com
comments: who is the best 115 lb. 11-12 yr. old in the state of wva. send me an e-mail with who you think will win the jr. states thanks

March 1, 2003
From: a justin goneau believer
comments: to mat maid:
i totally agree with you about goneau, i've been saying it for the last two years but no one believes me about how good this kid is. thanks for the second.

March 1, 2003
From: STYX
comments: GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OAK GLEN!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey boys keep representin lets go for luck number seven....You can do it!!!!!! the West Lib Oak Glen boys are proud of ya and we're behind ya all the way bring her home AGAIN!!!!!!!!

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