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March 3, 1999
From: Joe
email: Bigpapa65@aol.com
comments: I think Marcus Gray the 152 pound wrestler from GW is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the state of WV. He is a great wrestler and had a great career, but isn't getting props from any colleges. In my opinion they should be all over him.

March 3, 1999
comments: To Flounder: regaurding your thoughts on if South and Oak Glen would meet in a dual. You chose 103 as a toss-up. I think Stevens would beat Zubay. I've seen Stevens and Gandee (Ravenswood) wrestle and Stevens prevailed. As for 130 I believe that would definately go to Logan Glass of Oak Glen. 152 could be more of a toss-up than you think.

March 3, 1999
comments: I would like to comment on this guy Brian Chancellor's comments.
Matt Miller proved to everybody at the State meet that he is the best 160 pounder in AAA.

March 3, 1999

March 3, 1999
comments: Let me tell you about those boys from Williamstown. They have come a long way in two years. In '97 they placed 19th as a team and only had one preson place -- Bryan Jones. They had two heavily underweight wrestlers. They had a messy DQ and two more that didn't even make it to state. It was not the best of times in Williamstown. Fast forward two years later. The two under weight are Ash Wenmoth and Willie Westbrook, both state champs. In '97 they both gave up ten pounds in the weight class. Both are very tough individuals and each had beaten a AAA state finalst at their weight class this year. Justin Wenmoth, Ash's older brother in '97, got DQ'ed in the regional finals and didn't get to go to state. Justin had a tuff loss in the Semi's at State this year. Justin sucked it up and showed a lot of heart in coming back and getting third. Then you have Zac Johnson, a four year starter always plagued with injuries that kept him from being at his best. Even though, I think we never got to see him at his best. Still, making the state finals is not too bad either. Then you have Buddy Hawkins who started wrestling in 10th grade. He did go to state in 97 and then came back to get 6th and 4th the next two years. Not too bad for such little time on the mat. Then this team comes up and wins the very tough LKC ( in 97 they got 7th in the LKC). Then at state they finished 4th this year with a strong nucleus coming back for next year. This kids have come along way in a short time.

March 3, 1999
From: andrew richards
email: roonut777@aol.com
comments: I was wondering if any of the graduating seniors were going to attend the Nationals in Pittsburgh at the end of March. If so could you e-mail me and let me know. I was just interested in who would be competing in the event this year besides myself. I hope there is a good turn out so that we can represent our state well. We have a lot of great talent in this state and i would hate for us not to use it to its full potential. Please let me know if you are going. Thank you

March 3, 1999
From: Flounder
comments: Any thoughts on how South and Oak Glen would match up head to head. I have each team favored in five weights with four weights being toss-ups. What a great dual that would be. I have South favored at 112, 119, 125, 152 and 189. Oak Glen favored at 135, 140, 145, 215 and 275. The toss-up weights are 103, 130, 160 and 171. I think Oak Glen would have more pins in their favored classes but South would do well in the toss-up weight classes to make for an interesting dual. Also, Matt Miller is da' Man at 160. His win reminds me of Jason Johnson's win as a Sophomore when all eyes were on Bates of Fairmont and Ward of John Marshall. Congratulations Matt.

March 3, 1999
From: fan
comments: I know that the Editor is surely very busy (especially now with all the "post-state chat"); however, it would be nice to one day see the top 3 wrestler's from every year on the Outstanding Wrestler page..... just a thought.... (maybe for far past years there could be a "where are they now" section... i know it would be nice see where and what some of my old competition is up to these days..... ) Thanks for such a GREAT page on a GREAT sport!!
Ps... Congrats to ALL wrestlers who gave their all throughout the season!! (remember.... the OFF season is JUST as important!)
Editor's note: I agree. I have often thought that it would be good to go back and reconstruct complete brackets from past state tournaments, and have a page for each year just as we have for the past 3 (I'm working on this year's and it just takes a while...) I don't know who, if anyone, has such information. The only way I know of getting such info is to go back to microfilm copies of some of the state newspapers, say, the Parkersburg News, and reconstruct the brackets from the newspaper summaries. When I was an undergrad at WVU, while studying in the WVU library, I would often, for a diversion, go to the microfilm room and read old newspapers. (My birth announcement, my HS matches, etc). WVU had a pretty complete collection of the state dailies and weeklies, and it might be possible to get all this info from library research. It sure would take a lot of time!!!! If anybody has a complete set of brackets from some past year's state tournament such that they could get the same "treatment" as the last four, mail me a copy and we'll put them up. Maybe a "feature tournament" or something. For instance, I'd love to get a copy of the 1968 brackets -- the year Wirt County won the State Championship (combined AAA/AA/A) without a single individual state champion. This would be an off-season project - but hey, we have about 9 months to kill until next season......

March 3, 1999
From: Cross-face Craddler
email: Scorpion_145@hotmail.com
comments: I don't feel that anyone was treated poorly or any terrible injustice was commited in the selection of coach of the year. Just because your team won doesn't mean you have the best coach in the state in AA/A. There have been many great coaches that have never won state titles, the Coach of the Year award is not about winning but someone being an inspiration to their peers and the atheletes on their team.

March 3, 1999
From: Joanna Kay
email: snowbunnie_68@hotmail.com
comments: First I would like to wish the Viking Matmen congratulations on a great season. I would also like to wish Nicholas Hedrick congratulations on his state title. He worked hard and deserved to win.

March 3, 1999
From: adam
email: adscboy@aol.com
comments: to:wv mat fan
if you want to learn matt millers style of top wrestling you will have to move to out of the state. the man that taught him did. i will say this i was taught by the same guy and i was 1/2 as good as matt is. if you want to wrestle as well as matt you have to do as the master's do. it is simple to say but doing it is the hard part. matt puts 110% into everyday, most like to say that they do but when you look at yourself in the mirror you know how much you really want it. matt i knew you had it in you, you always did.

March 3, 1999
From: Brian Chancellor
email: brianchancellor@hotmail.com
comments: For anyone who thinks region 1 is weak, come wrestle South or Parkersburg at home and see just how weak it is.I don't know who this Miller kid is but I wish everyone would quit treating him like he's the best. In my opinion Josh Dearth is the best 160 pounder in the state. That was apparent as Dearth pinned Ward in the opening match of the year.

March 3, 1999
From: Pat Peters
email: wpeters@access.k12.wv.us
comments: For Forum:
Congratulations to Bob Pickens of Williamstown for surpassing Rod Oldham on the list of Top Ten Coaches of State Champions. Not only did he move from 4th to 3rd, but he is second in the area of active coaches. Cudo's to the team and both state champions - Will Westbrook and Ash Wenmoth. Watch out for Williamstown next year

March 3, 1999
From: old man fan
comments: i agree old man, that is a very nice point you made. a lesson can be learned from everything you do, oh yeah and if you work hard enough to achieve your goals youll make it but there are no free rides in this sport.!>!>!

March 3, 1999
comments: This is a note to all the high school coaches who keep coming close but can never seem to catch the Parkersburg teams or Oak Glen--look at your pee wee and jr. high programs. The youth programs and tournaments in Parkersburg alone are models. The Cougar Classic attracts the best wrestlers in the East and the quality competition pays off when these kids reach high school. Moreso than any other sport--with the possible exception of baseball, where kids first use their non-dominant hand to do something important (catch a ball with a glove)--wrestlers must start when they are young. If you plan on coaching for a few years or if you want to leave your program a legacy, support your youth wrestling program. I am willing to bet that 90% of the state finalists started wrestling before they were 10 years old. If your jr. high or pee wee programs are lacking, invest some time in your "farm system" and watch the payoff down the road.

March 3, 1999
comments: To: The person who says region 1 and 3 sucks
Weight Region
103 ------- 1
112 ------- 3
119 ------- 1
125 ------- 2
Weight Region
130 ------- 3
135 ------- 1
140 ------- 4
145 ------- 2
Weight Region
152 ------- 4
160 ------- 2
171 ------- 1
189 ------- 4
Weight Region
215 ------- 3
275 ------- 4

Region 1 state champs 4
Region 2 state champs 3
Region 3 state champs 3
Region 4 state champs 4

Im not saying that any region is better than any other but 2 isnt what you say it is. Region 1 and 4 has more state champs and region 3 has just as many, so how can region 2 be so dominate?

March 3, 1999

March 2, 1999
From: SES
email: smithnn@valunet.com
comments: I would like to congratulate the 13 state finalist A/AA from the O.V.A.C. conference. I would also like to bring up the fact that the O.V.A.C. conference had 23 individual state placers. Including 3peat Oak glen and third place Cameron. Another 11 state placers in AAA including 2 state champions. I think this it is evedent that the O. V. A. C. conference is a powerful force in West Virginia wrestling. Even though Oak Glen finished a distant 2nd and Cameron was not even in the top ten.
46th annual O.V.A.C. Wrestling Tournament
January 21-23, 1999
Wheeling, WV
Team Scores - Overall Top Ten State qualifiers in ( )
1. Martins Ferry 232.5 (8)
2. Oak Glen 196 (13)
3. Cadiz 164 (6)
4. Steubenville 157.5 (5)
5. East Liverpool 149 (1)
6. Buckeye Local 136.5 (3)
7. Beaver Local 127 (2)
8. Wellsville 115.5 (3)
9. Cambridge 108.5 (1)
10. Barnesville 106.5 (2)

March 2, 1999
From: old man
comments: to all wrestlers
whether or not you reach your goal is not the most important part, it is the lessons you learn along the way of trying to acheive your goal. Use your wrestling experiences and apply them to every thing you do.

March 2, 1999
I do agree that there has definetly been an injustice in the WV wrestling world. After seeing the effects coach Shaw has had on my son, I refuse to see this any other way...The man not only teaches and coaches wrestling, he instills confidence, courage and disipline to all of his wrestlers. My son Gaelen Lowers is living proof! I am sorry to see that politics has finally corrupted such a true sport.

What were the other coaches looking at all year? Who were they psyching thier teams up to defeat? The Oak Glen team was clearly the best in WV in A-AA.

People say give me that talent and I can win too. Let me tell you from first hand experience, these kids were not always talented athletes...they worked hard for YEARS to make this Varsity team...It starts with Larry Shaws students...who are now coaching in our middle school, and pee-wee program. They bought into his style years ago and would tell you still to this day that he is the BEST wrestling coach in WV High Schools today...barr none!

I am a parent of an Oak Glen wrestler, Vice President of the Boosters Club
Charles Miller
feel free to reply at : cmiller@weir.net

March 2, 1999
From: Coach Sparks Cabell Midland
email: esparks@access.k12.wv.us
comments: I have a few comments on "the call" If I may...
a. It was done
b. Match over
c. Move on with life
d. Congrats to the winner
e. Congrats to the state champion
f. Both Mr.Dearth and Mr. Miller deserve a "job well done!"
Doc -- thanks for the page. It keeps my team's interest all year for scores alone...great job

Editor's note: Thanks for the kind words, Coach. I agree that it's time to move on...

March 2, 1999

March 2, 1999
comments: This is the second year in a row Ash Wenmoth has pinned the AAA state champ in his weight class. Boy He must be good.

March 2, 1999
From: johnson
comments: to: south mat maid
Do not think that the old rule gave more incentive to the wrestler winning to quit stalling. His lead would be diminished and would be forced to score more instead of just holding on to a lead.

March 2, 1999
From: Mike Riggleman
email: riggs152@hotmail.com
comments: Well, now the dust has cleared & The wrestlers are now just comming to the realization of what happened. I can make my comments. First off alot of people are saying "Bad Calls" This is something that is never going to change. After the match is over one side is going to say something about the calls not going in their favor. You have to learn to deal with it. I would like to wish a special congrats to Mike Miller. Actually A congrats to the entire group of fans that were at the Civic Center Saturday night. It was really neat to see Everyone standing for Mike. Thank You to all the Coaches, Fans, and Wrestlers who made it a wonderful Tournament/ Season. I've been around the sport for awhile now (17 years to be exact) and this will go down, in my book, as one of the best.
To a very special wrestler:
He Started wrestling when he was only 6 years old. He wasn't blessed with any great strength or ability. He worked, and he worked, and he worked to make himself better. His Senior Year he would wake up a couple hours early so he could go and run a couple miles before school. After practice he would go and work out in a nearby Gym, to try and give himself that extra edge. All of this to reach one Goal, A State Title. When the time came he lost a close semi-finals match in the last seconds of the third period. HEARTBREAKING!, enough to make many just give up and take 6th. But he wasn't about to give up. He came back and wrestled the two best matches of his life. First to beat a defending State Champ by 6 points. Then to beat a guy who had beaten him 4 times earlier this season. He may have left The Civic Center with a third place medal. But He left there a CHAMPION. My Hero, My Little Brother, Jason Seville

March 2, 1999
From: Haracurana
comments: It's been a long time since the old lucadore had to comment, but ... as for all of the posts on the Ward vs Dearth match. Why the blazes didn't Ward just give up the escape point with a few seconds remaining? If that happens, and Ward can keep from getting taken down for 2 seconds it's a clean win and NO CONTOVERSY! He dominated the match -- just neglected to cut him loose at the end. End of story.

March 2, 1999
comments: region 1 and 3 stinks!!they got lucky,it's not our fault that they have the easiest region and the best draws in the state tournament. if they had even a half way hard draw they would have gotten destroyed early on and hedgesville would have ruled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. it is pretty sad when some teams take up a whole team and barely win an hedgesville only took 7 and lead most of the tournament. if you're not down with hedgesville i got 2 words for you, ohh well!!!!!!!!!!

March 2, 1999
comments: Congratulations to all the INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONS in both divisions. I was very impressed with the quality and equality of the wrestlers this year. I was NOT impressed with the Programs or the Scoreboard..

March 2, 1999
From: Ben Mita
email: bmita20@hotmail.com
comments: As a former resident of Calhoun, and a graduate of CHS, I'm very happy that this page exists so I can keep up on my team all the way from boston, ma. What happened to our wrestlers at states? Weren't a few of them favorites? Anyways it looks like we'll have a strong team for a while. Hello to matt ashley and mike stump if they're reading this.
ben mita

March 2, 1999
From: Region 1 Wrestler
comments: Congratulations to all of the Region 1 AA-A Finalists. You guys helped show the rest of the state that Region 1 is the most dominant of all the regions. Also, congrats to Oak Glen on their 3-peat. Congrats to the following:
103-Zach Zubay (OG)
112-Ash Wenmoth (Will) and Roger Kupfer (Cam)
119-Eric Noel (Weir) and Will Westbrook (Will)
130-Logan Glass (OG)
135-Ed Weible (OG) and Terry Childers (StM)
140-Jeff Hughes (Cam)
145-Rob Lamb (OG)
152-Zac Johnson (Will) and Jason Snider (TC)
160-Chad Purpura (BD) and Jason Jones (OG)
189-Brandon Kupfer (Cam)
215-Robert Busick (Weir)
HWT-Alex McClung (OG)

March 2, 1999
From: jason-animal-hayhurst
email: hayhurst@ruralnet.org
comments: a few comments to the cameron fan. i do not understand what you mean you would like to take my challenge? i also dont understand why you must offend me in such manner with out signing your name to your comment. i think you know why i wasnt at monroe central. i heard all your wrestlers asked where i was! i respect all wrestlers good or bad , BUT WHEN ONE TRYS TO OFFEND ME OUT OF THERE OWN JEALOUSY IT JUST MOTIVATES ME TO KICK THERE BUTT on the MAT!
p.s. what did your 125 place in states??????

March 2, 1999
From: Millers Cuz
comments: I have 2 words to say-MATT MILLER , 160 pound champ

March 1, 1999
From: OG FAN
comments: Congratulations to all Oak Glen wrestlers!You all did a good job! 3-Peat!!!

March 1, 1999
From: Mat-Maid MANDALOU
comments: I am a die hard South Fan, but I am also a very honest person. First off, I would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to TODD DAGGETT!!! You wrestled GREAT!!! Even though you should have been a state champ! Also a small comment on the Dearth/Ward match. What difference does it make if was 2 sec or 1min 30secs left. Stalling is stalling! I do feel very sorry for you Jason being his last year and all. Also to you people complaining about the new stalling rule. With old stalling rule Dearth would have still won the match, even with only four stall calls. the score was 8-5; therefore is Jason would have received only four stall calls the score would have then been 8-9. Jason I am sorry for your loss and GOOD LUCK in your wrestling furture! You sure are a spectacular wrestler! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL SOUTH WRESTLERS AND COACHES. You all did a wonderful job. Hope you make the some effort next season and the results are the same. GO SOUTH!!!!!

March 1, 1999
comments: Yes, the "WARD CALL" was a tough call, and yes it stinks that a ref has to figure in to the outcome of the match in this manner, but the fact is that he was called and the ref shouldn't be watching the clock............
In closing, let's not forget one thing..... MILLER was state champ, he walked to the finals and besides right at the end, He defeated Dearth in the finals. Do you really think Ward would beat Miller? I dont think so! I think Miller deserves that amount of respect, and remember he is a sophomore, so watch out in the future. Just to add one more thing about the "call". I think it was the right call, but the refs are going to have to be consistant. Do you think a smaller school, without the support of P South's crowd, would have got that call?.......

March 1, 1999
From: Cameron Fan
email: bodean44@hotmail.com
comments: I sincerely want to congratulate Mike Miller on his win. His opponent (Jeff Hughes) also wrestled a great tourney and would own a win over Miller at the Berkeley tourney last year except for a scoring error by the official (check the film T.W.). Miller did outwrestle Hughes this year, but look for Hughes to put a 1st place at the end of his career progression which includes 6th,3rd, and 2nd place respectively. Cameron started five freshman this year and plans to make a run at Oak Glen next year for the title (Oak Glen-you are invited to the Cameron Tri-State tourney next year). Larry Shaw and Oak Glen did an amazing job the last three years and deserve all the credit they get (yes, even coach of the year/decade). We welcome the challenge. Animal, the best 125lb wrestler in the state (when healthy), you did not meet at Monroe Central. Region 1 welcomes you any time. Congrats Bush. The best is still to come for the gold and blue Dragons. See ya next year. I almost forgot to congratulate Jason Snider on a tremendous tourney. Look real hard and you'll see the best coach in the state who has retired. Hint, his son may bring Magnolia wrestling back to respectability in the nest few years with a little help. Proud to have had my sons trained under these fine gentlemen.

March 1, 1999
From: Battle of the Toughest Region (AAA)
comments: AAA Results are in: Region 1 dominates! Business as usual...

Region 1...127-88....59.1%
Region 2...106-107...49.8%
Region 3....90-102...46.9%
Region 4....83-109...43.2%

Reg 1.....4.....8.....9.....5.....2.....1.....3..
Reg 2.....3.....4.....0.....4.....6.....5....10..
Reg 3.....3.....1.....4.....3.....4.....1.....8..
Reg 4.....4.....1.....1.....2.....2.....7.....7..
State Champions were very balanced; Region 1 dominated in 2nd and 3rd places.

March 1, 1999
From: wrestler girl
comments: I would like to give a super congrats to MIKE MILLER of Wirt County I have saw how hard you have worked in the practice room this year. All the luck in furthering your career in college. (Hopefully at WVU so I can come watch you) Again You have done great. Nice backflip at the end too I give you a 10

March 1, 1999
From: Old man
comments: Special thanks to Arden Sansom. He did a great job announcing the AA/A Tournament.

March 1, 1999
From: Blue Devil Fan
email: cyclone15@hotmail.com
comments: WOW!!! What a state tournament. Congratulations goes out to all the winners. I sawn some of the best matches that I've ever seen this past weekend. A special congrats go out to Terry Childers of St. Marys. Way to go Terry! Also like to say congrats to Jason Snider from Tyler for winning the first ever state championship in the schools history.

March 1, 1999
From: OG FAN
comments: CONGRATULATIONS OAK GLEN HIGH SCHOOL on the 3-Peat!! Special Congratulations to Alex McClung! You did an excellent job this year, and I hope you keep up the good work for your college years. Oak Glen does have the best wrestling program around, and Coach Shaw should have recieved the #1 Coach award. Once again, Congratulations and Job Well Done!

March 1, 1999
From: Midland Fan
comments: To the Knights, even though you fell short in the state tournament, you guys have had a heck of a season!
You beat South at home (tough to do!)
You won the Nitro Tournament
You won the WSAZ
You won the MSAC
Your 3 state finalist and 2 champs are coming back next year.
You beat rival HHS on several occasions
Jared Walters, Jason Ward and David Lemaster all got over the 100 win mark.
Despite a general lack of respect from the school administration and a lack of fans, you proved you are all winners and great young men.
Great season guys! Go Knights!

March 1, 1999
Appalachian State's Jeremy Hart (Independence High School, State Champ '95 and '96), second-seeded at 141 pounds, upset top-seeded Bobby Cook of Chattanooga to win that weight class and was named Most Outstanding Wrestler of the Southern Conference tournament. Hart won the final 10-4 and will advance to the NCAA wrestling championships at Pennsylvania State University in State College, Pennsylvania on March 18-20.

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