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March 30, 2001
comments: To youth coaches and wrestlers:
A few thoughts on the WV Youth State Championships.

1) We need to work towards having one state tournament. We could even set it up where we use the same format as the high schools, where we have regional tournaments and the top four qualifiers go to the states.

2) Instead of having the age as of the day of the tournament, have one set cut-off date like every other state in the union. It would definitely make it easier for seeding purposes. Why not make it by grade, with a maximum age. For instance, 2nd and 3rd graders in one bracket with a maximum age of nine. Or, go with the age when the season starts. No other sport that I can think of makes you change your competition because your age changes during the year. It would be like a tee-baller turning 9 during the season and being forced to play little league. The Tulsa Nationals were age as of September 1. If it's good for the nationals, it should be good enough for us.

3) Birth certificates and report cards should be mailed in with the entry form. This would insure that only wrestlers from West Virginia would be eligible to wrestle in our state tournament.

We just feel, as do many others, that one state tournamemnt would be so much more rewarding for the kids. We need representatives from Parkersburg, Oak Glen, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Charleston, Beckley and Martinsburg, among others, to get together on this and work something out for next year. Let's do it for the kids.

March 30, 2001
comments: i am a h.s. coach in ohio looking to take my team to the team camp at wvu june 24-28. we do a diff't competition camp each summer (lock haven last summer and ohio st. the summer before). what i would like to know is what type of competition will be there? is it mostly wv teams or are there some out of state teams also? it looks like a nice camp! please help me out.

comments: i coach in ohio and am taking my team to wvu's team camp june 24-28. can anyone tell me what kind of competition to expect?

March 30, 2001
From: Thankful wrestling fan
comments: I want to thank the Parkersburg State Championship Committee. We had submitted an entry form and mistakenly put a wrestler in the 7-8 60lb class. The wrestler weighed in at 38lbs. Obviously, a mistake. After bringing this to their attention they moved the wrestler to his correct class. This act by PSCM showed a lot of class. Thanks.

March 30, 2001
From: KJ
Jared Kleman is the best wrestler I've ever seen. His lifetime record is 100 - 0 .He's only a peewee wrestler and is number one in the state at his weight bracket . He has won every torment he's been to -- even won the WSAZ'S in the 90 pound weight bracket. He won 11-12 90 weight bracket at the states he is an outstanding wrestler. He wrestles for Clay County .

March 30, 2001
From: Pirate_Mann
comments: AA vs AAA My predicted winners top 7 weight classes. Next 7 are forth coming. AA state place winners vs their AAA counterparts.

     145                              152
Kupfer vs Mays, Kupfer        Bolen vs Schindler, Schindler
Wood vs Moats, Moats          Miller vs Staley, Staley
Smith vs George, George       Wharton vs Pickens, Pickens
Nicka vs Agony, Agony         Seckman vs Vacant(McDonald), McD.
Flowers vs Dye, Flowers       Brown vs Hickman, Hickman
Stewart vs Gramlich, Stewart  Stutler vs Warner, Stutler
     160                              171
Stickles vs Daggett, Daggett  Hebrock vs Courtney, Courtney
Toth vs Taylor, Taylor        Brown vs Miller, Miller
Dent vs Wallace, Wallace      Stotler vs Daggett, Daggett
Efaw vs Durst, Durst          Burge vs Thomas, Thomas
Cotrill vs Bonecutter, J.B.   Yetts vs Linger, Linger
Lauderman vs Osuch, Osuch     Meyer vs Joplin, Joplin
     189                              215 
Bellville vs Starsick, Bllvll Oniel vs Noechel, Noechel
Magnone vs Thomas, Magnone    Weaver vs McCartney, McCartney
Delebrou vs Miller, Delebrou  Peck vs Hastings, Peck
Hashman vs Carr, Hashman      Raban vs Householder, Householder
Clark vs Marks, Marks         Stover vs Wells, Stover
Bosley vs Baker, Baker        Hovermale vs Delligatti, Delligati
Caughy vs Wellman, Caughy
Cliver vs Satterfeild, Satterfield
Naylor vs Morrison, Naylor
Tuttle vs McCourt, McCourt
Laughlin vs Henry, Laughlin 
Berg vs Hoover, Berg 

March 30, 2001
From: Grappler watcher
comments: Along with Brandon Digman, Patrick O'Malley & Glen Tanner being upcoming freshman to watch at Braxton County Middle School, we must add Kenneth Hacker. Another to watch in the upcoming years will be Steve Stevens (a 6th grader). These are extremely hard working athletes both academically and athletically. These young gentleman have great potential. We must thank and admire both Bryan and Stephanie Montgomery for instilling sportsmanship in their athletes.

March 28, 2001
From: Big Bird
comments: I don't know if anyone else is interested or not, but I would really like to know who is representing Team West Virginia! Anyone with information, please feel free to contact me:) Talk to you soon...............

March 28, 2001
From: tapout
comments: Could someone give some background on the "Dutton Award" and when it is given.

March 28, 2001
From: A local Fan
comments: To all wrestlers I feel that st.albans high is going to be a good team next year there getting alot of good wrestlers coming in next year. Most of the same wrestlers will be wrestling. Joe Roberts-130 and Janson Arnold-125 will be wrestling again and will be alot stronger. The junior wrestling will be good Matt Shanute-140 Aaron Racer-215,Amadi Wokpara-189, Tony Baker-165. This team will be a force to be reckon with.

March 28, 2001
From: Tim Mayle
email: WVWRESTLER@aol.com
comments: Matdaddy- Ive been trying to email you ref the freestyle in Raleight County. Please email me and let me know the specifics. I would be interested in getting a team together from the Fairmont area to participate.

March 28, 2001
From: Youth Nutt
comments: Here are the Team scores for both Parkersburge and Clarksburge Youth States as if the points were:
1st 10pts
2nd 7pts
3rd 5pts
4th 3pts
5th 2pts
6th 1pt

PATS 166
MTST 118
WHEEl 111
LUB 67
PLC 60
MAS 59
YG 57
MW 50
Wirt 48
Rip 35
BC 30
BRK 30
Rit 27
Vie 26
EF 25
CAB 25
ROL 24
WRR 22
SPB 21
Wil 19
YPT 19
WG 18
ELK 17
CAm 17
HUN 17
SS 15
NOP 15
Clay 13
CAL 12
MAR 10
BLU 10
HH 7
NM 3
ED 1
VEt 1

OG 179
CJWC 120
EF 106
PLC 93
TC 82
MC 75
LC 66
CAL 60
YG 50
NM 45
BS 42
CAM 39
HUN 38
SB 36
WF 32
Buc 32
GG 31
Berk 30
Rit 29
LUB 25
HWT 22
ELK 19
Wirt 18
JP 17
RIP 17
WWA 17
Clay 15
VR 10
PP 10
HC 10
MW 9
CB 8
lv 7
Bar 5
SH 5
Ie 5
Bo 3
Mart 3

Would Like to see these 2 tourneys come together would be some could competition. Who would dominate then OG or Pats?

March 28, 2001
From: An Old Friend
comments: Seeing the message from Coach Stef about her academic All-State and Honor Roll wrestlers and the recent talk about upcoming 9th graders who could have an impact next year jarred my memory about two of her kids. Besides being honor roll students, both Brandon Digman and Patrick O'Malley have the athleticism, skill, and desire to do something with themselves in high school. I've seen them progress from inexperienced wrestlers to tough competitors, and I've seen them when they've won and when they've lost, and they are real young gentlemen and a credit to their coaches and school (Braxton County Middle). I wish them both all the good fotune in the years ahead and look forward to seeing them wrestle again, hopefully in the state tournament. As your Coach Stef would say, "I'm dang proud of you guys!"

March 25, 2001
From: Daran Hays
comments: I attended the Dapper Dan clasic lastnight. Let me tell you that was the BEST highschool wrestling I have ever seen.Kyle Ott, Nick Simmons, Hary Lester, and Troy Letters stick out to me as possibly the best I've ever seen. Also Mocco is the best HVT. i have seen in quite a while.If anyone gets the chance to attend next season i strongly recommend it.

March 25, 2001
From: Coach Stef
comments: Doc - We had "March Madness" at school yesterday afternoon. It's the one "fun day" our kids have all year and is orchestrated by our parents. During the activites, we presented our WVMAT All-State and Honor Roll awards to our wrestlers. It was really great because we had sponsors in the community who made it really special for our wrestlers and thank you for helping us with the concept. 825 students at BCMS are becoming more and more aware of what it means to be a "student-athlete." Again, thank you from Coach Bryan and Coach Stef

March 25, 2001
From: Dom DiGioacchino
email: coachdom@warriorcamps.com
comments: Introducing Dom DiGioacchino's Warrior Wrestling Camps located at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA. For more information please visit our web site at http://www.warriorcamps.com or call 570-977-1178.

March 25, 2001
comments: Scott Schenerlein was a 2x national NAIA runner-up for West Liberty in 86 and 87. Also a WV state champ and ow for PHS in 82. Lee Merrill was a Division I national champ for Michigan State in 1942 and an Olympic Bronze Medalist in the 48 London Olympics, is a Parkersburg gead '38. So, James Branch is not the only WV native to be a national champ. I know James very well....i wrestled at WLSC as well.

March 25, 2001
From: Coach David Walker
email: matdaddy@citynet.net
comments: Heads up people there will be a free-style league starting soon in the Raleigh County area, although all wrestlers and coaches from the state are welcome. If you are interested in joining the league or if you are just curious please feel free to email me or call (304)255-2619
Remember, if you want to throw you have to know FREE-STYE.

March 23, 2001
From: Old West Liberty Wrestler
comments: Just wanted to add to your list of college All Americans from West Virginia. James Branch of Huntington High School was West Virginia's only ever collegiate National Champion. He won the Division II national title while wrestling at West Liberty State College.

March 23, 2001
comments: Miller & Noechel will not be attending due to an injuries. They had intentions but due to injuries wont be attneding nationals.

comments: Moats, I believe, is attending the Senior nationals.

comments: Josh Moyer, Chris Brown and Jamie Bolen from Independence are going to Delaware for the senior nationals.

March 23, 2001
From: Tony Bonic
email: bonytonic@yahoo.com
comments: Congrats to all the Mountain State Youth Wrestlers. Taylor,Seth and me have been watching. Hey, Jeremy Page, Seth is also weighing in at 55lbs. See ya this summer,...maybe.
Tony Bonic

March 23, 2001
From: CC41
comments: What does everyone think about Buckhannon's 140lb., Blane Mayle going to East Fairmont next year??? I think that is a great move for him and that he will definetly contend for the state title next two years...He has been wrestling very well so far this off-season beating the Maryland 3A/4A state champ at 135, Adam DeCosmo (Old Mill) by fall.... the VA. "A" 145 runner-up, Nick Hildebrand, (Sr. 36-4, from Buffalo Gap) by default, which Mayle was winning 11-0 in the second period, and the VA. "AAA" 6th place finisher,Brian Foley, (So. from Brooke Point) 8-3... He has show much improvement.... look for him further in this off-season w/ Team WV, Open H.S. Nationals and the other East Fairmont Wrestling Team as they travel to various tournaments..... Good luck guys.. You know I'm there for you... I cant wait to get back to help you ALL to become contenders for the State Championship... J- ..

. I would also like to congradulate all of the Buckhannon wrestlers that competed at the tournament in Brooke.... It's great to see you guys putting in the work this off-season... You guys will have a great team next year if you all can keep the numbers coming out, with the 8th graders that are coming up next year, I think that you all will be in the running for the NCAC title as well... Thats if you keep putting in the time and effort.. Trust me on this one.... *** (Keep up the good work JP, I'll be back)

March 21, 2001
comments: Glad to see some of the seniors entered at Senior Nationals.
Those on the website who have entered include 112-Gandee, Stanley 119-Stevens, Johnson 152-Daggett Way to challenge yourself guys. How do you know your the best? Compete with the best.

Does anyone know if anyone else is planning to enter? Would love to see Bonasso, Miller, Noel, MOats, Shindler, Bellville, Noechel or any of the other eligible seniors enter. I know last year Regalbuto placed, I think 4th. You see some guys moving down a weight class. Only one weigh-in, the day before tournament with a 3 lb allowance.

March 21, 2001
From: WV wrestling fan
comments: ? I was wondering if you could make a page with WV Wrestlers that has went on to become NCAA All Americans and or Qualifiers I think it would be great to recognize these wrestlers that have achieved that Honor Both Div-1 and 2 I only kow of a few like
Ken Chertow not sure what he placed
Mike Mason 7th 97 3rd 98
Mark Samples 7th 99
Jeremy Hart 3X qualifier 99 2000 2001
Josh Waugh DivII All American
Ryan Courtney Div II 7th 2001

Lets try tocome together and make a nice page saying what these fine young wrestlers have acomplished in the next level im sure that there will be many more to come in the future. Thank you

March 21, 2001
From: Big Bird
email: JBirdMU@aol.com
comments: Oh, there is no question that Mitch Smith will make a huge impact next year. We have all seen that he is physically capable of beating just about anyone. The kid is just plain bad! He will be All State next year, barring injury, and should be a State Champ in the near future. Good luck, Mitch! On a seperate note, does anyone know how Jared Walters ended up at Nationals? I have tried checking the website, but no luck.....

March 21, 2001
comments: I think it is obvious from all the "blanks" in the MAWA Brooke results that the addition of the Parkersburg MAWA last year gutted the field and one northern WV qualifier was enough.

March 21, 2001
From: Stat Man
comments: RE:Parkersburg Jr. State Seeding. There was much written about how "fair" the seeding process was at this year's state jr. tourney in Parkersburg. Since "seeding disputes" was the main reason Fairmont and Clarksburg broke away, Stat Man ran the numbers. Of the 50 wt.classes and age divisions, an amazing 43 of them were won by the 1st or 2d seeded wrestler-86 percent. If you add in the four no. 3 seeds who took first (E.Nogay, J.Howell, S.Easter and S.Shaffer) the percentage rises to an astounding 94% of top seeds who finished first. In fact, 28 of the 50 finals matches were between the no.1 and no.2 seeded wrestler. SEEMS VERY FAIR to stat man. I believe the lesson learned is that even with 6 years olds, the coaches "know" what is likely to happen. Comparing records of a kid who won 20 matches against the same wrestlers in a league and someone who won 15 matches in tough Pa. competition is not that hard if you keep an open mind. ONE LAST THOUGHT: 8 of the 10 wrestlers who finished 1st or 2d last year in the 9&10 group repeated as finalists this year--most even at an older age group. Thus, real significance should be afforded to past finalist finishes in the seeding process. In fact, the above-mentioned Howell and Easter were returning 2X state jr. champs but were seeded only 3rd. The lesson is that the cream rises to the top in championship matches.

March 21, 2001
From: from A Spectator
comments: I think the most exciting match of the year was between the heavyweights, Byron Wellman and Chris Satterfield. I was waiting for this match all night, I knew it would be a great one.For one you had two of the highest ranked wrestlers battling it out, second, Wellman had pinned everyone he had wrestled down at the states. I just knew Satterfield wasn't gonna be pinned. And they both wrestled with class. Wellman great win for you, always something you will remember. Satterfield,they better watch out for you next year!!!!!

March 21, 2001
comments: I believe a Freshman that will make an impact next year will be Glen Tanner from Braxton. This was his first year wrestling and place both at WSAZ and Jr. High States, as well as qualifing to go to The Tournament of Champions in Columbus, Ohio. He has the drive, desire, and determination to take him to the next level. Good Luck Glen, we look forward to watching you next year.

March 21, 2001
From: Trumble
comments: There are a couple of freshman to be looking forward too (2001-2002), out of the eastern panhandle.Bryan Alley (109-115 lbs) Musselman high. Josh Grim (120-125 lbs) Hedgesville high. Both very good youth Wrestlers and with some high school experience, I see them going far.

March 21, 2001
comments: Watch out for Anthony Easter he will be a Freshman State Champ next year his brother Matt will win his 3rd title as a Junior, Also watch out for Senoir Ben Wood to take his his 1st title

March 19, 2001
comments: I think a young freshmen that is coming nexted year that will make an impact is Mitch Smith he'll probaly wresle 135 or 140 but look for him to make a BIG impact at a heavier weight then a normal freshmen would

March 19, 2001
From: Mat Stat
comments: The most exciting match in the state tournament was definatley the 152 match between Mike Staley of Herbert Hoover and Adam Schindler of Ripley. The match kept us all guessing until the end. Congratulations to both of the wrestlers, you did a great job and I hope to continue watching you wrestle in college. I do admit that the matchup of Galean Lowers (Oak Glen) and Casey Hughes (Cameron) (130) was also exciting. Seeing a freshman come back from a defeat when these two met the first time was refreshing. Both wrestled well, but Casey was the victor in a very hard fought match. Congratulations to both.

March 19, 2001
From: mike email: curreyml@wirefire.com

comments: hey folks, i know there are no wv wrestlers wrestling, but for true fans of high school wrestling the Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic is this weekend in Pittsburgh. wrestlingclassic.com has all the info. how about adding a link in the headliners?

March 19, 2001
From: bulldog
comments: anyone know results from the MAWA district in parkersburg?

March 19, 2001
comments: To Timmy O Tool
Casey Hughes vs. Gaelen Lowers was the most exciting match of the year. Hughes won a 4-2 decision with 3 secs left in the match. David (Hughes the freshman) slayed Goliath (Lowers the senior) after he had been losing the week before 9-0 before he had to default the match. For a 15 year old kid to take one on the chin like that and come back the next week in front of literally thousands of people and beating the kid who had beat him the week before badly is remarkable considering the circumstances. Hughes should be a great one to watch, with a little more maturity and hard work, I see this kid going to the NCAA's someday.

March 19, 2001
I would like to congratulate Aaron Yoak for winning the State Championship at the West Virginia jr. championships. Your hard work and dedication has really paid of. You have made us all very proud of you. Also congratulations to Paul Goodrich for winning states. Keep up the good work.

March 19, 2001
comments: i believe the heavyweight match between byron wellman and chris satterfield was the most exciting match ive seen. what more can you ask for in the last match of the night going into overtime. and to get here wellman scored an escape in the last 6 seconds of the 3rd period. wellman shook off 2 1st round losses in the previous tournament to win his first state championship. congrats to both wrestlers for their performances

March 19, 2001
From: perk2234219
comments: i think the most exciting match was Wellman vs. Satterfield at states. although boring in the beginning, it was all worth it when wellman tied it up with only 6 seconds left in regulation and then went on to win it 11 seconds in overtime. Definately the most exciting of the year.

March 19, 2001
From: Tim Mayle
email: WVWRESTLER@aol.com
comments: I'm looking for Tim Queen's email. If anyone could help out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

March 19, 2001
comments: If a bad wrestler is referred to as a fish then what is a bad coach referred to as..... Just wondering and not makin a bad comment about anyone!!!

March 19, 2001
From: Dave
comments: Does anyone know of some Freshman coming up the next year that you all feel will make an impact? If so please post I am interested in your opinions

March 16, 2001
From: All around Fan
comments: Comments: To Timmy
I believe my choice would have to be the AAA 152 state final match between Adam Schindler of Ripley, and Mike Staley of Herbert Hoover. It was the best match i have seen in a long while, it had every body on the edge of there seats! Congratulations to both wrestlers, and I hope to see you guys wrestling in college, every one knows you have the talent.

March 16, 2001
comments: I think from the list given, that 152: Adam Schindler (R) vs. Matt Staley (HH) State Final was the most exciting match , or at least it had the best ending.

March 16, 2001
From: Fed Up Wrestler
comments: Ok. I am really tired of people saying what everyone is gonna do in the upcoming tournaments. Dont post what you or what you think that you are going to do because all it does is fill the board up with what I like to call "crap".

P.S. Why post about how good someone is or what they are going to do. If they are "that good" everyone should already know who you are and have an idea of what you SHOULD do at a tournament

March 16, 2001
Hart drops round 1

March 16, 2001
From: Bridget Porter
email: steveporter@citynet.net
comments: From: Mommy and Daddy
Congratulations Steven Porter II we are very very proud of you. You had a great first year wrestling and hope you have many many more. Steven finished 2nd at Parkersburg Jr. states coming into the finals with Kyle Neely, Neely took the championship,the following weekend Steven finished 1st at Clarksburg states once again coming into the finals with Neely, it was a tough match but Steven held out for a one point win. We would like to let Neely's coach know we appreciate his friendship the past two weeks and wish Kyle luck next year, and hope to see you all again next year. And also to our friends from Wirt county Congratulations to Tyler Fracis It was nice meeting and making friends with you all and look forward to seeing you all again next year.

March 16, 2001
From: Timmy O Tool
comments: What do you think the most exciting match of the year at each weight was this year? I would like some input on this thought. Let's keep these down to all in-state matches (2 WV wrestlers)
Here are some examples:
103: Erica Dye (WC) vs. Jesse Biddle (Will) LKC Finals
112: Kevin Ballam (H) vs. Kyle Turnbull (U) Winners Choice Final
119: Matt Stevens (P) vs. Ryan Metz (PS) Region 1 Final
125: Chris Johnson (N) vs. Matt Bosley (PS) State semi final
130: Casey Hughes (C) vs. Gaelen Lowers (OG) State final
135: Mike Muldrew (JM) vs. Devin Abshire (Jef) State Quarters
140: Robbie Ripley (N) vs. Danny Lord (H) State Finals
145: Roger Kupfer (C) vs. Bryan Moats (H) Max Horz Inv Semis
152: Adam Schindler (R) vs. Matt Staley (HH) State Final
160: Drew Toth (SH) vs. Jamie Dent (H) State Semi Final
171: Jeff Courtney (FS) vs. Matt Miller (EF) State Final
189: Phillip Bellville (OG) vs. Vince Magnone (W) State Final
215: Aaron McCartney (PS) vs. Greg Six (OG) PS-OG Dual
275: Byron Wellman (CM) vs. Chris Satterfield (EF) STate Final

I think it would be great to get some input on this subject. Its one that no fighting should arise from and everyone can enjoy boasting their wrestler's accomplishment with! Maybe there could even be an award given on a coach's vote for it...just a thought.

March 16, 2001
From: Randy
email: wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com
comments: to HuskieWrestler:
i believe that is the one you are looking for.

March 16, 2001
comments: Congratulations to 3 East Fairmont wrestlers that traveled to Ft. Defiance, Va. to wrestle in the "take it to the Mat" Tournament. Blane Mayle finished 5-0 beating the Virginia 6th Place AAA 145 Brian Foley of Brookpoint by injury default (mayle was winning 11-3 at that time), and Virginia A runnerup at 145 Nick Hildebrand from Big Gap 8-2. Ben Geary finished the day 2-1 and defeated Virginia A 152lb state champ Shaun Guttridge 2-0. Brandon Geary went undefeated at 3-0 with no closely contested matches.

March 16, 2001
comments: to the guy with no name: I really wish I could understand your post. Your look at the forum and "this" is all you ever see? What is it that you see and don't like? People congratulating their kids, parents talking about another wrestler being compassionate when their son was injured. This IS talking about wrestling. I love reading everything on the forum. I just didn't understand what you seemed so disgusted with.

March 14, 2001
From: HuskieWretsler
email: Grappler6@Juno.com
comments: A couple months ago, there was a link to a website posted on the forum. It was to a geocities website that someone had created about WV High School Wrestling. I have looked and looked and cannot find this link now. If anyone knows what it is, or Doc, if you still have it, can someone post it on here, or email it to me please?

March 14, 2001
From: a wrestler
comments: cael has not EVER lost a match in college. i know there have been rumors that he lost but he didn't so stop talking about it

March 14, 2001
From: Old Friend
comments: Look out for Psycho this weekend. He means business!

March 14, 2001
comments: How can Zac McCray be fitted for a South uniform. He goes to Williamstown.

March 14, 2001
From: C Smith
comments: Good Luck to Jeremy Hart this weekend at NCAA Nationals in trying to become a All American, We all know you can do it.

March 14, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: According to www.the mat.com Parkersburg South finished the 2001 season ranked 28th in the nation.Blair Academy of NY finished 1st just ahead of St.Eds of Ohio.Congratulations on another banner year Patriots!

March 14, 2001
From: Coach Stef
comments: "Old Coach" is retiring. I know as as new "wrestling coach", I have appreciated his expertise. He, has helped me immeasurably, as well as my kids. Three years ago, I was soooo intimidated by his team. Since then, we have cussed and discussed and he has provided so much help for my kids. I'm sure that Coach Dave Walker, Coach Jeremy Tenney, Coach Dave Darst, Coach Wayne Jarvis and Coach Jim LeMasters, among others, would like to let "Old Coach" know how much he's contributed to WRESTLING IN WV!! Coach LeMasters, I'm sorry about the caps, but this time, I think it's warranted.

March 14, 2001
From: Stat man
comments: As a youth coach whose kids have wrestled at both the Parkersburg and Clarksburg "state" jr. championships I have long thought that due to its greater numbers and its location in the heart of youth wrestling (Wood Co.), the Parkersburg tournament had much tougher competition. I recently compared the results of both tournaments as published on this website. Of the 62 wrestlers I could identify who PLACED in both events, the average place was third at Parkersburg (3.01 to be exact) and second at Clarksburg (2.26). It would thus appear from this statistically valid sample that the competion is tougher in Parkersburg. That is, chances are you could finish a whole place higher in Clarksburg if you wrestled in both. Further, of the 16 champions at Parkersburg who made the trip to Clarksburg, 13 took first and the other 3 were runners up. Conversely, several of the the champions at Clarksburg placed no higher than 4th, 5th or 6th a week earlier at Parkersburg. Either these wrestlers got alot better in a week or the competition at Parkersburg was tougher. This is not in any way to denigrate the Clarksburg event, but to just show in a detached mathematical way that if you want to wrestle the best, you should wrestle at the jr. states in Parkersburg.

March 13, 2001
comments: I really get tired of all this. I get on here and this is all I ever see. I mean sometimes I wake and say , "hmm... maybe I'll check out the forum today" But i dont why i do, cuz that is the only thing ever discussed on here. I mean there are alot of things going on in wrestling and this is all we ever talk about. Arent other disgusted too? i mean, i cant be alone on this can I?

March 13, 2001
From: TS
comments: In light of some of the recent discussions posted on this site, I felt it was necessary to point out some of the good in this sport as we have personally experienced. I would like to congratulate M. Peters for being a true class act. During the recent state youth tournament in Parkersburg, WV our son broke his collar bone in his match against this young man. Although no one knew how serious his injury was at the time, this young man approached our son several times to make sure he was okay. Good parenting, good coaching, and a thoughtful child ,these are the aspects of this sport that we have grown to love. Competition on the mat, and compassion off of it. Chris looks forward to competing with him in the future.

March 13, 2001
From: from mom and dad
comments: Congratulations to Nicholas Munday for your first National AAU title. We are so proud of you for the way you wrestle and all the hard work that you put forth. You are a great wrestler and a wonderful son. The things you did this weekend make me so proud of you that I cannot ever tell you in words. Your decisions may not seem right to other people, but you made another person extremely proud and I commend you for that!! Good Luck at the Eastern Nationals, we are behind you 100%!!

March 13, 2001
comments: I want to congratulate all the boys from Parkersburg who went to the AAU Middle School Nationals in Virginia Beach this past weekend. The 7th and 8th graders had some excellent competition and made us all proud!! You were all faced with some unbelievable brackets and all held tough!! A special congratulations to Nick Munday 5th and 6th grade 130 and Mitch Smith 7th and 8th grade 135 for your first place Naional AAU title.

March 12, 2001
From: proud small fry mom!!
comments: well sometimes you get the bear and sometomes the bear gets you!! So this week the congrats goes to Steven Porter of Mason Co. as in the states, it came down to him and Kyle in the finals. It was an amazing match I'm very proud of both of them. Kyle ended his season 32-2 and giving Porter his only loss of the season (last weekend).

March 12, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Congratulations to Zac McCray on becoming a Junior State Champion !The Gatorman knew you would do it ! We are going to see if coach McCartney can size you up for a Patriot singlet.Great job Zac!!

March 12, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: ..........The site is our answer to many questions and the information we receive cannot be obtained anywhere else to my knowledge.How about a few more pat on the backs to the kids and coaches instead of saying how we are going to destroy one another.It may be easy to dislike a team on top like South but they are just kids in high school.Saying that one wrestler will defeat another is fine because we get to express ourselves.I honestly do not feel this sight has done one thing to promote ill-will or anything negative that would lead up to an ugly event taking place..............
Editor's note: Thanks to all the readers who have commented on this issue. I appreciate the support, and am glad that most agree that sometimes significant "editing" is in order. I think we have just about covered this topic.... (smile).

March 11, 2001
comments: Congratulations to Erica Dye on her OUTSTANDING performance as a member of the USA cadet womens team at the Klippan Ladies Open in Klippan,Sweeden. Erica is bringing home the gold! She pinned her way through the tournament finishing with a 4-0 record. She also was named as the OUTSTANDING WRESTLER of the tournament. All your hard work is paying off. You have made Wirt co. and West Virginia proud. Way to wrestle sweetie!

From: Todd Moore Wirt Co. Asst Coach
comments: Congradulations to Erica Dye on her recent accomplishment at the Klippans Ladies Cup Tournament in Klippan, Sweeden. Erica wrestled in two age divisions at the 43kg weight class. She pinned her way through the cadet division to win the championship with a mark of 4-0. She then lost two consecutive close matches in the senior division and was eliminated. She was voted the Most Valuable Wrestler in the Cadet Division and defeated her opponent in the Team USA-Team Sweeden scrimage. Great job this year...can't wait to see what your senior season will hold next year.

March 11, 2001
From: JP
comments: Concerning the NCAA Division I Championships: I believe in the 184 pound class Cael Sanderson will win w/ease. I was at the Championships in St. Louis last year and we unbelievable. It looked as he had no fear on the mat. I believe his closest match in the tournament last year was 16-5 in the semis over the guy from Minnesota but i dont remember his name.

March 11, 2001
From: B.J.
comments: Any one know who wrestled and placers this weekend in the open division at the Rainelle tournament? Open weights 160 and 170. Thanks.

March 11, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: I've already starting coaching track but as I have read and re-read Doc's comments concerning the forum, I realized there were a few things that I neglected to say earlier. The forum, as well as the entire web-site (Dr. Miller's baby) has been such a positive influence on my wrestlers. We present the academic wrestling awards at a school-wide assembly in the spring at our school of 825 students - we're the only sport to do this, thanks to Doc, and this is such a positive in our school-wide athletic program. Our wrestlers were given many positive comments from coaches on the forum and because of Brent Samms' Middle School/Junior High page, we had wrestlers who were encouraged by "Old Coach" to see their name on the internet. What a positive for kids who trained hard and wrestled hard and could only talk about the coach of one of their biggest rivals contacting them and pushing them to be the best that they could be! This is what Doc has done with his web-site and the forum. For what it's worth - criticism is good, as long as it's positive.

March 11, 2001
email: For the forum
comments: West Liberty State wrestlers are competing in the Div. II National Tournament on March 9th and 10th. To get up to date results go to www.themat.com

March 11, 2001

March 9, 2001
comments: According to the Division I list of qualifiers, Cael Sanderson is listed as 35-0 and the champ of his region. Of note: ESPN2 will televise the division I championship round in its entirety on March 17 at 6 pm. This is a tape delay. Apparently, they are starting the finals a little earlier to permit ESPN2 to air this on that Saturday evening. I'm looking forward to it.

March 9, 2001
From: informed person
comments: - Cael Sanderson won his 114th career match without a loss to claim his third 184-pound Big 12 wrestling championship

March 9, 2001
comments: I can tell you how glad I was to find this site last year. Living out of WV I had great difficulty finding any coverage about WV wrestling, heck I had a hard time finding it when i lived in WV, cuz the media coverage of Wrestling is nil. That is why this site and forum are even more valuable to not only keep this sport going but to evelvate it to the next level of exposure. The positives far exceed the negatives. Keep it going.

March 8, 2001
comments: I agree, the W.V. youth states was very nice. The only thing was that my son was in the 9-10 105lbs. he wrestled all year at 95lbs, they did not have a 95 or 100,the jump went to 105lbs. I would like to see next year a 95 and 100lb class for the kids.Great job , see you next year

March 8, 2001
From: BB
comments: Evidently, I have missed the excitement. Could someone please tell me what happened that has everyone fighting for the forum's life? I do agree that sportsmanship is down in certain areas, but there are also certain teams that show extraordinary class. As an official, I try my hardest to maintain control of everyone involved with the sport. Generally, I do not have very many problems with people; however, there are always problems with sportsmanship when coaches do not discipline. Nothing disgusts me more than to see a wrestler misbehave, only to see their coach support the behavior. This also goes for the parents of competitors. Good coaches will have the respect of all parties involved, and as a direct correlation, fewer problems throughout the year. When I was wrestling in High School, my coach took a brief moment each week to tell us what he expected out of us. If we got out of line, we had to pay the piper! I know that one solution will not solve the entire problem, but we have to start somewhere. Coaches, please remember to work WITH the officials and DISCIPLINE your parties:)

March 8, 2001
From: youth coach
comments: the jr. states was the best i've every seen. the volunteers , director , and the wood county coaches (the ones who showed up to work ) did a excellent job . this was mainly due to mr. baldwin , and mr . peters , these men worked countless hours to ensure each wrestler was given the same shot at winning states. the seading meeting to the final clean-up was carefully planned and executed almost without the least little glich. my hat comes off to all of you that helped and looking forward to next years states

March 8, 2001
comments: Has any one heard wether Cael Sanderson (Iowa State) has lost. I heard he has but im not sure if its true. If u find out please write it on here

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