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March 9, 1999
From: Charlie Miller
email: cmiller@weir.net
comments: O.G. reply:
Due to geographic location, costs of overnite travel, and other factors, we live with the addage...you wrestle who you are around! The only schools within a "decent" travel time are larger Ohio/Pennsylvania School Districts, and AAA West Virginia schools...with the exception of Weirton, who by the way is on our schedule. We wrestle in a very competitive region of the Tri-State Area to prepare our wrestlers for the toughest matches......... ...............THE WV STATE TOURNEY!!
Ask the single A teams in this region who they wrestle, and they will tell you the same thing. Look what its done for Cameron's program, You can't honestly stick this one on the coaches from either school. This happens with schools all along our states boundries.
I would also like to tell coach John Peters of Ritchie County congrats. My statement on this forum at an earlier date was in no way to take away from your accomplishment this year. Please feel free to reply Charlie Miller (cmiller@weir.net)

March 9, 1999
comments: The state youth tournament in Parkersburg this past weekend was a huge success. Does anyone intend to submit the complete scores/place finishers? Thanks.

March 9, 1999
From: fan
comments: To: whoever wrote about Oak Glen not participating in AA duals
I am not from Oak Glen, but you can't get better wrestling mediocre wrestlers. You have to challenge yourself. If you wrestle people better than you then you will learn new things and get better. If you wrestled schools that weren't good just because they were AA that would make you a worse coach.

March 9, 1999
From: spiderman email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: to OAK GLEN: I know your coach Larry Shaw, is an excellent wrestling instructor, and very deserving of being Coach of the year every year. But sometimes, Coach of the Year goes beyond winning the state title, like for instance sometimes your best wrestler may not be the State Champ but the mediocre athlete who has strived for more. Likewise, our coaches sometimes deserve respect for making a difference, not just winning. This is not meant to be derrogatory in any manner, I'm just trying to say, "SHARE THE WEALTH"

March 9, 1999
From: fan
comments: Just thought everyone may be interested to know that the WVU wrestling team qualified 8 wrestlers for the NCAA Championship tourney (March 18-20 at Penn State) this past weekend at the EWL tournament in Cleveland. This ties a nine year old record for the Mounties that was originally set in 1990 and tied in 1996. WVU finished 2nd as a team to Edinboro 148.5-113.0. The mountaineer wrestlers that qualified are Angelo Zegarelli (125 pounds); Bob Patnesky (133); Whitey Chlebove (141); Joe Carr (149); Richard Taylor (165); Sam Kline (174); Vertus Jones (184); and Sean Hage (HWT). Kline won the EWL championship over Jason Moaney of Clarion 3-1; Chlebove lost 7-4 to number 1 Mark Angle of Clarion to place 2nd. Jones defeated Dave Murray of Lock Haven 12-7 to win his third EWL championship. Hage lost his HWT match 3-2 to number 16 A.J. Johnson if Edinboro. Zegarelli, Taylor, and Patnesky all finished 3rd in their respective weight classes. Carr finished 5th and qualified for the NCAA's by means of a wild card entry.

March 8, 1999
comments: TO: OAK GLEN Why doesn't your coach schedule AA duals if you're AA? That could be the reason your coach didn't get coach of the year, you don't wrestle AA until states

March 8, 1999
comments: A tournament for Cadets and Juniors? What is that? Or Who is that?
Editor's note: It is my understanding that Cadet and Junior refers to the age groups for USA Wrestling Sanctioned events. USA wrestling goes by year of birth, so, of course, the definition changes every year. I am told that "Cadet" refers to birthdate 1983 and 1984; "Junior" refers to birthdate 1980, 1981, and 1982 and grades 9-12. It is my understanding that if you wish to wrestle in one of these USA Wrestling sanctioned events, that you need a membership card, and these age definitions are probably spelled out in the application process. You can check the USA Wrestling Website for details on membership cards, etc.

March 7, 1999
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: For those interested, both Md and Va had their States this weekend. Va results can be gotten thru the "other links" in wvmat. Md results can be found at http://www.raspa.net/wrestling

March 7, 1999
comments: If wrestlers have a skin infection, why did their coach, parent,or referee let them wrestle? Especially being at the state wrestling tournament, I cannot believe that a wrestler was allowed on the mats with an infection of this nature. All 215lb wrestlers need to be checked out after this tournament. The SSAC needs to be notified. There should be a warning given to all referees. I feel very sorry for these boys that have come down with a serious infection as staph.

March 7, 1999
From: westlers dad
comments: My son to wrestles 215 and also came home from the state tournament with staph infection. He to had to go to the hospital and is on antibiotics. It was obvious to both wrestlers and fans which boys had the infection. I don't know how the officals could not have noticed. If anyone can shed some light please do.

March 6, 1999
comments: Congradulations to the Brooke wreastling team for a job well done. Finishing 7th as a team while only qualifing 6 wrestlers.Congratulations to Joey Nichols State Champion at 171, Dan Stanley 3rd at 119, Jason Gillispie 4th at 140, and Don Alexander 3rd at 189. Everybody in Brooke County is very proud of you!

March 6, 1999
From: Steve Bosley
email: bos3@wirefire.com
comments: Response from Kim and Steve Bosley about the March 4th comments about tieir son Matt Bosley. In principle I agree with the article 100% until you mentioned my son's name. My son is no more couragious or better than any young man that puts a uniform on and walks into the circle to do combat. At this time my son is going through extensive rehabilitation for what may be a career ending injury. With intensity of his rehabilition and pain and suffering he goes through everyday, he does not need any more pressure or target put on his back. If you wish to contact me and get my full opinion e-mail me at bos3@wirefire.com

March 5, 1999
From: Dennis Stanley
email: DStan81351@aol.com
comments: We are currently working on putting together a USA Wrestling WV National Team to represent WV in Fargo in July. I havn't publicized it yet because we have not confirmed a date for a qualifier tournament. As of today we believe we have a date of May 8 at Cabell Midland High School. But stand by, I am waiting one more approval from school officials. The reason for the qualifier tournament is that the Fargo national team is restricted to three indviduals per weight class. The qualifier tournament will be modified high school rules (takedowns). It will be for Cadets and Juniors. Individuals who intend to go to Fargo will be invited to attend a two week training in Huntington prior to leaving for Fargo. We believe we having funding mechanisms in place to make this a sponsored trip. The cost to individuals should be minimal. It will be coached by Rob Archer.

This spring we have a group of wrestlers preparing to participate in Freestyle tournaments. I will send a draft schedule to the forum. As more tournaments become available we will adjust the schedule. I will also send in a flier on the tournament when I have the details nailed down. Each of the coaches should have recieved a flier on the National Team project at the state tournament. I apologoze for leaving some people hanging. If anyone wants to get more details about the program just post the request and I'll try to respond. We will try to get this more formally communicate this week.
Dennis Stanley
Editor's note: Thanks for the update, Mr Stanley. We will try to keep everyone updated.

March 5, 1999
From: point wrestlers father
email: addresser1998@yahoo.com
comments: I have a problem with something that happened at the state tournament. My son wrestles at 215 AAA and following a match on Saturday his face began to break out real bad. I had to take him to the hospital and it was diagnosed as staph infection. Sinse then I have heard that some of the other 215 AAA wrestlers have also had some similar problems. My question is if a wrestler can't wrestle with something as minor as ring worm why would the officials let someone wrestle with staph infection? My son has been on IV antibiotics all week and still isn't well. I suggest that maybe the officials take more care in checking the wrestlers. I would also like for anyone who might know anything about these other cases please let me know. Also could anyone let me know if there is anyone who I should file a complaint with so this never happens again..

March 5, 1999
From: Jared Walters
email: Jared711@aol.com
comments: About the West Virginia Wrestling Team.
May 9, I think is the qualifying tournement for the WV National Team. The top three in the tournement will make the team. I'm sure that more information will be on WVMAT as it comes closer to time for it. If you want some more information email Dennis Stanely who is helping running it at Dstan81351@aol.com, or you can email me.

Editor's note: Jared, thanks for the update. I'm confused. Which WV National team are you referring to? A free style team? Who is in charge? How can wrestlers hook up?

There is also the NHSCA "National High School Wrestling Championships" in Pittsburgh March 26-28. This tournamnet is open to High School Seniors who have been a State Champ or Runner-Up during their high school career. The top eight placers receive "All-American" recognition. You may visit the NHSCA page for some further details. Check the wrestling section. I have had some inquiries from some WV wrestlers who qualify but have received no information or invitation. Can someone help out in this regard? Who can they contact?

There is also the NHSCA "National Open Wrestling Championships" sponsored by the same group, which is open to those who qualify via the qualifying tournament to be held Saturday, April 24th, 1999 at University High School, Morgantown, WV. The top four finishers at this qualifier may advance to the "National Open Wrestling Championship" to be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Future Champions Divisions - June 28-30. High School Division- July 1-3. Information on the qualifier has been widely distributed and may be seen by following this link.

March 5, 1999
comments: bit of an editing job on my last comment huh Doc.? That's OK - I can say what I what I want on my page (http://www.iit.edu/~lantmir/talon.html) without getting you in trouble :). I understand why you edited it, and I don't blame you.
Editor's note: Well, I've been exposed. For those readers who haven't figured this out, the editor's sword falls regularly. If you all think that some of the forum posts are, er, um, controverserial, you should see what gets the delete key....

March 5, 1999
comments: I was surfing the net at other states wrestling pages... and whereas I find this page one of the most well organized, I did find a good idea on the NY page.... they have pictures of all the state place winners on the podium from each year, along with a seperate photo of state champs, and one of the MOW.... this may be something to think about in the future.... but, meanwhile... keep up the good work!
Editor's note: Hmmm....

March 5, 1999
From: eric
email: ericmccartney@hotmail.com
comments: To #1 Ravenswood Fan
Auvil is a great wrestler, but Chris Morris of Calhoun did beat him at the Braxton Big 16 and at States. Morris was also beating Zubay before finally getting defeated. I believe that Morris could beat him if matched up again. Hopefully we will see next year.

March 5, 1999
From: Someone who knows
comments: To #1 Ravenswood fan
Morris and Zubay both beat Auvil at states! And Zubay beat Morris

March 5, 1999
comments: For the Outstanding contibuters page how come there is not a list of the Dutton Award winners?
Editor's note: I don't have that information. If you do, send it along and we'll include it...

March 5, 1999
From: Waldo Ino
comments: A couple a good years from the Eastern Panhandle does not call for drastic Regional Realignment. If the Eastern Panhandle can maintain their power surge for the next three or four years, then here are more suggestions for realignment.

Region 1
East Fairmont
Fairmont Senior
John Marshall
North Marion
Wheeling Park
Region 2
Lewis County
Philip Barbour
Robert C. Byrd
Region 3
George Washington
Herbert Hoover
Parkersburg South
Point Pleasant
Roane County
Region 4
Cabell Midland
Greenbrier East
Nicholas County
Oak Hill
Spring Valley
St. Albans
Woodrow Wilson

March 5, 1999
From: To: Ravenswood fan
comments: Morris beat Auvil twice this year.

March 5, 1999
I did not mean to infer that WV Mat itself was in contempt of Oak Glen and their wrestling program........
One Who Knows
Editor's note: O.K. Thanks for the clarification. (smile).

March 5, 1999
comments: To Jimmy Johnson and Eric McCartney from Calhoun:
Everyone is very proud of the both of you. You both have worked very hard to achieve your goals. I know how hard it has been on you being from a small school with a lot of diadvantages that wrestlers from wealthier schools do not comprehend. I was heart-broken to see both of your losses at States this year. Johnson and McCartney exhibited what means to be true champions. Johnson lost an overtime match to an OG wrestler and came back stong to finish 3rd meeting the same OG wrestler again in conselation finals. This time Johnson was determined to win and beat his opponent 6 to 1. McCartney was the only Calhoun wrestler to make it to finals and lost his only match this year on a very controversial call in the last seconds. He handled the loss well, not all wrestlers would have done the same if they would have encountered a similar situation. I am sad to say that McCartney will not be in the Calhoun line up next year and wish him the best of luck with his future endevors. Johnson will be a senior and I can't wait to see him in action.

March 5, 1999
From: talon
comments: In the letter "One Who Knows" says "...Coach Shaw and his team were moved into YOUR division..." Oak Glen is now part of that division, but you still seem to want to stay seperate and almost above it. It should be OUR division - OG is part of it too now. "One Who Knows" also says "Would you like to be treated as you have treated him and his team?" Well, I think that Oak Glen does treat everyone else even worse than they are treated themselves. For example, did anyone boo Logan Glass when he took the mat for his last two matches of the tournament? I think not. But last year, after Chris Basford upset Jones in the quarter finals, he was booed everytime he took the mat. He will even tell you that..........

March 5, 1999
From: #1 ravenswood fan
comments: To the writer about Morris and Zubay, No offense they are both good wrestlers but Like I sad before, Gandee and Auvil would not be beaten by those guys. sorry if you disagree but write and tell me what u think!

March 5, 1999
From: Midland Fan
comments: Add the name of Dave Lemaster to the list off 100 win wresters. He got his 100th at the atate this year. If he hadn't missed 3/4 of a season with a blown knee he would have made it sooner. Congratulations to Jared Walters for being on TV as the Channel 3 athlete of the week. That's hard to do in basketball playoff time.

March 5, 1999
I'm looking for a used home-size wrestling mat. if you have one for sale, e-mail me at gooseshows@aol.com

March 5, 1999
From: DMC
email: daniellecombs@yahoo.com
comments: I would just like to let everyone know that South high school's wrestling team is the best. The guys on the team are so nice and they are really dedicated to what they do. I saw what some people wrote about my friend Josh Dearth. If you all don't like him then you should just learn to keep your mouths shut more often.

March 5, 1999
From: Brian Chancellor
email: brianchancellor@hotmail.com
comments: In my opinion if South and Oak Glen would meet, South would win!! In response to Erik Sprigg if you want info. about eastern nationals you need to contact Josh Dearth. He can get everything for you.

March 5, 1999
From: john
comments: Matt Miller is the best 160 in the state and he would probably put the title on the line anytime because he is not afraid to fail.

March 5, 1999
Dear editor:
Did any of you wrestling fans of AA-A who have done nothing but ridicule Oak Glen's very existence ever stop to think why they are now in the AA-A division instead of AAA? Their school population dropped and the state reclassified them. Through no fault of their own, Coach Shaw and his team were moved into your division. Believe me, he had absolutely nothing to do with it!

He is a dedicated and disciplined coach that has worked wonders with the athletes he's received over the years. When Oak Glen was in the AAA division, they repeately were runners-up in the state tournament, but were considered unworthy to be recognized. Now his team is AA-A, and they are condemned because they are still winning.

Not only has he not received the respect he deserves, he and his team have had to face the contempt of others. Put yourself in his shoes. Would you like to be treated as you have treated him and his team? Shame on you!
One Who Knows

March 5, 1999
From: Anthony Regalbuto
comments: Does anybody have any information about West Virginia having a freestyle team please let me know.

March 5, 1999
From: aa/a fan
email: aa/a fan@wvadventures.net
comments: i would have liked to see morris and zubay to have to rematch. zubay could not beat him again. it would be like 119. cal. and OG Cal. has a lot of good wrestlers. keep your head up boys you done good.

March 5, 1999
comments: I would like to congratulate Jimmy Johnson on getting his 100th win at the state tournament this year.

March 4, 1999
comments: Congratulations to Parkersburg South on winning the State Tournament this year. I have enjoyed reading the forum and the comments about our feeder programs here. They are very fine programs, but unfortunatly, our Board of Education does not allow our Jr. High's to travel outside the county. It is a shame that we have to keep wrestling ourselves for competition. Imagine the kind of wrestlers that we would have here if we were allowed to compete during the wrestling season outside of Wood Co. Thank God that we have the best wrestling clubs in the state right here in Wood Co. so that we can get outside competition. I understand the rule about the freshmen wrestling in Jr. High if they have a program. But why not let the freshman wrestler decide if he/she wants to continue wrestling in Jr. high or move up to the High School. If the wrestler chooses to move up to High School then that wrestler would not be allowed to compete in Jr. High wrestling. Matt Bosley is one of the finest wrestlers I have seen in a long time and is undefeated. That includes all matches outside the state wrestled for his club. He is a freshman this year and could have placed easily in whatever weight class that he wrestled in. Penalizing such talent because we have Jr. High programs is holding back potential 4 time state champs. The rest of the state should thank their lucky stars that the wrestlers from Parkersburg South and Parkersburg High Schools do not get High School expierience until their sophmore year. GO PATRIOTS

March 4, 1999
From: Matt Stevens
email: cougar@citynet.net
comments: Everyone talking about the South and Oak Glen match. I am not from South, but I would welcome a match with Zubay. On another topic, anyone interested in wrestling high school nationals talk to Dave Satterfield and we'll get a WV team going. Just tell him on WV-MAT. He'll be on.

March 4, 1999
From: Chuck Easter
comments: How true it is that strong feeder programs help high school wrestling! Also that the Wood Co. area supports some of the best in the East. From our own desire for our 3 boys to excel in this sport we have been a part of youth teams in Kan., Cabell, Mason, and Wood counties. Living in Putnam Co., and a high school district that does not wrestle, makes you wonder why wrestling? The answer is because wrestling is the most rewarding. I wish Putnam Co. would allow middle school kids to wrestle , but the Board does not see enough intrest to include it as a sport. So,no pee wee, no jr. high, no high school. HELP!

March 4, 1999
From: ravenswood fan
comments: This is regarding the 103 pound class at the states. I loved the (point) from ashley, but I really thought that Auvil from Grafton would be in the Finals with him. I think Auvil would have even wrestled Ashley better. As i look at the results Auvil lost to Zubay 3-2, then lost to Brown 4-2 in ot, and then a 2-1 decision to Morris. I think Auvil has improved tremendously from last year. If anyone disagree's or agree's please write and tell me.
Ravenswood #1 Fan

March 4, 1999
From: mac attack
comments: to the guys talking about Parkersburg South and Oak Glen matching up, Stevens wrestles 103 for Parkersburg not South

March 4, 1999
From: Brian Chancellor
email: brianchancellor@hotmail.com
comments: I think ther is a big differance between AA and AAA. I would also like to congratulate all the South seniors for a great job in there three years at South. Erik Spriggs I'll try to see if I can get some info. for you. E-mail me.

March 4, 1999
comments: How can TALON say Lowe from wirt is better than Glass when Glass has beaten him two years in a row. I'm not saying Lowe is bad cause if he can wrestle with Glass he must be good. I would like to say good job luke salomns for his effort in the finals.

March 4, 1999
From: Garry Bender
email: gbender@access.mountain.net
comments: I would like take a minute to thank Coach Roy Michael for his extra effort during the wrestling season to compile the AAA team and individual ranking. Once again he has demononstrated his love of and knowldge of our sport. The final individual rankings were amazingly accurate. While ranking 112 wreslers throughout the state only 5 wrestlers that placed were omitted from the rankings. You guys do the math, but to be that accurate requires considerable effort on his part. Once again, thanks coach.

March 4, 1999
From: Coach Kurt Lear
email: klear@iceweb.net
comments: Southern Garrett Qualifies 7 wrestlers to the Maryland State Tournament.
Nick Sines 125 lb places 3rd at regionals
Jeremy Lear 130 lb places 4th at regionals
Eric Rexrode 145 lb places 1st at regionals 29-0
Nick Dolan 152 lb places 1st at regionals 28-0
Jeremy Hayhurst 160 lb places 3rd at regionals
John Hayhurst 171 lb places 2nd at regionals
Russell Crosco 189 lb places 1st at regionals
Souhtern Garrett's team finished 3rd at regionals
Northern Garrett qualifies 10 wrestlers and finished 1st in the regional tournament.Williamsport HS finished 2nd.
Editor's note: Thanks for the update, Coach. Keep us posted...

March 4, 1999
I am writing to see if anyone can give me information on a tournament that is a qualifier for the Eastern Nationals. I want to attend the tourney, but I don't know of anyone that can give me any info. on it. If you could, send me any info. that you can. I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you.
Erik Spriggs
98 HWT. Parkersburg South

March 4, 1999
From: talon
comments: Well, I finally got around to changing my web page. I did it pretty late - and pretty quickly when I finally did it. So, I'm sorry if parts of it sort of ramble or something. I hope I didn't forget anyone/anything. I'm sure I'll be making more changes to it. So, go visit it when you get a chance http://www.iit.edu/~lantmir/talon.html

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