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November 30, 2001
comments: Brian Collins of Spencer won state at 130 in 1993 , then in 1994 for Roane Coutny Failed to place at 140

November 30, 2001
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
comments: I look forward to working with many WV wrestlers this weekend at my Camp of Champs at Ripley HS! We had over 100 wrestlers at Camp of Champs at Penn State last weekend and their was some fierce competition. Expect an intense weekend of learning and training this weekend at Ripley location! Ohio University Coach, Joel Greenlee, will assist me this weekend. I am always working to match my campers with good colleges and to help them earn scholarships. This is a bonus opportunity. Coach Greenlee will be running the Sunday workouts. If you have competition Saturday, but would like to attend Friday 7-9:30 or Sunday 10-3, you can register at door. $25 for Friday. $50 for Sunday. If you have not yet enrolled and would like to enroll, please e-mail me at chertow@olympianwrestling.com. Details and Directions are on kenchertow.com Also note their are many valuable training tip articles on kenchertow.com

November 30, 2001
From: watcher
comments: it could be a long season for east fairmont with the loss of Brad he has coached many of those kids and got the program headed in the right direction with his class of Matt Miller, Jeff Noechel, Shane Eakle and Matt Sternthal. There are still very capable wrestlers on the bees squad but i wonder down the road how big a factor this great loss will play. My feelings BIG.

November 30, 2001
From: no one Knows
comments: Everybody watch out for MTHS this year they have alot more wrestlers and have been bustin there butts at practice.

November 30, 2001
From: trivialfan
comments: I really like the suggested alignment of regions in reply to the last posting. On a scratch pad I had all but two teams the same as you. If it's that obvious that regional problems exist, someone ought to take some initiative and get with the right people and make the suggestion to look into a change.
The 94 phs team was beat by South.
What does rat-teaser mean?
Good luck to all, especially Hedgesville and Fairmont Sr.

November 30, 2001
comments: whats up with all these fantasy matches? its kind of retarded. for one thing you never know how someone is going to wrestle from match to match. and i feel that wrestling has subtley progressed, with the teams of today being stronger, faster, and more aggressive, than teams of 5,4, and even 3 years ago. to try and compare teams with such a gap in time is crazy. i'd put my money on any '01 team against any 96,97,98,99 team competition has gotten much stiffer. from the mid 90's and back having a wrestler from WV go on and have success in college wrestling wasn't very common. but as each year passes we see more and more guys go on with great success. and i only see it getting better. the easter's (nitro) mitch smith(ripley) and quite a few more. so saying some team from a few years ago could man handle the teams now, just isn't so.

November 30, 2001
From: wrestle freak
comments: i think whoever made the comment back on nov.20 about the 94 big reds and the 99 martinsburg team is completely stupid because we are in the year 2001 who cares about 94 and 99 teams good luck to all wrestlers in 2001! haha get a life!

November 30, 2001
comments: in 94 south and phs were really close. south should have never won that dual though. the only reason they did was cause a phs kid got pinned when he should have been the pinner. they did win at the midwest, but the better team prevailed at state

November 30, 2001
From: Superman
comments: It has been brought to my attention that I may have "ruffled some feathers", out at the Martinsburg camp. I can't really understand this. 90% of my posts on the forum, are defending Martinsburg against people from , Parkersburg, Hedgesville, Cameron.....and the list goes on who continue to disrespect the Bulldog program. I never say anything unrealistic, and usually back up my claims in an educated fashion. I'm not a guy who says we're better cause we're better. I'm sorry guys but I have a hard time sitting here and listening to teams say they could walk over the best duel team Martinsburg ever had... now I wouldn't have a probelm if they would just recognize that it would be close, but when you don't even field a full team, I don't care if you have a couple of state champs you aren't gonna win dual meets. Maybe Martinsburg feels embarrassed because they don't have such a storied program like Parkersburg, Fairmont Senior, Parkersburg South, Cameron, Oak Glen, or even Hedgesville,...but that one year they managed to put together a team full of juniors and seniors and it was good enough to compete with any team in the last ten years in a duel....Will this happen again? Maybe, Maybe not. The other 10% of my post usually are predictions about "The One" who we all know is the greatest wrestler ever. There may be some who worry that he can't live up to the hype, but I have complete confidence in his abilities.
Editor's note: If you can't understand why your posts ruffle feathers at the Martinsburg camp, then there is no use for me or anybody else to try to explain it to you. Judging from the torrent of comments I receive directed toward you and your favorite wrestler, none of which ever get posted, let's just hope your favorite wrestler can cash the checks you have written for him on your keyboard. Otherwise, I'm afraid someone is going to be in for a long season.

November 30, 2001
From: ratteaser
comments: the year that hedgesville went undefeated in duels that got spanked in huntington.....south would have beat them by 20

November 30, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: noticed the fantasy match between Regalbuto and Kupfer, just wonder how Regalbuto would fare against some of the other WV state champions such as Nick Hedrick, John Jackson, Zack Litton,Jay Michael and Gary Tutle etc. My bet is that he can hold his own against most of them at the 145lb weight class.

November 30, 2001
comments: I just have a few comments. To Superman...thanks for your opinions on the "fantasy dual". You have some good points, and the clarification certainly helped. I'll stick by all my picks except for 140 with Davis there, I would have to give him a major against Stewart instead of the decision. That still gives us a win in my eyes, but its just MY OPINION, and yours is just as good as mine. As for the Hedgesville guy talking crap on Hughes...I never said Lord caught Hughes, I said Lord caught Hughes sleeping. Hughes greatly underestimated Lord in that match and I personally don't think it would happen again. As for Staubs...he was good, but obviously you don't know just how good Hughes is. He went to WVU this past fall to wrestle for WVU and would have likely started at 125 as a Freshman over or with #4 recruit in the nation Ricky LaForge, but a slow academic start forced him to take a season off. But its all a game of guesses until it gets done on the mats so I think we can leave it at that. That's all I got for now, but if you're interested in the fantasy duals, keep an eye out for my next one! I'll have it on here a.s.a.p., just have to get some more time to research the teams. Chow!

November 30, 2001
From: ex-cam wrestler
comments: Cameron,you're not wrestling martinsburg '99. Why even think about it? first of all, that team was not one of the best 50 teams in state history, most of those teams belong to Wood County. I don't like to hit my alma mater but lets see how we would have done against SOUTH last year.
103- Conley (PS) vs. O'Neil (C)- AAA and AA/A 103 was a world different. Conley shows the difference here ---- South 3 Cameron 0
112- Grogg (PS) vs. Antill (C)- No contest---- South 9 Cameron 0
119- Metz (PS) vs Kotson (C) - Metz beat Stevens once.. enough said, give him a major although kotson is a tough kid --- South 13 Cameron 0
125- Bosley (PS)vs T.Hughes (C)- this is a good match, one of the best. Look for Hughes to get up by 4 about 3 minutes in and then try to ride it out. Bosley gets 2 and a stall point however.. but that only makes it 4-3------- South 13 Cameron 3
130- Pickens (PS) vs C.Hughes (C)- These kids were both battle tested often last year and have great careers ahead of them.. Hughes has a little more than Pickens does as he proved during the state tournament... fun match but hughes grabs a competitive decision -------- South 13 Cameron 6
135- Duncan (PS) vs O'Neil (C)- Duncan really impressed me at states but O'Neil impressed me too. Duncan is too much for O'Neil to handle technique wise though but Joel will keep it close------ South 16 Cameron 6
140- Schmitt (PS) vs Stewart (C)- Schmitt is a good wrestler, he really was... he just never believed that at states it seems. Stewart on the other hand has no questions about his ability and is a very physical wrestler... Stewart pins Schmitt late but the match is close all the way through------ South 16 Cameron 12
145- Dye (PS) vs Kupfer (C)- Dye has made great improvements through his career.. Kupfer doesn't care- Cameron 18 South 16
152- Pickens(PS)vs Brown (C)- Brown didnt wrestle a kid like pickens all year. pickens has too much offensae and strength.. brown stalls for a while keeping it within 5, but frustration kicks in and pickens sticks him.- South 22 Cameron 18
160-Casey Daggett(PS) vs Roupe (C)- Daggett should have gotten OW last year if you ask me... roupe got 4th in region 1. although roupe might get lucky and stick him.. i highly doubt it as thisd may be the fastest match of the night---- South 28 Cameron 18
171- Chris Daggett( PS) vs Meyer (C)- Meyer struggled at times against poor wrestlers, yet showed the ability to wrestle with some quality ones... note i said quality.. daggett on the other hand is excellent at 171------ South 34 Cameron 18
189- Wright(PS) vs S.Meyer-- it was meyer's first year------ South 40 Cameron 18
215- McCartney (PS) vs O'Neil (C)- best higher weight match of the night. They both war it out early with O'Neil going out to an early lead.. wyattt is somewhat like tyler hughes and will ride it out for a close victory------ South 40 Cameron 21
275- Morrison (PS) vs Beresford (C)- Beresford is a beast, really amazing to see this kid play football. but we're wrestling and he is still green here although he might catch morrison. on the other hand, i dont remember going to jr states and not seeing morrison there in his mineral wells singlet. after a few years off he had a great year and he pins beresford here to cap off a good performance for the patriots---
FINAL SCORE : Parkersburg South 47 Cameron 21 Well guys there is someone you can't beat yet so quit running your mouth

November 28, 2001
From: regionalist
comments: To trivial fan:
Why not move South to Region 4. Move North Marion, Fairmont Sr, and East Fairmont to Region 1 from 2. Move Elkins and Philip Barbour back to Region 2. This makes

R1: 9 teams
Wheeling Park
John Marshall
Parkersburg High
North Marion
Fairmont Senior
East Fairmont
R2: 9 teams
Philip Barbour
R3: 10 teams
Point Pleasant
Cabell Midland
Huntington High
St Albans
George Washington
Spring Valley
R4: 9 teams
Parkersburg South
Roane Co
Nicholas Co
Woodrow Wilson
Greenbrier East
Lewis Co

November 28, 2001
comments: to the person compairing everybody to cameron. how come you guys always seem to win the dual. First of all when ever your team gets a win it seems to be a pin. Tyler Hughes pinning staubs. I really don't see that happening. As for Tyler Hughes beating Lord. Get out of here. Danny beat him 10-2 he didn't catch him he beat him from the first minute. You want to talk about getting caught than talk about kupfer catching moats because thats all that one was. And for you guys beating hedgesville of course you would beat us when you don't even know our lineup so you just put in forfeits who can win you in your opinion are missing 4 kids. they didn't go 31-0 with only 10 kids. I would spot cameron 10 points against us.

November 28, 2001
comments: All this talk about best duel teams and stuff. The one thing people seem to miss about this is your only as good as the teams u schedual. So u could schedual all the same teams and go 20-0 in duels without even really having that good of duel team. I have seen it happen before. Teams schedual the same teams 5 times and will all these duel matches but when it comes to tourny time they sink like the Titanic.

November 28, 2001
comments: For the last wrestler to win states in AA/A and not return would probably be Barnette from Indy. He won states in his sophmore year but before the season started he hurt his knee and was unable to compete. Josh Moyer injured his knee before the confernce tournament last yaer and was unable to wrestle at states after finishing second the year before. Both situations occured in the same season for Indy.

November 28, 2001
comments: Sophmores SHOULD start turning 16 when the school year begins. The cut off to start school is September 1. My son has a birthday in September, not held back, but he will be 16 early in his sophmore year. By February, when regionals come around roughly half the sophmores should be 16. That would make them 17 as a junior and 18 as a senior. 16 year old sophmores don't turn into 19 year old seniors.

November 28, 2001
From: trivial fan
comments: Past team State Championships (Recent 20 years):
North Marion region 2 One Championship
Parkersburg High region 1 Six Championships
Parkersburg South region 1 Eleven Championships
Wheeling Park region 1 Two Championships

Not to be the one to bring up a bad subject again, should region alignment be based on strength of teams (hard to measure), or by geographic location? If you look at the map on this site it looks like 3 regions to me with some Panhandle teams at a disadvantage due to their geographic isolation.

Should Parkersburg High and Parkersburg South be in different regions? Either one would be an easy fit for Region 3.
Just food for thought.
Enjoy the comments on this site.

November 28, 2001
From: Superman
comments: To the guy from Cameron about your Martinsburg 99 vs. Cameron 01 fantasy dual meet. Not too bad, I can see you put some research into it. However, as you knew I would, I have to disagree with a couple things you have. First off you are a little confused about our lineup. Brad Davis wrestled 140 and state qualifier Eric Neely was 145. Travis Durst was JV that year, which goes to say how tough a lineup we had. At Super Duals Neely was injured and we put Durst in at 140 and bumped Davis to 145, you may have been looking at that. Now for the run down
103: O'Neil (C) vs. Kolb (M) O'Neil was a very tough wrestler, Kolb is good to but he was just too little that year Cam 6 Mart 0
112: Antil (C) vs. Clopton (M) Clopton was a very under rated wrestler he may have not made state in AAA but had wins against AA state place winners. He won 27 matches that year and he won just about all of them by pin. But I won't quarrell over this one because it won't affect the outcome Cam 6 Mart 3
119: Kotson (C) vs. Kessler (M) Kessler was a state qualifier, he has been every year but Kotson is good too. I think this match could really go either way but I'll give you this one to Cam 9 Mart 3
125: T. Hughes (C) vs. Staubs (M) I think you were right about this one Cam 15 Mart 3
130: C.Hughes (C) vs. Agoney (M) Sean is one of my best friends and is a very tough wrestler but I have seen Hughes wrestle and I know he is awesome. The only person to ever really beat Agoney bad is Moats and Agoney never got pinned Cam 18 Mart 3
135: Joel O'Neil (C) vs. Henry (M) Henry was another under rated wrestler but he should have been wrestling 119 but this is the only lineup spot he could get. Since he was under sized this year I'll give you're guy the win Cam 21 Mart 3
140: Stewart (C) vs. Davis (M) You described Stewart as a wild fiery wrestler so Davis would probably be a bad match for him. Davis may well be the most athletic person to ever wrestle for Martinsbug nobody can beat him in a scramble situation and Brad could consistently take someone down to their back and had a very tough arm bar Cam 21 Mart 9
145: Kupfer (C) vs. Neely (M) This is definately a mismatch but Fairmont Senior's Hendrick couldn't beat Neely an worse then a major decision I think the result in this match would be the same Cam 25 Mart 9
152: Brown (C) vs. Foster (M) Brown is a higher caliber wretler but when over matched Foster has a lot of heart Cam 28 Mart 9
160: Roupe (C) vs. Jackson (M) Jackson is a very powerful wrestler he was a sophomore who seemed to wrestle like a senior and he didn't gas out Cam 28 Mart 15
171: Meyer (C) vs. Gusic (M) Gusic was a great wrestler who was ranked No. 1 in the state and was coming off a decisive victory over Maryland's eventual state champion he just didn't wrestle to his capabilities at the state tournament. He was incredibly sound technically, he wrestled like a 103 pounder but your guy was a state place winner so Gusic probably wouldn't pin him Cam 28 Mart 19
189 Shane Meyer (C) vs. Alerton (M) You said you're guy was a JV filling a varsity spot so, a definite mismatch in our favor. Regional Champion, Alderton I once saw him pin a guy by sitting on him I don't know if Alerton would sit on your guy or not but he would probably do his patented pull the guys arms over their head and trip them He usually did something like that to an overmatched opponent Cam 28 Mart 25
215 Wyatt O'Neil (C) vs. Sherman (M) You said O'Neil was undersized What you have to understand is Sherman was a big powerful guy who cut weight pretty hard to make 215 Sherman didn't have the typical heavyweight build he was built like a body builder he was very strong and could move around, he currently plays football for Clemson He would definately pin an undersized wrestler Mart 31 Cam 28
275 Beresford (C) vs. Robinson (M) You said Beresford was tough but inexperienced Robinson was somewhat under sized for a heavyweight but was very strong and athletic I'll go with your pick on this one Mart 35 Cam 28

You didn't have our lineup quite right and it made a difference. Last year's Cameron squad was very good. I know we were way behind but nothing I predicted was improbable. We were down 28-3 at one point to Hedgesville and ended up winning 32-28. I look forward to seeing your other matchups and feel free to continue to critique this one if you want maybe we can eventually reach a mutual outcome.

November 28, 2001
comments: The South Midland match has been moved to South on this Friday, Nov. 30. Starting time is 7. You all come out and watch the domination begin.

November 28, 2001
comments: Well if i do recall, the 94 Parkersburg South team beat PHS 94 team, they beat them in a duel and they beat them at the Midwest Classic in ohio, and they beat them in regionals, but had big let down at state and the Big Reds won. But since then the Big Reds Havent been South in wrestling. PHS does seem to make up for that in football though. So i would have to say that the 94 Parkersburg South team was one of the better duel teams around. Heck look what those guys did in 95.

November 28, 2001
From: Cameron 01' vs. Martinsburg 99'
comments: Here's another time capsule match-up between last year's Dragons and the 99' Martinsburg squad. Hope you enjoy the match!

103: Noah O'Neil (C) vs. Kolb (M) O'Neil is a strong 103 who pinned many good undersized wrestlers. As "scrappy" as he was, O'Neil was a pin wrestler. Cam 6 Mart 0
112: Brandon Antill vs. Clopton (M) Clopton was a pretty good wrestler, and while Antill isn't bad, he couldn't have won this match. But its close... Cam 6 Mart 3
119: Justin Kotson vs. Kessler (M) Kessler isn't a bad wrestler, who can wrestle anyone tough when he puts his heart into it. Kotson has the tech. and drive to win the important matches. Knowing its a big time early match, Kotson scores a close decision. Cam 9 Mart 3
125: Tyler Hughes (C) vs. Staubs (M) Although Staubs wasn't bad, Hughes is just too good to stall around in this one. Cam 15 Mart 3
130: Casey Hughes (C) vs. Sean Agoney (M) What a match-up at 130 again for Hughes. Last week I gave him a style-based nod over (sorry about the mess-up) Jim Shetler, and Agoney isn't too different in the way he wrestles. Agoney is a very tough wrestler who is aggressive enough to make a match his own by hammering opponents early. Again, after watching Hughes a few matches last year I must give him the nod simply because he thrives on matches where people test his strength and aggressiveness. Agoney drops a heartbreaker here. Cam 18 Mart 3
135: Joel O'Neil (C) vs. Henry (M) In another year, I think Henry might have won this match. But in this particular season O'Neil was too well prepared for duals. Henry makes a run late, but O'Neil holds on. Cam 21 Mart 3
140: Isaac Stewart (C) vs. Travis Durst (M) *HIGHLIGHT MATCH* I reluctantly passed over Hughes/Agoney with my "Highlight" simply because this match would be nothing less than WILD! Stewart is a very firey, fun wrestler to watch and Agoney is the same. Both always have to be highly considered in the match whenever they wrestle. In a match where both wrestlers backs hit the mat at least once, Durst gets Stewart frustrated and wins by a decent margin. This match would be amazing to watch, I got goosebumps just thinking about it! Cam 21 Mart 6
145: Roger Kupfer (C) vs. Brad Davis (M) As I've said before Kupfer is probably one of the best wrestlers in the state, and if he hadn't proven it before last year he certainly did by not only beating, but legitamitely pinning heavily favored Moats at Berkeley and going on to win state. Davis is close with most, but not Kupfer. Cam 27 Mart 6
152: Tucker Brown (C) vs. Foster (M) Foster is a good wrestler...2X qualifier in AAA. But qualifier just doesn't cut it against Brown, he wins this match but its closer than Brown would like. Foster makes an admirable effort. Cam 30 Mart 6
160: Luke Roupe (C) vs. Jackson (M) Roupe vs. Jackson is like putting two big boxers going toe-to-toe in a ring until one just wears the other out. Both are big strong wrestlers who live for the pin. Roupe, unfortunately, had a tendency to run out of gas first. Cam 30 Mart 12
171: Curt Meyer (C) vs. Gusic (M) Meyer is a 2X place-winner who is as strong as any 71' you'd come across. But Gusic was a strong wrestler too, and he had just the tech to put a lot of points on Meyer. And that's good, because I think Meyer puts him on his back once. Gusic gets enough, however, to major him. Cam 30 Mart 16
189: Shane Meyer (C) vs. Alderton Meyer is a JV filling a varsity hole. Alderton uses his Head-and-Arm and pins Meyer early. Cam 30 Mart 22
215: Wyatt O'Neil (C) vs. Sherman (M) O'Neil is a very good technique wrestler who is a bit conservative at 215 due to a size disadvantage. O'Neil weighed in around 189 most of the season...O'Neil wrestles the close match with the dual on the line and wins...close. Cam 33 Mart 22
275: Justin Beresford (C) vs. Robinson (M) Beresford is tough, but he has a lot to learn. I think Robinson makes him pay a little and gets Beresford mad. Robinson wins...by a lot...but Beresford excites us all for a period or two and closes another night for the victorious Cameron Dragons. Cam 33 Mart 26

Once again, those are just my predictions. Feel free to comment, I would especially like to see what Superman has to say about some of these, he's one of my favorite forum faithful to read and I know this is his team! So feel free to tell me what you think! There's still much more to come from this forumer! Chow!

November 28, 2001
comments: matt deem of parkersburg south won the state in 1991 at 119 lbs. in 1992 he did not qualify for the state. I think he got 5th in the region at 125

November 28, 2001
From: old school
comments: To: Superman, while I think that putting two teams in different times against each other is a huge waste of time their is some major points that have already been made here! The 94 reds where not only 23 at the end of the season they started off as number 10 or 11! these guys where the best! the only matches most of these wrestlers even lost were from mistakes! very few teams in the state couldn't even dream of beating these guys! look at your multiple place winners on the roster: Butcher 3x qualifier 2x runner-up, higgins 3x qualifier placed 2x and state champ( undefeated senior year) roberts 2x runner up dominated opponents!pinned through state then was defeated, edwards tough as nails 1x champ, 2x runner up, way mutiple placer and champ IN 94, brandon edwards --- should've won in 93 , champ in 94, Guice runner -up 94 state champ in 95 that is only the ones that i can remember the others filled in nicely too! these guys dueled some of the toughest teams in the country throughout there high school years. If they would have had 4 years it would have been even better!

November 28, 2001
From: Former BEE
comments: Hey i just wanted to wish east good luck this season and tell the seniors that they better be bustin their butts in practice and setting good example for the younger kids. Keep the program headed in the right direction!!

November 28, 2001
comments: I see a disturbing trend in HS sports. Namely, "redshirting". Here, an athlete gets held back a year (or, 2 years) sometime before HS, then participates as a more mature athlete. I realize this is a judgement call on a family's part, but its a decision that can be made at the expense of a kid and his/her education. More importantly, if a child is held back solely for athletic reasons, it sends the wrong message to the kid about what's important. Not too mention what happens during competition. Ever seen a 14 year old wrestle a 19 year old? I have - it isn't pretty. If one takes a look around at the star athletes in any particular sport, its uncanny how many are a year behind. How many star athletes in the 10th grade have their drivers license? Alot from my perspective, indicating a hold back (they should be 15 this time of year). Yeah, true, some have late birthdays and their are a variety of legitimate reasons. Yet, I would venture a guess that if you looked at the fraction of kids held back who play varsity sports, and compared that to the total fraction of kids held back, you would see a significant difference. So, my point is that in our society we place a high degree of importance and prestige on athletic prowess and we don't pay enough attention to what really matters - emphasizing education and the extracurricular nature that HS sports are. I see a fair amount of this in wrestling and to some degree and it bothers me.

November 28, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: The 275 division in AAA returns several good wrestlers and state placers.Chris Satterfield only defeated Chris Morrison 3-2 last year and Morrison had a tough match with Nate Tyree of Nicholas County winning 4-3 in OT.Another strong young man is Jeremiah McCourt of Buckhannon High returning.Should be fun to watch!

November 28, 2001
From: A Fan
comments: I think that the last time a returning place winner did not qualify was last year. Returning finalist Matt Clay from Herbert Hoover Placed second in 2000 but failed to make it out of regionals last year.

November 28, 2001
From: hhsfan
comments: superman, what dose the 98 mhs team mean for the year 02? hedgesville has beaten mhs the past 2 years, and they plan to do it this year also. i admit they arent going to be as good this year as they have been the past two, but mhs isnt going to b great either. to anyone who was wandering the wrestlers to watch for hedgesville this year are
112 ballam
145/152 lord
152/160 snyder
171 bartgis
189 p.files
215 c.files
but hedgesville has other new wrestlers to look out for. they have kids that are comeing up from rec. u might want to watch out for young and foltz too.

November 28, 2001
From: 125
comments: doesn't anyone have anything else to talk about. and quit talking about how your team is the best and all that because you'll probably end up making yourselves look very stupid. and who cares about the teams in the past, this is a new year.

November 28, 2001
From: Watcher
comments: For Turk:
I saw that the controversial C.P. Schlatter won the Slippery Rock Open. He is going to be at the Ironman this year. Also there, will be Michael Martin, the last H.S. wrestler to beat him. Should be a great re-match.

November 28, 2001
From: Superman
comments: To the person who has decided to remain nameless, I am not talking trash I'm simply stating facts. I don't know why anyone from Martinsburg would be embarrassed to have their team mentioned as one of the best ever, and It actually was one of the best. People can look up the wrong scores and try and make me look bad , but all they do is make themselves look stupid.

November 28, 2001
comments: I'll take a shot at this one: "Does anyone know when the last time a defending state champion did not place or quailfy for state the following year in either AA or AAA?"

Most recent: Mike Thompson, 1998 AAA state champ at 171 for Shady Spring. Shady Spring moved down to AA the follwing year where Thompson suffered through an injury-plagued season where he did not make it to the state tournament. I guess this qualifies for AA??

Last AAA: Greg Apanowicz, 1991 state champ at 275 for Fairmont Senior who suffered an injury during the high school football playoffs and was lost for his entire senior wrestling season. Apanowicz had lost about 60 pounds in the offseason and was planning on moving down to 189 for his final season, 91-92.

November 28, 2001
From: FAN234
comments: To "wrestler", you don't get points for how many wrestlers you take to the state, you get points for winning at the tourney.

If you take all your wrestlers and they all lose their first two matches, you don't get any points.

Your logic makes no sense, if you place fourth or better in region one, you have to wrestle someone from another region your first match. If your region is strong, then your wrestler is likely to win, right?

This is an old argument that only gets settled every year at the state tourney. Your 35-0 guys who wrestle no one but their own region can't understand how they win their region and get beat by a 4th place kid from region 1 in the 1st round. Maybe coach should've scheduled some tougher competition. I hear phs is looking for a 4th team of some caliber to fill their Grundy, PSHS quad, give Schenny a call...

Trivia question, In the last 20 years how many times has each region won the state tourney and how many champs did they have from each region?

PS: Oak Glen used to be in region one triple A, how many AAA 2,3,and 4 regions are trying to schedule them, they are only AA now?!
Editor's note: Yeah, I got this post and deleted it. What gets posted and what gets deleted depends on a number of things, including what kind of mood I'm in when updating the page (smile). I went back and re-read it and I guess its O.K. My reservation was that you seem to rag on coaches for not scheduling tough competition when in fact many schedules are such as they are for a variety of reasons -- conference affiliations and scheduling requirements, finances, travel distance, etc etc. In addition, and with all due respect, I imagine that Coach Schenerlein and Coach Shaw can manage their scheduling chores without any help from anonymous posters to this forum....

November 27, 2001
comments: Does anyone know when the last time a defending state champion did not place or quailfy for state the following year in either AA or AAA?

November 27, 2001
From: ex-cameron wrestler
comments: Hey Cameron.... you can do one of two things. You can talk about it on here or you could get it done in the practice room. From what I have observed so far, you're talking very well, pretty decent grammar, semi-structured, pretty good fellows. On the other hand, I have heard of a few individuals who didn't even come out that could possibly place at states, heard that kids are not practicing and giving their opinion to Coach Potts when you know that he doesn't want it, and kids aren't attempting to make weight yet. So maybe if you guys would like to spend your time at the field after school instead of on here talking about how great you thought you were, that would probably be for the better. You guys go to Berkeley in 2 weeks and if you think anyone's going to lie down for you because you think you guys are the "greatest team ever" then you will surely have a miserable bus ride home Saturday night. By the way, you guys weren't the best team to not win states. A good TEAM has 14 quality wrestlers. that team had about 9 or 10 plus when you lose states by over 50 points, then just think about it. Oak Glen 2001 wasn't the best team ever and you dropped states to them by over 50. Oak Glen wasn't even the best team in the state that year!! South beat them. So i'm not calling you wrong totally but........ so my point is, get in there and work hard until you do it... then talk about it in March

November 27, 2001
comments: I think this year the middleweights in AA/A will be very interesting. Roger Kupfer and Tucker Brown from Cameron return from the 145,152 pound weight classes. Ben Wood from Indy is a preseason favorite for a state title run as well. Others who could possibly contend would be seckman from Williamstown, Miller from Wirt and Flowers from Oak Glen.

November 26, 2001
comments: i was looking over the forum and i noticed that people had chris morrion as a state champ in the heavy weight class wel you all have to realize that last year int he semis he wrestled daterfeild and lost by 3 or 4 points so dont make bets yet i think he has another thing coming but we will see. good luck wrstlers .......

November 26, 2001
From: know it all
comments: superman, you have raised my curiosity about this 99 martinsburg team, "one of the best dual meet teams ever" well i looked at some results and they lost 7 dual meets that year that i know of. Losses to FS, WP, Uni, HEDG, brookville, Nitro, and a 64-3 thrashing by northern Garrett. GO BIG REDS!!

November 26, 2001
comments: It looks like the PHS wrestling team will be heading to Brooke for their first tournament of the year without any of their football players. There's five of them that I can think of off hand. Good luck to all wrestlers.

November 26, 2001
comments: Definate AAA Picks
103 Easter
112 Turnbull
119 Easter
125 Metz
130 Matt Smith
135 Mitch Smith
140 Gibbs
145 Lord
152 Mays
160 Pickens
171 Daggett
189 Courtney
215 Toss-up
275 Satterfield

November 24, 2001
From: pdurant
comments: It's not too late to enroll in Olympian Ken Chertow's Ripley, WV Camp of Champs scheduled for Nov 30 - Dec 2 for wrestlers ages 8 to 18. The camp provides 12 hours of instruction, drilling and live wrestling over 3 days. This is an extraordinary opportunity to receive personalized instruction from wrestlers and coaches who have achieved at the highest level and are willing to share their expertise with the next generation of potential Olympians. Wrestling coaches are welcome to attend and observe the camp at no charge.* For more information and an on-line application see -

PS - This weekend Ken is at the Penn State University wrestling room where over 150 kids from all over the east coast are in attendance at the Camp of Champs. My son is participating in this camp and we are hosting 4 kids from Ohio, New Jersey and Washington, DC. It's awesome to see dedicated wrestlers and their willingness to give up their holiday break to improve their wrestling skills.

November 24, 2001
From: HOBO
comments: For weightwatcher. Conley is not out this year. Don't forget GROGGG, he beat both Ballam and Turnbull.

November 24, 2001
From: Superman
comments: know it all, yes the Red Team had a great tourney team, but this is a dual meet, you can't get away with holes in your line up in duals, and those big state champs can only score 6 points for you. And why do we have to wrestle in the year 1994, why not 1999 when there is a 215 ? Did they have a JV HWT who could make 215? Or are they gonna give up the 6? Anyway I thought I was quite realistic, even leaning toward the Reds side, giving you pins against 4x qualifier Staubs, and Regional Champion Alderton,...I mean these guys didn't get pinned very often, Staubs didn't get pinned against Anthony his senior year.

November 24, 2001
From: Bulldog fan
comments: Forget Hedgesville this year Martinsburg will win the Berkeley County Match and beat Hedgesville by at least 20 pts. This will also be the year that Justin Kessler finally beats Dan Lord. Go bulldogs.

November 24, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: re: phorom philosopher I hope that was a promise to hold your breath until the end of the season. You may want to inhale deeply now. I got a chance to see Hedgesville vs. Handley (VA) in a scrimmage a couple nights ago. The eagles looked impressive and yes I know it's just a scrimmage but in my opinion they look further ahead at this time of the year then usual. I know that some of the wrestlers have told me that new assistant coach Robert Jarrett is working them hard and it shows and is paying off early. For those of you who haven't been around a long time in WV wrestling Jarrett was a 4 time state placewinner for the Eagles winning the title 2 times at 171lbs. He was on team WV and took 2nd at Jr. Nationals and went on to wrestle for Shippensburg Univerity College. I believe the years he won states were 1988 and 1989. He has prior coaching experience assisting at Smithsburg High School (MD) and I believe also at Mercersburg Academy (PA) I think. I believe that the addition of Jarrett to the Hedgesville program is an incredible blessing and should really boost this program to new levels. He has been there and done that in this sport he has experience in coaching and is a great person. I'm glad he decided to step in and take the position and can't wait to see how the team develops.

I think there are alot of people in Hedgesville that are glad he came in and rightfully so. As for the team right now they are filled with potential some young ones coming in have hit growth spurts that may hurt a little But the weight classes will be filled with experienced wrestlers with potential only time will tell if they work hard enough to reach that potential. To jhs fan I have to agree with you Jefferson looks extremely tough. I don't know if it's there "best team ever" I remember a Jefferson team, sorry I can't remember the year, that came into regionals at Martinsburg that year and looking at there team and the seeds I thought they had the regional title in the bag but North Marion pulled the upset but that years jefferson team was the best I've seen. This years Jefferson team is loaded with potential though and could very well win the region watch out for Fairmont Sr. and East Fairmont though because they both return very capable teams.

Question though I don't see you mentioning Artie Badger anywhere is he back. He beat the state champ Starsick last year at regionals I for one am looking forward to seeing if Badger has continued to develop and how much. He sure showed great potential last year. Anyway to the eagles I won't be able to see your first couple matches, St Albans duals and Berkeley Springs Inv. as unfortunatley business will have me out of town and state but I'll be watching via internet. Good luck to you all wrestle tough and give it 100%. Win lose or draw give it 100% and your a winner as far as I'm concerned. This is the first time in over ten years that I'll have to miss the Berkeley Springs Inv. one of my favorite tournaments that stinks big time. To Robert Jarrett thank you for coming in and good luck.

November 24, 2001
From: weight watcher
comments: Wondering which weight classes my picks for top wrestlers in the state (AAA) will be in. Can anybody help ?

J. Conley-Parkersburg South
R. Metz-Parkersburg South
M. Bosley-Parkersburg South
N. Pickens-Parkersburg South
L. Cappas-Morgantown
K. Turnball-Morgantown
K. Ballam-Hedgesville
D. Lord-Hedgesville
J. Frerichs-Nitro
A. Easter-Nitro
M. Easter-Nitro
R. Ripley-Nitro
J. Casto-Ripley
Matt Smith-Ripley
Mitch Smith-Ripley
R. Williams-Huntington
J. Mays-Huntington
W. Lane-Herbert Hoover
C. Gibb-Cabell Midland
B. Humphrey-Wheeling Park
B. Mayle-Buckhannon Upshur
M. Warner-Point Pleasant

November 24, 2001
From: just curious
comments: What does the starting line-up for PHS look like this year? Are all weight classes filled? Will it be a fairly young team? Thanks.

November 24, 2001
From: know it all
comments: superman, if you want to compare teams of different times i think you need to be a little more honest with yourself. to think a 94 phs team which finished with close to 200 pts.in the state tournament, 1st place honors, and a #23 RANKING IN THE COUNTRY would tie the 99 martinsburg team who scored 33 pts and finished in 19th place in the state is a bit ludicrous. also i think Martinsburg scored a pin in the 215 wt class against the 94 team. There was no 215 wt class in 94 so you still lose by six with your imagination. GO BIG REDS!!

November 23, 2001
From: ~*!Julie,Stepheny,and Amber*~!
comments: ~*!GoOd LuCk O.G wReStLeRs ..We LuV yA gUyS..anD tO tHe SenIoRs..ThIs Is YoUr LaSt YeAr MaKe It CoUnt*~!GoOd LuCk rOnNiE,jOeY,GaRrEtT, and sTiCkLeS**~!

November 23, 2001
From: Cameron 01' vs. Hedgesville 00'
103: Noah O'Neil (C) vs. Kevin Ballam (H) O'Neil is a tough kid who is easy to overlook, Ballam is a good overall wrestler with the capability of being thrown. O'Neil is a throw wrestler, but wasn't very good in duals. Hed 6 Cam 0.
112: Brandon Antill (C) vs. Jason Drappo (H) Drappo defeated Jared Ross, Antill's cousin, by decision in 01', Antill by the end of the year got the best of Ross. Antill just wasn't solid however, Drappo could have been. Hed 9 Cam 0
119: Justin Kotson (C) vs. Dustin Bowers (H) Bowers was very tough wrestler with tech to boot, Kotson was good enough to win state, but an injury kept him from 100%. However, Kotson can stall with the best of them. Hed 12 Cam 0.
125: Tyler Hughes (C) vs. Danny Lord (H) Lord caught Hughes sleeping at Berkeley in 00' and put it on Hughes. But Lord was young, and the exerienced Hughes was too good a wrestler, however, to be caught again. Hed 12 Cam 3.
130: Casey Hughes (C) vs. Justin Shetler (H) Shetler was a very fine wrestler; one of the best to never win states. Hughes is on pace to be the next 4-time champion after Easter. I loved Shetler's attack and never-let-up style, but that was just what Hughes would be waiting for. Hed 12 Cam 6.
135: Joel O'Neil vs. Jared Hess (H) Both are good power wrestlers, however O'Neil was much better this year and his tech is a little better. Hed 12 Cam 10.
140: Ike Stewart (C) vs. Bryan Moats (H) Moats is one of the best wrestlers I've seen in a while, but he has a tendency to get caught against wrestlers he wouldn't expect to lose to. Stewart is also a great wrestler and catches people when they make a single mistake. Stewart catches him, but Moats still pulls one out. Hed 15 Cam 10.
145: Roger Kupfer (C) vs. Anthony Regalbuto (H) *HIGHLIGHT MATCH* Two amazing wrestlers squaring off in what would have been a match nothing less than titanic. Kupfer is one of the toughest, strongest wrestlers for his weight I have ever seen. Regalbuto was just fabulous on his feet, and is still dazzling the crowds at WVU today. Just as Buto' was great on his feet, Kupfer is great on top. I see Regalbuto not going down at all in this match and taking a very close one. Hed 18 Cam 10.
152: Tucker Brown (C) vs. ??? (H) Brown is good; very good. H's 52 didn't qualify, and Brown runs a very good double arm bar, as well as other fine pinning combinations. Hed 18 Cam 16
160: Luke Roupe (C) vs. ??? (H) Roupe is a pretty good wrestler for a period, and he pins people quickly with a nice double and/or throws. Hedgesville again places a non-qualifier on the mat, not to take anything away from them, but Roupe is good enough to pin. Cam 22 Hed 18
171: Curt Meyer (C) vs. ??? (H) Meyer is a strong, athletic 2-time place winner for Cameron, while Hedgesville failed to qualify an athlete for states at this position again. Meyer is pretty good, and he fights hard to the pin every time. I say he gets it. Cam 28 Hed 18
189: Shane Meyer (C) vs. Jason Baker (H) Baker is a very good wrestler over in record time. Cam 28 Hed 24
215: Wyatt O'Neil (C) vs. ??? (H) With the dual on the line, and a state title under his belt, O'Neil will wrestle the way he does best...timid, but to win. O'Neil wins by dec due to strength mismatch for (H).Cam 31 Hed 24
275: Justin Beresford (C) vs. Woodfall (H) Beresford is a stud, but he is still learning. With the match put away and a little room to experiment, Beresford drops a major decision, but the dual belongs to Cameron. Cam 31 Hed 28

That's my pick for Hed 00' vs. Cam 01', still to come are Cam 01' vs. Martinsburg 99', PHS 94', and FS 96'. Have fun with them, hope to see some comments on these "fantasy duals". Chow!

November 23, 2001
comments: I love the conversation on here about the best team to not win states (dual team/tourney team). I think that Cameron's 2001 squad was one of the best, if not the best in AA/A and/or AAA. Have a look for yourself, we were pretty stacked and without the loss of Stewart midseason, would have been better!
103: Noah O'Neil-01' Cameron (5th state 01' Frosh)
112: Brandon Antill-01' Cameron (Qualifier 01' Frosh)
119: Justin Kotson-01' Cameron (5th 119 01' Jun)
125: Tyler Hughes-01' Cameron (1st 125 01' Sen, 2nd 125 00' Jun, 2nd 103 98' Frosh)
130: Casey Hughes-01' Cameron (1st 130 01' Frosh)
135: Joel O'Neil-01' Cameron (5th 135 01' Jun, 6th 119 99' Frosh)
140: Ike Stewart-01' Cameron (Injured before state, title contender if healthy. 140 01' Frosh)
D.J. Yoders-01' Cameron (Qualifier 140 01' Soph)
145: Roger Kupfer-01' Cameron (1st 145 01' Jun, 3rd 130 00' Soph, 2nd 112 99' Frosh)
152: Tucker Brown-01' Cameron (5th 152 01' Jun, 2nd 119 00' Soph, 3rd 103 99' Frosh)
160: Luke Roupe-01' Cameron (Qualifier 160 01' Soph)
171: Curt Meyer-01' Cameron (6th 171 01' Jun, 6th 00' 189 Soph)
189: Shane Meyer-01' Cameron (DNQ 189 01' Soph)
215: Wyatt O'Neil-01' Cameron (1st 215 01' Sen, 2nd 160 01' Jun, 4th 152 99' Soph)
275: Justin Beresford-01' Cameron (Qualifier 275 01' Soph)
I'd like for some of you fantasy match-makers to take a look at these guys against some of the other teams you've been comparing and see how they match up. I think you'll be surprised to see how well Cameron stacks up against some of AAA's best Non-Title squads.

November 23, 2001
From: jhs wrestler
comments: i just wanted to tell people that jefferson will have one of its best teams ever with reynolds at 130, griffith at 135, gustines at 140, hawes at 145, and davis at 152. And after the 1st of the year we have householder at 215. So dont count out jefferson from taking the region II tournament.

November 23, 2001
From: ratteaser
comments: to the ridiculous wrestler who claims south's region is soft..look the finals...how many finalists or placers come from that region?...can we say in unison....the great majority!..thank you!..to the martinsburg guy..the 94 team would have beat you but there is a big red team that i think crowned over six sate champs in the 90's..that one would have hammered you!

November 21, 2001
From: Brent Sams
email: brentster@casinternet.net
comments: Wood County Recreation Wrestling history has been archived at the Little Kanawha Cauliflower Club web site. We are missing full results from 1983-85. If anyone has these results, please contact me at the posted email. Thanks, Brent

November 21, 2001
comments: to br first of all stipitich didn't make it to states so u need to get ur facts straight before u say anyhting about john marshall and neither did howard

November 21, 2001
From: Superman
comments: ratteaser, the 94 red team was tough, 8 placers, 2 champs. Real tough. But the 99 Bulldog team was so tough because they could conserve points in their weak points and score big in their strong ones. I don't want to get into a big argument over who would win, so lets just call it a tie and leave it at that.......lets take a closer look:
189 Alderton vs Guice...If Guice could manage to stop the Alderton patented Head and Arm he probably could end up pinning him 171 Gusic vs Edwards...I think Gusic could take him..Gusic really didn't lose to anybody in dual matches his senior year , with wins over two state champs. 160 Jackson vs Freed ..Jackson was a manchild his sophmore year, he wouldn't be beat worse then a decision if he lost at all. 145 Neely vs Way, Neely lost a major dec to Hendrick I doubt Way could do any worse. 140 Davis vs Edwards the Superstar Brad Davis is close with anybody only a decison. 125 Staubs vs Roberts, Roberts was tough Staubs would probably get pinned 119 Kessler vs Higgins, Kessler would get majored 112 Clopton vs Butcher, when overmatched nobody can stall like Clopton, major decison.
That leaves 275 I think Robinson get the pin, 215 Sherman gets the pin..Martinsburg Heavyweights were both tough both 30+ win seasons. 152 2x State Qualifier Foster gets the pin. 135 David Henry if he is left in the line up, which he usually wasn't for no logical reason, gets the pin, otherwise superstar JV wrestler "The One" Billy Barbour gets the pin. 130 State Qualifier and eventual state placer (4th) "The Rabid Wolverine" Sean Agoney gets the pin via armbar. That leaves the scrappy 103 pounder Kolb, who would have been state champion in the 80 Ib division, if there was one, loses the dec. That makes it 33 to 33. Its a tie. That settles that.

November 21, 2001
From: region 3
comments: Eddie cochran is also another wrestler from Riverside who was the only state qualifier last year expecting to do really good this year. Tj Richards was pee wee state and moved up to Varsity. NOw the simmons kid is the younger brother i think of Simmons old wrestling. Good Luck to all of riverside's wrestlers.

November 21, 2001
From: Wrestler
comments: i was looking at the regions and no wonder PSHS sends so many people to states each year...if my team only had 7 teams in the region, 2 which are good,wheeling park and parkersburg,they would win the state tourney every year

November 20, 2001
From: renner215
comments: good luck to all those boys at musselman this year i'm not there this year but i'm sure you guys wil have some fun with out me special good luck to clark, jonsey, keebler, pruit, kendal, flecio, watkins,and the rest i did not name and who ever is at 215 for the applemen step it up wrestle hard and you will suseed good luck to coach kagle, and coach martz, you have alt of guys this year with a lot of talent and alot of guys returnig with good experince and you should do very well well good luck GO MUSSELMEN APPLEMAN

November 20, 2001
From: A Ballam fan
comments: Who did Ballam lose to last year? What will he wrestle this year?

November 20, 2001
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: I want to wish the Riverside wrestlers Good Luck!!! Hopefully that 9th grade group from last year will boost the Varsity. I don't recognize any of the names except Simmons. Is he as good as the Simmons Brothers that wrestled for East Bank? If so watch out Region III.

November 20, 2001
From: OG bears fan
comments: ~!*Good Luck O.G wrestlers*~!*~!*

November 20, 2001
From: ratteaser
comments: go big reds....makings of a great tea,,,verybody should see what coaching staff did with the facilities!!...impressive!

From: ratteaser
comments: the 94 big red team would have hammered the 99 martinsburg team!

November 20, 2001
From: Billybobsmith
email: Billybobsmith@charter.net
comments: I know the idea of free choice scares a lot of people, but I think the idea of people chosing which school to wrestle, play football, basketball, etc. is great. It's not the coaches so much that recruit kids to come to their schools but parents that recruit the programs or certain coaches to work with their kids. It's our tax dollars so it should be our choice. There is so much more than just the idea of going to another school- who provides transportation and more time on the road.

November 18, 2001
From: SB Fan
comments: Good luck to Coach Cagle and all da boyz at Musselman. We have a lot of great talent returning this year in Clark, Jones, Hudson,and Watkins. It's time for some of you others to pick it up a notch or two. A couple of tough breaks at regionals last year left some of you at home, lets not let it happen this year. Hey guys just remember you won't miss what you didn't need to to be a great TEAM ! Remember there is no I in that word.

November 18, 2001
From: MrAAPredictor
comments: For all you AA fans, I am back. Remained tuned in for my preseason rankings coming up in a week or so. Please feel free to email me your projected lineups and any comments you may have. Thanks! Good luck to all this season.

November 18, 2001
From: Fan
comments: I used to wrestle in the same region as Braxton Co. The Big 16 Tourny & the Regional tournaments that they held were always very well ran. Coach Beane and his assistants treat everyone with respect and are good coaches. However, for the past several years Braxton Co. has been a good team but they have never been Top 5 in the state. Not taking anything away from their program but sometimes people use the words "GREAT" and "ONE OF THE BEST" too much. Just a thought. No harm meant.

November 18, 2001
email: solitary_zen_master@hotmail.com
comments: The Masterless Samurai likes Danny Bonnasso in the fantasy match-up against Ballam. Bonnasso 2x state champ with wins over Anthony. I think that says it all. His neutral skills were enough to handle the future MOW / High School All American, I think they are enough to keep Ballam at bay, at least long enough to get those legs in which Ballam has shown to have problems with in the past..ex Ripley's Smith. Bonnasso via Major Decision. This isn't a put down for Ballam he is a great warrior, but Danniel is probably one of the top 20 West Wirginia wrestlers in the last ten years.

November 17, 2001
comments: I am a little concerned that allowing athletes in high school to participate in athletics in the school of their choice is setting a dangerous precedence. Recruitment of individuals to make a move from one school to another is a possibility. This is very difficult to monitor from a legal point of view.

November 17, 2001
comments: Is it true that 2X State Champion Matt Miller from East Fairmont is transfering from WV State College to WVU to wrestle? I heard this recently. If it is true, I wish him the very best of luck in his collegete career.

November 17, 2001
From: Marion Co. Wrestling Fan
comments: It is great to see all the comments in the forum again. There are some great wrestlers out there again this year. The problem I have with the forum is that the same schools and the same wrestlers get mentioned over and over. As mentioned above there are some great wrestlers in the state of WV, but some get very little recognition. Here in Marion County, I think of Anthony Delligati, Scott Hartlieb, Darren Hayes, Aaron Futten, Ben Geary, and Brandon Geary. These kids are solid wrestlers and each have beaten quality opponets in their careers. Each of these individuals have had great matches, but get very little recognition. I commend each of these individuals and look forward to watching them this year. I am a fan of each of these kids.....I know each of them personally and think not only are they good wrestlers, but each of them are good students and great kids. Good luck to each of the above.....they may not get the hype, but they each get my respect.

November 17, 2001
From: Superman
comments: I don't like to get involved in ridiculous discussions about phantom teams that never will wrestle each other. Personally I think the 99 Martinsburg team was one of the best dual teams ever... However the argument over Ballam vs Danny Bonnasso both in their sophmore years, I think Danny would take him. Heres why: Bonnasso is a great leg rider ,and Kevin personally told me he has trouble with leg riders when we were discussing his losses to Ripley's Matt Smith. However, Ballam is very very good, very fast and anybody who thinks he is "simply not very good" should try getting on the mat with him.

November 17, 2001
From: CE
email: ekrazy03@aol.com
comments: Wut up Forum? TO the person who was talking about riverside being in the top five, i agree with that because our team this year is stacked. Not only am i on the team but my brother Josh is on it and a lot of other good wrestlers including Eric simmons, Tj Richards, Chris Lowery, Josh Tucker, Dustin Kinser Chad Newman, and my trainee Travis Snodgrass. There is also a very talented heavyweight this year named Dustin Bostic he is a natural talent. So we will just wait to see how the season goes and Believe me right now it is looking very good for Riverside. i guarantee At least 9 state qualifiers including Eddie Cochran (soon to be #1) PEACE

November 17, 2001
email: To ! ! !
comments: Chris Satterfield from East is staying at heavyweight

November 17, 2001
comments: Yeah, I recognize Kupfer is one of,if not the best, wrestler in the state this year. Look for him to win it, and move on to bigger things next year.

November 17, 2001
From: Pipe and Scripe
comments: I'm not sure where Satterfield is going but wherever he goes i think he has a good shot of winning it. He has gotten stronger and faster and the whole Bee team looks pretty solid this year.Good Luck Bees!!!!

November 17, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: All the talk about Marks at 189 and Daggett at 171 for PHS...where does that leave Lou Thomas who was 4th at 171 as a sophmore? ...And, by the way, South will still win the State tourney

November 17, 2001
From: Phorom Philosopher
comments: If I read one more post about Hedgesville's wrestling prowess I will hold my breath until wrestling season is over! While in the past few seasons they have been successful, the measure of a program is long term. In the AAA division Parkersburg South, Parkersburg, Huntington, Wheeling Park, Fairmont Sr. and North Marion have withstood the test of time. These are the best programs in the state year in and year out. Yes there are many good teams in the state and don't feel slighted by not being mentioned. But this group is always at the top come State Tournament time. I read posts slamming South, if you hate them so badly, then get busy and outwork them, because that is the reason they are beating you, they work harder! As the girl in the shampoo commercial says "Don't hate me beacause I'm beautiful" if you aren't willing to put in the time to beat South, then don't get upset when they dog you ! The teams above all have a few things in common they are: Great Coaches! Great Parents and wrestlers with the willingness to outwork everyone else in the state to achieve their goals.

November 17, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: First to Anthony Regalbuto big congratulations to Ant for getting 3rd place at the WVU open at 165lbs. Ant looked very good at this new weight class and with this year being a red shirt year should be an incredible force next year. Ant looked good losing only to Troy Letters the top high school recruit last year score 1-0. But if you saw the match Regalbutos speed in neutral was incredible he was constantly in deep on Letters and if not for a few close calls could have won that match. I feel he will win next time they meet and I hope I get to see it. Congratulations to the other WVU wrestlers they looked pretty good and being young the sky is the limit. Anybody wanting to go and watch a great tournament should check out the WVU open it's quite different from a number of high school matches. Fans, coaches etc. are more laid back making it a more enjoyable experience then some high school matches. Not trying to disrespect anyone with that comment just an observation.

Secondly to panhandle fan I'm not sure where you are coming from with the comment you directed towards me. I made no excuses I did state that during the dual that I brought up Hedgesville vs. Fairmont Sr. at the Wheeling Park Duals in Dec. 99. There were some wrestlers from Hedgesville that were battling sickness but stuck it out and went out and wrestled very well one even scor November 30, 2001
comments: Brian Collins of Spencer won state a the things you brought up (grades,rules violations, etc.) So again I'm not sure at all what you are talking about. Anyway good luck to WVU and Ant, William & Penn and Bryan Moats, and to the eagles present and past and to all the eastern panhandle wrestlers this season. Can't wait for the start of the season. And I have to agree with the Hedgesville wrestlers who came on here talking about a new 171, and Hvy and that Hedgesville may surprise some people. I know the 171 and Hvy you are talking about and if they develop quickly yes there maybe some surprises. Some new wrestlers, returning wrestlers and a new asst. coach could make this a very interesting and exciting season.

November 16, 2001
comments: Everyone should remember Marks at 189 for PHS. He will be a force to be reckoned with. Especially with him and daggett pushing each other in the practice room. You'll have two Big Reds winning state this year at 171 and 189.

November 16, 2001
comments: ive noticed that ppl are sayiing starsick and courtney are gonna win it at 189 . but everyone has to realize thaat parkersburg south has an outstanding wrestler at 189 un less he goes to 171 . well its matt wright he can win the whole shabang if he puts his mind to it . if he goes to 171 it may be a littlte tougher considering he would have daggett and linger but at 189 he would have a great chance hes a sure thing for the top three. good luck both p burg teams .

daggett went to phs. i bet when we dual them, pickens goes to wherever daggett will prevail.

November 16, 2001
From: ex hedgesville wrestler
comments: About the fairmont and hedgesville matchup: I think it is very cool that people are compairing teams from different times. I think it is a lot harder than people think because when i was a freshman i used to think that certain people were awsome and i wanted to be as good as them but as i got older i realized that they were just not that good and i passed them by like they were not even moving. I don't really see any high school team beating Hedgesville that bad especially from west virginia. You said that Bonasso would beat Ballam. I train Ballam and wrestled Bonasso. Bonasso was very good on top but since when has Ballam had any trouble getting out. Bonasso has to beat him on his feet and that would be a toss up. As for Moats losing, you don't understand him. You forget how good he is. Remember all the talk about Daggett well he teched him so when Bryan wanted the win bad enough he got it. Moats by either win or pin. I never even heard of the other kid. I don't know who would win and it really doesn't bother me who would win but i would bet on Hedgesville only if Mr. Regalbuto was training them. If that is the case than bring on any team from anytime because i gaureente victory. Thats how good he is.

November 16, 2001
From: Richard
comments: Does anyone relize that Roger Kupfer of Cameron is one of the best wrestlers in the state?

November 16, 2001
From: Ashe140
comments: I think it is unfair how people talk about braxton being a great wrestling(and they are don't get me wrong), but frankfort never gets any respect. Frankort places better at state almost every year than Braxton and other school that are supposed to be out of there league. I think Drew Myers, Cody Shirey(4th), William Haddix, Neal Wright(6th), Devin Bosley(4th), and Dustin Bosley(6th) will suprise some people this year at state so you all pick all the big names and favorites and I'll stick with my misfits and unknowns.

November 16, 2001
From: Coach Cavender
email: mecavender@hotmail.com
The St. Albans Red Dragon Dual Team Tournament will be held on December 7th and 8th, 2001. This is the fourth year for the annual event. Due to the total renovation of St. Albans High School, the tournament will be held at Huntington High School. We will have eleven teams wrestling this year. The field includes: Chesapeake, OH, George Washington, Greenbrier West, Hedgesville, Herbert Hoover, Huntington, Independence, Point Pleasant, Riverside, Sheldon Clark, KY and St. Albans. Wrestling will take place on five mats and begins on Friday at 3:30 p.m. with six rounds scheduled. Saturday's session begins at 9:00 a.m. with six rounds scheduled. Hedgesville has won the tournament the last three years. Last years tournament included twenty-one wrestlers who went on to place in the state tournament. It also included three teams that went on to become regional champions and three teams that became regional runners-up. This years tournament will feature outstanding early season competition. The tournament should have 40 wrestlers that qualified for last years state tournament. The Red Dragon Dual Team Tournament promises to have plenty of excitement and fast paced action. We look forward to seeing everyone at Huntington High School on Dec. 7th and 8th. Visit www.angelfire.com/wv/sahswrestling for addtional info and past results.

November 16, 2001
From: BR

November 16, 2001
From: !!!
comments: i.heard.satterfield.might.go.215.true.or.false

November 16, 2001
from: Watcher
comments: Ironman Information:
SOUTH will be there again. This year the ironman is ranked as the second toughest high school tournament in the U.S.

December 7th(3:00PM) and 8th(10:00AM and 6:30PM) at Walsh Jesuit High School.

Ironman Teams for 2001:
Blair Academy(NJ) - Brookville(PA) - Cincinnati Moeller(OH) - CVCA(OH) - Dayton Carroll(OH) - Eastland North(OH) - Great Bridge(VA) - Marist(IL) - Massillon Jackson(OH) - Massillon Perry(OH) - Mayfield(OH) - Mentor(OH) - Milton(WI) - North Lehigh(PA) - Parkersburg South(WV) - Parkland(PA) - St. Edward(OH) - St. Paris Graham(OH) - St. Vincent-St. Mary(OH) - Seneca Valley(PA) - Strongville(OH) - Walsh Jesuit(OH) - Waynesburg Central(PA) - West Geauga(OH)

November 16, 2001
From: East fairmont fan
comments: I want to wish east fairnont good luck this year, go east

November 16, 2001
From: Region III
comments: Everybody is talking about South and all of the other teams up North.....you need to look at Riverside...... they have a chance of being one of the top five teams in the state this year.

November 14, 2001
From: cal 130
comments: why is it that wirt is always predicted to do better than calhoun? I am not so sure about some of the past years but in the last few Calhoun has shown a much higher caliber of wrestling program that Wirt could ever dream of, and I know that with this years new adition of Justin Ashley they had better start training to even be considered being in the sam mix as Cal.

November 14, 2001
From: South Fan
comments: I am former South matmaid and I just wanted to wish the boys the best of luck in the upcoming season! I know we will once again go all the way! I know that there has been a lot of talk about Daggett making his way to PHS and I just wanted to remind everyone that he is one person...we are a team that wins together. Please lets not give this anymore attention than it needs. Good luck boys, lets shoot for a winning, injury free season!

November 14, 2001
From: wrestlingMom: Pam
comments: There seems to be alot of interest in where my son will be wrestling at. As a parent I want what is best for my son, as all of you want whats best for yours, I am sure. Should it matter where he is wrestling?...As much as the fact that he is wrestling...He has been through alot in the past two years. It is time for him to feel confidence and positive reinforcement. As a parent I know he hasn't had that, and I will do what I can to help him along the way. When all is said and done what our responsibility is to our children, is to guide them to be the best people they can be. It shouldn't matter where he is wrestling and how many points he scores for his team. What should matter is that he knows that he has the support from those around him. That his Coaches and Team believe in him and encourage him to be the best that he can be.

November 14, 2001
comments: To ratteaser: I think it is pretty funny that you consider your team the team of champions. Prior to South becoming a school in 1967, The Big Reds won 9 Team Championships. Obviously they had a lot of help from the South side. Since that time, South has won 12 titles compared to only 8 from the “so called” mother ship. More like a sinking ship in the past 7 years. South 6, PHS 0.

November 14, 2001
From: midland moose
comments: diamond from cm is going to be at 160 this year maybe 152

November 14, 2001
From: hedgesville wrestler
comments: Don't overlook Hedgesville this year, were might not be as tough as past years , but we may surprise alot of people , with a new 171,HEAVY,and some other key spots !

November 14, 2001
From: HuskieWrestler
comments: I think everyone making the predictions has forgotten about one person who will be at the top this year, a man by the name of Wes Lane.

November 14, 2001
comments: I thought the Nov. 10 post from Old Opponent naming a 14 year old boy....
Editor's note: Yes, you are absolutely correct and I extend my apologies to those involved. Posting this was an oversight on my part.

November 14, 2001
From: pdurant
comments: Great opportunity for WV wrestlers coming up November 30 - December 2. Olympian Ken Chertow has scheduled one of his weekend Camp of Champs for wrestlers ages 8 to 18 in Ripley, WV at Ripley High School for those dates. The camp provides 12 hours of instruction, drilling and live wrestling over 3 days. This is an extraordinary opportunity to receive personalized instruction from wrestlers and coaches who have achieved at the highest level and are willing to share their expertise with the next generation of potential Olympians.

For more information and an on-line application see -


From: ironeagles
comments: WVU's Anthony Reglbuto went 5 and 1 at the WVU Open finishing third. His only loss was a hard-fought match with Lehigh's highly regarded Troy Letters, 1-0 in the semi-finals.

November 14, 2001
From: ready to rumble
Can williamstown, cameron, independance,calhoun,braxton,or wirt upset defnding A-AA champs oak glen? this writer says the field is wide open. keep a eye open for upsets from the magnoia squad who has increased their ranks to 46 wrestlers this year (only 2 seniors).can u name another school in the state drawing that much interest? Weaver should be a finalist again, as might 3or 4 other young contenders. Their presence might be even more formidable if not diluted into an extemely loaded region 1 field. for once i think their are a handful of teams with legitimate shots at the title. there are many hungry contenders after og's long run. williamstown is looking for a home dual in front of their student body. wouldn't that light an early fire for someone? this year's cameron squad (at weight) should duck no one. i think this may be the last of cameron's powerhouse teams for quite a while. why not tour and highlight these luminaries. i don't see the ovac "A" title as a goal this year. its time for a single A team to take the overall crown like in 90-91(minus the illegal pigtail points ). talkin' trash? i guess. let's get started. i see a lot of individual glory getting sacrificed this year for team recognition. i'm tired of hearing about a few good wrestlers, good programs produce good teams. see ya at Berkely Springs. I dare someone to predict the A-AA regional qualifiers and their order of finish at this date.

November 14, 2001
From: Todd Moore
comments: So starts another high school wrestling season with high hopes and dreams of glory. Good luck to all wrestlers this year, have fun. Teams to watch this year in AAA are South, PHS (very strong in lower classes), and St. Albans. Ripley and Nitro have some guns as well. The AA competion will be especially close this year. The top of the pile at the end should be Oak Glen, Cameron, Williamstown, and Wirt. Not necessarily in that order, but all four are especially strong.

November 14, 2001
From: To: WWHS
comments: Woodrow Wilson's wrestling team in the past years has declined to just a few wrestlers here and there. This year we change that with the addition of Coach Sarrett (former Beckley-Stratton wrestling coach) as assistant coach and filling all our weight classes. Watch for the Flying Eagles to soar in the next few years into a top team in the state and then we will earn respect not expect it. This year the wrestling schedule has improved and WWHS will wrestle tough competition from the first match. Good Luck to the Flying Eagle wrestlers and Coaches this year.

November 14, 2001
From: wrestling fool
comments: Wrestling is here baby! Cant wait to see what souths team is going to look like...I wanna see the battle for the weight classes between Wilk, pickens, and Dye all three should be placers this year! I wanna see Chris morrison win the state and same for pickens! LETS GO SOUTH!!!!!

November 14, 2001
This is Shelly Gillispie and I am looking for Parkersburg South High School for the Virginia Duals in January. I am not sure if you have a area on your website that we can post this and I can keep you updated on who we still need. Do you know of any other web sites that I can also post this on. You can give my email chief@nfx.net and telephone of 757-868-7003, fax 757-868-9335. The cost is $300.00 to sponsor a college and $200.00 to sponsor a high school. For sponsoring they will receive the following:
1. banner hung under the college/high school teams name in the arena at the Coliseum.
2. Company/Individual name listed in the program with the team they are sponsoring.
3. up to 4 passes to get into the duals and eat in the hospitality room during the duals.

Colleges needing sponsors

US Army Academy
Appalachian State
University of Pittsburg
University of Wyoming
Gettysburg College
Grand Valley State University
Missouri Valley College

High Schools still needing sponsors


Colonial Forge, VA
Hamtpon, VA
Hermitage VA
Kellum, VA
Lee Davis, VA
Mills Godwin H.S.
Salem VA
Stonewll Jackson

Out of State:

Bethleham Catholic PA
Camdem Catholic NJ
Currituck NC
Freedom PA
Jesuite LA
Manteo NC
Nazareth PA
Parkersburg South WV
Pasquotank County NC
River HIll MD
St. Marks DE

Shelly Gillispie
1 G. Maria Drive
Poquoson, VA   23662
757-868-7003 PH
757-868-9335 FAX
chief@nfx.net email

November 14, 2001
From: Panhandle Fan
comments: Just a few observations........St. Albans showed a lot of heart last year but their big problem was not having a full line up week after week. You can't win from forfeits. Where are all the spots going to be filled from. Hope a better turnout than last year. Finally about Hedgesville FanM........The definition of a student athlete is just this...."a person attending school for the benefit of obtaining an education who abides by all rules regulations and meets all academic criteria for qualification to be a member of the scholastic team in the sport of their choice." If Johnny did drugs, or if Johnny didn't get the grades, or if Johnny didn't abide by the rules, then Johnny doesn't deserve to be with the rest of the team. We should as parents quit making excuses for those who don't abide by the rules and support and cheer on those who do because they are the future. They are the ones who deserve to advance in any tournament, match, game, meet, or event. Kids are student athletes first...emphasis on student....it's the whole package or nothing at all......

November 14, 2001

November 14, 2001
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: If my memorty serves me correctly, the preliminary match at the last Dapper Dan was with Minnetosa, not Nebraska. If you ever have a chance to see a Dapper Dan match, please go. You'll see great wrestling.

November 12, 2001
comments: Does anyone know who will be wrestling 103 in AA/A this year?

November 12, 2001
From: Saint Albans Wrestling Fan
comments: Ok.All you other school talk that your going to be so good, Well I have another thing for you. Watch out for St. Albans HIgh. The school is going to have a lot of talent this year. Watch out for Arnold, Weese, Racer, Roberts, Potter, Wokpara, Blevins, A Sampson, S Sampson and Cooper. They have alot of new and old talent and should be watched for. Their going to be one of the top teams this year.

November 12, 2001
From: cameron fan
comments: If anyone read Mr.Wood's Nov.7th post, I think this is maybe the kind of sportsmanship that we need to show each oter as fellow wrestlers. Wood dosn't know if he can beat the best,but he sure isn't afraid of the challenge and he isn't afraid to give other wrestlers credit where it is due. As the season goes on though, I think you will find out though that Ben will be at the top of his class wherever he ends up weight wise because he has already proven himself as one of the best wrestlers in the state. And even if you dont see him on the top of the stand in February (which I think you will anyways) this kid will still show you alot of class and that sometimes is something that some our greatest champions cant show. I wish Ben good luck this year although he may be up against my boys Roger and Tucker. As for that, look for Kupfer at a higher weight, I would guess 160, but maybe 152 and look for Brown to go where Kupfer dosn't. Cameron will be solid all the way throug! h though. Look for O'Neil, Stewart or Yoders at 145 wih one of the other 2 going to 140. All tough kids and lookfor Casey Hughes to start his quest his second run on 4 state titles at 135 or 140 but most likely 135. If one of the 4 can make 130, then Cameron will be really tough from 125-160 with a good freshman 103 if he can make weight (K Hughes).

November 12, 2001
From: WWHS
comments: I honestly don't think that Woodrow Wilson High school gets enough credit for anything. They are going to be great contenders these next few years. the only thing that has been holding them back in the past is them not having a full team. this year they are coming out ready with a full team (most of which will be sophomores but they are good sophomores). With this full team WWHS will be a team to beat in upcoming years!!!

November 12, 2001
From: Former Bee
comments: Hey good luck this year Brad and John i hope that a few kids coming from the jr. high will help ya out this year and for Blaine and Chris and Ben and Brandon and Futton i hope you guys set good examples for the frosh. Lead east this year and keep the bees at the top.

November 12, 2001
From: Coach Stef
comments: As I've read past forum comments, I've realized how out-spoken I've been outspoken in the past and I'm appreciative of the weight class changes made by the WVSSAC. But let me tell you this - I have 5 kids who weigh 110 lbs. Really, just kidding, because I'll take the good with the bad. Thanks to those who agreed that we should change weight classes as we changed age classes. Also, I appreciate those coaches who have always promoted wrestling, and who agree that our student-athletes should shake hands as is deemed fit at the conclusion of an athletic contest. In other words, thank heavens that we still encourage our kids to shake hands.

November 12, 2001
From: Superman
comments: RONIN,lazy traveler in japenese, I like you style, and I agree with your state title predictions so far,...as far as picking champions for individual weight classes thats really hard to do at the is point. I mean , even with my super vision I can't see into the future to see what people will weigh. I can say that unless the following wrestlers end up in each others weight classes they are gonna take the show: SHANE GROGG ,(4x) MATT EASTER, CHANTZ GRIFFITH DANNY LORD,ROBBIE RIPLEY, "THE ONE" BILLY BARBOUR, JASON MAYES, NATHAN PICKENS, CHRIS DAGGETT, & JEFF COURTNEY I been saying, enough talk! time for actions to speak louder than words, "The One" outstanding wrestler at states...and every other tournament this year.

November 10, 2001
From: Jason Roberts
email: jasonchad21@yahoo.com
comments: This message is for Tucker Brown. I watched your guy's playoff game against Mt. Hope (I think). Heck of a job!!! You showed some gutts and I was mad that you guys didn't pull off the win. Just wanted to say good job and good luck in wrestling. And to my BEARS!! Show no let down and listen to nobody but your coach. Good luck Coach Shaw and I know there are some guys that can step up and be great captains on that team. I wrestled with you guys and I know you will set a good example. Good luck to all wrestlers and no more debates about what weight class is the strongest. There are great guys in each and nobody can test that. We set the record books. Now rewrite it!!

November 10, 2001
From: AAA Predicter
comments: Will anyone have 4 State Champions like Nitro. You can mark it down Anthony Easter, Jacob Frerichs, Matt Easter and Robbie Ripley will go UNDEFEATED in WV and win State Championships!

November 10, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: I just wanted to say to everyone that thinks that South is going to fall this year....DREAM ON! The reason that South wins the state all the time is because their wrestlers are taught to wrestle back if they get beat. At South, it is better to get third than second because it shows that the team came first. Until other schools realize that state champions dont always equal team titles, then the rest of the state is just going to have to settle with arguing over who has the best "dual team" South gets 5 state champs this year, and places 11 guys. South wins by 42 points at state.

November 10, 2001
From: Papa Cougar
comments: To the person responding to Big Red Fan -- I am impressed with how closely you have followed Robert Shyvers pee wee wrestling career. You are right about his loses to the named wrestlers. But even you must admit that you had to go back years to find them. The three South Patroits that you mentioned, Osuna-Cotta, Chad Porter, and Aaron Kelly have to go back years to recall any such win over Robert. In fact, the last time he met these wrestlers, Robert beat all three of them. Also, in the last 3 years Robert has wrestled Anthony Easter twice, each comming away with one win. Brandan Rader is another story, as Robert and Branden are "BEST" friends -- and have wrestled togher for about 8 years with the Parkersburg Cougars. Branden is an outstanding wrestler, even in the mind of the most biased fan. Robert has defeated Branden on occasion, once for 1st place at the Eastern National Championships, But Branden can probably beat Robert 2 out of 3 times, maybe. Enough of this......Let's watch the season unfold and the record will speak for each of the wrestlers involved. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE BOYS WHO HAVE THE CHARACTOR TO WORK HARD AND STEP OUT ON THE MAT. WIN OR LOSE THEY ARE A SPECIAL GROUP OF YOUNG MEN.

November 10, 2001

November 10, 2001
From: RE:Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic
comments: Just a point of correction--this post and the previous one about the OVAC and Dapper Dan was NOT sent by the DDWC but by a fan. The previous post should read like the above in the Name blank. The info is nonetheless accurate.

November 10, 2001
From: JM
email: Cdog_69_2000@ yahoo.com
comments: I am a wrestler for Iaeger High School and we just got our team back and we should be featured some on this page

November 10, 2001
From: Randy
comments: someone asked a while back what is a good program to use for wrestling stats. go to www.pes-sports.com
champion wrestling stats

November 10, 2001
From: In response to Hedgesvillfan [dillusional]
comments: In response to NOV 9 remarks, even if you dont care "what I come up with" I implore you, take a look. I WOULD LIKE ANYONE TO RESPOND AND TELL US WHO THEY AGREE WITH ON THIS. SOUTH FAN, even though you prob dont care, I'd like to hear your opinion. THanks----103:Bonasso 5th vs Ballman 4th--Boasso by pin. Dan has always been a pinner and Ballman is just not very good. 112: Drappo vs. Ford. Ford placed the next year at 12 and he lost to Stanely by 6 points. The kid doesnt get pinned. I'll give Drappo a dec although I am not sure about it. 119: Hedrick vs. Bowers. 5th vs. 6th. 5th wins. Hedrick is too good on his feet and off bottom to lose to Bowers. Hed wins by dec. 125: Lord vs Mike Searer. Lord by maj. Shearer is too tough to get pinned by Lord as a fresh. 130: Mike Cinalli vs. Shetler. You have Shet by pin , I dont think so, Cinalli is too good of a wrestler. He was a state runner up his senior year. Close match. I'll give Shet a dec. I would'nt count Cinalli out though. 135: Hess vs. Majic, neither good wrestlers but since you can give pins at your convenience I give majic the close win. Moates vs Bates. Bates is way too quick and agile to lose to Moates. Bates beat Chris Ward in the Quarters at states that year but you have him losing to moates. I don think so. Bates by Major. 145: Regalbuto by fall, dont know why you said "get real," must be an egodefense mechanism kicking in. I never clamed victory here. 152: Neptune [3rd] by fall 160: Wilfong [sate champ] by fall. 172: Courtney [State champ] by fall. 189 Kruzel [runner up] by fall. He lost to Davidson of WP in the finals 5-1. 215: Parker [state champ] by fall. HWT. Mills vs. ? toss up, Hed by dec. Final score: FAIRMONT SENIOR-46 HEDGESVILLE-19--I think I just opened those worms and trew them in your face. ANYONE AGREE?

November 10, 2001
From: ratteaser
comments: i understand mr ***** is considering wrestling for the school of champions!! and the mother ship!...the heart of tradition...my big reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..the branch school loses a wrestler!!..wahoo!!!
Editor's note: Persistant rumors about a South wrestler moving across the river. I guess we'll see....

November 10, 2001

November 10, 2001
From: phs fan
comments: to styx of OAK GLENN,finally somebody who knows what there talking about and from a wrestling program that knows all about winning.and one more thing to the people who say that winning isn't everything,nobody goes into the season saying i'm just going out for fun you go out to win,there's no pride in second place. do i make my POINT!

November 10, 2001
comments: why does it seem certain parts of the state get to talk more BS on here then others?
Editor's note: Hmmmm. I thought there was enough BS on this forum to cover the entire state pretty evenly...

November 10, 2001
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: As the forum comments have begun taking up steam, I realize that Nov. 12 is quickly approaching. Coach Bryan and I are looking toward the start of the season with the student-athletes who are ready to wrestle at Braxton Co. Middle School. Again, we would love to have a youth program in our county, but without such, we'll do our best to "take down and wrestle." Again, we'll promote sportmanship and look forward to shaking hands with you on the mat.

November 10, 2001
From: South fan
comments: To South predictions I the Wlikinson kid will fill the 140-145 spot and that would be a surprise he's got the talent Now what was the problem with dagget? how is he not going to wreslte for south is he is still playing football for them>? They are in the playoffs and that would move into wrestling season if they win. Is it legal to play football for a school and practice wrestling for another if you intend to transfer? Anyways just wanted to make my comment about souths 145 that who I heard was going to get the spot

November 10, 2001
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: I find all the speculation and questions about the wrestlers on my team posted on the forum flattering but somewhat silly. Our team will be very young this season with probably no more than 3-4 8th gradersin the starting lineup. If you want to find out about Milton we have no big secrets! Go to the team links and click on our update. There is also a link there to the team web site. We are not sure yet what weights anyone will be because of the new weight classes. Several kids are right in the middle of 2 of them. For example if you weigh around 109 you could go 105 or 115. All I can say is we hope to better at the end of the season than the beginning. As far as middle schools go ... I feel Point Pleasant will definitely be the force to be reckoned with. Good luck to all those guys attending Weekend Warrior camp. Practice starts Nov. 12th - Let's Roll!

November 10, 2001
From: curious A/AA 145 lbs.
comments: Who is gonna be the tough competitors at 145 or 152 this yr in A/AA.

November 10, 2001
comments: Well, here we are, getting ready for yet another season of West Virginia High School wrestling, and I, as well as many other are looking forward to it. I know that the season has yet to officially begin, but many predictions are being made about the AAA teams. How do people see the A/AA shaping up this year? I know of quite a few squads that have picked up the pace and will be ready for a serious season this time around. If anyone has any predictions, or pre-season comments as far as our A/AA season goes, let's hear them!

November 9, 2001
comments: To wrestling fan: I believe that shawn beckett wil be wrestling at 130 or 135.

November 9, 2001
From: Small Fry Dad
comments: To: light_side
South has a great wrestling tradition for one reason.....the pee-wee teams. Every one should give a "hats-off" to the coaches that run these programs and put up with all the problems that go with small fry guys. Just remember when you watch a High school match that these guys that are 17-18 years old probably have been coached since they were 4 or 5. It doesn't have to bee competitive all the time but it helps to start early.

November 9, 2001
comments: What is HHS state champ Jason Mays wrestling this season?

November 9, 2001
comments: I've seen a few posts asking about the Cougar Invitiational. It is Nov 10 at 9:30 at Jefferson High. As far as the open division goes ... I wrestled it last year the open division had Superman and two kids from PA at 140. Nobody else. I don't think Superman will be there this year, he's at almost all of them but Hes got something with school I think...As far as those PA guys, after the "super" beating he laid on them last year I don't know if they will be back or not.

November 9, 2001
comments: pickum "The Solitary Zen Master" agrees with your outlook. And I like your style. I would just like to add, Eastern Panhandle wrestlers who will probably win state titles are Griffith, Lord, and "The One" Billy Barbour. Griffith and Lord will win on pure technique and speed. Barbour will win on brute strenght and intensity. That "One" has got to be the most intense wrestler I've ever seen. Others to place highly will probably be J. Kessler, J. Clark, K. Ballam, "The Phenom" Gustines, "Grizzley" Bird and I really like Hawes hes a good guy, and a heck of a wrestler.

November 9, 2001
From: Bee Fan
comments: I just want to wish East Fairmont High School all the luck in the world this year. Coach Brad Pretracca and John Geary have really turned the program around.They have raised such state champions as Matt Miller and Jeff Noechel and have placed in the top 10, the last 2 years. With 2 state place winners returning (Satterfield 2nd,and Mayle 4th,)that could be new title holders, and with the talent of Ben and Brandon Geary they could go for it all. Good Luck guys and work hard this year and good luck to the rest of the state too.

November 9, 2001
From: New AAA Predictions
comments: 103-Anthony Easter
112-Matt Easter
119-Shane Grogg
125-Matt Bosley
130-Robbie Williams
135-Robbie Ripley
140-Danny Lord
145-Blane Mayle
152-Jason Mays
160-Nathan Pickens
171-Chris Daggett
189-Jeff Courtney
215-Andrew Starsick
275-Chris Satterfield

November 9, 2001
comments: Good luck to the wrestler's braden shaw, jarrod shaw, and brian humphrey in tulsa ,oklahoma good luck guys

November 9, 2001
comments: how can u make perdictions already there are a lot of new and improved talent out there i think jarrod shaw will give cappas a run for his money and brian humphrey at 112 will show his ability and at 119 matt easter will be there so i dunno how ur making predictions so early

November 9, 2001
comments: Word is at South: First off all the talk about Justin Conley word is he is NOT wrestling this year. Thus being the 103 weight class should be filled by Felix Osuna Cotto, a great wrestler ready for the challenge. Shane Grogg,a great wrestler, should fill the 112 weight class. At 119 should be Ryan Metz, a guy that knows his stuff. 125 may be Matt Bosley, strong as an ox and as mean as a bull. 130-135 is going to be two tuff weight classes to decide but definatly look for a Bryce Pickens in there. 140 I am looking to see a new face in there it may be a shock to all of us. At 145 and 152 I am looking to see a toss up between Sonny Dye, a dedicated wrestler who builds himself up to be better, or Kyle Walters an outstanding wrestler who makes this stuff look easy. 160 I am looking to see Nathan Pickens, whose name we all recognize as a "Beware of Him" kind of guy. At 171 I look with a hopefull eye to see Chris Daggett, word has it he may not be wrestling for South this year but if he does look for that title in his hand at the end of states. 189 may be filled by a new face or one that is common to see. 215 is going to be another tuff weight class this year as many boys will be shooting for that starter position I am looking to see the face of either Wes Young or Ryan Williams filling this spot. 275 looks to be a strong young man by the name of Chris Morrison this boy doesn't get out there and "wrestle" like a heavy weight this young man wrestles like you are taught when you weigh 103 with the right moves this boy looks to have the state title in his grasp.

Just thought I would give you the word from South. Good Luck to all the boys. I wish a special good luck to Felix, Shane, and Chris. (I know how you feel,Chris.)

November 9, 2001
From: Hedgesvillefanm
comments: Just want to say good luck this weekend to Anthony Regalbuto and Jared Hess competing in the WVU Open. And to Brian Moats out at William & Penn wrestling at 149. And to any other eagles competing this weekend. WVU should be awesome can't wait.

November 9, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: re: the unnamed person from fairmont asking how the 99-00 eagles would respond to pins at 103,152,160,171,189,215, and wins from 130, and 140 by the 95-96 fairmont team. The 99-00 eagles wouldn't have to respond because you wouldn't have gotten those points. 103 sophmore Bonasso 5th in states vs. Ballam So. 4th in states if Delligatti can't pin Ballam what makes you think Bonasso as a soph. could do it. Bonasso was much much better as a jr. and sr. then a soph. Ballam by dec. 112: Drappo Jr. regional runnerup vs. ? (non state qualifier) Drappo by pin. 119: Bowers Sr. regional champion states 6th vs. Hedrick Fresh. states 5th tough close match Bowers by dec. 125: Lord Fresh. regional champ lost to Ripley at states that year by 1 vs. ? (non state qualifier) Lord by pin. 130: Shetler Sr. regional champ 3 times I believe and took 2nd at states losing in overtime vs. Cinalli soph. 6th at states. Get real Shetler by pin. 135: Hess Jr. regional runnerup vs. ? (non state qualifier) Hess may not be flashy but in this situation I think he would have come through with not just points but big points. Hess by pin. 140: Moats Jr. regional champ states 6th vs. Bates Sr. states 2nd. Extremely close match to call here but I have to go with Moats by dec. 145: Regalbuto Sr. going for 2nd state title, regional runnerup, all american, dutton award winner, etc. vs. ? (non state qualifier) get real Regalbuto by pin. Now I will say you did have some studs in the upper weights Neptune 152 Jr. 3rd in states, Wilfong Jr. 160 1st in states, Courtney 171 Jr. 1st in states all three were incredible wrestlers that I enjoyed watching and would have scored points for you all as would most likely Kruzel Sr. 189 2nd states, and Parker Sr. 215 1st in state. I can see you all getting 3 pins and 2 dec-maj. Hvy tossup Woodfall Sr. vs. ? non state qualifier. Could go either way. I got total team score Hedgesville 42 and Fairmont 24. Personally don't care what you come up with. Way to open up a can of worms BigJ Ha Ha.

November 9, 2001
email: stixx_32@yahoo.com

November 9, 2001
From: ratsteaser
comments: phs wrestling will surprise a bunch of people real early in the season!!...look for them to be a tough tournament team!

November 9, 2001
From: Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic FAN
comments: It is BIG news for northern WV wrestling fans that the Dapper Dan Wrestling Classic (the Rose Bowl of high school wrestling) has invited the OVAC champions to wrestle the WPIAL champions in the preliminary to the National All Stars vs. the Pennsylvania state champs on March 30 in Pittsburgh. The WPIAL conference has produced more NCAA Div. I champions than any other conference in the country and we will get to see how the OVAC stacks up. Last year the WPIAL champs wrestled and beat the state of Nebraska champs in the preliminary bout. Several Oak Glen and other WV wrestlers will be favored to win OVAC titles this year.

November 9, 2001
From: Pirate_Mann
comments: I agree that Oak Glen will have a good team yet again this year. In regaurds to the comment about Independence didn't Pat Conley also graduate? Also I think everyone has forgotten about Dustin Householder. I believe he will win either 215 or HWT which ever he wrestles.

November 9, 2001
From: FAN
comments: TO Big Red YES: ROBERT SHYVER HAS BEEN BEAT BY WV WRESTLERS. Felix Osuna-Cott (soph. this year), Anthony Easter (fresh. this year),Brandan Rader (fresh. this year),Chad Porter (8th grade this year)and Aaron Kelley (8th grade this year)

November 9, 2001
comments: I thought it was illegal to recruit wrestlers in high school. Am I wrong? I wont mention any names but I know of this happening over the summer and I am honestly wondering. Does anyone have the rules about transferring to other schools and any related rules? Please respond. Thanks.

November 9, 2001
From: CV
comments: 103-frerics,nitro


* the question is not if south will win or not, it is by how much! * fairmont senior, huntington, and nitro battle for 2nd.* phs gets 5th with no champions. *lord leads hedgesville.* East wrestles well enough to get 7th. * warner upsets mays in the finals,piont gets 8th. NOTE- warner leads all time series against mays 2-0! * midland & ripley finish out the top ten.**** Courtney is the states outstanding wrestler!

November 9, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: I see that predictions are being made on an individual basis.To AAA predictions: It is early to tell who will fall in what weight class,but I have heard that Grogg will go 112,Metz at 119 and Bosely at 125.If that is the case,another wrestler will have to bring his best to beat them! Every year you see wrestlers having problems maintaining a lower weight,and by January they will change weight classes.Some get their rumps thumped and move to other weight classes also!Good luck to all WV teams.

November 7, 2001
From: AAA predictions
comments: 103 cappas
112 Ballam
119 grogg
125 metz
130 griffith
135 williams
140 lord
145 mayle
152 mayes
160 pickens
171 daggett
189 courtney
215 delligatti
275 morrison

November 7, 2001
From: Oak Glen Student
comments: All I have to say is don't underestimate the Oak Glen Golden Bears. We have shown you what we are capable of during the past five years and dont think we have stopped. The reason we keep on winning is because Larry Shaw has created a tradition that the younger JV wrestlers and Middle school wrestlers want to be a part of. It just doesnt even stop there, we have so many pee-wee's that its unbelieveable. So we will be sticking around for quite a long time still so dont even think about underestimating Oak Glen this year. Not only do we have Garrett Six, Ronnie Hebrock, Derrick Stickles, and Joey Caughey returning, but we have other varsity wrestlers from last years team returning who have had lots of experience now. We also have some very good JV's stepping up. GOOD LUCK OAK GLEN!!!

November 7, 2001
From: midland moose
comments: has anyone heard anything on diamond and mayes and what weight classes they are wrestling and does anyone know why diamond is not wrestling if that is true

November 7, 2001
From: sharkswrestler
comments: Is hurricane going to have a wrestling team this year

November 7, 2001
comments: Does anyone have any idea of who all is going to be at 152 and 160 this year both at A/AA and AAA?? please let me know what you think

November 7, 2001
From: Tony "Da Tuna"
comments: I do not know with what weapons ww3 will be fought with, but ww4 will simply be wrestling.

November 7, 2001
comments: Independence will be a force again this year. These guys have worked hard in the off-season. They only lost three seniors from last years starting line-up ( Bolen- State Champ, Brown-State Runner-up, and Stewart) They have alot of talent that is still there and i know coach Gilson and Warden and the rest of the guys are looking for another banner. Look out for the Patriots in 2001-2002!!!!

November 7, 2001
From: Pickum
comments: Eastern Panhandle AAA Preview: (and note I don't have any inside info on any of the teams I'm just going on who was there last year their grades and how they did.)Wrestling in the eastern panhandle this year should be very competitive. With Hedgesville possibly having 14 experienced wrestlers in their lineup, a strong Jefferson team, an experienced Martinsburg, and an improving Mussleman action should be aplenty. My preseason nod for best in the panhandle Jefferson. With 6 regional placers plus Chantz Griffith who was not able to compete at last yrs regionals, and 5 of those placers qualified for states. Plus incoming wrestlers Gustines and Davis make the Cougars very strong. State placewinners Householder(215 4th),Hawes (130 6th) and former placer Griffith should lead the team. If the cougars can get everyone in the lineup right now they may be bunched up in the middleweights and if they can fill holes in the lightweights then they may be the next eastern panhandle regional team champion. They should definitely contend for the crown.

PS don't forget Badger last year at 189 he beat in regionals eventual state champ Starsick from North Marion. Illness kept Badger from competing at states but he is young and should go far. Defending Regional Team Champion Hedgesville returns 4 regional placers 3 of which qualified for states. Led by Lord(140 2nd) and Ballam(112 4th) and qualifier Files(215) and former qualifier Snyder(152). Incoming freshman Young, Foltz, and Grim give the team three very experienced hungry young prospects who have been wrestling many years in the youth leagues and at Regalbutos camp. If Hedgesville can develop these youngsters and others on the team throughout the season they should be a force at regionals as well. Martinsburg returns 3 regional placers all 3 of which also qualified for states. Led by Kessler(140),Barbour(135) and Bird (275). They also have young talents returning in Kessler(125),Barbour(119) ,Kolb(103) who looked very good last year. As with Hedgesville if Martinsburg can develop the young talents over the season look for them to be a factor. Also Martinsburg appears to have holes in the upper weights to fill but usually does a nice job of filling them. Mussleman returns 5 regional placers one of which, Clark(103 states 5th), returns. They have some nice wrestlers with potential key will be in development. Look out for possible incoming freshman Alley at 103 looked strong in jr. league postseason tournaments.

November 7, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: re: PHS fan If your point was that you can come up with excuses for a loss yes you made it well. Every team deals with injuries, sicknesses, etc. As Hedgesville did during the dual with Fairmont Sr. Hedgesville had wrestlers during that meet that were dealing with some extreme sicknesses I know of one who had a very bad case of the flu with a high temp who was able to pull off an upset. Every team deals with this it's not an excuse. Facts are facts and I've already stated them Hedgesville beat the team who beat your guys. Hedgesville was the AAA team who was undefeated that year in duals in West Virginia not your team. Now you talk about your lineup and yes you had a very good lineup I'll give credit where it's due. But the facts remain and no excuse will change them.

November 7, 2001
From: True Fan
comments: I think that one of the toughest wieght classes will be 112 pounds this year, and the one that is going to suprise everyone will be Brian Humphrey's. He has gotten a lot better since last year and he will be one of the elite in the 112 pound wieght class. Good Luck Brian, and all wrestlers this year!

November 7, 2001
From: ratteaser
comments: phs has the makings of a tough team!!...wait and see!!!..coaches doing great job!..new wrestling room!!

November 7, 2001
comments: calhoun just got justin ashley from wirt and will be wrestling 119 this year. he will help them out when it comes to the lkc championships this year. calhoun will be at the top when it comes to the end and championship time

November 7, 2001
From: indywrestler
email: adder_007@hotmail.com
comments: i don't know for sure who all is gonna be in the 140-152 weight classes in A/AA but it should be interesting... me(ben wood),tucker brown, roger cupher, will westbrook, brad nicka, steve flowers... just to name a few guys floating around there... those weights will be tough in AAA too... Blayne Mayle, Mayes, Danny Lord, Robbie Ripley... it should make quite a few interesting matches.. i'd like to wrestle all these guys... i'd probably lose to some or most of them... but i'd give them all they wanted and..lol i just enjoy the challenge...after all isn't that what wrestling is for?

November 7, 2001
From: former high school wrestler
comments: Regarding south's comment about winning the state tournament at 171, I strongly disagree. I believe it will be between Fairmont's Jeff Courtney and Greenbrier East's Homer McMillion.

November 7, 2001
From: another Greenbrier County wrestling fan
comments: In response to the comments about Greenbrier East's 215 pounder, John Persinger, I totally agree. Not only is Persinger a talented wrestler, but so are many of their other competitors. For example, Jeff Capaldo (189) and Homer McMillion (171) are also excellent wrestlers in the higher weight classes.

November 7, 2001
comments: Can someone tell me what and where and when is the cougar open??

November 7, 2001
From: M S
email: keebler_69_@hotmail.com
comments: I just want to say good luck to all PHS wrestlers this year you guys are still young but u will suprise a lot of teams keep workin hard like you did all summer and everything will work out great good luck boys!!!!!!

Oh yeah and beat South this year would ya, haha

November 7, 2001
From: CV
comments: I know it still early, but here are the top 10 teams in the state:
10.point pleasant
9.cabell midland
5.east fairmont
3.fairmont senior

November 7, 2001
From: nonya
comments: PHS allways has a good team,the reason why there duall record does not allways reflect is because it's been a long time since PHS has had a wrestler in every weight class and they have battled injuries the past few years,when you look back at some of the best wrestler's in west virginia state wrestling history,the majority have come from PHS,stevens george flemming satterfield owens handlen schennerlein williams trusty rexroud and the list goes on and on. I don't believe anybody can produce a better lineup of wrestlers than that.

November 7, 2001
From: wrestling fan
comments: does anyone know what weight class shawn beckett is wrestling this year.

November 7, 2001
From: light_side
comments: Just on here to wish the Tyler Consolidated - Magnolia - and Hundred wrestlers great seasons. By the way . . . how in the heck do you schools with those tremendous wrestling programs build yourselves in the first place? We're struggling to get wrestlers out for the program. What the heck? How about a few pointers?????

November 7, 2001
From: Region 4 MAN
comments: Look for INDEPENDENCE to take the AA state title this year Cliff Warden is working those boys hard and they will be ready.with some great returners for the team like
Snuffer 103 or 112
Blake 119 or 125
Sexton 130
Wood state runner up probably 152
Barnette 00 state champ will be at 189
The Rhodes brothers
Keaton at HWT

How about WOODROW WILSON probably gonna be a top 5 team this year
Freshaman Tyler Wilson 119
Frehman Sean Meade 103
junior Ryan bostic 112
Justin boydon
zack evans both returning state qualifiers
soph Jay Thomas a junior State Champ
Woodrow will be on the rise this year look for them to win it all within the next 3 seasons.

November 7, 2001
From: BiG
comments: is there anyone good in 119 this year in region 3 in particular? or even in the state? i know if easter wrestles 119 he'll win state... but are is there nebody else that should be pretty good?

November 7, 2001
From: Big Red
comments: WHAT ABOUT PHS ROBERT SHYVER?!?!?! has anyone beat him in west virginia. ......

November 7, 2001
comments: Blaine Mayle will most likely be at 140

November 7, 2001
From: BIG J
comments: Smokedogg we were the team in 99-2000 were'nt we and we might not of shown it at states but i think we could of won a state dual tournament because we always seemed to win our dual matches no matter who it was thats why we were undefeted and we beat the fairmont sr. team at wheeling that year if im not mistaking.

From: BIG J comments: Smokedogg we were the team in 99-2000 were'nt we and we might not of shown it at states but i think we could of won a state dual tournament because we always seemed to win our dual matches no matter who it was thats why we were undefeted and we could of beat all the big doggs of the past.Moats Good luck at william and penn and you should kick some butt at 149 also cant wait till christmas break so we can have the smokedogg reunion also to Danny Lord you know you can win states this year so prove it.

November 7, 2001
From: another fan
comments: I would just like to wish good luck to all the lady wrestlers out there .... Show the boys what you are made of

November 7, 2001
From: TO: Hedgesvillefan
comments: HED-99-00 VS. FS-95-96 ------How would you answer to a pin at 103, 152, 160, 171, 189 and 215 and likely wins from Cinalli and Bates?

November 7, 2001
From: to phs fan from:Wade JR., PIN KING
comments: 20 match winners----they are tough--[that was sarcasm if you didnt understand}--I have personally pinned probably 50 or more 20 match winners over the years, as I would you.

November 5, 2001
From: PHS Fan

November 5, 2001
From: PHS fan
comments: To Hedgesville fan,I was hoping you wouldn't bring that up,but can you name one time that PHS had a full healthy team,no,you can't,everybody wants to bring up best team to never win it,it's definitely not hedgesville or fairmont senior,if you want to compare lineups, Steven's,three time state champ,George two time state champ and was battling numorous serious injuries his senior year,Hildebrand was a 20 match winner Reitmeire was a 20 match winner Trusty was a state champ williams was a state champ,Marks,Wallace and Samples were all state placers,not to forget lockney and Stover who were also 20 plus match winners,do I make my point.

November 5, 2001
From: howard
Will the open division at Cougar Open next weekend have many participants at the the 140 to 150 weight class?

November 5, 2001
From: wonder
comments: Anyone hear where East Side's Blane Mayle will be? 140 or 145?

November 5, 2001
From: confused!?
comments: ok someone put on here something bout wilkinson then pickens then walters and of course pickens and dagget for south but who is wilk? is he really going to be souths 140? I think i heard of him from wsaz last year but anyone got any comments? i wanna know how good the kid is.. (gluck to all the wrestlers)

November 3, 2001
From: young wrestler
comments: I think cammack will win the county. I think they will have county champs at: 90lbs Evan warland,Daniel cook at 115lbs, alphonso samples at 125lbs, C.J Runyon at 135lbs, Milton they don't have anyone that will beat them people. Runyon and Samples has won county before and will do it one more time...

November 3, 2001
Editor's note: Season is upon us and its time for me to pull the website back on the front burner. I have some team updates to work on this weekend, and need to get some mail out.
We have a ton of youth tournament forms posted. There have been some along the way I didn't get posted because of problems opening files (sorry, that 74K PDF file just locked up my computer). A few others I just plain messed up on. If you don't see your form posted, let me know and I'll see if we can straighten it out.

November 3, 2001
From: Fan
comments: What does anyone think about the 103 pounder from John Marshall Jon Howard I think he'll be up there with cappas,osuna cotto, and easter!!!! Please let me know???

November 3, 2001
From: Concerned Fan!
comments: I'm real concerned about wrestling at Harper's Ferry. Have they hired a coach?

November 3, 2001
From: the one
comments: i dont see ho you can say the northern panhandle is better than marion co. marion county is just one county and 3 schools while the panhandle is 4 counties (marshall,ohio,brooke,hancock)and 8 schools. they should have more state titles with almost 3 times as many school. i think marion county has better quality teams and wrestlers especially now than the northern panhandle.
and if any schools would consolidate it would be east faimont and fairmont senior. fshs and north marion will never consolidate so we shouldnt even consider how good they would be if they were to consolidate

November 3, 2001
From: wvredneck
comments: I know it's a long way off but does anyone know were the nationals are gonna be?Use to be in Pittsburg lasst year in NJ anyone know where this year

November 3, 2001

November 3, 2001
From: neotiger
email: spennington6998@hotmail.com
comments: First of all I want to thank Eastern Panhandle fan. you are the first person since me to talk about someone from Elkins. Ray Linger is a hell of a wrestler. I've watched him, wrestled him, and actually mentored him for about 10 years now. I've wrestled him since I was in pee-wee wrestling. I believe he is wrestling 171 this year. Elkins is a great team and this year they have a new coach. Hopefully, luck will turn for Elkins this year and we will get to see a few boys in the state tourney this year. Going back on Linger, he will probably go to states if he can keep is grades. I hope he goes because he has talent. Don't underestimate him. If anyone has any questions about Elkins or some of their wrestlers, email me. Oh by the way, my little cousin Danny is wrestling for Elkins this year. he is a tremendous wrestler. Everyone better watch out for him.

November 3, 2001
From: Concerned Parent
email: matwizard@home.com
comments: What is the rule about a high school wrestler participating in the Cliff Keen Classic in Tulsa, Ok on the 17th day of November?? I mean are there any restrictions, or as I understand it as long as it does not interfere with the high school program, and the coach and principal are o.k with it it is no violation, is this understanding correct?? Thank-you

November 3, 2001
comments: To Phs fan: you stated that the state title is the only thing that matters..... The problem with that is that you really believe that ...... Winning is not everything!!!!!!

November 3, 2001
From: smokedogg
comments: Let me just start off by saying that bar none the best wrestler in the state is Danny Lord. This year he will walk over anyone in his way. On another note, to the comments that fairmont senoir's 2nd place team could beat the 99-00 hedgesville eagles is just plain dumb. Big J I'll stand by ya. Lastly if Mike Reicard is out there anywhere, just remember we still have that eating contest to do.

November 3, 2001
comments: South will win the state at 160 and 171 in Nathan Pickens and Chris Daggett. Anyone want to place bets? I know its early...but
1. South
2. PHS
3. Huntington

November 3, 2001
From: BoB
comments: Hey is anyone out there thought about Spring Valley this year? They have Jason Hutchison, Ryan Dameron, A transfer from Michigan, Nate Howard coming in at 250lbs, Eric hooks dropping to 172, Matt Lucas droping to 189, Philip Smith at 160 and the might have a full team and if not the will be only missing one weight class.

November 3, 2001
From: EPP Fan

comments: Hey wrestling fan, Lets just see who wins the Berkeley Co. Championships this year. There be a new BIG DOG in town boys ! !

November 3, 2001
From: Unknown?
comments: Does anyone know if Ieager is going to have a wrestling team this year?

November 3, 2001
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: re: bigJ8153s comments To phs fan The 99-00 hedgesville eagles wrestled and beat fairmont sr. the same season your boys lost to them. The eagles may not have been able to beat you in a tournament but in a dual they were able to do what your team could not. Now I know this will probably bring up the same old excuses from fairmont people and people elsewhere about why the eagles beat fairmont that season but facts are facts look at the results from that season elsewhere on this site. The eagles wrestled and beat the team that beat you. So before you say they didn't wrestle anyone that season maybe you should get your facts straight cause if you're calling fairmont no one that what does that make you all since you lost to them? To the fairmont sr. fan yes I personally saw the team you are commenting on and they red an upset. I at no time nor do I remember anyone from the squad missing for the things you brought up (grades,rules violations, etc.) So again I'm not s egalbuto dutton award winner and all american, Moats 4 time state placewinner, Ballam so far two time state placer, Shetler 3 time state placewinner, Bowers 2 time state placer, Lord state runner up, Baker state placewinner, and 3 others who would go on to qualify for states. Hedgesville would have taken the lights, you would have prob. gotten the heavys the middle would have been more than the price of admission especially Regalbuto vs. Hedrick. You want to talk your team up, it would have been a hotly contested match.

November 3, 2001
From: a fan
comments: Everyone is talking about South winning their 4th state title and going undefeated, but has anyone thought about the other stacked teams in WV? There are many tough teams this year, and South shouldn't say that title is theirs until Feburary!

November 3, 2001
From: northern panhandle fan
comments: Maybe I am biased... I dont know... but if the all-time all stars from the Northern Panhandle wreslted the stars from Marion County.. then Marion County would be in some serious trouble. I mean look at all the GREAT programs up north. Oak Glen, John Marshall, Cameron, Wheeling Park, Brooke has had some great kids too, now if you want to get into a regional debate, then I wone even bother arguing because then you add Parkersburg, South and Williamstown. These school have more state titles then Senior , East or North Marion will ever dream of having. If they would put an all star team together though, I would hate to be on the selection committee because so many great wrestlers would get snubbed. In conclusion, the panhandles 3rd team could probably put it on marion county.... feel free to reply, i'll love to hear your take on it

November 3, 2001
From: WWHS
comments: Woodrow Wilson will be a force to reckon with in these next few years.

November 3, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: If Matt Easter does move to 119 this season,you could sell tickets to watch him and Ryan Metz of South go at it !Just for those who may want to practice extra hard this year..I beleive that South's Shane Grogg,Ryan Metz,Matt Bosely,Nathan Pickens,Chris Daggett and Chris Morrison are on a mission this year to win it all !

November 3, 2001
From: spectator
comments: Greenbrier West is going to have a better team this year than they have in the past few years with good sophomores like Colby Painter at 103 and Mark smith coing in then you still have Pat Bell who is planning to go to 119 should be a contender Jeremy livey and alex morrello should be at the top of there classes this year as well so watch out they may have a few tricks in the bag

November 3, 2001
From: Concerned Parent
comments: We have been told that Beckley-Stratton Jr. High will not have a wrestling team this year. It appears that they will not have a coaching staff, and that the adminstration is not pursuing a replacement staff. This is dis-heartening with the success of the recent teams in the past and the influx of quality kids from the area feeder youth programs that would be coming into the system. It is really a shame to see this happen to a program that was making such great strides.

November 3, 2001
From: wv wrestling fan
comments: obviously, wrestling season is back again...just wanted to wish SOUTH the best of luck this year..i think you guys can take state once again!!!! luck to Williamstown,and special good lucks to Chris Daggett,Nathan Pickens, Jesse Biddle, Casey biddle, Joe Roberts, and Scott Hartlieb.....love ya guys!!!!

November 3, 2001
From: wrestling mom: Pam
email: pammie53@excite.com
comments: Yes definitely going to the WVU open can't wait . Should be interesting . My son will be there, should be lot's of good matches. I wish you the best of luck Casey !! No matter what Mom is always proud!! I wish WVU the best of luck in the upcoming year.

November 3, 2001
From: greenbrier co. fan
comments: anyone in 215 this year better watch out. greenbrier east has the best 215 i've ever seen. his name is john persinger and he will probably go undefeated.

November 3, 2001
From: OG bears fan
comments: I just want to say good luck to the OG wrestlers this year.A few inparticular.. Ronnie Hebrock,Joey Caughey,Garrett Six,Stickles,and all the rest of the wrestlers GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

November 3, 2001
comments: Hey can people get on here and say this cant be beat thats ridiculous you know wats funny the people they say cant be beat get beat and people can be beat at any time and any where.

November 3, 2001
From: Truth in wrestling
comments: Just to add to the discussion, while I have no doubt that the great number of freshman at 103 make it year in and year out the weakest weight class, I think GENERALLY speaking heavyweight is the second weakest class every year. Most high school heavyweight matches do not even resemble a wrestling match--no takedown shots, few athletic moves like granby rolls, etc. It is, unfortunately, just a lot a pushing a shoving. What do the rest of you think?

November 3, 2001
From: SV Wrestling
comments: Anybody know anything about HHS Mayes' weight this year? I heard 152...?

November 3, 2001
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To the person who commented about Fairmont Senior's team of 1995-1996: I may have to agree with you about them having a great team that year-perhaps the best runner-up team in recent memory.South did not win the team title until Jason Johnson pulled the upset of the night and pinned Rashaan Bates to win the first of 3 state titles.Both teams had great balance in their lineups that year and the energy and excitement on Saturday night was tremendous ! Thanks for recalling some special moments!

November 3, 2001
comments: George, I am interested in overall programs, not who has the most titles. A title just signifies a great individual season. Who finished 2nd or third those year? See my point? I would like to see individual state placewinners by county. That ligitimately holds water in a "best program arguement." Placewinners 1-6. Good Day.

November 3, 2001
comments: To: OSAMA: I am looking forward to a matchup between Courtney and Starsick as well. I look for Courtney to, on a bad day, Major Starsick. On a good day Tech fall or fall. I would bet the ranch on that. As far as Delligatti is concearned, the sky is the limit. I know that he is talented, probably more than anyone at North. I am in no position, however, to predict a win but I am definatley looking for it and I have a good feeling about it.

November 3, 2001
comments: I would have to say most of the best wrestling is found in the lower weights. Cause these are the kids where wrestling is there only sport, that they are too small for football, or small enough where they get neglected in other sports and never get there oportunity to shine. So being so they take it alittle more seriously. Since i been around WV wrestling along time, the best technical wrestlers are they ones who start at at 103 112 119.

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