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November 30, 2003
From: PureDEISEL
comments: Hey, Mike Barbour here. Yeah I'm a wrestler for Martinsburg and I'll be wrestling 145 probably... This is considering I only way 137 pounds. And you know what? Whoever the Hedgesville fan that ran their mouth about my brother was, well congratulations to one Troy Foltz for beating my brother. I mean, they were both pretty legit wins considering Barbour gave up six pounds, wrestled with a broken wrist, and a messed up knee... That's not such a bad win but it's definatly not something to be proud of... ANd if you'd remember Bill beat Troy when he was healthy quite easily.

Editor's note: I get real nervous when I get a post in which someone identifies himself. This post could be from Mike Barbour, or it could be from an imposter, trying to cause trouble for Mike Barbour. Anyway, I'll print some and delete the rest. My apologies to the Barbours.

I have had complaints that many of the posts concerning panhandle and Wood Co wrestlers are just getting a bit too personal. I'm gonna re-think this whole forum thing before I end up with more of a headache than I already have.

November 30, 2003
From: MM
comments: South Fan, thanks for giving everyone on this forum a good laugh. South with 6 state champs?? That would be quite impressive, but more likely for PHS to have 6 state champs. Why would Norman drop to 152 to get beat. Why not just stay at 160 and try to win?

November 30, 2003
From: WV Wrestling Fan
comments: I just thought I'd like to say the team poll was very informational. I especially liked the list of all of the qualifiers returning for each team. Great site, keep up the good work!

November 30, 2003
From: rats
comments: to south fan: some of your picks are good but you need to get rid of the following.....chad porter, shaun smith, nick munday, and ben gum. Though you are a south fan, lets be realistic please. 119 last year was weak, porter will not make it to the finals again. shaun smith is a good wrestler, but it depends on who is at 135 this year...possibly rader and the world knows he cant beat rader. munday is a fine wrestler, but hasnt faced tough high school competition yet. ben gum may be a good football player, but so is dearman and dearman will beat gum indeed.

November 30, 2003
comments: Hey 500, shriver lost to Turnbull, and Turnbull Garvin matches always came down to the wire, and South fan, ..... on the Nick Monday, very few freshmen can step in and compete at that high of a weight class, other than Norman last year i can think of none.

November 30, 2003
From: * BC *
comments: I would just like to wish Nick Munday and Cody Norman good luck this year from there RB coach at football camp this summer. "I hope you two are in better shape than you were this summer."

November 30, 2003
From: flying eagles fan
comments: can anyone tell me the weight classes everyone will be in this year for Beckley?And also,everyone is making predictions,don't over look Beckley,they will be the surprise team this year!

November 29, 2003
From: South Fan
comments: this is how it will turn out in Huntington in the State
103 Braden Shaw
112 Anthony Easter
119 Kyle Turnbull
125 Chad Porter
130 Brandon Rader
135 Shaun Smith
140 Codie Gustines
145 Mitch Smith
152 Cody Norman
160 Nick Munday
171 Kyle Walters
189 Cody Tominack
215 Lou Thomas
HWT Ben Gum

Norman is droppin to 152 to all u people who think he is wrestling 160. Ben Gum will win HWT if he wrestles if not Dearman will win. Any questions about my predictionds don't be afraid to let me know.

November 29, 2003
comments: what weight class is the one billy baubors little brother wrestling this year i bet if he is at 152 hedgesville troy foltz will beat him just like he beat his older brother the one billy barbour. so what weight is he wrestling this year

November 29, 2003
comments: Comments: To THE ONE

What web site have you been reading? This one mostly talks about the big 3. Parkersburg, Parkersburg South and Oak Glenn 90% of the time. ( Those teams are the cream of the crop and I understand all the attention they recieve.)

But don't be Hate'n. What gives you the right to evaluate the panhandle? Or tell us what we should be focusing on! And we're not average, just Humble, and not outspoken like some. This site gives us the opportunity to talk amongst ourselves. If you don't like reading about the panhandle, then don't read each posting, just simply skip over them! Good Luck This Year.

November 29, 2003
From: nick's mom
comments: Nick Munday is a 9th grader at Edison, but is wrestling for South this year, weight class, undetermined as of yet.

November 29, 2003
From: pat wrestler
comments: Look out everyone for midland trail to have a good team this year again they will not have a lot of weight classes filled but Watch out for the patriots who will be lead by seniors Josh Workman 112 and Keith kenney 125 Also they should have a good 103 pounder Jimmy Mullins jr 215 travis simms jr 140 jason billips and 145 david austin so lets see what these guys place at bnis and to everyone making predictions dont leave out josh and keith also josh is very healthy this year

November 29, 2003
From: wv wrestler
comments: any one got any suggestions on 125, 130, 135, 140, 145, 152 and 160 AA/A? Thank you very much

November 29, 2003
From: Bruin #1
comments: Does anyone have some indinidual and teampredictions for the Brooke Classic this year? What teams are participating?
1. Brooke
2. Canon Mac
3. Oak Glen
No clue on indi's

November 28, 2003
From: ratteaser
comments: i am really looking forward to this year..and huntington!..may the girlish shrieks of the southern wood county fans be mere whispers this year!..like last year..they were silenced!

November 28, 2003
From: The ONE
comments: Wow, people around the panhandle must have nothing to do. All you guys do is talk about yourself. Let's try focusing on something different other than Jefferson and Hedgesville and the other teams around that area. You guys really need to evaluate your programs a little tougher. Don't settle for average and insists on telling everyone about your average team. Good luck this year.

November 28, 2003
From: A Coach
comments: Wondering if everyone is having health problems like my team. Kids just can't seem to get rid of these nasty colds and other sickness's going around.

November 28, 2003
From: Wrestler Fan
comments: Region 2 AA has a suprise HWT that will give Freda and company all they can muster.........stay tuned...

November 28, 2003
From: Hedgesville Fan
comments: Okay Personally I know you guys from places like Jefferson,and Martinsburg might not like Hedgesville a lot,But I'll tell you why I like them because they have HEART! Everyone on that team has put their Blood and tears into getting to states every single year now I dont care what anybody says I've yet to see one team work as hard as Hedgesville does!

November 28, 2003
From: Superman
comments: Don't bother making any predictions this early, none of them will hold the "Super Accuracy".

Just a warning up front, my new and improved "Super Camp" has produced what is sure to be another AA state champion for Berkley Springs. I'm not going to give it away early, you'll have to see it for yourself.

And A side note, "The One" Billy Barbour's brother, is a senior this year, so anyone in his weight class might as well not show up,...or risk the awesome humiliation of a 15-0 first round tech.

November 28, 2003
comments: that person goku is a real weirdo his sights are bogus

November 28, 2003
From: wrestler
comments: where are the cumpstons on the cameron lineups?

November 28, 2003
From: frankfort supporter
comments: I'd like to bring to attention the Frankfort Falcons! We have a fairly young team, with returning veterans shawn snoberger and Devin Bosely. We expect that this Frankfort team will make some noise these coming years due to recruits from FMS! Devin Bosely is also looking forward to capturing a state championship at the 152lb or 160lb weight class. Good luck Young falcons! Don't fail me.
Your Dearest supporter

November 28, 2003
From: curious
comments: I was just wondering if anyone knows what grade and what weight class Nick Munday is in this year? Is he wrestling varsity in High School or is he still in jr. high?

November 28, 2003
From: to SSHS#1Fan
comments: im not a shady wrestler but i know that scarbro will win the states hands down

November 27, 2003
From: SSHS#1fan
comments: Ok heres what i think i think that we are gonna have a great team at Shady beacause they are like a completely different wrestling team this year they are much more serious.
And this is what i see as the people in their weight classes
103-Eddie Cook first year put learns fast
112-Chris Mckinney if he makes weight he will surprise us all
119-Josh Neal repeat from last year State Champ!!!!
125-Anthony Harvey States here we come!!!!
130-Derek Scarbro not a state champ but will place
135-Justin Champman Surprise State Champ
152-Chuck Meadows Good chance at placeing good in states
Over that weight I'm not really sure but hey I'll try to find out.

November 27, 2003
comments: Why has Greg Jones not been wrestling for WV in their first two tournaments?

November 27, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: As the season kicks off, I thought I would post a little something I wrote for our wrestling yearbook that my team gets at the end of each season. Good luck to all for a successful and injury free season. As wrestlers, coaches, officials and fans we have a lot indeed to be thankful for.

The Wrestler

I am a wrestler, I do battle in a circle against worthy and honorable foes. Yet I wrestle not against opponents of mere flesh and blood. My true foes are self doubt, self indulgence and self discipline. I must have the heart of confidence in the most ancient and difficult of all sports. I must never allow doubt of my untimate victory to enter my thinking.

I must have a will of iron to resist the temptations of foods that are not worthy to enter the temple that is my body. I must eat properly and not profane myself with fat and empty calories. I must be steadfast and strong in my battle against self indulgence.

I am a true sportsman for I must have the inner strength to discipline myself against fatigue. I must always push myself instead of pacing myself. My only limits are self imposed. I must learn the difference between pain and injury. When in pain, I must fight on and on. For I am a modern day gladiator.The spirit of ancient champions lives on in my being. In a sweltering room I must struggle daily against the weakness of character that would rob me of victory. My sweat, blood and tears wash away all doubts. My pain is just weakness leaving my body. It is here that I defeat my true opponents that dwell deep within me. For I love a sport that is understood and embraced by only a few. Only the strong belong here. Only those with strength of mind, body, spirit and will can steel themselves for combat and conquer their true competition that lies within themselves.

I am humble in victory - I am gracious in defeat

I am an athlete, I am a champion, I am a wrestler.

"Wrestle not against Flesh and Blood but against Forces of Darkness". Eph 6:12.
"With great wrestling have I wrestled . . . and I have prevailed." Genesis 30:

Happy Holidays to all and let's hit the mats!

November 27, 2003
From: Marion County Fan
comments: East Fairmont did not have all of the kids that place last year come out for the team .(personal reasons)But they will have some individuals making noise.(reloading year) So follow how the Junior High does this year you will see what I'm talking about. Remember, what I said earier, University High will be the sleeper at the end of the year.(top 5)

November 27, 2003
From: sos
comments: hey does anyone know wat weight the twins from martinsburg are wrestling this is a need to know thing for alot of people

November 27, 2003
From: hedgesville fan
comments: hedgeville does not only have 3 good wrestlers yes Grim at 130, Ammons at 171, and Nicolson at 215 are good but they also have shetler at 112 dustin foltz at 145 troy foltz at 152 young at 189 who got 3rd in the state last year. they will be a tough team. watch out for them cant wait to see them in action

November 27, 2003
comments: hedgesville will be tough it will be a good match between them and jefferson.
103 colton gustines vs william roberts Gustines will win by pin
112 scott chapman/or dean hugens vs shetler shetler will win by pin
119 scott chapman or dean hugens vs zimmerman chapman will win
125 zane carrol vs miller carrol will win by pin
130 geoff perks vs Grim grim will win by pin
135john smith vs i dont kno
140 codie gustines vs everhart gustines will win by pin
145 nathan lancaster vs d foltz foltz will win
152 corie gustines vs t foltz good match but gustines will win
160 bill walters vs i dont kno
171ryan bateman vs ammons ammons will win by pin
189 josh pain vs young yougn got 3 in the state last year young will win by pin
215rusty carey vs nicholson nicholson will win
275not known
it will be a good match between these 2 cant wait to see it

November 27, 2003
From: Wrestler
comments: there are alot of good wrestlers on the team...like troy foltz,joe shetler,derrick young and justin zimmerman will help us out too...hedgesville has alot of quality people...watch out for us...derrick young got 4th place last year...and 3 or 4 of us were 1 match away from placing in pretty hard classes....we are solid up and down...not just 5 or 6 people....were gonna win alot this year...

November 27, 2003
From: TiCk
comments: I think danny lord is wrestling at west liberty state college, along with john dilworth, and chris gibbs. just to name a few

November 27, 2003
From: 500
comments: to NCAC fan- when shyver and rader wrestle each other in the practice room, it is close but rader is better but there is no way that lodge or garvin will come close to beating shyver. To all the jefferson fans.....how good is colton gustines? do you think he has a chance at placing at state? and to yosemite sam, I like your picks. But i guess we wont know who is wrestling what weights til the season starts.

November 26, 2003
From: goku
comments: A wrestling site i found with lots of video
and a demo

November 26, 2003
comments: any word of danny lord like what school he is attending and is he wrestling

November 26, 2003
From: Hedgesvile fan
comments: Okay I have to agree there are a lot of good wrestling teams I'm looking forward to seeing this year including Martinburg,and Jefferson but the one I'm mostly looking forward to is Hedgesville. For One I think Hedgesville is gonna come in this year and surprise a lot of people, But the second reason is simple There are a lot of good wrestlers on the team including Josh Grim,Brad Ammons,Josh Nicholson, and I personally think this NEW kid will have to work REALLY hard to catch up to those three.

November 26, 2003
From: jhsfan
comments: the following will most likely be the lineup for jefferson
103 colton gustines
112 scott chapman/or dean hugens
119 scott chapman or dean hugens
125 zane carrol
130 geoff perks
135john smith
140 codie gustines
145 nathan lancaster
152 corie gustines
160 bill walters
171ryan bateman
189 josh pain
215rusty carey
275not known

November 26, 2003
From: NCAC fan
comments: The two most under rated lower middle weights are Jared Garvin and Justin Lodge,i would guess both to be around 30 or 25, and have lost to Rader the last two years, but i would venture to say that it would be a close match with Shriver and both of these two.

November 26, 2003
From: jhs fan
comments: to all that have forgoton about codie gustines you are making a big mistake last year in the match against m smith was totally wrong it should have been a finals match it would have been more apropriate . dont leave him out of the picture this year because he is going to make it a long way

November 25, 2003
From: jhs fan
comments: the jhs team is really on the ball this year the following will probably be the line up
103 colton gustines
112 dean hugens
119 scotty chapman
125 zane carrol
130 john smith
140 cody gustines
145 nathan lancaster
152corey gustines
160 billwalters
171 ryan bateman
189 not known
215rusty carey
275 not known

November 25, 2003
From: 500
comments: to K......I agree with you, gustines I think could win it if he stayed at 140, 152 might be tough because from what ive heard, chance litton may be there and he is tough. and i figure mitch will be at 145. but i think gustines has a great shot at winning state. the 3rd place loss match was a fluke, he was just down from losing to mitch. shouldnt of lost to ray from hunt.

November 25, 2003
From: Phine
comments: Does anyone know what teams will be attending the Brooke Classic this year? I heard that it was going to have more teams like it did in past years now that Brooke is able to use their new facility. Anyone with any information please post.

November 25, 2003
From: Yosemite Sam
comments: My first picks of the season may be off a little; but as the season progresses I'll have a better knowledge of who will be at what weights. I proved to be quite accurate, last year correctly picking 12 of the 14 AAA state champions (see March 2,2003 post). This is my first of probably 4 for the season with each one a little more in depth. Stay tuned.
103:Jared Shaw (Brk)
112:Anthony Easter (Nitro)
119:Kyle Turnbull (Univ)
125:Robert Shyver (PHS)
130:Brandon Rader (PHS)
135:Braden Shaw (Brk)
140:Codi Gustines (Jeff)
145:Mitch Smith (Rip)
152:Chance Litton (PHS)
160:Codi Norman (South)
171:Kyle Walters (South)
189:Cody Tominack (WP)
215:Lou Thomas (PHS)
HWT:Ryan Dearman (PHS)

November 25, 2003
comments: To Whom it may concern: I am a South Wrestling Fan and always be if everything goes right South should have 75% of its starters back from last years line-up. Good Luck to all. Have a victorous year. Go getem.

November 25, 2003
From: Big Guy
comments: those rankings...wow...what a rip...hedgesville is gonna surprise tons of people at wheeling duals this year....and not even ranked in top 15? i personally hope they face everyone in a dual this year from number 4 on up....i say huntington,p.south and parkersburg is the only better duals team in wv....but u say what u want...this is totally insane...and when u do see how good hedgesville is doing, do not vote them in the top 10 or w/e because if ya can't see the talent now...then just don't worry bout it...don't bother...and to clue ya in...they will beat jefferson by at least 30 points

November 25, 2003
From: Coach Stef
comments: I'm looking forward to following the Braxton County Middle School wrestling team as they are coached by Coach Randy and Toni Woods. Coach Randy Woods has been a volunteer coach in the system for the past three years and he has been a great asset to the program. Coaches Woods will stress academics, sportsmanship, fundamentals, and great wrestling. Look for this middle school team to again be very competitive.

November 25, 2003
From: K
comments: In all the pre-season predictions I have not seen Codie Gustines mentioned in any submissions. Everyone knows about the match with M. Smith last year and yet he fails to make the list. Potential state champ at 140. This kid is cut from good stock and should be very hungry for a title. Good luck to all WV wrestlers in the upcoming season!

November 24, 2003
From: South Football/Wrestling Fan
comments: Well , I was sitting in the stands during the South/ WP football game and the the name Tominack came up from a WP fan sitting behind us. Well before he accused us of sitting on the wrong side and being obnoxious, he made the statement that Cody Tominack would wrestle 215 lbs and pin Lou Thomas. Listen ,I am no PHS fan but we will never know the result of this match because Tominack WILL NOT wrestle 215.

November 24, 2003
From: Dragon Wrestler
comments: Okay, this year's Cameron team also looks to be a power like it was last year, if not better. The big trio to look out for would be Isaac Stewart(160 last year), Casey Hughes(152 last year), and Jeffrey Cumpston(I think 140 last year). But the dragons also have a full clip as to shots to a state title this year! Most of which are seniors, but are worthy of someplace on the podium. Namely Noah O'Neil, Tim Cumpston who beat Returning state champion in the cons. finals, Adam Cooper who could do some damage if he is focused, CJ Manning looking to finally put away A. Fegal of Weir and place top notch, Brandon Antill who had to inj. default a good match last year at states, and Mike Simms who won more matches at 215 than at his real weight 189! THE DRAGONS ARE BREATHIN' FIRE! GO CAMERON!!!

November 24, 2003
From: AAA
comments: to cookie makin matmaid......codi norman should win states this year prolly at 160

November 24, 2003
From: mat maid
comments: P. south is gonna be a bigger program than what u think talk what you want about them.watch out for oak glen they are very hungry this year im sure because all the posts people talk bad about them i would watch what you say also

November 24, 2003
comments: anyone have any predictions on 130 this year in AAA i kno rader is there but who else is there

November 22, 2003
From: cookie makin matmaid
comments: for all of you that are making predictions for this year...what about cody norman (south) who took 2nd in states as a freshman....is anyone thinking about him this year?

and what about Dennis (r-wood)...two of the three wrestlers that placed above him in states last year graduated (flowers and nott) and i've heard that Metz is moving up a weight class, or two. so where's he standing?

November 22, 2003
comments: Thr Ripley Rumble wrestling tournament is being held November 29 at Ripley High School. It is for ages 6 & under through 15. Check under youth/open wrestling on this website for the entry form. If you are interested in an early season tournament this should be a good one.

November 22, 2003
comments: is oak glen ranked nationally? they've won what 7 straight state championships?

November 22, 2003
comments: shyver has 125AAA already wrapped up

November 22, 2003
comments: I agree that Bosely and Hughes will be a great match! These two are great competitors and even better young men. I think its great to see a pair of kids so good and so tightly matched continue to have a rivalry as they do with absolutely no bad blood. My pick is these two in the state finals and Hughes a very close victor (can't go against the champ.) Prove me wrong fellas', and good luck to both of you.

November 22, 2003
From: wrestling watcher
comments: In the past few years Weir High Wrestling has been in a slump. Now with a new coach (Jeff LaMotte from West Liberty) the program is gonna improve greatly in the next few years. Weir also has a few good wrestlers coming back, Andy Fegal (3rd in the state), Mike Merico (145 has improved greatly over the summer), Donald Gianessi (who should be very impressive this year), and his little brother David Gianessi. I would look for all of them at states this year because its gonna be good. Everyone that takes Weir High lightly should keep an eye out because LaMotte is whipping their program into shape.

November 22, 2003
From: Thomas Johnson
comments: I think Mrs. Diva is tring to be like opra....get a life mrs. diva

November 22, 2003
From: Mr. wizaed
comments: im sorry but there is more than one person for Calhoun you have Gungle, Cummings, Ashley, Price, Goodrich, Metz all three of those boys should be in the top 3 of there weight this year.

November 22, 2003
From: swami's preseason predictions
comments: These are my preseason picks.....I will only post this once....then another before the state tourament....enjoy!!

103-Jared Shaw of Brooke looked good last year and i think he will only get better.
112-Anthony Easter of Nitro...this kids solid every year
119-Kyle Turnbull of University.....could get challenged, but goes out on top as a senior
125-Robert Shyver of Parkersburg High...tough luck last year but this kids keeps on impressing me.
130-Brandon Rader of Parkersburg High....one of the most talented wrestlers i have seen. will be a 4 timer
135-Braden Shaw from Brooke...looked good last year
140-David Campbell of University...last year wrestling....lookin for that state championship
145-Mitch Smith from Ripley- One of the most dominant wrestlers in the nation
152-Chance Litton from Parkersburg High-2 losses to Easter has kept him from possibly being a state champ...well now theres no easter in his way this year...he finally takes home the prize.
160-Codi Norman from Parkersburg South- Will rise up to probably be a 3 timer
171-Kyle Walters from Parkersburg South- Had injuries last year...comin back strong this year to take his title back
189-Cody Tominack from Wheeling Park- Surprised the whole state when he beat geary and pinned starsick....look for this kid to take another championship
215-Lou Thomas of Parkersburg High- One of the most dominant big men I have seen. lookin for his 3rd title and probably a D1 scholarship
HWT-Ryan Dearman from Parkersburg High- Quickest feet of a hwt Ive seen in a while. look for him atop the podium once again.

November 21, 2003
From: Wrestling Fanatic
comments: to Top 4 AA Heavy weights, I heard Lowe was moving to 215, and i definitly have to agree with your Picking Freda to win it again. I have wrestled everyone on that list. Freda is the strongest, quickest, most agile HWY I have ever wrestled. Fegal, and Manning are both good wrestlers and so is Lowe. I think Anderson From Hoover could slip in there, he has decent wrestling ability and has some quickness for a guy of his size. Maybe Crookshanks from Greenbrier West might also make it, guess we will have to wait and see

November 21, 2003
From: Cameron Watcher
comments: I agree that Cumpston is no lock to be tops in the state, but I have to give Jeff credit, he wrestled Flowers and Metz (1st and 2nd in the state respectively at 145 last year) VERY competitively last year. You have to remember that Jeff hadn't seen the mat in 2 years due to a severe injury and only started the year half way in, contributing to him not being in the best of shape even by the end of the year. A little more gas and (I believe) he probably beats Metz (tied with Jeff going down in the 3rd period in state quarters), (I believe) he definitely beats Efaw in the semis and is in the finals and everyone looking at him in a whole different light.

November 21, 2003
From: NM
comments: Does anyone have any preseason predictions for 125 "AAA" and "AA".

November 21, 2003
From: frankfort supporter
comments: to whoever thinks that hughes (152) is gonna win states...ur wrong! i think it will be a really good match between Devin Bosely and Casey hughes. Devin will prevail. good luck gentlemen, suprise me!

November 20, 2003
From: Miss Diva
comments: Hey you guys! Looks like another season is among us and about ready to go.

. I have a few predictions about the upcoming weeks so you heard it first from Miss Diva herself ..

1.) South & Point scrimmage. This is very mismatched to say the least. South has the potential to really beat up on Point, but don't put it past those Point seniors to make this easy for South. They have two great kids coming back, Tench and Bonecutter. My prediction: South, but not as big as everyone thinks.

2.) Hurricane DID get a new coach, but nothing is going to change there. Hurricane and the community is not a wrestling type commitment. Hurricane lost their best wrestler. My prediction: One wrestler to go to states.

3.) St.Alban's Duals .. The day everyone is looking for. BR, you're the limelight for this one. You may be the one stand out this year that has that break through performance that everyone wants to see, or may be a big flop with a lot of talk. Either way, St. Alban's needs to thank you for the money coming in. My prediction: It's a toss up, BR could be awesome!

Y'all have been great, Miss Diva's got things to do and places to go. I'll be see you guys soon! Much Luv!

November 20, 2003
From: Justin Griggsby
comments: hey opra, (or anyone else) who do you think will be the best team in the state in A/AA this season. I am just curious. Thanks.

November 20, 2003
From: Mr. Wizard
comments: Here are my five best teams in each AAA and A/AA...

1. PHS (back to back for the big reds)
2. South (2nd best team in wood county)
3. Huntington (great coaching always brings HHS along)
4. Brooke (team to watch, dark horse)
5. Cabell Midland (Ernie will re-store a fallen programs this year)

1. Williamstown (6 returning state placers)
2. Shady Springs (scarbro, neal, harvey, and maybe even champman)
3. Oak Glen (4 returning state placers, no champions though)
4. Cameron (4 returning state placers)
5. Calhoun (Justin Ashley and his posse)

November 20, 2003
From: doubter
comments: I agree with hughes and stewart but not jeff cumpston... Prove me wrong.

November 20, 2003
From: Former Seoal wrestler
comments: i saw ben gum wrestle when he went to warren local hs.........and i have seen lou thomas wrestle......thomas would prevail.....honestly!

November 20, 2003
From: wood
comments: to PT......The wood county teams that dominate sports are parkersburg high, parkersburg south, and williamstown. they are usually in the semi or finals of every sport. there are alot of championships here. there are more schools in wood county but those 3 are the three that dominate in sports.

November 20, 2003
From: Fan
comments: Does anyone know when BNI will be held this year??? And what teams will be there???

November 20, 2003
From: Coach Archer
comments: B.
Please don't make dumb statements about Huntington High School wrestling on the website. Huntington High wrestlers and parents are told not to make statements on the web site that we have to live up to. Huntington High does and will have a good dual meet team. The state is not a dual meet competition. We have never had the best dual meet team in the state in the history of Huntington High wrestling, anyway.
Coach Archer

November 19, 2003
comments: Top AA/A 145, 152, and 160 will all be hailing from the same small high school at the bottom of the northern panhandle. That school is Cameron and those wrestlers are Jeff Cumpston, Casey Hughes, and Isaac Stewart. Keep an eye on these 3, they're a trio to match any in the state!

November 19, 2003
From: PT
comments: What teams are in Wood County? I always hear about this county and want to know who is in it.

November 19, 2003
comments: REPOST on the new middle school weight classes:
comments: In answer to your questions... The new classes for middle school are : 78-84-90-95-102-110-116-123-128-135-145-155-165-190-275 (+2 lbs growth allowance Jan. 1st)

November 19, 2003
From: From the other side of the river
comments: to the river rat....first of all neither memel or gum is wrestling. but I can tell you one thing, PHS repeats as champs with the super six hayes, shyver, rader, litton, thomas ,and dearman leading the way. The state wrestling crown always belongs in parkersburg no matter what school wins it. WOOD COUNTIANS DOMINATE

November 19, 2003
From: Panhandle Fan
comments: I found a new sports website called Ohio Valley Sports Online that is pretty interesting. It has a wrestling message board and did a good job of covering football. I'm not sure how much attention it will give wrestling, but WV fans in the northern panhandle might enjoy it. The address is www.ohiovalleysportsonline.vze.com

November 19, 2003
From: takedown
comments: could someone post the new middle school weight classes they were here but got rutted out over time

November 19, 2003
comments: About the Schedualing theory,if you think your the best, well guess again there is always someone better out there.

November 19, 2003
From: B
comments: Why don't we talk about Huntington High school more on this board?? We all know they are the best Dual meet team in the state. their excellent coaching staff can build a team from top to bottom every year to be the best dualing team in WV.

November 19, 2003
From: JHS Wrestler....
comments: Yo good luck to all the wrestlers this year...and good luck to JHS....This year JHS middle weights are gonna be nice...at 140 or 145 codie gustines...152- corie gustines....161...Bill Walters..We might have a very nice heavy weight if he can get his weight down..Mike Twigg...our lower weights we got colton gustines- 103 and Jhon Smith I tink 125... but This year cougars should be pretty good.....Well good luck to all wrestlers and have a great season......

November 19, 2003
comments: On the issue of improving your wrestling skills with a harder schedule, I would agree that you can improve by testing those skills against the best competition and if you only wrestle during the school season with your school, then the schedule your school wrestles becomes important. However, if you train, travel and wrestle during the off season I believe you can make bigger and better improvements. Usually only the most dedicated wrestlers compete during the off season, not just those who want to be part of a team. Also PHS and South have quality wrestlers who grew up on the mat and traveled with their pee wee progams to some of the best competitions around the country. Those wrestlers are in the room every day drilling and working with those kids who are new to the sport and that is probably why you see improvements in those wrestlers. It is not the schedule of competition, but the level of wrestling in the practice room where most of the improvements are made for those beginning or average wrestlers.

November 19, 2003
comments: Radar and Thomas' performance at Fargo this year shows how good they are. They did extremely well at Fargo. They may have fallen just short of placing but they won alot of matches where many wrestlers go 0-2. And they did it with very little freestyle experience.

November 19, 2003
From: to AAA
comments: shyver and rader were ranked last year, and they are ranked in the preseason rankings this year. shyver at 112 and rader at 130.

November 19, 2003
From: danileson
comments: who will be the top 145 pounders in AA/A this year?

November 19, 2003
From: river rat
comments: Who ever thinks dolton memel n ben gum would not make good wrestlers is dumb who cares if they havent wrestled before it doesnt take much 2 be pinned wen u have 175lbs or more layin on ur chest wen ur on your back. one of the best matches between phs an pshs will be gum an thomas if they wrestle each other they both have alot of strength an alot of heart.

November 19, 2003
From: B R
comments: TO MAD MAX,I know you want to know who I am. everybody does.lets just say you will know who I am at the end of the day,I'LL be the one at the top of the podium.....
Editor's note: Out of respect to the person who will REALLY be at the top of the podium, I think we'll let this discussion die.....

November 19, 2003
Sorry people i havent been following all the recent rule changes but what is the new tiebreaker rule that is discussed in the major rule changes is it another individual match where a weight is drawn or what
Lost graduate assistant

November 18, 2003
From: Top 4 HWT AA/A
comments: My ratings are as follows:
1. A.J. Freda, Lewis Co.-can't bet against returning champ.
2. C.J. Manning Cameron-so much improved last year, if he continues to improve at this rate he could be here, 4th in 03...
3. Andy Fegal, Weirton-3rd place finisher last year, has owned Manning in the past, but always very very close..
4. Jacob Lowe, Wirt Co.-Great feet, balance could use work against big men. Placed 6th last year.
The rest of the field is wide open, whoever works the hardest will take home some hardware in Feb.

November 18, 2003
From: 5 key matches for the state to watch

comments: 1-Cameron vs. Brooke, both teams are hyped as contenders in their divisions this year, they wrestle to open the year and we'll see just who is for real and who's all talk here.

2-Brooke Classic, a look around here usually reveals a few contenders later on in the year. Oak Glen will get early action here, Brooke will, and I don't know who else will be there but one of "those Wood Co. schools" is usually there as well so this should be a good barometer.

3-Oak Glen vs. South, always a great match, can't wait to see who prevails in this one. This should tell us if Oak Glen is still on another level as far as A/AA goes. If they keep it close or win, watch out AA/A cause the Bears are doing it again!

4-OVAC/WSAZ weekends, the WV teams who can compete and come out on top in these two major area tournaments usually come out on top in February. Individuals separate themselves from the pack here.

5-Parkersburg vs. Parkersburg South, need I say more?

November 18, 2003
comments: don't use the line "young team" to describe south. almost everyone in their starting lineup wrestled last year. "young team" is just a built in excuse, if you lose. PHS placed 2nd two seasons ago, and I didn't hear anyone mentioning that they were young. they had two freshman, five sophomores, and five juniors in the starting lineup. The bottom line is, the wrestlers on south's team aren't young. most of them have wrestled their whole lives. they are tough in the middle, and it will be close between them and parkersburg.

November 18, 2003
From: AAA
comments: The thing that gets to me though is that i dont think shyver, rader, or dearman are ranked nationally. shyver did well at the beast and ironman and runner up at the powerade to the number 1 guy in the nation...lost 9-3. rader was a runner up at the ironman, did ok at the beast and placed 4th at the powerade. many of the men ranked in his weight class nationally he has beaten. Dearman placed 6th at the ironman DNP at the beast, and was runner up at the powerade. i think he should be ranked.

November 18, 2003
From: Superman
comments: People underestimate Oak Glen for this year. They have many weapons that will be coming into the line up from J.V or middle school. I see Oak Glen doing very well.

November 18, 2003
From: Wrestling Fanatic
comments: Top 6 in AA HWT.......any suggestions

November 18, 2003
comments: I don't agree with Dean Moore on the schedule theory. Wrestling a harder schedule improves that individual. Just because you work hard to win, doesn't mean you're improving. A wrestler may beat the wrestler who went to the beast of the east, but that doesn't mean he has improved the most. To be the best you can be, you have to wrestle against the best that's out there. Getting beat by good competition shows you how much you need to improve and what you need to work on to beat the best.

November 18, 2003
From: wvstatebound
comments: anyone know for sure what the line up around the state is going to be at 125

November 18, 2003
From: Opra :)

comments: Welcome one welcome all its is time for Opra "5" key points of the week. I will give you all the inside information that i hear from around the state. Everybody loves Opra baby!

#1 - Former Winfield High Standout James Hardin will be coaching at Hurricane High School this year, along with Coach Taylor. Look for the Redskins to improve this season. Early season prediction: Skins sent 5 to states this year.

#2 - Point Pleasant will scrimmage Parkersburg South at South in a few weeks. What are you thinking Coach Cullen?? I'll tell you what his is thinking, after a dissapointing finish to last years season he wants to make sure his boys are ready this season. To be the best you have to wrestle the best. Great Coaching move by the Big Blacks Staff!! (South wins big though)

#3 - BNI's open up the season in the south. Shady Springs should walk away with the title again this year. Neal, Harvey & Scarbro lead back a strong Shady team. The match of the night could be a re-match of last years 130lb. final between Derek Scarbro and Matt Vance. Vance won the match 10-9 and was named Bill Lilly outstanding wrestler. Vance might be a wrestler to watch this seaon after going 19-3 a year ago and was the region 3 champion at that same weight.

#4 - December 13th, 2003. "This day will live in infamy." We will finally find out who this B.R. character is. I am glad you have confidence in yourself, that is a great quality to have young man. Let's just say I will be on hand at St. Albans HS to watch the 189lb. division. So if you accomplish nothing else B.R. you sold a ticket for St. Albans.

#5 - December 14th, 2003. Good Luck to PHS and PSHS at the Ironman Invitational. I know both teams will represent to state of West Virginia very well.

If anyone ever has any questions just ask "Opra" and I will see what I can do.

November 18, 2003
From: Fat Albert
comments: what teams will be at the SA Duals this year??

November 18, 2003
comments: Dear editor please post this. Thank You.
To: BR
Dear BR, I am a wrestler in the state also in 189, and I will be at the SA Duals. Personnally I am sick of your cockiness behind your screen. I know that I will have a really tough tourny at SA, with Ward, Nelson and McCoy all there. I am confident that I can beat all three of them, But that is confidence not cockiness. I would really love to know who you are and what school you are from. I think your coach should put you in your place. If your cockiness does not stop you will have every 189lb wrestler wanting to beat you.
Thank You.
Editor's note: Well,,,, except nobody knows who the mysterious BR is, or if he even exists. I think someone is pulling our leg here, but, it's a slow news day, so what the hey.....

Thank you Mr. Editor. November 18, 2003
From: Former Seoal Wrestler
comments: I would just like to say that Thomas and Dearman are the best two AAA wrestlers at 215 and 275. The comments made by the "South" fan about Gum and Memel were not to smart. First off, Gum a former Seoal wrestler himself, i do not believe he ever won the SEOAL. And I have never ever heard of Memel. But what I am trying to say is that I believe "South" fan is just trying to create some hype around these two "football" players comming into wrestling. I honestly believe that Thomas and Dearman have nothing to Fear or look out for here. They might both be great athletes but wrestling in not like a light switch, you can not just turn it on after being out of the sport for a while.

November 18, 2003
From: RE: McGuffy Pa team
comments: McGuffy is near Wheeling by the state line. The thing I admire is that they are a small community and by CHOICE wrestle UP with the QUAD A big schools in the PA state wrestling tournament. Can you imagine a WV A or AA school asking to compete in the AAA tournament? They are to be commended.

November 18, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: To South fan and everyone else...
LOSING n. 1. The act of one who or that which loses. 2. Not winning.
LOOSE adj. 1. not fastened or confined; unbound; or unattached.
LOOSING. 1. this is not a word.

Editor's note: Reminds me of a big sign which was on the backstop at the Mt Zion youth league baseball field when I was a kid: "Win or loose, be a good sport."

November 18, 2003
From: To AAA
comments: In regards to Rader and Thomas not placing at Fargo, I feel they did very well concidering they had 3 months of Freestyle experience in their lifetime wrestling career coming into Fargo, congrats to easter,turnbull, and smith.

November 18, 2003
From: AAA
comments: south should beat oak glen with ease this year

November 17, 2003
From: george
comments: Matt Easter is wrestling for Cornell. However, I donít think the Ivy League allows redshirting. He recently placed 3rd at the 2003 Cortland Open at 133. See results.

November 17, 2003
From: Just a fan
comments: I was looking at the list for WV Sports Top 50 athletes of all time and saw no mention of any wrestlers. This really surprised me considering that we had such greats in the sport. Another point I would like to make is that yes some teams do travel and wrestle tougher schedules which allows them to wrestle against all different styles but I have to agree with Dean Moore about hard work and training doing more good. You can travel and wrestle but if you work hard and practice hard you will still come out on top most of the time. Besides that we have plenty of nationally recognized talent here in state. Easter, Smith, Rader, Norman, and many others. Why travel when you can still face the best? Good Luck to all programs High School all the way to Youth Programs.

November 17, 2003
From: kkj
comments: harvey is going to 125 this year scarbro im going to 130 and from what geather asheley going to 135 theres your state champs

November 17, 2003
From: Wrestling fan
comments: Wrestling is starting another season I wish good luck to all those who go out everyday and wrestle hard no matter where their from. As far as the rumors you here, let them talk. If I were Gum and Memel wrestling would be the last thing I would be thinking about. These two are excellent football players with a career probably to play in college, why would they take a chance on career ending injury by wrestling. Think!!!!!
The 215 and heavyweight at PHS are also excellent football players but have also wrestled all their lives. Thomas will wrestle in college and Dearman will probably also. If I had a scholarship for football I wouldn't even think about wrestling and taking that chance for my college career to be over. So, let people talk!!!!! ater all isn't that what this forum is for???

November 17, 2003
From: South Star
comments: Who do you think will win out of Parkersburgh South and Oak Glen? You have South with a young team and Oak Glen loosing half their line up because of seniority. My favorite is South. :)

November 17, 2003
From: Dennis Dunbar
email: da.dunbar@verizon.net
comments: To the person seeking a youth wrestling team in the Cross Lanes/Charleston area for their 6-year-old daughter:
Nitro Youth Wrestling practice begins Monday, Nov. 17 at 6pm at the Nitro High School Field House. Call 776-9264 or 776-0175 for more information.

From: Ken Chertow
comments: The contact person for youth wrestling in the Cross Lanes area is Cory Allen. callen3160@aol.com

November 17, 2003
November 17, 2003
From: bruin wrestler
comments: thanx for support Joe Shmo but we do not need things said about is please let how we perform this year do the talking thank you

November 17, 2003
From: AAA
comments: i know that smith easter and turnbull placed at fargo...i cant believe mitch got pinned!!!! crazy. anyways they all fared well while thomas and rader struggled and didnt place......i think thomas got to the semi's of his bracket before he lost twice. anyways, i cant wait for the upcoming season and for all the exciting matches i'll get to see. good luck to all

November 16, 2003
My six-year old daughter is interested in wrestling, but I have been unable to find a sign-up opportunity in the Cross Lanes/Charleston area. Any assitance would be appreciated.

November 16, 2003
From: AAA
comments: I think matt easter is redshirting at 133 behind national champion travis lee. Mitch smith lost to eric lakia from ohio last year in a tournament. as for gum and memel, let themselves be embarrassed by 2 awesome wrestlers, lou 2 time and dearman a 1 timer but what makes you so sure that gum and memel can beat those 2?

November 16, 2003
comments: To AAA
Smith, Turnbull and Easter are all nationaly ranked becuased they placed in the Junior Nationals and really thats the bigger then any of the tournements PHS and South go too.

November 16, 2003
From: gossip folk
comments: any top 6 predictions for 215 and Heavy AAA?

November 16, 2003
From: to south fan 88
comments: Jeez, you must really be looking to stir up trouble when you make comments like that. I know Gum and Thomas, and I feel Thomas has a major advantage on the mat. Were you delusional when writing that post? I am only asking. You probably thought South Parkersburg was going to win in '88 also.

November 16, 2003
comments: Smith, Easter and Turnball are all ranked nationally because they wrestle national tournaments like Fargo during the off season. They face the best in the country and have had success at those tournaments. I don't think any of them would back down from the competition and I think they would have strong finishes at tournaments like the Ironman if their schools participated. Unfortunately the WVSSAC rules don't permit their individual participation during the school season or it counts as a weigh in against the entire team. Also if the school has another tournament scheduled they have to wrestle with their school team.

November 16, 2003
comments: Mitch Smith was beat by Lakia from Ohio.

November 15, 2003
From: AAA
comments: i'd like to see mitch smith, A. easter, and turnbull go to those tournaments and see how they do. all 3 of them are ranked nationally.

November 15, 2003
comments: I wrestled for Oak Glen, and I have wrestled both McGuffy and Beaver Local. Mayby 10 years ago you could not compare the two but in recent years my money is going with Beaver Local over McGuffy.

November 15, 2003
From: Mike from Pittsburgh
comments: Mail Man, McGuffy is not in the top ten in the nation every year, but they do always have a very good team.

November 15, 2003
From: South Fan 88
comments: Souths got a huge line up, and lots to build with!!!!!
103: Keller, Wright
112: Wasner, Townsend
119: Kelly, Wolf
125: McCray, Dunn
130: Porter
135: Smith
140: Smith
145: Osuna Cotto, James, Mathers
152: Young, Munday
160: Norman
171: Walters
189: Radcliff
215: Davis, Gum!!!!!
HWT: Dorton, Memel!!!!!

Gum and Memel are up in the air but I have heard they are both possibilities!!!! By the way neither of these boys are first year wrestlers by a long shot. If they decide to step up to the challenge those boys in Red at 215 and HWT are otta there!!!! Ben and Dalton I would like to extend a huge Patriot invitation to jump on board and ride the Patriot Express!! We would love to see you boys cut the competion down to size!!!!! Think about how sweet it would be. Gum if you go with B-Ball we understand, you have so much talent in so many areas!!!!!!

As a team there is nothing this crew can't do. I believe they could easily put South right back at #1 where we all know they belong. Lets do it boys!!!!

November 15, 2003
comments: who was the only wrestler to beat Mitch Smith last year and in his high school career????

November 15, 2003
From: To MailMan
comments: Get some anger management. Not every team in the state can afford to go to Las Vegas. So they go to the local tournaments and look for the best competition there. And some of them must do OK, because Wood County doesn't take home EVERY AAA State Title!

November 15, 2003
Hi.. FYI.. if you haven't checked out the Pennsylvania Wrestling Website )
http://pasportsbeat.com Give it a looksee..

November 15, 2003
From: Andy's Admirer

November 15, 2003
comments: TO BR: you want a good match? you will get one. YOU better come prepared to wrestle at sa duals.where are you from anyway?

November 15, 2003
From: wrestler
comments: There is going to be a few good wrestlers at 189 at the st albans duals. Ward from indepence who placed last year, Nelson from huntington who placed in AAA and McCoy from Herbert Hoover Who beat nelson twice. so to BR I think you got your hands full. you should not be so cocky. you might not even win a match!

November 15, 2003
comments: Most schools don't have the resources or support to wrestle the schedules that PSHS and PHS wrestle. Don't down other wrestlers because of the decisions of their schools administrations. If wrestlers want to wrestle tougher competion that option is available to them during the off season. They can travel and compete with the best around the country. That is what several of the top individuals around the state do.

In regards to the statement about college coaches being at these large tournaments, why haven't more Wood County wrestlers went on to wrestle in college? Do these college coaches not recruit from Wood County or do the wrestlers just choose not to wrestle past high school.

November 15, 2003
From: Grappler123
comments: any perdictions for AA/A 215 and 275???? top 5 if able

November 15, 2003
From: joe blow
comments: I think the BROOKE BRUINS are going to winning state this year for the first time in years. Thats not all I think they are going to win I think they will also win OVAC. So it is going to be a good year for the BRUINS

November 15, 2003
comments: I would like to congratulate Wood county schools on their strong tradition of producing champion wrestling individuals and teams. The two AAA schools seem to have different philosophies on wrestling a less skilled opponent. One team takes care of business and pins their opponent as quickly as possible. The other tends to run up the score, causing embarrasment, before going for the fall.

November 15, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: does anyone know how Matt Easter is doing in college,and will he see some time on the varisty level

November 15, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: To whom it may concern... Actually Beaver Local is just as good as McGuffey (or as you call it Mgguffy) here are some stats that i found for you. McGuffey placed 4th is the WPIAL tournament and had 1 state placer last year. This year they are pre season 5th in the WPIAL and have 2 wrestlers ranked in the top 16 of the state. All i could find on Beaver Local is that they dominated the OVAC, defeating Oak Glen by almost 50 points. They also have a few nationally ranked individuals on their team.

November 15, 2003
From: AAA
comments: PHS and south are both great programs and i think they are great because of the tough schedules. brandon rader, roberty shyver, lou thomas, ryan dearman,, shane grogg, kyle walters....ive seen all those wrestlers improve since they wrestled in the ironman, or the powerade tournaments. when you wrestle the best, you become a better wrestler. Exceptions to mitch smith and matt easter who are just amazing and dont go to those tournys.

November 15, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Please don't "hate" any wrestler because they wrestle for a particuliar school.Fans post some things on here for conversation and it does fire-up some other schools,but that is competition man.

To Dean Moore...you know that schedule does has something to do with performance at a high level...all schools have talent in their lineup that can win on any given night,but give me a talented kid who has been there,done that!

November 13, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: Why is it such a big deal that PHS and South Wrestle such a hard schedule?? Let me tell you why. First off it is fun to travel the country and wrestle the best in the country. Where would you rather go, Reno, Nevada and wrestle the best in the country or go to (snotty remark made about a fine West Virginia tournament deleted). Also I think i would train a little harder if i knew 50 college coaches would be watching me at the Ironman. where do you think you will learn more. even if you get beat in the 1st round, you get to watch future olympians and NCAA champions. I don't think i want my first tough match of the year to come in the semi's of the state tournament, do you?? (Disparaging remark about a fine but non-Wood County wrestler deleted).

November 13, 2003
From: to mailman
comments: There is no way that Bellaire or Beaver Local even come close to the talent of MgGuffy. Every year Mgguffy is a top team in the nation.

November 13, 2003
From: clenchnthrow
comments: sorry about going off earlier. thanks to everyone that posted corrections. also agree with letting the wrestlers prove it on the mat. i just post predictions for fun. pretty much all im trying to say in the prediction post is that all those young men are tough wrestlers and could possibly be contenders. lets see some more predictions and post huh? recap:tough wrestlers in AA this year , billings, rash, valles, moffatt, pumphrey,cumpston,liethead, harvey,ashley,scarbro,neal,bartrug,miller,any other that was posted earlier. good luck to the wrestlers this year and represent the state well as i watch from the stands!!!!!!!!!

November 13, 2003
From: Point Mom
comments: Daniel Tench is a senior this year, along with David Bonecutter and Jacob Carr. Good Luck to ALL Point Wrestlers!

November 13, 2003
From: Indy Fab
comments: Congratulations to Aaron Barnette for a good showing at the WVU Open, looks like a completely different wrestler in college now. Anybody know why Greg Jones did not compete in this event? Just curious.

November 13, 2003
From: wood county fan
comments: does anyone know what weight bonecutter from point will be wrestling at this year?

November 13, 2003
comments: I recently read in the Parkerburg News where Dave Poe the sports Editor wrote that Parksburg High School was the Ranked number one in the state in wrestler in the Pre-Season Poll. I believe that PHS would be ranked number 1 since they are defending champs. Yet where is this Preseason Poll that he is talking about??? It isnt on this web site, or is there some other poll that he made up himself to for fill in space to write an article? I just found it really Odd that there was a wrestling poll that would put out 2 weeks before practice even started.

November 11, 2003
From: baldy
email: edwinlporter@msn.com
comments: I watched some real good wrestling at Winston Salem, N.C.on Nov. 1&2. Congrats to Jr. Patriots Tyler Green ; 1st in Elem.,& Cody Miracle; 4th in Middle School, & Nick Monday 1st in Middle School. Chad Porter & Zac McCray 5th &Kyle Walters 3rd in the High School division.

November 11, 2003
From: guillotine
comments: I have been reading the posts on the Parkersburg schools schedule toughness. There is no doubt that the 2 schools wrestle the toughest schedules of any schools in WV, "so why not give it a rest". The remainder of schools in WV do the best they can with the resources available. If anyone has read this forum with any regularity, they are well aware that Wood county is the "Mecca" of wrestling in WV. While some people from that area continue to post about Wood county "Greatness", they should realize the rest of us know how good their teams are and are tired of hearing about it. I realize that people like Dean Moore, and the Coaches and Wrestlers at these schools are generally class acts. But it's the others who continue to post irritating statements on this site that cause Parkersburg teams to be hated and not respected state wide. I do not believe that it is anyone associated with these teams making these posts, but just the same, whoever is keeps their wrestlers and coaches from truely being appreciated and respected by the rest of the state.

November 11, 2003
From: B R
comments: how come people can talk about me and you print it? but then I send something and you don't print it. I can't help it if the readers can't handle my confidence. just watch me at st.albans.
Editor's note: How do we know it's really you?????

November 10, 2003
From: clenchnthrow
comments: wow, like i said the predictions were just for fun. but let me give you a round of applause for taking it so serious. and i do believe that i asked if anyone had any changes that they could post them. wow, your a true class act whoever posted that. heres a hint, mellow out and quit takin stuff so serious. hope you fix your problem. good luck to all the wrestlers out there!!!!

November 10, 2003
From: BlueBlood
comments: Instead of comparing the schedules of PHS and SOUTH to each other. Take a look at their schedules and compare them to others. You will find that both schedules are in the top ten. In other words no more then eight high schools have a tougher schedule. That's not in West Virginia but the whole nation. I can find only five high schoold that have a more ambitious schedule. They are: Blair Academy, Lakewood St. Edwards, Massillon Perry, Walsh Jesuit and St. Paris Graham. I am interested in what others think about this subject. What other schools do you see a having top ten schedules?

November 10, 2003
From: indyfan
comments: To clinchnthrow
Rash will be at 103 this year

November 10, 2003
From: Cabell Co. Cowboy
comments: I have just a couple of issues to address:
1) I agree with the people who believe that this forum is a "safe haven" for people to pop-off without fear of reprisal. Let the talking be done on the mat, not by the people who hide behind the computer screen.
2) In response to Mr. Langdon's rebuilding of Cabell Midland....the person who is going to do the rebuilding is already there.

November 10, 2003
From: Proud Wrestling Fan
comments: I would like to say congratulations to a few of our state's great wrestlers. Lou Thomas (215, PHS), Mitch Smith (145, RHS), and Anthony Easter (112, NHS) for being mentioned in Wrestling USA Magazine. I know alot of people around the state do not exactly like all of those boys, but I think it's quite a testament to WV Wrestling to see our local boys in that magazine and being recognized nationally. I really enjoy watching all of those boys wrestle in the states each year, because that is about the only time I get to see them. I hope everyone in the state has a great year, and we see ALOT more WV boys in that magazine within the next few months!!!!!!!

November 10, 2003
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
comments: While it is somewhat true who usually wrestlers the best schedule is prepared for the State Tournament. But you have to remember that usually the kid that works the hardest usually comes up ahead. I dont think that Nitro wrestled a really hard schedule but if you remember right, a 4 time State Champion is from there and a 2 time State Champion rom Ripley that is going for his third title. So i am not buying the schedule thing. Hard working dedicated wrestlers almost always come to the top over kids that wrestles good schedules and dont have the work ethics to make it . Good luck to all the wrestlers all over. If you paid the total price, good hard work, then i hope that you finish #1.

November 10, 2003
From: Kanawha Valley Fan
comments: How many people that read the forum are tired of the dicussion about who has the better schedule Parkersburg or Parkersburg South? I think there are several schools in WV that wrestle tough schedules. The bottom line is the only tournament that really matters is the one on February 26,27,28. The others are just practice.

November 10, 2003
From: Good luck Flying Eagles
comments: Does anyone have a 2003-2004 schedule For Woodrow Wilson? If so could you let me know what it is,Thanks!

November 10, 2003
From: Shane Eakle
comments: I would like to take a second to Thank Dr. Miller for all the time and effort he puts into this site to allow us to keep up on West Virginia wrestling. I feel that this site is a privilege to all including my self and should be treated as such. I know that even a simple thank you doesnt not go out enough to Dr. Miller and family for keeping this fine site up and running smoothly. Also good luck to all wrestlers this season and especally the BEES of East Fairmont High School good luck.

November 10, 2003
From: TO: clentchnthrow
comments: Harvey from Shady is probably going to be wrestling 125 again. So take that into consideration and then try again.

November 10, 2003
From: Nelson
email: nelson@wrestlingcoach.com
comments: http://wrestlingcoach.com/Wrestling%20video_series.htm
John Fritz, NCAA National Champion, Former NCAA & Big Ten Coach of The Year "Outstanding instructional video! John has produced a great technique tape that is sure to benefit all...from beginning level coaches and wrestlers to the most experienced. His inclusion and breakdown of set-ups and other important aspects of the takedown will be most helpful to anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of tactical wrestling."

November 7, 2003
From: Griz
comments: A big shout-out to the wrestlers at Nicholas County High. Have a great season. There's a new coach or two coming aboard, and a heck of a tough schedule, but I know you guys can face down any challenge. This year you'll have strong represenatives in returners J. Willis, J. Kesecker, B. Morton, D. Corbitt, S. Rader, and B.B. Bryant--All with victory in their eyes. NC will also roll out several newcomers who will hard to beat. Good luck to ALL, and ALL have a great season!!

November 7, 2003
From: Hurt
comments: Do you think a wrestler sould be alowed to wrestle if they are going to graduate early??

November 7, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: Lets compare the schedules of PHS and South to end the controvery of which is better. First off I agree that both are very tough, so here we go
common opponents, Ironman, Noth Marion, John Marshall, Cabell M., and University.
Tournaments.. PHS to Beast and South to Reno. Beast slightly tougher. Advantage PHS
PHS to Powerade and South to WSAZ. Powerade MUCH tougher. Adv. PHS
Duals... PHS to St Ed Quad and South to Virginia Duals. Equal
PHS has WP, Brooke, Fairmont and SOuth has Oak Glen. Oak Glen is a tough team but a quad is better than a dual. Equal
PHS has Morgantown, Williamstown and South has Warren. advantage PHS
PHS has Bellaire and Beaver Local, South has Mcguffey. Advantage PHS
PHS has Christiansburg Quad and South has Walsh. Walsh is tough, but so is Christiansburg and it is a quad. Advantage PHS
South has no more matches left on there schedule and PHS still has a quad with Solon, Grundy, North Alleghany and Duals with Nitro and Hoover and they have the MSAC tournament.
Overall PHS has a tougher schedule than South, But nobody cares about strength of schedule at the end of February, Only State Championships.

November 7, 2003
From: fan
comments: Phs has wrestled in the powerade for years and wrestled in the virginia duals before south did and for years phs wrestled st eds grundy canon mac walsh when south didnt. south started wrestling the really good schedules after the early 90's run of phs and once they did they went through the roof winning what 4 striaght and 7 or so total state titles. I know how both sides of parkersburg act but does everything between south and phs have to been a contest i understand on the field mat or court but damn just say both scedules are great and move on. Which color is better red or blue?

November 6, 2003
From: TO South Fan
comments: South Wrestles in the Ironman and thats it with PHS. I dont see south wrestling in the Beast and South does not have the quality of competition as PHS does in dual meets. South has nothing on PHS schedule.

November 6, 2003
From: PHS fan
comments: to south wrestling fan-you are right about just recently picking them up but souths only tough tourny theyve went to a while is the ironman.....they are just as guilty as phs is for picking up big tournaments

November 6, 2003
From: *Lil Wilson*
comments: *Well, All I can say is I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS SEASON TO START!! im soo excited! I love going to wrestling tournaments! Yes, after Tyler saying he wasn't wrestling for a long time, he has come around and decided to!!! :-D!! but Good luck to all the wrestlers for the upcomming 03-04 season!!! I hope everything goes well for everyone.<--except when your wrestling my brother! ;-)!* GOO WOODROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 6, 2003
From: *Wrestlin Fan*
comments: Okay, everyone needs to realize that this is not a place to trash talk other people and use it as a *Chat Room* this forum is supposed to be to boost wrestlers confidence when they read this and to help them to want to achieve higher goals for themselves. so would you mind to stop talking soo much crap to each other on here? its not helping anything and it sure isn't making me want to read what you guys have to say about B R?? who cares??

November 6, 2003
From: I don't understand u at all
comments: Why didn't you post a line in my post recently about someone running their mouth. All I said was someone ..... should do less talking and more drilling. This forum is rediculous because people can talk without a fear of a counter-opinion. You post-nazi.

November 6, 2003
From: Alex
comments: I am a past wrestler. i graduated last year i've wrestled for 13 years and i know alot about most of the wrestlers in the lower weight class. i just want to say i can't wait to see the great matches that will happen this season and i want to wish all u guys good luck this year. I also want want to say a special good luck to the Tyler Consolidated wrestlers they are a young team but have plenty of potential.

November 6, 2003
From: D.

November 6, 2003
From: The Editor:

1) Is Daniel Tench from Point Pleasant a senior this year or was he a senior last year?

2) I need some good questions for the WV-Mat Poll which I haven't changed for about a year because I can't think of any good questions.

November 6, 2003
From: Young Coach
comments: In regards to the comments made by B R, I am sorry son, but that was down right arrogant. If I were coaching a young man that would even consider posting something like that for the world to see, you better believe he would not be wrestling for me the following weekend. That was uncalled for, and from what people have said, the SA tournament is pretty good. Huntington always has a real strong 189 pounder, well, they always have a strong team. But anyway, I hope that you not only have a great tournament, but you find someone that is 189 pounds of pure mean who absolutely brings you back down to earth. Best of luck, and I hope you have a great season...but keep it to yourself.

November 6, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: phs has just recently picked up the tough tourneys that South has been wrestling for years! To say that their schedule is "much more" tougher than South's,you better look again!In some of these tourneys they both will be there as will most of the top teams in the country....they both wrestle the toughest competition possible so leave it at that!

November 6, 2003
From: Funny post.
comments: This forum always makes me laugh. The past two years there has been a certain person posting about himself. I won't mention names since this would not get posted. All I will say is after looking at the scores and results from last year, I have come to the conclusion that a certain person should do less talking and show it on the mat. I saw several matches he lost, to not so good kids and half decent kids. I'll believe you will even place at states when I see it buddy. Spend less time posting and more time drilling buddy.

November 6, 2003
From: Transplanted Mountaineer
comments: Where's Superman? I have been waiting to read some of the comical posts' that he submits annually. Sounds like he may have resurfaced under an alias. Anyway, regarding the post on the Martinsburg squad, the comments about the Connor brothers are pretty accurate. I watched them come up through the youth league and found them to be hard working, dedicated and respectful young men. Dane Henry should also be solid this year barring he stays healthy. Mike Barbour is a mirror image of his brother Bill. Good Luck to the Team and Coach Britner this season.

November 6, 2003
From: 4840 Rotary club Asuncion Catedral
email: 4840@softcha.com
comments: Saludo desde Sudamerica . Notro club du Paraguay le felicito de su excelante pagina web y le invitamos a participar a nuestra reunion los miercoles en el hotel chaco . HURARD CLAUDE Asuncion Paraguay http://www.asuncionsupercentro.com/rotary

November 6, 2003
comments: wow you can really tell Clenchthrow really did their homework,They picked someone to win a weight class who has already graduated.

November 5, 2003
From: Kanawha Valley Fan
comments: To B R; What team do you wrestle for? My contact tells me there will be 10 teams at the S.A. Duals this year. Each wrestler will get 9 matches. Some of the teams he mentioned were Huntington, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, Independence, and Sheldon Clark Ky. Last year there were over 60 State Tournament qualifiers from the previous year that wrestled in the Duals. I hope you get a good match.

November 4, 2003
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Sorry to see that Brad Ammons was in a car accident. Really hope he recovers quickly. He has made probably the biggest improvement of anyone on the team the past couple years and is a quality young man. Would really hate to see him miss his senior season. One of my own nephews ended up with a career ending injury his soph year in what looked to be a stellar career so I know how frustrating this can be. Hope the same hasn't happened to Brad and that your rehab goes well and we get to see you back on the mat. Get well soon Brad and we will be keeping you and the girl in our prayers.

As to former bear and your post on 10/22 yes I did help coach on the bears in the past. It's no big secret who I am if someone asks me at matches if I'm hedgesvillefanm I tell them. I'll give you a clue though. It was my brother in law Greg Hess and sister Lynne Hess who founded the bears and they called me when they founded it to help out. So I was there day one of the bears a team founded by my family. So I have a lot of pride in these young men. I was a college freshman at the time of the bears inception and didn't know much of anything about wrestling. The first year I was the timer the next year I had learned enough to keep score the next years I spent helping out by coaching. I loved the sport from the moment I learned about it and threw myself into it going to camps over the summer going and learning from high school coaches and wrestlers and college wrestlers all over the place. Watched instructional videos read books even got on the mat myself a few times. Must say my own skills on the mat are terrible but I was always more interested in helping others through coaching then helping myself. And of course I learned a great amount from the really great coaches that the bears have had such as Greg, Pete, and Tony to name a few. I was a little confused about your posts if your the same former bear from post on 10/16 you sound like a former wrestler for the bears but your post on 10/22 states you had a child that wrestled for us. The only former bear wrestlers that I know of that have children are Nick Sheckels who has a son Bryce who should be coming of age to wrestle and my own nephew who has a beautiful and awesome 2yr old daughter. So unless I'm missing something or if you are a different former bear then the previous post then I'm confused. Anyway former parent or wrestler the bears would not have been successful without all of you and the hard work you all did. And I know my family feels the same way.

Almost forgot I see on the schedule that the WVU Open is this saturday. Anyone wanting to see some awesome wrestling and the best wrestling tournament in the state of WV may want to get up there for this. I've had the pleasure of going a few times and it's incredible. NCAA division I national champions and all americans. Don't look now but Troy Letters for Lehigh is ranked #1 at 165 and Greg Jones ranked #1 at 174. Both were there last year and hopefully should be this year. That's 2 potential national champions this year that should be there. Anyone know of any high schoolers from WV getting in this year. This is a great opportunity also to see what it takes to get to the next level. Anyway hope to see some of you there.

November 4, 2003
From: Ravenswood Fan
comments: The tournament in Ravenswood has been moved from the old gym by the Middle School to the New Gym by the High School. We are also allowing call-ins till Thursday November the 6th. All Call-ins will be $15 dollars. Please call Ralph Dennis(304)273-0394 after 6:00pm. Thank You.

November 4, 2003
From: wrestling mom
comments: Attention parent, coaches, wrestlers!!!!
Do to high demand for call-ins,Ravenswood Boosters will be accepting call-ins for the November 8th wrestling tournament until Thursday, November 6th @ 9:00 pm. Contact, Ralph Dennis at 304-273-0394.

November 4, 2003
From: MartinsburgFan
comments: The Bulldogs should have a solid dueling/Tounrmanet team this year. Both Chris Connor and Robert COnnor are definate solid wrestlers who have been having weight problems, hopefully they can find a way to emulate the skills of both kids. I think alot of you have been counting out Jesse Jarvis (140) and Mike Barbour (145), with the addition of Dane Henry (130-135) at states this year. Dane Henry, if not for pneumonia last year would have placed top 4 in states. Mike Barbour has been to states three times, and has come close to placing all three years. He lost his first match to Knapp who nearly beat Smith 4-2, Barbour has an extremely quick high crotch and whistle shot giving him advantages of many kinds, and he tops it off with a 280 pound bench press. Jesse Jarvis matches that strength and also lost his chance to place 7-8 in the closing seconds... Both men have been practicing pure technique while hitting the weights hard... And Barbour palys for the football team so he'll prolly miss the firs two matches of his senior year... But I'm sure he'll come in full throttle and very capable of placing top 4 if not winning at states. Dane Henry should have placed last year if not for sickness... Make no doubt Martinsburg will support six if not seven state-placers this year. Good luck to everyone when the season starts... And may the best wrestlers win.

November 4, 2003
From: B R
comments: I will be at the S.A.duals this year. I am wrestling 189. is there any good 189 pounders going to be here.I would at least like to get one good match.

November 4, 2003
From: clenchnthrow
(103)1st Rash(if he stays down)(independence)
2nd Gungle(calhoun)
3rd bartrug (st. marys)
(112) 1st Moffatt (winfield)if he stays down
2nd cumpston (cameron)
3rd Billings
4th Valles unless he goes 119
5th Miller
6th toss up
(119) 1st Neal (shady spring)
2nd Biddle williamstown (if he stays down)
3rd liethead (sissonsville)
4th pumphries
(125) 1st whiteman (hundred)
2nd Bartrug (st. marys)
3rd Daniel Allen (wirt)
(130) 1st scarbro(shady)
don'tknow to much on this wieght class
(135) 1st justin ashley (calhoun)
2nd harvey (shady spring)

awesome match this year!! ashley has a challenge either wieght class 130(scarbro) or 135 (harvey) , but i think he'll pull off the 3 timer. this is about the extent of of my guessing. if anyone has any opinions , facts , weight changes, or other predictions post em up and let me know. im probably off a lil bit on the 103 and 112 , so if anyone has any info you know what to do. but don't take these guesses harsh or anything , they're just guesses.

November 4, 2003
From: Iron
email: comments: PHS's schedule is a heck of alot tougher than souths.....Ironman, beast of the east, powerade, christiansburg quad., solon OH, grundy, and West allegheny PA., ST. Eds, great bridge,.....most of the teams in the quads are ranked nationally. St. Edwards is in the top 5 i think. Thats why PHS will be so much tougher to beat with this rough schedule...wrestling these tournys and teams will make the team better and let the wrestlers go up against some of the best wrestlers in the nation.

November 4, 2003
From: Tex
comments: What is the toughest opening weekend tournament in the state? And, if at all possible, who goes to it?

November 4, 2003
From: A V
comments: Does anyone know who the new coaches are in the Mason Dixon JR High conference?

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