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November 30, 1998
From: talon
email: talon98@hotmail.com
comments: ok - 2 quick things, first of all - to all the Oak Glen people who are repeatedly saying I'm wrong about my state predictions - that's cool - we'll find out in a few months - but just so you know - I'm not from Wirt - its not a personal thing, its just my prediction. 2nd - the statement in Basford's last paragraph about 275. You're right - its definitely clearly between McClung and Salmons - but I just thought of something - I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong - but the past two years those two were both region champs, and ended up in opposite brackets - now, seeing how the seedings for states are done - aren't the odds going to put these two in the same bracket this year??? Wouldn't it be a shame if these two great hwts ended up having their final, senior year, state showdown in the semi-finals instead of in the finals? I think this is a prime example of why the seeding arrangement for states should be changed.

November 30, 1998
What time is the Parkersburg South - Cabell Midland match on Thursday Dec. 3?

November 30, 1998
comments: I don't know about all this eastern panhandle stuff. An area wich is not traditoinaly strong as other parts. Yet Oak Glen is the best team in the state in any class. That people forget about these region one teams around here both AAA and AA these are the ones who are tuff and proven. Also region three in AA is pretty tuff too. If you notice the AA in these regions is LKC the most dominent small school confrence in the state. Also that If you notice Parkersburg is right in the middle of LKC country and its the Mecca of alll wrestling in the state. All I'm am sying is that there is alot of big talk for unproven people and teams. Go out and win the big match and then lets start talking.

November 30, 1998
From: Devin Abshire
email: cabshire@intrepid.net
comments: Thats Devin with an I not O. Thanks ! I think Eastern Panhandle wrestling is strong and getting stronger. Our Youth programs are keeping up with the rest of the state and in most cases are better. Good Luck to all Eastern Panhandle wrestlers in the upcoming season!

November 30, 1998
From: Paulie
email: SwtGuy9744@aol.com
comments: Well everyone, are you all ready for another exciting year in Wrestling.. Wow, I am... But there are a few things I am wondering.. Is the 189lb weight class gonna be as tough as it was last year or did some of the competition move up to 215... I know in "AA" there was some solid performers at this weight class..Does anyone know if Dan Lahman or Justin Underwood moved up or are they still at 189... Also I heard that Kupfer moved down, he will be a powerhouse to reckon with... In Region II there could be some tough competition, I know that Petersburg has Lahman and Braxton has Underwood... But will Keyser and Webster Co. have a tough 189 pounder to wrestle against.. I know that Grafton has Ben Taylor and South Harrison has Jeremy Wright... So I cant wait to see the Petersburg Smash and see who all is going to come out on top this year... It could be very interesting..... If anyone has some info. on any of this, let us know about it......

November 30, 1998
From: Nick Busick http://www.pwrlftr.com
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: This is a reply to Chris Basford's post. Look for Eric Noel to be right in the thick of things, probably @ 112. Valles will definitely be a force to be reckoned with as a senior. A surprise this year will be Brent Zucalloto for Weir. He's hungry!

Spoke with the Cameron coach at Friday's playoff game and Kupher is definitely going 189. Look for the 189 & 215 lb class to be all out wars this season. The year maturity will make a difference in ability and strength. As far as Busick, no matter what happens this Friday, HOPEFULLY STATE CHAMPS FOR WEIR, he will have to regroup his mental focus, take a week off and relax. Then after two weeks of wrestling practice, we will get a better read on body weight and decide 189 or 215. As everyone making predictions has said, it will be great and somewhat unpredictable in the heavier classes. I do not look for anyone to be Oak Glen's hvyweight.

Drop by our new web site. Their will be a section for wrestling as well as Powerlifting and if you have a link let me know and I will add it. Please sign our web ring if you have a site also. It can be found on the banner in the Busick Barbell section.

There is also a teen division for the powerlifting next June. Look at the entry link. West Virginia has always been known for their powerlifters. It is a great way to have some fun, get strong, and compete during the off season. Drop me an email if I can answer any questions about the Powerlifting.

There is nothing I would love to see more than some of the WV wrestlers come and kick some butt. There will be TV coverage of this event also. If your a wrestler and competing I will make sure it is mentioned considerably in the TV hosting. The web site address is listed by my name. There is a banner for IDIOT plates for your car or door. It is a neat gimmick for sports. Check it out.

Good Luck to all and I am looking forward to the upcoming season. OOPS, I better mention something about my youngest. Branko, pronounced like ford BRONCO, is wrestling at the youth Oak Glen program. They have approximately 60 kids out and the coaches are great. Larry Shaw definitely has a super program. I am also particularly fond of Brooke's youth program.

November 29, 1998
From: "Observer"
comments: How about someone writing weekly/bi-weekly about Jr. High/Middle School wrestling? I think this would give good reviews about new kids, especially those that could have a state impact as sophomores, especially after wrestling as "unknown" 9th graders in junior high (example: Devon Abshire, now of Jefferson High, and a sure state participant after going 79-0 at Charles Town Jr. High, and Erica Dye, Wirt County Middle, now I believe at Wirt County High who tore up everyone in sight for two-three years (I think with only two losses)? .....
Editor's note: Stay tuned...

November 28, 1998
comments: I know that Harrison and Taylor County don't get a lot of publicity anymore now that Buddy McKeen and Chris Basford are gone, and when Andrew Richards lost a couple of matches everyone looked over top of these two counties. I think that these two counties deserve a lot more credit for what they do. I look forward for this year to begin to see the competition between these counties. I think just because the teams from these counties might not be getting first as a team in states some of the athletes need recognition. I look to see 7 of Graftons 13 and 6 out of 13 for South Harrison. 3 or 4 for Robert C. Bryd. I think that Harrison and Taylor County should be more out in the open. You will see the improvement in these counties just wait.

November 28, 1998
From: Bryan Moats
comments: I would just like to write in regards to the way everyone has been spelling my name. It is spelled with a Y not an I. Thank you.

November 27, 1998
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@aol.com
comments: Some of these A-AA predictions are very good, and some need a little adjusting to them.
First off, if Nick Prather of Winfield is wrestling 103 again, I don't see anyone beating him.

In 112, Ash Wenmoth really looked tough, and he should repeat as a state champion. I am not sure what weight Eric Noel is this year, but I do know he will be tough also.

119 seems to be one of the toughest weight classes, because you have Jason Hayhurst, who will not give up anything easy and Jimmy Johnson who is a 2 time state champ going into his junior year. Tyler Hughes was only a freshman last year and I figure that he will be tough to beat as well.

In the 125 pound weight class, Matt Valles of Weir should own it. Justin Wince will give him a good match, but I know Matt is one who wants the win.

Mike Miller of Wirt can become one of the few people to claim four state titles, and I know he will not lose that bet if he stays healthy. Logan Glass is an Oak Glen kid, and everyone of the have a bid for top honors. So those are my two picks for 130. Mark Lowe just missed out on a state title last year, and I don't think that he is going to let that get away from him this year. Eddie Weible, Justin Wright, and Dennis Blankenship will give him some tough competition though. If Eric McCartney is wrestling 140 this year, he should have complete control of the weight class. I don't think that Andy Wharton can touch him. If Drew Toth of South Harrison can stay healthy, he should be one to watch in the 140 weight. Last year Rob Lamb went out with an injury. He could have most likely given a great effort at states. I think that he knows what he could have done last year, and will bid for a title this year. Don't forget, Jason Litton is back in West Virginia, and he could have brought back some new stuff for a chance at the 145 weight. Nate Smith is a returning state champion, so never count that out.

In the 152 weight class, it should come down to two wrestlers: Jason Seville of Berkeley Springs and Chad Purpura of Bishop Donahue. I do believe that Jason has a step on him. Chad is a good wrestler, but I think that Jason is a better one off his feet, and can make Chad wrestle his match. If Styles make matches, Jason will win. I am not sure who all is wrestling 160, but I do know that Jason Jones will most likely beat all of them. GOOD LUCK!

At 171, Steve Kindley is a returning state champion, so all of the pressure is on hime to hold on to that. Tommy Widmyer could give him a lot of though competition though. In the 189 weight class, did anyone watch Mike Thompson of Shady Springs crush Ryan Zombro? Well, Thompson is in A-AA now, and I don't think he is going to be nice to other 189's. In the 215 and 275 weight classes, there are four kids who have been at it for years now. Brandon Kupher and Robert Busick for 215 and Luke Salmons and Alex McClung. You can best bet that they all want to beat the other when it counts. In the 215 weight class, you can't leave out "Little Nick," Dan Lahman. He should be a lot better from last year. Good Luck to everyone, and we'll see what happens at states

November 24, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Can anyone shed any light on the realignment of the tournament for the MSAC? I have been told that the two divisions will be combined. This would necessitate a 12 team duals tournament if the format is not changed to bracketed. I understand that it will be at Herbert Hoover this year because Capital is hosting the Region III finals. Can anyone shed some light?

As a side bit of info, Olympian Matt Ghaffari was in Huntington this week and spoke to interested wrestlers and put on a clinic. He also spoke to a sports medicine conference. I was great to see a newspaper article about this, usually our sport doesn't get much publicity.

Also, can anyone tell me if Jamie Dean is wrestling anywhere in the Kanawha Valley. The reason I ask is that someone would like to interview him and contacted me for more information. I think he might be at Capital.

I hope you guys are not too sore from the first days of practice and I am looking forward to seeing Cabell Midland and South hook it up on Dec. 3rd in a showdown that could have far reaching implications as the year goes on

Editor's note: We are working on a "Conference Page" in hopes of keeping track of just such conference information. We don't have all the info on the various conferences nailed down yet and the page is not quite ready to be "unveiled." If anybody has conference info to share, pass it along and we can include it on this new page...

November 24, 1998
From: wrestling fan

November 19, 1998
From: MatMonkey
comments: Individual Picks:
103 Nick Prather, Zack Zubay, Joey Sharp.
112 Ash Wenmoth, Jason Roberts,
119 Jimmy Johnson, Eric Noel, Tyler Hughes
125 Nathan Miller,
130 Logan Glass, Jason Miller,
135 LOwe, Ed weible,
140 Andy Wharton,
145 Rob Lamb, Nat Smith, Jason Seville
152 Matt Holdsworth, or Seville
160 Jason Jones,
171 --
189 --
215 Busick, Wildman
275 Alex Mclung, Salmon
team AA
2. ritchie county
3. wirt
4. berkely springs
5. ravenswood

November 19, 1998
From: Somebody who knows who the spiderman is
comments: hey,
i have some info for some people that are interested. i know who spiderman is. i'm not going to tell everyone cuz i dont want to ruin it for him and i'd feel bad i just wanted to let mr. SJ i know who u are.

November 19, 1998
From: Jonesy
email: StudsRus69@aol.com
comments: does anyone go into that java chat n e more. if so please tell me when u guys are in cuz i can never catch ya thanks

November 19, 1998
From: anthony regalbuto
comments: Devon Abshire is not a freshman - he is a sophmore. He will be tough this year at 112. Dustin Bowers is going to be our varsity 112 pounder this year. He was not varsity last year because he was behind Jimmy Shetler in wrestle-offs. The matches were close but Jimmy always won.
Does anybody have any information on the Saint Albans duals this year. If so what are the teams in it.

November 17, 1998
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: More contenders from the eastern panhandle in AAA will be Hedgesville's Dustin Bowers and Jefferson's Devon Abshire. Abshire is a freshman this year. Martinsburg's Scott Gusic will also make an impression in his senior campaign.

November 17, 1998
From: man from the eastern panhandle
comments: TALON I don't think your predictions are going to end up like you think. Oak Glen will win it maybe not by much but they will win. Also I saw Logan Glass wrestle this weekend he looked real good but it looked like he got hurt in the semifinals. I'm not sure but it looked like he really hurt his hand. Does any body know how bad it is. He also wrestled 135 and he said he was going to wrestle 130. I think him and Miller will be the match to watch at states. Jason Jones looked like he was ready for states already. I think he will win it easy. Rob Lamb and Ed Weible are ready to win a few matches at states too. They will also be contenders for the state championship.

November 17, 1998
From: dogfan
comments: Don't look for Brad Davis around 130/135. He will be up around 140/145. He has gotten bigger from football.

November 17, 1998
comments: Good luck to all of the wrestlers that are still in the playoff. Try to stay injury free and get back to the real man sport ASAP

November 15, 1998
From: Eastern Panhandle Wrestling Fan
comments: Everyone should watchout for the lightweights in Berkeley County. Hedgesville's Anthony Regalbuto, Jim Shetler, and Bryan Moats are all state champion contenders, no matter what weight they wrestle. Also watch out for Brad Davis from Martinsburg. If the rumors are true about Moats wrestling at a heavier weight then I expect Davis to have a big impact at 130 or 135.

November 15, 1998
from: talon
email: talon98@hotmail.com
comments: ok, I had to do it... here are my pre-season predictions for AA/A States. I know some of this might seem far-fetched, but I did an hour's worth of math, and I'm fairly certain of the first 4... i can back it up. The lower ones are not quite as stable, but its just my opinion (based on stats of course).....
1. Wirt
2. Oak Glen
3. Ritchie
4. Cameron
5. Williamstown
6. Berkeley Springs
7. Ravenswood
8. Frankfort
9. Calhoun
10. Independence

November 13, 1998
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: Well, since SOMEBODY seems to have a problem with some people just having fun making predictions for state champions, does anyone have any AA team predictions? Maybe even regional team champions.

November 13, 1998
comments: It is way too early to make state champion decisions. The season hasn't even started. Some might not be able to wrestle after Janurary due to grades. A lot of wrestlers will be heavier or lighter.

November 13, 1998
From: The Fireman
email: muddog2001@aol.com
comments: why is everyone predicting state champions? you don't even know how much these guys weigh. lets wait a little into the year and see how things are going before we put our predictions down. don't get me wrong, yes, all of those guys are good but you don't know what there weight class is this year.

November 13, 1998
From: Jason Seville
email: seville145@hotmail.com
comments: To: A WRESTLING FOLLOWER: No matter the weight, Hedgesville's Anthony Regalbuto WILL win it this year...you might want to consider him. Watch out lightweights, I don't believe he's missed two practices in a week since recovering from his injury last year.

November 13, 1998
From: Paulie
comments: Hey everyone, did you all forget about Harrison County. We do have schools you know, we also have some pretty good wrestlers. I do not see any wrestlers from Harrison County on the spiderman polls. Well a few you should mention as contenders are: From South Harrison: Andrew Richards (placed 3 straight years in state), Justin Wright, Drew Toth, and Matt Jones and do not forget about Robert C. Byrds Matt Queen. I just wish everyone would give Harrison county a little credit where it belongs. The Big Ten has produced some tough competition the past few years and I still dont think anyone has noticed.

November 11, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Congratulations to the Cabell Midland Knights. Wrestling USA magazine has them ranked #8 among the high school teams from the Mid-Eastern region in their most recent issue. This includes all the teams from KY, WV, VA, NJ, MD, and DE. Overall the Mid-Eastern region is ranked as the 4th best of the 8 regions the country is divided into. To be mentioned in the company of such great teams as Blair Academy (NJ), Great Bridge (VA), Grundy (VA), DeMatha (MD) and others is indeed high praise. No other WV teams were listed. I suppose this puts a big bullseye on the Knights as the team to beat this season. I hope Coach Sparks boys are up to the challenge! Go Knights!

November 11, 1998
From: Jason Smith
email: jasonsmith1@hotmail.com
comments: I think it would be cool if wvmat did a "wrestler of the week" type thing. You could have their picture, wrestling honors, etc.
Editor's note: In regards to picking a "wrestler of the week," I try to stay neutral and impartial to all teams and wrestlers. It helps to keep me out of trouble (smile).

While I'm at it, let me make a few observations about photos. Last year we did run a few pictures as a "photo quiz."
Trouble with pictures is that its really DIFFICULT to get a GOOD wrestling picture. If you have ever tried to take pictures of a wrestling match, you know that more often than not you get a picture of some guy's rear end, or a bunch of arms or legs, or the face of someone on his back in a headlock but not the face of the guy on top, etc. A good wrestling picture should be relatively close up (not taken from the stands, showing two ants on a 38X38 mat). You should see faces, and it should be semi-flattering to both wrestlers. Who wants to see a picture of him/herself on his/her back in a cradle or guillotine with a knee in one ear and an elbow in the other ear? Some action or intensity should be conveyed. If you don't believe me, study the wrestling snapshots you have taken (we have all tried to take pictures of wrestling matches) and compare them to photos which are published in, say,
Amateur Wrestling News.

Here IS a feature that someone has suggested: A weekly feature entitled "Can You Top This" or "King of the Mat" or some such, where we would note the wrestler for most pins, most takedowns, most back points scored, etc., by an individual wrestler each week. A week would start on Monday and end on Saturday. The problem would be in getting accurate information from a reliable source. I'm afraid some jokester would send in fake info and ruin it for everybody. The other problem is, quite frankly, I don't want to give the appearance of imposing any more on the coaches scarce time to keep up with such a pursuit. The only way this would work is if we require that the information be submitted only be email (not the forms page) and that the sender state his/her name to be published with the info. I would have to verify the sender via return email before I post the info.

An entry into the weekly "Can you top this" page would look like this:

The info could be submitted by a manager, statistician, parent, fan, etc, but would have to be NOT ANONYMOUS, VIA EMAIL, and the sender VERIFIED.

I'm willing to try a "Can You Top This" page, ...., what do you all think?

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