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November 22 1999
From: observer
comments: First of all I assume Werhle is wrestling 215 just because I think he has had trouble in the past making 189 and he is even bigger now. Also I believe South has a great team and that they will definetly be in the hunt as well as PHS. But in all seriousness if teams like Midland get everyone down to weight then they will be a threat as well. In the comments about the lineup for Midland none of those are correct except that Coffey is wrestling 215 for the duel with South and then dropping to 189. I think?

November 22 1999
From: K.K.
email: kkwilson@inetone.net
comments: I am looking for info. on the youth tourney held annually at Capital high school. They never seem to advertise or post on WVMAT. Any help would be appreciated. Also Beckley-Stratton Jr. High may be looking for a few events to finish out this season's schedule. If you are interested in having B.S.J.H. attend e-mail kkwilson@inetone.net

November 22 1999
From: Midland Fan
comments: I was just wondering where the person with the Midland line-up got his information. From what I've heard some of his are correct but some are way off. Lets wait until after wrestle offs and see where everyone ends up.

November 22 1999
comments: we have astablished that stevens is at 112 and george is at 119....but what about samples?

November 22 1999
From: wrestling fan

November 21 1999
comments: An inside source has Midlands line up for the South Dual looking like this: 103: Stanley, 112: Hodges, 119: Gibbs, 125: Stanley, 130: Chapman, 135: Walters, 140: Arbes, 145: ?, 152: McCommill, 160: Diamond, 171: Bowen, 189: Coffey, 215: Childers, 275: Nichols,

Lots of different names.

November 21 1999
From: independence fan

November 21 1999
comments: Did ya hear the good news!!! now Wood county junior high's can have over night trips so it looks like they well get to wrestled in all new kinds of places this year!

November 21 1999
From: To WVU Open
comments: i heard that miller will be wrestling 171 and there is no way that letters could contain with miller i would like to see that match up but i think the miller boy could beat letters oh well we will see when the time comes my prediction is miller by whatever he wants

November 21 1999
comments: I believe that Mitch Smith is in the 7th grade this year.

November 21 1999
From: Roy Bellville
email: tbellvil@weir.net
comments: FOR FORUM
My very reliable sources says 'yes' Bellville is going to wrestle 189.

November 21 1999
From: bub yurkovich
email: bub_103@hotmail.com
comments: Who did Gandee loose to in Birmingham?

November 21 1999
From: SOUTH Fan!!!
comments: In response to the phs fan or whom ever who submitted a few words about their wrestiling program I would just like to say that phs may have a good program and alot of good wrestlers but the SOUTH will rise AGAIN and take the title home!! You said it was about time for things to go back to the north side well to many things have went to the north side and it is about time that SOUTH gets a little recognition for something and this year the title will come to the SOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Patriots!!!!!!!

November 21 1999

November 21 1999
From: A concerned wrestler
comments: Could anyone tell me if Belleville is going to wrestle 189? What about Stotler?

November 21 1999
comments: I was just looking at the Ohio web page and it had results from a tourney and i seen that Ash Wentmoth defeated Jason Hayhurst at 135. Does anyone know what the actual score was?

November 20 1999
From: Williamstown Fan
comments: Placing at state this year for the jackets.
103: Casey Biddle 3rd
125: Ash Wenmoth 1st
130: Willie Westbrook 1st
135: Tim Haddox 2nd
145: Matt Seckman 4th
171: Josh Headley 5th
189: Ryan Delebreau 1st
UNL Shawn Staats 6th
These are just some predictions of mine. Go Jackets!!!

November 20 1999
comments: does anyone know what age and weight that Mitch Smith will wrestle or is he in high school please post it on the forum thanks.

November 20 1999
From: Know it all
comments: I think Williamstown has a chance to do something this year. I am a fan from there as well as in Wirt County. I believe that Williamstown will finish 2nd in the states. Oak Glen will win as always! Here is my individual picks.
103: Casey Biddle 2nd
112: Bobby Brookover 5th
125: Ash Wenmoth 1st of course this is a for sure!
130: Willie Westbrook 1st another for sure winner!
135: Tim Haddox 3rd
140: Joel Zyla 5th
145: Matt Seckman 4th very weak weightclass
152: Mitch Buck 3rd
171: Josh Headley 5th
189: Ryan Delebreau 1st this kid is tuff stuff suprise at state
That is my predictions and I bet most of them will come true!!!!!!! Good luck tigers too!!!!!

November 20 1999
From: tapout
comments: Stevens 112 / George 119

November 20 1999
From: wrestling fan
comments: I'd like to say good luck to the Calhoun County Wrestling Squad at the takedown tourney Saturday! Calhoun should have a great season with many tough contenders such as Travis McCartney Little Ramsey Buddha and Chris Morris racking up some points. Look for CCHS to have a top three finish this year at states.

November 20 1999
comments: I would just like to say good luck to all the wrestlers this year especially to the Parkersburg South Patriots!! I hope they have a great season and the best of luck!! A special good luck to Mike and Matt Bosley and J.J Schmitt!!! Go Big Blue!!!!!!!!!!

November 20 1999
comments: In response to the comment asking about Stevens and George they will wrestle whatever weight classes they want these 2 boys are talented enough to wrestle any weight and win the state. PHS is looking good this year so watch out SOUTH!!!!!! Its time for the state title to come back to the north side where it has been so many times before in fact many more times than any other school in the state.

November 20 1999
From: FHS wrestler
comments: Does anyone know who will be wrestling at 125 AA/A in this year?

November 20 1999
From: Smashmouth
comments: Williamstown does come to WSAZ and I hope he gets a chance to wrestle him! Delebreau has been working hard and should be in contention for winning the states. He will prove it by beating your kid!! Watch out for this guy.

November 20 1999
From: WVU Open
comments: I noticed after reviewing the results of the WVU open that Troy Letters (wrestling unattached) placed 4th. Thing is this is a college tournament and Troy is a JR in high school from Shaler PA. Shaler wrestles in the Brooke Tournament. If Matt Miller from EF wrestles 160 and Letters also stays at 160 at Brooke they could meet up. My prediction would be Letters by tech fall.

November 18 1999
comments: Ya i think a program would be good at Marshall it would give WV wrestlers another in-state school they can go to. With a fresh program alot of WV kids woudl have a good chance to particapate. Unlike WVU witch doesnt have many instate kids on the team for very long.

November 18 1999
From: Parent
comments: Does anyone know where Stevens and Goerge are wretling at this year weight wise?

November 18 1999
From: Jeff Ward
email: JWard10018@aol.com
comments: Response to CM Fan:
Jason is being red-shirted this year but is wrestling at 165lb weight class. He went 3-2 at the WVU Open beating the 4th place finisher from Maryland but losing in overtime in the cons. Will be wrestling next in the Penn. St. Open the first week in Dec. He is rooming with Zack Allen a H.S. All American 133lber from Kansas. WVU wrestling team lost one of their wrestlers in a traffic accident last Fri. morning. Eric Chambers freshman from Pa. was killed after hitting a deer on his way home. Please remember his family and freinds in your prayers. The WVU Wrestling team page is www.wvu.edu/~sports/wrestlin/

November 18 1999
comments: Why would Marshall not have a Wrestling team? I know they cut it out b/c of tittle IX to make room for all the girls sports(basiclly)but w/ all the money the f-ball team brings in you'd think they could have a team. Plus there is a new pres. like lemaster said.

November 18 1999
From: Guess Who!
comments: I hear that Jeremy Ramsey from Calhoun plans to wrestle 140# weight class at least for part of the season this year. He ought to be tough at which ever weight class he chooses. He said that he's looking forward to wrestling Terry Childers from St. Marys this year.

November 17 1999
From: talon
email: lantmir@charlie.cns.iit.edu
comments: I'd love to see a section of the site dedicated to Title IX. It has definitly been a killer of many wrestling programs... including the one at the college I attend (the program ended like the year after Title IX I believe). Title IX is incredibly misunderstood though. The problem is some colleges tend to use Title IX as an excuse and not in the way it was actually intended. For example my school is 75% male yet it got rid of a lot of male sports until there were just as many male as female (now we only have 4 sports per gender because there aren't enough women at our school to have more - a lot of female athletes already do 2 sports). This is a total misuse of Title IX. My school demands that there be a female sport for every male sport and sites Title IX as the reasoning but truthfully to comply to Title IX we only need for the sports to be proportional to the ratio of the student body so truthfully we're not in compliance with Title IX because males get discriminated upon - they make up 75% of the student body - they should have 75% of the athletics. So my school does not have a football wrestling or rugby team even though there is more than enough interest. Anyway that's my view on the subject. I think its a good law... if it was used properly... unfortunatly - it wasn't isn't and probably never will be.

November 17 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
email: comments: I have it from a reliable source that J. Wade Gilley the former Prez of Marshall said there would never be a team at Marshall as long as he was there. Well he's gone! Perhaps the new administration will be more receptive. There are some goo programs in the MAC and it would be a good fit and a low revenue outlay. Certainly Title IX has crippled wrestling programs through out the nation. It is not the law itself it's the way it is being interpreted. Instead of adding women's sports they are cutting mens. AND ... they are basing it on the number of participants. The football team has more members that all the women's teams combined. It was reported in the MU student newspaper that Dr. Gilley wanted to add Crew. Can you imagine rowing down the scenic Ohio past the carp floating belly up old tires and empty bottles. How idyllic! How stupid!!! When Marshall hires a new prez I think we as a wrestling community need to come together and forget all the AAA vs AA hard feelings, the Parkersburg is better than the rest of the world attitude, HHS vs Midland rivalry etc and BOMBARD the new prez with letters and e-mails in support of adding the program. The old saying is the sqeaky wheel gets the grease! Let's do some squeaking. Also the editor in chief of the Herald Dispatch was a wrestler and would probably publish letters to the editor. Let's get off our duffs and see what happens!

November 17 1999
comments: Could someone briefly explain what title 9 is all about for me..Thanx

Editor's note: There has been a flurry of interest in the TITLE IX issue, and I have taken a stab at putting up a TITLE IX information page (not that there aren't enough TITLE IX pages on the Internet already!!). I plead guilty to the charge that this page is wordy and perhaps obtuse. Unfortuantely, I don't think this issue can be properly addressed with a few snap pronouncements and catch phrases.

I tend to agree with our friend Talon that it is a good law .... if it were used properly. I also agree with Talon that many colleges have probably used it as an excuse to eliminate a non-revenue sport. I also can see that, regardless of the steps in the middle of the process, TITLE IX became law and wrestling programs started to disappear.

This is a complicated issue, and I am of the opinion that we in the wrestling community should not make the mistake of thinking that there are simple cures to this or any other issue. Does anybody really think that if TITLE IX were to disappear tomorrow that Alderson-Broaddus, Bethany College, Concord College, Fairmont State, Glenville State, Marshall, West Virginia State, West Virginia Tech, and Wheeling Jesuit College would suddenly reinstate their wrestling programs?

The last thing I want to do is give the appearance of being against female athletics. When I was in high school there were NO female sports of any kind. That situation would be unthinkable today, and we have TITLE IX to thank for it. But, like any good medicine, there may have been some unintentioned side effects accompanying this remedy.

There is a national petition drive underway regarding TITLE IX. I must confess I have a few reservations about the wording of this initiative, but others may not. Many wrestling fans may wish to get involved in this petition drive - others may choose not to take this particular tactic for perfectly good reasons.

At any rate, I have enlightened myself having done the page, and I hope others will be enlightened as well...

November 17 1999
From: ~Bluefield Boyz~
comments: I just wanted to let everyone know that Tony Hardway from Braxton looks great this year and should win states. I don't see anyone in AA beating him this year since all the placers from 160 and 171 graduated last year.

November 17 1999
From: midland fan
comments: Does anyone know what happened to Jason Ward? What weight class is he at or was he red-shirted this year at WVU. I went to school with him last year but I haven't heard anything from or about him since so if anyone could enlighten me on this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

November 17 1999
From: South Fan
comments: To answer the question about Matt Bosley I believe he is going to try to wrestle at 103 but who knows.

November 17 1999
comments: Looks like Austin Weser (1998/University High) will be going to Ohio State.

November 17 1999
From: blue_matmaid
comments: With the first practice underway I would just like to say good luck to Parkersburg South! I have all the faith in the world that we can pull threw again this year! Give it all you've got and it will pay off! Have a safe session! GO BIG BLUE!!!

November 17 1999
comments: (RE: Coffey vs Delebreau).... there is a chance what they will meet cause if i remeber right doesnt WIlliamstown come to WSAZ.

November 16 1999
comments: Is it true that South only had 18 people at there first practice? Just a rumor i heard and i was wondering if it's true. good luck to all of the wrestlers in the state this year. To the editor you have a great page. i know it means a lot to the athlete's out there to know someone cares.

November 16 1999
comments: Yes i do relize that Marshall doesnt have a wrestling team cause of titel IX. I am not dumb. But just cause of title IX doesnt mean u cant get a team back.

November 16 1999
From: Guess Who!
comments: Rumor has it that Charles Gibson "Gibby" from Calhoun County will wrestle at 189# this year. Look out everyone Gibby is looking forward to having a great year. He is a lot stronger this year and should finish with a solid record this season.

November 16 1999
comments: I heard Roane County was back in the LKC is this if so i think it is great cause eventhough there are AAA they belong in the LKC

November 16 1999
Editor's note: Funny you should mention TITLE IX. I'm working on a TITLE IX page for this website. There is a national petition drive underway and I'm considering jumping into the fray. Any thoughts from our readers?

November 16 1999
From: South Fan
comments: I would just like to say that yes phs does have a good wrestling team but I believe that South will have another championship under their belt. South has a lot of potential and very good wrestlers!!!! Watch out PHS!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 16 1999
email: matman2@hotmail.com
comments: Hey it is finally time for all of us to hit the mats once again and truthfully i can't wait. I just want to wish every one the best of luck.

November 16 1999
comments: Josh Coffey is a great wrestler but if he had to wrestle Williamstown's Ryan Delebreau it would be a good match. But since they are different divisions we wont see it.

November 16 1999
From: catfish killa
comments: yes there is truth that the coach that taught the miller boy is coaching at east side he is a good coach with good abilities to teach the sport east side is looking to win a conference title this year with possibly state title hopes. With coach petracca, geary, and abbot, they have a good chance.

November 16 1999
From: Redman
comments: Parkersburg High will win state this year. They're totally stacked with great wrestlers....

November 14 1999
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Mr. Editor
How about a link on the web page to results of matches and press releases from the two college wrestling programs in the state West Virginia and West Liberty. Especially the results of matches/tournaments. This information is rarely in local newspapers and is hard to find. Once again thanks for the great web page. It is a great sounding board source of networking and information. Keep up the good work!!!
Editor's note: Thanks for the kind words. I'd love to add a page or at least more coverage for West Liberty and WVU wrestling....

November 14 1999
From: Charles Easter
email: teameaster@aol.com
comments: It's good to see people reading and responding to the Forum. Thanks to Jim LeMaster for the insight into the Wvssac. However some of my statements could have been misleadimg if wrestling is only considered a seasonal sport. This is understandable from the scholastic point of view with a starting and completion date. Also the rules of athlete and county employed coaches contact outside of the season are covered by the SSAC. It is my belief that wrestling and the related strength and endurance training is a year-round commitment with the major gains made in the non-competitive parts of the year. This is the time we see the secondary grade athletes and kids from other clubs in our room. For many reasons youth clubs shut down after Jr. States and jr.high and high school seasons end. This is the time of year that travel teams turn up the pace and compete on the national level at AAU USA Eastern Nationals events. This is also the time that dedicated wrestlers continue their season beyond what is offered by their schools. Most of the previously mentioned coaches only offer off- season training. Wood Co. is succcessful because their travel clubs work nearly year-round and the majority of the Jr and high school wrestlers have benefited from that work sometime during their careers. We have enjoyed some strenuous workouts from these boys "cramming" before the season. Now that the younger wrestlers have been exposed to an intense work enviroment they will continue to work and learn at an accelerated pace." Success breeds success "is evident in this kind of training situation. In my opinion Wood Co. athletes would benifit from competng against other counties and even states (given the physical location next to Ohio). How many times can Joe beat Tommy without the outcome becoming predictable? Include Bob and John and everyone has a chance.

November 12 1999
From: Jr. High Parent
comments: Regarding Jr High/Middle School eligibility for open tournaments:
I contacted the WVSSAC today and a junior high or middle school wrestler may wrestle in youth tournaments provided that he gets permission from the schools principal and he cannot miss a school practice or wrestling meet to attend such a meet. This ruling also applies to swimming, cheerleading, golf, cross country, tennis, track, wrestling, and gymnastics. Go to the WVSSAC web site and click on eligibility and click on non school participation to read about this ruling.

November 12 1999
comments: Why isn't there a movement in the state to try and get back wrestling at Marshall since it is the 2nd largest school ya think htey could have it

November 12 1999
comments: I think that West Virginia should try to get a pre season states like pennsylvania does. They have many qualifiers so that everyone can qualify. I think it would be a good way to promote WV wrestling. Just an idea if anyone has any respnces please post it on the forum.

November 12 1999
From: Clarksburg Fan
comments: I heard East Fairmont has added to their coaching staff the guy who taught the Miller boy who won states last year. Any truth to that????

November 12 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: In regards to Chuck Easter's post of NOv. 5th. I couldn't agree more however a word of caution. According to the guidelines given to scholastic coaches by the WVSSAC it is illegal for scholastic wrestlers to participate in any events not sanctioned by WVSSAC or accept any awards other than those awarded at sanctioned events during the parameters of the high school season. It is even illegal to practice with a club team during the season. Several years ago one of my middle school wrestlers wrestled in a Holiday Tournament at Captial High school thinking if it was at the school it was sanctioned. Unfortunately it was not. I voluntarily self reported this to the WVSSAC and was able to maintain his eligibilty. It was also reported by a rival coach and I was just lucky that my call got there first! But ... that is an isolated case. Remember the poor softball player from Cabell Midland that was decalred ineligible because she played in a pickup game at a church picnic! that had sides changing players after each inning and where score was not even kept. It essentially ruined her high school season and caused a great deal of grief. Club coaches Be Careful! There are people out there who WILL report you. Unless your name is JR House they will make you abide by the rules. I think it is ridiculous that wrestlers can't compete when their school is idle during the time frame of the season but that's the way the rule reads! Chuck if you want more details than I can post on an open forum drop me an e-mail.

November 12 1999
comments: I feel like region 3 watcher was right on track about the toughness of the region. I would not be suprised to see CABEL MIDLAND HHS POINT PLEASANT and NITRO all place in top ten during states.with wrestlers like CABEL'S Walters sanley Stanley Arbes Coffey Wellman HHS'S Brooks Williams Fullen Mays Morgan POINT'S Bonecutter Warner Deweese Carr Pumphrey NITRO'S Johnson Coulter Creamer and Easter region three's year look's very good.

November 11 1999
comments: in response to the question from EB-no the cougars and patriots will not be joining together this year.

November 11 1999
comments: Does anyone know what teams are you going to be at the Brooke Classic this year?

November 11 1999
From: Marion County Wrestling Fan
comments: I just checked out East Fairmont's updated website and am very impressed with the Bees' upgraded schedule. The Bees are wrestling in the Brooke Tournament this year along with the Nitro Tournament and wrestle in a quad with Ritchie Co and the Parkersburg Big Reds. In wrestling in order to be the best you have to wrestle the best and East Fairmont has definitely begun to do that. Look for East Fairmont to improve even more this year and for Marion County wrestling to continue to be among the best in the state!

November 11 1999
comments: I wish that everyone would put the AAA/AA issue to rest I think that it has been thrashed around enough. Also Cabell Midland has several sophmores that did really well last year returning. Roman Hodges Jason Burger Jarred Diamond Ryan Frazier and Mark Childers should help out the team a lot this year.Good luck Knights.

November 11 1999
comments: josh coffey is wrestling 189!!

November 9, 1999
comments: Does anybody know what wt. class josh coffee from cabell midland is wrestling? i've heard 215 and 189. i just wanted to know the scoop. i think it would be a cool idea if there was a match between the aa and aaa champsbecouse then we would definatly know who the best wrestler in that wt. class was in the state.

November 9, 1999
From: wvaa
email: wv_aa@hotmail.com
comments: Hey there AA
if you guys have any ideas of new polls you'd like to see let me know. I will be adding individual polls come december (when i know where people are wrestling). Also I appreciate it you'd check out the team pages and inform me of corrections or changes that need to be made (as some coaches already have.)

Also if you'd like pictures of your wrestlers in or out of action posted on your page email me for details (i think this would be a nice feature).

once again the URL is http://wvaa.homepage.com

November 9, 1999
From: South Fan
comments: All this talk is making me sick!!! South will rise again!!! Just wait for the season to start.

November 8, 1999
From: WVWRESTLER@aol.com

I'd like to thank everyone for coming out to the BU preseason tournament. As usual the competition was great. There were approximately 150 wrestlers including numerous state champs and placewinners present as well as several past champs in the open division. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and look forward to seeing you again next year.
Here are the top 3 in each weight class.


86LBS                               94LBS                                 110LBS
1.  Brian Snuffer                   1. Jarid Garvin                 1. Matt Dye
2.  Josh Neal                        2. Robert Conner            2. Brandon Dye
3.  Jeremy McCarty             3. Christopher Conner      3. Steve Riner

130LBS                  145LBS                  
1. Seth Young               1. Curt Radcliff                
2. Josh Dunbar              2. Adam Crews           
3. Josh Shreve              3. Nick Taylor

GRADE 9-10

105LBS                            120LBS                              128LB       
1. Roy Munson           2.Matt Bosley (forfeit)         1. Seth Young   
2. Aaron Glasser         2.Ryan Metz   (forfeit)         2. Andy Taylor
3. Ricky Brandon        3.Matt Bulford                     3. Brandon Green

135LBS                           142LBS                  160LBS
1. Cody Shell              1. Blane Mayle              1. Jason Mays 
2. Adam Leach           2. Darren Post               2. Robert Chaney
3. Ray Ramsey           3. Daniel Simons            3. Ray Linger

170LBS                     Unlimited
1. Chris Daggett       1. Matt Miller
2. Josh Clark            2. Dana Raban
                                3. Eric Vance

GRADES 11-12

112LBS                                  120LBS                  128LBS              
1. Matt Bosley              1. Ryan Metz                 1. J.P. Stanley
2. Ashley Gandee          2. Cory Auvil                2. Devin Abshire
3. Zack Zubay               3. Trent Casto              3. Eric Noel

135LBS                             142LBS                        150LBS              
1. Clint Radcliff                1. Paul Brooks              1. Casey Daggett
2. Joey Mayle                   2. J.J. Schmitt               2. Jared Walters
3. Mike Bosley (forfeit)    3. Mike Bosley              3. Andy Travis
    John Duncan (forfeit)

160LBS                  170LBS                  Unlimited
1. Jason Litten             1. Russell Sims             1. Jeremiah Kuykendall
2. Casey Daggett            2. Chris Daggett        2. Nathan Utt
3. D.J. Tatar               3. Chris Brown              3. Matt Miller


130LBS                  150LBS                  170LBS
1. Chad Casto               1. Chris Wilson             1. Rob Archer
2. J.P. Stanley                2. Andy Travis              2. Chad Marsh
3. Devin Abshire            3. Joey Mayle               3. Brian Romero

190LBS                                   Unlimited               
1. Cliff Warden                   1. Nick Nutter
2. Jeremiah Kuykendall       2. Nathan Utt
3. Justin Underwood           3. David Dewey

November 8, 1999
comments: Does anyone know what weight is Matt Bosley planning on wrestling this year?

November 8, 1999
From: Ripley Fan

comments: I would just like to say that I think that Ripleys team will be tough this year. They have several wrestlers returning in the lower weight who have a great amount of experience. I know that Coach Steve "tank" Sayre will have them ready for a top 5 finish at states this year. Coach Sayre is the man.

November 8, 1999
comments: who were the AA and AAA champs that met up???

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