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November 30, 2000
From: Southfan123
comments: I hate to cloud this argument about regional placement of teams with recent facts but here goes:

2000 WV State Tournament
Region 1 - 9 finalists
Region 2 - 6 finalists
Region 3 - 7 finalists
Region 4 - 6 finalists

Also only 1 weight class in the 2000 State Tournament had a Region finish with all 4 placers in the top 6 so based on this I don't think any wrestlers in Regions 2 3 and 4 who didn't make it to States would have placed regardless.

What this proves at least recently is that even if the regions were re-aligned the cream always finds a way to rise to the top. If we go back a few years the same generally holds true. Many forget that not too long ago Region 1 was the place no team wanted to be. Based on last year's states that may very well still be true. We've heard a lot about who should come over from the other regions but I don't see anyone volunteering themselves. I agree 7 in one region may not be fair to the other regions who have more but based on quality of competition year in and year out Region 1 has always held their own. Just a personal observation. Have a great year.

November 30, 2000
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
email: wvmatman@hotmail.com
comments: This is in reguard to the 103 high school . Looks like Shane Grogg will be wrestling 112 for Parkersburg South. Not 103 although i dont know alot of the 103 pounders Nitro"s Jacob Fererich will be a good on to keep an eye on. He has won the Junior state and also is national Champion from the Tulsa Nationals. I would be willing to say that he will be a State Champ at 103 if he keeps up with the hard work. This kid is for real!

November 30, 2000
From: Laughing
comments: Things are really looking up in the state We are really low on wrestling officals. It will not be long till the irrational fans are actually calling the matches. I can hardly wait. Especially the ones that attack the officals. It will be funny to see them they will not know who to attack.

November 30, 2000
JP Stanley now wrestling for Indiana University won the <20 division at the Missouri Open at the University of Missouri.


November 30, 2000
From: old talzer
comments: To Bulldog
Did you ever think that you contradict yourself. Why then do you want a state tournament for JR. High?/Middle School. This will be the last time I will talk to you about this. CASE CLOSED!

November 30, 2000
comments: Anyone wanting to witness or any wrestler who wants to see some competition-hike on up to the Ironman tourney at Walsh Jesuit high on Dec.8-9 ! Someone asked on here a while back if South was "running and hiding"? Yeah-they are running up to the Ironman and wrestling the very best competition you can find in this country!If my memory serves me right South has never had an individual champ in this tourney and they have had several state champs during this period.They take their early season lumps and bruises but they get toughened-up for what lies ahead-another state championship!Like em' or hate em they wrestle the best that is out there!!

November 30, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To Wonderer 29:Your comments are a year behind!We know where you are headed though-South has it easy with only 7 teams.Take a real close look at those 7 teams and their past performances.Also South had 7 wrestlers finish in the top 3 in the state last year so it does'nt really matter which region they are in-they win!Send over whoever but this subject was worn totally out last year!

November 30, 2000
comments: IN comments to Sad State: I agree that football and basketball have higher priority and get a lot of support. It doesn't seem fair. Wrestlers don't get as much attention as other sports. It takes a whole team to succeed in other sports. Where werestling is an individual sport. You do it or not. If you mess up its your fault and there is no team to pick up the slack. People don't realize that it takes some special determined and dedication people to wrestle. Everyone knows that you have to work harder to wrestle than to play football and basketball. Wrestlers survive because they have to work hard to get results which shows determination. We have had wrestlers to try basketball and they came back to wrestling because it wasn't what they wanted and have had basketball players to try wrestling and quit because they couldn't take the workouts. About the volunteer coaches Its not the county not allowing them but its West Virginia Secondary School Assoc. They put the counties under such a tight rope with all their restrictions. Counties do fight for volunteers but WVSSAC buts a damper on the limit. You can be a volunteer as long as you get the coaching certificatrion and have a regular employeed coach with you at all times along with board approval. We as wrestling fans need to push wrestling for more support to the public. Maybe this issue needs to be brought to WVSSAC's attention along with the awards to players with trophies. That is WVSSAC rule too. No one knows how many volunteers are needed unless to experience matches and tournaments where they call several of your wrestlers to wrestle at the same time but on different mats. One coach can only be one place at a time.

November 30, 2000
From: applemen
email: comments for the forum
comments: ep fan you asked abpout the top 3-4 wrestlers from the berkeley county area musselmen martinsburg hedgesville martinsburg: definitely joe jackson 171 or 189 and travis durst at 160 or so

musselmen: victor beard 145-152 jeff clarke 103 mike triggs145-152 mike renner?????? 215?????? raymond watkins 160? justin jones 125

others could have productive years but these are definites

hedgesville: the whole team jason baker 189 kevin ballam 112 bryan moats 145 andrew everhart 171 ???? justin snyder

November 29, 2000
From: wonderer 29
Editor's note: Here we go again..... (smile)
comments: Does it seem weird to anyone else that region 1 in AAA has only 7 teams?! Every other region has 10!! That isn't exactly fair. If there are 37 teams in AAA then why don't you put 9 teams in each region and and give the one odd region 10. I propose this regional set up.

R-1 Brooke Parkersburg Morgantown W.Park P.South Ripley J.Marshall University North Marion

And the rest of the regions as is. If you put Ripley and N.Marion in Region 1 then you have 9 in reg.1 9 in Reg.2 9 in Reg.3 and 10 in region 4. There is how you make the regions fair.

November 29, 2000
From: curious george
comments: how about posting upcoming matches on front page like you did last year. i know CM wrestles PS this Friday.
Editor's note: Yikes. The start of the season sure did sneak up! Will probably add that feature this year as in years past...

November 29, 2000
From: BCHS wrestler
comments: Coach Stef I totally agree with you. the Middle school needs more room for the kids you have come out for wrestling. Even though we only have 1 fund raiser at the High school you guys should think about doing a fund raiser yourself. we only have our Football Locker room to practice in and we barely have enough room to have 26 wrestlers in there so don't get too down in the dumps about not having enough room to Practice.

November 29, 2000
From: curious george
email: mc126@themat.com
comments: to: regalbuto
hope the surgery turns out fine. will you be redshirting this year? how are the battles with smith turning out?

November 29, 2000
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
comments: I look forward to working with the many dedicated WV wrestlers enrolled in my Camp of Champs this weekend at Ripley HS. Currently over 60 kids from 20+ different schools are enrolled. For details on this camp click http://www.kenchertow.com/camps/pawvcamps.html

Coaches you are always welcome at any or all sessions of my camps. There is no fee for coaches. Session times are:
Friday 7-9 pm
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-3

If you have any athletes who you would like to recommend for need based scholarships let me know asap at chertow@olympianwrestling.com

For those of you who have scrimmage commitments this weekend I will look forward to training you at Gold Medal Training Camp this summer.

Ken Chertow

November 29, 2000
From: Fan
comments: Does anyone know who all is gonna be at the 103lb weight class it just seems like there hasn't been alot of talk about it. If anybody know anything i wou;d appreciate it. Thanx

November 29, 2000
From: Just Onedering
comments: It looks like east fairmonts upper weights will be good like usual. How does the rest of the team look? Where are all the returning kids going and who are they? Fill me in please because I keep hearing that they are supposed to be good and the upper weights seem to have the talent but how about everyone else?

November 29, 2000
From: just a parent
comments: Hey wrestlings fans looking forward to a great season. I think its going to be an interesting year i can't to see the out come of this year.

I do have one comment as a parent through highschool i begged my sons not to cut weight but they have goals that they want to acheice and as all of you know as much as we do not want them to cut the weight they do it regaurdless

In situations like the Wheeling duals this year it is scheduled for Dec. 27-28 that is 2 Days after Christmas that leaves teams with one day of practice and not very much time to lose their weight. I know the rule states that no weight is given in West Virginia until Jan. 15 but i strongly consider that the coaches from Wheeeling Park will grant the wrestlers 2lbs. and atleast 1lb that way all the wrestlers can enjoy a nice Christmas/Christmas eve with there family. I don't think thats too much to ask to grant a little weight to our young ones 2 days after christmas. That way we can all enjoy a nice christmas with our children
Thank You

November 29, 2000
comments: YOUTH COACHES need the dates for the Wheeling and Brooke Cubs youth tournaments to be posted so we can plan a schedule. Can anyone submit a form or post some info? These tournaments normally are the 2d and 3d weeks in February. THANKS.

November 29, 2000
From: theAAsource
email: theAAsource@hotmail.com
comments: I have heard from several teams so far. Anyone else wanting to submit a lineup for consideration in my upcoming rankings feel free to. Good luck to all wrestlers this year.

November 29, 2000
From: EP Fan
comments: Does anyone know who the top 3 or 4 wrestlers are from these schools: Martinsburg Musselman and Hedgesville ? What is their weights ?

November 29, 2000
From: Bulldog
comments: To: Observer
Thanks for the backup. From what I see being posted the general concensus is that any opportunity to give young wrestlers more mat time makes for better wrestling in WV. I also think that everyone should also remember that " THE TITLE EARNED ISN'T THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE SPORT OF WRESTLING IT'S THE LIFE LESSONS LEARNED ALONG THE WAY IN TRYING TO REACH YOUR HIGHEST GOALS THAT MAKES WRESTLING A NOBLE PURSUIT ".

November 29, 2000
From: applemen
comments: i just wanted to let evryone know that musselman is looking good to start the season we have everyone on varsity coming back heres the probable line up if your wondering
103 jeff clarke
112 mike hedrick
119 jordan bott
125 justin jones
130 kendal hudson
135 -----------
140 phillip nowak
145 victor beard
152 mike triggs
160 raymond watkins
171 greg emswiler
189 brad wright
215 mike renner if he makes weight weight 240 rigt now
275 bj pruitt

good luck to all the teams this year remember the sky is the limit

November 29, 2000
comments: Thanks a million to Brent Sams for posting the 1974 state results. Now if we can only get the 1976 results when WEIR did hang on to win the title....

comments: Is the 1994 State Wrestling Tournaments going to be added anytime soon?????

Editor's note: No specific plans. Brent Sams is to be commended for the work he has done on the tournament archives. If anyone has complete results on this or other tournaments, contact Brent or this website....
November 29, 2000
From: Falcon Fan
comments: Tyler Venton is wrestling 140 this year for Wahama. He is a transfer from Harrisville Fl. He was 6th in the state down their last year. 140's watch out!

November 28, 2000
From: J Hughes
email: JH145DEADSEXY@aol.com
comments: Good luck this year Casey the sky is the limit...
I know you can do whatever you put your heart to. You are one of the most talented athletes with natural ability I have ever seen and I am sure that with a hard work ethic I have no doubt you will be wrestling on Saturday night in late February. Best of luck to you too Tyler. You know you're due. I never got to bring the plaque back to the house. I want to see what one looks like guys! Best of luck Dragons on the upcoming season. I know you guys had your heart set on the Island this fall and bearing a couple bad breaks you guys should have been there. Lets settle for a AA-A wrestling title!

November 28, 2000
comments: I was just wondering if anyone knew what weight class Chris Johnson of Nitro was wrestling this year.?? thanks!

November 28, 2000
comments: You know i have heard a lot of hype about how good such and such teams are gonna be.....but i haven't heard too much about ole North Marion. They usually have a strong team how are they looking this year? anyone have any predictions about their lineup and/or how they will do this season?

November 28, 2000
From: Observer
comments: I don't think wrestlers get burned out by having one extra tournament a year namely a junior high/middle school tournament. I think that if a wrestler gets burned out it is because he started wrestling too young like 3-7 years of age or maybe older. Having wrestled in college I can say that the guys who stay motivated the best are the wrestlers who didn't start until 6th 7th or 8th grade. I know some excellent wrestlers who started wrestling when they were 3 years old and by the time they reached their senior year in college plus a redshirt year mind you they were so burned out it made ME feel bad for them. Besides an state JH/MS tournament could only mean more wrestling which means more experience which means better wrestling which improves wrestling throughout the state. In many states like PA and NJ they wrestle in clubs during the summer time I don't here anyone saying "Man Pennsylvania wrestling is far superior to all other states but they sure do wrestle alot maybe they shouldn't wrestle so much and continue improving because they might get burned out." Anyone who doesn't want to continue improving the state of wrestling in WV needs not critize the attempts of others to do so and I am refering to you old talzer. Also even if you did with states twice that doesn't make you argument any stronger.

November 28, 2000
comments: Initially Huntington High will have Robbie Williams @ 130; Mike Byrd @ 135 and Mike Waldeck @ 140.

November 28, 2000
From: Cool Dude that thinks things get old
comments: I think that we should just forget about all of this jr.high tournament because its gettting old quick. And seriously what help is it going to do talking about it on a message board

November 28, 2000
email: in2jesus@alloymail.com
comments: Hello I am allowing all those South fans to come see the new wrestling page for the South Patriots. Feel free to do so and if you aren't a fan come see what is happening with us anyway. The web address is www.eteamz.com/southwrestling so please come see it keep in mind it is still not yet completed but you can get recent events and other things there also it should be totally finished within the next few weeks.

November 26, 2000
From: Scott
comments: The Youth Open Wrestling page has the PeeWee States in Pburg on the 6th and 7th of March. Does anyone know who to contact to get them to post the right dates this is a tues. and wed. ??? Thanks.
Editor's note: Oops, got it fixed now...

November 26, 2000
comments: I feel the more serious jr high/middle schools wrestlers would be all for a state tournament. The pee-wee program does it--the high school does it--what's the difference? Most of the wrestlers in this age group have to travel great distance to complete after the "school" season is over to gain more than the county title. The kids work hard during the season and they deserve to have the chance to complete for this title. I know wrestlers that travel 8 10 even 20 hours looking for a title what is a 3 or 4 hour trip? Even the less serious wrestler would go another week or 2 of practice or travel to have the chance. Ask the kids!

November 26, 2000
From: wrestler
comments: Brian Moats will be at 145 this year

November 26, 2000
From: Ashley -- GWHS Fan
comments: Hey everyone! I am a student at Greenbrier West High School and I recently watched our wrestlers at practice and I just wanted to let everyone know.... we are going to kick butt this year! Our team is awesome and have loads of potential. We are going to have an awesome season!

November 24, 2000
From: Beckley-Stratton wrestling fan
comments: To wrestler Beckley-Stratton has a wrestler by the name of Joe McQuillen that moved up from 123 to 135 placed first in Raleigh Co. championships 1st at Scott Brown memorial 2nd at Andrew Jackson just to name a few.In only his third year ever wrestling has has improved every year expect this year to be no different he's alot stronger and smarter than his previous 2 years I understand that they (Beckley-Stratton)has a pretty good heavyweight this year to.But none the less Beckley-Stratton has very talented returning members Sean Meade Tyler Wilson Zach Evans Jay Thomas if i forgot any of you guys sorry Good luck this season fellas

November 24, 2000
From: regalbuto
comments: i did not wrestle at navy i just had surgery. i will be back in a couple of weeks and will be wrestling 149. And one more thing will everybody please spell my last name with just one t and not two.

November 24, 2000
From: Wrestler dad
comments: Mitch Smith is in 8th grade this year. Adam Schindler is no longer wrestling...go figure!?!

November 24, 2000
From: CH
comments: Hey wrestling patrons! I can't believe we are already getting into the 3rd week of practice so soon! I come from a school that will just be starting wrestling due to football playoffs but it still feels like mat time! I can already smell the freshly mopped mats of the practice room I've been lifting in all summer long and I know a lot of you out here are just as anxious as me! For some info Mitch Smith from Ripley is in the 8th grade this year good luck to him in his final year before the big show. I think really I am sure that it will be a great year for everyone to watch in WV wrestling. There will be many great matches to look forward to; for some life-long wrestlers this will be their last run at a title before its over. Fans out there cherish these moments while they last! It seems like yesterday I was watching my older brothers wrestle for State and OVAC championships and now one is a senior and one is off to college. I am very excited since this will be my first year of HS wrestling. I don't know what I will do how I will do who I will wrestle or even what weight I will be at yet but my competitive spirit tells me I will be ready. WV here I come..I may be good I may not be the best either but I promise I'll give you all a show you'll never forget! By the time I'm gone I want everyone to know what my name is! Thank you and watch out for the big CH all up in your eye for the next 4 years! Later!

November 24, 2000
From: Andy Runion
comments: This is going to be another great year for the Patriots!! Good luck .. Going for Three in a row!!!!!

November 24, 2000
From: Sad State
comments: Just a few comments regarding booster programs. Some teams are not even allowed to try and raise money. Other teams do so out of desperation to survive. I know one program always has fundrasiers or relays on non-school help for equipment etc. Yet the football team and basketball team at that school never do anything to get a dime for the school. They don't have to. The football coach and basketball coach is also the activities director. But that little wrestling team still survives. And weather it is good or bad is a pain in the but for the "regular" sports. And I find it hard to believe that some countys don't allow a volunteer coach to help wrestling. I bet them countys sure has more than one football coach and basketball coach at those schools. Its just another example of the disrespect wrestling is shown. It's not looked on as a real sport by some AD's and even school boards.

November 24, 2000
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Thanks RH for your understanding. I didn't mean to sound angry. I just needed to let you know the situation. As for our county not allowing volunteer coaches... I have former state champs who HAVE taken the coaching classes at their own expense and gotten certified AND had backround checks AND had TB tests etc. and they are not allowed to even supervise kids running or help kids one on one. My asst. coach from last season could not come back due to a change in jobs but was willing to stop in 2-3 times a week to help. They told me NO WAY - NO VOLUNTEERS!. He was good enough to have coached for many years with no problems and is great with the kids. He's a fine Christian man and a good role model for the kids. They threw him a way like an old shoe. Another example is my son who is in college. He wrestled from age 7 - 18 and won over 100 matches in high school & is also a multitime WSAZ champ. He was good enough to be hired to coach Chesapeake Middle in Ohio but is not good enough to come in and help me once or twice a week according to our county. You guys who can have volunteers be thankful for them today. My program could be so much better if I could use help.

One other little tidbit about Cabell County. 2 years ago in their omnimpotent wisdom our powers that be decided that wrestlers would no longer be awarded any trophies at the county championships because it was a "Team Sport" AND they don't even give the first place team a team trophy! The parents went to the superintendent and asked to pay for them so the school system would not have to. They were told they could not be awarded on school property and if a coach was involved in handing them out we would lose our coaching position. So for the last two years... parents have donated money and bought trophies. They meet in secret at a church parking lot near the school where the event is held and hand them out by headlight. Talk about no respect for the sport. Once again be thankful for your situation ... the grass ain't always greener!

November 23, 2000
From: coach
comments: Ripley looks to have the names for a good team but were will everyone be at??

comments: does any one know where joey thomas is going this year.

comments: does anyone know what weight class mitch smith from ripley is wrestling this year and what grade he is in?

November 23, 2000
From: curious george
comments: anyone have results from the navy classic that WVU wrestled in? what weight class is regalbutto wrestling for WVU? i would appreciate any info possible thank you!!!! Happy holidays!!!

November 23, 2000
From: Bob Staats
email: bsspeak@hotmail.com
comments: Looking forward to the season for the Ravenswood Red Devils to see if two-time state champ Ash Gandee (112) can become the schools first ever three time champion. As both a sportswriter (until last spring when retirement set in) I have followed this young man's career since he begun wrestling and won a national title when just a fourth grader. We wish him and the Red Devil team luck and look forward to Ash becoming Ravenswood High's first ever three time champion. A reliable source tells me that he will be at 112 again this season.

November 23, 2000
From: RH
comments: It's sad when a county will not allow volunteer help. If you had 60 kids and a room too small for them the parents should march staight to the principal's office looking for creative solutions. I've been part of a pee wee program with 70 some kids. You need plenty of volunteer help. Thanks for your response Mr. Lemasters. I can tell from your responses over the years you are a seasoned professional. The kid whose mom had no idea of schoolastic wrestling is exactly who we need to reach. Keep searching!!!Tell the disgruntled families to move to East Fairmont. We'll take em!! Keep up the good work.

November 23, 2000
From: wrestler
comments: who all is coming up that is going to be good in junior high in the upper weight classes from 135 up? i want to know who is going to be competitors this year

November 23, 2000
From: coach
comments: were will Adam Schindler be at this year??

November 23, 2000
From: Old Talzer
comments: To Bull Dog....
Thanks for reading my response to you. It does show you have a little bit of intelligence. I have said enough about a Jr. High and Middle School State Tourny. It will never happen. Because the people in their right minds will not let it take place. The End!!!!!!

November 23, 2000
hello, i am a high school wrestler in Ohio and i have just created a new message board all about you guessed it, high school wrestling, i was just gonna ask if you could please add it to the links section of your page,

the address is


November 23, 2000
From: CMHS Parent
comments: I totally agree with Coach Lemaster about limiting the number of wrestlers on a middle school team. There is no way for a coach to teach and keep a safe eye on 60 kids. I also like Coach Lemaster statement about introducing the kids to the pee wee coach.That way they can still be involved in this great sport. Good luck this year Milton Middle and keep up the good work coach.

November 23, 2000
From: wrestler
comments: Hi i just wandered who was at 130 135 and 140 for huntington this year? Please provide some info.

November 23, 2000
From: a wrestling fan
comments: mitch hastings is starting out at heavy then going to 215.

November 23, 2000
From: bjhs wrestlers
comments: The Blennerhassett returning wrestlers from the starting line up are
Felix Osunacotta 1st in county
Brandon Patton 2nd
Dustin Piggott
Corey Porter 1st
Ryan Mathers
Drew Munson 1st
Shaun Smith 2nd
Seth Young 1st
Brandon Kesterson
And Scotti Wilkinson 2nd

November 23, 2000
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: I agree with those who hate to see kids cut from a wrestling program. We do utilyze volunteer coaches we beg for money we work with our athletes in the classroom and we try to provide quality instruction for all of our wrestlers. Our problem has a lot to do with the fact that we do not have youth wrestling in our county and it's difficult to practice in the cafeteria at our school with only one wrestling mat. We cannot give 46 kids the practice mat time that they need. We work in stations with volunteer coaches and as I said before as one who has taught and coached for 26 yrs. I never wanted to have to cut any student-athlete. As to why I have a problem with a 6th grader wrestling a 9th grader I feel that there is a tremendous difference between a 6th grader and a 9th grader - not just physically but psychologically. And as a teacher who has taught middle school and high school I do feel that the difference is greater than the 9th grader who is wrestling a 12th grader. Keep in mind that the kids that I coach have had very little if any youth wrestling. Again I appreciate all of the comments on the forum and Dr. Miller for all he does to promote wrestling in WV.

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