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November 30 1999
comments: To Yours Truly
Wenmoth and Westbrook have not guaranteed victory. That is mearly the opinions of others. They do all their talkig on the mat Neither one of these boys would talk like that aways they know better. Yet it seems to me that neither Kupfer nor Hughes have ever defeated either one!

November 30 1999
From: Yours Truly
comments: Wemouth and Westbrook from Williamstown have guaranteed victory for states this year but I have some news for them: I happen to know that there are 2 people that have been training hard and they are Hughes and Kupfer both of cameron. They don't know who will wrestle 125 and 130 ...
thats what i say about them and cameron also has another person who will win state and make it look good and that is brown at 119 ...

November 30 1999
comments: who ever put that stupid line up in the forum for midland needs to get their facts straight!! we just had wrestle offs and are line-up is not even close to that sorry south!

November 30 1999
From: Fishboy
email: zippy_069@yahoo.com
comments: That is not Frankforts line up whoever posted that did not no what they were talking about. Some of the people have already graduated or are not wrestling this year.
Editor's note: Hmmmm. I took it off. It's always something.We are not having very much luck with line-ups this year....

November 30 1999
comments: I wouldn't count Hedgesville out of the team state championship.They have all their starters back and are shaping up to be a great team.their returning starters are: kevin ballam, jimmy shetler, dustin bowers, anthony regalbuto, brian moats, and justin snyder; which all scored big points last year.Plus a new improvement in the team in danny lord will put Hedgesville over Parkersburg and Parksburg South in the state tournament.
good luck eagles!!!

November 30 1999
From: Marion County Wrestling Fan
comments: Does anybody have information on the field of teams in the Brooke Classic December 10 and 11.

November 30 1999
comments: How can Roane have a Takedown Tourney on November 20? I thought that that the season started on December 1. They couldn't possibly have enough practices in to wrestle. Look at the schedule page for Roane County High School. What were the results?
Editor's note: I probably shouldn't presume to speak for Roane County, but I believe this is actually a multi-team scrimmage. I think that several teams have scrimmages scheduled prior to the start date for regular matches. Or it could be a typo...

November 30 1999
comments: WOW I can't believe that South is going to an instate tournament this year. Their schedule it says they going to WSAZ. It will be the first time in a long time they been at that one or any in state tourney other than Regionals or state

November 29 1999
From: It doesn't matter.
comments: Everyone is talking about Oak Glen and Williamston. Oak Glen will be good but you still can't forget about Cameron. They have 5 returning place winners from last year and half of their team was sick and they still did that much. well here is there 1999-2000 line-up.
103-Jared Ross-jr
112-Shawn Fullerton-so
119-Tucker Brown-so-3rd last year
125-Roger Kupfer so-2nd last year and Tyler Hughes jr-2nd Fresh
130-" " " " "
135-Caleb Lucey-Senior-5th as sophmore
140-Joel O'neil-so-6th last year
145-Tag Macilvain-senior
152-Jeff Hughes-senior-6th as Fresh 3rd as so 2nd as last year
160-Wyatt O'neil-jr-4th last year
171-Chris Wood-Senior
189-Curt Meyer-so
215-Luke Roupe-Fresh
Hwt-Steven Stoneking-so
That will more than likely be camerons line up this year and as you can see they can't be left out. They do have a couple of weak spots but they will still be very strong.

November 28 1999
comments: Zach Hasse (Pitt) formerly of Parkersburg South finishes 5th at Mat Town Tournament

November 28 1999
From: South Matmaid
email: fairieprincess9@hotmail.com
comments: I would just like to say Good Luck to all the wrestlers from Parkersburg South!!! For all of the seniors this is your last year make it memorable!! And for the sophomores this is just the beginning make an impression start a winning tradition! Also a special GOOD LUCK to Josh VanMatre John Duncan Nathan Pickens Casey Daggett Josh Justice and Ray Munson!!!!!
PS: Good Luck to Brandon Schirtzinger and Clayton Samples of PHS!

November 28 1999
From: tuff stuff
comments: i think williamstown will do good this year. they should finish in the top 5. good luck jackets!!!!

November 28 1999
From: Just Wondering
comments: Does anyone ever get in the chat room anymore?? At what times? just wondering.....

November 26 1999
comments: Does anyone know what the lineup or the schedule for South is going to be this year? because I saw that the schedule hasnt been put on here yet. If somebody knows can you help me out here thanks!

November 26 1999
comments: Why did you post that note from that guy with all the bleeps in it? Why didnt you just show it? Or if you put so many bleeps in it why post it all it just makes people wonder and mad at the same time!!

November 26 1999
comments: Bosley I doubt will be at 103 From what I hear Metz will be 103 and bosley will be 112

November 26 1999
From: Independence Grappler
email: BlondeJustice2000@yahoo.com
comments: If you watched any Jr. Hight wrestling last year what I'm gonna say will be no surprise. Expect to see Independence High School have a good finish in AA/A this year. Coach Gilson one of the best and will do wonders with his already talented team. Independence was the last team in the state to win a AA/A state title before Oak Glenn and I'd love to see it happen again. Good luck eveyone.

November 26 1999
From: Red Thunder
email: peach1@inetone.net
comments: My sources inform me that the Independence High School weight classes are going to go as follows.
103-Nick Blake-so.
112-Brandon Cox (Region 4 runnerup)-jr.
119-Richard Pavlik-jr.
125-Steve Sexton/Brandon Green-so/so.
130-Steve Sexton/Brandon Green-so/so.
135-Not sure yet.
140-Ben Wood-so.
145-Jamie Bolen/Ben Wood -jr/so.
152-John Williams/Tommy White/Harry Rohdes-jr/so/so.
160-Chis Brown (Region 4 runnerup)-jr.
171-Aaron Barrnette-so.
189-Josh Moyer (Region 4 Champion 6th State Meet)-jr.
215-Steve Mckinney (Region 4 third 6th StateMeet)-sr.
275-Eric Keaton/Scotty Blevins/Russell Patrik-so/sr/jr.
I wood like to give everyone a few pointers There is a lot of Wrestling talent in the mat room of Independence and whoever steps on the mat with them better be prepared to WRESTLE!!!!! Chis Brown Josh Moyer and Steve Mckinney among the other returners have improved alot so just look out for these three guys becuase they Want a State Championship more than anything and please whatever you do do not underestimate them at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 26 1999
comments: Why did you even post that message? I dont know why you dont just put what people actually say cause i know a few times i wrote something and you didnt post everything i wrote if you look at the pa page it posts whatever they say...just a suggestion.
Editor's note: I'll take it under consideration... (smile)

November 26 1999
From: blue_matmaid
comments: Matt Bosley is a sophomore at Parkersburg South. He is an outstanding wrestler and will be at 103 from what I have heard. He will do great at whatever weigh class he goes though!! Good Luck Matt!

November 25 1999
From: Matt
comments: Does anyone know who Parkursburg south has at 103

November 25 1999
From: Midland Fan
comments: Who is Matt Bosley and what is he wrestling this year? And somethin else whoever put Midlands lineup on there is almost completly wrong.

November 25 1999

November 24 1999
From: Brent Sams
email: samsbt@citynet.net
comments: Wood County Jr. Highs travel restrictions
According to a phone conversation I had with Wood County Jr High Athletic Director Milt Mollendick On Nov 18th the Jr High Principals voted to allow the teams one out of county trip per season at their expense. I do not know if this only pertains to wrestling or if this allows overnight trips.

We are still in the process of organizing a duals tournament for schools to come into Wood County on Dec. 30th. We are still in need of four teams and we should have a finalized package within the week. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and watch those calories.

November 23 1999
comments: about Wood County Jr Highs being able to travel out of the county to wrestle-Where did you hear this? When was the decision made?
Editor's note: Er, um, someone sent that info in to the forum.

November 23 1999
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@olympianwrestling.com
comments: My series of Camp of Champs is concluding this weekend. The past 7 weekends have been a huge success. Many top coaches and wrestlers have been in attendance. I have visited 6 different states and total enrollment has surpassed 800 kids. I have hired MANY coaches to keep pace with enrollemt and maintain athlete:coach ratio of 10:1. On a WV update note - Mike Mason visited my Nashville camp and was a big hit with kids. Mike is in his 2nd year of Chiropractic School in Atlanta Ga and is doing extremely well.

I am wrapping up my series of camps with BOTH a tourney and Camp of Champs this weekend. The tournament is Friday Nov 26. We will use 7 mats and there will be about 500 kids. There is a high school division as well as kids age groups. Camp of Champs will immediately follow the tournament. I guarantee you that either or both of these events would be well worth your road trip.

Directions to Penn State can be found on my web page http://www.olympianwrestling.com Also I have recently updated my web page and written a couple timely training tip articles so check it out. Have a great Thanksgiving with your family!
Ken Chertow

November 23 1999
comments: This is to "independence fan" I was wondering if you could tell me who independence has and at what weights.

November 23 1999
From: it doesnt matter.
comments: It doesnt matter who will be a contender for the AA state title. Oak Glen will not be stopped

November 23 1999
From: old wrestler
email: namestone@hotmail.com
comments: stevens and george at 112 and 119 for PHS sounds right but who will be in those weight classes at south this year??

November 23 1999
From: old wrestler
comments: all the speculation in the world will not help figure out who will be the state champs!! It all depends on who makes weight who stays healthy and with so many good wrestlers in the same weight classes on the same team....who wins the wrestle offs.

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