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November 30, 1997
Editor's note:
I received a nice email from a former wrestling mom - or I should say a current wrestling mom (once a wrestling mom, always a wrestling mom). Wrestling builds a lifetime of memories, not the least of which are memories of your son's opponents. Any wrestlers from the Northern Panhandle from 1988-92 care to drop us a line and tell us what you are up to?

November 30, 1997
From: the fan
comments: I was just wondering if anyone had the line-ups for the much anticpated Midland-South dual on Thurday? If so, could you please post it? What a way to kick off the season with a top-notch dual match!

November 29, 1997
From: Buffalo Bill Cody
comments: Yes I agree with Lemaster comments. Whoever picked Pt. Pleaseant to finish over Huntington High Or Cabell Midland. Yes I realize everyone is entitled to their own opinion. As Jim Lemaster said he is a big Midland fan because his son wrestles for them. The same being for me as I attended HHS and was a member of three straight regional championship teams In that time Point competed in region 4. But seriously Point overtaking HHS or Midland is not going to happen. I hope Point in years to come is happy accepting 3 behind HHS or Midland. The only team I see that would really or maybe two teams in this order that would stand a remote chance of unseating HHS or climbing above Midland as the top two teams in the region would be Nitro or even Capital. Well if Point does think they can over take the Highlanders, well they have a long way to go till they can stand on top of the "hill"with the big boys!!!!!!!!!! And region 3 fans sit back and for years to come. Watch the Highlanders and Knights battle it out for the championship of region 3!!!!!!!!! Go highlanders see you guys in a couple of days!!!!!!!!! Well this is buffalo bill cody riding off again!!!!!!!! And I had to have my eyes checked when I saw that about Point Pleasant ove taking HHS or Midland, thought I was seeing things, I must have been!!!!!!!!!

November 28, 1997
From: half nelson
email: EasternPanhandle
comments: I've seen all of the predictions on AAA team and individual rankings. I must say that I think the authors are pretty well informed. However, I think Hedgesville may break the top ten this year. They have some quality kids, at least four, maybe more, with legitimate shots at placing high in the state. Shetler (103), Regalbuto (112), Whitmore (119 or 125), J.D. Murphy (215 or 275). There are a couple of other kids who could crack the top six. I would say they might be the suprise team of '98. I've also noticed that JD Kirby and Ryan Zombro of Jefferson haven't gotten much ink. If they stay healthy they will be major players this year. Good luck to all, Half Nelson out.

November 28, 1997
From: Jim LeMaster
email: comments: All of the Pre-season hype and speculation is fun and interesting to read. But seriously, folks, the person who picked Point to overtake both Midland and HHS? Did you miss last season's regionals when Midland sent 13 of 14 qualifiers to the state and 10 of those 13 return (add to that 5 freshman WSAZ champs who are moving up and at least one freshman who could start for Point)? As a Cabell Midland fan and interested observer, I can't claim that CM or HHS will win the state, but I can't see them suddenly fading from the picture at regionals either! Perhaps it's the home field advantage due to the fact that regionals will be at Point this year? (Who came up with that?) At any rate, both Reed, Hill, Russell, Rickard and company are fine wrestlers and good guys, and I'm sure they will give a great account of themselves at both regionals and states, but for overall depth, the nod must go to a Cabell Co. school.

On behalf of all the Midland fans, come and see the South vs Midland match at Midland on Thursday. What-a-way to open up the season! I'd love to see the gym so full we'd need both sets of bleachers pulled out. The atmosphere at South was electric for this opener last season and even though only two Midland wrestler pulled off wins (Nibert and LeMaster) there were a lot of close and exciting matches. So everybody come and see some good action no matter what school you are from or who you support. The match is just a few days away . . . Let's Hook 'Em Up!

November 27, 1997
From: vincent longshanks
comments: Whoever it was that said that PP and Roane were the teams to watch in the south are wrong. HHS and CM will rule the south for years to come! I also have to disagree with that particular persons individual poll. At 119 Hill of PP was picked to win. What about Chirgwin of HHS? He had two wins over Hill last year. One in the region semifinals and one in the consolation quarterfinals of the state. I also don't know how you wouldn't pick Ward of CM to win. I don't care how heavy he is, he will win states this year. In closing, I will say good luck to PP and RC because they will need it with HHS and CM running things.

November 27, 1997
From: Jesco Wrestler
comments: Hello all, Just some quick suggestions: the season starts very soon, and already several preseason indidvidual polls are showing up on here. In my opinion these are pointless due to the fact that nobody knows exactly which weight classes the wrestlers will be in.

One suggestion I have is for all of us, coaches, wrestlers, parents, boosters, and fans included, to submit results to be posted for all the matches and tournaments throughout the state. If a tournament or match takes place and the results aren't on here but you know them, please take 5 or 10 minutes to type them in so we all can see them. As long as accurate results get posted, I will have my 1st individual poll hopefully around Christmas. I do not believe in just "guessing" which classes wrestlers will be in, because some hit growth spurts while others do not.

Also, if any of you know the projected lineups for your respective teams, you could post them on here. This will just give us more to work with.

And one final comment for Vincent Longshanks...just curious Vinny, how can your preseason team poll not include Fairmont Senior at least in the top ten? Just wondering...

November 27, 1997
I'm really tired of hearing about Huntington and Cabell Midland being the best in the South. Both teams had better teams last year and the best either could do was a fifth from Huntington ..Midland finished 10th ..
The teams from the South to watch have to be Point Pleasant and Roane County if you can count them in the South. Both of these teams will out place the Cabell County Schools...
Although Predictions are for Prophets here goes...
AAA Team:
1 Wheeling Park
2 Fairmont Sr
2 Parkersburg South
4 Point Pleasant
5 Huntington
6 Parkersburg
7 Roane County
8 North Marion
9 Jefferson
10 Herbert Hoover...

As for Indivduals (AAA):
103 Reed Point
112 Bonasso
119 Hill Point
125 Gorby NM
130 Newberry Parkersburg
135 Hedrick FS
140 Cradock RHS
145 Johnson South
152 Besedich NM
160 Wilson JM
171 Rickard Point
189 Sharp Elkins
215 Zebuhr BU
275 Kerns Elkins.....

November 27, 1997
From: Midland Knight Rider
comments: I love Midland.....we are so awesome and will win the state in wrestling. Jason Ward is the best in the universe and so is everyone else on the team. We rock the house down. Chirgwin and Thorpe of HHS are going down. GO MIDLAND!! GO MIDLAND!! That's all I have to say about that!!

November 27, 1997
From: vinny longshanks
comments: My sincere apologies, I left out William Steele of Roane County in my latest poll. Whatever weight he is at, he will be top three definately!!! Sorry William!!

November 27, 1997
From: vincent longshanks
comments: I got a lot of positive feedback from my last poll. I would like to thank the longshank fans for their support and YES, I do know my wrestling! I decided to make another poll and go more in depth.Here are MY predictions for top 3 in the state tourney. Any feedback is welcome. It is very hard to make a preseason poll because you never know where people may end up. So, Here it is, My predictions:
  • 103 Reed PP
    Regalbuto Hedg
    Evans WP
  • 112 Bonasso FS
    A.Shank PS
    Russell PP
  • 119 Chirgwin HHS
    Hill PP
    Whitmore Hedg
    (also watch Kotzen JM)
  • 125 Thorpe HHS
    Flanegin WP
    Stanley Br
    (also Walters CM)
  • 130 Gorby NM
    Frazier CM
    Newberry PHS
  • 135 Hedrick FS
    Chaplin JM
    George PHS
  • 140 Craddock RHS
    Whipkey JM
    Monseau WP
  • 145 Johnson PS
    Bexfield HHS
    Moles HH
  • 152 Besedich NM
    Hosaflook Rip
    Olsen CM
  • 160 Wilson JM
    Ward CM
    Emrick PS
  • 171 Rickard PP
    Daggett PS
    Nibert CM
  • 189 Sharp EHS
    Valleu NHS
    Blair HHS
  • 215 Zebuhr BU
    Weser UHS
    Ashby Hedg
  • 275 Kerns EHS
    Weser UHS
    Sarrett WW
  • Team:
    Parkersburg South
    John Marshall
    North Marion
    Wheeling Park
    Cabell Midland
    Roane County
    Point Pleasant

    November 27, 1997
    From: Captain Highlander
    comments: I think some people are underestimating Huntington. I also think some people, like Buffalo Bill, are over- estimating us. I don't think we will win states or even be runner-up. I do think we fit in at about third or fourth. I personally don't care if our team wins states, as long as we have some individual champs. I do think we have a couple of guys who will win states or at least make alot of noise! Thorpe, Chirgwin, and Bexfield will not be denied this year!!!!!!!!!

    November 27, 1997
    From: Homer Southwood
    comments: I appreciated what Jesco Wrestler did when presenting his top 20 teams by calculating the returning wrestlers scores. I did something similiar but simpler by just calculating their place points. Except I went one step further and broke it down by last year's regions. There is a margin of error in that I did not know what class some wrestler's belonged in, so I apologize if my scores do not reflect the teams true score. And I only calculated the top four finishers. A team may have more returners than I indicated, but they did not place in the regions.
    1st place - 14 points, 2nd - 10, 3rd - 7, 4th - 4

    AAA Region 1 - No change in movement. Look for John Marshall to challenge Wheeling Park for second but South is still head and shoulders above the rest. This could be the year that University or Morgantown breaks into the top 5 by overtaking Brooke.
    1. Parkersburg South 56 points 7 returners 2-1-3-1
    2. Wheeling Park 38 5 0-2-2-1
    3. John Marshall 34 5 1-0-1-3
    4. Parkersburg 24 3 0-2-0-1
    5. Brooke 18 3 0-0-2-1
    6. University 15 3 0-0-1-2
    7. Morgantown 14 2 0-0-2-0

    AAA Region 2 - Fairmont Sr. should shake North Marion for regional control but don't expect North Marion to go down without a fight. Four teams will battle for 3rd place with Hedgesville being the early favorite.
    1. Fairmont Sr. 68 points 7 returners 2-2-2-1
    2. North Marion 60 7 2-1-2-2
    3. Hedgesville 48 6 0-4-0-2
    4. Jefferson 35 5 0-2-1-2
    5. Preston 24 2 1-1-0-0
    6. East Fairmont 21 3 0-1-1-1
    7. Elkins 18 2 1-0-0-1
    t8. Martinsburg 14 2 0-0-2-0
    t8. Liberty Harrison 14 2 0-1-0-1
    10. Philip Barbour 4 1 0-0-0-1
    11. Robert C. Byrd 0 0 0-0-0-0

    AAA Region 3 - With ten returning state qualifiers, Cabell Midland should run away with this region. Pt. Pleasant closes the gap with 2nd place Huntington, and St. Albans jumps from 7th place to 5th.
    1. Cabell Midland 101 points 10 returners 4-3-1-2
    2. Huntington 62 6 2-2-2-0
    3. Pt. Pleasant 55 6 1-2-3-0
    4. Nitro 36 5 1-0-2-2
    5. St. Albans 26 4 0-1-0-3
    t6. Capital 11 2 0-0-1-1
    t6. Hurricane 11 2 0-0-1-1
    t8. George Wash. 4 1 0-0-0-1
    t8. Dupont 4 1 0-0-0-1

    AAA Region 4 - Roane County will easily repeat as champion with the second most returning qualifiers from states with eight. Herbert Hoover should not be challanged for second but after that, things get interesting as 3rd place is up for grabs. Buckhannon-Upshur makes the most noise jumping from 7th place to be the early favorite for 3rd.
    1. Roane County 86 points 8 returners 3-3-2-0
    2. Herbert Hoover 52 6 1-2-2-1
    3. Buckhannon-Upshur 42 4 2-1-0-0
    4. Lewis County 36 5 1-0-2-2
    5. Ripley 34 3 1-2-0-0
    6. Woodrow Wilson 27 3 0-2-1-0
    7. Nicholas County 18 2 1-0-0-1
    8. Greenbrier East 15 3 0-0-1-2
    9. Shady Spring 14 1 1-0-0-0
    10. Oak Hill 4 1 0-0-0-1

    For state rankings, I used the same format as regionals, giving place points for the top six placers and one point for each participant who did not place and only ranking the top twenty teams. As they did two years ago, look for Fairmont Sr. to battle Parkersburg South down to the wire with Fairmont being the early favorite. Cabell Midland improves on their tenth place finish to be a top five team. It is also interesting what quality does over quantity as Shady Spring overtakes three teams from their ninth place ranking in regionals to be a top twenty team in the state.

    First the regional breakdowns. Region 2 emerges as the top region based on a good mixed of quality with quantity. Region 1 comes in second and appears to still be the toughest as over 70% of their teams appear in the top twenty. Region 4 places third but appears to be the most balance region from top to bottom. Region 3 places fourth with no returning state champions and only 33% of their teams making the top twenty.
    1. Region 2 125 points 6 top twenty teams 37 participants 1-1-4-2-2-5
    2. Region 1 107 5 28 1-2-1-3-4-0
    3. Region 4 93 6 36 1-2-0-2-1-2
    4. Region 3 83 3 37 0-2-1-1-2-1

    And now the top twenty. 16 points for a first place finish, 12-2nd, 9-3rd, 7-4th, 5-5th, 3-6th, 1 for participant.
    1. Farimont Sr 42 points 7 participants 1-0-2-0-1-0
    2. Parkersburg South 40 7 1-0-1-1-1-0
    3 .Roane Conty 34 8 1-1-0-0-0-0
    4. Cabell Midland 33 10 0-1-1-0-1-0
    5. North Marion 30 7 0-1-1-0-1-0
    6. John Marshall 26 5 0-1-0-1-1-0
    7 . Point Pleasant 23 6 0-1-0-1-0-0
    8. Buckhannon-Upshur 21 4 0-1-0-1-0-0
    9. Hedgesville 17 6 0-0-0-1-0-2
    t10. Wheeling Park 15 5 0-0-0-1-1-0
    t10. Jefferson 15 5 0-0-1-0-0-1
    12. Parkersburg 14 3 0-1-0-0-0-0
    13. Huntington 12 6 0-0-0-0-1-1
    14. Lewis County 11 5 0-0-0-1-0-0
    15. Elkins 10 2 0-0-0-1-0-1
    16. Herbert Hoover 8 6 0-0-0-0-0-1
    t17. Ripley 7 3 0-0-0-0-1-0
    t17. University 7 3 0-0-0-0-1-0
    19. East Fairmont 5 3 0-0-0-0-0-1
    20. Shady Spring 3 1 0-0-0-0-0-1

    Sorry for the length of this, but I wanted to give a full report. I didn't double check my figures so there could be mistakes. And as Jim Lemasters stated, it would be nice to calculate JV team members and new wrestlers, but for now, this is as accurate as a preseason ranking could be. I apologize to A/AA but this is time consuming and I do have other interests. Realisticly, I can't imagine a top 5 with neither Wheeling Park or Parkersburg missing, or a top ten without Huntington. Next week, wrestling begins and the cream will rise to the top. I challenge someone from each region to give unbiased weekly regional polls.

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    Updated November 20, 1997