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October 31, 2003
From: Coach Everhart
comments: Brad Ammons(171 in 2002-2003 season)for Hedgesville High School was in a serious car accident on Thursday afternoon after school. While the seriousness of his injuries at this time are still not known I'm asking everyone out there to please pray for him and the girl who was with him. She underwent emergency surgery on Friday and seems to be making progress. Brad was released from the hospital but has a rough road ahead with respect to rehab on what appears to be a very serious shoulder injury. We are all very glad that Brad and her are alive.

October 31, 2003
From: PantherPower
comments: To Uncle C,
Agree that Coach Langdon is a good coach but to say that Barboursville is rebuilding Midland without mentioning Milton Middle is incredible! Gotta speak up for the Panthers! Milton sent 24 8th graders to Midland last year from the top ranked middle school and jr high team in the state. These boys also won the WSAZ and beat all the 9th grade teams as well. They were undefeated in dual meets. In the Cabell county tournament MMS had 11 champs and 8 runner ups - BVille 1 champ and 3 runners up. Milton Varsity 241 points - Milton JV 120 points - Barboursville 90 points. Enough said. We need the boys from BOTH schools to carry on wrestling and help Midland come up in the state tournament. B'ville was pretty good last year but Milton was dominant. Just my .02 cents. Go Midland Nights!

October 31, 2003
comments: Lealand Merril was not National Champion in 1942, Michgain State Had 3 national champions that year but was not one of them.

October 31, 2003
comments: I like phs's schedule over south's. phs goes to the beast, which it's a lot tougher than reno this year. reno just doesn't have the caliber of wrestling that the beast has.

October 31, 2003
From: bill gossett
email: bill@libertynationalswrestling.com
comments: just wanted to invite everyone in west virgina to the liberty national wrestling championships (youth folkstyle) in kansas city, mo feb 14, 2004.
we are a usa wrestling sanctioned event for the usaw dominator series. for more info our web site is www.libertynationalswrestling.com

October 31, 2003
From: Calhoun fan
comments: Ashley is supposed to go to Scarbaro's weight this year to wrestle him to stop listening to all of the crap that people are thinking about those two wrestlers.

October 31, 2003
From: AAA
comments: to mary swanson.....last year in AA williamstown only qualified 7 for states....they placed 2nd and not all placed in the top 2. so without a full lineup, they placed second. PHS had 6 last year that either won it, or got runner up. plus with a full lineup, you cant pick anyone else to win states because like south...PHS also has talent in their full lineup. and as for memel and gum....i heard gum was playing basketball, and i doubt memel will beat dorton...

October 31, 2003
I am requesting that you immediately delete the post on Oct. 31st from "'Mary Swanson'". I find it very offensive that he would refer to the wrestlers from Parkersburg High as "blood -shot and red eyed.

Editor's note: Sure, no problem. However, in my own defense, the poster was NOT referring to PHS wrestlers as "blood-shot and red eyed" as a closer reading of the post indicates.....

"So PHS has the Magnificent Seven and in most blood-shot red eyes are favored to repeat as state champions...."

It appeared to me that "in most blood-shot red eyes are favored" referred to the folks who apparantly stay up all hours of the night reading this forum and submitting insults that never get posted....

October 31, 2003
From: fanofwrestling
comments: Just another reminder Ravenswood Wrestling Boosters are putting on a Open Tournament Nov. 8th.....No Walk-Ins, forms must be in by Nov.4th. Age divisions offered 6&under - High School. Information is located in the youth/open tournament section of wvmat.

October 31, 2003
From: uncle c
comments: Best Jr high Coach in WVA????? Ray Langdon..Barboursville Middle. Has quietly worked to rebuild the Cabell Midland HS program by creating interest and success at BMS.

October 31, 2003
comments: Im sorry Ken was an excellant wrestler as well as Mike Mason but you have to look more into the past to find the best wrestler to ever come out of West Virginia. The best wrestler was PHS's Leland Merrill (PHS '37), he was a Bronze Medalist in the 1948 London Olympics and a national champion for Michigan State, in 1942. Sorry they were all good wrestlers but not Leland he was great.

October 31, 2003
From: Greenbrier West Fan
comments: I am so happy that is it getting close to Wrestling season to start!! I an looking forward to seeing all the action this year! Good luck to all the teams, and a special good luck to the Greenbrier West Cavaliers!! GET 'EM BOYS!!!!

October 31, 2003
comments: After looking at the PHS and South Scheduals i dont know who has the Tougher one. Both of those have to be the toughest scheduals ever in WV. So many national tournaments and Tough out of state Duals.

October 31, 2003
From: kkk
comments: well guess again on ashley and scarbro because they are not going to be wrestling each other because ashley is at 135 and scarbro is it 130 again for the third year

October 28, 2003
From: Johnny Fall
comments: To: B R
To your comment about 72 not being a wrestler. Where did you come up with that? He said it is still football season and he's got 72 on his back. Do you see anything there about him not being a wreslter? I sure didn't. So just leave it be and don't post anything unless you read between the lines. Thanks.

October 28, 2003
From: swampdonkey20
comments: hey Buckhannon upshur is coming back with a strong team this yr.If they come out in the right mind set they will be a strong team this yr..

October 28, 2003
From: Confused...
comments: I have been reading this and I see people making wrestling predictions already. Isn't it still football season? I agree with that Tench 72, he is doing the right thing. Football is football, then wrestling. I would say anyone could place in states at this point B R, mainly because wrestling season is still three weeks away. I hope my son don't get trashed on here. He's only a freshmen, and no one knows him, so that's the only good thing about it.

October 28, 2003
From: Tench to B R
comments: I never said I wasn't a wrestler. I said it was still football season. I am now a wrestler and I hope to make a splash in states. Thanks for the faith though, I appreciate it.

October 28, 2003
From: Prince
comments: TO Wood County Fan: Mike Mason was an outstanding wrestler. I might be wrong but I believe he was a 2x All-American at WVU. Wood County is without a doubt the dominant area in our state. But the most decorated wrestler did not come from Wood County. The most decorated wrestler is without a doubt, Ken Chertow. A three time All- American at Penn State and even more impressive an Olympian. Know doubt about it Mike Mason was an awesome wrestler but know one from WV has ever made the Olympic Wrestling Team but Ken Chertow!

October 27, 2003
From: Wood Co. Fan
comments: About the Wood Co. Dream team. Dont forget that williamstown is in Wood Co. too which means your forgeting bout the most successful native WV wrestler ever, Mike Mason. Also, your leaving out Dan Rowel (3X champ) Ash Wenmoth (3X) and Shane Smith (2X soon to be 3).

October 27, 2003
From: Ken Chertow
email: ken@kenchertow.com
comments: I look forward to working with many dedicated WV Wrestlers at my WV Camp of Champs November 21-23. The host school is Sissonville HS, located 10 miles north of Charleston on I-77.

This will be the 15th consecutive year that I have conducted this pre-season training camp in my home state. While many other coaches camps have come and gone, my camps have withstood the test of time and grown steadily. Last year over 2000 wrestlers attended my camps. This is a testimony to the quality of instruction and training that our camp system provides.

This WV Camp of Champs annually has over 50 dedicated wrestlers enrolled. I guarantee you this will be an awesome camp. I look forward to helping you personally!

Camp details and application form are in the camp section of http://kenchertow.com

October 27, 2003
comments: Why are there no Williamstown Wrestlers on those Wood Co. Dream teams or what ever they are. People are forgeting the best wrestler ever in wood county was from Williamstown and i dont think we have to tell you who he was.

October 27, 2003
From: B R
comments: why is there so much talk about wrestlers that won't even place at states ? if you listen, He even said it Hisself He is not a wrestler He's a football player so leave 72 alone.

October 27, 2003
From: Heavyweight watcher
comments: am i mistaken, or is the AA Heavyweight Champ A.J. Freda back this year for his senior year. If i remember correctly...no one touched him in the State tournament last year. So, unless everybody did a lot of work over the summer (and since I know some of you and know that you didn't), I think the debate should be over who is going to finish second this year because the title is going back to Lewis county.

October 27, 2003
From: Jim LeMaster
email: lemastermu@hotmail.com
comments: In answer to your questions... The new classes for middle school are : 78-84-90-95-102-110-116-123-128-135-145-155-165-190-275

As a long time coach, I would like to offer some input on the middle school/ jr. high weight classes. I see 3 major bones of contention. #1 I feel that the 75 lb class needs to be put back to 75. Adding sixth graders and eliminating 75 was an unfortunate chain of coincidence but was none the less an error. #2 We absolutely must have something between 165 and heavy. I saw an opponents 165 at a quad a couple years ago miss weight by 1/4 lb and end up wrestling a kid who run to make 275. That was a lawsuit waiting to happen. Thank goodness for the 190. #3 I feel that the proposed 250 limit on heavy weights would be have been prohibitive. I have always had heavys that weighed over 250. We competed in Ohio several times in past seasons and my heavyweights (one was 261 - 7th grader - less than 20 % body fat) were not allowed to wrestle as they were too big. This really put a damper on their season. I can tell you as a middle school teacher there are lots of athletic kids between 250 and 275 who are not just "fat kids." I even had one kid also a 7th grader (and just 13) who was 6-5 1/2 and 298. He did not wrestle because he did not want to go to 275 and played basketball instead. (Took up a lot of room in the lane but was not too quick on "D")

Ideally I think the classes should go something like this : 75 - 80 - 87 - 94 - 102 - 110 - 119 - 128 - 138 - 148 - 159 - 170 - 182 - 194 - HWT
This is +5 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +11 +11 +12 +12 ?

(Smaller diferential at the lower end and progressive increase in variance) * (see note on % of body weight below)

I think that the idea of tournament only classes (like 190 was) is unfair as some kids only get to wrestle half as many matches if you wrestle about evenly duals and quads vs bracketed events. As to the lower weights ... * (note) if a 71 lb'er gives up 7 lbs to wrestle 78 that is 1/10 of his total weight. We do not ask a 135 to give up 13.5 lbs or a 190 to give up 19.

Most of the teams we competed against last sesaon filled all their classes or had only one empty sometimes missing a heavy. I never have a problem filling a team as we generally have over 50 kids show up and keep 2 full teams (30-33). This year might be the exception! I think the more kids we can get involved in wrestling the better and elimination of weight classes is counter productive.

Please note that our sport gives an opportunity to kids who are too small or too heavy for other sports and PLEASE don't cut out classes at the two ends. My son was a 75 as an 8th grader ( 3x WSAZ champ) so I have been on that end. I also had a heavyweight who was always told he was too big to play Midget Football and never got to participate. He had just about ZERO self esteem when he got to middle school and didn't work up to his potential in his classes because he was teased by other kids about his "lard ass, etc" until he started to wrestle. He was just about the worst 7th grade heavy weight I have ever had or ever seen compete. But he loved the sport and was willing to work. That heavy turned out to be a State Champ & 3x state placer and last I heard was going to college with an academic scholarship. Where would he have ended up if not for wrestling?

One somewhat selfish factor also is I would like to see our classes closer to Ohio weights as we wrestle about 1/2 WV and 1/2 Ohio with an occasional trip into Kentucky ( who essentially have no rules ). One KY. middle school brought a fourth grader to a local tournament in a school singlet along with a high school Jr. on a Jr. High team and we once wrestled the same kid on 3 different school teams in a 4 1/2 week period! He just wrestled for whatever school was going to the best event!

I'm sorry for being so long winded but this is a subject I feel very stongly about. I appreciate the hard work of the middle school and Jr. High coaches on the rules committee as they try to adjust the classes to be fair to everyone. I realize it's hard for any high school coach to see things from a middle school point of view where we have 6th graders eligible and competing against 9th graders from Jr. Highs and especially from High School freshman teams. (I had 6 6th graders start 3 years ago at weights from 80-190 - & all won at least 20 matches so it can be done - but it's a whole other set of problems.) Those guys took their lumps as 6th graders and stayed around and were largely responsible for our success last year. The voice of those coaches on the rules committe is how we can get things changed. Last year everyone wanted the 100 lbs class put back in and they listened but you can't please everyone all the time. Please contact the commitee with your suggestions.!

It is too late to change things for this year but if you have legitimate concerns and are respectful and logical - they do listen and have the best interest of our sport as the bottom line.

October 27, 2003
From: Confused...
comments: Is there a weight MINIMUM? Cause I heard that in order to wrestle 103 you had to weigh at least 90 pounds. Is this true? I would like an official answer, because if so, my son is going to have to gain a few pounds...

October 27, 2003
From: AAA
comments: ok ben gum is not wrestling.....but memel is and there is no way he beats dearman. but PHS will repeat this year due to 6 possible state champs in hayes, shyver, rader, litton, thomas, and dearman...and joey lindammod looks promising this year to. south will have possible champs in porter, shaun smith, norman, and walters, munday will be good also. but as far as i see it PHS repeats with south at a close 2nd

October 27, 2003

October 27, 2003

October 27, 2003
comments: I noticed that Regalbuto was not on the WVU roster anymore. Did he quit or transfer schools so he could wrestle.

October 27, 2003
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: Those chosen by some for an all Wood County were all great but a few that were left out include Jim Weatherholt(3X),Brad Dornick(3X),Pat Sole(2X),Dave Miller(2X) and Steve Bosely(2X).Between these five South wrestlers they had 12 state championships and only 14 loses TOTAL in their careers.You will not see records like that now because of the schedule that South and PHS wrestle but these guys were fun to watch!

October 27, 2003
From: AA heavyweight
comments: Fegal from Weir will be the biggest winning surprise of the year in AA heavyweights.

October 27, 2003
From: Middle School Observer
comments: I heard today that the junior highs and middle schools will have new weight classes this year, does this effect the high schools as well? I know there was some concern over making the upper weight classes more evenly matched, but it appears that the powers to be have also made some serious changes in the lower classes as well. I believe that the lowest class in Jr. Hi/ Middle school is now 78lbs. with six pound increments. Anyone else have any information or comments?

October 27, 2003
From: grasshopper
comments: I don't understand why the weight classes got raised this year in Middle School wrestling I mean now that every school now has sixth graders in it. The first weight is 78lbs. and I for one have no clue why. Its one thing to change the weights, which don't bother me, but raising them does. In my opion the weights should start at 74 then 78.

October 27, 2003
From: gossip folk
comments: ok...ben gum and dalton memel gettin state championships...i think u forgot lou thomas is at 215 and dearman at heavy...so looks like u better not clear any room on ur shelf...first year wrestlers...gimmie a break...and i am from eastern panhandle...i just know how its gonna go down...i think south will give PHS a run for their money....kelly,cotto,porter,norman,walters and i been hearing bout a boy named nick munday...i heard he is good...but its all gossip folks

October 27, 2003
comments: Who really cares if we have 28 State Champs or if we have 14. I can't wait until wrestling starts so we do not have read this mindless dribble. WV will never return to the 1 class system it had prior to 1976.

October 27, 2003
From: ohio fan
comments: JYD... The wood co. dream team is great for WV but to say they could take on any state all star team is funny. NJ and NY can fill teams with many ncaa champs and olympians. Here is a team from ohio, just off the top of my head that could beat your team 14 matches to 0.
103 Jim Jordan 4x sc NCAA champ (i think)
112 tim Dernlan 3x SC NCAA AA
119Kyle Ott 4x SC HS Nat. Champ wrestles @illinois now
125 Harry Lester 4x SC HS Nat. Champ, training for olympics now
130 Steve St. John 3x SC NCAA runner up to Cary Kolat
135Alan Fried 3x SC HS Nat. Champ NCAA Champ
140 Roger Chandler 2x SC HS nat. Champ NCAA champ
145Clint Musser 3x SC HS nat. Champ NCAA AA or CP Schlatter 4x sc HS NAt. Champ
152 Joe Heskett (beat Cael sanderson in HS) 3x sc HS nat champ and NCAA champ. Ryan Bertin also same credentialsw/o cael win
160 John Mcghee 4x SC HS Nat Champ
171 Markus Mollica 3x SC HS NAT champ NCAA champ
189 Jeff Knupp 3x sc hs Nat champ
215 Tommy Rowlands HS nat. champ, NCAA champ or Matt Koz 3x SC HS nat. Champ
275 Luke Fickell 3x SC hs Nat. Champ
** I am sure i forgot some studs, but that is all i could think of right now

October 27, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: hey new staff, you might want to get with the times!! Park So. is #2. Parkersburg high school is #1, defending State Champions and will win the state again this year.

October 27, 2003
comments: 103 doug rexroad or dave satterfield both 3 timers (phs)
112 steve higgins...not rich underwood or brandon rader
119 maybe matt george...matt stevens 3 timer (phs)
125 tim higgins...not zach hasse
130 darren moore 3 timer (pshs)
135 scott moore 3 timer (pshs)
140 bryce edwards...not jason johnson 3 timer (pshs)
145 gary tuttle 3 timer (phs)
155 mike lantz 3 timer (phs)
160 jason barton 2 timer (pshs)
171 brandon edwards...not casey dagget 1 timer (pshs)
189 chris swarr 1 timer (phs)
215 lou thomas 2 timer going for 3 (phs)
hvy aaron flemming 2 timer (phs)
would take on any state all star team, any year with this line up

October 22, 2003
sorry to bother u but i'm having a problem downloading the entry forms for ALL_the tourneys.i've been in contact with aol support as well as gateway and they all seem to think it is with this web site. i do have acro reader. do u know of anyone else having this problem or any knowledge of how to take care of it. thanks in advance love the web site it is very helpful

Editor's note: Is anyone else having trouble downloading tournament entry forms from the Youth/Open page??? Is anyone having success in this regard???

October 22, 2003
From: new staff
comments: every year everyone talk a good preseason, but the defending champs are still Oak Glen. They have the best program. ParkSo is # 1 in their division so, if you want to be # 1, that is who you beat, you are not the best till you beat the best.

October 22, 2003
From: hedgesvilleparent
comments: blah, blah, blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah........

October 22, 2003
From: FormerBear
comments: To: Hedgesvillefanm : Didn't realize you were a coach for the Berkeley County Bears. I had a wrestler on the team during that time frame and don't remember my wrestler ever being coached by you. Just thought you spent time at the matches. Very enlightening I learned something today.

October 22, 2003
From: reader
comments: In response to ZZZ concerning the wrestling of the AAA champions and the AA-A champions each year. Pennsylvania at one time did a version of this, however I do not know if they still do so. It was held the week following the state tournament.
In Pennsylvania, only the highest placing senior in each weight class was permitted to wrestle in this event. A wrestler must have completed his/her high school eligibility, or they would be ineligible there after.
I do not know if the eligibilities would still be effected today or not. I,too, would like to see it happen in WV, but the logistics to hold such an event may not be feasible.

October 22, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: I was wondering if anyone know what weight class Mitch Smith and Cody Gustins are in for this year. They had a great match against each other at state and I would love to see them wrestle again!

October 22, 2003
From: Tench 72
comments: Since I've been the topic of a discussion on here, I was told to check it out. I hate to tell everyone, it's still football season, and I am still wearing #72 on my back...so until I hear my final whistle on the football field, I am not "focusing" on any match. Is that fair enough? Sorry to spoil this heated discussion.

October 22, 2003
From: Fan
comments: Billy the Kid i agree Saturday night should be AA champ and AAA champ to find a true state champ . They have time if they would just do it.

October 22, 2003
From: Transplanted Mountaineer
comments: Where is Anthony Regalbuto? Is he wrestling at WVU this year? If so, what weight class is he projected to be at? Also, I graduated from Hedgesville High School and was quite confused by the post from "hedgesvileparent". Grammatically that is!

October 22, 2003
From: Tex
comments: I tell just as much as the next guy tells. Sorry to say it. In fact, I get more from you guys than people get from me...just sumptin to think about

October 22, 2003
From: jyd
comments: Wood Co. Dream Team
103 doug rexroad or dave satterfield both 3 timers (phs)
112 rich underwood or brandon rader both 3 timers (pshs/phs)
118 matt stevens 3 timer (phs)
125 zach hasse 2 timer (pshs)
130 darren moore 3 timer (pshs)
135 scott moore 3 timer (pshs)
140 jason johnson 3 timer (pshs)
145 gary tuttle 3 timer (phs)
155 mike lantz 3 timer (phs)
160 jason barton 2 timer (pshs)
171 casey dagget 1 timer (pshs)
189 chris swarr 1 timer (phs)
215 lou thomas 2 timer going for 3 (phs)
hvy aaron flemming 2 timer (phs)
would take on any state all star team, any year with this line up

October 22, 2003
From: s fan
comments: my top twelve wood county past and present
PHS                  South                 Williamstown

1- Brandon Rader     1- Rich Underwood     1- Mike Mason
2- Gary Tuttle       2- Darren Moore       2- Shane Smith
3- Mike Lantz        3- Jason Johnson      3- Dan Rowell
4- Matt stevens      4- Jason Barton       4- Ash Wenmoth

Mike Mason has shown he is the most successful in the past and I believe Brandon Rader will be the most successful of the present

October 22, 2003
From: Brent Sams
comments: For Wood County Wrestler Watcher. For a list of South Top 10 performers, go to the following link:
The lists you will find on this page is compiled 2 ways, by wins and by winning percentage.

October 22, 2003
From: hedgesville wrestler
comments: ok everyone is talking about the berkley county bears i wrestled for them with some other kids on the hedgesville wrestling team this year just to let u kno joe shetler,josh grim, justin everhart, steven miller,troy foltz,dustin foltz,brad ammons, derick young we all wrestled for the bears and out of them names 6 of us went to states last year and 6 or 7 should go this year so the berkley county bears did start it all for alot of us but hedgesville will be tough they need some help in the lower weights all they have is shetler and grim grim only had a few matches last year missing the season due to grades hopefully it wont happen this year heard his grades are good then from 152 up will be real good troy foltz , dustin foltz, young,ammons, bartgis if he comes out, then nichelson at heavy weight they should be good they should have atleast 7 kids qualfy for states if no one gets hurt they will be tough but all of them are good friends so watch out for them i cant wait to see them in action

October 22, 2003
comments: The greatest big man wrestler from Wood County including the state of W.V. is without a doubt Aaron Fleming from Parkersburg High School.

October 22, 2003
From: RP
comments: Souths 215 Ben Gumm HWT Dalton Memel look for that to happen. If so, clear a place on the shelf for the State Championship Trophy!!

October 20, 2003
comments: humphrey from wheeling park is going 112

October 20, 2003
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Just heard that Doug Jones former coach of the Berkeley County Bears is going to be coach this year. This should be a great boost to the program. Doug is an excellent coach and I'm glad to see him back. So Doug welcome home. Also understand his son Justin Jones former bear and former Mussleman wrestler will be helping as well great to see you back also. I love to see former wrestlers and coaches come back. Anthony Regalbuto if your out there and thinking about coming back I for one would love to see it. If you all need any help just let me know my schedule with work etc. is kind of hectic but I'll do whatever I can.

October 20, 2003
From: wrestlingfan
comments: Just a reminder to parents, coach's and wrestlers there will be a tournament at Ravenswood High school Nov.8th. To get an entry form click onto youth/open wrestling on wv mat. the entry form says the age groups are 6&under through High School.

October 20, 2003
From: Adkins
comments: (Comment for the forum)... I think Harris will beat Tench. He just has to want it bad enough. From what I hear, he does... It will be a good "rematch."

October 20, 2003
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: To the former bear who posted a note on here on 10/16 about the jr. league coaches getting some respect from the high school coaches. First being one of the jr. league coaches that you mentioned I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks. I don't know that my name deserves to be in the same sentence as the others as they are all great coaches and were the ones who taught me this sport. Second the success the teams in the past had I never felt was due to me rather to the hard work and dedication that you wrestlers had. It doesn't matter how good a coach is if he doesn't have good kids who want to succeed the team won't. My philosophy for myself in coaching has always been that if one of you goes out and wins a match it's because you did what was necessary to win and had nothing to do with me however if you lost then I felt it was on me either I didn't teach you enough or didn't motivate you enough. I have a great amount of pride for you young men because of the work you did to try to accomplish your goals. Yes some of you didn't reach your goals but trophies, plaques, and medals didn't mean that much to me. Watching the dedication and hard work you did was what made me proud. I feel that these things carry over into more important parts of life such as work, marriages, family etc. Seeing one of you walking around out in a store and talking to you meeting your family and seeing how well you're doing and seeing good values passed on to your children means a great deal to me. It's never about the end result but about the journey there. Third about the lack of respect from the high school coaches that you talked about. I feel I can safely say none of us coaches was in coaching to get the respect of the high school coaches or any other coaches. We were there for each and every one of you wrestlers. We were there to first try to help each of you become the best person that you could be by trying to instill good values and principles through sports and then second we were there to try to make you the best wrestlers you could be. As for respect I do respect the high school coaches. They were the ones who kept the program going all these years. Whittington could have easily decided years ago he didn't want to do it and the program could have been scrapped much like Mussleman did when Kagle left and they are still trying to rebuild. Whittington kept the program going and for that he should be given respect. I'm also sure that he has taught our wrestlers some things over the years as well. Yeah if you know me you know I don't agree with everything that goes on at the high school we have different opinions and philosophies on some things but that doesn't mean I don't respect them. Respect is not conformity. Respect is understanding that other people have differences and dealing with those differences in a positive way. This is in no way to say I'm perfect at respecting others I try but there are times I need to try harder. It's very hard when you guys who many I think of as my own children are involved. As for the bears program bringing success to the high school. That's seems kind of obvious. I remember seeing hedgesville high school matches back when the bears first started back when hedgesville would have trouble just qualifying one wrestler to the 2nd day of a two day tournament so yes the bears have greatly helped the success of the high school team but again this is due greatly to the dedication of each of you wrestlers. Again I thank you for mentioning me and am very flattered and sincerely appreciative of your respect for me.

October 20, 2003
comments: Somehow during my last message, I lost part of my post. I wanted to continue to list;
160-171-Cody Norman (South)- Cody finished an oh so close second last year, but that will not happen again. Cody will win the state at one of these weighs.
160-189-Kyle Walters (South)- a late start and injuries prevented Kyle from getting his second title last year, I would not count on that happening again.
189-Joey Lindamood (PHS)- a bigger, stronger, more mature version of Lindamood should go very deep in the state this year. Maybe all the way.
215-Lou Thomas (PHS)- Lou is by far the most dominate big man in PHS history. Will win his third state title on his way to a major college scholarship.
275-Ryan Dearman (PHS)- Ryan shows everyone how a heavyweight should wrestle, with grace, finess, technique and power.
In short, Wood County could have a chance at 11 state titles in AAA. That doesn't even mention a very respectable Williamstown (Wood County) team.

October 20, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: have the AAA champ wrestle the A/AA champ. why cant they do that? even though AAA would probably win most the matches.

October 20, 2003
From: To former Bear.
comments: I was just making the comment because the team hasn't won a state title since when? There seems to be alot of talk about them as a team. You pointed out individuals which is good, I guess. Also the comment from a hedgesville parent was kind of out there. Who was it referring to? I never saw anyone talk about hedgesville and then she comes out with her poorly written post?

October 20, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: i agree with the wv wrestling fan about tex tellin to much!

October 20, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: Golden Bear... I agree that curious should know a little more of Hedgesvilles status if he follows WV wrestling at all. Who have you wrestled to rack up all of these wins. Who is the toughest team you have dualed?? Bring home some team state championships and state titles and people will know who you are. I have never heard anyone ask who is PHS, South, or Oak Glen.

October 20, 2003
From: Tex
comments: As if it matters where I am from, I am from Ripley. I used to play football against lil John Bonecutter and I met his brother and some of his friends, that is why I keep an eye out for Point half of the time. The other half of the time I simply watch Smith dominate everyone in his weight class here in Ripley. Is that a problem for you? And besides, if a kid weighs 180 now, he will most likely wrestle 71 or 60, so posting weights means absolutely NOTHING...a REAL wrestler/fan would understand that.

October 20, 2003
From: to Cameron Fan
comments: Left out a 4th place finisher as well, who will be in the thick of the title hunt at HWT, no doubt. Cameron's line-up may look like this.
103-Tim Cumpston,Jr. (3rd place 103 03) or Tyler Cumpston, Fr.
112-Brandon Antill, Sr. (3X qualifier) or Tim Cumpston
119-Brandon Antill, Sr.
125-Kelly Hughes, Jr. (qualifier 03)
130-Noah O'Neil, Sr. (4th 02, 5th 01)
135-Jeff Pettit, So. or Chris Lyons, Fr.
140-Josh Whipkey, Sr. (qualifier 02)
145-Jeff Cumpston, Jr. (qualifier 03)
152-Casey Hughes, Sr. (2X state champion, 01 and 03)
160-Isaac Stewart, Sr. (Runner-up 03)
171-Adam Cooper, Jr. (Qualifier 03)
189-Mike Simms, Sr.
215-Steve Blake, Jr. (Qualifier 03)
275-CJ "The MANSTER" Manning, Sr. (4th 03)
That places serious title contenders at 103/112, 145, 152, 160, and 275, and possible high placement finishers at 112/119, 125, 130, 135, and 140. 103?, 171, 189, 215 will also score a lot of points this year for the team. If you don't think they're for real then just you wait!

October 20, 2003
comments: through the years of wood county wrestling there have been a lot of top notch wrestlers. Who are the top 10 wrestlers in wood county? past and present...

October 16, 2003
From: woodcountyfan
comments: Someone wrestling three classes in a row? This would probably be a little far fetched in a dual,tri, or quad and forget about it in a decent tourney. Do you realize how much wrestling with no mentionable rest that is? This kid would have to be one bad ass 189 pounder. Then move up not one but two classes without rest and giving up in most cases 20 30 or more lbs. I would have to say it can be done, however I cant see anyone doing very well. Now having said that it may possibly help the team in a dual tri or quad if the wrestler can keep from getting pinned in classes that a school would have had to forfiet. That would be the only possible crazy ass reason i can see for even attempting something like that.

October 16, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: WOOD COUNTY DOMINATOR.... I like your post but i think 171 - 275 got left off. Here is how it should finish
160- Norman PS Finalist last year, good wrestler
171- Walters PS State champ and Finalist last year
189 Lindamood P wrestled well as a freshman last year, look for BIG things from him this year.
215 Thomas P 2x state champ
275 Dearman P state champ

October 16, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: Jim Bob... I think what billy the kid is saying is that in WV you are a co- state champion. Not a true state champ like states that only have 1 class. California has 1 class, 1 state champ, and 1 state tourn. why can't we do that. If were going to have co-state champs why not have 20 divisions so we can all be winners. In a perfect world i would like to see 1 individual state tourn. (all 1 class) and a state dual tourn. separated A-AA-AAA so you could have fair team champions

October 16, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: Wrestling Parent... A wrestler to wrestle in three different weight classes in one year is not all that uncommmon. You must be very careful though. There are certain rules you need to follow. You cannot move down more than 2 weight classes during a season. In order to wrestle 189, 215, and 275, the wrestler cannot ever weigh in above 215. if you weigh in at 218 wrestle HWT then want to wrestle 189 later in the year you are moving down 2 wweight classes, but you could weigh in at 214, wrestle up a weight and then cut to 189 later. This example has a lot of weight fluctuation. This situation occurs more in the middle weights where the weights are closer.

October 16, 2003
From: Arduous
comments: 2003 Preseason Top 40
1 Blair Academy N.J.
2 Apple Valley Minn.
3 Northampton Pa.
4 Easton Pa.
5 Davison Mich.
6 Great Bridge Va.
7 St. Paris Graham Ohio
8 Brandon Fla.
9 El Reno Okla.
10 Ponca City Okla.
11 St. Edward Ohio
12 Bakersfield Calif.
13 Massillon Perry Ohio
14 Wasatch Utah
15 Absegami N.J.
16 Montini Ill.
17 Walsh Jesuit Ohio
19 Christiansburg Va.
20 Iowa City West Iowa
21 Billings Skyview Mont.
22 Simley Minn.
23 Providence Catholic Ill.
24 Clovis Calif.
25 Sunnyside Ariz.
26 Luxemburg-Casco Wis.
27 Clarkston Mich.
28 Chicago St. Rita Ill.
29 Cumberland Valley Pa.
30 Valley Central N.Y.
31 Kittatinny N.J.
32 Kenston Ohio
33 Glenbard North Ill.
34 Reynolds Pa.
35 Calvary Chapel Calif.
36 Bradley Central Tenn.
37 Lewis Central Iowa
38 Ponderosa Colo.
39 St. Mark Del.
40 Spanish Fork Utah

October 16, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: to the WOODCOUNTYDOMINATOR: I agree with your picks 100 percent but you left out a few.
160-cody norman(south)- I dont see anyone touching him this year
171-kyle walters(south)- already has 1 title, looking for another.
171-shane smith(williamstown)- has 2 titles, and will get his 3rd this year
160-allen tracewell(williamstown) looking for revenge this year. came in 2nd last year.
215 lou thomas(PHS)-no one is touching him in this state.
HWT ryan dearman(PHS)- one of the quickest HWT's there is, should capture a 2nd title.

October 16, 2003
From: Cameron fan
comments: Oak Glen fan: You do have a point about everyone saying that this will be the year and Oak Glen proves them wrong. I congratulate Oak Glen on the job they have done. But, if Cameron brings back the wrestlers they had last year, it will be very hard for Oak Glen to repeat. they bring back 10 qualifiers, (a 2 timer, a runner-up, a 3rd, and a two time placer). But as always, give the dog its due.... Oak Glen is still the defending champs, favorites and the title still runs through North Hancock County.

October 16, 2003
From: Sherry Ramsey
email: vmaxfer@charter.net
comments: The Cabell County Junior Knights little league will be having sign-ups on Monday, October 20 from 6 to 8 pm. at Barbousvilee Middle school in the cafeteria. Cost will be $30.00 for 1 child, $50.00 for two. Please bring a birth certificate with you. If you have any questions contact Mike Ramsey @ 743-4265.

October 16, 2003
From: wv wrestling fan
comments: who is tex he seems to know alot about point wrestling and where everyone is wrestling........just my opinion but i wouldnt be tellin everyone on the mat about how much ur kids weight.

October 16, 2003
From: Former Bear to Curious
comments: You don't remember them ? How about Anthony Regalbuto One of the best wrestlers to ever come out of WV, or Brian Moats, Danny Lord, Jimmy Shetler, Justin Snyder, Kevin Ballam, Andrew Everhart, and I can't even think of everyone else. Three of these guys set the record for the most wins in WV.Two state champions. Multiple place finishers. Three undefeated seasons in duel meets. And you never heard of Hedgesville? And they are AAA.

October 16, 2003
From: Wrestlingparent
comments: It's a little early for bold predictions, I believe. If a wrestler has improved, do not forget that his competition may have improved as well. Last year's "light" 215 may well become either a solid 215, or even (perish the thought) a 189 stud. So weight class predictions this early are, just that, a little early. Question: When was the last time a wrestler competed in 3 weight classes the same year? Heard it's within the letter of the law, and also have heard that it's gonna happen. Give you a hint- the 3 classes could be 189,215,275. Hmmmmmmmm

October 16, 2003
From: Ex-Oak Glen wrestler
comments: Every time I need a good laugh, I get onto the forum and read some of the rediculous statements that are put on here. It seems that every year people say outragous things and every year it never happens. Every year everyone says that East Fairmont is going to win states easily with more than 5 state champs and every year EF places 3rd at best. There is no team in the state that is going to knock off PH or PS. They are way too good. People also say every year that it is time for Oak Glen to get knocked off by some "deserving" team and every year that doesnt happen. Last year it was going to be between Calhoun and Cameron I believe. They gave it a good effort.lol. but came up a little short. Oak Glen is going to be just as good if not better than we were last year. We have possibly 4-5 state champs this year(Jessie Mahan, Rhett Northcraft,Cody Potts,Brennon Chambers, and a few others may sneak into the finals depending on how they wrestle). Brennon and Cody both missed states last year as Sophomores due to injury and would have placed in the top 3. Jessie and Rhett both placed 3rd and 5th respectively and were the first FRESHMAN in Oak Glen history to place in the state tournament. So, year in and year out it doesn't matter how many people we lose to graduation, Coach Shaw always has someone waiting in the dark to step out into the spot light and have their turn to shine, and I'm sure things will be no different this year. Good luck this year guys. Make up for the deplorable football season with an amazing wrestling season. I'll be there rooting you guys on.

October 16, 2003
From: Jim Bob
comments: Billy the kid, who said that NJ is right? Maybe there are people there who wish they had more state champs. I say we keep it just the way it is right here in good ol WV.

October 16, 2003
comments: Oak Glen loses quality seniors every year, but there is a JV kid who has put in his time ready to step up.

October 16, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: Gungle from calhoun will be at 103 or 112 and he should be a top competitor at both possibly a state champ at 103

October 16, 2003
From: Curious
comments: Why didn't you post my comment about what place hedgesville took at states last year? There was nothing bad about it I was just curious because there seems to be alot of talk about them. Also are they AAA or AA/A? I'm an ex state placer and I don't even remember this team.

October 16, 2003
From: A
comments: AA/A HWT will be a tough class this year. 9 of 16 wrestlers that made the states have a chance to come back this year. If Lowe from Wirt doesnt drop to 215, that means 10 of 16 will return. People say that HWT dont wrestle, we wrestle, just in a different style. I just think HWT will be a exciting class to watch, all of the wrestlers are very competitive. Keep a eye on the heavies

October 16, 2003
From: DragonTamer
email: ctg672jt@yahoo.com
comments: Transplanted Mountaineer, Keep us all up to date about those Indiana boys of yours. As for Musselman's team this year, I honestly can say this is going to be the start of a turn around for that program. Thats all i'm going to say, I'll let the wrestling do the rest of the talking.

October 16, 2003
October 16, 2003
comments: Why does the rest of the state talk in October, and Wood County talks on the mat in late February and March???? Lets look at possible state champions this year from Wood county!!!!
112-Jake Hayes (PHS)-depends on who stays down- Jake will go a long way.
125-Robert Shyver (PHS)-tough as nails with one State under his belt already.
130-Brandon Rader (PHS)-the most dominating folkstyle wrestler in WV. Has Brandon EVER been beaten in season by another WV wrestler.
135-Chad Porter (South)-this kid is good and getting better. Watch out!!
140-Shaun Smith (South)-fast, strong, technical. If you think Shaun is not capable of upsetting Mitch Smith, good.
145/152-Chance Litton (PHS)-Chance will win the state this year at one of these weights. Chance could have pinned his way to a state championship at 135 last year, but he is the ultimate team player.
152/160-Nick Munday (South)-Nick is without a doubt the physically strongest freshman in the state. If you haven't heard this name, you will. His Cougar coached style comes through, even in a blue and white singlet.

October 16, 2003
From: Curious
comments: What place did Hedgesville take at states last year? Seems to be an awful lot of talk about them?

October 16, 2003
From: Annoyed parent
comments: Can we please wait for the predictions until at least 2004? It is all about favortism anyways. Of course you will say a kid you like will beat a kid you don't like. So please, lets wait until we see some results. If a kid A got beat by kid B last year, then kid B should beat them again this year.

October 16, 2003
From: Tex to Bugs Bunny
comments: That's why they wrestle. Besides, Tench will probably drop to 189. He's gotten leaner and meaner in the offseason. Point came to town to play my boys in football this year, and I got to see him after the game. And kids just don't improve in the offseason without work in wrestling. Does Harris not play football? All I know is, I am ready for the season to start. I like watching 160 and up. I think that is where all the good action is at. Not a thing of conversation, just an opinion. Don't everyone comment on the best weight class.

October 16, 2003
From: dardar
comments: of course none of the predictions are right, nobody knows who is gonna be at what weight class. All the predictions are just for fun. just chillax

October 16, 2003
From: Poesbar
comments: My bad Homey G, you are correct about Manning, I was mistaken. However, Manning did NOT have an easier bracket, Manning simply beat the guy who beat Lowe twice in the tournament to get to 3rd and 4th place match. IN fact, Manning beat Shepherd (that guy) probably 5 or more times last year so none of them were flukes.

October 16, 2003
From: Former Bear
comments: About this so called "bragging" on the Hedgesville pages. It is and they have the right, but... Hegdesville High School did not make the Eagles the team it is or has been for the past several years. The Berkeley Co. Bears Jr. Wrestling League is where most all of their best wrestlers began. Put down the names, make yourself a list. Where did we come from? Berkeley Co.that's where. We had one of the best teams in the league. And as we all went to High School we took a part of the Bears with us. Its time that these High School Coaches gave some credit where it is due. And not just Hedgesville. Musselman's top wrestler for the last few years started with the Bears. Martinsburg got a few of us too. Your best High School and college, for that matter, all had tones of mat time before we ever though about High School wrestling. So come on coaches give it up for the guys who created your winning seasons. Thanks Greg, Pete, Tony, Doug, Mike and all of the other BCW coaches over the last 10 years or so

October 16, 2003
From: Gunfighter
comments: The reason Oak Glen has won 7 straight state titles is because they dont rebuild they reload but im sure everyone will say that this is the year they go down until they prove that they are the best again.

October 16, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: M S....... That lineup looks like a South State Runner up team.

October 14, 2003
From: Clark Settle
comments: what is it going to take to get kids 11-13 some more weight classes past 115 to 160. Kids are getting bigger and they all can't wrestle HWT. without losing quality mat time. 115 agaist a 140 is alright but 2 or 3 classes added would have closer compition!

October 14, 2003
From: bugs bunny
comments: to tex: tench will not beat harris this year. tench is good but harris is going to be really good this year.

October 14, 2003
From: hedgesville wrestler who knows
comments: hey listen up....we don't need to start dieting...we got 4 weeks of football left...and besides...we got everyone where we want them...heres the weight classes i know people will be at
103-joe shetler
112- justin zimmerman
130-josh grim
145-justin everhart
152-troy foltz
160- dustin foltz
171-brad ammons
189-derrick young
215-matt bartgis
heavyweight-josh nicholson
7 of those kids will place top 6 or better at states...count on it...u can say w/e u want bout us...we will just prove all doubters wrong when we hit the mat...and i hope we go head to head with east fairmont...and when we do beat them...i don't wanna hear anything bout bad refs or cheating or anything...east fans can swallow their pride once in their life...

October 14, 2003
Te envio toda la informaci?n necesaria para alcanzar el ?xito en este link , si puedes imprimirlo mejor, ya que tiene una duraci?n de un d?a.Gracias.
Un saludo

October 14, 2003
From: Billy the Kid
comments: You know what I can't stand? Having a A/AA and a AAA state champ.I mean NJ does, and every one nows they have a bigger populaion and way better wrestling. I mean if they can do it we can to, NJ has 17 million people and little country WV only 1.7 million and we 28 state champs and they only have 14. If that's not crazy than what is!!!!
P.S. If any one wants to respond to my comment please do so.

October 14, 2003
From: hedgesvilleparent
did not interpret eagles page addition and update as bragging, boasting,or anything elase other than them thinking positively and having set goals. most are conditioning and playing other sports (mostly football)and living lives. don't think weight will be a problem as all will be ok when the time comes. anyone who would have talked to them recently, say in the past 6 months would know. they are a friendly, close knit group who have mostly come up through the bears and played together on 2 or 3 other sports. they are still very young and have a ways to go but are very enthusiastic, not cocky. they know the road ahead is going to be tough but are ready to face the challenge and are not taking it lightly. as for entering other tournaments the former regional champ team of days past did not attend any either except for maybe one or two of them. also the camp you spoke of is fine but not going to determine whether or not someone is going to be any good this year. the hedgesville schedule is already pre-determined by the AD and that is coach allen and all complaints and comments should be directed to him. i am also under the understanding we can only wrestle so many matches a year, he would probably be able to answer that too. we are all encouraged by your enthusiasm but would better be served by you if you would help some of us parents with fundraisers, and other important things that have positive, constructive purposes, instead of being on here from afar and directing unflattering and sometimes uneccessary rhetoric.

October 14, 2003
From: Look out Oak Glen
comments: Did anybody notice that Oak Glen was Senior loaded last year??? I believe that this could be the year some deserving school knocks off the looming Giant. I was glad to hear about Lowe moving down to 215. He will be awesome at that weight class. I look forward to seeing how Braxton County does this year with so many returning placers. Calhoun looks poised to make a run at the championship this year also.

October 14, 2003
comments: for the forum

October 14, 2003
From: Curious
comments: I was looking through some results and saw that Norman and Northcraft got 1st and 2nd at western region eastern nationals Does anyone know the score?

October 14, 2003
From: williamstown wrestler
comments: Don't forget about potts from og he didnt wrestle in the state tournament but hes still tough.

October 14, 2003
From: to Poesbar
comments: you are wrong about C.J Manning. Lowe beat him in double over time at the Berkley tournament. that was the one and only time they faced last year. Manning simply must have had an easier bracket at states

October 14, 2003
From: M S
comments: South's state championship lineup 103 Keller, Matheny 112 Townsend, Baldwin 119 Kelley, Wolfe 125 McCray, Piggott 130 Porter, Fought 135 Smith, Dunn 140 Smith, Alton 145 Young, Porter, James 152 OsunaCotto, Mathers 160 Norman, Lott 171 Walters, Powell 189 Munday, Radcliff 215 Dorton, Davis 275 Memel, Williams

October 14, 2003
From: Poesbar
comments: Are you AA/A predictors serious? Nobody has Casey Hughes from Cameron picked to win, the kids' won 2 STATE TITLES ALREADY! No one you've predicted ahead of him has ANY. This kid steps up when its all on the line and when he's on, he doesn't lose.

October 14, 2003
From: fan
comments: (I think this is Oak glen's line up)
103 davis
112 miller
119 baker
125 wright
130 mahan
135 chambers
140 timmons
145 stevens
152 northcraft
160 railing
171 stevens
189 foltz
215 Potts
275 wiseman

October 14, 2003
comments: those AA predictions are awful, they wont even be close to right

October 14, 2003
From: AAA
comments: jimmy, if richie goes 145 he might run into mitch smith. his best bet would be to go 152, he could run the tables there. also has anyone seen PHS's schedule? Ironman, beast of the east, powerade,st edwards OH, great bridge PA, solon OH, grundy VA, and north allegheny PA. some of the best team in the nation and the toughest tournaments in the nation also. can you say TOUGH!!!

October 10, 2003
From: Tex
comments: Good predictions for the AA/A winners this year. You need to note, however, Tench beat Harris 9-2 in the regionals last year.

October 10, 2003
From: Kris Wilcoxen
email: kwilcoxen@ovc.edu
comments: I would like to announce that Mineral Wells Wrestling sign-ups will be Tuesday and Thursday, Oct 28th & 30th from 6-8 PM. Please bring your birth certificate. The signup fee for the 2003-2004 season is $15.00 for the first child, $10.00 for the second child in the family and each additional child in the family is free.

October 10, 2003
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: Thank god the region 2 regionals is back in the eastern panhandle. Just saw Hedgesvilles schedule and see that regionals is at Martinsburg this year about time. Other than that heres my annual beef that is usually ignored would like to see hedgesville add some tougher opponents to the schedule after the fairmont inv. The last month of the season should be to gear up for regionals instead of resting in my opinion. But that's just my opinion. Anyway I also see hedgesville is talking about a possible regional title this year on their wrestling page. The possibility is there but people better not get too cocky as East Fairmont is also loaded. Regionals is never a sure thing for any team. I have seen loaded teams go in before, teams that I thought there was no way possible that they wouldn't win regionals and they didn't get the job done. Nothing is given it must be earned. And right now the Eagles are going to need to do something about the weight class problem and getting everyone talented in the lineup. I sure an not going to predict anything until I know they don't have 5 talented guys at the same weight class with 4 sitting the bench. I want to see everyone in the lineup but people may want to start thinking about what weight class their going to and start dieting later this month. Even with everyone in the lineup East Fairmont is going to be tough to overcome. Wish I would have seen more of the Eagles in off season tournaments. In that way this is definitely not the Eagles of old who won a regional title. Many of those guys were training at Regalbutos over the summer and getting into tournaments in the offseason. Lots of talent on the Eagles team but wasted talent doesn't win anything. Anyway hope you guys are thinking about the weight problem now and not just counting chickens before they hatch. Good luck Eagles.

October 10, 2003
From: fan of wrestling
comments: top 2 103-135
103 Rash (Ind) Billings (rav)
112 cumpston (cam) miller (og)
119 nell (shady) allen (wirt)
125 burtrug (sm) wright (og)
130 mahan (og) dunno
135 scarbro (shady) ashley (cal)

October 10, 2003
From: Bugs Bunny
comments: Does anyone know what Oak Glen's line up will be this year?

October 10, 2003
comments: AA Predictions:

October 10, 2003
From: AAA
comments: possible matchups to look for this season...just guessing the weights.
103-zack fraley, jarrod shaw
112- hayes, easter, rush, kelly
119-turnbull, osuna cotto, riner
125-shyver,porter, garvin,
130-,mcfarland, gerasimovich
140-campbell, smith, nelson
145- mitch smith, moore
152- litton, richie, codie gustines
160- norman, corie gustines
171- walters, young, ray
215-thomas,hutchinson...possibly tominack
HWT-dearman, valentine, richards

October 10, 2003
From: Merriam Webster (Herald Dispatch)
comments: to PPHS Wrestler....i know some fans on here do get things wrong....but they are just fans....do not get upset let them have fun....it is a message board, no one cares what people put, its all in good fun. so try to just have fun.

October 10, 2003
comments: Scarbro vs. Ashley! What a match that would be! Both looked dominant in their class victories last year, both are solid wrestlers, and both will be hungry for more next year. Will they meet? We can only hope... and as for Hughes, I read he will be wrestling 152 again this year, but from what I heard 152 may be a bit much for him to cut. Who knows for sure where he'll be?

October 10, 2003
From: Poesbar
comments: As far as those AA/A predictions I saw, how about Manning at HWT for at least top 3 placement? He quickly pinned Lowe last year at Berkeley Springs and finished 2 spots ahead of him at states. Not to mention through upwards of 5 career meetings between Manning and Fegal, none have not gone into overtime. AND Fegal ALWAYS won the toss. Other wrestlers you didn't think to mention from Cameron who may figure into the picture are, Jeff Cumpston (wrestled extremely over his real wrestling weight at states and still had Metz tied going into the third period and got to choose down before giving in to fatigue...he also started the season very late), and Noah O'Neil who has placed at states twice and will be hungry in his senior year after missing out last year.

October 10, 2003
From: jimmy
comments: everyone is talking about dustin richie going 152 and winning. He will not go there. He will be 145 and evryone there better watch out because this kid looks really good.

October 10, 2003
From: Grappler Gecko
comments: Hey bugs Bunny, your forgetting some good wrestlers in heavyweight AA/A. LIke C.JManning from Cameron,Maynor Crookshanks from Greenbrier West, Andy Anderson, Hoover beat Lowe twice last year. I know he didnt place, but he got a tough draw.

October 10, 2003
From: comments:
comments: 125- shyver,garvin wont be close
130- Rader,Lodge Rader will dominate
135- Shaw,dunno Close match there
140- mitch smith,shawn smith; mitch will win easy
145- litton,gustines- will be close

October 10, 2003
From: yeah, you know
comments: 2004 STATE CHAMPIONS
103-rush, wheeling park
112-easter, nitro
119-turnbull, university
125-shyver, parkersburg
130-rader, parkersburg
135-campbell, university
140-litton, parkersburg
145-m. smith, ripley
152-young, south
160-norman, south
171-walters, south
189-tominack, wheeling park
215-thomas, parkersburg
hwt-dearman, parkersburg

1. parkersburg
2. south parkersburg
3. brooke

October 7, 2003
From: to "K"
comments: put your address on here and if even one of the seven kids you picked to win states does, ill send you a thousand dollars.

October 7, 2003
From: Ken Chertow
email: ken@kenchertow.com
comments: I have a Camp of Champs this weekend at Penn State. I guarantee it would be well worth the trip for WV kids.

Details are here http://kenchertow.com/camps/fall/index.html

October 7, 2003
From: Wrestling Fan
comments: To PPHS fan...
The weight classes wont match up around what you might predict..they may look more like this..
112 cullen or pumphrey
119 cullen or pumphrey
125 mcarty or russel
130 mcarty or russel
never head anything bout Ellis transferin(it would be nice tho)
140 Casto
145 Boncuter
152 Warner
160 Billings
171 Carr
189 or 215 Tench

October 7, 2003
From: PPHS wrestler
comments: On behalf of our wrestling team, I would like to apologize for that horrible lineup that person posted. Those weight classes were beyond wrong. For example, bonecutter weighs 150 right now and Carr weighs 175. You tell me they are gonna wrestle 171 and 189? That's the most ridiculous thing ever. And Jordan...why would Jimmy Jordan wrestle? He's got more important things to think about. The REAL lineup will be a good young team, without Ellis, a Wahama man through and through (the Wahama coach is our coach's brother, so he won't transfer). please, please ignore this person if they put something else that stupid on the forum...thank you.

October 7, 2003
comments: Im sure Matt Delligatti will b a top contender at 189 might want to think bout that one. He was hurt the last 2 years

October 7, 2003
From: big tymer
comments: lets see some AAA 125-145 predictions.

October 7, 2003
From: AA/A wrestler
comments: Im sick of only hearing about AAA there is a AA/A division to!

October 7, 2003
From: Mail Man
comments: William... I agree those are great predictions for guys to go all the way. you may need a little help though in a few areas. Do you ever get out of the eastern Panhandle area?? You might look out for a kid this year named Turnbull and this Carrol kid might have a tough time with a guy named Rader. is 215 still wide open?? I was thinking someone has had control of that weight class for the last couple years.

October 7, 2003
From: comments: AAA
112-hayes, kelly,
119- easter, osuna cotto
125- shyver
130- dunno
135- rader
140- shawn smith
145-mitch smith
152- chance litton

October 7, 2003
October 7, 2003
From: Bugs Bunny
comments: AA/A Predictions
Top 3 each class These are just for you to have fun with, any other peopel i missed feel free to add if you would like.....have fun!!
103 Billings (rav), Rash (Ind), Miller (OG)
112 Cumpston (cam) , Moffatt (win), Pumphrey (PP)
119 Neal (Shady) , Allen (Wirt) , Painter (GW)
125 Bartrug (sm) , Digman (BC) , Ellis (wah)
130 Mahan (OG) , McCarty (LC) , DiMarco (wil)
135 Scarbro (shady) , Ashley (cal) , Flynt (BC)
140 Moore (BS) , Dye (Wirt) , Elder (wil)
145 Efaw (Graf) , Hines (BC) , Wince (RC)
152 Metz (cal) , Bosley (frank) , Dennis (rav)
160 Tracewell (wil) , Hughes (cam) , Adkins (clay)
171 Smith (wil) , Stewart (cam) , Railing (OG)
189 Smith (GW) , Moore (SH) , Carr (PP)
215 Ward (IND) , Harris (WC) , Tench (PP)
275 Freda (LC) , Lowe (wirt) , Fegal (weir)

October 7, 2003
From: Transplanted Mountaineer
comments: I believe that Dustin Haislip from Musselman will make alot of noise in the lower weight class, possibly 103 or 112. Good luck to all Berkeley County wrestlers in the upcoming season. I know two former West Virginia wrestlers who will definitely be making some noise in Indiana! They are ready!

October 7, 2003
From: Region 2 fan
comments: Possible Rosters for Preston,East Fairmont,Fairmont Sr.,Jefferson,Hedgesville,Martinsburg,Musselman,North Marion

October 7, 2003
comments: Did Perry Ellis of Wahama Transfer to Point Pleasant???

October 7, 2003
From: PPHS Fan
comments: Well, maybe not all of my weight classes are right. That is just what i would guess these kids will wreslte this up coming year. But i can tell you this Warner and Casto will BOTH be varsity starters this year and will be wrestling in the state tournament. Warner will place this year in my opionion, most likely at 140 or 145, maybe even 152. I am not sure on my weight classes and since you think i am so far off, would you be so kind as to giving my whom you think will wrestle each class for point?? Thank you.

October 7, 2003
From: wvwrestler
comments: hey man , don't knock others for for participating in the forum. if u don't wanna see them then don't look. how bout some lower wieght predictions in both A/AA and AAA. Easter is lookin tough. lower wieghts are lookin like alot of competition this year. Point pleasant does look like they'll have a good team. they'll probably place top 3 at regionals and may even make top 12 in state(but don't quote me on that)Kinda curious to see where everyone is at , i can feel the season creeping around the corner. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! good luck to everyone this year and train hard.

October 7, 2003
From: Marion County Fan
comments: Please do not listen to this "K" person he is just trying to get the people who read the forum in a up roar! I follow East Fairmont Wrestling (pee wee's, Junior High, and the High school)The High School will have a competing team this year in the state(if everybody from last year comes out)The Junior High(6st, 7th ,and 8th graders) should be one of the best in state.The Pee wee's will be having a rebuilding year.

October 7, 2003
From: Brent Sams
email: brentster@casinternet.net
The Little Kanawha Cauliflower Club Wrestling Clinic will be held Nov. 14th and 15th in the Parkersburg area. (The site is still yet to be determined.) This year's feature instructor will be Scott Shipman, assistant wrestling coach at Gardner-Webb University.

Coach Shipman was a Division II National Champion at West Liberty State College in 1996. He was also a 2x National Finalist, 4x All-American, 2x Academic All-American and qualified for the 1996 Olympic Trials. Coach Shipman is a product of Cardinal High School from Middlefield, Ohio.

After college, Coach Shipman was an assistant wrestling coach at West Liberty and then went on to participate in mixed martial arts competition, compiling an 11-1 record.

Coach Shipman is in his second year at Gardner-Webb, pursuing his Masters Degree and training for the 2004 Olympic Trials. He is a 2003 inductee into West Liberty’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

Gardner-Webb is a Division I, four-year liberal arts university with masters programs, school of nursing and divinity school. The university is located in Boiling Springs, North Carolina about 50 miles west of Charlotte. They compete in the Atlantic Sun Conference. The school was founded in 1905, became a junior college in 1928, became a university in 1993 and was upgraded to Division I in 2000. Gardner-Webb is affiliated with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.

Cost for the clinic is $30 for three sessions, $20 for two sessions or $12 for one session. Attendees may pick which two sessions to attend after the football playoffs are announced but enrollment is limited to the first 100 PAID entries. Watch this site for further details.

October 7, 2003
East Fairmont High School in Fairmont, WV will be having a tournament on Saturday, January 3, 2004. Tournament style has not been decided, and we are looking for your input…pool-style, dual-style, or traditional. Open to all high school teams. Anyone interested please contact us ASAP. Get in touch with Coach John Geary at gearyfmt@yahoo.com or by phone at (304) 367-1012 or you may contact Coach Adam Boyers at adam@middletowntractor.com or (304) 368-1222.

October 7, 2003
comments: Prediction for 189 AA: Robert Ward all the way!!!

October 4, 2003
From: Brent Sams
email: brentster@casinternet.net
comments: The Little Kanawha Cauliflower Club Wrestling Clinic will be held Nov. 14th and 15th in the Parkersburg area. (The site is still yet to be determined.) This year's feature instructor will be Scott Shipman, assistant wrestling coach at Gardner-Webb University.

Coach Shipman was a Division II National Champion at West Liberty State College in 1996. He was also a 2x National Finalist, 4x All-American, 2x Academic All-American and qualified for the 1996 Olympic Trials. Coach Shipman is a product of Cardinal High School from Middlefield, Ohio.

After college, Coach Shipman was an asst. wrestling coach at West Liberty and then went on to participate in mixed martial arts competition, compiling an 11-1 record.

Coach Shipman is in his second year at Gardner-Webb, persuing his Masters Degree and training for the 2004 Olympic Trials.

October 4, 2003
From: wrestling fan
comments: i just want to wish east side good luck and have a great season. everyone is talking about the kids but no one is meantioning one kid shane morgan he qualified last year and is a real hard worker people need to watch out for him. but to everyone work hard and show everyone what you guys are made of.

October 4, 2003
comments: Yea i would like too see some predicitions, Sayin alot of these Kids are in football and have no clue what weight thier going to wrestle at as of now. Yea i wanna see some self proclaimed expect who has no clue about anything make predictions on who is going to do what because there cousin or buddy is in that weight class. The people who make these preditions have no clue so why waste the space.
Editor's note: Well, it was a slow news day....

October 4, 2003
From: to the so-called pphs fan
comments: to pphs fan, u obviously have no clue what u are talking about....most of ur weight classes are rediculously wrong....it is obvious that u are a kid that has no business posting anything on this great website.

October 4, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: whoever said EF will have 7 state champs is crazy.....they will be lucky to plce 3 of them. anyways my predictions for 152-hwt
152-richie JM or codie gustines...other to note. sean smith, shawn moore mike devault
160-codie norman.......corie gustines
171- walters
189- tominack
HWT.- dearman

October 4, 2003
From: william
comments: 103 colton gustines jefferson
112 marshall chapman jefferson wont be bad this year
119 have no clue everyone is going up in weight
125 weak weightclass probably a freshman from hedgeisville
130 zane carrol jefferson had a bad year last year but
135 codiegustinesjefferson had bad calls last year in his match
140mitch smith very strong athlete has good technique
145 i dont know anyone could get it in this weight class
152 corie gustines jefferson went head to head with lord alot
160 derrik young hedesville was pretty good last year strong
171 dont have a clue
189 the kid from mussleman
215 i dont know who will be in this weight class
275 watch out for the kid from mussleman
i think these guys will be the guys runnin for state championships this year

October 4, 2003
From: J Hughes
comments: In reference to those "Florida" results. The only time I remember my brother being in Florida was for vacation this past summer... and I don't remember Casey wrestling Tracewell in Key West... lol. So yes, I think doc may have to put up a link called "results of matches in people's imagination". By the way, they are both pretty good tailbacks for their respective schools, so if you get a chance check them out this fall.

Best wishes to all in the upcoming season!

October 4, 2003
From: Predictions
comments: whats ur top 6 for 189-275 AAA

From: grappler
comments: Lets see the predictions for 125 through 145

October 4, 2003
From: Eagles Fan
comments: Way to go coach Everhart!Liked your comment.Good Luck with the new season.To HedgesvilleFanM...Unfortuneitly. D.Foltz will be 160,T.Foltz-152 Young-189 Ammons,171? Everhart-145? 215-Bartigs or Canfied? Not sure about the lower weights.Some of your preditions look good.I'm sure they will have a great year!

October 4, 2003
From: the mail man
comments: K.... Why do the East Fairmont fans continue to make such ridiculous predictions like 7 state champs. All you are doing is setting your team up for such a big disappointment. EF may be an ok team, but i don't predict any of those 7 in the top 3 little lone champs. tell me something more reasonable like Parkerburg high or South will have 7 state champs.

October 2, 2003
From: Wrestling fan region 4
comments: Does anyone know anything for sure about Josh Harris the 215 from Webster County as to what weight class he will be wrestling this year. Judging by last year he should be a top competitor for the state title this year in any class 189, 215, 275. If you do then let me know it would be a great help.

October 2, 2003
comments: Look for Point Pleasant to be a tough team this year. Not saying they will win states or even regionals but will be a good young team. 103 - ? 112 - Cullen 119 - Pumphrey 125 - Ellis (Transfer from Wahama*) 130 - McCarty 135 - Russell 140 - Warner 145 - Casto 152 - Billings 160 - Baker 171 - Bonecutter 189 - Carr 215 - Tench 275 - Jordan

October 2, 2003
From: the mail man
comments: I would say the predictions for 189, 215, and heavy are pretty obvious. They all have returning state champions in them. 189 might be close as there may be some talent coming up from 160 and 171. 215 and heavy will be DOMINATED by Thomas and Dearman

October 2, 2003
From: RE: College rule changes
comments: A recent article in WIN wrestling magazine by Lehigh's Greg Strobel indicates 2 major college rules changes--only ONE foot in bounds for control in a takedown situation and both wrestlers will go bottom position in the 2d overtime each for 30 seconds with the fastest to escape being the winner. Is this accurate? If so, I hope WV SSAC adopts them at the high school level.

October 2, 2003
From: K
comments: AAA state predictions East Fairmont will have 7 state champs this year. joby knapton 103, Chris Greynolds 112 Shawn Moore, 152 both Hamricks 145 and 160, billy ray 171 and jesse valentine 275

October 2, 2003
From: NorthernPanhandle
comments: Brooke
103 - Jarrod Shaw ( 5th at state )
112 - Andrew Mazzela
119 - Matt Smith ( 4th at state )
125 - Not sure
130 - Jon Mcfarland ( 2nd at state )
135 - Braden Shaw ( 3rd at state )
140 - Mike durbin
145 - not sure
152 - not sure
160 - Dana Davis
171 - Nathan Loughran
189 - Devin Dulaney
215 - not sure
275 - Derrick Molnar
I think that is brooke's line up this year

October 2, 2003
From: ZZZ
comments: bigtime........189 i'd say tominack again if he stays... i say him...nelson from huntingtons good also. 215- lou thomas hands down, i dont think anyone will come close to beating him. HWT- dearman again, valentines good EF, richards is alright riverside, and dorton from south is ok also. but my picks go with tominack, thomas, dearman

October 2, 2003
From: Wanting to see
comments: I would like to see some Predictions for 152 to 189 who do you all think will be there? so i like to some so posted.
Thank you

October 2, 2003
From: Takedown
comments: The big difference between Wood County and the rest of the state is this....in Wood County we talk about winning the state title and not who we are going to beat up on in the region!!

October 1, 2003
From: Oak Hill Youth Wrestling
comments: Win a Yamaha ATV!! The Oak Hill Youth Team is holding a fall raffle. Grand prize is a Yamaha 250 ATV from High Country Cycles in Summersville. Second prize is a PSE Inferno Bow Pkg From Angler's Roost. Third prize is a CVA muzzleloader w/scope. Only $10 per ticket. A limited number of tickets will be sold. Drawing is scheduled for Nov. 13, 2003. For more information call 304-469-3918 or 304-469-2445.

October 1, 2003
From: Big Time
comments: Whats the Predictions for AAA 189,215 and Heavy

September 29, 2003
From: IMP
comments: Lowe from Wirt will be wrestling 215 this year

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