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October 22, 2000
From: Old Coach
comments: I attended the rules clinic this weekend and brought up the subject of the 80 and 85 lb classes. It looks like we're stuck with them for this year; HOWEVER I did ask about exhibition matches at 75 for duals and tournaments. Both Gerry Trembush and Bill Welker said they saw no problem with this as long as the results didn't count for team points. After the clinic I went a step further and asked about awarding these kids trophies in tounamentsas long as the result didn't count for team points. They said they didn't think it was allowable but that concerned coaches should write a letter supporting the idea. Well this is my letter. I think the whole idea is to get the little kids involved and winning a trophy would certainly be a big deal to the kids (maybe the first trophy a little kid has ever gotten). Since the coaches who couldn't fill the lower weight classes have gotten their way and taken away the 75 class let's COMPROMISE by letting host tournaments decide if they want an exhibition 75 class with no points awarded toward final team standings but allow the awaarding of trophies. What is wrong with this idea? Teams can choose to particiapate in this weight class if they want but no penalty if they don't. And a boy could not officially wrestle at 80 for team points and also as a 75 exhibition. Sound fair? I certainly hope the WVSSC will agree to this compromise! Also I understand that wrestlers will no longer be permitted to shake hands with an opposing coach. I've never seen a problem with this at the junior high/middle school level--all it does is promote good sportsmanship and frankly it seems we take pretty good care of ourselves at this level. I say let the teams informally decide before a match if they want to shake hands. If they agree then let them. Most schools (in all sports) always shake hands with opposing players and coaches after a game. Let's not have wrestling be the first sport to take away the display of sportsmanship.

Fianlly Coach Stef has suggested a junior high/middle school rep for rules meeting with the WVSSC. I think this is a great idea and I hope there is someone out there who would like to take this responsibility and that the WVSSC will go along with it! We're ready to start wrestling!

October 22, 2000
comments: Not one person has mentioned North Marion on here and in my mind they have alot of talent coming back and a few new kids plus we all know of the coaching talent at North Marion. They will have Matt Wilson (6th in state) Jason Starsick (qualifier) Andrew Menus (5th in region) Daran Hays (qualifier) Jed Ott (6th in state) Rick Hickman (qualifier) Andrew Starsick (Varsity) with these returners and a few up comming freshmen one or 2 guys step up and this could be a good tourny team!

October 22, 2000
From: Old Wrestler
comments: I think it will be interesting to see some of the A-AA line-ups when they finally get to meet up at states but I would like to see Oak Glen Cameron and Williamstown meet up sometime before OVACs (Cameron and Oak Glen) and regionals (all three). I think they all three have solid line-ups as well as Independence. Here are some possible match-ups we could look forward to possibly seeing when these teams cross paths.

119: Bob Brookover and Gary Six and/or Josh Whipkey

125: Tim Haddox and Tyler Hughes

130: Casey Hughes and Gaelen Lowers and/or Shane Smith (Hughes/Smith would be a rematch of a pee wee state championship match won by Smith 6-5 last year that was very entertaining. It could be more interesting if Hughes is healthy for this one.)

135: D.J. Yoders/Isaac Stewart and Eric Noel and Tyler Westbrook

140: Kyle Eckleberry and Isaac Stewart/D.J. Yoders/Tucker Brown and/or Ryan Elder

145: Jake Flowers and Roger Kupfer

152: Joel O'Neil and Matt Seckman

160: Tucker Brown/Joel O'Neil and Derrick Stickles

171: Curt Meyer and Ronnie Hebrock

189: Wyatt O'Neil and Phillip Bellville and/or Ryan Delebreau

those are just a few of the countless possibilities for great match-ups this coming year! Keep watching and good luck to all!

October 22, 2000
comments: First of all Bonecutter of PP wrestled 152 last year it would be unlikely for him to drop a weight class and go for 145. Robbie Ripley 0f Nitro is probably going to wrstle 145 this year he has really grown.

October 22, 2000
From: MHS_wrestler
comments: I messed up writing that about pugh.....I meant Six i posted a second message but they never posted it.

October 22, 2000

October 22, 2000
From: Randy
email: wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com
comments: i just wanted to send out best wishes to coach sang at hhs when he retires from the helm of the hhs football team after this season. even though this is a wrestling forum coach sang was head coach when the old hhs had their first state wrestling champion(coach archer) and mike blake at hehs. even though i only meet you a few times good luck with whatever you choose to do after football coach sang!

October 22, 2000
comments: To the WHS fan are u a wrestler student or parent???? Becasue i would like to tell you to be quiet we dont like people to know we going to be tough its better to sneak up on them and kick ther butts not boast about how we going to do it first LESS TALK MORE WRESTLING.

October 22, 2000
From: whs fan
comments: im glad you dont see anything because i see a awesome team from whs this year!!! i think we can upset oak glen but we will just have to wait and see but my bets are going to for whs all the way whs rocks

October 22, 2000
From: wvufan@mail.wirefire.com
Help! I know that there is a regional tournament in Parkersburg that should be sometime in March. It is an open tournament (I am 30 years old), that us old guys can still wrestle in. Do you know the exact dates for this tournament? Thanks in advance.

October 22, 2000
From: Unhappy
comments: Does anyone know if the middle school/junior high weight change has been brought up at any of the rules meetings already held and if so what was said? And why not simply add the 75 lb. class to go along with an 80 and 85 class?I really feel that this change was engineered by a select few coaches who were more worried about winning matches and having to forfeit points than anything else. Commmon sense tells you that.And for the WVSSC to go along with this without notifying all the schools in advance of a pending change is a sham!!! To the WVSSC--put the kids first instead of a few narrow-minded coaches and bring back the 75!

October 22, 2000
comments: Does any know the date for the JJWA tourney at Jefferson High School some time in Nov?

October 22, 2000
From: M.M.S. MOM
email: jodilynn820@aol.com
comments: Is their only a two year eligiablily for wrestlers who are in middle school. My son is a 6th grader at Milton Middle and he would like to wrestle but i have heard that he can only wrestle for two years in middle school. If that is so I would like him to wait till next year. I know that Coach Lemaster is on from time to time so maybe he could anwser this question for me

October 22, 2000
From: South Fan 88
comments: Well Wrestling Season is right around the corner!!! I can hardly wait. This is going to be an incredible year!!! Parkersburg South High School is going to be the team to watch again this year. They are going to dominate the mat. They have finally been granted the opportunity to face off with Oak Glen!!! South will have a ball with them. The season will roll by quick and soon we will all be sitting in Huntington again watching South walk away with yet another AAA State title!!! Life is Good!!!!

October 22, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To Gatekeeper: I will respond one more time to your last comments and leave it at that:First of all I said South "may have their best team ever" and by returning seven state placers and a strong sophmore class I know South will be as strong as ever.I must have hit a nerve and it is apparent that you are no South fan and haven't done your homework.I'll respond to any comments you may have at the end of February!

October 22, 2000
From: patriot fan
comments: You can count out independence all you want preseason cause here in just a few weeks there will be no ignoring us

WSAZ is January 19-20 and state is February 22 thru 24

October 20, 2000
What are the dates for the WSAZ and WV State tournaments for the 2000-01 season?

October 20, 2000
comments: Ok just wondering because I still see nothing on that team but some good individual wrestlers. But not enough to upset the solid solid lineup at Oak Glen

October 20, 2000
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: I'm glad that M. Hays agrees with Old Coach and I (and others) concerning the weight class change. We (Braxton County Middle School) have some of our best wrestlers in the 75 and 83lb. classes. Matt Morris who is wrestling 112 at Braxton County High School has been very successful and his younger brother Chris will be one of our wrestlers this year who will definitely be a contender for that 75 lb. weight class. I appreciate Old Coach's concern for the middle school wrestler who as a 7th grader has to wrestle a 9th grader on a junior high team but we prepare our kids for that possibility from the first day of practice. As I've always told him and our team it will only make them better wrestlers as they continue their wrestling career. I'm glad that M.Hays will be giving his opinion in Parkersburg and I will most definitely be doing the same in Clarksburg on Oct. 24. I worry about the message we are sending out to kids and parents because wrestling has always been "the sport" where size does not matter. If we don't speak up the only ones being hurt are the little guys who have waited for years to participate in wrestling and "finally" weigh enough to be a part of a team.

October 20, 2000
comments: REVISION:
2.Fairmont Senior
3.Cabell Midland
4.East Fairmont
5.parkersburg south

To south wrestling fan: South may do better than 5th this year however your comments about "the best South team ever" is absurd. In this experts opinion any of the top 5 teams in AAA from 4 years ago back would easily defeat any team of today. I wonder what former South wrestlers like Mike Sharpe Zack Hasse Duncan (runner up to Viani in 95) Heath Gratehouse Chad Smith both Shanks and many others would say to that comment. "best south team ever" I say Ha.

October 20, 2000
comments: Who ever made the perdictions about Chris Moles getting to be a state champ this year. I would have loved to seen it because I know he can do it but he graduated last year.

October 19, 2000
comments: to the person who asked what Williamstown has to upset Oak Glen well not absolutley sure who we definetly have this year but we are going to be tough!!!! we should have many returning wrestlers and some great talent moving up from the jr.high team. returning wreslters should be
casey biddle
tyler westbrook
tim haddox
shawn statts
adam delebrau
nick dimarco
matt seckman
bob brookover
josh headley
mitch buck
tyson knapp

new members may include
shane smith
jesse biddle
corey brown
ryan elder
lee lauderman
anthony dimarco
all in all i think if our team pulls together we could take LKC this year and Oak Glen may not pose a problem and do a great job at state DONT COUNT WILLIAMSTOWN OUT WERE GOING TO BE TOUGH!!!!

October 19, 2000
From: M.Hays
email: mahays@access.k12.wv.us
comments: I'd just like to echo the "old wrestling coach's" opinions on the 75 and 83 lb. weight classes. He is exactly right about it helping out the much needed middle school wrestling programs. Greg White fell into the same category when he was at Mannington Middle School. If the 75 lb. weight class had not been re-instituted he would have been at a great disadvantage wrestling 83 lb. for both his 7th and 8th grade seasons. As a result he was very successful Jr. Hi career with 2 Mason-Dixon Championships and only a handful of losses and he continued that successful career at North Marion. The old coach also is "right on" when he mentions that since 6th graders are eligible for the first time this will do nothing but encourage their participation. Let's let them know our opinions at Parkersburg.

October 19, 2000
From: Huntington Fan
comments: Person to watch does eneyone no what weight class John Bonecutter from PPHS is wrestling this year.

October 19, 2000
From: Old Coach
comments: As a junior high coach I absolutely support Coach Stef and everyone else who wants to see a return of the 75 and 83 lb. weight classes THIS YEAR. The new classes can only benefit the junior highs which already have too many unfair advantages over the middle schools. Especially since 6th graders are now allowed to wrestle for the first time we'll be taking away a wwight class where the little guys will really have a chance to excel. In years past I've had two kids who first came out for wrestling as 7th graders both weighing approximately 60 lbs. One boy later moved to Virginia where he became a state runner-up and state champ. The other boy (still wrestling) has won 61 matches as a 60 lb. 7th grader and 64 lb. 8th grader. Yet both of thse boys would have been way overmatched in an 80 lb. weight class and probably would have gotten discouraged and quit. The 75 lb. class is the ONLY weight class where a real little fella can compete at the scholastic level in ANY sport! Think about it. I think it's extremely important to bring back the lower weight classes so that middle schools especially can develop their 6th graders. I know that this Saturday at our rules clinic I'll be standing up to support going back to the "old" weight classes. Getting little kids to wrestle is far more important than worrying about having to forfeit six points.

October 19, 2000
From: An East Fairmont Fan
comments: With all the Forum predictions I have yet to see East Fairmont mentioned as a top 4 team. They only lost one senior from last year's team which finished 8th in the state tournament. Besides everyone returning they have picked up several excellent freshmen who should help the team. Miller stays at l7l and possibly could be the MOW with his 3rd state championship. Noechel goes from 160 to 215 and is a 'beast' with 40 pounds of muscle on him. Sternthal stays at 189. All three of these wrestlers have good shots at winning state championships. Keeney or Futten will wrestle 140 145 or 152. Either of them can possibly win the states at 140 or 145. Futten wrestled well at 145 last year and Keeney moves up from 125. Freshmen Flint (103) Moore (119 or 125) and Hickman (125 or 130) are all good tough wrestlers. Taylor (112) and Haddox (119 or 125) are sophmores with a year's varsity experience. Ben and Brandon Geary are also sophmores who will definitely help the team somewhere at 140 to 160. The higher weights are Satterfield who wrestled 215 last year and Hostutler at heavyweight. The East team only has 4 seniors this year---Hostutler Sternthal Noechel and Miller all good leaders with lots of experience. By the way there was an article in our local paper last year about the East team----they carried a 3.7 overall grade point average. I doubt if any other team in the state can lay claim to a GPA of 3.7----that is remarkable. I just want to give credit to the potential of the East Fairmont team. They should and could finish in the top 4 teams at the state tournament.

October 19, 2000
comments: My AAA Predictions

103 Champion -Shane Grogg-Parkersburg South
Top Contenders- Sammy Bonasso Lucas Cappas

112 Champion-Matt Easter-Nitro
Top Contenders-Kevin Ballum Jonathan Dellighetti

119 Champion-Matt Stevens-Parkersburg
Top Contenders- Justin Stanley Chantz Griffith Ryan Metz Matt Smith

125 Champion-Chris Johnson-Nitro
Top Contenders- Nathan Kinsley Chris Gibbs John Duncan

130 Champion-Matt Bosely-Parkersburg South
Top Contenders-Robbie Williams Robbie Ripley

135 Champion-Devin Abshire-Jefferson
Top Contenders- Danny Lord Justin Kessler Clayton Samples

140 Champion- Blane Mayle-Buchanon-Upshur
Top Contenders-Josh Moore Jed Ott

145 Champion-Bryan Moats-Hedgesville
Top Contenders- Ferens Victor Beard Brice Pickens

152 Champion-Nathan Pickens-Parkersburg South
Top Contenders-Andre McDonald Aaron Futten

160 Champion-Chris Daggett-Parkersburg South
Top Contenders-Travis Durst Chris Taylor

171 Champion-Matt Miller-East Fairmont
Top Contenders- Casey Daggett Jason Mayes

189 Champion-Jeff Courtney-Fairmont Senior
Top Contenders-Joe Jackson Matt Sternthal

215 Champion-Chris Moles-Parkersburg South
Top Contenders-Jeff Noechal Mookie Mayer

275 Champion-Byron Wellman-Cabell-Midland
Top Contenders-Aaron McCartney Dustin Householder Matt Clay

October 19, 2000
comments: all this talk about the 152 lb weight class has gotten me all excited about the buccannon tournament. i cant wait to find out who the real deal really is.

October 19, 2000
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: I had phone calls from "Old Coach" and Dave Walker from Independence this week. We all have the same legitimate concerns Coaches. We are attending rules clinics all over the state right now and we have to speak up for the "weight class change" in middle school/junior high wrestling. We also need to push for a middle school/junior high rep. on the wrestling board. If we sit back and don't speak up for our kids we have no one to blame but ourselves. I'm still hoping we can make a change before Nov. 13. If not I'll have to tell my kids that I was wrong - we "couldn't make a difference."

October 19, 2000
From: East Fan
comments: noechel is wrestling 215 not 160 this year. miller will be at 171 and sternthal is at 189. east might have a chance to have state champs in these 3 weight classes. ryan keeney and aaron futton will place high in the state too.

October 19, 2000
From: CW
comments: Hey people. Guess what 26 days until wrestling season. The upcoming year means so much specially to the wrestlers. I am sure any wreslter that actually enjoys their talent is really excited. As am I and I am not that important. So good luck again to all the teams and wrestlers can't wait to see the mats unroll for the time to hit them. Remember have fun and do your best. Good luck South.

October 19, 2000
From: CH
comments: Just to keep you up to date Justin Kotson of Cameron will most likely not be wrestling this year due to a serious accident suffered in late August. I wish him good luck in his recovery and hope for a healthy return for his senior year next year.

October 19, 2000
From: hedgesvillefanm
email: wrestlefanm1@yahoo.com
comments: First congratulations to the iron eagles that competed in the lockhaven tourn. We only had four go due to hedgesvilles homecoming the night before and those guys didn't get much if any sleep that night but they still respresented themselves well. Brian Moats 150 placed 3rd losing an ot match to the eventual champion. Kevin Ballam was about a match away from placing and lost a close one at 112. Chantz Griffith did extremely well also getting close to placing at 130. And Jared Hess wrestling at 145 had some close calls and some good matches. As for the comments about the WVU Open check the results from last year Rodrigues of GA placed and he was a senior in high school last year. Troy Letters of PA took third at the WVU open and he was only a junior in high school no big wonder why most of the major colleges are after him. So to answer the question yes high schoolers are allowed in it. As for more info I'll try to get some registration info from Tony Regalbuto and put it on here. Some of our guys are going to it as well as the buckhannon tourn. The weights are college weights. Also I can tell you that there were many high schoolers at the Lockhaven tournament talking about getting in the WVU open.

October 19, 2000
From: CC 41
comments: Everyone seems to be counting out Buckhannon-Upshur's sophmore Blane Mayle at 40/45 this year. He won 41 matches last year in a tough 140 lb. weight class as a freshman. Blane works really hard on and off season. Granted he doesn't have the competition in the wrestling room this year (Andy Travise Joey Mayle and Billy Baisden all graduated) but he'll will be working out with one of the better Coach/Wrestlers that I have wrestled with in the likes of J.P. Tenney (BU Middle School coach). Look for Blane at the top of one of these weight classes at the end of Feb.

October 19, 2000
comments: LOOK OUT For GREENBRIER west"s alex morrello. HES BEEN GETTING STRONGER AND I LOOK FOR HIM TO MAKE A MEDAL RUN.Steve sexton better look out for a big challenger in region four. greenbrier west has been getting stronger especially the light wieght division.

October 19, 2000
comments: Yes high school kids can wrestlign in teh WVU Open casue Chris Rodrguiez from Marietta GA placed 3rd in the WVU open at 125lbs anyone who knows about the about the National Scene in high school wrestling knows who that kid is.

October 19, 2000
From: mc
email: curreyml@wirefire.com
comments: about the WV Open
I am almost positive that at least two high school wrestlers placed last year Troy Letters from PA and Chris Rodriguez from Georgia. Both nationally ranked high school wrestlers. i doubt that they really want high school wrestlers there but it does say open. I wouldn't recomend it for most high schoolers anyway why risk an injury. The difference in age strength and maturity makes a huge difference between high school and college. These two are exceptional wrestlers. Rodriguez went to Michigan (i think). Letters will be a senior this year and has his choice of Div I schools. go to buckhannon and wrestle guys your age it's called preseason because it doesn't count.

October 19, 2000
comments: I want to know who Williamstown has to make them upset Oak Glen.

October 19, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: I think Point Pleasant has a lot of good wrestlers this year. They could very well see some go to the top. I think there 125-145 are going to be real tough. You have Robbie Phumprey D.J.Dewees Jeremy Nott Matt warener . These guys did very well last year. I heard they have really been working all summer. Does anyone no?

October 19, 2000
comments: predictions AA
103 Dankocheck
112 Morris
119 Gandee
125 Hughes
130 Brown
135 Noel
140 Leach
145 Kupfer
152 Toth
160 Stickles
171 Hebrock
189 Belville
215 Six
275 Naylor

October 19, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: Here in Point Pleasant we have to brothers going for the 145 class. John "flush" Bonecutter will wrestle off against his brother Dave "fatty" Bonecutter. I think that fatty will win the wrestle off by two points.

Point Pleasant is going to be one of the best teams in the state this year. They have many state qualifiers back from last year. John Bonecutter at 145 after his disapointing season last year. Herman Warner at 160. Robby Pumphery at 140. Nic Duncan at 125. Jason McCoy at 119. Justin Carr at 189. All of these wrestlers are expected to return expect Jonn Bonecutter he will have to bet out his brother Dave first and if he can beat him he should win the states.

October 19, 2000
From: re: MHS_wrestler
comments: Joe Weaver is from region 1. Jarrod Pugh is from region 4. Hence they did not wrestle at the regionals nor have they ever wrestled for that matter.

October 19, 2000
comments: I'm pretty sure Josh Burner graduated.

October 19, 2000
From: Dean Moore Patriot Wrestling Club
email: wvmatman@hotmail.com
comments: I find it interesting with all the pre season picks. All the different choices from the fans and wrestlers. To win a state championship you have to be very talented and have some luck with you. At any time something can happen such a injury mental letdown maybe even a bad call. And we all know that dosent happen!! There are some very talented wrestlers in west virginia and this years state championships should be as good as they have ever been. Two time State Champion Matt Stephans could possibly be the most talented . He has never lost to a west virginia wrestler and should finish the year that way. He has beaten a state champion each of the last two years on his way to winning the state title. Not knowing alot of the sophmores this year one to watch should be Shane Grogg at 103 . Matt Easter at 112 Matt Smith 119. Matt Stephans voted the most outstanding if the coaches do their homework during the state tournament!! This year will be fun. Good Luck to all of the wrestling families fans coaches and wrestlers.

October 19, 2000
From: jr high parent
comments: Does anybody know what high schools other than Jefferson John Marshall Parkersburg South and Parkersburg High in the state of Wv that 9th graders are not allowed to move up and wrestle for their high school?

October 19, 2000
From: Phanatik
comments: To the person inquiring about high school wrestlers competing in the WVU Open:
Follow this link for results from last year's tournament:

Take note of the 157 lb. weight class where the 4th place finisher was Troy Letters then a junior in high school wrestling unattached for Shaler Area PA. Letters went on to claim his 1st PA state championship last year and returns for his senior season expecting to win again.

Letters is currently the #1 ranked AAA PA wrestler in the 160 lb. weight class (see link)


October 19, 2000
From: pshs fan
comments: im not certain but does ohio university"bobcats" still have a wrestling program? if so they would be closer than waynesburg. in the past they have had an average team.

October 19, 2000
From: ra
comments: I was reading some of the comments about this years 145-152 state. Champ. I have worked out with Farens this year. He is very tuff and will be hard to beat. I have looked at all the kids returning this year and there is just one person that can beat him. The person that can beat him is Bryan Moats. Anybody from WV that thinks they know how good Bryan Moats is you don't know. I have wrestled him and he has yet to show how good he really is at the state tournament. Does anybody know that he lost 15 pounds the week of the state tournament last year and could bearly stand up and was beating Trusty 5-2 in the second period. At 100% expect a result the same as it was with Daggett at the Winners choice. I know my wrestling since I have wrestled most of them so I don't think there should be anymore discussion about who the best wrestler is at 145 because it is between Moats and Farens. If Moats is 100% I think he can win but if he isn't than Farens will win.

October 17, 2000
comments: What wrestlers from the Iron Eagles went to Lock Haven and what weights did they wrestle and how did they do??? anyone place?? thanx

October 17, 2000
From: Randy
email: wrestlinghhs@yahoo.com
comments: thought everyone may enjoy reading this article i found on espn.com:

LAUSANNE Switzerland -- The IOC recommended on Monday that German freestyle wrestler Alexander Leipold be stripped of his gold medal after failing his drug test at the Sydney Games.

Leipold tested positive for the steroid nandrolone. His gold medal would go to Brandon Slay of Amarillo Texas who lost 4-0 to Leipold in the final of the 167-pound division.

to read the whole story us the link below: http://espn.go.com/oly/summer00/news/2000/1016/821411.html

October 17, 2000
From: bearcat fan
comments: I would have to say that the Grafton Bearcats will be one of the top A-AA teams in the state this coming season. They return two state placers in Corey Auvil(3) and Chris Leach(2) but they also added Kenneth Hollenbach of Wyoming East. He was a placer at 215 last season. Grafton also returns qualifiers Brandon Westerman John Riffle Chad Bolyard Adam Leach Jimmie Riffle Trampus Efaw and Micheal Keener. This should be a solid team top to bottom this coming season. With coaches like Rod Auvil and Steve Harlow I am sure they will only get better... Best of luck this season Grafton.

October 17, 2000
comments: What is hedgesvillefanm talking about when he talks about the WVU Open? The WVU Open is for college wrestlers. They do not let High School kids in that anymore from my understanding. I think that rule was in affect when the weight rules changed. If high school wrestlers were allowed in it as competitive as Regalbuto is he would have been the first person there. I think that is a false statement that high school wrestlers can wrestle at the WVU Open on November 11. That doesn't go to say they can't come watch it. It is a great experience either way. If die-hard wrestlers are looking for some pre-season action the BU tournament is the best bet for now. Come see where you stand....

October 17, 2000
From: South Wrestling Fan
comments: To Gatekeeper: I think you may be a little shocked at the end of February by your predictions of South and Oak Glen.South as the 4th best team in AAA when they may have their best team ever ? But hey I guess that is what the forum is about-have some fun !It surely will be a fun season !

October 17, 2000
From: Predictions
comments: Here are my AA/A picks for this year weights may be off but these guys/girl will be tough in weight classes 103-160.

October 17, 2000
From: California Crossface
comments: Hey everbody!! Cool website! i wrestle in ca. and our team is going to the Reno TOC. Coach showed us the teams going and i saw that Parkersburg South is gonna be there. i saw this site on intermatwrestle so i thought i would see how tough they are. it seems to me that they are! they won a bunch of state titles. are they gonna be tough this year? i saw one post on here about if everyon wrestled in the same division how they might do. how do you guys feel about going to one division? we only have one division here in ca. and have 730 teams. our section meet which is the last step to get to state has 109 teams. we finished second last year to ponderosa. some coaches say that the small schools would do better if they had their own division but the small schools always beat a ton of the big schools at state since they get alot of guys to state cuz they have there own seperate qualifying tournaments. just wondering what your feelings are. dont forget-will PS be tough and at what weights?

October 17, 2000
From: MHS_wrestler
email: sk8tordie@hotmail.com
comments: Mr. Basford under 215 A-AA. I was wondering why Joe Weaver was left out. He pinned hollenback in the first period at states last year placing above him and weaver barely lost to Pugh in regionals. Weaver will be twice as good this year as a Junior he is by far the hardest worker on our team and I just thought I'd ask where you put him.

October 17, 2000
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: To the person who asked about other in-state college wrestling schools WVU and West Liberty are all we have. The nearest one after that would be Waynesburg College in Pa. Also to the people who were e-mailing me at GranbyKid149@aol.com my account was terminated by a hacker. So if you read this e-mail me at my hotmail address.

October 17, 2000
comments: Someone tell me more about the WV Open on Nov. 11

October 17, 2000
From: ***********
comments: What are the best teams this year in the state. What good kids do they have and what weight.

October 15, 2000
From: hedgesvillefanm
comments: All this talk about the best 145-152 lb. wrestler in the state: Ferens of University Pickens of Parkersburg South Kupfer of Cameron Schindler of Ripley. First there is a name that next to no one has mentioned a guy up here who has been working hard all offseason. But lets see what happens. Personally for this debate on who is better there is an easy way to see. The Buchanon Preseason Tournament looking at the results from last year it looked like a very good tournament. The iron eagles weren't there last year but barring anything unforseen we will be there this year. I say for these guys who want to lay claim to being the best in the state at 145-152 lets see you all show up there at 152 and we can get a good look early. Some of these people during the season probably won't get a chance to wrestle each other. So Buchanon would seem like the perfect place to do it. Anyway with preseason tournaments in full swing including Lockhaven this weekend which some of our guys will be attending action is heating up. cant wait for the season. Oh yeah almost forgot anyone looking for more preseason action the weekend after Buchanon 11/11 is the WVU Open. There were some high school age wrestlers in it last year from other states who placed in the top three. Would be nice to see some of the better high school age wrestlers from WV enter this year. I know some who are planning to and would like to see more. If you are planning on trying to get a college scholarship this is one place to get noticed by college coaches. Anyway good luck iron eagles of all ages this weekend at Lockhaven.

October 15, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: John Bonecutter is one of the best wrestlers on the Point Pleasant team. This year his younger brother steps up. Dave "Fatty" Bonecutter is a little bigger than his brother John. We are all looking to see which one is the better athlete.

October 15, 2000
comments: My predictions...... some weights may change......but watch out for these guys

103 - Matt Smith and some new freshman or soph
112 - Matt Easter - Jonathan Delligatti
119 - Justin Stanley - Matt Bosley
125 - Matt Stevens - Chris Johnson
130 - Danny Lord - Robbie Williams
135 - Clayton Sample - Devin Abshire
140 - Jed Ott - Jeremy Nott
145 - Casey Daggett - Victor Beard - Bryan Moats
152 - Chris Taylor - Matt Barnes
160 - Nathan Pickens - Pat McCutheon
171 - Chris Daggett - Jason Mays
189 - Matt Miller - Jeff Courtney
215 - Josh Boyd - Josh Burner
275 - Matt Clay - Byron Wellman

October 15, 2000
comments: I am aware that everyone has been waiting for the gatekeepers preseason predictions well I wont leave you waiting in the doldrums any longer...drum roll.........here they are: AA-A team
2.Oak Glen
3.Independence(yes their back)

AAA team
2.Fairmont Senior
3.Cabell Midland
4.Parkersburg South

-I'd like to see one tournament as in other states here is what WV would look like- AAA-AA-A
2.Fairmont Senior
4.Oak Glen
5.Parkersburg South

October 15, 2000
comments: In the state championship race Oak Glen will be on top again. Even though they lost two good starting wrestlers in Zack Zubay and Jason Roberts (103 and 112) they will still be tough. It will be hard to replace them two but there experience the rest of the way will keep them on top. Coach shaw will have his kids ready for another great year. Good luck to all guys this year.

October 15, 2000
comments: Could someone tell me what colleges in the state have wrestling? I only know of two.... West Liberty and WVU.

October 15, 2000
comments: 30 days people it just keeps getting closer. I think I will have a hernia win it actually gets here.

October 15, 2000
From: Chris Basford
email: GranbyKid149@aol.com

comments:      A-AA                                 AAA
103: Chris Morris 1                  103: Matt Easter 1
     Andrew Hosey 3                       John Delligatti 2
     Casey Biddle 4                       Matt Smith 3
112: Ash Gandee 1                    112: Justin Stanley 1
     Corey Auvil 3                        Matt Bosley 3
     Bob Brookover 5                      Chantz Griffith 4
119: Tim Haddox 1                    119: Matt Stevens 1
     Tucker Brown 2                       Nathan Kinsley 2
     Ryan Bumgardner 3                    Chris Johnson 3
125: Tyler Hughes 2                  125: Robbie Williams 2
     Kyle Ecklberry 4                     Robbie Ripley 3
     Josh Curry 5                         John Duncan 6
130: Eric Noel 1                     130: Clayton Samples 5
     Roger Kupfer 3                       Devin Abshire 6
     Chad Snyder 5                        Derrick Kennedy -
135: Chris Leach 2                   135: Josh Moore 4
     Tyler Westbrook 3                    Justin Kessler 5
     Gaelen Lowers 5                      Jed Ott 6
140: Brian Smith 4                   140: Casey Dagget 3
     Ben Wood 5                           Victor Beard 5
     Derrick Bosley 6                     Bryan Moats 6
145: Adam Schindler 1 (Where is he?) 145: Andre McDonald 5
     Chris Miller 6                       Dereck George 6
     Trampus Efaw -                       Matt Warner -
152: Drew Toth 3                     152: Nathen Pickens 2
     Matt Seckman 5                       Jason Mays 3
     Harry Rhodes -                       Chris Taylor 4
160: Derrick Stickles 1              160: Chris Dagget 1
     Wyatt O'Neil 2                       Jeff Noechel 4
     Chris Brown                          Darren Marks 6
171: Aaron Barnette 1                171: Matt Miller 1
     Richard Stotler 2                    Joey Thomas 2
     Ronnie Hebrock 3                     Jeff Coartney 3
189: Phillip Belville 1              189: Matt Sternthal 3
     Josh Moyer 2                         Robbie Key 5
     Donnie Peck 3                        Jason Baker -
215: Greg Six 2                      215: Aaron McCartney 3
     Jared Pugh 3                         Mitch Hastings -
     Kenneth Hallenbeck 6 (@ Grafton)     Matt Edwards -
275: Joey Caughey 1                  275: Matt Clay 2
     Thomas Naylor 2                      Byron Wellman 4
     Jeremy Laughlin 3                    Dustin Householder 6
These are all based on last years performances at the state tournament. I understand that there are others that were lost during the season last year and they will be top returners this year. This is just an idea of who's who. As far as what they are planning on wrestling this season I have no clue... Good luck to all wrestlers this coming season.

October 15, 2000
From: a wreatler
comments: i thought that John Delligatti of Fairmont Sr. was a senior last year because he wrestled now graduated Ryan Fullen of HHS when Ryan was a freshman.

October 12, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: I am from gallipolis ohio and we have been wrestling for a while Points rob pumphrey has been in here and all i have to say is wv wrestlers watch out he is a beast! In august we went to the NY invitational and he finished 3rd in the semis he was beaten by the champion of the tourny 2-1 in 2 ot. all summer long he has been training hard. He plans on winning states this year. most likely he will wrestle about 130 to 140. he has wrestled both all this summer!

October 12, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: i THINK THE Point Pleasant team looks pretty good this year with alot of good wrestlers does anyone no about them?

October 11, 2000
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: We had a wrestling meeting with wrestlers and parents tonight at Braxton County Middle School. After the meeting the floor was open for questions with two questions controlling the next hour: Why did the WVSSAC change the lower weight classes in middle school/junior high wrestling and how many years of eligibility will 6th graders have? We still have time to make a change before Nov. 13. Speak up at your rules clinics Coaches.

October 11, 2000
From: williamstown wrestler
comments: I believe Williamstown High School has a good chance at winning the state title this year. Although we lost 3 great seniors last year we have a lot of talent and potential. The freshman class coming up is stong and will add depth to the roster. We also will have a good Jr. high team and will make a run for the county championship. Good luck to all the wrestlers in the state and beware of us in the next couple of years. We will be tuff.

October 11, 2000
comments: I think Og may finally be able to win the OVAC team title this year they hvae alot of expereince this year and should have a few champions

October 10, 2000
comments: can anyone give any predictions on who the top 6 will be for each weight class in double and triple a just to give us an idea on who to watch for the upcoming season thanks alot

October 10, 2000
From: Musselman Wrestler
comments: To the person who wanted to know about the Berkeley Co. Bears they won the Mason Dixon in 1998 and the head coach was Doug Jones. Hope this helps.

October 10, 2000
From: Shaggy
email: sesmith@valunet.com
comments: Who will be the standout in the O.V.A.C.'s this year? Individuals and team titles.

October 8, 2000
From: Informed reader
comments: To the person who made the A/AA and AAA predictions if you are talking about a Hughes winning states it would be either Tyler Hughes the 125 senior or Casey Hughes the 130 Freshman you probably mean Tyler. He would be my pick at 125 he isn't going to be that heavy this year. Also Joel O'Neil is a lot heavier than 125. He will probably be a 152 pounder for the Cameron squad. Don't forget about Curt Meyer either I noticed you left him out but his work ethic is taking him places. He finished 6th in the state last year after not qualifying at regionals (a bad match or two was his problem there) He has the ability to be a champ don't forget him.. he will be either a 189 pounder or drop to 171 this year for Cameron's squad. Thanks for your time.

October 8, 2000
From: Cam fan
comments: To the Oct 7 predictions I think it is a little ironic you pick Ferens to win states given the fact he hasn't wrestled for a WV school yet. 2nd of all Matt Stevens wasn't picked as a favorite despite having a shot at 4 state titles. Did he break both of his legs or what???? Plus at 145 in AAA you didn't consider Schindler a favorite despite the fact that he has a state title and no one else you mentioned does. Good predictions but lets do a little more research. Plus Tyler Hughes is still in school not jeff plus he will probably be at 125 this year maybe 119.

October 8, 2000
comments: I am doing some research for the Mason/Dixon youth wrestling league that wrestles in the MD VA WV PA area. I have tried to contact someone from the Berkeley Co. Bears team for some information but have had no luck. Maybe someone here could help me. Does anyone know who the head coach was for the Bears the year they won the league tournament and what year it was? I do not have my own E-mail address so if someone knows and could post it here I can get it

October 7, 2000
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: I appreciate the response I have gotten from the coaches who are also concerned about the weight class change. Thank you Jim Lemasters and Old Coach and also those coaches that I have spoken with on the phone. In my life as a "REALLY OLD COACH" I have dealt with Coach Bill Hanlin Jim Hamrick Warren Carder and Mike Hayden and I know that they try to do the best jobs that they can but they don't have the info. from the little people (coaches) unless we give it to them. We can't sit back and complain if we don't take an active stand. PLEASE - CALL or WRITE - or E-MAIL Jerry Trembaugh or SPEAK UP AT YOUR RULES MEETING. Trust me on this guys no one else is going to make sure that "our kids count" unless we do it. Please write letters call and talk to your principals and athletic directors. I have the support of mine - do you???!!!!

October 7, 2000
From: AAA and AA-A

comments: AAA:                            AA-A
103: Kevin Ballum               103: Andrew Hosey
112: Matt Easter                112: Ash Gandee
119: John Dellegetti            119: Corey Auvil
     Matt Smith
125: Chris Johnson              125: Joel O'Neil
     Nathen Kinsley
130: Robbie Williams            130: Jeff Hughes
135: Devin Abshire              135: Eric Noel
140: Casey Dagget               140: Chris Leach
145: John Ferens                145: Roger Kupfer
     Bryan Moats                     Derrick Bosley
     Victor Beard                    Brian Smith
152: Nathen Pickens             152: Drew Toth
160: Chris Daggett              160: Derrick Stickles
171: Matt Miller                171: Richard Stotler
                                     Aaron Barnette
189: Jeff Coartney              189: Philip Belville
                                     Wyatt O'Neil
215: Aaron McCartney            215: Grex Six
275: Byron Wellman              275: Thomas Naylor
                                     Josh Caughey

October 7, 2000
comments: Do you think it's possible that "The man that you fear" may be from Cameron?

October 7, 2000
From: Bob Moore email: rmoore@hiperline.net
comments: Thanks to all who contacted us about Scott Moore surgery. Scott is home now and surgery a big sucess he will need some recovery time but expecting to be back at Wirt by season start.
Thanks Again All

October 6, 2000
From: SK
comments: All I got to say about some of the predictions I have seen on the forum is that you guys have left out an important wrestler from Liberty and thats Jarrod Pugh. I was a 2x state champion and I know what it takes to be one and I definitely know he will be a big factor in 215 next year. So I wouldn't rule him out. He works hard and he has dedication to the sport to be a state champion. So don't forget Jarrod Pugh ina all your up coming predictions because he has worked hard for some ink. One last thing Good Luck to all the wrestlers this year may the best man win

October 6, 2000
From: Christine
comments: Nice touch South fan I think I know who you are and if I do you are stealing my job okay. You are wrong there are 39 days until wrestling season starts you see you have to count today because it isn't over yet. And for all you South fans the first match is who other than Cabell Midland (respectivly) on December 1 2000. Only 17 days after the first day of practice. Oh yeah and it is at Home. Thanks MLM see you soon. Good luck everyone.38 37....... 1 Oh yeah.

October 6, 2000
From: The man that you fear.
comments: What's up wrestling fans its almost that time of year again! I am a WV wrestler who is highly anticipating the upcoming year. Here are some of my picks for state champs this year ( I'm guessing at weights here) I just want to throw out some people who are definite possibilities for the crown..

103-1.Dankovchik 2.Ross 3. Dye
119-1.Gandee 2.Haddox 3. Whoever drops for Cameron(unless its Tyler Hughes then he would be my first placer)
125-1.Tyler Hughes 2.Steve Sexton
130-1.Yours truly 2.Gaelen Lowers
135-1.Eric Noel 2. whoever is here for Cameron(they look good.)
140-1.Chris Leach 2.Tucker Brown 3.Kyle Eckleberry
145-1.Roger Kupfer 2.Flowers 3. Tyler Westbrooke?
152-1. Matt Seckman 2. Joel O'Neil
160-1. Derrick Stickles 2.Jamie Dent
171-1. Wyatt O'Neil/Curt Meyer 2. Vince Magnone 3.Aaron Barnette
189-1. Wyatt O'Neil/Phillip Bellville 2.Curt Meyer/Phillp Bellville 3.Josh Moyer 4. Ryan Delebreau
215-1. A certain Cameron b-ball player should the wrestlers win the football bet/ Greg Six 2. Six/Moyer?
275-1. Cameron's other b-ball playa or Caughey 2. Caughey

thanks for ya'lls time.

October 5, 2000
From: South Fan
I would just like to say that I can't wait till wrestling season starts. It's only 38 days away. I'm also really excited to see Jeff Courtney wrestle he has got to be one of my favorite wrestlers. I'm really think alot of him for what he does. He is really talented and nice. I can't wait till Fairmont comes to South that way I can see him wrestle. I also wish all the wrestlers in the state good luck because I know how hard you work at what you do. Best of luck to all

October 5, 2000
Editor's note:
Wrestling fans may ponder if the TITLE IX issue is or should be an issue in the upcoming general election. An editorial on theMat.com by Dale Anderson addresses the TITLE IX/Proportionality issue in the context of the upcoming election. Copyright limitations prohibit me from reproducing the article here, but the well-informed wrestling fan may want to FOLLOW THIS LINK to check out the editorial....

October 5, 2000
From: Kevin Wilson
email: wvgrappler@citynet.net
comments: In reference to the complaints about Jr. High/Middle school weight classes : Gerald (Jerry) Trembush is in charge of wrestling operations at the WVSSAC. If you want to contact him here is the e-mail address: wvssac@wvssac.org title your e-mail to him and maybe he can help you.

October 5, 2000
From: Superwoman and Batgirl
comments: We would just like to wish the best of luck to Tony and Dustin with the West Liberty wrestling team. We are with you all the way!!

October 5, 2000
From: RHS fan
comments: Does anyone know anything about Riverside's wrestling team this year?

October 5, 2000
From: Coach Stef
email: bsmontgomery@rtol.net
comments: Thank you Old Coach. I spoke with both Mike Hayden and Butch Powell on Sunday Oct. 1 concerning the change in middle school/ junior high weight classes. I was advised by both of them to speak with Mr. Jerry Trembaugh because he is our WVSSAC person responsible for wrestling. Please coaches we've never been a sport that has said "the little guy" has no place. (As has according to Jim LeMasters - "cringe basketball".) Call or write the WVSSAC and direct your correspondence to Jerry Trembaugh. Why can't we vote on a change at the mandatory rules committee meeting? This may not be the protocol that has been used in the past but it seems to me that we have an extenuating circumstance since the 6th grade rule went into effect after the weight change. Help us coaches - please write and call Mike Hayden or Jerry Trembaugh at the WVSSAC and ask your A.D.'s to do do the same. We have time to let the WVSSAC know how we feel about "every" kid's participation in sports.

October 5, 2000
From: Ferens
comments: Thanks for the welcome south 123. Just wanted to say thats been my buddy most of the time playing games on here starting stuff. I will probably be at that tournament everybody is talking about that is suppose to be pretty tuff. I look forward to wrestling the best. Can I get some information on this tournament please.
Editor's note: Check the Youth/Open page....

October 5, 2000
From: wrestling fan
comments: I think that Sonny Kesner of Franfort was one of the most talented wrestlers to never win it all. He graduated in 95. He is now a Navy SEAL.

October 3, 2000
From: Old Coach
comments: I think something needs to be done NOW about bringing back the 75 and 83 classes for junior high/middle schools. Very few coaches (including myself) had no idea the rules committee was going to do this back in April. And it was done BEFORE 6th grade middle school kids were allowed to wrestle. Our school has often wrestled nearby Virginia middle schools and they have a whole slew of weight classes including 70 and 75. Why? Because they realized that the whole idea is to get as many kids wrestling as possible. I think a lot of coaches feel the weight classes were moved up because a small group of schools were unable to field the 75 class. So to save a few forfeit points we are penalizing a lot of young 6th graders who could realistically compete very well at 75. I think the WVSSC needs to look at this hard fact: on the junior high/middle school page there are 45 middle schools with wrestling compared to only 24 junior highs. Rules should be geared to help the middle schools not junior highs. Junior highs have plenty enough advantages over middle schools without taking away an excellent "learning" weight class for the middle school kids. I think the WVSSC should call every school and personally ask the wrestling coaches which weight classes they prefer or take a simple majority vote at the mandaatory rules committee meeting for all head coaches in the fall. This old junior high coach is firmly behind the middle school coaches and hopes for an immediate return of the 75 and 83 classes. And why not go like Virginia next year with a 70? It's not too late to return to our old weight classes--the WVSSC can do it! Remember 45 middle schools 24 junior highs. Let's get serious and let the little guys wrestle!

October 3, 2000
From: Southfan123
comments: I want to be the first to welcome Mr. Ferens to our wonderful state from the great wrestling state of Pennsylvania. I don't feel we are as behind the times as everyone believes so I am anxious for the season to begin so I can see if our state has progressed in the sport in the past 10 to 15 years.

October 3, 2000

October 3, 2000
From: Noel
comments: Does Frostburg State have a wrestling team???

October 2, 2000
From: cm fan
comments: oh my gosh here we are the best team in the state ps oh my gosh every time some one from ps gets on here thaats all we write cause we dont really know what other teams have but all we know is we have the best in the state. im a cm fan and me AND every one else from other schools get on here thats all we see .......we have the best team in the state im sure every one in wv is sick of hearing about it. PUT SOMETHING WORTH WRITING ON THE PAGE CAUSE THATS NOT WORTH WASTING MY TIME TO READ THAT.

October 2, 2000
From: Parent
comments: Does anyone know what weight Easter Delligati Kinsley Stevens Johnson or duncan are going this year?

October 2, 2000
From: Philip Stamper
email: pstamper0@frostburg.edu
comments: The Frostburg Wrestling Club at Frostburg State University is starts their practices Sunday October 8 at 7 p.m. in the FSU Coordts PE Center Practice Gym (other dates to be added soon). For more information contact Philip at pstamper0@frostburg.edu or 301/687-4761. NO COST to participate. Am also looking for coaching help.

Also does anyone know of any open pre-season practices in the Frostburg MD to Keyser WV area?

October 2, 2000
From: Chris Basford
email: GranbyKid149@aol.com
comments: From doing a background check John Ferens from Connellsville High School is the real deal. He is ranked 2nd in the WPIAL and 8th in AAA Pa. states. Last season John finished 4th at the WPIAL's but did not place at the state tournament. (The fact remains he made the state tournament on the AAA level in Pa. Still Pa. wrestling compared to WV wrestling is like night compared to day or even the New York Yankees pay-roll compared to the Pittsburgh Pirates pay-roll. The levels are not even close to compare......
....I wish you all the luck and welcome to WV Wrestling...

October 2, 2000
From: KYwrestler
email: blackcatwrestler@hotmail.com
comments: What is the Date of the Oak Glen/Parkersburg South duel?

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