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November 11, 1998
From: a wrestler
comments: Here are my 98-99 predictions

November 11, 1998

November 10, 1998
name: NEW W.VA FAN
comments: Where is Jenny Sullivan?
Editor's note: Jenny is alive and well and we look forward to her contributions to this website this year.

November 10, 1998
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: Hey, I see alot of people looking for some AA predictions. I like to remind you to take a look at the August/September 1998 forum, just look for the spiderpoll !!! I don't know if they're right, but it's just what i think.

November 8, 1998
comments: I would really like to hear some predictions for AA. Does anyone have any information about Ritchie, Calhoun, Wirt, Ravenswood, or Williamstown. I haven't heard a lot about these teams yet and would like to know how many wrestlers they are returning and where their "power houses" are returning such as Ritchie's Hayhurst and Wince, Calhoun's Johnson and McCartney, Wirt's Miller, Ravenswood's Schindler and Salmon's, and Williamstown's Winmoth.

November 8, 1998
comments: Well, I hope everyone is excited that wrestling season will be in full swing in a couple of weeks. I am a AA fan and I hope that more attention gets focused in their direction this year. The LKC has a lot of tough wrestlers coming back this year and I can't wait to see them in action. If anyone has some predictions in AA I would like to hear them.

November 5, 1998
From: panhandle wrestler
comments: comments on the nov.5 comment about oak glen not being able to compete in a AAA state tourament is a bunch of bull. not only would they compete they would win it by friday night.

November 5, 1998
comments: I think that the northern panhandle is mistaken. The eastern panhandle is a lot tuffer than given credit for. They have gained a lot of ground over the southern teams and will eventually pass them by. Finally I don't expect Oak Glen to do anything in the AAA state tournament this year. Oak Glen is a AA team and they will not compete in AAA this year. Yes, they are a good team in the AA standings but AAA is a little different.

November 1, 1998
comments: AAA preseason picks
1. Cabell Midland - Ward will lead the way
2. Parkersburgh South - are wanting to redeem themselves
3. Fairmont Senior - With Hedrick back who knows what will happen
4. North Marion - loss of 3 state champs will hurt (pretty much carried last year)

October 31, 1998
From: Craig Shibley
email: editor@wvsports.com
Looking for interesting story ideas about high school wrestlers ...
I'm the editor of the state's first Internet High School sports magazine and we're searching for some colorful, offbeat stories when we launch on December 9th . Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! We currently have our "preview edition" on the web. Check us out and let us know what you think ... www.wvsports.com
Thanks ...and I look forward to meeting many of you throughout the season.
Craig Shibley, editor, wvsports.com

October 30, 1998
From: Mat Lok
comments: To "panhandle wrestler"
I don't think the comments regarding panhandle teams beating North Marion and Fairmont Senior were directed towards the northern panhandle teams, only the eastern panhandle teams (Martinsburg, Hedgesville, Jefferson). Northern panhandle teams (Wheeling Park, Oak Glen, John Marshall, and Brooke) have all beaten North and Fairmont Senior through the years. But rarely in tournaments have any eastern panhandle teams finished ahead of North or FS (Regionals, States, Winner's Choice, Jefferson, etc.
Perhaps this will be the year??

October 30, 1998
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Since I make no profit from this post, I believe I can mention this. I would like to compliment and recommend Ken Chertow training videos. The quality of production is above average and the instructional information is excellent.

Our family is looking forward to the upcoming season even with Weir High having several weeks of football left for playoffs. The excitement of the upcoming season is trying to be tempered to focus on football for my oldest while we have joined OAK GLENN'S youth program because of it's quality and convience of being near work.

As we venture into the new season, I sincerely wish all the wrestlers, from youth to high school, a great, injury free, winning season. Also, I would like to wish Luke Underwood success at West Liberty. Saying that, its coaches like Coach Monseau who I distintly remember coming and recruiting kids at Weir High in the late 60s & early 70s. His efforts as my coach played an important part in my life and now my boys. The kids that have worked so hard have given merit to WV wrestling and should be complimented. Without their work and wrestling efforts, pages like this, the joy of parents being proud and other residules would not happen.
Once again...GOOD LUCK to all! READY? WRESTLE!

October 29, 1998
From: panhandle wrestler
comments: Regarding panhandle teams getting better, but not being able to beat a North Marion or Fairmont Senior: Oak Glen has already defeated Fairmont Senior (last year) and barely lost to North Marion by 1 point. Just wait till this up coming season. My prediction is Oak Glen undefeated all the way.

October 29, 1998
comments: Does anyone know what weight class Jason Ward will be wrestling this year?

October 27, 1998
comments: Does anyone know how well North Marion will do this up coming year? They lost a lot of talent last year. But they are still returning some good wrestlers. In my opinion I only see maybe one champ.

October 27, 1998
comments: Yes I do agree that the panhandle teams have gotten a lot better. But, I don't see them winning any tournaments over North Marion or Fairmont Senior.

October 27, 1998
From: Splay Tull
comments: What do you think are the state's biggest dual meet rivalries? Here are my top 3 in AAA (don't know in AA):
1) Parkersburg vs Parkersburg South - is always standing room only, winner usually takes the state tournament.
2) North Marion vs Fairmont Senior - each team is basically guaranteed to win 1/3 of the matches, its what happens in the other 1/3 that determines who wins; always close, lots of upsets.
3) Huntington vs Cabell Midland - allthough it is only a few years old these two teams have had some pretty intense battles.

October 26, 1998
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: Does anyone have knowledge of youth programs in the Las Vegas or Reno area. Isn't it something when you base a career move on wrestling programs aviallable. LOL

October 21, 1998
From: Observer
comments: I've talked to a number of junior high and middle school coaches who like the idea of having a state poll similar to the high schools. Many of the schools travel all around the state, see different competition, and can assess overall strengths of the schools in different regions. It also might help for planning schedules with other schools willing to travel for competiion throughout the state, besides giving insight to "up and coming" young wrestlers. Any comments?

October 20, 1998
Froml: bwhitecotton@yahoo.com
comments: This year should be an excellent year for Parkersburg South High School. I'm not going to list names but I see South having 2 maybe 3 wrestlers win at the states this year. Mr. Hickman's comments and apology to Mr. Pickens shows that he is a class act. Anyone can make a mistake. Can't wait to see South's schedule for this season. If anyone has the schedule, please get it to me or have a coach post it here on this web site. Does anyone from South have info regarding the hiring of a new asst. coach? Let's go South.

October 20, 1998
comments: I agree with the person in regards to the Martinsburg wrestling team. I have some very reliable source that tell me that they will be very good this season They have all gotten stronger and become better technicians. They have all of their state qualifiers back and all but one regional place winner back. I think that they will be the sleeper this year. Watch out Marion County!!!

October 19, 1998
comments: I do agree that there is a lot of competion in the lower weight classes. Every year I see an increase in the excitement and competion centered around the lower weight classes. I think we will see even more this coming wrestling season. I know that I am ready as a spectator and I have spoken to many wrestlers and they have all been working hard throught the summer.

October 19, 1998
comments: The low weight classes have always been tough. The LKC has some of the toughest, 103-125 state champions came out of the LKC.

October 19, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
email: lemasterjpmd@msn.com
comments: Do any of you coaches out there know any particulars on the new 190 lb class for Jr. High and Middle schools. We surely have needed it for a long time. The rules sheet says it's for tournaments only. Does that include Duals tournaments or only bracketed ones?

I went back to read Jenny Sullivan's Mat Lines at the end of the state tournament to see who had how many point scorers coming back. Interesting food for thought as we approach the start of the season. I reccomend it highly!

Does anyone know where the new Spring Valley Timberwolves will fit in? I assume it will be in Region III but I'm not sure. I have also heard there are some schools resurecting teams who used to compete in the past. Maybe there will be some new schools at the state! How about Riverside High when it opens next year. Dupont + East Bank means region III again, or so it would seem?

Let's get the Forum rolling! I know we'll all miss Mexicano and BUFFALO BILL (the caps lock fanatic) but the postings seem awfully few and far between! They are almost as rare as a Midland football pass! Some of you wrestling gurus light up the board with your predictions!

October 19, 1998
Mr. Hickman
The Pickens you are referring to is my youngest son, Bryce. Bryce was 2nd in the WV Jr. States 11-12 last year in Parkersburg and was a Jr. State Champ in 97 11-12 90lb. Bryce and Nathan both wrestle for Edison Jr High with the hopes of of being future South Patriots like their big brother, Wes. Thanks for you comments.
Marvin Pickens
EJHS Wrestling Coach

October 19, 1998
comments: I think that Martinsburg is going to have a tough team this year in AAA. I think that we will make a run for the title of Region II champions. We will have a huge roster of seniors, many of whom have lots of experience. And the underclassmen that will be starting on the varsity squad have some experience and many will be returning from last year. There are only going to be one or two freshman on varsity. From 103 up our team is going to be stacked with a lot of strength and ability. Watch out for the Bulldogs this year in Region II.

October 19, 1998
From: Chris
email: chrisat119@aol.com
comments: I'm interested in hearing pre-season picks for teams and individuals, so if anyone has some predictions or thoughts put them out there.

October 15, 1998
From: Tom McQuain
email: mcquaint@hotmail.com
comments: I think Parkersburg and Parkersburg South will both be much better than last year, with most of both teams back and some excellent sophmores coming in.

October 15, 1998
From: Robert Hickman
email: SHickman@aol.com
comments: Mr. Pickens, thanks for the heads up and my apologies. I must have my Pickens's messed up. There must be a bunch of you guys. I was refering to the 11-12 year old 95 lb group last year. Are they brothers? Are they brothers? Good luck and pray for an injury free season.

October 14, 1998
From: Cory
email: coridastud@aol.com
comments: I think that there is going to be tougher competition at the lower weight classes, both AAA and AA. Tell me what you all think.

October 12, 1998
From: Marvin Pickens
This is in response to a posting from R. Hickman in regard to Nathan Pickens never winning a Jr. State Championship. In 97' Nathan won the Jr. State in Parkersburg by defeating Todd Arbis of Cabell Midland 7-1. In 98' he again won by defeating Wesley Lane of the Mountaineer Wrestling Club 16-5. Also, this past year he made his first trip to the tournament in Clarksburg and defeated Aaron Futton in the finals with a 2nd period pin. The information I am listing is no secret and these results were listed on the Tournament Results Page.

October 12, 1998
From: Jason Smith
email: jasonsmith1@hotmail.com
comments: Hey spiderman, forgetting anyone on the spiderpoll?? How about 3 time state champion Mike Miller. Who will be returning to complete his fourth year.

October 8, 1998
comments: Does anyone from Parkersburg know if Steve Rader took the asst. coaching position at PHS. Thanks.

October 8, 1998
MORGANTOWN, W.VA. (September 29, 1998)

West Virginia University has hired Zeke Jones as its new assistant coach for the WVU wrestling team, Coach Craig Turnbull announced on Tuesday.

Jones takes the place of long time assistant Nate Carr who left wrestling to pursue a career in the ministry.

Prior to coming to WVU, Jones was the top assistant for five years under Lee Roy Smith at Arizona State, spent two years with the Sunkist Kids Club in Phoenix, Ariz., and two years as an assistant coach at Bloomsburg.

Jones has competed all over the world and is recognized as one of the top wrestlers in the world at 114.5 pounds. His list of accomplishments in recent years include a silver medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, a gold medal at the 1994 Goodwill Games in St. Petersburg, Russia and a first-place finish at the 1991 World Freestyle Wrestling championships in Bulgaria. In 1995, Jones was voted Most Technical Wrestler in World. He is one of only two Americans to receive this prestigious award.

Jones currently serves on the Board of Directors at USA Wrestling and the U.S. Olympic Committee. He also has produced a series of instructional videos titled Winning Wrestling Techniques” which are sold across the United States.

Before graduating from Arizona State in 1990, Zones wrestled to All-America status three times. His 134 wins ranks third on the schools all-time win list. Jones holds the ASU record for most dual match victories in a season with 22 in 1989-90. He also captured three Pac-10 championships at 118 pounds and was runner-up at the 1990 NCAA championships after wrestling an undefeated season.

While an assistant coach at ASU, Jones helped lead the Sun Devils to a 60-37 record and four Pac-10 titles. His squads placed in the top-10 four times at the NCAAs. During his five years at ASU, Jones tutored 14 wrestlers to 20 All-America honors, including two wrestlers who won three individual national titles.

Jones was recently selected by the National Wrestling Coaches Association to serve as an assistant coach for the 1999 NCAA all-star team to Europe. He was also invited to work as head coach for the 2000 NCAA all-star team.

Jones will work with graduate assistant Tony Robie on the 1998-99 Mountaineer squad. Robie is an accomplished wrestler as well. He was a two-time All-American at Edinboro and made a trip to the NCAA finals. The three-time EWL champion was a 1998 U.S. Open bronze medalist and ranked fourth at the 1998 World Team trials.

We have put together one of the finest coaching staffs in the country,” said Turnbull. Everyone around the program is really excited with the addition of Zeke and Tony to the WVU wrestling family. They will bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the program. They are both on the cutting edge of new techniques and have already fostered quite a bit of motivation and excitement with the wrestlers. I’m sure they are going to help the program to continue to grow as it has over the past 10 years.”

The Mountaineers finished seventh in the NCAAs last year and won the EWL dual meet title. WVU defeated No. 10 Michigan, No. 13 Penn, No. 6 Arizona State, No. 17 Lock Haven, No. 13 Pitt,

No. 19 Edinboro and No. 4 Penn State on their way to an 11-3-1 record. Coach Turnbull was voted the EWL Coach of the Year for the second time in his career.

It is a great opportunity to be a part of West Virginia athletics,” said Jones. West Virginia has outstanding academics and a rich wrestling tradition. I’m looking forward to working under coach Turnbull. I have high expectations for this team. We have quite a bit of talent. A national championship is certainly a legitimate goal for this team.”

The Mountaineers begin their season by hosting the WVU Open on November. 14, then travel to the Navy Classic on November 21.

October 7, 1998
From: Cooper
comments: My prediction for the 215lb. weight class AAA is going to be Adam King. Under the direction of his coach, Steve Sayre. He has what it takes to go all the way.

October 6, 1998
From: spiderman
email: bigjunk@hotmail.com
comments: To the creator of spiderpoll2:
I respect your poll and your own opinion, but I am upset that you took my name. I AM THE SPIDERMAN, I CREATE THE SPIDERPOLL!!!! Next time use your own nickname and don't bring me into it. In a second note, I was also "snookered" by the so-called "Eastern Panhandle Open". Whoever created this tournament, has no respect for West Virginia Wrestling.

October 6, 1998
comments: To whoever wrote to forum on March 24: I believe they were wrong about having another wrestler like Mike Mason. He is a great wrestler but people don't recognize the talent that West Virginia has and Williamstown will have another wrestler like that. Williamstown trains their wrestlers to have that mentallity to work hard both academically and wrestling wise. Their coach Bob Pickens is a great coach and will coach their wrestlers to be a wrestling machine like he trained mike Mason to be. I believe that they will have a great team this year despite what other people think about Williamstown. I am not putting Mike Mason down any but West Virginia has a lot of rising talent -- West Virginia is the wrestling state of the future -- and if we have more people like Mike Mason we would be better as a whole because he puts back into the programs that he took out !!!!!!!!!!

October 6, 1998
From: the man from states
comments: Regarding the mat monkies. I also think that OAK GLEN will win again. I think they will have at least one more blow out at states. They still have a lot of great wrestlers. Their middle of the line up will push them far ahead of every body else. Starting at 125 Ed Wieble, 130 Logan Glass, 135 ? but still good, 140 Andy Wharton, 145 Rob Lamb, and Jason Jones at 152 or 160 he will still win it where ever he is. They also have Jason Roberts at 112, and the big guy Alex Mclung pulling up the end. With pretty good wrestlers every where else. GOOD LUCK BEARS. WIN IT FOR ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE PANHANDLE.

October 4, 1998
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: You were not the only one snookered! I not only read the results of the Eastern Panhandle Open carefully, I printed out a copy for future reference! Oh well, live and learn. I hope that Zeke Jones will bring the Mounties up to top 10 level. It's a shame that there are only 2 college teams in the state to follow. I would think that schools in the same conference as West Liberty would know a good thing when they see it and establish programs. I have been told by an unimpeacable source that Marshall's Prez Gilley has stated there will be no wrestling program at MU as long as he is there. Word is that the AD wanted to add the sport when The Herd joined the MAC as many of those schools have good programs. It seems that the Prez prefers to add ( Are you ready for this?) Rowing, Lacrosse and Field Hockey. Now there's three sports that draw a hotbed of fan interest! I can just imagine the huge crowds sitting on old tires and rubbish piles along the Ohio watching the MU Crew!

October 4, 1998
comments: Look out for Fairmont Senior this year to be tough. Although having only one senior in Nick Hedrick there will be pleny of good sophmores, juniors and a couple freshmen to take control.

October 3, 1998
From: Robert Hickman
email: SGHickman@aol.com
comments: WVU sports information department released the name of the new assistant wrestling coach last week. It is as I previously stated, Zeke Jones. I hope he is half the coach he was a wrestler, he has the ability to bring a lot the the WVU wrestling program. Good luck Zeke!!!
Nathan Pickens is a good wrestler, but he won neither the Parkersburg State Tournament or the Clarksburg State Pee Wee Tournament. Any of the kids that placed at one of these tournaments has the ability, with hard work and some luck, to become a fine wrestler. Good luck this year Nathan.
Editor's note: There is an article on InterMat concernig Zeke Jones at WVU. Press release dated 9/30/98. I tried to link to the article but alas InterMat seems to be link-proof. In case anyone is wondering, I have emailed the SID at WVU and asked to be put on their mailing list. No response thus far.

October 3, 1998
From: mat monkies
comments: My prediction is that Oak Glen will win the state title again. Although losing a few great wrestlers,there are a few that will step up and get the job done for them.

October 3, 1998
From: talon
comments: Thought that was a little too good to be true. I'm extremly curious to know who sent it in though - they did a pretty good job of making it believable.
Editor's note: I agree. I did have my doubts though, and sent an email to confirm at the same time I posted the "event." I should've waited for the confirmation (which came later that day) before I posted. Sigh. Live and learn.

October 2, 1998
From: talon
comments: I would like to congratulate spiderman on his win last weekend. If i read that correctly, and there is no story I'm missing thats really great! I'll see you on the Saturday of the first tournament, I'm working on regionals and states. And don't worry - despite the large influx of mail I've gotten asking for your identity, I'm not telling anyone.
Editor's note: Well, I was snookered. The so called "Eastern Panhandle Open" was a hoax, and my apologies.

October 2, 1998
From: Jenny Sullivan
email: sullivj2@oak.cats.ohiou.edu
comments: Wes Pickens' brother Nathan is a freshman at Edison Junior High School this year and yes, he is pretty good. In fact, there are several talented Wood County youth in the junior high age range right now, so watch out for the Parkersburg area teams in the next few years. On a different note, here's a message for Cory Auvil: I tried to respond to your e-mail but the message came back as undeliverable. If you can send me another e-mail address I'll send you a response. Sorry about that!

October 2, 1998
Comments: I think Cabell Midland is going to come out on top this year. They have alot of good wrestlers comming back. I believe this is the year for Jared Walters, and of course Jason Ward. Watch out for J.P.Stanley also.

October 2, 1998
comments: In regards to the he/she saying if AA and AAA were to match up AAA would win -- personaly I don't think so. Just because AAA has more people doesn't mean they are better. Oh and I go to a AAA school.

October 2, 1998
comments: I totally agree with the person who thinks we should have a state chapionship of state champions that would be totally cool.

October 2, 1998
comments: I think P.South should have a o.k. season this year. They have talented kids. For those of you who may have thought it was funny they placed fouth in the state last year watch out this year. And I definately think C.Midland will be a tough match. Oh,watch out for Ty Emrick and Wes Pickens. If I'm not mistaken Wes has a brother that is a soph. this year and I understand he is pretty tough.

October 2, 1998
from: Spiderpoll2
comments: Well, I dont know about those predictions. I guess they're okay.
1. Wirt
2. Ritchie
3. Oak Glen
4. Berkeley springs
5. Williamstown
6 Cameron
7 South Harrison
8 Grafton
9 Calhoun
10 Ravenswood

October 1, 1998
From: spiderman
comments: I took your comments into consideration and my poll remains the same. I do wish to make one correction at 215, I believe Justin Smith of Ritchie County will be the eventual state champion. Sorry, Mr. Busick, about not picking your son, if only he hadn't lost to my teammate for fifth place his freshman year. Can you figure out what school I'm from???

In a seperate topic, I just want to say HI to "talon". Long time no see!!! Please don't go telling anyone who I am. Hope to see you at our tourney and at regionals.

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