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October 31, 1999
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
comments: To the person asking about Busick:
Robert Busick has decided to drop to the 215 class. Personally I attempted to convince him to stay at his current bodyweight of 240 and wrestle Heavy. After much debate he convinced me. Heck I might even have a few dollars left during wrestling season now ... less food cost ... ha ha.

I have added a wrestling links page to our site. If you have a link drop me a line to add it. There are plenty of links regarding strength training also for the wrestler. Convential weight training during the season is much differant than now recommended.

Good Luck to everyone this upcoming season. Stay health & strong!
Nick Busick

October 31, 1999
From: newly turned spectator
comments: I just read the forum and I didn't see a whole lot about north marion. Yes the may have lost a couple big guns (White Floyd Ramsey) but if you think back the year before everyone thought they lost thier big guns (Besidich Gorbey Conaway} and they actually ended up with a pretty good team. With a coach like Roy Micheal I will bet they will have a couple new big guns. They have some new talent coming up (Hays Starsick) and don't forget a bout thier guys returning (Ott Starsick Gatian) these are all tough scrappy guys who will make a name for themselves.

October 31, 1999
comments: Yes Point Pleasant is still in the S.E.O.L.

October 31, 1999
From: Italian Stallion
comments: I just want to say good luck to the guys at Keyser High. Work hard and put your heart in it and give 110%. I know you guys can do it. Good luck.

October 31, 1999
From: Oak Hill Youth Wrestling
comments: Oak Hill Pre-Season Wrestling Tournament. Collins Middle School. Oak Oak Hill WV November 13 1999. Ages: 6&under to Open See tournament form on WV-Mat page.

October 30, 1999
comments: Just like everyone else South Harrison deserves their fair share of credit and they might even raise some eyebrows but the Big Ten Championship will stay in Grafton.

October 30, 1999
From: AA Fan!
comments: Ok all this stuff about AAA is great but I for one really DON'T CARE! I think AA is getting a bunch of crap they are being left out of most of the postings. What about A schools? do you people think there is no other people who put as much ( or more) hard work in to the sport? Do you think the only people who can do anything good is AAA? Bull CRAP! AA could probably defeat most of the AAA schools or at least give them a good run for their money! Think about that before you completely forget about AA!

October 30, 1999
From: Wrestling Watcher
comments: TO:MANKIND Do you know if Point Pleasant is still in that Ohio league? If they are wrestling in NY Mich Ohio and Penn they should be tough. I've heard there is a tournament at Point this year. If anyone knows who will be wrestling there let me know.

October 30, 1999
From: Zack Zubay
email: ogwrestler@hotmail.com
comments: I'm trying to get some people together to go to Quigley PA on November 13. It was a pretty good tounament last year. Its only $10 for walk ins. So if anyone wants to go or wants more info email me. Thanks and i hope to see some of you at Buckhannon Upshur.

October 29, 1999
comments: I was wondering was there going to be any more old state tournaments put up?
Editor's note: Probably. This is an on-going project carried out by folks in their spare time.

October 29, 1999
comments: Best watch out for Nitro this year!!!! They have a full squad plus this year and everyone of those boys are scrappy. Lot of tranfers this year.

October 29, 1999
From: mankind
comments: to wrestling watcher. i've heard you can't see point pleasant very much during season cause they wrestle out of state so much (ohio mich. new york penn.) but you will hear alot about them at regionals and states. if you hear they are wrestling close let us know.

October 29, 1999
From: HHSWrestler
comments: Mays is probably going to wrestle at 145 this year. Be Careful is on the hunt for a state title. Trust me he is good. :)

October 29, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: Regarding all the comments about Riverside. I have watched the youth wrestlers in the Kanawha Valley for the past 12 years. It seems that there are always a lot of excellent kids in Pee Wee and Middle/Jr. Highs and then 90% of them just disappear! There are of course a few exeptions. I am at a loss to explain why there are not more full and outstanding teams in the Charleston area.

As for Riverside being ranked third in Region three I don't know what you do that I don't but it must be something! As a middle school coach I have been very impressed witht he quality of the young talen at Point Pleasant and I think there is no doubt they will fall in behind the top two of Midland and HHS. In regard to the statements that many HHS and Midland guys would be left home instead of going to state's check last years regional results and see how many finished fourth and would have been displaced. I disagree the presence of Riverside will push some guys out of the road to state's but most of them will be the third and fourth place regional qualifers that sneak in each year from the Kanawha valley schools and Logan. It seems like their guys are either great (Johnson Scott Turley etc.) or marginal qualifiers. A large determining factor of how tough a team will be from top to bottom is the number of quality drill partners in the practice room. Midland and HHS have these in abundance. It's sad but many of their guys who never have a varisty match are good enough to place fourth in regionals if they attended other schools.

That said I can't wait for the season to begin. I hope this board stays an intelligent discussion of wrestling and not just a place to trash talk. Let's hook em up!

October 28, 1999
comments: Riverside will be a solid team with only better things to come. Mountain State youth team is very solid and will be sending good numbers of quility kids to the program. 40-60 kids will be in the Dupont and Mountain State youth program and match up with well with anybody around. Also watch out for Nitro this year -- they have a good bunch of wrestlers.

October 28, 1999
comments: I would say that Nirto would be the 4th ranked team in Region 3 not Riverside.

October 28, 1999
From: dmb
comments: Well Oak Glen wouldnt be the first dynasty in AA wrestling cause Cameron won tiles from 91 to 94. That is four in a row something Oak Glen is yet to do.

October 28, 1999
From: Jonesy
comments: South Harrison should be able to hold there own with any one in the big 10 and the state. To ryon anderson why dont u just transfer to SH we'd love to have ya

October 28, 1999

October 28, 1999
From: G-TV
comments: Oak Glen is Starting To Look Like Another AA Sports Dynasty In West Virginia. The Other AA Dynasty That Comes To My Mind The Northfork Blue Demons (Basketball).
Long Live Oak Glen And Coach Shaw!

October 28, 1999
comments: This isn't Musslemans 2nd year with at team. Last year was the first year they had a team since 93.

October 28, 1999
From: Cory Auvil
comments: South Harrison Yes will be tough and I really don't know who will win the Big 10 this year and Steve Daniels was my Coach also from when I was 5-12. He knows what he is talking about. I am sure if his athletes listen to him that South Harrison has a good chance in the Big 10's

October 28, 1999
No Riverside is not going to win a championship or anything this year. But they can play a role in Huntington's and Cabell Midland's state championship runs. Neither Dupont nor East Bank had full teams last year but East Bank was at least close. If you combine both rosters from last year Riverside has 5 returning AA state qualifiers along with East bank's Matt Simmons who placed 6th at AA 112 as a sophomore with a 38-8 record but was injured all of last year. Add that up thats a possible 6 wrestlers who could qualify for states this year not counting any others who go out for the team now that it will have a full roster. If Riverside were able to get 5 or 6 guys to states this year out of region 3 in AAA that would mean a few wrestlers from Huntington and Cabell Midland that would have been going to states would now be watching from the stands.

That means that on paper Riverside would be the number 4 ranked school in region 3 behind Cabell Midland Huntington and Point Pleasant. So you can see it is very important in deciding which region Riverside should be placed in. Add in the fact that a school the size of Riverside could be very competitive in the coming years and region 3 wrestling would definitely step up a notch or 2 having them involved in the coming millenium.

The bottom line: The less teams that can qualify their entire squad for the state tournament the more exciting and competitive the state tournament will be. Riverside should be placed in region 3 to help add balance to the state tournament field.

October 26, 1999
From: Wrestling Watcher
comments: Does anyone know were Point Pleasant is Wrestling this year? I heard that they have alot of young talent and I would like to go see them. True that they only have 1 returning Stat placers(Bonecutter) but they are all tuff kids.

October 26, 1999

October 26, 1999
From: Ryon Anderson
email: wrestlevault@hotmail.com
comments: To whoever wanted to know about south harrison they will be very tough this year. I am not wrestling for them but have known all of their wrestlers for years most started with me when we were four years old. South Harrison and Grafton are the two big schools in the big 10 both will have full teams with many good wrestlers. Their new coach is Steve Daniels who has worked with and is very fimiliar with South Harrison's wrestlers. He was Liberty's first state champion and my coach from age 4-14 and still rides my a--. I only wish he would have gotten the chance to come back and coach at his old high school.

October 26, 1999
comments: I just saw that this year will only be musselmans 2nd year what region are they in? I am lost!
Editor's note: Check the region maps...

October 26, 1999

October 26, 1999
Congratulations to all the young men that were mentioned by Amateur Wrestling News on their senior rankings. We think that 2 time State Champ - Ash Wenmoth of Williamstown could be ranked as well....
A career record of 108-13, 2 time State Champ (beat AAA Champ both years), 2 time Mid-West Classic Finalist, 3rd at 1999 NHSCA Open in Birmingham, Alab.

October 26, 1999

October 26, 1999
From: s-man
comments: I dont think it matter waht weight class Ash Wenmoth is in he will win. Why do u want to know anyways u planning on running from him?

October 26, 1999
From: s-man
comments: Why don't we all quit worrying about this internet stuff and just wrestle!

October 24, 1999
comments: Does anyone know what weight Robert Busick is going this year? I've heard a few rumors that he might go Hwt and also anyone know what weight Ash Wenmoth is going this year?

October 24, 1999
comments: South Harrison! Yes will do good but do you really think they are good enough to win the Big 10 this year? I dunno a lot about the Big 10 though! Who is the New Coach?

October 23, 1999
From: dmb
comments: I dont understand why people are making such a big deal about Riverside. Its not like they are going to go out and win state. Ya both the schools that made up Riverside DuPont and East Bank rarely were even close to full teams. Anyways they should go into region 3 casue that is were most of thier counties schools wrestle in.

October 23, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: As much as it pains me to say it as a rabid Midland fan I feel that Huntington is not getting their fair credit. They are loaded with a lot of young guys that have a tremendous ability to improve. Everyone knows that Coach Archer can get a lot out of the team he has to work with whatever the case. At any rate even though they are young HHS will be a force to reckon with this year and especially next year.

Cabell Midland also should be in contention. I see no less than 6 or 7 top 5 placers in Stanley Stanley part deux Arbes Coffey Wellman Walters and Gibbs and at least 4 potential state champs. The rest of the Knights aren't pushovers either. All this talk of the power being in the North is well and good but I still want to see how it shakes out before I make predictions in detail.

One final comment I have seen several freshman touted as state champs or top 3 finishers. You can be all world in Pee Wee but there is still a world of difference between an 18 - 19 year old man and a 14-15 year old boy. Let's don't put too much pressure on these young guys. High school seniors are a lot more physical that what you encounter in Jr High or Middle school and a lot stonger to boot. It's a rare freshman that can be a state champ at any class other than 103 or 112 where they wrestle lots of other freshmen and sophomores. Before we go making lots of wild claims perhaps we need to see a few matchups. And ... let's let them get their feet wet before we expect them to swim to the top of the podium. They are under enough pressure without placing even higher expectations on them.

October 22, 1999

October 22, 1999
From: Riverside Wanderer
comments: To the person who said Riverside should be added to Region 3:
Using the number of students per school or region as critria for regional placement is basically pointless. Case in point: size of a school has NO bearing on its wrestling team some of the largest schools in the state like Morgantown and Capital don't even come close to fielding a full team. What is important is the number of good teams you have paired up in each region. Everyone knows region 3 only has 3 good teams with full squads year in and year out: Huntington Cabell Midland and Point Pleasant. How do you think Huntington and Cabell Midland practically qualify their entire teams every year?? Region 4 already has several good teams with full squads or at least close to full squads: Herbert Hoover Ripley Woodrow Wilson Roane County Buckhannon Greenbriar East and even Lewis County and Nicholas County have full teams or are at least close. After the "big 3" in region 3 all the other teams (Nitro Capital Spring Valley George Washington St Albans and Logan) do NOT field full squads - maybe once out of every 5 years or so. 3 of those teams George Washington Logan and Spring Valley either just started their wrestling programs back up in the last few years or are brand new to wrestling alltogether! And as for having 10 teams in a region being too much for it to be held in a high school gym what about region 2 which has 12 teams?? Most of these teams are full squads and they are holding it in East Fairmont's gym this year. When they hold it in the eastern panhandle area they use Martinsburg's gym! You have to remember we are talking about high school wrestling here not a Marshall - WVU basketball game - there aren't going to be 11 500 people showing up to see the regional tournament!

October 22, 1999
From: MatMan
email: matman2@hotmail.com
comments: I think it is nice that everyone is posting their picks here. I think it is great. That is one of the main reasons for this site but I hope I may remind everyone that any guy can be beat on any given day. I for one like to watch AA wrestling. I know it has to take a back seat to AAA and I don't feel that is right. I think that last year if the AA state champs and the AAA state champs would have wrestled that there would have been several AA wins. I just want everyone to know that AA wrestling WILL NOT quietly take a back seat to AAA. There are just as many good wrestlers in AA as there are in AAA. They shouldn't be left out in the cold. I have noticed there hasn't been much said about AA. Yes there has been some and I'm very happy for that. There hasn't been much said about it though. Mostly all that is posted is AAA this AAA that. I feel people should start saying more about the AA schools

October 22, 1999
comments: Someone asked what Region Riverside is wrestling this year they suggested Region III. Region III already has 9 568 kids in grade 10-12. If you add Riverside to that total it will be over 11 500 kids that they pull from in grades 10-12. Now Region IV only has 6 656 grades 10-12 to pull from. If you add Riverside to Region IV you still only have appoximately 8 500 students. That is after Riverside is added. That would only be the fair choice. Region III has four schools with over 1 000 students. Region III holds the Capital City of West Virginia and the surounding area of the city. That is why it is so populated. Could you just imagine the size of the gym to hold the Regionals in. Point Pleasant's gym just won't do!

October 22, 1999
From: Williamstown Fan
comments: I think Williamstown will win the state if they get some bigger guys. State champs to be this year!

October 22, 1999
From: AAA Fan
comments: AAA
103- Deligatti Stanley Easter
112- Samples Kinsley Bowers
119- Stevens Johnson Duncan
125- Stanley Goerge Shetler
130- Reglabuto Evans.?
135- Bosley Walters
140- Moats Gatian Arbes
145-Trusty Boncutter
152- Dont know
160- Miller Pauley
171- Courtney Coulter
189- Dont know
215- Wherle Coffey
275- Heath Gains Wellmen
1-Parkersburg Big Reds
2-Parkersburg South
3-Fairmont Sr
4-Cabell Midland

October 22, 1999
From: Southside
comments: To not put Huntington and Midland in the top 3 of the AAA teams silly. Huntington is returning quite a few good wrestlers and well Midland has 2 returning state champs and another finalist.

October 22, 1999
From: HawkFan
comments: South Harrison's Drew Toth should make a good showing for the team this year. Drew is coming off a great season placing 6th in the state. With almost every other ranked contender out of his weight class drew will make a run at a state title. south harrison will be led by the lone senior matt jones making his return after last years disaperience. The hawks also have alot of young talent with the in coming freshman. The hawks also have a new coach this year.

October 22, 1999
comments: Neptune will not be at 189 this year he will either be at 152 or 160 and everyone better watch out for Bland at 145 this year. Delligatti will win at 103 Barnes is going to wrestle at 140

October 22, 1999
comments: Does anyone have any idea what parkersburg south and parkersburg's line-ups are going to be next year?

October 22, 1999
From: dirtygrappler
comments: to the rock and sock connection i think your predictions are way off and i wanted to know where you got the i dea west fairmont would place 3rd.

October 22, 1999
From: Jason&Alex
comments: Good luck Coach Shaw and the Oak Glen Wrestling Team. Bring home #4 and have another great season

October 20, 1999
From: Tim Mayle
comments: Just a reminder about the Buckhannon Preseason Tournament. I've emailed some of the better wrestlers in the state to try and get a better showing from AA. Hope some of you can make it. Last year we had over 2 dozen AAA state placewinners here and it looks like we will exceed that this year but would like some more AA for the competition. Also remember that anyone above 6th grade can wrestle. Rob Archer head coach of Team WV will be here to give a Freestyle & Greco demo and speak on Team WV. Rumor has it he may also wrestle in the Open division. If you plan on attending please either send in your entry E-Mail or call me at 472-7759. Hope to see some more AA wrestlers here. Thanks

October 20, 1999

October 20, 1999
comments: What happended to Adam Schindler from Ravenswood? He just sort of disappeared after states in 1998.

October 18, 1999
From: Phanatik
comments: Is Sean Conklin wrestling for Elkins? And thank you everyone for posting info! It's always good to get a head start on finding out some of the newcomers who have a good chance at placing at states!

October 18, 1999
From: Riverside Wanderer
comments: Does anyone know which region Riverside will wrestle in this year? (Riverside is a combo of DuPont and East Bank) I think they should be placed in region 3 since there are basically only 3 teams in that region who fill their rosters out every year (Cabell Midland Huntington and Point Pleasant). That is a big why Huntington and Cabell Midland practically qualify their entire teams every year for the state tournament.

October 18, 1999
From: natedawgredneck
comments: Just for people who do care Josh Coffey did win the state at 215 last year but i promise you he is going to wrestle at 189 this year!

October 17, 1999
comments: TO: Phanatic
I heard that Sean Conklin is wrestling this year. He took off last year for reasons but anyway Sean placed sixth at nationals a few years back and he's either a soph or a junior this year.

October 17, 1999
comments: I would just like to coment on the team predictions for A/a. I also think that Oak Glen will win it for the 4th time in a row this year I think they would have won it with or without Eric Noel. I think Cameron will be a very close second and I look for Williamstown to finish 3rd. Ritchie will finish in the top 5 but they won't do as good as they did last year. If anyone has comments please post them also.

October 17, 1999
comments: There are several real good upcoming freshman and sophmores in AAA. S. Parkersburg will have Nathan Pickens and Chris Daggett while Jefferson will have Dan Perry and Chantz Griffith all sophomores As far as freshman North Marion will have Darren Hayes and Andrew Starsick while Buckhannon will have Blane Mayle Hedgesville will also have a good one in Danny Lord These are all quality wrestlers to watch who may not win a state title this year but will def. before they leave the HS ranks.

October 17, 1999
From: mac
comments: I am not ever going to attempt my picks right now. I do think that it is going to be a race between the two Parkersburg teams. I think that South will come out on top again but then again I am kinda biased. I would just like to say Good luck to all of the wreslters. It takes a true talent to do what you do. Have fun and be safe.

October 17, 1999
From: David
email: To Phanatik
comments: Chantz Griffith will wrestle at Jefferson this season. He also has competed at the national level and is listed under top wrestlers as an undefeated midget league wrestler. He is a very skilled wrestler with a tremendous work ethic. I can personally vouch for his abilities having practiced with him this summer.

October 15, 1999
From: Tom McQuain
email: mcquaint@hotmail.com
comments: just wanted to pass along to the old wrestlers and coaches that Bill Craig a member of 2 state championship teams at Parkersburg in the 70's and twice runner-up at heavyweight passed away this week arrangements are incomplete at this time

October 15, 1999
From: The Rock and Sock Connection
comments: Top Ten AAA teams
1) Parkersburg
2) Parkersburg South
3) West Fairmont
4) Hedgesville
5) Cabell Midland
6) Huntington
7) University
8) Herbert Hoover
9) John Marshall
10)North Marion

October 15, 1999
From: Jim LeMaster
comments: To Phanatik
I only know one of the kids... Chris Gibbs. He will be a freshman at Cabell Midland this season. He has been wrestling a long time and has garnered success both at the local level (2 WSAZ Championships undefeated in 7th and 8th grades) and the national level. He is a class act and a fine kid. He is an excellent technician and busts his butt in the practice room. I can't say that he will contend as a freshman but he's certainly one to watch in the future and just one more good addition the the Midland program that everyone seems to be low rating this year. The Knights lost some to graduation but the program is still strong and viable and will be a handfull for whoever takes the mat with them.

October 15, 1999
From: Link Man
comments: Here's a link to the PAWF Fall Folkstyle results where Anthony Regalbuto and Kevin Ballam of Hedgesville placed 1st!

October 15, 1999
From: WVU Preseason Rankings
comments: WVU wrestlers 21st in InterMat rankings
West Virginia’s wrestling team has been ranked 21st in the nation in the InterMat preseason Division I wrestling rankings. Iowa State and Iowa hold down the top two posts. West Virginia’s Vertus Jones holds down the No. 3 ranking among 184-pounders while 285-pounder Sean Hage of WVU is ranked fifth. Among 157-pounders Joe Carr of the Mountaineers possesses the 20th ranking.

October 13, 1999
From: Guffaw
comments: Glad to see some WV wrestlers at one of PA's PAWF Waynesburg tournies. Anthony Regalbuto had a great run taking first. I am hoping to see both Moats and Regalbuto at Lock Haven Tourny. This is bound to be the biggest tournament in the East. The tournament will be on the 24th of this month. See ya there!

October 13, 1999
comments: to newredneck
Josh Coffey won 215 not 189 last year and i doubt he would be wrestling 189.

October 13, 1999
From: Phanatik
comments: i see where some people have made lots of predictions already for class AAA. was just wondering who are "gibbs" and "chantz griffith" that have been predicted to contend by a few people at 112? where do they go to school what grade etc.?

October 13, 1999
email: runions@prodigy.net

October 13, 1999
From: The Rock
comments: The Rock says that he dont care about AAA cause that Rock isnt the real Rock

October 12, 1999
comments: my predictions:
103:Stanley Delligatti layner
112:stevens Kinsley Gibbs
119:Johnson Duncan Bowers kinsley
125:Stanley Shetler daggett
130:Regalbutto george Evans
135:Walters bosley Griffin
140:Moats Arbes Gatian
145:trusty Mays Bonecutter
152:emrick Cinalli williams
160:Miller none
171:Courtney none
189:Coffey none
215:Werhle none
275:Heath Wellman Gaines
unless they say none beside them the weightclass is up for grabs

top 6 teams:In no order
Fairmont Senior

October 12, 1999
From: newredneck
comments: dear oldredneck:
Bryant has already graduated second of all you'll be a bit suprised when Josh Coffey wins his second state championship at 189lbs. I dont care what you say he will beat anyone you put up against him and as for Midland we will be in the top 3 again this year. So make your predictions but you have no one in the right weight classes and you seem to just forget that J.P. Stanley will be top 2 and Walters will beat Bosley and Justin Stanley will beat Delligatti and Wellman will beat Gains. Just thought you'd like to have my input....

October 12, 1999
From: tapout
comments: My prediction is year 2006 Wood County will consolidate North and South Parkersburg Highschools that would turn things up a notch could you imagine the force! "BIG RED PATRIOTS" tough stuff don't think it won't happen it has to PHS only has a few years of life left South's due for an upgrade the B.O.E. has a new All-SPORTS facilty the next phase is funding then property then construction. Were not a small city anymore we must follow suit.

October 12, 1999
From: New Faces?
comments: Does anyone know of any good incoming freshmen/sophomores/transfers that could possibly place in the state tournament this year? I know Parkersburg and Parkersburg South always have a few.

October 12, 1999
From: confused
comments: i would like to know why people make predictions before the season even begins. You don't know where they will be wrestling or if they are even going to wrestle at least wait until january

October 12, 1999
From: dmb
comments: I would just like to say that some people predicting these AAA weight class better take alook at some of there picks cause there are people on the list ta have graduated high school like Ty Emrick of Parkersburg South he graduated in 99. This isnt the NCAA where u get to be a fifth year senior!!!!!

October 11, 1999
From: dmb
comments: I would just like to say that some people predicting these AAA weight class better take alook at some of there picks cause there are people on the list ta have graduated high school like Ty Emrick of Parkersburg South he graduated in 99. This isnt the NCAA where u get to be a fifth year senior!!!!!

October 11, 1999
From: The Rock
comments: The Rock says that in AAA 160 won't be as stacked as it was last year with Miller Courtney Ward and Dearth. There will be new names coming up in that class this year and who does e'ry one think will step up at 160 this year?

October 11, 1999
From: Some one in your side of cyber space
comments: I want to wish all the young men and women who will take the mats this year the best of luck. Work hard and you will be rewarded in some way or another :)

October 11, 1999
From: oldreddneck
comments: Don't usually brother with perdictions ...but this year seems so easy for AAA
1Delligatti Fair
2Layner South

1Stevens P'burg
2Duncan South

1Johnson Nitro
2Kinsley Univer

1George P'burg
2Shelter Hedg

1Regalbuto Hedg
2Evans WP

1Bosley South
2Griffin Univer
3Walters CM....beaten in semi by Bosley

1Moats Hedg
2Gatin NM

1Trusty P'burg
2Mays Hunt

1Emerick South
2Williams P'burg

1Miller East Fair
2Cinalli Fair

1Courtney Fair
2Coulter Nitro

1Strunk JM
2Bryant Point Plea

1Wehrle Hoover
2Gray JM

1Heath GE
2Gaines NM

Team: 1 South (because of conso matches) 2 P'burg 3 Hedgesville 4 Fairmont

October 11, 1999
From: wrestling fan
comments: Everybody is cutting Independence short watch for the patriots to turn some heads on the mat this year.They have some good guys that came up from the junior-high plus some returning starters like Steve McKinney (215) Josh Moyer (189) and Chris Brown (160) Look for these guys to make a major inpact on the state tourny this year.

October 10, 1999
comments: to da ladies man:

October 10, 1999
From: WestVirginiaSouthPaw
email: jtmccain@hotmail.com
comments: comments: On November 15 it is time to hit the mats again. This year will be no different for Parkersburg South. They begin their run to the top on December 3 at Midland. This will be no contest for the Patriots ... The South will rise again on the thrid.

October 8, 1999
comments: Perhaps a new category that can be added to the main menu is a list of merchants that sell wrestling related items. For instance I wanted to buy a new mat from Resilite and had a hard time locating their phone number since not even the "800" directory assistance had it listed. Enough traffic may even lead to advertising revenue. We all need to purchase wrestling shoes etc. for our kids every year and it would be great to have a central list of suppliers and tell 'em you found it on wvmat.com.

October 8, 1999
comments: Does anyone know what weight class Thomas Naylor is wrestling this year? If you do please post it on the forum. To the people who are posting their predictions for AA I think that for 152 you should consider Brian Justice from Braxton also for the 215 weight class you should consider Thomas Naylor from Ritchie if he decides to wrestle that class not to put Buisick down and last but not least for the 275 weight class there may be two contenders in that spot and they include Naylor from Ritchie and Ritter from Braxton. There may be one other person in the Heavyweight division and that person would be Laughlin from Calhoun. If any one wants to discuss the topic write something on the formum along with an e-mail address and I will gladly get back with you. THANK YOU very much....

October 8, 1999
email: wvwrestler@hotmail.com
comments: Could someone please send me directions to Buchanon Upshur High School...thanx alot

October 8, 1999
From: ????
comments: AA Picks
103 Zack Zubay
112 Ashley Gandee
119 Eric Noel
125 Ash Wenmoth
130 Jason Hayhurst
135 Logan Glass
140 Terry Childers
145 Jason Litten
160 Tony Hardway
171 Danny Drennen
189 Phillip Belville
215 Robert Busick

October 8, 1999
From: Da Ladie's Man

October 7, 1999
From: josh coffey
email: roo61@aol.com
comments: dear oldredneck:
its obvious that your a northern supporter and thats ok when you look at the success that teams like parkersburg and parkersburg South have had in the 90's but I assure you that Cabell Midland will be in the top three yet again and we have a few tricks up our sleeves. Namely Chris Gibbbs Jared Walters, the Stanleys, Todd Arbes, myself, and Byron Wellman. Together we have been to many tournamenbts together and have the determination to be a winning team. We have started a new tradition at Midland and hopefully we will a lot more successfull than you predicted

October 7, 1999
email: Smcgin5571@AOL.COM
(bunch of names snipped)

October 7, 1999
From: Michael Miller
email: player_008@hotmail.com
comments: I wish the Tigers the best of luck this year and I hope they have a great season. Josh, Joey, Danny -- work hard and win. Christopher, I hpoe you work hard and keep our name in wrestling feared.
4x Mike Miller

October 7, 1999
comments: Cliff Warden is having a wrestling camp this weekend at Independence High School. It starts Friday evening and will run through Sunday. Check-Ins start at 6:00 Friday evening. Saturday's session does not begin until noon on Saturday for those who have Football games Friday night and the people that live farther away. Jeremy Hart and anywhere from 3-7 Appalachian State wrestlers will be volunteering their time at the camp. There will be live wrestling as well as a whole bunch of technique. Great oppurtunity to get the rust out before season. If you are interested call Cliff Warden at (304) 683-5503.

October 7, 1999
From: oldreddneck
comments: Well about 60 days until AAA wrestling kicks off in the state. South opens up with Midland at Midland should be another good one to start although South should have the edge.. Look for the Big Reds to make a push for the state title this year with 8 returners and South hot on their tail. Look for there to be no teams south of Charleston in the top 8 this year in AAA. Huntington has a good young team but not strong enough to finish any higher than 8th. Midland will be no higher than 11th. Region ONE will have the top 4 team placers in AAA and region 2 will have 3 teams in the top...
remember you heard it here first.

October 5, 1999
comments: I would just like to comment on whoever did the AAA picks. I dont think you shold be pedicting them until the season starts cause i have personally talked to some of the wrestlers and they are not going the weights that you had them at. Wait until the season starts then you can predict.

October 5, 1999
From: Tony Hardway
email: macheen_9@hotmail.com
comments: I would like to congradulate Jeff Courtney of Fairmont Senior for winning golds in Greco-Roman and freestyle. I had the pleasure of working out with him this summer and he will do great at 171lb this year and will also win his weight class.
from:Tony Hardway 160lb Braxton County

October 3, 1999
From: D145
comments: Hey there is a site now out thet has good Info on wrestling here in the state. www.geocities.com/baja/outback/2777

October 3, 1999
comments: Dustin Barnes 112 Jonathan Holt 140 John Bland 145 Curtis barber 215 Dave hearst HWT will also be top contenders.

October 3, 1999
From: dmb
comments: i think that it is sad that people have to build up there teams like they are so great on this. If ya notice most of the really good teams in WV have hardly anyone from there area comenting on how great they are. They show how great they are on the mat not somehwere in cyber space!

October 2, 1999
From: ?
comments: My AAA Predictions
State Champions
103-Jonathan Dellighatti Fairmont Senior Top Contenders: Matt Easter Kevin Ballum
112-Matt Stevens Parkersburg Top Contenders: Justin Stanley Chantz Griffith
119-Chris Johnson Nitro Top Contenders: Clayton Samples Nathan Kinsley
125-Matt George Parkersburg Top Contenders: J.P. Stanley Dustin Bowers
130-Jim Shetler Hedgesville Top Contenders: Casey Daggett Mark Evans
135-Jared Walters Cabell Midland Top Contenders: Mike Bosley Kenny Griffin
140-Anthony Regalbuto Hedgesville Top Contenders: none
145-Bryan Moats Hedgesville Top Contenders: Jason Trusty John Bonecutter
152-Brandon Williams Parkersburg Top Contenders: Ty Emrick Jason Mays
160-Matt Miller East Fairmont Top Contenders: Matt Cinalli
171-Jeff Courtney Fairmont Senior Top Contenders: Joe Jackson Mookie Mayer
189-Matt Wehrle Herbert Hoover Top Contenders: Scott Coulter Jonross Neptune
215-Josh Coffey Cabell Midland Top Contenders: Steve Ochap Holland Dotts
275-Joe Heath Greenbrier East Top Contenders: Jim Gaines Craig Morgan

October 2, 1999
From: talon
comments: yeah no grafton on my top ten. the fact is - there are a lot of teams worth mentioning and its kind of early to tell everything i think grafton has some great individuals - but i don't really think as of right now they will break top ten but if some of their guys improve as much for this year as some of them (like cory auvil) did for last year then we could see it happen.... i'll check them out when i'm back home actually the second day that i'll be in wv i'll get to see what they have. other teams worth meantioning but i dont' have in the top 10 now are: Berkeley Springs Tyler Consolidated Shady Spring St. Mary's South Harrison (which could end up quite well if a few rumors that i heard over the summer are true... but i havn't heard anything else yet.) Independence and Winfield.

October 1, 1999
From: Chris Basford
email: Basford2@hotmail.com
comments: In Miss Lantz's predictions on her own web page she failed to add Grafton to the list of top ten teams. I am not sure if anyone remembers or not but there is a lot of talent coming to the team and a lot that is there already. To start off Cory Auvil Chris and Adam Leach Ben Taylor Anthony Spadofore and Jimmie Riffle and the rest of the team itself should put Grafton in the Top Ten this season. There are no open weights as far as I know... Grafton will have a full roster this season. There are some wrestlers that are going to be added to this years team and I think that should help them a lot more this season. Just keep your eyes open for Grafton this season. I'd also like to add that whoever wrote about Braxton County is right They have a strong program growing and I am interested in seeing Grafton and Braxton have it out in Duals and for the region title. I guess we'll see when we see...

October 1, 1999
comments: I just want to say that wrestling season this year will be exciting as ever new teams will be on the rise for the championship as in competitors The bees return soph state champ matt miller and a few other tournament contenders keep on the look for EFHS this year Could possibly be one of the top teams in the state GO BEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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