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January 31, 1997 -- from The Crystal Ball
My predictions for High School States
103 Regalbuto or Cox
112 Stanley or Walters
119 Gorby
125 Scott
130 Muldrew
135 Litton or Craddock
140 Ward (Jason or Chris - It's a Ward!)
145 Walters
152 Jackson
160 Wilfong or Nibert
171 Neptune
189 Courtney or Painter
215 Sharpe
Unl Kulpa or Waugh
Team Champs - Parkersburg South
Runner Up - Cabell Midland or Wheeling Park
Outstanding Wrestler - Jason Scott - Capital
Outstanding Freshman - Jared Walters - Cabell Midland

January 31, 1997 -- from Tim Queen
I would like to see a copy of region 2 brackets and results from 1996. If possible. Thank you.

January 31, 1997 -- from mexicano
email: moss@access.k12.wv.us
I think that who ever thinks Robby Shank will beat Dewitt Stanley is crazy. Cabell Midland is the team to beat this year and next year. They have thier whole line-up coming back, except for two seniors, who will easily be replaced. Every one always says how good South is, but their time is up. Cabell Midland will be stacked from 103 to 171. Right -- South beat Midland pretty bad in the first match of the season, but we had everyone out of weight class and we were out of shape. Our freshman Jerod Walters is one of these wretlers to watch. He has lost twice this year -- one to defending State Champ Dewitt Stanley, and the other he got gipped against Shank, which he should have won the match.

January 31, 1997 -- from R.S.
I was at a quad at Ritchie County this week and Grafton was there. In my opinion they are not a top five team. Ritchtie beat them and Williamstown forfeiting four weight class lost to them by one match. Yet both Ritchie and Williamstown are ranked below them.. Williamstown isn't even ranked which is strange. Yet Grafton does have a very talented 135LB Buddy McKeen. Still I like to know which coaches vote on the team poll. I always thought they did it the way they would finish in state not by who has the best dual team. Last time I checked duals do not crown state champs.

January 30, 1997 -- from Jennifer Smith
email: jsmith14@wvu.edu
After attending the State Wrestling Tournament for the past three years, I am really excited about the 50th Anniversary Celebration. That's an awesome idea to have former state winners come back to be recognized. As a Wirt County girl, I have seen many GREAT wrestlers all under an excellent coach. Matt Ashley has done a wonderful job with the Wirt County boys. We hope to have him around for a long time. The legend will continue. Not only is the team excellent this year but there are many other great ones coming up. Also, check out the 3 Miller boys - all brothers. Watch out. Wirt County WILL take the State Championship this year! Our celebration of the 50th State Tournament will be bringing home the trophy. Good luck, boys!

January 30, 1997 -- from Wrestling Guru
Everyone in West Virginia needs to take a look at Capital's 125 pounder Jason Scott. He is the most Explosive and dominant wrestler in the state. There will be a preview of the state finals next weekend at the MSAC Championship. My pick is Scott. Who can stop him? Look out, he is on a mission!

January 29, 1997 -- from Nolan VanGilder
email: hvangild@access.k12.wv.us
I'm looking for WV state tournament results from 1970 to 1979 I'm interested in place winners for Brooke High School. I know the champions but am unable to find out who placed. If you can help, please let me know. Thanks!

January 28, 1997 -- from Brandon Flower
email: bflower@wvu.edu
My comment here for the forum goes out to one man: coach Ed Gilson of Independence High School. Last year Coach Gilson was finally given the credit he much deserved by winning his first WVSSAC wrestling state championship and being named coach of the year. I don't write this to brag on coach, but as a former wrestler for him I was pleased to see years of hard work and perseverance pay off. For many years coach's teams came up just shy of champion status. Numerous quality wrestlers have come out of that program, but more importantly quality young men. I thank coach for all that he taught me in the short time I was on the team and only wish I'd have wrestled longer. Not only is Ed Gilson a great coach, but he is one of the greatest role models for any young man. Thanks Coach.

January 27, 1997 -- from Morgan Sisk
email: MSisk45932@aol
I would like to comment on the uprise in good wrestlers in Region 2. Grafton and Berkeley Springs are outstanding as the best two teams in the Region. Braxton has a decent team and Frankfort deserves some merit. As far as the quality of the individual wrestling goes I believe the supporting cast of Petersburg and South Harrison can add the wrestlers needed to give the region its final touches, as each can supply a couple very competitive wrestlers. The Viking Smash approaches this weekend and features nine teams from the region in a dual meet format. The outcome of this meet should not be taken as lightly as it has been in the past, as some excellent wrestlers are overlooked.

January 27, 1997 -- from S.M
You had better watch out for Zac Johnson at 135. He is from Williamstown so mark it on your calendar. He is coming on strong and he might join Bryan Jones on the state champion podium. Jones is the 2-time state champ and is wrestling at 130.

January 27, 1997 -- from WV wrestling fan
My predictions for AAA state championships:
(103) Anthony Regalbuto-Hedgesville
(112) Dewitt Stanley-Brooke
(119) Adam Gorby-North Marion
(125) Jason Scott-Capital
(130) Ryan Muldrew-John Marshall
(135) Zach Litton-Parkersburg
(140) Jason Ward-Cabell Midland
(145) Chad Walters-Parkersburg
(152) John Jackson-Jefferson
(160) Andy Wilfong-Fairmont Senior
(171) Chris Neptune- " "
(189) Ryan Courtney- " "
(215) Mike Sharpe-Parkersburg South
(HWT) Ben Kulpa-Wheeling Park

This is only opinion.

January 26, 1997 -- from Jim
I think that Midland is going to be the team to beat within the next couple of years. They are very young and have top quality wrestlers. Sophmore, Jason Ward is one of the best in the country and will be hard to beat at this year's states. Walters is also a quality wrestler having placement potential. Look out South - Midland, and Huntington will be in pursuit.

January 23, 1997 -- from Unidentified Wrestling Fan
Early season "predictions" for state champs:
A/AA - 103 Jimmy Johnson (Calhoun); 112 Ron Lemasters (Cameron); 119 Mike Miller (Wirt); 125 David Drennen (Wirt); 130 Bryan Jones (Williamstown); 135 Buddy McKeen (Grafton); 140 Kyle Unger (Berkeley Springs); 145 Justin Hovermale (Berkeley Springs); 152 Blair Miller (Berkeley Springs); 160 Adam Blevins (Iager); 171 Ryan Painter (Greenbrier West); 189 Brandon Kupfer (Cameron); 215 Benji Parsons (Sissonville); HWT Josh Waugh (Berkeley Springs)
AAA - 103 Anthony Regalbuto (Hedgesville); 112 Robby Shank (Parkersburg South); 119 Adam Gorby (North Marion); 125 Ken Becker (Wheeling Park); 130 Ryan Muldrew (John Marshall); 135 Josh Craddock (Roane); 140 Chris Ward (John Marshall); 145 Chad Walters (Parkersburg South); 152 John Jackson (Jefferson); 160 Andy Wilfong (Fairmont Senior); 171 Chris Neptune (Fairmont Senior); 189 Ryan Courtney (Fairmont Senior); 215 Mike Sharpe (Parkersburg South); HWT Ben Kulpa (Wheeling Park).

This list is just for fun - please don't take it seriously. There are a LOT of good wrestlers that aren't on this list who are every bit as capable of being state champions. I just submitted this to get everyone speculating and to get some good discussion going back and forth as to who they feel should be on this list.

January 23, 1997 -- from Bob Wilson
The last team that won the state championship other than a region 1 team was Shady Springs in 1964. In regards to the other comment Kulpa isn't undefeated. He is 26-1. His defeat came from a kid from PA. Muldrew is undefeated (21-0) and has only given up 1 takedown the whole year (to Newberry from Parkersburg). He is seeded 2nd in the OVAC and Kulpa is seeded 1st. One other undefeated wrestler is JM's 215 lb. Lucian Weese - but he hasen't wrestled PS Mike Sharpe yet . If anyone else is wondering about Chris Ward he is 9-1 losing his match to Sarge of East Liverpool. Note: Sarge is now wrestling 130 and Muldrew will have to wrestle him in the semi's in OVAC.

January 21, 1997 -- from Jim LeMaster
I agree with Tom Brooks, There are many good young teams & I must admit that H.H.S. will be one. I look forward to many more exciting duals between Cabell Midland and H.H.S. Midland will only loose 3 seniors this year and the four wrestlers with the best records (Ward, LeMaster,Nibert and Walters all with 20 + wins so far) are a junior, 2 sophmores and a freshman. I do feel that South is by far the best team I have seen this year. The hunt for 2nd-4th should include both Huntington area teams as Midland has beaten Fairmont, Wheeling Park, Parkersburg and North Marion and H.H.S. has beaten Midland. I am very impressed with the quality overall and can't wait until March!

January 21, 1997 jordan6@ix.netcom.com
To my knowledge there used to be a magazine called the "West Virginia Wrestler." Does it still exist? And is there any way of getting back issues? Like from 15 yrs ago? Please e-mail if anyone knows. Thanks.

January 21, 1997 -- from Jenny Sullivan
Re: All time best West Virginia High School wrestling team:
One can't overlook the 1988 Parkersburg Big Reds - an amazing seven state champs and record number of points (I believe) scored at a state tournament. This team totally annihilated the competition throughout the tournament, which I believe was "over" as early as Friday afternoon. Also, at the risk of sounding partial to my alma mater, I have to mention Parkersburg South's 1995 team which was also ranked 20th in the nation. We qualified the entire team for the state tournament, set records for number of first-round wins, number of quarterfinal wins, and number of semifinal wins. Talk about looking like a dual between South and the rest of the state! There were 11 wrestlers in the finals from South that year.

January 20, 1997 -- from Tom Brooks
West Virginia wrestling in the next few years is going to become very competitive. Huntington High will be on the rise with an experienced lineup who will be around for a few years. Although we have very good seniors, our juniors and lowers will rise to the challenge in coming seasons. I think with the improvement of Brooke, North Marion, and many other schools (HHS included) West Virginia will have a very exciting state tourney in the coming years.

January 20, 1997 -- from WRESTLING FAN FROM WAY BACK

SEND IN YOUR TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Editor's note: O.K., I'll fire the first shot. My vote goes to Wirt County's 1968 team. They took the state championship without a single indivudual state champ. Now there was a team solid from top to bottom -- back before the state tournament was divided into two divisions, to boot! Trivia question: Who was the last team from other than Region I to claim a AAA state championship. Hint -- We will consider the state tournament prior to the AAA - AA/A split in 1976 as AAA, and Wirt's 1968 team doesn't count, as it was Region I then. The answer to this question can be found somewhere on this website).

January 19, 1997 -- from Bob Strother
I find it disturbing Parkersburg High cannot field a full team. This is one of the top three programs in the state of WV. I have to agree with Coach Handlan, I wish someone had the guts to come out and wrestle. I'm anxious to see how the battle for second thru fifth place at the State Tournament turns out. (Parkersburg South is the prohibitive favorite. They have an outstanding team top to bottom.) At the class AA level, Grafton has a nice team with an oustanding coach. Has anyone heard about or seen the girl varsity wrestler at Weirton Madonna? She placed third at the Cameron Tri-state Tournament. Good thing she doesn't live in Texas!

January 17, 1997 -- from G.A.
For all of you in AAA, and AA-A watch out because Bryan Jones is healthy and he is out to seek and destroy
(Editors note: We presume the post refers to Williamstown's Bryan Jones, two time state champ (AA/A 125 champ last year)

January 2, 1997 -- from Jenny Sullivan
email: jennifer.gilchrist@gep.ge.com
Hi. I really enjoy reading everyone's comments on the forum and I'd like to ask that if any of you know someone who could submit results from your respective teams' match results, to please do so. I'm very interested in seeing results from the Huntington matches because I too think they'll really be a force this year. I still think Fairmont Senior and Wheeling Park will battle it out for second place. Of course I'm a South fan and I'm looking for them to repeat again this year, but stranger things have happened - look at what ALMOST happened to us last year! It was good for us, though. Well, happy new year everyone, and keep sending in those results and comments!!

December 23, 1996 -- From: Jeremy Berry
email: j_berry@mercersburg.edu
Isn't it strange that everyone who says Park or JM is going to win is from the northern panhandle? I'm originally from St. Marys, W.V. (20 miles north of Parkersburg). This year, South is going to (win at) the Huntington Civic Center. I'm saying this not because I'm a huge fan of South wrestling; but because that's just how it's going to be.

Look for St. Marys to place in the top 10 in AA\A this year. Bill Brizindine returns to the mat for the first time since '89. Pleasants Co. feeder programs are growing in numbers. Past state champion team members are enrolling their youngsters. Great vibes running through the practice room, high school and youth. They should be a contender in the coming years.

December 22, 1996 From: Wrestling fan
I definitely think that Huntington is the run for the state title. They have done pretty well so far this year, without everyone at their right weights. They will return Joe Thorpe, Byron Murrell, Mychal Wright, and Blain Crabtree, who all have shots at winning the state this year.

I personally have watched Thorpe wrestle this year, and he is really impressive; for example: In a dual against Cabell Midland he was supposed to wrestle 125, but instead he wrestled 130, and he isn't the biggest thing in the world. But anyways he beat Ryan Harris of Cabell Midland 6-4 in OT. That's real impressive for a guy who's weight class will soon be 119, so all those little guys better watch out.

Byron Murrell is also having an impressive season. I don't think that anyone's scored on him all season long. I'm not sure, but I think that Mychal Wright will be returning to the Highlander line-up soon. Also Blaine Crabtree is an exceptionally talented heavyweight. I've seen him come from behind against Roane County to insure his team a spot in the finals against Cabell Midland. But not only those but J.C. Chirgwin has gotten a lot bigger since last season, but looks like he could place this year in the state tourney at 125, if Thorpe goes down to 119.

Jason Singleton could also be in the running for a state tourney medal. Nathan Bexefield, and Israel Spaulding could prove to hold their ground, and be tough if they wrestle 145 - 152. Chris Copley is especially talented at riding legs, if he gets legs in I'm sure that he could beat some of the best. Jason Cox, I believe is his name, is an excellent 189; he wrestles very hard and with heart. Danny Davidson, once again returns to 215, and looks like he could place 2nd in the state, behind Parkersburg South's Mike Sharpe. But Mike, I don't think that he'll go easy.

So for all you people who counted Huntington out in the race for 1st of 2nd, take another look.

December 22, 1996 From: BOB
I believe that John Marshall will be at least 2nd in the state if not 1st. At the Brooke Invit. they did not have their whole varsity team. They were missing Chris Ward, Shane Riggle, and Jesse Nixon at heayweight and were still not very far behind Farmont Sr. or Park. These 3 guys would have at least given 30 points which would have put them into 3rd only behind 2 PA. teams. You should be looking for them at the top this year.

December 20, 1996 From: "sturgeous lipmonger" wrestlefreak@hotmail.com
I have an addition for the forum: Regardless of what anyone says or how anyone feels, this is how the AAA state wrestling tournament will end:
Parkersburg South should win rather easily; barring a poor showing like last year. This team returns 7 wrestlers who placed in the top 4 last year to the SAME WEIGHT CLASS! Throw in a couple more who could've placed last year and you have another state championship.

Race for 2nd: Three teams will battle for state runner-up: Wheeling Park, John Marshall, and Fairmont Senior. These 3 teams appear to be neck-and-neck at this point (just check the Brooke results) but I'm picking FS to take 2nd, WP 3rd, and JM 4th. With great wrestling and a lotta luck, any one of these 3 could surprise South like FS did last year -- but don't look for South to falter again.

Best of the Rest: These teams could slip into the top 4 with a great showing at the tourney -- Huntington, Cabell Midland, North Marion, Parkersburg, Jefferson, and Roane County. Maybe even Point Pleasant or Woodrow Wilson.

Well that's all now -- and remember -- you read it here first!

December 18, 1996 From: Kenny
This one is for all of you wrestling buffs who have overlooked Braxton County. We are returning no state placers but we didn't lose one starter off last years team. We sent 8 wrestlers to the states last year and as a team we are going to be tough.

December 18, 1996 From: Lacey Griffith
email: griffijl@ed.concord.wvnet.edu
To everyone out there that is wondering why the small town of Richwood doesn't have a team any more... it's becuase two years of not having a junior high team has caused participation in the sport to dwindle. Coach Russ Ward decided it would be best not to have a team over just having a team with about six or seven people on it. I would just like to personally thank Coach Ward for his 17 years of service to Richwood Wrestling and for helping me to do well in the sport I have grown to love.
Editors note: Richwood sent four wrestlers to the states last year including Lacey Griffith who entered the tournament with a 29-5 record and placed third at AA/A 119.

December 17, 1996 From: Drew Beihl
email: ydnar@1st.com
I would just like to refute the comment made by Mr. Ebert. John Marshall does have a good team. With the likes of Chris Ward and Ryan Muldrew returning the will definitely be tough, but I'm afraid that Mr. Ebert has overlooked JM's rival to the north. Wheeling Park is returning a stellar team from the 1995 campaign. Having only lost four starters the Park will be even better than last year. Though the Pats lost three state placers in Robert Davidson (1), Shane Shaffer (3), and Josh Braunlich (6), they should be able to quickly replace them with the wealth of young talent that is found in their practice room. To sum up, JM will be good, but Park will be better!

December 9, 1996 From:: Brad Ebert
email: no_fear@hotmail.com
I have been watching around all of the teams in West Virginia and there is know doubt in my mind that John Marshall is the best team in the state. I also believe that they will have no probelm with South or Fairmont Sr. with all the returning starters they should clinch the state title at least for the next two years.

December 5, 1996 From: E. Sparks
email: esparks@access.k12.wv.us
Why the notary needed on the medical release this year...As if coaches don't have enough paper chase now another item to check off...any reason?

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