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September 28, 1997
from: Jim LeMaster
email: lemasterjpmd@msn.com
I just wanted to congratulate Coach Lewis at Winfield High on an outstanding clinic today. It was well run and organized. It was a good learning experience for all wrestlers of all abilities. Many of this areas best showed up. This is indicative of the dedication that helps to make them successful. I would estimate that there were about 70 boys there of all abilities from PeeWee to high school state champs from WV and KY. Plus the food was great! And ... all for $20.00 We as a wrestling community need more coaches who are willing to do these types of clinics. Everyone wins. The kids get mat time and pick up new technique. They also get to touch base with opponents from around the area or old wrestling buddies. The school involved makes some money for their program. Once again, thanks to Coach Lewis, Ed White, R.W. White, H.L. Parsons and the others who put on this fine activity.

September 20, 1997
From: Lawrence Toliver
email: WRS96@aol.com
Please send us information on your tournaments as they come up.... We are very interested in attending your tournaments. We attended The Rainelle Open, and The Panther Prowl. Looking forward to hearing from you.....We are located in Roanoke, Va.

September 20, 1997
From: UandMe124@aol.com
Moorehead H S, in Eden N C will be putting on a tournament on October 11, 1997. It is a takedown tournament. Please contact Morrehead H S for more information.
There is another tournament called The Keystone Tournament (Scholastic for boys) and (a Women's Freestyle Tournament) both to be held the same day, in Meadville Pa at Meadville Area Sr H S The contact person is Mr Stanford at 814-337-0859. The date of this tournament is October 18, 1997. There will also be a disco for the kids.....This is a very big tournament. On Friday the 17th, the night before.....they will be having a tri match between U of Michigan-Morris, Denmark, and Norway. Vickie Zumo will be wrestling on Saturday. U of Michigan-Morris won the World Team Title.
Western Branch will be hosting the Halloween Classic on October 25, 1997
Hope to see you there,
The Traveling Wrestler
Lawrence Toliver, President
540-992-4811 (after 5pm)

September 13, 1997
From: Mike Surbaugh, Iaeger High School
email: msurbaug@access.k12.wv.us
Greetings. I need to know some dates of wrestling tournaments. If you or someone you know can provide me with these dates, e-mail,write, fax, or call me.
BNI Touney - Beckley - Dec.
Greebrier West Duals Tourny Early Jan.?
Coalfield Conference Tourny Feb.
We are still looking for possible opponents. We need teams for a quad at Iaeger High School sometime in Jan. Thanks for any possible help. 938-2431 (IHS)
938-2698 (H)

September 12, 1997
From: Erwin Berry
email: Berry@citynet.net
comments: In response to Steven Payne:
I have heard of parents holding their kids back a year to permit them to be "more competitive" the following year. Though I have heard of this situation more in Pa. and Ohio, I know it has happened a few times in WV. I personally feel this is sending the wrong message to the STUDENT athlete for a couple of reasons (notice I emphasize the word student). Has the student being held back encountered scholastic problems? Is the decision based on student desires or was it the parents who made the decision? Is it inconceivable that the wrestler could improve his skills or increase his strength in order to be more competitive? Red shirting in college has its place. Except for academic reasons, I feel holding students back for advantages in athletics is sending the wrong message...just my opinion.

September 9, 1997
From: Mark J. Gerrity
email: popeye@ptd.net
Kudos' on a great site! You and all those involved are doing one remarkable job. I visit the site often.

I am from Dr. William Welker's hometown of Shamokin, PA. Dr. Welker and I grew up on the mat together though he was an upper- classman to me by two years. I wish to express to everyone in this West Virginia community that there is a very warm welcome up here in this anthracite, hard coal region city of Shamokin in NE Pennsylvania. Please think of Shamokin as a home away home; you will never be a stranger in Shamokin.

We ALL are so proud of Dr. Welker's accomplishments in West Virginia, we feel you got one of the best of the best son's of the city of Shamokin. I must coment on Dr. Welker since I have known him since childhood. What a guy! What a wrestler he was! In reality, he should have been a four time state champion, he was magic on the mat and truely remarkable to watch.

I best remember Dr. Welker not only for his mat artistery but for the example he set for all those around him both in and out of the wrestling enviroment. He was NEVER, EVER big headed nor concited over his accomplishments though he had every right to be. He instead was supportive and "there for" underclassmen both on and off the mat; never the upperclassman bully nor one to impose initiations. He was there, I for one went on to mimic his kindness as I became the upperclassman. Folks like Dr. Welker is what made Shamokin the mat power it was at the time.

Until the late 1960's Shamokin has been a perenial powerhouse in Pennsylvania along side of Clearfield, Canon-McMillan, Washington's Trinity, Lock Haven, Easton, Hughesville, Muncy, Dubois, and so many more < please forgive me if I left any schools out. > At one time Shamokin and some other high schhol had to wrestle college JV teams to meet schedules; this of course was way, way in yesteryear. The Welker family played a trmedous role in the success that Shamokin enjoyed for decades.

In conclusion I wish to thank you for allowing me this time and space to brag about my high school, comment on Dr. Welker, and to thank you for having such a great site. Tom Elling LOVES having you wrestlers and fan's at PENNYSLVANIA WRESTLING and there is a red carpet out for ALL of you whom care to visit!

My kindest regards and ultimate respect for a class act and for highy respectable mat programs and schools that West Virginia contributes to the wrestling community NATIONWIDE.

Special tribute to former Shamokin mat coaches: Mal Paul, Lyman Weaver, Rich Dapra, Mr's Deldo and Artman, Larry Laucle, and one who was determined to make a state champ of me but I let him down and still has my sectionals silver medal, Daryl Kelvington < a Washington, PA Trinity High graduate and now head coach at Greensburg-Salem High School in Pennsylvania.

Respectfully yours,
Mark Gerrity
Shamokin High (PA) class of 1967 and a Viet Nam vet.

September 4, 1997
From: Jeff Givens
email: jmgivens@access.k12.wv.us
We at Williamstown High School are in the process of finalizing plans for our first annual tournament. We are placing teams into a quad format on Friday, December 5, 1997. We will place all wrestlers into a 8 man bracket (seed from Friday's results) for a standard double elimination tournament on Saturday, December 6, 1997. Please call Williamstown High School and ask for Bob Pickens (375-6151) or e-mail (jmgivens@access.k12.wv.us). If interested, please hurry -- only a few slots are open.

September 3, 1997
name: Steven R. Payne
email: pmpayne@inetone.net
I was talking to a Grundy Va. parent and he told me his son in the 8th grade last year was going to stay back a year. He was an honor roll student last year, but the team was strong at his weight this year. Also the heavyweight Luke had done this also. It is a common practice at Grundy. Doesn't this give the team an unfair advantage over other teams? I think someone should check into this problem. Or am I behind the times? Is this a common practice in W.Va. also?

September 3, 1997
From: Mike Surbaugh
email: msurbaug@access.k12.wv.us
Iaeger H.S. wrestlers are looking forward to the upcoming season. We are possibly interested in scheduling a scrimmage /practice type activity with another interested team - possibly on a Saturday early in the season. We are also looking for matches and/or tournaments to enter. We are trying to schedule a tri or quad at Iaeger that would partially take place during School time. If anyone is interested, please let me know. Best of luck to all the wrestlers and coaches during the ensuing year. Mike

August 27, 1997
From: Bob Wilson
email: monarch@ovnet.com
I was just wondering why Cliff Ward wasn't on the list of high school All-Americans? I'm pretty sure he placed 7th at High School Nationals in the '94-95 season.

Editor's note: Thanks for calling that to our attention, Bob. There may be others who have been inadvertantly omitted, and hopefully we can get the information complete. Anybody know of any other High School All-Americans who are not listed?

August 16, 1997
Former North Marion standout and two time West Virginia state champion Jay Michael has been named head wrestling coach at Buckeye Local High School in Martins Ferry, Ohio. A 1991 graduate of North Marion, Michael takes over one of the most successful prep mat programs in recent years by taking over the Panther helm. The young West Virginian was undefeated as a high school wrestler in his last two years, winning the state title both years. He was selected as the state's top wrestler in 1991. Michael is a graduate of Ohio State University and earned four wrestling letters with the Buckeyes. During his third season, he placed fourth in the giant Big Ten mat tournament.

-- from The Times Leader, Martins Ferry, Ohio. July 13, 1997

August 4, 1997
from Ken Chertow
email: chertow@ianet.net
Camp of Champs in Huntington this weekend proved to be a great training and learning situation. The camp was filled and as usual there was lots of tough competition. Typically, the top dogs are from out of state, but this weekend the studs of camp were WV boys. It was nice to see. Some WV studs in attendance were Jared Walters, Jeremy Adkins, Justin Underwood, Jason Ward and Bob Wilson. All of these boys placed in 1997 States and are working hard to win next year. What type of preparation are you doing??? In addition to the high school wrestlers there were numerous Junior State Champions in attendance working hard as they pursue their future goals.
The next Camp of Champs will be in Pittsburgh August 15-17.There will be lots of fierce competition.I still have a few openings and hope to have some WV boys come test themselves against the PA and Ohio studs. Call (304)736-0973 for more info.I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.

July 28, 1997
Heard it through the grapevine
Congrats to Dr. Bill Welker on the new arrival of a grandaughter, Camden Rose. Look for Camden in the 2020 Olympics, women's freestyle.

July 21, 1997
from: Erwin Berry
email: Berry@citynet.net
Thanks for including Lester Hughart on your list of 3 time state champs in WV...Lester's head coach at St. Marys High School was Bill Brizendine. Lester claimed state honors in 1982,83, and 85.

July 20, 1997
From: Ken Chertow
email: chertow@ianet.net
Do you want to get some mat time during August?
The Ohio State Fair hosts a unique tournament that has a history of being a high quality competition. I competed in it as an athlete during high school and college and my many of students have gone to it over the years. Camp of Champs are intense 3 day training camps.I am conducting two during August, one at my gym in Huntington and another in Pittsburgh.These small group camps always draw top competitors of all ages. Contact me via email or at 304-736-0973 if you want flyers detailing these events.

W.V. Trivia question... since 1985 who has been the highest placing WV wrestler at Junior Nationals? Hint- it was in Greco Roman Style. First person to email me the answer wins a free highlight instructional video.

July 6, 1997
Frankfort's 189 pounder, Roger Harman, who placed 5th in the states this year is now in boot camp and would like to receive mail and hear from his friends that he made during the wrestling season. His address is:
Private John R. Harman
Class 9708
Fort Jackson, SC 29207-5000
Thank You.

July 4, 1997
from Tim
email: johnmuel@hgo.net
I think John Marshall has a great chance of placing in the top three in next years state competition. They will be strong in every weight class next year.

July 4, 1997
Memo to: Jenny Sullivan
From: Tim Miller
Yikes! I keep trying to e-mail you and it keeps bouncing. New e-mail address?

June 25, 1997
from Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
Glad to see this web site. If you have any questions on weight (strength) training geared for the wrestler drop me a line. I have various reservations about weight training programs I have viewed on the college and high school level. By the way, don't believe the old wives tale about being to young to lift weights. It can be fun for the small frys, preventing injuries and enhancing performance. However, there are certain precautions for the young ones.

Looking forward to the 189 lb class (WV) in 97/98. What a barn burner it's going to be! Seen some great battles last year. Great kids.

June 25, 1997
from Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
I recently set dates aside at the St. John Arena (Steubenville, Ohio) the week after high school OVAC tournament in the hopes of holding a similar event for the small frys. After reviewing comments on a possible state tournament for them, it seems the same thoughts apply. Please send suggestions and comments on the idea of small fry OVAC tournament.

I need to get a feel for this. Thanks Nick Busick

June 20, 1997
from Ken Chertow
email: chertow@ianet.net
A guy named Siske answered one of my quiz questions correctly after taking my advice and doing some research (surfing the Web). Siske discovered that Mitch Smith, a 10 year old in my wrestling school, won the Southeast Regional in both Freestyle & Greco. He went 10-0 in the 2 day tourney. Mitch's other championships this year included Tulsa Nationals, AAU Nationals & Tournament of Champions. Mitch shows an incredible enthusiasm and passion for the sport.

The answer to 2nd quiz question was Jay Michael. Jay went to North Marion High School where he was coached by his father, Roy Michael. Jay earned a scholarship to Ohio State and was an NCAA qualifier. Jay graduated last year and was recently hired as a teacher and Head Wrestling Coach at Buckeye Local in Ohio.

While growing up in WV, Jay frequently traveled to out of state competition, wrestled freestyle and attended summer camps. Jay was a 2x WV State Champ and was OW his senior year. Jay's Commitment to Excellence has resulted in lots of success on the mats, a college scholarship & degree and a great job. Pay attention to what successful people do and follow their lead. Congratulations to Coach Michael and his wife Janis for raising such a great person.

That's it for my quizzes for a while, as my camp start tomorrow. All my camps are filled except for July 6-9 Olympian Technique Camp and Junior Olympian Camp. These camps have 9 and 6 spots left respectively. How about some WV registrants to fill these spots. I am sorry to say of the 900 kids who will be attending my camps this summer, only 14% are WV boys (not counting the kids I work with locally throughout the year). I have 29% Ohio and 22% PA. It seems like the people in these states take their wresting more seriously. It does not have to be this way. Get after it!

Have a productive summer.

June 12, 1997
from Ken Chertow
email: chertow@ianet.net
I received many good guesses to the quiz question I posted in this forum last week... who were the last two WV wrestlers to place at Junior Nationals?? However, no one got both wrestlers correct. The answer is Doug Moore & Mike Mason. Both boys got involved with freestyle during junior high and progressively improved throughout high school. The fact that Doug & Mike placed in Junior Nationals was very instrumental in helping them earn college scholarships. I encourage wrestlers who aspire to earn college scholarships to get involved in freestyle wrestling as soon as you can. It is a lot of fun and enhances your scholastic style skills tremendously. (Doug & Mike combine for 7 WV State Championships and 2 O.W. Awards).

This weeks quiz questions and probably the last until next school year, as my series of summer camps starts next week and I won't be on the computer much. Two questions - One will require some knowlede from past events, while the other involves a recent event and you can easily get the answer on the internet.

  1. Who was the last WV native, prior to Mike Mason, to qualify for NCAA Tournament?
  2. West Virginia is in the USA Wrestling Southeast Regional for kids wrestling. Who was the only WV wrestler to win this years Southeast Kids Regional?
First person to respond with correct answer(s) wins one of my Championship Instructional Videos. If same person gets both answers you will also win my book, "Wrestling: A Commitment to Excellence".

June 10, 1997
from Bret Sharp
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