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October 30, 1997
I hope I have this written down like I want it to come out. Bufallo Bill Cody is now going to put his input on the WV college wrestling scene. It is a shame that there are only two college programs in WV. WVU (always in the top 25) West Liberty State. It would be logical for Marshall to have a wrestling program, maybe with a new athletic director (Lance West) maybe he would give greater thought than Lee Moon?. I know several people who have sent in letters and even the wrestlers themselves urging Marshall to restart their program but to no avail. and I will give the two most legitamate reasons why for the time being Marshall will not have a wrestling program. Number 1 - the football team, which I'm a die hard fan. Number 2 - title IX. Until Marshall expands on Marshall football stadium perhaps in the next 5 years? All the extra money will go toward the construction costs. And title IX with the adding of a wrestling program they would probably have to create another women's opportunity, and that costs money, and with the football team trying to get big name opponents come to Marshall stadium, they will definately need a bigger one. It is a shame that they discountinued the program back in 1982 because Marshall had two outstanding wrestlers come out of there who have gone on to have succsful high school coach careers Coach Archer (Huntington High) Coach Sparks (Cabell Midland) who I never try to put down when I talk trash. I really like Coach Sparks - he has always been nice to me. I have several friends that wrestle for Cabell Midland, but anyways I think once Marshall has a bigger stadium and more revenue is generated I think the adminastrators will bring back wrestling. So lets get those letters going, to urge them to even consider this scenario! Well that is it for now till next time.
This is bufallo bill cody riding off!!!!!!!!!

October 27, 1997
From: Nick Busick
email: bu118@ovnet.com
I have heard nothing about the Hvwght from Oak Glen not wrestling this year. Although very inexperienced, Weirton could have a heavyweight that my pull a few suprises in the AA division. In fact, Weirton may have a couple state champs in the making if not this year. Looking forward to the season.

October 23, 1997
From: AA Heavyweight Fan
After watching the competition in last years state tournament in the 275 division I was impressed. The championship was a little dissapointing with Waugh (Berkley Springs) pinning Andrews (Frankfort). But the type of wrestlers in the 275 class were impressive. The top four wrestlers looked like wrestlers. What I mean is they were not 275 pound "blobs" They were 245, 240, 260 and 265 from 1st to fourth. To me, that is very impressive. The top contender here is probably Salmons (Ravenswood). I saw him wrestle a few times and for a sophmore he looked real good. The wrestler from Oak Glen, who Salmons beat for third, looked good also. I have heard that the wrestler from Oak Glen is ineligible for the 97-98 season. Is there any truth to this? Salmons could be a two time State champ because Waugh and Andrews graduated. It is good to see the so called heavyweights look fit and in shape. As for the top teams in AA-A look out for Ritchie, Wirt, Braxton -- well you get the picture!
The Toughest Conference in AA-A in the State
Lets go 275 's keep up the good work!!!

October 23, 1997
From: Jim LeMaster
To the WV MAT Enthusiast and all.
I agree, let's get the discussion rolling. In response to WV enthusiasts pre-season picks, although I am biased towards the southern part of the state (my son wrestles for Cabell Midland) and I feel this area of the state doesn't get the respect it should, I feel that the Patriots will remain #1 until someone beats them. I too am looking forward to the P. South vs Midland dual. Hopefully, Midland will be more successful than last time. I am very impressed by the feeder system that keeps South rolling. As a middle school coach and former Pee-Wee coach, I can attest to the fact that even though they lost a lot there are talented replacements in the wings. Look for Adam Shank to return and make his mark. Another youngster in that area that impressed me over the years is Matt George.

I also feel that Huntington and Midland both had outstanding freshman teams last season and will continue to grow stronger. There are even a couple of freshman who will compete for varsity slots. Both Cabell county schools should have over 40 wrestlers on varsity-JV and freshman teams and be very solid. I think Cabell Midland can be a force if they can find some help in the upper classes. Ward, Walters, LeMaster, Nibert, Olson, Coffey, Coffey II, and Frazier all had good seasons last year and all return. In all, Midland should return 10-11 starters from last year.

My top ten picks in no particular order are
1 South
2 Midland
3 Htgn.
4 P'burg
5 Wheeling Park
6 Roane
7 Fairmont
8 J. Marshall
9. N. Marion
10. Jefferson
Sleeper : Pt. Pleasant could break into the top 10 if all works out.
Perhaps for the first time in a few years the state tournament will go down to the wire! Let's hook em up and get the season started!

October 23, 1997
From: buffalo bill cody
Yes, another great season of trash talking. Let's start by this one. Let's do some simple math between HHS and Midland? Ok, my favorite one is Midland's fourth year in existance no regional championships. Huntington High open two years in existance - one regional championship. Finally, a stat: Midland has Huntington beat on state place winners. Midland 8 to HHS 4, three state finalists and one state champion your first year is great with a regional championship to boot. What Midland had -two fourths in their first year.
Give me time on my top ten lists. Huntington 7th, they did lose a lot, but they have alot coming back, including 1996 state runner up Joe Thorpe. I could go on and on but it ain't even seson yet. I will say this though -- I would not be suprised to see either the Pony Express (oops still am not used to highlander) or the Knights accepting the 1998 state championship. Believe that until next time.
This is buffalo bill cody riding off into the sunset, maybe me and mexicano can do a talk show on W.V. wrestling!!!!!!
go highlanders!!!!!!!!!

October 21, 1997
From: WV Wrestling Enthusiast
It's about that time again. Get ready for Buffalo Bill and Mexicano, who I'm sure are ready for another exciting season of trashtalking. So to get some discussion started how about some predictions for this year's top teams. The south is strong this year; so watch out northern teams. Here's my pre-season top 10:
1. Fairmont Senior (although lost upper weights strong in middle)
2. Cabell Midland (gained exp. in ups and lows, mid young but solid)
3. P'Burg South (lost a lot including coach, but they'll be up top)
4. North Marion (last year's young talent was impressive, need to fill weak spots)
5. John Marshall (big names are gone, however, still talented)
6. Jefferson (lost too much to win, but Zombro is tough)
7. Huntington (excellent seniors last year, but no one else)
8. Parkersburg (good coaching, struggling to find talent)
9. Roane County (not talented, but determined, Cinderella team)
10. Wheeling Park (full of talent, they could be spoilers as well)
These are just guesses, I'm pretty biased toward the south as well. So don't be upset if I didn't rank your team as highly as you'd like. This is just to get the ball rolling. Also the Cabell Midland-P'Burg South Duel opens the season at Midland. If your team is not wrestling, I would suggest you be there (it'll be a dogfight). Until then, I'm sure I made someone mad, trashtalk away.

October 15, 1997
From Bill Welker
The two-pound allowance is still in effect. This should make those wrestlers who are watching their weight very happy!

from: wrestling coach
Jan. 15 there will be a 2 pound growth allowance added.

October 14, 1997
From: jimmy T
I was just wondering if anyone has heard about the two lb. allowance this year. I heard they will be not be giving it this year. Does anyone know if this is true?

October 10, 1997
From: buffalo bill cody
I remember several months ago, you wanted to see them bring back the Pony Express nickname. I too would like to see that happen --probably never will. The Highlanders (I hate that nickname) did a great job picking up where the Ponies left off. But someone dogs up north from the Pony Express '92 regional championships is coming back to help coach the Highlanders. A hint of who he is: he had a clutch performance in the consolation round to virtually guarantee the Pony Express victory over Milton. Who is he?????

October 8, 1997
From: Mark Seely
I am interested in obtaining a list of Tournaments for WV Youth/Open for the 97/98 season. Send what you have or direct me to where I could get this info. Thank you for your help.

October 1, 1997
from: Steven Payne
email: pmpayne@inetone.net
I would like to thank everyone involved in the 50th anniversary ceremonies at the state tournament. All but one of Big Creek High School's state champ's were there. Robert Perry, state champ in 1976 and 77, also outstanding wrestler, is deceased. He died trying to save 3 of his 5 kids from a house fire. They found him in the room with them. He will be missed by family and friends. I thought it was great for my son to see his Dad get a plaque at his first state as a freshman. again Thanks.

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