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The new WV-Mat Forum is available AT THIS LINK.

Readers are invited to go to the new forum and continue the discussion.

You will need to register at the new forum WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION: Username/passwords for the High School and Middle School Coaches Only area (such as aaacoach55, etc), HAVE been carried over to the new forum. Any HS/MS coach who has posted this this year should be able to log in as before with no registration required. Any coach with questions/problems please email me.

Usernames and passwords at the new forum are case-sensitive.

Questions and comments welcome! If you have some bit of West Virginia wrestling information to share, or a question or comment, here is the place.

Posts from registered users should appear immediately. Registration is free. To register, click on the "register" icon at the top of the page at the new forum, and follow the instructions.

Reading and posting to the "High School Coaches Only" and "Middle School Coaches Only" is restricted to Coaches Only, via a separate anonymous username (such as aaacoach99) and password. If you don't have a username/password or have forgot yours, email to tmiller@mountain.net and we will hook you up with a new one. No problem.

Rules Of The Forum

No unsportsmanlike conduct.

Unsportsmanlike conduct includes but is not limited to swearing, taunting, intimidation, baiting, indicating displeasure with an official's call, questioning an official's judgement, and acts of disrespect or those actions which incite negative reaction by others. These are the rules which are enforced in a wrestling match, and the same definitions apply here. Those guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct may have their posts removed and posting privileges suspended.

No soliciting or advertising, other than announcements for camps and clinics.

Other items deemed objectionable or unrelated to West Virginia Wrestling may be removed at the editor's discretion. We reserve the right to remove posts to which other readers object. We are just trying to keep everybody happy!!

WV-Mat reserves the right to reject usernames in the event that a chosen username results in an unwanted association with another person or organization.

*Views expressed by users of this forum do not represent the opinion or position of the editors of WV-Mat.
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