West Virginia Wrestling
Junior High Report

by Brent Sams




Before I get into the tournament report, I first want to say, WSAZ Tournament, I've got one word for you... WOW!!! For our dyslexia readers, I'll say it again and spell it backwards because it's worth repeating, !!!WOW. Ten mats, wall-to-wall, with constant action. I don't know how one person could keep up with it all. If a "Wrestling Junkie" can't get a fix at the WSAZ then he's over the edge. Milton's Coach LeMasters told me there were 40-plus schools fielding 61 teams, and that was in the Jr. High division alone. If West Virginia is "Almost Heaven," it's because the WSAZ provides a piece of Wrestling Heaven for the state. Thanks Huntington and Coach Archer. Now on to reporting on the action.

Team Report - The Blennerhassett Bobcats got into a three way dog fight with the Beckly-Stratton Bulldogs and the Edison Eagles (who have adopted the Junkyard Dog as their unofficial team mascot.) and showed the Cats' nastiness in the Semi-Final round to emerge victorious in the state's biggest 7th-9th Tournament in the State.

Preliminary Rounds - After Friday nights action, Edison lead the tournament by four and a half points over Blennerhassett and eleven and a half over Beckley-Stratton. Cabell Midland Freshmen lead the ninth grade teams with 61 points and Cammack was the early leader in the Middle School Division with 65.5 points.

Quarter-Finals - Saturday mornings quarter-final action saw the Bobcats claw back and take a mere half point lead over the Junkyard Dogs and the Bulldogs came fighting back and were within four points of the leaders. The Bobcats and Bulldogs each qualified six wrestlers for the semi-finals with the Junkyard Dogs qualifying five wrestlers. Wirt County overcame their early round forfeits and took the lead in the Middle School Division over second place DuPont who lead third place Cammack by one-half point. Cabell Midland still controlled the ninth grade division over Huntington's Freshmen team.

Semi-Finals - Before the semi-finals started, Blennerhassett extended their lead through the consolation rounds and then the Cats struck quickly and rapidly as they qualified five finalists within the first six weight classes and taking a commanding lead. Edison and Beckley-Stratton each qualified three finalists and Edison pulled away for second place through the consolation rounds' quarter and semi-finals. Wirt County still lead the Middle Schools and Cabell Midland lead the ninth graders. Other schools and their number of finalists were Ripley 3, Wirt County 2, Williamstown 2, Stonewall Jackson 2, Riverside 2, Shady Spring 1, Hayes 1, Cammack 1, Nitro 1, Point Pleasant 1, Cabell Midland 1 and DuPont 1.

Championship Round - The Championship round was all academic as there were no changes in the team placement. The top four teams were all Jr High Schools and Cabell Midland Freshmen was the top non-Jr. High team who placed fifth overall. The top three Middle Schools and the top three Freshmen teams all finished in the top ten overall. The Middle School finish was Wirt County first (6th overall), Cammack second (8th overall) and Spencer (tie 10th overall). The Freshemn team finished was Cabell Midland first (5th overall), Huntington second (9th overall) and Ripley third (tied 10th overall). The Jr. High finish was Blennerhassett first, Edison second, Beckley-Stratton third, Williamstown fourth and Shady Springs fifth (7th overall).

Blennerhassett crowned four champions, Edison two champions, Ripley two champions, Williamstown two champions, Beckley-Stratton one champion, Hayes one champion, Point Pleasant one champion, Riverside one champion and Stonewall Jackson one champion.

Weight Class Report
75 pounds
- Beckley-Stratton's Meades qualified for the finals with wins over Wilson of Barboursville, Dudley of Cammack and a 48 second pin over Leithead of Sissonville in the semi-finals. He would face Blennerhassett's Patton who defeated Simmons of Cheasapeake, Dennison of Braxton and a third period pin of Milton's Simmons in the semis. Meade forced the action in the finals with a shoot for the double-legs and Patton counters with a cross-face. The first period ends in a stalemate with no one scoring. Meade takes down to start the second period and scores a reverse and finishes the period with a two-on-one wrist control and has a 2-0 lead going into the third. Patton takes down and Meade controls the action with a tight waist ride. Meade is warned for stalling but goes back to the tight waist control and receives his second warning for stalling. Patton chooses neutral but Meades scores a takedown with a single leg and scores a two point nearfall with a tilt from the single leg takedown and has a 6-0 advantage with time running down. Patton scores a switch and is turning Meade but couldn't get the tilt as time expires. Champion Meade, Beckley-Stratton decisions Patton, Blennerhassett 6-2.

Sissonville's Leithead and Milton's Simmons dual it out for third place. Leithead dominates the opening period scoring several takedowns easily and at will. I tuned out the match and was watching other action when I noticed Simmons had fought back and knotted the score at 14 all. Leithead hits a switch and takes a 16-14 lead. Leithead is penalized a point, I assumed for locked hands and Simmons scores an escape to send the match into overtime, 16 to 16. Simmons shoots in the first overtime and Leithead underhooks and turns Simmons to his back for near fall points. 3rd Place Leithead, Sissonville decisions Simmons, Milton 20-16 ot.

83 pounds - Blennerhassett's Osuna Cotto advances to the finals with wins over Biddle of Williamstown, Kelly of Cammack and from the semi-finals with a second period pin of Snuffer of Independence. He is to face Shady Springs' Neal who scored victories over Warner of Cheasapeake B, Ridler of Braxton and a 10-7 semi-final decision over Beckley-Stratton's Wilson. Neal initiates the championship action with a shoot and Osuna Cotto counters with an underhook as they travel out of bounds. Again, Neal shoots and Osuna Cotto underhooks again but this time with success and scores the takedown and starts the turn as time expires. Neal takes down to start the second period and tries a switch but Osuna Cotto counters and the ref calls stalemate as neither wrestler could gain an advantage. On the restart, Osuna Cotto works the near side cradle to score two near fall points. Neal rolls out only to have the hold broken and reapplied for another two near fall points as the period ends. Osuna Cotta works from underneath to start the third period and scores an escape and then the takedown. Champion Osuna Cotto, Blennerhassett major decision Neal, Shady Springs 9-0.

In the consolation match, Beckley-Stratton's Wilson scores a first period takedown over Williamstown's Biddle for all the match scoring. 3rd place Wilson, Beckley-Stratton decisions Biddle, Williamstown 2-0.

90 pounds - Blennerhassett's Anthony advances to the finals with wins over Dickey of Williamstown, Laverty of Milton and a semi-final pin on Harvey of Shady Spring B. He is to face McCoy of Wirt County who arrived to the finals by way of Edison's Lee, Flynt of Braxton County and a 10-3 semi-final decision over Chapman of Shady Springs. McCoy shoots in the championship matchup and Anthony underhooks and spins to score the takedown and the only points of the opening period. Anthony takes down and hits a switch to receive reverse points and works three near side cradle to score near fall points in the second period. McCoy takes down in the third period and Anthony works the far side cradle to no avail. Anthony tries working in a half only to have McCoy negate the hold. Again, Anthony works the far side cradle with no success. Anthony tries the far side a third time and finally turns McCoy to get the pin. Champion Anthony, Blennerhassett pin McCoy, Wirt County 3rd period.

I saw the consolation match between Chapman of Sissonville against teammate Harvey of Sissonville B, but not being familiar with either wrestler, I didn't know who was who. My apologies. 3rd place Chapman, Sissonville decisons Harvey Sissonville B 5-2.

95 pounds - Frerichs of Hayes advances to the finals with victories over Randolph of Ripley C, Munson of Blennerhassett and a semi-final victory over Edison's Eaton with a second period pin. He embraces Wirt County's Ashley who arrived through Ripley's Anderson, Chesapeake's White and a 13 to 4 semi-final win over Point Pleasant's Russell. Frerichs does the shooting in the first period to no avail as the period ends scoreless. Ashley starts the second period in the down position and Frerichs works in the legs for a grapevine and tilts Ashley for a two point near fall but the hold turns into a scissors and Ashley receives a penalty point. Again Frerichs works in the legs but gets to high as Ashley tries escaping out the back door but couldn't get his head out as time expires. Frerichs starts the third period down and tries a standing switch to the right with nothing there. He goes to the left and hits the reverse and quickly works the far side cradle to turn McCoy and get the pin. Champion Frerichs, Hayes pins McCoy, Wirt County 3rd period.

The consolation match pitted Edison's Eaton against Blennerhassett's Munson. The first period ended with no score as neither wrestler could find an opening for a takedown. Munson takes down in the second period yet Eaton controls and is warned for stalling but neither wrestler scores. Eaton is down in the third period and Munson works in an arm bar and goes for the turn but couldn't get Eaton tilted as time expires. In the overtime period, again neither wrestling can gain an advantage so the match goes into second overtime with Munson winning the coin flip and electing top. He rides out Eaton to score the referee's decision. 3rd place Munson, Blennerhassett referee decision Eaton, Edison 0-0 ot.

102 pounds -Cammack's Fullen arrives to the finals with victories over Farrish of Beckley-Stratton, Meberg of Sherrard B, Evans of Nitro and a third period semi-final pin over DuPont's Tucker. He meets up with Blennerhassett's Grogg who took his route through Myers of Hayes, Kouns of Williamstown, Scarbro of Shady Springs and a major decision semi-final win over Evans of Beckley-Stratton 13-2. The two tie-up to open the action and Grogg hits a duck under for the opening takedown. Fullen escapes and Grogg shoots for a single leg and gets the back heel trip for his second takedown. Fullen is on bottom to start the second period. Grogg works a half to nothing. Groggs hits a cross face and tries a far side cradle for nothing. Fullen is warned for stalling. Grogg tries a tight waist turn but couldn?t get the tilt so he works in the arm bar as time expires with no scoring in the second period. Grogg starts the third period down and Fullen controls through a tight waist. Fullen then works on a far side cradle with Grogg escaping. Fullen shoots from to far out and Grogg sprawls and spins for the take down. Grogg then works a far side cradle for near fall points. He then works an arm bar for additional near fall points. Grogg then works a half and flattens Fullen for the pin. Champion Grogg, Blennerhassett pins Fullen, Cammack 3rd period.

The consolation match had Evans of Beckley-Stratton scoring a takedown and near fall points over Scarbo of Shady Spring. Scarbro hits a reverse for second period points. In the third period, Evans gets an escape and takedown to get the decision. 3rd place Evans, Beckley-Stratton decisions Scarbro, Shady Springs 8-2.

110 pound - Beckley-Stratton's Thomas advances to the finals with wins over Coutz fo DuPont, Billings of Point Pleasant, and a semi-final 5-0 decision over Vance of Eastern Greenbrier. Blennerhassett's Smith arrived through Mills of Independence, Hagy of Ripley, Hayes of Nitro and a 6-1 semi-final decision over Dye of Wirt County. Smith shoots to start the scoring in the championship and scores a double leg takedown. Thomas escapes before the period ends. Smith takes down in the second period and tries turning out and turning in where Thomas counters and negates in a stalemate. With about five seconds remaining, Smith finally works his way free for an escape. Thomas starts the third period down and works an escape. Smith holds off the shooting and charging Thomas with sprawls and stiff arms as the match ends. Champion Smith, Blennerhassett decisions Thomas, Beckley-Stratton 3-2.
I missed the consolation match-up between Dye of Wirt County against Vance of Eastern Greenbrier as I was confused with his twin brother wrestling for fifth place, also against an Eastern Greenbrier wrestler on another mat. I did notice 110# Dye had a 5-0 lead before pinning Vance. 3rd place Dye, Wirt County pin Vance, Eastern Greenbrier.

116 pound - Edison's Pickens arrived to the finals through Cabell Midland's Ratliff, DuPont's Kinser, Blennerhassett's Smith and his semi-final pin over Thorn of Eastern Greenbrier. Williamstown's Tracewell went through Kronk of Ripley, Thomas of McKinley, McQuillen of Beckley-Stratton, and a semi-final, 7-2 decision over Dye of Wirt County. The championship first period action resulted in no score as tie-ups occured with each wrestler trying for throws. I assume Tracewell took neutral in the second period and again each wrestler battle for head control and throws to no avail. Pickens gets a single leg towards the end of the period but received no takedown as he stepped out and in bounds. Pickens takes down in the third period and scores the first point of the match with an escape. Pickens again tries a single leg takedown to success and takes a 3-0 lead. With Pickens controlling the match, Tracewell hits a reverse from nowhere with about 20 seconds remaining and sinks in the half for back point and gains the victory. Champion Tracewell, Williamstown decisions Pickens, Edison 5-3.

Again, with the twin brothers Dyes of Wirt County confronting Eastern Greenbrier wrestlers, I missed the third place match-up between Hicks of Huntington and Stricker of Hoover. My apologies to both wrestlers and their fans. My notes has Stricker scoring a 2-0 victory. 3rd place Stricker, Herbert Hoover decisions Hicks, Huntington 2-0.

123 pounds - The 123 pound finals saw an inter-team wrestle off between Ripley's starter Smith and B-Team wrestler Casto. Smith went through Henderson of Beverly Hills, Lively of Edison, Meyers of Cammack and a semi-final, second period pin over Young of Andrew Jackson. Casto's route was through Eastern Greenbrier's Brown, Nitro's Page, and a semi-final 6-5 decision over Pauley of McKinley. Smith initiates the champioship action with shoots but Casto staves him off with stiff arms. Smith finally gets an ankle pick towards the end of the first period for the takedown. Smith takes down to start the second period and immediately stands but is driven out of bounds. On the restart, Smith stands again but is driven out of bounds a second time. On the second restart, Smith again stands but maintains position in the center of the mat. He tries a switch to his left and then rolls out on the right shoulder to gain the escape for the only scoring in the second period. Casto is down to start the third period and Smith tries to work the legs in. Casto hits a switch to the left to score the reverse and Smith counters with a switch of his own to score for another reverse. Smith lets Casto up for an escape point and Smith scores a takedown to finish the scoring. Champion Smith, Ripley decisions Casto, Ripley B 7-3.

The consolation finals pitted Blennerhassett's Young against Hoover's Moales. Moales scores a takedown in the first period. Young scores an escape for the only scoring in the second period. Moales duplicates Young escape in the third period action for the final scoring. 3rd place Moales, Herbert Hoover decisions Young, Blennerhassett 3-1.

128 pounds - The 128 pound finals again pits Smith vs Casto as the 123 pound finals did. The names stayed the same, but the teams became Williamstown's Smith against Nitro's Casto. Smith advance to the finals through McClanah of Barboursville B, Richards of Blennerhassett, Morrison of Edison and a 9-6 semi-final decision over Boyden of Beckley-Stratton. Casto's bracket was through Reese of Cammack, Smith of Cammack B, Newman of Sherrard and a second period, semi-final fall over Collins of Huntington. Casto initiates the championship action with a shoot but pulls out. Smith and Casto continue to lock up and release and Smith ends the period with a near side cradle takedown but with no tilt for back points. Smith is down to start the second period and sits out and switches to his right to score the reverse. Smith goes for a near side cradle to score three back points and finishes the period with tight waist control. I missed the start of the third period and Smith has scored an additional two points for a 9-0 lead. Smith again works the near side cradle for near fall points to finish out the scoring. Champion Smith, Williamstown major decisions Casto, Nitro 12-0.

The consolation match-up pitted Beckley-Stratton Boyden against Edison's Morrison. Morrison scores a takedown for a 2-0 lead at the end of one period. Boyden is down in the second period and Morrison scores a two point near fall before Boyden escapes for his first point of the match. Morrison scores the final point of the match with a third period escape. 3rd place Morrison, Edison decisions Boyden, Beckley-Stratton 5-1.

135 pounds - Finalist Evans of Beckley-Stratton arrived through victories over Wilkerson of Blennerhassett, Campbell of Enslow, Alvis of Spencer and a second period, semi-final fall over Morris of Hoover. Edison's Walters arrived through Sheets of Riverside B, Blouir of St Marys, Ramsey of Braxton, and a 6-3, semi-final win over Jude of Cabell-Midland. Walters scores the initial points in the championship with a takedown and attempts a turn with no tilt points as time expires in the first period. Evans elects down and Walters works the legs in but then tries a near side cradle when Evans stands and turns in to score the escape. The wrestlers keep their distance and dance around each other, looking for an opening for the takedown. Evans shoots but pulls out as the two lock up to end the second period. Walters elects down in the third period and tries to sit-in. Evans works the head and the referee stops the action for potential danger. On the restart, Evans breaks Walters down and tries working the half from both sides to no avail as Walters is belly down. Evans then works a hammer lock to the head. Walters stands and turns in to score the escape with the wrestlers travelling out of bounds. Evans tries shoots for the tying takedown but scores none as the period expires. Champion Walters, Edison decisions Evans, Beckley-Stratton 3-1.

The consolation finalist featured Ripley's Good against Jude of Cabell-Midland. Jude scores the opeing takedown. Good escapes for the only scoring in the second period. Jude scores a reverse in the third period and Good scores his second escape. Jude scores another takedown and again Good scores an escape for the final scoring. 3rd place Jude, Cabell-Midland decisions Good, Ripley 6-3.

145 pounds - Patick of Huntington arrives for the 145 pound finals with wins over Newsome of Big Sandy, Taylor of Spencer B, Miller of Beverly Hills, and a 5-2, semi-final decision over Williamstown's Lauderman. Point Pleasant's Carr travelled through Nicely of Beverly Hills B, McCloud of Wayne, Graley of McKinley and a 14-6, semi-final major decision over McGhee of Hayes. Patick scores a quick takedown in the championship match and Carr escapes to end the first period scoring. Patick starts the second period down and tries turning in but finds nothing for the switch. Patich then comes to his feet and scores the escape. Carr finishes the second period scoring with a takedown to tie the score. Carr elects bottom in the third and hits the switch to score the reverse and sinks the half to score near fall points. Carr then readjusts the half for the pin fall. Champion Carr, Point Pleasant pins Patick, Huntington 3rd period.

Williamstown's Lauderman scores the only points in the opening period of the consolation finals match against McGhee of Hayes. Lauderman elects neutral in the second period but McGhee knots the score with a takedown of his own. Lauderman escapes and scores his own takedown to close the second period scoring. Hayes scores an escape in the third period but Lauderman closes out the scoring with another takedown. 3rd place Lauderman, Williamstown decisions McGhee, Hayes 7-5.

155 pounds - Bayes of Stonewall Jackson advances to the championship over Friend of Braxton, Nelson of Beverly Hills, and a second period, semi-final pin against Lott of Wirt County. Hensley of Riverside advances over Eldredge of Big Sandy, Johnson of DuPont, Jarrett of Huntington and a 9-3 semi-final decision over Jordan of Cabell-Midland. The finalists fought for hand control to start the action and Bayes tries a shoot with Hensley hitting a double underhook throw for the takedown and three back points. Bayes starts the second period down and Hensley scores another two points with a near fall. The third period has Hensley on bottom and scores by standing and turning in for an escape. Hensley scores again on a takedown and Bayes tries switches to both the right and to the left with Hensley maintaining control. Hensley then tries a far side cradle but is unable to lock it in. Hensley then works a half from the right as time expires. Champion Hensly, Riverside major decisions Bayes, Stonewall Jackson 10-0.

In the consolation final, Wirt County's Lott scores a takedown in the first period. Cabell-Midland's Jordan scores an escape in the first period. Lott elects down in the second and scores his own escape and then hits a takedown. Jordan also works an escape and narrows the scoring with his takedown but then takes the lead with three near fall points. I missed how Lott ties the score seven all, but Jordan closes out the scoring with a third period escape. 3rd place Jordan, Cabell-Midland decisions Lott, Wirt County.

165 pounds - Edison's Carpenter enters the finals through Webb of Johnson County, Crew of Shady Springs, Seelig of Eastern Greenbrier and a first period, semi-final pin against Freed of Blennerhassett. Riverside's Cochrane arrives through Rogers of Ripley, Ferguson of Beverly Hills, Watson of Spencer and a semi-final pin against Waldock of Huntington. The wrestlers start the championship action by circling each other. Carpenter scores the initial points with a take down and works the near side cradle as the period ends. Cochrane elects down in the second period and Carpenters turns a tight waist into an arm control tilt for two near fall points. Again Carpenter rides the tight waist and is warned for stalling. Carpenter then sinks in the half to turn Cochrane and flattens him with a Saturday night ride for the pin. Champion Carpenter, Edison pins Cochrane, Riverside 2nd period.

The consolation finals pitted Watson of Spencer against Ferguson of Beverly Hills. Watson scores the opening takedown and sinks a half for three near fall points in the first period. In the second period, Watson scores near fall points again with a far side cradle. In the third period, Watson escapes and hits the takedown with a cowboy and records the pin. 3rd place Watson, Spencer pins Ferguson, Beverly Hills 3rd period.

190 pounds - Ripley's Phalen enters the finals through Pence of Verity, Evans of McKinley, Price of Cammack and a third period , semi-final pin of Hammock of Sissonville. Cabell-Midland's Emerson travelled through Burns of Chesapeake, Merritt of Barboursville, Caldwell of Gallia Academy and a second period, semi-final pin of Bridgette of Sissonville. No points are scored in the first period as the wrestlers fought for head control. Phalen is down to start the second period and turns in and stands. Phalen then hits a switch to his right to score the reverse. Phalen tries working a three-quarter nelson with no success. Emerson is belly down and is warned for stalling. On the restart, Emerson stands but is taken back down to the mat as the period ends. Emerson is down in the third period and Phalen controls with a tight waist ride. Emerson looks to switch and stands turning into Phalen and works a half-nelson to hit the standing reverse as he takes Phalen to the mat. Emerson works a hammer lock to the head. With ten seconds left, Phalen nails a reverse on the side of the mat to finish the scoring. Champion Phalen, Ripley decisions Emerson, Cabell-Midland 4-2.

The consolation finals had Bridgette of Sissonville initiating the action with a shoot. Blennerhassett's Williams counters by posting the head and working for a single leg takedown as time expires with no points scored. Bridgette hits a reverse in the second period to go up 2-0. In the third period, Williams hits a swim move to score the reverse but Bridgette answers with a reverse of his own. Bridgette then sinks in the half and scores near fall points as time expires. 3rd place Bridgette, Sissonville decisions Williams, Blennerhassett 7-2.

250 pounds - Stonewall Jackson heavyweight Holmes reports to the finals through victories over Racer of Hayes, Brightwell of McKinley, Anderson of Riverside and a first period, semi-final pin against Young of Edison. DuPont's Richards arrived via wins against Hamlin of Chesapeake B, Dooley of Beverly Hills, Vance of Ripley and a 4-2 semi-final win against McDonald of Chesapeake. Holmes wasted little time in the championship match by getting the takedown with a standing half and scoring the pinfall within 24 seconds. Champion Holmes, Stonewall Jackson pin Richards, DuPont 1st period.

The consolation finals saw more action with Edison's Young doing the scoring in the first period with a takedown. Young escapes in the second period and scores the take down when Beverly Hills' Dooley slipped off the head trying a cowboy. Dooley scores an escape in the third period and Edison gains control again with a bearhug for the take down. Dooley escapes for the second time but again the cowboy fails for him as he slips off the head and Young scores the final points with another bearhug takedown. 3rd place Young, Edison decisions Dooley, Beverly Hills 9-2.

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