West Virginia Wrestling

Junior High Report

by Brent Sams

January 22, 2002

WSAZ Report

Tigers too powerful for Bobcats
Pirates tame the Panthers
Shady Spring claims WSAZ Crown
Point Pleasant wins Middle School Title
Cabell Midland Top Freshmen Team

Quantity over quality or quality over quantity? Shady Spring Jr. High used the quantity formula while Point Pleasant Middle used the quality theory to win their divisions at the WSAZ Invitational Wrestling Tournament.

The overall team balance of Shady Spring Jr. High was enough to overcome Blennerhassett's strength of five finalists (and an earlier dual lost to the Bobcats) to capture the Jr. High and Overall Title at the WSAZ Tournament. Point Pleasant went the other route and used the quality of four finalists to overcome Milton's balanced team after being defeated by the Panthers in three previous smaller scale battles. Cabell Midland's 9th grade team ran away with the Freshmen Title.

Jr. High
1 - Shady Spring 242
2 - Blennerhassett 241.5
3 - Edison 207.5
4 - Charles Town 125
5 - Independence 120.5
6 - Park 108.5
7 - Blennerhassett B 60
8 - Williamstown 55

Coach Matt Huffman's Shady Spring Tigers won 13 of their opening round matches to take a quick lead against the Blennerhassett Bobcats but was often found looking over their shoulders as the Bobcats kept clawing back into the hunt for the title.

After Saturday's quarter-finals action, the Tigers had nearly a thirty point lead but the Bobcats closed the gap and took a brief one and a half point lead after the semi-finals. The Tigers used the consolation rounds to win back their lead and held a ten and a half point advantage* heading into the finals with three finalists and one head-to-head match against their adversaries. (*The original point differential was thought to be fourteen and a half points but a scoring error was found after the tournament where four points from a Shady Spring B wrestler was credited to their first team.)

In the finals, the Bobcats won a great battle at 105 pounds to cut the lead to six and a half points but Shady gained the four points back with a victory at the next weight, 115 pounds. A pin for the Bobcats at the 125-pound class brought the scoring to within four and a half points with Shady out of finalists and the Bobcats having one grappler left. Victory in the finals are an automatic four points with possible bonus points needed for the Bobcats to pull out the title but Charles Town's Gustines clinched the team title for Shady by losing 5-0 and preventing bonus points being awarded to the Bobcats for their team title.

Shady completed the tournament with 11 placers, 1 champion, 2 runner-ups, 3 thirds, 2 fourths, 2 sixths and 1 eight place finish.

Middle School
1 - Point Pleasant 172.5
2 - Milton 146
3 - Spencer 126.5
4 - Cammack 116
5 - Ripley 87
6 - Beverly Hills 81
7 - Elkview 74
8 - Andrew Jackson 64.5
9 - Braxton 54
10 - Buckhannon Upshur 53

Milton Middle School jumped out to a slim lead over Point Pleasant, Cammack and Spencer after Friday evening's competition with only 9 points separating the four. After Saturday's quarterfinals, Milton and Point had pulled away from the other schools with Point holding a small three point advantage. When the semi-finals were all said and done, Point had taken a commanding lead and a guarantee of the Middle School title by taking a 30 point plus lead and qualifying four finalists. The most Milton could score in the consolation and championship finals would be 26 points.

1 - Cabell Midland 102
2 - Riverside 65
3 - Buckhannon Upshur 49
tie 4 - Ripley 22
tie 4 - Nitro 22

Cabell Midland trailed Riverside in the Freshmen Team battle after Friday night's competition but slowly pulled away from the field in each round of Saturday's action before taking full control of the division during the semi-finals. Cabell Midland claimed their division by nearly forty points with two champions.

Weight: 75
1st: Flowers, Williamstown
2nd: Sexton, Independence
3rd: Setliff, Milton
4th: Amick, Park
5th: Page, Hayes
6th: Broce, Barboursville
7th: Stokes, Charles Town
8th: Summers, Sissonville
Flowers of Williamstown won his Championship with a 7-2 decision over Sexton of Independence. Most of the scoring took place in the second period when Flowers choose down and worked a reversal into a near side cradle for a 5 point lead. After a Sexton escape, Flowers used a far arm control and ankle pick to finish out his 7 points. Sexton gained a meaningless escape in the third period to close out the scoring.

Weight: 80
1st: Boggs, Spencer
2nd: Gustines, Charles Town
3rd: Adkins, Clay
4th: Farthing, Shady Spring
5th: Hall, Dupont
6th: Nutter, Milton
7th: Wilson, Barboursville
8th: Niday, Buffalo
Boggs of Spencer scored all the points he needed in the first period with a single leg takedown against Gustines of Charles Town. Gustines scored an escape in the second period by standing and turning in but could not turn Boggs in the third period. Gustines is penalized for locked hands and gives Boggs a late escape but is unsuccessful in attaining a four point takedown. Boggs wins a hard fought 4-1 decision.

Weight: 85
1st: Phalen, Ripley MS
2nd: Townsend, Blennerhassett
3rd: Smith, Buffalo
4th: Johnson, Williamstown
5th: King, Buckhannon Upshur MS
6th: Wright, Edison
7th: Morris, Braxton
8th: Hanson, Elkview
Phalen of Ripley earns a major 9-1 decision in the 85-pound championship against Townsend of Blennerhassett. Phalen earned the majority of his points with 2 underhook throws for a 5 point takedown and near fall in the first period and a 2 point takedown in the third. Townsend scored his only point on a first period escape. Phalen other 2 points occurred in the third when he was awarded a penalty point when Townsend force the action out of bounds to negate a 2 point reversal and Phalen earned his with an escape by sitting out and turning in.

Weight: 90
1st: Rash, Independence
2nd: Pumphrey, Point Pleasant
3rd: Wolfe, Blennerhassett
4th: Fraley, Beverly Hills
5th: Worland, Cammack
6th: DeBord, Milton
7th: Baldwin, Edison
8th: Meador, Shady Spring
Rash of Independence earned his second WSAZ crown by defeating Pumphrey of Point Pleasant 11-6. Rash scored a first period takedown and a second period escape after a Pumphrey reversal to lead 3-2 into 3rd period where most of the scoring occurred. Unfortunately, my attention was on the 85-pound finals to catch the movements of the third period scoring. Rash chooses down and scores a reversal and 2 other points, most likely near fall criteria, and goes up 7-2. Pumphrey scores his own reversal but is penalized for using a full nelson. Rash escapes but Pumphrey scores a 4 point takedown and trails 9-6 before Rash scores the final 2 points with a reversal.

Weight: 95
1st: Cullen, Point Pleasant
2nd: Lester, Shady Spring
3rd: Mollohan, Elkview
4th: Miles, Milton
5th: Evans, Andrew Jackson
6th: Bragg, Independence
7th: Patton, Blennerhassett
8th: Bowman, Spencer
Point Pleasant's Cullen won a thrilling 5-3 overtime victory against Lester of Shady Spring that wasn't decided until the final second ticked off of the second and last overtime period. Cullen had hit a standing switch for reversal points in the second period but Lester pulls his own reversal to tie the score at 2 all. Lester had a near side cradle locked but could not turn for back points. Cullen earns his third point in the second period with an escape. Down 3-2, Lester starts the third period from bottom and is aggressive with multiple stands but Cullen maintains control with tight waists and in the fury, the competitors are driven out of bounds each time. On the sixth restart, Lester finally ties the score by standing and turning in to garner his escape point. In the first overtime, Cullen tries a double leg takedown but is negated. Lester tries locking up and a throw to no luck. Cullen chooses down to start the second overtime and as Lester attempts a far side cradle, Cullen is able to grab an inside leg and keeps driving with it until he is successful with the switch just as time expires.

Weight: 100
1st: Kelley, Edison
2nd: McCray, Blennerhassett
3rd: Dewitt, Point Pleasant
4th: Stafford, Verity
5th: Roub, Point Pleasant 2
6th: Lester, Shady Spring
7th: Ratliff, Ripley MS
8th: Morris, Elkview
Edison's Kelley spoiled Blennerhassett McCray's plans for a repeat WSAZ title with another thrilling 3-1 overtime victory. The off-season teammates have split four matches this year with each match going into overtime. Kelley was the aggressor throughout most of the WSAZ match with multiple attempts at single and double leg takedowns. Both wrestlers earned an escape point with McCray's coming in the second period and Kelley's in the third. In the first overtime, Kelley shoots for a single leg and McCray counters with an underhook as they travel out of bounds. On the restart, Kelley attempts another single leg and is awarded the takedown on the edge of the mat as the buzzer sounds.

Weight: 105
1st: Porter, Blennerhassett
2nd: Neal, Shady Spring
3rd: Dunn, Edison
4th: Easter, Andrew Jackson
5th: Hereford, Point Pleasant
6th: Dunlap, Hayes
7th: Griffin, Spencer
8th: Pigott, Blennerhassett 2
Blennerhassett's Porter won his second WSAZ title against Shady Spring's Neal in a narrow 6-4 victory. Scoring began in the second period when Neal chooses bottom and attempts coming out the back door, which Porter negates with an illegal leg lock. Porter is awarded a penalty point when Neal either grabs head gear or fingers. Neal grabs an inside leg and comes up for an escape point and secures a takedown to go up 4-1, Porter sits out and reverses with an underhook and is awarded 2 back points to go up 5-4. In the third period, Neal works a 2 on 1 and is cautioned for stalling. He lets Porter up and is down 6-4 needing a takedown to tie. Porter works a single leg and Neal counters by working a butcher before travelling out of bounds.

Weight: 115
1st: Harvey, Shady Spring
2nd: Casto, Point Pleasant
3rd: Staats, Blennerhassett
4th: Dixon, Beverly Hills
5th: Jarvis, Spencer
6th: Parks, Riverside 9th
7th: Cook, Cammack
8th: Stevens, Braxton
Shady Spring's Harvey and Point Pleasant's Casto was another evenly matched bout that Harvey won in overtime 5-3. Casto scored first in the second period with an escape but on his single leg attempt, Harvey counters with a near side cradle takedown but could not get the tilt for back points. In the third period, Casto takes back the lead with 2 near fall points yet Harvey is able to escape to knot the score at 3 all and force overtime. In the overtime period, Harvey secures a double leg takedown to win the match 5-3.

Weight: 125
1st: Munson, Blennerhassett
2nd: Smallridge, Buckhannon Upshur
3rd: Scarboo, Shady Spring
4th: Weatherholt, Blennerhassett 2
5th: Warner, Point Pleasant
6th: Kerns, Nitro
7th: Samples, Cammack
8th: Thompson, Andrew Jackson
Blennerhassett's Munson broke the string of close matches with a second period pin of Smallridge form Buckhannon-Upshur 9th. Smallridge initiated the action with a shoot but Munson spins for 2 take down points. In the second period, Munson hits a reverse and near side cradle for 4 more points. Smallridge scores his first points with a switch and Munson escapes for his 7th point. Munson hits a single leg takedown and lets Smallridge up for his third point. Munson is able to work in a standing half and takes Smallridge down for the pin.

Weight: 135
1st: Smith, Blennerhassett
2nd: Gustines, Charles Town
3rd: Chapman, Shady Spring
4th: Goodrich, Calhoun
5th: Runyon, Cammack
6th: Kendall, Spencer
7th: Coutz, Riverside 9th
8th: Sowards, Beverly Hills
Blennerhassett's Smith won his third WSAZ title with a hard fought 5-3 decision over Gustines of Charles Town. Gustines scores first in the second period with an escape. Smith secures a single leg takedown and Gustines knots the score with an escape by sitting out and turning in. In the third period, Smith stands and peels the hands for an escape and then works a double to single leg take down for his fifth point. Gustines closes out the scoring with a late escape.

Weight: 145 1st: Munday, Edison
2nd: Chapman, Milton
3rd: McKinney, Independence
4th: Mather, Blennerhassett
5th: Branard, Spencer
6th: Jones, Shady Spring
7th: Moye, Cabell Midland
8th: Schaffer, Elkview
In a weight class normally reserved for upper classmen, two seventh graders fought for the 145-pound title when Edison's Munday major decisioned Milton's Chapman 11-1. Munday scored the initial takedown with a modified bear hug. In the second period, Munday locks in the legs and works a cross face tilt for 2 near fall points. In the third period, Munday hits a switch and locks in the legs into a tilt and then a Saturday Night ride for 3 near fall points. Chapman garners an escape and Munday closes out the scoring with a duck under takedown.

Weight: 155
1st: Norman, Edison
2nd: Hammack, Sissonville
3rd: Thompson, Shady Spring
4th: Deal, Cammack
5th: Johnson, Cabell Midland
6th: Odell, Elkview
7th: Long, Dupont
8th: Powell, Blennerhassett
Edison's Norman dominated Sissonville's Hammack with a 16-1 tech fall. Norman hits a single leg takedown and grapevines the leg but is penalized with an illegal hand lock to close out the first period scoring 2-1. In the second period, Norman sits out to score a 2 point reversal, shoots a half and scores 2 near fall points, works a far side cradle for 3 near fall points, runs an arm bar for 3 more near fall points, works a guillotine for 2 near fall points and finishes the scoring with 2 near fall points from a half nelson.

Weight: 170
1st: Cremeans, Cabell Midland
2nd: Perry, Charles Town
3rd: Whystell, Edison
4th: Kincaid, Shady Spring
5th: Wellman, Park
6th: Villers, Ripley 9
7th: Christian, Milton
8th: Rollins, Covanant Christian
Cremeans of Cabell Midland earned a hard fought third period pin over defending WSAZ champion Perry of Charles Town. Cremeans scored the first points in the second period when he sits out and turns in for an escape and then scores 2 points from a takedown to go up 3-0. The third period looked like deja vu with Perry sitting out and turning in for an escape but Cremeans hits a spinning takedown and sinks the half to get the pin from an exhausted Perry.

Weight: 190
1st: Sparks, Cabell Midland
2nd: Shirley, Point Pleasant
3rd: Cook, Beverly Hills
4th: Farley, Milton
5th: Glascock, Charles Town
6th: Burnside, Edison
7th: Spriggs, Park
8th: Neal, Milton 2
Another great overtime match up occurred at 190 pounds when Cabell Midland's Sparks (name sounds familiar, he looks familiar to, like a ghost from 25 years ago) won a referee's decision 4-4 overtime victory over Shirley of Point Pleasant. In the second period, Sparks works a 2 on 1 hand control into a near side cradle but slips off the head for Shirley to score a 2 point reversal. Shirley works a far side cradle where Sparks is able to turn into his own reversal. Shirley also hits a reversal to finishes the second period scoring up 4-2. In the third period, Sparks hits a standing reversal to tie the score 4 all and force overtime. In first overtime period, Sparks initiates all the action and with 3 head locks and the Shirley is warned for stalling. Shirley elects down in the second overtime period and Sparks controls the period working for near side cradle to win the referee's decision.

Weight: 275
1st: Wojo, Riverside 9th
2nd: Davis, Edison
3rd: Anderson, Ripley MS
4th: Gillispie, Park
5th: Branch, Buckhannon-Upshur 2
6th: Turner, Riverside 9th 2
7th: Miller, Buckhannon-Upshur MS
8th: Suttle, Cabell Midland
Wojo from Riverside won the big boy title with a 7-2 decision over Edison's Davis. Wojo is awarded 2 penalty points when Davis locks hands twice trying to control Wojo in the second period. Wojo is able to hit a roll and turn to score reversal points and sinks the half for 2 near fall points. Davis stands for an escape point to close out the second period scoring. In the third period, Wojo works an ankle pick break down into a near side cradle for 2 more near fall points but Davis is able to roll out to finish the scoring at 7-2.

After Thoughts
It was good to see Buckhannon-Upshur and Charles Town in the tournament. Buckhannon-Upshur made their first ever appearance and Charles Town made the long journey from the eastern panhandle for their second consecutive competition. It was disappointing that the Greenbrier and New River Valley area teams were not present to be apart of the tournament. They have some great wrestlers that would have upped the competition level. Overall, a great tournament and I can't remember any other finals with so many overtime matches. Thanks Huntington.

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