The number one hit at the box office this past weekend at Huntington’s Veteran Memorial Field House was Point Pleasant Middle School Pirates.  Directed by Coach Dave Darst, the Pirates erased a nine-year-old curse at the WSAZ and reclaimed the overall title by 12 points.  Western Greenbrier took second billing, followed by East Fairmont.

The Point Pleasant Purple Pirates' performance progressed from the preliminary pairings and peaked with nine placers promenading in the podium parade.  Western Greenbrier and Williamstown each had eight placers followed by East Fairmont’s seven WSAZ award winners.

Miami Trace of Ohio led all teams with three champions, followed by Western Greenbrier and East Fairmont with two each.  Other teams claiming an individual champion were Mannington, Independence, Taylor County, Ripley Middle, Andrew Jackson, Huntington and Cabell Midland. 

Western Greenbrier won the Jr. High crown over second place Williamstown and third place Edison.

The Middle School top three teams were Point Pleasant, first; East Fairmont, second; and Miami Trace third.

The top three Freshman teams were Cabell Midland, first; Cabell Midland ‘B’, second; Huntington, third.



Garringer, Miami Trace Fall Searls, Point Pleasant MS, :35

Garrington of Miami Trace made his first trip to the WSAZ a memorial one with the quickest pin of the finals. 



Jenkins, East Fairmont Fall Thompson, Milton, 1:58

            East Fairmont’s Jenkins controlled the match against Milton’s Thompson.  Jenkins used a single leg takedown to score in the first.  In the second, He worked halfs and armbars before registering the second period pin.



Robe, East Fairmont Dec Mason, Mannington, 7-0

            A Marion County Showdown.  After a scoreless first period, Robe does the bulk of his scoring in the second with one escape point, two takedown points and using an armbar to secure three nearfall points.  Mason elected top in the third period and Robe closes the scoring with another escape.



Fraley, Miami Trace Fall Bailey, East Fairmont, 1:33

            After a scoreless first period, Fraley uses far arm controls against Bailey and finally gets the pin with the butcher.



Gallaher, Taylor Dec Peters, Williamstown, 8-3

            Gallaher opens the first period scoring against Peters with a double leg takedown.  Peters gets an escape in the second and Gallaher spins off a front headlock to secure two more takedown points.  Peters second point comes by penalty.  Gallaher chooses neutral to start the third and gets his third takedown by switching off a double leg to a single leg.  Gallaher grapevines the leg but Peters escape by coming out the back door and with time running down shoots in with Gallaher countering by spinning behind for his fourth takedown.



Martin, Ripley MS M-Dec Moore, Elkview, 10-1

            Martin gets the initial takedown and works a half nelson for three near fall            points and a 5-0 first period score.  Moore takes down in the second and Martin works in the legs and gets a tilt for two more near fall points.  Moore gets an escape and Martin works a front headlock to a nearside cradle takedown to close out the second period scoring at 9-1.  Martin elects down to start the third and closes out the scoring from a sit-out/turn-in escape point.



Klemans, Clay Dec Jeffers, Point Pleasant MS, 4-3

            Klemans attempts a cowboy in the first period which Jeffers slips out of and secures the takedown.  Klemans gets an escape to finish the first period behind 2-1.  Jeffers choose down in the second period and Klemans controls the period with tight waists and leg grapevines to end the second with no change in the score.  Klemans takes down in the third period and knots the score at two all with an escape.  Jeffers shoots for a single with the action going out of bounds.  Klemans gets his winning points with a takedown by coming off a headlock to a near side cradle which goes out of bounds.  Jeffers closes the scoring with an end of period escape.



Neff, Miami Trace M-Dec Ferrill, Western Greenbrier, 10-2

            Ferrill gets his only lead and points of the match with an outside leg takedown for a 2-0 first period scoring.  Neff uses a tight waist and is able to stack Ferrill for two near fall points to knot the score at two all after two.  In the third period, Neff escapes and scores a takedown then uses an arm bar for two near fall points and a butcher for three near fall points to finalize the scoring at 10-2.



Gray, Western Greenbrier Fall Workman, Point Pleasant MS, :51

            Western Greenbrier’s Gray gets the second quickest pin of the finals with a half nelson.



Hinerman, Mannington Fall Miracle, Blennerhasset, 2:02

            Mannington’s Hinerman controlled Blennerhassett’s Miracle by scoring with a single leg takedown and a grapevine tilt for near fall points to go ahead 4-0 after one period.  Hinerman elects down to start the second and hits a switch for reversal points.  Hinerman grapevines the leg and sinks a half to secure the second period pin.



Easter, Andrew Jackson Dec Murphy, East Fairmont, 5-1

            After a scoreless first period, Murphy elects down in the second and Easter rides out by working in the legs and attempting tilts.  The second period ends with the score still tied at zeros.  Easter stands and escapes for the first points of the match coming in the third period.  Easter comes spins off a hammer lock for a takesdown and Murphy stands and garners his own escape.  Murphy shoots for a single leg takedown and Easter fights through to close the scoring with another takedown.



Walker, Western Greenbrier Fall Casto, Sissonville 2:32

            Walker attempts a bear hug and works down for a single leg takedown and then sinks the half nelson to go up 5-0 after one period.  Walker hits a switch and turns Casto with a tight waist to get the second period pin.



Hensley, Huntington Dec Bailey, Blennerhassett, 4-3

            Hensley gets a single leg takedown and Bailey gets an escape to end the first period scoring at 2-1.  Bailey gets his second point with an escape in the second.  Bailey attempts a near side cradle in the third which Hensley slips out of and gets two reversal points.  Bailey closes out the scoring with another escape.



Christian, Cabell Midland Dec Neal, Cabell Midland 2, 5-2

            Both of these Cabell Midland grapplers work for head control in the first with no one scoring.  Christian gets an escape and takedown in the second to go up 3-0 after two periods.  Neal elects down in the third and narrows the scoring with an escape but Christian secures another takedown and Neal closes out the scoring with his second escape of the period.



Barnette, Independence Fall Patterson, Wahama 4:29

            Peterson tries circling his behemoth opponent in the first but finds no openings as the first period ends 0-0.  Barnette takes down in the second and gets an escape and a single leg takedown.  Barnette then works the far arm and hits a modified cowboy for two near fall points and ends the second period scoring up 5-0.  Peteson takes down in the third and Barnette breaks him down with an ankle pick and then works the head and turns Peterson to get the third period pin.