West Virginia Wrestling
Junior High/Middle School Wrestling

Compiled by Brent Sams

Report for April 2, 2001

Andrew Jackson 1-KCC 2-AJI(6th overall)
Beverly Hills 1-RGH 1-TI (2nd overall) 3-CHH 1-COC (4th overall) 1-AJI (4th overall) 1-BHD
Braxton County 1-SBM 1-CWVAC 2-BCI 2-SI(4th overall) 2-Z(10 overall)
Buckhannon-Upshur 1-CT(2nd overall) 1-BD(2nd overall) 1-MDC
Cameron 3-CT 3-MDC
Collins 1-FCC
DuPont 2-ISD 3-KCC
Mannington 3-RGH
Milton 1-CHH 2-POP 2-TI (3rd Overall)
Oak Glen 1-WWD 1-IC 1-BMAC 2-OVAC
Point Pleasant 1-AOP 1-OWV 1-POP 1-Z(3rd overall) 1-RD (3rd overall) 1-ISD 2-COC (6th overall)
Ripley 2-RGH 3-Z(12 overall)
Spencer 1-SI(3rd overall) 3-BCI

Beckley-Stratton (24-3) 1-SBM 1-RD 1-AJI 1-RCC 2-RGH 3-POP 3-COC
Blennerhassett 1-WCSD 1-COC 1-Z 1-WCRS 2-WCC
Edison 1-WCC 2-WCSD 2-COC 2-Z 2-WCRS
Harpers Ferry (23-1) 1-BCI 1-BD 1-HFI 2-SBM
Jackson 1-WCND 3-WCRS 3-WCC 5-COC
McKinley 1-MD 1-TI (4th overall) 1-KCJC 3-ISD 5-POP 11-Z
Moundsville 1-CT 1-SI
Park 2-RGH 2-EGT
Shady Springs 1-ISD 2-AJI 3-RGH 3-Z(5th overall) 3-RCC
Western Greenbrier 1-EGT 2-ISD 3-SBM 8-Z

Cabell Midland 1-AJI (3rd overall) 1-Z(4th overall) 2-MD
Herbert Hoover 3-AJI(7th overall)
Huntington 1-TI 1-RD (2nd overall) 1-COC (8th overall) 2-AJI(5th overall) 2-Z(9th overall)
Riverside 1-SI(2nd overall) 1-KCJC (2nd Overall) 3-Z(13 overall)

1 - 1st Place
2 - 2nd Place
3 - 3rd Place
4 - 4th Place
AT - All-Tournament
U - Undefeated

AJI - Andrew Jackson Ironman
AOP - Athens Olympic Pool
AT - All-Tournament
BCI - Braxton County Invitational
BD - Buckhannon Duals
BHD - Beverly Hills Duals
BMAC - Buckeye Mountaineer Athletic Conference
CHH - Cammack/Huntington Hospital
COC - Clash of Champions, Wood County Duals
CT - Cameron Tournament
CWVAC - Central WV Athletic Conference
EGT - Eastern Greenbrier Tournament
FCC - Fayette County Championship
HFI - Harpers Ferry Invitational
IC - Indian Creek
ISD - Independence Super Duals
KCC - Kanawha County Championship
KCJC - Kanawha County Jr. High Championship
MD - McKinley Duals
MDC - Mason-Dixon Championship
OVAC - Jr. Ohio Valley Athletic Conference
OWV - Ohio/West Virginia Super Duals
POP - Point Pleasant Olympic Pool
RCC - Raleigh County Championship
RD-Ripley Duals
RGH - Raleigh General Hospital Tournament of Champions
SBM - Scott Brown Memorial
SI - Spencer Invitational
SMD - South Morgantown Duals
TI - Trojan Invitational
WCC - Wood County Championship
WCND - Wood County North Duals
WCRS - Wood County Regular Season
WCSD - Wood County South Duals
WWD - Warwood Duals

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