West Virginia Wrestling

Junior High Report

by Brent Sams

January 26, 2003




“That Coon Dog don’t hunt.” is a saying in this neck of the woods, which loosely translates to “When the going gets tough, you won’t see hide nor hair of that boy”.  Milton finally overcame being unseen in past years at the WSAZ Tournament to last years second place Middle School finish to this years overall champion.  To most everyone’s recollection, it was the first time a middle school team won the overall title at the WSAZ. 

Milton led from the start and finished with seven finalists; one champion, two runner-ups, two thirds, one fifth and one sixth place finisher.  Ironically, the top three finishers were middle schools with East Fairmont placing second and Point Pleasant third.  East finished with 8 finalists; two champions, and one runner-up, third, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth place finishers. 

Blennerhassett won the Jr. High Title and fell out of contention for overall second place when a consolation finalist was disqualified.  The Bobcats finished with one finisher at champion, runner-up, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh place.  Shady Spring finished second in Jr. Highs followed by Edison.

Huntington High ran away with the Freshman title followed by Oak Hill and Point Pleasant.

Thirteen Schools claimed individual champions.  East Fairmont and Point Pleasant Middle led the way with two apiece and were accompanied by one each from Williamstown, Charles Town, Clay Blennerhassett, Huntington, Andrew Jackson, Milton, Shady Spring, Edison, DuPont and Park.


75 Pounds

Robe, East Fairmont defeats Prince, Shady Spring fall 3:43

Prince initiates the action with two shoots for double legs and comes out the back door to score the initial takedown.  After a scoreless second period, Prince goes up 3-0 with an escape in the third.  Robe hits a throw for a takedown and garners the third period pin.


80 Pounds

Woods, Point Pleasant MS defeats Jenkins, East Fairmont decision 11-9 OT

Jenkins gets the initial takedown with Woods hitting a reversal and working a near side cradle to no avail as the first period ends tied at two all.  Woods works a far side cradle which Jenkins reverses and scores back points off a head lock and then a half nelson to go up 9-7.  In the third period, Woods matches Jenkins second period scoring with his own reverse and back points from a cowboy and then a half nelson.  In the overtime period Woods scores the winning points with a single leg takedown.


85 Pounds

Flowers, Williamstown defeats Dennis, Ravenswood decision 5-4

Dennis gets the first points with a double leg takedown.  In the second period, Flowers is penalized with a high chicken wing to allow Dennis to go up 3-0.  Dennis is able to escape when he stands and turns in as the two goes out of bounds to go up 4-0.  Flowers gets a take down and ends the second period trailing 4-2.  In the third period, Dennis is penalized for lock hands to pull Flowers within one point, 4-3.  Flowers hits a sit out for a reversal and rides out the period with a tight waist-wrist control to win his second WSAZ crown.


90 Pounds

Gustines, Charles Town defeats Peters, Williamstown decision 5-3 OT

The grapplers stalk each other for much of the first period with Peters trying a single leg to no avail as the first period ends 0-0.  Gustines hits a standing switch and then tries for tilt points with a hammer lock to end the second period up 2-0.  Gustines works a near side cradle in the third period which Peters scores reversal points from to send the match into overtime.  Gustines scores the winning points on a double leg takedown to make the cross state trip worth while.


95 Pounds

Adkins, Clay defeats Moore, Elkview fall 3:40

Adkins scores the first takedown and after a scoreless second period is leading 2-0.  In the third period, Adkins options to release Moore who then attempts a duck under and works his way up the body when Adkins hits a cowboy and the pin for his title.


100 Pounds

Knapton, East Fairmont defeats Wright, Edison fall 1:51

Wright initiates the action with a single leg takedown and breaks Knapton with a tight waist-ankle control to lead 2-0 going into the second.  Knapton reverses Wright in the second and is able to sink the half for the pin to claim his title.


105 Pounds

Wolfe, Blennerhassett defeats Shaffer, Milton major 9-1

Wolfe gets a takedown in the first period to lead 2-0 going into the second.  Wolfe hits a reversal and gets 3 near-fall near-side cradle points.  In the third period Shaffer, who is fighting a 100 degree plus temperature, scores an escape and is then sickened by Wolfe’s disco moves as Wolfe dances around Shaffer and fakes several shot attempts.  Shaffer attempts his own shot as Wolfe posts the head and spins for the final takedown points.


115 Pounds

Worland, Huntington defeats DeWitt, Point Pleasant MS fall 4:20

The first period ends scoreless as Worland counters DeWitts shots with underhooks.  In the second period, DeWitt works a two-on-one to an armbar for two near fall points.  Worland reverses the hold to end the second period tied two all.  In the third, DeWitt scores a reversal which Worland counters with his own reversal and gets the pin with a headlock.


125 Pounds

Easter, Andrew Jackson defeats Dunn, Edison decision 7-0

The two combatants fights for head and hand control in the first as it ends scoreless.  Easter hits a reversal in the second period and applies several body scissors and leg grapevines to control Dunn.  Dunn is warned for stalling as the period ends with Easter up 2-0.  In the third, Easter gains an escape and also scores on two penalty points.  Easter closes the scoring with a single leg takedown against a frustrated Dunn.


135 Pounds

Casto, Point Pleasant MS defeats James, Blennerhassett decision 3-2

James scores first with a single leg takedown.  In the second period Casto takes the lead with an escape and a takedown to go up 3-2 into the third period.  Casto controls James with tight waists as the match ends 3-2.


145 Pounds

Chapman, Milton defeats Warner, Point Pleasant FR decision 8-2

Warner shoots for a double leg and Chapman counters by spinning and scoring two in the first period.  In the second, Warner tries a sit in which Chapman cradles for three near-side near-fall points.  Chapman gets an escape and takedown in the third and Warner hits a reverse on a sit out to close the scoring at 8-2.


155 Pounds

Redden, Shady Spring defeats Schaffer, Elkview fall 4:59

Redden gets the opening takedown and two near-fall points with a far-side cradle.  Schaffer counters with a reversal and also two near-fall points with a half-nelson.  Reddon closes the first period scoring with an escape to go up 5-4 into the second.  Redden fights off a cross face for an escape and a single leg take down before turning a Saturday night ride into a half nelson for three near-fall points to go up 11-4.  In the third, Schaffer masters an escape but Reddon is successful on the takedown and turns an arm-bar, half-nelson for the pin.


170 Pounds

Munday, Edison defeats Eads, McKinley 3-0

Munday completes a double leg takedown for two and works on a nearside cradle as time expires in the first to lead 2-0 as the period ends.  In the second, Munday gains an escape and the two strong boys negate each other attempts at head, hand control and throws to finish the second period with Munday up 3-0.  In the third, Munday is unsuccessful in tilting Eads with a leg grapevine but controls Eads to end the match.


190 Pounds

Long, Dupont defeats Donnally, Collins fall :33

With a blink of the eyes and before I had a chance to catch the action, Long pins Donnally for the quickest fall of the finals.


275 Pounds

Gillespie, Park defeats Hayes, Milton fall 3:34

Being outweighed by nearly 80 pounds, the smaller Hayes picks up a tree trunk of Gillespie’s leg to score a single leg takedown.  Gillespie escapes and scores a takedown on a single leg to end the first period ahead 3-2.  Gillespie reverses Hayes in the second period and Hayes attempts a standing switch to a pancake that lands out of bounds to score an escape.  On the restart, Gillespie scores on a double leg takedown and scores three near-fall points with a half to go 9-3 entering the third.  Gillespie works a nearside cradle to a half to register the third period fall.

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