West Virginia Wrestling
Junior High/Middle School Wrestling

Compiled by Brent Sams

March 25, 2005

1 - Only WVSSAC sanctioned events reported to WVMAT.
2 - Finish first in a local tournament that included more than four teams.
3 - Be selected to the All-Tournament team at a duals tournament.
4 - Place at WSAZ or Jr. OVAC Tournament.

78 Pounds
Kyle Bratke - Jackson UAT-COC 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Jeremy Corbitt - Edison AT-COC 2-Z 2-WCRS 3-WCC
Tyler Cottrell - Braxton 1-MMI 1-CWAC 2-MAN 2-SI 5-Z
Jon Crane - Western Greenbrier 1-CC 2-MMI
Matt Dunbar - Andrew Jackson 1-CFI 2-TI 2-M8C 1-KCC
Jeff Edwards - Park 1-PMI 4-Z
Louden Goodpaster - Milton 1-TI 3-PPP 2-CFI 1-M8C 6-Z 1-CCC
Markus Griffin - Taylor AT-VC 1-Z
Hamilton - Buckhannon 7-Z
Andrew Jones - Williamstown AT-COC 4-PPP 1-SI 3-WCRS 2-WCC
Rusty Maness - Point Pleasant 3-Z 2-PPP
Trent O'Brien - Milton 8-Z 2-CCC
B. Ramsey - Mannington 1-MAN
Zach Tincher - Shady Spring 1-RCC 2-CC
Hunter Wood - East Fairmont 1-PPP

84 Pounds
Cummings - Andrew Jackson 5-Z 2-TI 2-CFI 2-M8C 1-KCC
Cutright - Buckhannon 7-Z
Cody Grounds - Braxton 1-MMI 1-CWAC 3-MAN 1-SI 4-Z
Tevin Hall - Cameron 1-MAN AT-VC
Kyle Kimmerer - Blennerhassett 8-Z 3-WCRS 3-WCC
Justin McCarthy - DuPont 6-Z 2-PMI 3-TI 4-SI
Stephon Morgan - Park 1-PMI 2-RCC
Jordan Nolan - Jackson AT-COC 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Cody Pennybacker - Williamstown AT-COC 3-SI 2-WCRS 2-WCC
Mike Prince - Shady Spring 1-Z 1-CC 1-RCC
Riggs - Cammack AT-COC 1-TI 1-CFI 1-M8C 3-Z 1-CCC
Searle - Point Pleasant UAT-COC 2-Z

90 Pounds
Allen - Point Pleasant 5-Z
Alex Buckley - DuPont 8-Z 1-KCC 2-PMI 3-TI
Justin Fisher - Spencer 1-MMI 1-CWAC 1-SI 6-Z
Tyler George - Williamstown AT-COC 3-SI 3-Z 4-WCRS 4-WCC
Tyler Green - Blennerhassett AT-COC 1-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Jordan Lynch - Shady Spring 1-RCC 3-CC
McDermitt - Point Pleasant AT-COC 5-Z
Adam Metz - Edison 4-Z 3-WCRS 3-WCC
Chad Morrison - Jackson AT-COC 2-WCRS 2-WCC
Niday - Buffalo 1-CFI 4-M8C
G. Shaver - Mannington 1-MAN
Corey Szabo - Wirt AT-VC 4-SI 5-WCRS
Webster - McKinley 1-TI 2-M8C 2-KCC

95 Pounds
Jacob Boone - Blennerhassett AT-COC 2-WCRS 2-WCC
Cody Clark - Calhoun 1-MMI 1-CWAC 1-SI 2-Z
Robby Cogar - Buckhannon AT-VC
A. Crist - Braxton 1-MAN 3-MMI 2-SI 3-Z
Tyler Dickel - Edison UAT-COC 1-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Hanning - DuPont 1-KCC 3-TI
Tyler Midkiff - Western Greenbrier 6-Z 2-MMI 1-CC
Parsons - Ripley 7-Z(#90) 4-SI
Chris Sodosky - Park 7-Z 2-PMI 1-RCC
Evan Thompson - Milton 1-PMI 1-TI 1-CFI 1-M8C 2-Z(#90) 1-CCC(#90)
Walker - Andrew Jackson 4-Z 2-CFI 2-M8C
Robert Westmoreland - Cammack AT-COC 3-CFI 1-M8C 8-Z 1-CCC

102 Pounds
Beau Bartlett - Taylor AT-VC
Benson - Spencer 7-Z 3-SI
Bo Cooper - Blennerhassett AT-COC 8-Z 2-WCRS 2-WCC
Jenkins - East Fairmont 1-Z
Ben Laughlin - Calhoun 1-MMI 1-CWAC 1-SI 6-Z
Jacob Milam - Trap Hill 1-CC 2-MMI 2-RCC
Morgan - Park 1-RCC
Morris - McKinley 1-KCC 4-TI 3-M8C
Victor Panico - Cheat Lake 1-MAN HM-VC 4-Z
Shane Pelfry - Cammack AT-COC 1-TI 1-CFI 1-M8C 5-Z 1-CCC
Cody Richards - Edison UAT-COC 2-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC

110 Pounds
J. Adams - Braxton 1-MAN
Sonny Harrah - Shady Spring 6-Z 1-CC 2-RCC
Tony Jones - Williamstown AT-COC 1-SI 3-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Jake Justice - Park 2-Z 2-PMI 1-RCC
Morris - East Fairmont 1-Z
Jeremy Page - Andrew Jackson 1-CFI 2-TI 1-M8C 5-Z 1-KCC(OW)
Sky Parrish - Spencer 1-MMI 1-CWAC 2-SI
Rutherford - Buffalo 7-Z 2-M8C
Dru Smith - Milton 8-Z 4-TI 2-CFI 3-M8C 1-CCC
Veith - Point Pleasant AT-COC
Andrew Young - Elkview AT-VC AT-COC 1-TI 3-SI 4-Z 2-KCC

116 Pounds
Bailey - East Fairmont OW-JH 1-Z
Chris Burns - Beverly Hills 1-CFI 1-M8C 1-CCC
Sam Dunbar - Andrew Jackson 1-TI 2-CFI 3-M8C 1-KCC
Danny Fordyce - Edison AT-COC 2-WCRS 1-WCC
Cameron Gallaher - Taylor 2-Z HM-VC
Erik Gentile - Braxton 1-CWAC 2-MMI 2-MAN 2-SI 7-Z
M. Martin - Clay 8-Z 4-MAN 2-M8C 3-SI
D. Nick - Harpers Ferry 1-MAN
Dustin Phillips - Tyler AT-VC
Josh Radabaugh - Williamstown 1-SI 2-WCC
Setliff - Cabell Midland 6-Z
Wallace - Point Pleasant UAT-COC
White - Park 1-RCC

123 Pounds
Derek Yoakum - Western Greenbrier 1-MMI AT-COC 1-CC 5-Z
Kevin Brooks - Park 1-RCC 2-PMI
Church - East Fairmont 2-Z
Jordon Dameron - Western Greenbrier AT-COC 2-MMI 1-CC 7-Z
Sam Garton - Cammack 1-CCC
S. Given - Braxton 1-MAN 2-SI 6-Z
Matt Hall - Edison 3-Z 2-WCRS 3-WCC
Jeremy Howard - Moundsville AT-VC
MacKenzie Peters - Williamstown 1-SI 3-Z 1-WCRS(#116) 1-WCC
Pinson - Point Pleasant UAT-COC
Shaffer - Elkview UAT-COC 1-TI 3-SI 1-Z 1-KCC
Christian Walker - VanDevender 1-WCRS 2-WCC

128 Pounds
Aaron Yoak - Calhoun 1-MMI 1-CWAC 5-Z
Carpenter - Calhoun 7-Z 4-MMI 4-SI
Colvard - Andrew Jackson 1-KCC 3-TI 4-M8C
Danny Doyle - Sherrard AT-VC
Randy Ferrill - Western Greenbrier 1-MMI UAT-COC 1-CC 1-Z
Zach Fickieson - Blennerhassett 3-Z 1-WCRS 2-WCC
Eric Jarvis - Spencer 1-CWAC 2-MMI AT-COC 1-SI 2-Z
Rucker - Taylor 4-Z
Taylor - Shady Spring 1-RCC
Thompson - Point Pleasant AT-COC 5-Z
N. Turner - Cheat Lake 1-MAN
Ben Williamson - Williamstown 4-Z(#123) 2-SI 2-WCRS(#123) 1-WCC
Seth Windland - Edison 8-Z 2-WCRS 3-WCC
Thomas Wright - Barboursbille 1-TI 1-CFI 1-M8C 6-Z 1-CCC

135 Pounds
Coakley - John Adams 8-Z 3-TI 1-KCC
Larry Dean - Collins 2-Z 2-CC
Jacob Dempsey - Cammack 1-TI 1-CFI 1-M8C 3-Z 1-CCC
Brian Gray - Western Greenbrier 1-MMI AT-COC 1-CC 1-Z
Josh Hall - Shady Spring 1-RCC 4-CC
Layton - Edison AT-COC 6-Z
Tyler Long - DuPont 1-PMI 2-TI 1-SI 7-Z 2-KCC
James McGinnis - Spencer 1-CWAC AT-COC 2-MMI 3-SI 4-Z
Mullins - Ripley 1-SI
M. Piggott - Mannington 1-MAN
Coleby Richards - Edison UAT-COC 5-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Nathaniel Zills - Tyler AT-VC

145 Pounds
Chris Buckbee - Edison OW-JH 2-Z 2-WCRS
Compton - Independence 1-RCC
Dewitt - Point Pleasant AT-COC 4-Z
Justin Foster - Braxton 1-CWAC 2-MMI 1-MAN 2-SI
Tyler King - Milton 1-CCC
Cody Miracle - Blennerhassett UAT-COC 1-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC(OW)
Muller - Taylor 7-Z
Jon Myles - Western Greenbrier 1-MMI AT-COC 1-CC 3-Z
Rector - Elkview 1-TI 1-SI 1-KCC
Vance - John Adams 8-Z 4-TI 2-KCC
Markus Ward - Independence AT-VC 2-CC 5-Z 1-RCC
Matt Winans - Jackson AT-COC 4-WCRS 2-WCC

155 Pounds
D. Arbogast - Robert Bland 1-MAN
Justin Basenbach - Cammack 1-M8C 1-CCC
Corey Bevins - Western Greenbrier 1-MMI 3-CC
Derek Hall - Edison 2-Z 1-WCRS 2-WCC
Jones - Cammack AT-COC 2-TI 2-CFI 1-M8C
Tyler King - Milton 1-TI 2-PMI 1-CFCI 1-M8C
Chris Mace - Calhoun 1-CWAC 3-MMI 3-SI
David Mullins - Collins 4-Z 2-CC
Parsons - John Adams 6-Z 3-TI 1-KCC
Rice - Point Pleasant AT-COC 4-Z(#171)
Cody Riffe - Independence AT-VC 1-CC 5-Z 1-RCC
Ryan Stoops - Blennerhassett AT-COC 1-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Brandon Sturm - Williamstown 1-SI 3-Z 3-WCRS 3-WCC
Corey Tucker - DuPont 1-PMI 4-TI 2-SI 3-KCC

171 Pounds
Barnette - Jackson AT-COC
David Carr - Hamilton AT-VC 4-WCC
Evans - Andrew Jackson 1-TI 2-CFI 2-M8C 1-KCC
Hall - Buffalo 1-CFI 3-M8C
Cory Hamilton - Blennerhassett 5-Z 2-WCRS 2-WCC
Kenneth Holland - Western Greenbrier 1-MMI UAT-COC 1-CC 3-Z
Matt Ice - Spencer 1-CWAC AT-COC 2-SI
Jeffrey - Cabell Midland 6-Z
Marcus Jones - Cammack 1-CCC
L. Minney - Robert Bland 1-MAN
Jacob Weidensall - Park 1-PMI
Robbie Wigal - Williamstown AT-COC 1-SI 2-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Wood - Taylor 8-Z

190 Pounds
Brian Carr - Braxton 1-MMI 1-CWAC 2-MAN 5-Z
Joe Deal - Summersville 1-PMI 2-CC
Hardiman - Barboursbille 1-TI 1-CFI 1-M8C 4-Z 1-CCC
Krebs - Point Pleasant AT-COC 8-Z
Chaz Lightner - Moundsville AT-VC
Chris Mays - Independence 6-Z 3-CC 1-RCC
Connor McComas - Cammack 1-CCC 4-CFI
Moore - Buffalo 1-Z 2-CFI 3-M8C
Poleway - Andrew Jackson 3-Z 3-TI 4-M8C 1-KCC
Alex Vincent - Edison AT-COC 7-Z 2-WCRS 1-WCC
Michael Waid - Eastern Greenbrier 1-CC
C. Williams - Miller 1-MAN

275 Pounds
Ryan Zide - Williamstown AT-COC 1-SI 2-Z 1-WCRS 2-WCC
Zac Acord - Trap Hill 1-MMI 1-CC 2-Z 1-RCC
Dustin Bell - Jackson AT-COC 4-WCC
Josh Cale - Edison UAT-COC 5-Z 1-WCRS 2-WCC
Carr - Braxton 1-SI
Braisse Carter - Milton 1-PMI 3-TI 4-CFI 2-M8C 8-Z 2-CCC
Tony Hall - Cameron 1-MAN HM-VC
Levi Harris - Calhoun 1-CWAC 2-MMI
Justin Haynes - Hamilton AT-VC 3-WCRS 1-WCC
Hundley - McKinley 1-TI 1-M8C 3-Z 1-KCC
Lagerman - Huntington 1-Z
Vickers - Cabell Midland AT-COC 7-Z


Andrew Jackson 3-TI 3-CFI 3-M8C 10-Z 1-KCC
Barboursville 7-TI 5-CFI 4-M8C 22-Z 4-CCC
Beverly Hills 6-PMI 6-CFI 10-M8C 3-CCC
Blennerhassett 3-COC 3-Z 2-WCRS 2-WCC
Braxton County 1-CWAC 2-MMI 1-MAN 2-WCT 2-SI 7-Z
Buckhannon-Upshur 9-VC
Buffalo 4-CFI 6-M8C 18-Z
Cabell Midland 11-COC 24-Z
Calhoun 3-MMI 2-CWAC 10-PPP 3-WCT 3-SI 11-Z
Cameron 12-VC 7-MAN
Cammack 2-CFI 2-M8C 4-TI 5-PPP 7-COC 9-Z 2-CCC
Cheat Lake 13-VC 6-MAN 8-WCT
Clay County 4-CWAC 4-MAN 6-WCT 7-M8C 9-SI
Collins 4-CC 23-Z
DuPont 4-PMI 7-TI 5-SI 25-Z 5-KCC
East Fairmont 3-JH 2-PPP 8-Z
Eastern Greenbrier 8-CC
Edison 1-JH 2-COC 1-Z 1-WCRS 1-WCC
Elkview 2-TI 3-VC 9-COC 6-SI 14-Z 2-KCC
Fayetteville 6-CC
Hamilton 10-VC 6-WCRS 7-WCC
Harpers Ferry 4-JH 8-MAN
Horace Mann 10-TI 8-KCC
Independence 2-VC 8-PPP 2-CC 20-Z 2-RCC
Jackson 8-COC 2-WCRS 4-WCC
John Adams 5-TI 21-Z 3-KCC
Mannington 7-VC 2-MAN
McKinley 6-TI 5-M8C 4-KCC
Miller 9-JH 3-MAN
Milton 1-TI 1-CFI 1-M8C 3-PMI 7-PPP 12-Z 1-CCC
Morgantown South 10-MAN
Moundsville 4-VC
Park 2-PMI 16-Z 3-RCC
Point Pleasant 1-COC 2-JH 1-PPP 2-Z
Ripley 5-JH 11-PPP 8-SI
Ritchie County 11-VC 8-WCRS 8-WCC
Robert Bland 10-JH 5-MAN
Shady Spring 8-PPP 3-SS 19-Z 1-RCC
Sherrard 8-VC
Sissonville 9-TI 7-WCT 10-SI 7-KCC
South Morgantown 6-JH
Spencer 4-MMI 4-COC 3-CWAC 12-PPP 5-WCT 4-SI 15-Z
Stonewall Jackson 11-TI 8--M8C 6-KCC
Summersville 5-PMI 5-CC
Taylor County 1-VC 1-WCT 6-Z
Trap Hill 5-MMI 6-CC 4-RCC
Tyler Consolidated 5-VC
VanDevender 7-WCRS 6-WCC
Wahama 10-WCT
Warm Springs 6-PPP
Western Greenbrier 1-MMI 1-CC 4-COC 4-PPP 4-Z
Westwood 11-MAN
Williamstown 1-SI 4-COC 3-PPP 5-Z 2-WCRS 3-WCC
Wirt County 6-VC 4-WCT 7-SI 5-WCRS 5-WCC

AT All-Tournament Team
HM Honorable Mention
OW Outstanding Wrestler
UAT Undefeated All-Tournament

CCC - Cabell County Championship
CC - Coalfield Conference
CFI - Cammack Foodfair Invitational
COC - Clash of Champions
CWAC - Central West Virginia Athletic Conference
JH - Jive in the Hive
KCC - Kanawha County Championship
MAN - Mannington Middle Invitational
MMI - Michael Motors Invitational
M8C - Milton 84 Lumber Classic
PMI - Park Middle Invitational
PPP - Point Pleasant Pool
RCC - Raleigh County Championship
SI - Spencer Invitational
TI - Trojan Invitational
VC - Valley Clash
WCC - Wood County Championship
WCRS - Wood County Regular Season
WCT - Wirt County Tournament
Z - WSAZ Tournament