Toughest Tournaments in WV

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Re: Toughest Tournaments in WV

Postby aacoach61 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 9:20 pm

Gator wrote:I’m guessing your toss up would go to OVAC at 195. Hoover is a beast.

Martins Ferry’s Hoover was pretty heavily recruited in wrestling and signed a D-1 scholarship after his junior year. ... -illinois/

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Re: Toughest Tournaments in WV

Postby Bearhugger » Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:34 pm

KDunbar wrote:
Bearhugger wrote:
KDunbar wrote:
I don't want to be negative, but this comment caught my attention. To promote wrestling on a positive basis one needs to watch how they phrase things. I'm not one to candy coat things, but to imply that in going 9-0, Nash, Carmen, and Holley had a lot of crummy matches just because they didn't face each other is showing a lot of disrespect for the 27 wrestlers that they did face. At least that's how it struck me when the discussion was about what were the best tournaments. Maybe getting 9 matches is the best for the majority of the "crummy" wrestlers who make up these dual tournaments compared to the 2 matches they would get at others. In some ways, is there really any tough tournaments in WV for Nash, Carmen, and Holley.

Nash, Holley and Carmen could have wrestled each other if a different format was used. Instead, three top wrestlers never faced each other. Because of this, I question how tough the Wheeling Duals actually are. We can also look at all of the teams that participated. Most of them have 1 to 3 top individuals, but not strong teams. In these days of forfeits, any dual based competition is inferior to a bracketed tournament when you are measuring toughness. The dual concept is better in hoping to get each wrestler five matches a day.

So what? You aren't responding to my point. I wasn't commenting on the discussion everyone else was having on the topic. Just your choice of referring to all (or any) of their competition as crummy. These may be the same wrestlers and parents that you want to flock to your facebook page.

1. Whereas I didn't look up each of the 9 opponents for Nash, Carmen and Holley and whereas I didn't look at the scores, I admit that my choice of words was not best. For that, I apologize to the wrestlers.
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