Rankings, Entries, Regional Alignment

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Rankings, Entries, Regional Alignment

Postby maskedman » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:48 am

Tonight there will be the first official WV MAT Rankings release. I was able to get a bootleg copy of this document this morning, at about 99% completion. So there maybe a few changes. From what I understand, these rankings are based on head to head competition for this year and not looking at who they think will or will not qualify for states, so a pretty good idea of how wrestlers stacked up this far.

I also printed off AAA Region IV entries / seeds list and printed off AA/A Region I brackets. Went through each bracket and labeled the wrestlers current ranking on the soon to be released rankings to view the overall skewed regional alignment.

AAA Region IV - has only four weight classes with more than 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 10. 3 weight classes have 5 ranked, 1 weight class has 6.
AA/A Region I - has only four weight classes with more than 4 wrestlers ranked in the top 10. 4 weight classes have 5 ranked, 0 with more than 5.

So with the results posted, coaches input, and previous users rankings used as input - it is safe to say out of both of these regions there are 9 wrestlers ranked in the top 10 of their weight class that will not see the state tournament, replaced by 9 wrestlers that many think don't deserve to be there.

AAA will have 223 wrestlers at the state tournament (thanks Bearhugger for your due diligence and finding a bye). AA I will assume will have 224 wrestlers at the state tournament. 447 wrestlers will qualify.

9/447 = 2.01% imbalance overall.
5/223 = 2.24% imbalance at AAA.
4/224 = 1.79% imbalance at AA/A.

I understand also, that 100% correct statistics are only correct 50% of the time, and this same data can probably be used to argue the flipside of the coin. But if we are being honest, those 9 kids that maybe should not qualify because another region had a stronger kid, promoted wrestling at their high school, recognized by their school administrators as a state qualifer, continues to keep those programs running, isn't a 2.2% skew worth it to keep some wrestling programs alive, or are we really down to we don't care if we only have 10 schools, as long as they are the strongest 10 wrestling programs.

Again, my opinion, not yours. Just looking at the big picture of WV Wrestling as a whole, and not just the podium picture at the end of the tournament.

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Re: Rankings, Entries, Regional Alignment

Postby huntwrastling101 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 1:55 pm

Great! What time should they be released tonight?

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Re: Rankings, Entries, Regional Alignment

Postby JennyHannan » Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:23 pm

Doc is giving the coaches until 7:00 p.m. to contribute/vote. Of course if there are any last minute suggestions, the rankings will have to be analyzed and adjusted if necessary. I'm not sure how long it will take him to actually get everything formatted to html and posted.

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