States part 2

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States part 2

Postby Tiger44001 » Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:34 pm

Will there be a set up on here, this site I mean, like there was for Part 1? The Twitter updates, team standings, etc.

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Re: States part 2

Postby admin » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:04 pm

We will have something, don't know what. Have no experience with this type of tournament.

Twitter - Don't know. The Twitter feed in Huntington, except for champ finals, comes from the wt class results that are circulated to press row after the completion of the wt - which requires computer entry, print out, copy, and distribution. I don't know what the arrangements will be in Fairmont. It will go so quickly that one may question the utility of this.

On Monday Champ First round (8 X 3 = 24 matches) and Consi Round 1 and Champ quarters (8 X 3 =24 matches) will be wrestled.

Remember that at least 45 min rest is required by rule between matches (NF Rule 1:4:4)

The schedule indicates "Number of mats being used may be adjusted to accommodate time limits."

I use a rule-of-thumb that on average 7 matches can be completed on one mat in an hour.

On Monday...
If three mats would be used, 3 X 7 = 21 matches per hour guesstimate, and 24 matches are to be wrestled in each session. One could estimate that each of the two rounds may take an hour if three mats are used. (Champ 1st round, then Champ quarters and Consi 1st round). This is SPECULATION on my part. Don't know what the set-up will be.

On Tuesday...
Semi-Final Championship & Consolation 3rd round are scheduled as the first round. That will be 12 matches.
Consolation Semi Finals. That will be 6 matches.
Finals: That will be 9 matches.

RE posting the results on WV-Mat: I'll give it my best shot...
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