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Rock Ridge Duals (Ashburn, VA) Jan 5 and 6th 2018

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:30 am
by rockridgewrestling
Location: Rock Ridge HS (Ashburn, VA)

When: January 5 and 6th, 2018

What: 2 Day Dual 16 Team Tournament- Pools on Friday to determine seed, Bracket competition on Saturday to determine place. Each team will get 5-8 matches over the two-day tournament.

All Virginia teams. Looking to add out of state opponents.

2018 Confirmed teams: Brooke Point (5 A State Champions), McLean (6A 12th Place), Edison (5A 13th Place), Forest Park (6A), West Springfield (6A), Rock Ridge (5A), Briar Woods (5A)

2018 Interested teams: Mountain View (5A Runner Ups), Rappahannock County (1A 4th Place), Osborne Park (6A 7th Place), North Stafford (5A 15th Place, Westfield (6A 16th Place), and Paul VI (VIS)

Looking for more teams. New school with great facilities, hospitality room, and experience with running multiple in-season and off-season tournaments. Awesome way for your wrestlers to get a lot of matches.

If interested email Paul Grinups at

Re: Rock Ridge Duals (Ashburn, VA) Jan 5 and 6th 2018

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 9:05 am
by rockridgewrestling
Confirmed Teams:
1. Brooke Point
2. Osborn Park
3. McLean
4. Forest Park
5. Edison
6. West Potomac
7. West Springfield
8. Paul VI
9. Briar Woods
10. Rock Ridge

Looking for 6 more teams. We have a great field so far.

Re: Rock Ridge Duals (Ashburn, VA) Jan 5 and 6th 2018

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 12:16 pm
by rockridgewrestling
1. Brooke Point (5A State Champions)
2. Woodbridge (6A 5th Place)
3. Osborne Park (6A 7th Place)
4. McLean (6A 12th Place)
5. Frank W. Cox (6A 15th Place)
6. Edison (5A 13th Place)
7. PVI (VIS 3rd)
8. Forest Park (6A)
9. West Springfield (6A)
10. West Potomac (6A)
11. James Madison (6A)
12. South Lakes (6A)
13. Briar Woods (5A)
14. Rock Ridge (5A)
15. William Fleming (5A)

Looking for one more team.

We have teams from Stafford County, Prince William County, Fairfax County, VA Beach, Loudoun County, and Roanoke County. Great event to see different teams around the state.

Email if interested

Re: Rock Ridge Duals (Ashburn, VA) Jan 5 and 6th 2018

Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2017 1:55 pm
by rockridgewrestling
One team dropped. First team to respond will get in. Great tournament, awesome competition, beautiful school

Teams :

Rock Ridge, (5A) *Confirmed*
West Potomac (6A) *Confirmed*
Edison, (5A 13th) *Confirmed*
Paul VI (VIS 3rd) *Confirmed*
Briar Woods, (5A) *Confirmed*
James Madison (6A) *Confirmed*
Brooke Point, (5A) State Champions *Confirmed*
South Lakes (6A) *Confirmed*
McLean (6A 12th)*Confirmed*
Frank W. Cox (6A 15th) *Confirmed*
Forest Park (6A) *Confirmed*
Woodbridge (6A 6th) *Confirmed*
Osborn Park, (6A 7th) *Confirmed*
Spring Grove (PA-AAA) *Confirmed*
West Springfield, (6A) *Confirmed*

Email Paul Grinups at