Wood County JV Championship

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Wood County JV Championship

Postby brentsams » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:26 pm

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2018 Wood County Middle School JV Tournament
Feb 1st, 2018
Blennerhassett Middle School

Wt 78
1st Brent Bosley (Edison)
2nd Luke Matson (Ripley)
3rd Jeff Waldron (Blennerhassett)

Wt 84
1st Hayden Hughes (Ripley)
2nd Jacob Moore (VanDevender)

Wt 90
1st Kyle Perkins (Edison)
2nd Landon Canterbury (Ripley)

Wt 95
1st Caleb Bosley (Edison)
2nd Tyler Blyton (Edison)
3rd Collin McCarter (Jackson)

Wt 102
1st Uriah Morris (Edison)
2nd Wyatt Rolston (Wirt County)
3rd Alex Miller (VanDevender)
4th Logan White (Ripley)

Wt 110
1st Jake Farland (Ripley)
2nd Levi Townsend (Jackson)
3rd Jack Fordyce (Wirt County)
4th Aiden Carpenter (Blennerhassett)

Wt 116
1st Cameron Martino (Edison)
2nd Mason White (Ripley)

Wt 123
1st Shae Mundt (Blennerhassett)
2nd Dakota Wagoner (Blennerhassett)

Wt 128
1st Jackson Lovell (Edison)
2nd Chase Trembley (Jackson)
3rd Jacob Waldron (Blennerhassett)

Wt 135
1st Christian Roberts (Blennerhassett)
2nd James Reedy (Jackson)
3rd Zach Scott (Blennerhassett)
4th Gage Taylor (Edison)

Wt 190
1st Luke Modesitt (Edison)

Wt 285
1st Dalton Veon (Edison)

Bout Results
Wt 78 - Round Robin
Brent Bosley (Edison) DEC Luke Matson (Ripley) M 10-2
Brent Bosley (Edison) WBF Jeff Waldron (Blennerhassett) F 0:26
Luke Matson (Ripley) WBF Jeff Waldron (Blennerhassett) F 1:36

Wt 84 - Best 2 of 3
Hayden Hughes (Ripley) WBF Jacob Moore (VanDevender) F 1:22
Hayden Hughes (Ripley) WBF Jacob Moore (VanDevender) F 0:23

Wt 90 - Best 2 of 3
Kyle Perkins (Edison) WBF Landon Canterbury (Ripley) F 1:40
Kyle Perkins (Edison) DEC Landon Canterbury (Ripley) M 10-2

Wt 95 - Round Robin
Tyler Blyton (Edison) DEC Collin McCarter (Jackson) M 9-1
Caleb Bosley (Edison) WBF Collin McCarter (Jackson) F 1:31
Caleb Bosley (Edison) DEC Tyler Blyton (Edison) M 11-3

Wt 102
Uriah Morris (Edison) DEC Logan White (Ripley) M 9-1
Wyatt Rolston (Wirt County) WBF Alex Miller (VanDevender) F 2:46
Finals - First Place
Uriah Morris (Edison) WBF Wyatt Rolston (Wirt County) F 3:46
Finals - Third Place
Alex Miller (VanDevender) WBF Logan White (Ripley) F 3:18

Wt 110
Championship Semi-Finals
Levi Townsend (Jackson) WBF Jack Fordyce (Wirt County) F 0:15
Jake Farland (Ripley) WBF Aiden Carpenter (Blennerhassett) F 3:34
Finals - First Place
Jake Farland (Ripley) WBF Levi Townsend (Jackson) F 3:34
Finals - Third Place
Jack Fordyce (Wirt County) WBF Aiden Carpenter (Blennerhassett) F 3:42

Wt 116 - Best 2 of 3
Cameron Martino (Edison) WBF Mason White (Ripley) F 0:35
Cameron Martino (Edison) WBF Mason White (Ripley) F 2:30

Wt 123 - Best 2 of 3
Shae Mundt (Blennerhassett) WBF Dakota Wagoner (Blennerhassett) F 0:46
Shae Mundt (Blennerhassett) WBF Dakota Wagoner (Blennerhassett) F 1:24

Wt 128 - Round Robin
Jackson Lovell (Edison) WBF Chase Trembley (Jackson) F 3:20
Jackson Lovell (Edison) WBF Jacob Waldron (Blennerhassett) F 2:14
Chase Trembley (Jackson) WBF Jacob Waldron (Blennerhassett) F 4:39

Wt 135
Championship Semi-Finals
James Reedy (Jackson) WBF Zach Scott (Blennerhassett) F 0:59
Christian Roberts (Blennerhassett) WBF Gage Taylor (Edison) F 0:54
Finals - First Place
Christian Roberts (Blennerhassett) WBF James Reedy (Jackson) F 3:39
Finals - Third Place
Zach Scott (Blennerhassett) WBF Gage Taylor (Edison) F 1:35

Wt 190 - uncontested
Luke Modesitt (Edison)

Wt - 285 - uncontested
Dalton Veon (Edison)

Exhibition - Best 2 of 3
285 Dalton Veon (Edison) WBF 190 Luke Modesitt (Edison) F 0:14
285 Dalton Veon (Edison) WBF 190 Luke Modesitt (Edison) F 0:24

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