4th Annual Mountain State Novice Results

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4th Annual Mountain State Novice Results

Postby tmsbrown » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:35 am

Thanks to all who attended. We had a great turn out with alot of very good wrestling. This tournament keeps getting bigger each year - we plan on hosting it again next year about the same time, so mark your calendars! Here are the results. I may have missed a bracket or two - if so, I do apologize.

4 and Under

1st Alyvia McCullough – Cougars
2nd Issac Vance – Mahindra
3rd Ryker Wenzel – South Parkersburg
4th Jamie Reuterskoild – Cougars
5th Troy Bruker – Cougars
6th Judson Ross – Cougars

1st Jax Williams – Competitive Edge
2nd Gannon Murphy – Cougars
3rd Grayson Cronin – Pleasants County
4th Liam Clemons – Monarchs
5th Paul Eddy – Mineral Wells
6th Cameron Gladspell – Bridgeport

1st Abel Dennison – Competitive Edge
2nd Tuker Hale – Eastern Greenbrier
3rd Austin Smith – Lewis County
4th Aiden Belcher – Lead Dogs
5th Jace Turner – Logan
6th Tryton Hefner – Pleasants County

1st Josh Hardbarger – United
2nd Adyn Wade – South Parkersburg
3rd Cooper Smith – Bridgeport
4th Logan Butler – Calhoun

1st Paxton Bailey – Logan
2nd Jace Billings – Knights
3rd Jace Saunders – Poca
4th Brinsley Sheridan – Cougars

5 & 6
1st Dash Adams – Cougars
2nd Gage Abbott – Roane
3rd Kruz Moss – Galaxy
4th Colton Payne – Clarksburg
5th Jaxton Ross – Cougars
6th Eli Brown – Lewis County

1st Mason Anderson – Ripley
2nd Chase Petty – Cougars
3rd Bentley Snodgrass – Calhoun
4th Jaxon Carper – Lead Dogs
5th Briar Whitlatch – Wirt County
6th Charles Abbott – Patriots

1st Easton Williams – Galaxy
2nd Mason Cobb – Mineral Wells
3rd Caden Kimball – Pleasants County
4th James Godby – Eastern Greenbrier
5th Elijah Thomas – Mineral Wells
6th Xander Bowman – Patriots

1st Bella Arbogast – Eastern Greenbrier
2nd Christian Johnson – Mineral Wells
3rd AJ Ayers – Mineral Wells
4th Travis Kotson – Cameron
5th Jackson Cook – Sissonville
6th Clfford Gray – Ind

1st Carson Summers – East Fairmont
2nd Corbin Scheuvront – Clarksburg
3rd Dalton Bragg – Poca
4th Ben Neal – Ripley
5th Landon Williams – Roane
6th Liam Lattea – Lewis County

1st Easton Sloan – Lewis County
2nd Bryson Reed – United
3rd Maximus Smith – Bridgeport
4th Maddix Wells – Gilmore
5th Keagan O’Hara – Clarksburg
6th Noah Williams – Triple Threat

75lbs /UNL
1st Ezekiel Weese – Lead Dogs
2nd Mark Callow – Roane
3rd Ezra Anderson – Calhoun
4th Andrus Richards – Ravenswood
5th Sawyer Rose – Galaxy
5th Ava Bush – Gilmer

7 & 8
1st Brenton Perry – United
2nd Drezdin Johnson – United
3rd Drake Cook – Young Guns
4th Keagan Cowdery – Mineral Wells
5th Jasper Swafford – Beckley
6th Boe Alton – Lewis County

1st Kendrick Durst – Ripley
2nd Brayden Mckinney – Young Guns
3rd Elijah Adams – Cougars
4th Sammy Spinks – Clarksburg
5th Martel King – Mineral Wells
5th Brody Ullom - Williamstown

1st TL Koontz – Ripley
2nd Cooper Hall – Competitive Edge
3rd Blake Reuterskoild – Cougars
4th Chad Jones – Lewis County
5th Natalie Morrison – Mineral Wells

1st Joshua Hutchinson – Galaxy
2nd Zachary Shawver – Sissonville
3rd Austin Modrzakowski – Ripley
4th Justin Waskins – East Fairmont
5th Gus Hartley – South Parkersburg
6th Clarissa Miller – Gilmer

1st Tristan Bumgardner – Clarksburg
2nd Luke Sheets – Freedom Fighters
3rd Malachi Mooore – Eastern Greenbrier
4th Blake Thompson – Ind
5th Tucker Sampson – Calhoun
6th Bentley Heldreth – East Fairmont

1st Brody Peck – Stingers
2nd Carter McFeeley – United
3rd Tiler Clemons – Monarchs
4th Ian McCauley – Ripley
5th Mackenzie Toothman – Clay Battelle
6th Colton Bush – Gilmer

1st Matt Kesterson – Eastern Greenbrier
2nd Kenny Richards – Gilmer
3rd Landyn Shaffer – Ripley
4th Hunter Rohr – Clarksburg
5th Parker Dorsey – Beckley
6th Henry Walsh – Gilmer

1st Gavin Buck – Williamstown
2nd Mac Webb – Roane County
3rd Javon LaTourneau – Roane County
4th Aden Davis – Williamstown
5th Elijah Kimble – Pleasants County
6th Tyson McGrew – Pleasants County

1st Ashtyn Lusk – Central Silverbacks
2nd Eljiah Weikle – Eastern Greenbrier
3rd Ethan Dorsey – Beckley
4th Tristan Hays – Outlaws
5th Christian Stull – Williamstown
6th Parker Sargent – Logan

1st Cohen Staats – Mineral Wells
2nd Colton Ash – Roane
3rd Jamil Forney - Galaxy
4th Brayden Gardner – Knights
5th Tripp Thompson – Logan
6th Evan White – Gilmer

1st Sinzir Yancey – Clarksburg
2nd Brodie Stout – Clarksburg
3rd Harrison Smith – Eastern Greenbrier
4th Jacob Varney – Young Guns
5th Derek Kinder – Warriors

1st Bradley Crowder – Warriors
2nd Richard Bush – Gilmer

9 & 10

1st Jeremy Jett – Lewis County
2nd Ava LeMasters – Cameron
3rd Jake Quinian – Bridgeport
4th – Ethan Stricker – Ground Zero
5th Jackson Rabren – Bridgeport

1st Quinten Hillard – Lewis County
2nd Luke Kelly – Central Silverbacks
3rd Hunter Hughart – Hoover
4th Landon Davis – Williamstown
5th Jeb Brown – Eastern Greenbrier

1st Jesse Showealter – Vienna
2nd Remington Huffman – Centeral Silverbacks
3rd Landen Arbogast – Eastern Greenbrier
4th Wade Myers – Ravenswood
5th Shyanne Carpenter – Clay Battelle
6th Wyatt Kooken – Clarksburg

1st Bradlee Sigmon – Galaxy
2nd Ivan Shaffer – Ripley
3rd Tyler Newlon – Williamstown
4th Wyatt Sowards – Gorilla Grip Elite
5th Cameron McCune – Gilmer
6th Keller Lapeer – East Fairmont

1st Hunter Wagner – Galaxy
2nd Devon Bagley - Triple Threat
3rd Jacob Dillo – Poca
4th Andrew Pauley – Cougars
5th Lathan Chandler – Hoover
6th Christian Lockhart – Williamstown

1st Zomya Cottingham – East Fairmont
2nd Zane Harlow – Clarksburg
3rd Will McGraw – Beckley
4th Cody Collins – Lead Dogs
5th David Smallridge – Bridgeport
6th Gavin Bolinger – outlaws

1st Carter Neal – Ripley
2nd Leland Shaffer – Roane
3rd Gabriel Knoblet – Eastern Greenbrier
4th Aaron Hatcher - Beckleyh
5th Remington Rose – warriors
6th Natalie Ray – Ravenswood

1st Preston Kovach - Logan
2nd Hogan Greathouse – Roane
3rd joseph Pauley – Cougars
4th Fritz Allen Sovine – Gorilla Grip Elite
5th Bryson Collins – Sissonville
6th Bryce Neely – Williamstown

11 & 12

1st Lane Smith – Galaxy
2nd Nate Volk – E-lemon-ators
3rd Tyler Sampson – Calhoun
4th Drake Taylor – Ritchie County

1st Austin High – Galaxy
2nd Joseph High – Galaxy
3rd Jaden Brookover – Vienna
4th Maddox Smallwood – Central Silverbacks
5th Marcus Shawner – Sissonville
6th Noah Layne – Lead Dogs

1st Jeremy Brewer – Cougars
2nd Gavin Murphy – Cougars
3rd Ashton Elschlager – Wirt County
4th Nixon Brown – Eastern Greenbrier
5th Chase Banks – Galaxy
6th Conor Francis – Williamstown

1st Daniel Bivens – Vienna
2nd Connor Kelley – Roane
3rd Colton Clingenspell – Bridgeport
4th Cole Middleton – South Parkersburg

1st Randy Hughart – Hoover
2nd Logan Middleton – South Parkersburg
3rd Lucas Lapeer – East Fairmont
4th River Vance – Logan

1st Loralei Smith – E-lemon-ators
2nd Daniel Cotrill - Gilmer

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Re: 4th Annual Mountain State Novice Results

Postby Eva0965@gmail.com » Tue Feb 27, 2018 12:17 am

How many teams attended?? Also do you have the team standings? Tournament has definitely grown. Sad it's our last Novice year. It was a smooth running tournament..so good job!!!

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Re: 4th Annual Mountain State Novice Results

Postby tmsbrown » Tue Feb 27, 2018 11:15 am

We had 50 teams represented! Keep in mind, some wrestlers were the only representative for their team, so that number is a little inflated, but still a solid number. We did not advertise team awards,but decided to sort of do it on the fly - I believe we will do it for sure next year - so folks will stick around a few minutes for results. By the time we got our last brackets in - most folks were out of the building. Here were our top 3

1st Galaxy
2nd Cougars
3rd Roane County

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