2013 & 2014 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team Information

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2013 & 2014 Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team Information

Postby OhioTofC » Thu Aug 16, 2012 1:53 pm

Dear Parents, Coaches & Wrestlers,

The Ohio All-Star Wrestling Team is now accepting applications for both the 2013 and 2014 summer teams. Interested wrestlers must be enrolled in the 6th-9th grades during the year prior to them being a part of the team and must have at least a 2.5 G.P.A. Non Ohio wrestlers may apply and wrestlers from 20 states have participated, (and nearly 600 wrestlers), since the team began in 1983.
This past summer marked the team’s 30th anniversary and wrestlers from 8 states participated. The team finished 16-0 in dual meets, while wrestling matches in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada and California.
Besides the wrestling, the team also experienced a great number of fun things along the way, including: Alpine Slide, Blue Man Group, Kayaking at Lake Tahoe, Yellowstone National Park, Santa Monica Beach, Colorado Rockies game, practicing at the Olympic Training Center, Oldies Show, seeing the Broadway shows “Wicked” and “Hairspray,” Cirque du Soliel, Hollywood, attending a taping of “Austin & Ally,” Disneyland, Rose Bowl, hiking up Rendezvous Mountain, meeting NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry and 5X Olympic Gold Medalist Eric Heiden and much more
If you are interested in applying for either the 2013, or 2014 team, please contyact me and I will e-mail you an application.. If you have any questions, please feel free ask, or contact any of the parents from this past year’s team (names and e-mails can be provided upon request).

Bart Freidenberg

Quotes from 2012 Team Members:

“This trip was a really good and fun learning experience for me. It definitely improved my wrestling. It helped me learn how to manage my money. It also helped me learn how to be independent and be able to make decisions on my own. This trip also teaches you how to make new friends. The trip improved my conditioning a lot too. This trip taught me a lot.
Also, there is a lot of fun things that you do on this trip. You go to at least 10 amazing places that most people won’t ever be able to see in a lifetime. You will end up being really close to your teammates that you’ll do lots of fun things with them. The most fun thing that I think we did was go to Disneyland. There is going to be lots of fun things that you’ll do.
Right now, you might think that you’ll really miss your family. But, really you do so many fun things that you don’t miss them that much. Raising money is a little tough, but I went to sponsors for money, sold raffle tickets and bracelets. It is best to start out early. Also, the coaches are really nice and your teammates become your brothers. I really think you should do this trip because I had a really fun time.”
Dylan D’Emilio, age 12, Curtice, OH (2012 OAC State Champion)

“This trip meant the world to me. When I got the letter in the mail that said I was accepted on this trip, I was ecstatic. This trip was truly a life changing experience. This trip opened my eyes and really made me appreciate my parents a lot more than I already do. How much money they spend on me is ridiculous. I had no idea how much a burger and some fries cost at a fast food restaurant.
I can’t even begin to explain how much this trip change my life. It really hit me when we were literally above the clouds at Rendezvous Mountain. That’s when I said “I will never do anything like this ever again in my life.” This trip was the most fun/challenging thing of my life. There was not one boring part of this trip.
If I could do this trip again, there would be no hesitation. You make so many new friends on this trip and the fun part about it is that we all have different stories, different backgrounds that you learn about 26 different people and it’s an amazing experience. As soon as you get on that plane, you are bonding and making new friends.
I will never forget landing in Denver and literally out the airport windows, at the airport, you could see mountains and I’ve never seen mountains before and it was an awesome feeling. You go from seeing cornfields all day to all of a sudden these gigantic mountains. It’s just an amazing trip. It’s truly life changing.
Michael May, age 15, Eaton, OH (2011 OAC State Champion & 6th at OHSAA States in 2012)

The Trip of a Lifetime
“How would you feel being away from home for 44 days with no help from any adults? At first, it sounds scary and crazy. However, after touring the Western United States for 44 days with the Ohio All-Star Team, I realize that it is not crazy at all. It is an experience of a lifetime that I will never forget. When I arrived at camp, I was pretty nervous about this trip. I didn’t know anybody on the team and I didn’t know if I was going to be successful on the wrestling mat. Now that the trip is over, I can say I made 26 new friends, got a lot better at wrestling and learned life lessons I will never forget.
When you spend 44 days with 26 other people, you almost have to make friends. After spending so much time with the same people, we all became not only friends, but a family. With our new friends, we got to experience things I never thought I would do. I never thought I would visit Lake Tahoe, but it was the most beautiful water I have ever swam in. White water rafting sounded scary at first, but it was one of the most fun things I have ever done. The hike up Rendezvous Mountain was tiring, but the view above the clouds was amazing. When I was above the clouds it really hit me that I was experiencing things I would never forget. I cherished this moment, even though it felt like my legs were going to collapse.
Along with the unforgettable sightseeing, I became a way better wrestler. If I was home, I wouldn’t be wrestling nearly as much. Also, I wouldn’t of had as good of workout partners back home. On the tip, you are wrestling with some of the best wrestlers on the East Coast. You are also with top notch coaches. With great wrestlers and coaches, you are almost guaranteed to become a better wrestler.
Making friends and becoming a better wrestler was great, but the most important part of the trip was the life lessons we learned. I learned how to manage money, do laundry and how to rely on myself instead of my parents. I would never have learned these lessons at such a young age if I wasn’t on this trip. I want to thank the coaches for teaching me these lessons, because I wouldn’t be as responsible if they weren’t guiding us along the way. This trip was definitely inexperience of a lifetime. I will never forget the friends I made, the places I went and the life lessons I learned.”
Garrett O’Shea, age 15, Butler, NJ (2012 NJ Kids State Runner-Up)

“I enjoyed the trip and it has taught me many things about life and responsibility.” - Isaiah Bailey (RI)

“I thought the trip would really help prepare me for my freshman year. It was fun and a great experience. I will always remember the Ohio All-Star Team of 2012.” - Shae Bloom, age 14, 2011 PJW State Champion (PA)

“This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The trip helped me not only in the life part of it, but wrestling, as I learned a lot of new technique.” Mason Brainard (OH)

“The trip was an amazing experience. We saw so much stuff.” George Coleman (NJ)

“I learned how to spend my money wisely, how to do laundry and how to be responsible for my own actions.” Dylan DiSano (RI)

“The friends I made, people I met along the way, wrestling moves I learned and memories I made are priceless.” Brendan Howard (PA)

“What I liked about the trip is that you get to meet so many people and make new friends.” Jaret Lester (OH)

“The trip was great. I wish I could do it again.” Tyler McCafferty (OH)

“The trip was pure amazing. Meeting 26 new teammates, who are now super close friends to me, was crazy cool. The trip also taught me how to grow up.” Brakan Mead (OH)

“This trip meant to me becoming more responsible. There was also a lot more wrestling than I thought there would be. Overall, I liked the trip and made a lot of new friends.” Austin O’Connor, age 14, 2X Ohio TofC Champion & 2X Trinity Award Winner (IL)

“The trip was awesome - I wish I could do it again. The trip has changed my life in many ways, like wrestling, attitude and this trip made more more polite. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Ronnie Pietro (OH)

“The experience was spectacular!” Cal Reichart (PA)

“The trip was an awesome experience for me. I have learned so much in just a short period of time. I learned how to do laundry, new wrestling moves, how to work together as a team and also learned more responsibility. One thing that I love is that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will remember this my whole life.” Kaleb Romero (OH), 6X OAC State Champion and 4X Ohio TofC Champion.

“I really improved as a wrestler. It was really cool being able to practice with and compete against some of the best kids in the nation. Being selected to the team was a big honor for me. I really felt like I represented my school and hometown and was proud of that. The trip helped me in a lot of ways - from laundry to maturity.” Matt Steer (OH)

“The trip made a big impact on my wrestling career. It made me a better leader, wrestler and all around better person.” Dylan Taylor, age 15, WV State Runner Up as a Freshman (WV)

“I think this trip helped me to become a better wrestler. I was practicing with the best kids and learning from the best coaches. Overall, this trip made me a better wrestler and person. It is an experience that I will never forget.” Brad Trescott (OH)

“What I liked best about this trip was meeting new long distance friends that I will see around at various events.” Jacoby Ward (OH)

Thoughts from Parents

“We are counting our blessings that Cal had the opportunity to travel with the team. While I feel there were many benefits of the trip, I'll limit my comments to those that stand out to me. Not only did Cal experience parts of the country he may not visit otherwise, he also learned the value of a dollar, both with fundraising and with being responsible with money on the trip. In addition, I am impressed that he seems to have matured when speaking to adults. Recently an elderly couple he met noticed his shirt and asked him, "What is the Ohio All Star Wrestling team?" He answered them with a maturity I hadn't seen from him before, speaking clearly, looking at both of them, and answering in detail, emphasizing only the team's achievements. His father and I are impressed with the organization of the trip which combines wrestling with an abundance of adventure!”
Mary Reichart (son Cal, age 14, 2011 PA SJW State Runner Up)) Momary98@yahoo.com

“The trip was a tremendous experience for my son and our family. Through Facebook, text messages, and phone calls, my wife and I felt like we were experiencing the trip with our son. He saw and did more on the trip than most have experienced in a lifetime. Through the trip, I believe has built a lifetime of friendships, developed life skills, improved his wrestling, and improved on the mental aspects of wrestling. The boys are already plotting to get together at national wrestling tournaments. It’s a trip he will always remember and cherish.”
Dom D’Emilio (son Dylan, age 12, 2012 OAC State Champ) dom.demilio@genoawrestling.com

“We just wanted to say : Thank you in the biggest way possible, for letting George have the most wonderful experience this summer! Not only was the trip a dream, but the wrestling friends he made with everyone was amazing! He wasn't in the hotel fast enough from the plane, testing everyone to say how he enjoyed things and missed them already! He has been in contact with the coaches and is planning on a trip to the Super 32 hoping everyone else comes!
He hasn't stopped with telling us all, about the wonderful time he had. He wants to do this again next year! It had to be amazing if that's what he wants! Maybe we can come out next time! You did a wonderful job with planning and taking care of everything! That right there, is a job! But most of all a JOB WELL DONE!!!! Words just cant express how we feel! I could go on and on, Thanks from the bottom of our hearts!”
George & Marsha Coleman (son George, age 12, NJ Kids State Placer) reebtraf@comcast.net

“We highly recommend this trip. It was extremely well organized. The boys had excellent coaching and mentoring. The friendships made, the sights seen, the opportunity for growth both as a wrestler and as a young man, the life lessons that were learned; it was a once in a lifetime experience!”
Bob & Mindy Steer (son Matthew, age 14, 2012 Ohio TofC Runner Up) mindysteer@gmail.com

"An exceptional journey and growth experience for young men. Every young wrestler should get to experience this.” Jason Prunest (son Hayden, age 13) - jason.prunest@yahoo.com

Listed below are links to three daily videos from this past year’s team.

Yellowstone Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uQ9DcT5 ... video_user

Lake Tahoe video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhEkl-TJ ... video_user

Disneyland video (part 1): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OleBBKXI ... video_user
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