What Ever Happened to Red R. Neck????

It has come to light that a certain sage by the name of Red R. Neck, a frequent contributor to the now defunct publication The West Virginia Wrestler, may still be alive and well somewhere in the environs of the Mountain State. The West Virginia Wrestler, a wrestling newsletter which enjoyed widespread circulation in the 1980's and beyond, has unfortunately gone the way of other great publications such as Look Magazine, Colliers, Country Song Roundup, and others.

Below is reproduced Mr. Neck's commentary from the May 6, 1983 issue of The West Virginia Wrestler.

The Red Neck
by Red R. Neck

I do love this country, I really do; but I think it only works if people keep their sense of PRIDE. I don't think the system will work if you have people who are trying to do what is the best for themselves at all costs, rather then keeping an outlook of what is fair for everyone. Here are a few examples.

* Unions are fine as long as the workers keep their pride and don't become more interested in what they can get out of doing, rather than what will help the company.

* Welfare and unemployment are meant to help those, that need help; NOT as a plan to vacation from the responsibilities of life while someone else supports you and your family.

* Reagan has announced he's going to run again. Looks like he's got us on the right track, again.

* We probably have gotten carried away because we have let people's lack of pride decide their own need. This will only work if they have pride in the beginning.

* I read recently in U.S. News that McGuffey's Reader is making a comeback in some public schools. They sold 150,000 copies last year compared to the 122 million copies distributed between 1836 and 1920's. This reveals something perhaps not surprising, but interesting about our times. School authorities, in exploring the return of McGuffey to the classroom, credit a yearning for a simpler life and the desire to promote honesty, industry, and more responsible and humane behavior. McGuffey Readers are well designed for these ends, but of course, the primary objective is reading skills. Teachers describe gratifying success. Different and new is not always better.

* I'm also glad to see the anti-nuke protesters out again. Reminds me of the beatnicks of the 60's. Oh, excuse me! I didn't mean to use the term "beatnicks". I think now they are called hippies. Maybe these nuke protesters,after they get the commies to turn in the nukes, could ask the crooks to quit carrying guns so that the police won't need any guns either.

* The new fad of men wearing earrings is really wonderful. Maybe that way some of these "men" might get a cauliflower ear. The only way they could get one is self-induced.

Outdoor Life
Comic Books
Organic Gardening
Mother Earth News
Farmstead Magazine
National Enquirer

Fiction Novels
Love Stories
Masters & Johnson

Walking Tall
Death Wish I & II,
Billy Jack
Return of Billy Jack
Smoky and the Bandit I & II and any other parts to come.
Any war or Cowboy movie,
in which we win.

Never wear shorts
Hats with some type of writing on it.
No neckties


Brooklyn gangster Louis "Pretty" Amberg was so ugly he was once offered a job with the Ringling Brothers circus as the Missing Link.

In 1971 an important book was published called OUR ENVIRONMENT CAN BE SAVED by Nelson Rockefeller. Not only didn't Rockefeller write his book (it was ghosted), he never even read it.

In 1981, Kenji Urada, a repairman at Kawasaki Heavy Industries in Japan, became the first person in history to be killed by a robot.

See you next year, Good Day!
Good Night Sam
Whereever you are, R.R. NECK

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