West Virginia Wrestling

Gallia Academy Blue Devil Duals

Date: Jan. 15th - 2000
Location: Gallia Academy - Gallipolis Ohio

Team Scores
Milton (WV) 117
Chesapeake (OH) 90
Marietta (OH) 77
Jackson (OH) 67
Gallia Academy (OH) 43
Cammack B (WV) 28
Logan (OH) 26
Belpre (OH) 25
Nelsonville-York (OH) 17

75 Championship: Stepp (Jac) def Simmons (Mil)
83 Championship: Deal (Bel) def Setliff (Mil)
90 Championship: Laverty (Mil) def Warner (CP)
95 Championship: Estes (Mar) def White (CP)
102 Championship: Robbins (CP) def Beckelhimer (Mil)
110 Championship: Riner (Cam) def McDonald (CP)
116 Championship: Cremeans (Mil) def Ferris (Jac)
123 Championship: Morris (Mar) def Handa (NY)
128 Championship: R. Cooper (Mil) def Wagner (Mar)
135 Championship: Davis (Gal) def T.Cooper (Mil)
145 Championship: Eldred (CP) def Carr (Mar)
155 Championship: Alexanderopolous (Cam) def Butler (CP)
165 Championship: Daniels (Jac) def Nicholson (Mar)
190 Championship: Simmering (Jac) def Richardson (Mil)
250 Championship: Doolittle (Gal 1) def Caldwell (Gal 2)
75 Third Place: Rittenhouse (Mil 2) def Merola (Gal)
83 Third Place: Jenkins (CP) def West (Log)
90 Third Place: Hatfield (Mil 2) def Bryan (Mil 3)
95 Third Place: Sanders (Gal) def Nichols (Jac)
102 Third Place: Seum (Log) def Wayland (Jac)
110 Third Place: Striblin (Bel) def Robers (Log)
116 Third Place: Lang (Mar) def Traugh (NY)
123 Third Place: Tomblin (Jac) def Robey (CP)
128 Third Place: Colvin (Bel) def Adkins (CP)
135 Third Place: Murphy (Mar) def Mock (Log)
145 Third Place: Morgan (Mil) def Rutler (Log)
155 Third Place: Hutchinson (Mil) def Welch (Mar)
165 Third Place: Price (CP) def Billups (Mil)
190 Third Place: Smith (Mil 2) def Slone (Gal)
250 Third Place: Cremeans (Mil) def Boley (Mar)

Note : this tournament was contested at Ohio weight classes as follows ... 82 88 94 100 106 112 117 122 128 134 141 149 158 169 217 in a modified duals pool format.
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