West Virginia Wrestling

Rebel Invitational

Date: 1/21-1/22/00
Location: South Hagerstown MD

Team Scores
1.Hedgesville (WV) 290
2. Williamsport (MD) 228 1/2
3. Leonardstown (MD) 169
4. South Hagestown (MD) 168
5. Handley (VA) 166 1/2
6. Musselman (WV) 164
7. Landstowne (MD) 127
8. Boonsboro (MD) 81
9. Catoctin (MD) 58 1/2
10. Thomas Johnson (MD) 40

103 Championship: K. Ballam (HED) 13-3 S. Sims (LAN)
112 Championship: J. Drappo (HED) 4-3 B.Ashby (SOH)
119 Championship: D. Bowers (HED) 14-7 R. Brown (LAN)
125 Championship: D. Lord (HED) 5-1 S.Stone (WMSP)
130 Championship: J. Shetler (HED) 5-3 E. Kuczynski (WMSP)
135 Championship: W. Boward (WMSP) pin 2nd J. Hess (HED)
140 Championship: V. Beard (MUS) 11-6 J.Swartz (WMSP)
145 Championship: B. Moats (HED) 14-5 T. Apollo (LAN)
152 Championship: A. Regalbuto (HED) 24-9 B.Ballard (LEN)
160 Championship: J. Capone (HAN) 16-0 TF M. Allen (WMSP)
171 Championship: RC Simmons (HAN) 6-5 J. Miller (WMSP)
189 Championship: J. Baker (HED) pin 1st Y.Polezeav (SOH)
215 Championship: M. Renner (MUS) pin 3rd E. Wallace (HAN)
275 Championship: R. Mcdonald (WMSP) pin 2nd L. Runion (LEN)

103 Third Place: C. Legette (WMSP) 4-1 T. Adkins (CAT)
112 Third Place: S. Rhinefield (LEN) pin 3rd M. Barnes (WMSP)
119 Third Place: R. Brown (HAN) pin J. JOnes (MUS)
125 Third Place: B. Metcalf (LEN) dec R. Menge (HAN)
130 Third Place: J. Buchbauer (HAN) 2-0 T. Krietz (CAT)
135 Third Place: J. Showe (SOH) dec D. Baker (LEN)
140 Third Place: S. Williams (SOH) dec J. Hartis (LAN)
145 Third Place: W. Kees (MUS) OT dec T. Brown (wmsp)
152 Third Place: B. Repp (SOH) dec M. Duane (HAN)
160 Third Place: A. Showe (SOH)4-3 S. Cospey (LEN)
171 Third Place: A. Everhart (HED) 5-4 DJ. Lathroum (LEN)
189 Third Place: J. Esmont (TJ) dec D. Stevens (LAN)
215 Third Place: B. Ross (WMSP) pin R. Reinholt (BO)
275 Third Place: BJ Pruitt (MUS) dec S. Mauriello (SOH)

103 Fifth Place: C. Lesnoff (HAN) over J. Clark (MUS)
112 Fifth Place: J. Weatherholtz (MUS) over T. Myers (TJ)
119 Fifth Place: C. Cline (BO) over Obrien (SOH)
125 Fifth Place: C. Lidner (MUS) over A. Kewer (LAN)
130 Fifth Place: E. Friess (LEN) over N. Mose (SOH)
135 Fifth Place: M. Brown (LAN) over B. Jenkins (CAT)
140 Fifth Place: R. Trittapoe (HED) over Wilson (BO)
145 Fifth Place: Lebeck (HAN) over J. Nalley (BO)
152 Fifth Place: M Triggs (MUS) over J. Shriver (LAN)
160 Fifth Place: J. Snyder (HED) over R. Watkins (MUS)
171 Fifth Place: B. Hudson (SOH) over B. Kefauver (BO)
189 Fifth Place: A. Babyak (BO) over R. Hawkins (CAT)
215 Fifth Place: R. Peterson (Soh) over C Robinson (Lan)
275 Fifth Place: B. Woodfall (HED) pin N. Mckenzie (BO)

Comments: First ever tournament team victory by Hedgesville. Williamsport MD third in last years Maryland AA state tournament. Regalbuto Hedgesville named Most Outstanding Wrestler. Fastest Pin award to R. Mcdonald WMSP 10 sec.

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