West Virginia Wrestling

Westmar Wrestling Tournament

Date: 1-22-00
Location: Westmar High MD

Team Scores
University 195
Frankfort 142
East Fairmont 99.5
Beall (MD) 95.5
Fort Hill (MD) 81
Petersburg 68
Clay Battelle 35
Allegany (MD) 35
Westmar (MD) 34
Morgantown 33.5
Uniontown (PA) 33

103 Championship: Borror (P) dec. Cappas (M) OT 6-4
112 Championship: Flynn (U) dec. Myers (F)
119 Championship: Kinsley (U) pin. Hillegas (FH)
125 Championship: Perroots (U) dec. Stiles (CB)
130 Championship: Beckwith (EF) pin Zembower (B)
135 Championship: Marshall (U) pin Clark (W)
140 Championship: Bosley (F) dec. Hoover (U)
145 Championship: Griffin (U) dec. Kesner (F)
152 Championship: Litten (F) Maj. Dec. Tatar (U)
160 Championship: King (CB) dec. Noechel (EF)
171 Championship: Butler (F) dec. Mackle (FH)
189 Championship: Whetstone (B) pin Ingram (EF)
215 Championship: Ballenger (P) dec. Bright (EF)
275 Championship: Riggin (A) pin Fucello (M)

103 Third Place: Burnworth (U) dec. Shirey (F)
112 Third Place: Thomas (B) dec. Kimble (P)
119 Third Place: Woodrum (A) pin Ujhelyi (EF)
125 Third Place: Keeney (EF) dec. Crowe (B)
130 Third Place: Rengers (U) dec. High (W)
135 Third Place: Jenkins (F) dec. Barnes (EF)
140 Third Place: Kilgore (UT) dec. Wilson (FH)
145 Third Place: Durst (B) dec. Morozek (FH)
152 Third Place: Ditto (B) maj. dec. Lieb (UT)
160 Third Place: Bosley (F) dec. Burke (FH)
171 Third Place: Frum (U) dec. Van Bremen (UT)
189 Third Place: Williams (FH) dec. Alt (P)
215 Third Place: Gabbert (F) dec. Miller (B)
275 Third Place: Boyd (U) pin Berg (P)

103 Champ Semi A: Borror (P) dec. Shirey (F)
103 Champ Semi B: Cappas (M) dec. Burnworth (U) 3-2
112 Champ Semi A: Flynn (U) dec Thomas (B)
112 Champ Semi B: Myers (F) dec. Kimble (P)
119 Champ Semi A: Kinsley (U) pin Ujhelyi (EF)
119 Champ Semi B: Hillegas (FH) dec. Woodrum (A)
125 Champ Semi A: Perrots (U) dec. Beeman (FH)
125 Champ Semi B: Stiles (CB) dec. Keeney (EF)
130 Champ Semi A: Beckwith (EF) pin High (W)
130 Champ Semi B: Zembower (B) dec. Kilgore (UT)
135 Champ Semi A: Marshall (U) pin Layton (P)
135 Champ Semi B: Clark (W) dec Jenkins (F)
140 Champ Semi A: Bosley (F) pin Wilson (FH)
140 Champ Semi B: Hoover (U) dec. Clise (B)
145 Champ Semi A: Griffin (U) maj. dec. Morozek (FH)
145 Champ Semi B: Kesner (F) dec. Durst (B)
152 Champ Semi A: Litten (F) pin Lieb (UT)
152 Champ Semi B: Tatar (U) dec. Ditto (B)
160 Champ Semi A: King (CB) inj. def. Hill (U)
160 Champ Semi B: Noechel (EF) dec. Bosley (F)
171 Champ Semi A: Butler (F) dec. Van Bremen (UT)
171 Champ Semi B: Mackle (FH) pin Conn (EF)
189 Champ Semi A: Whetstone (B) pin Williams (FH)
189 Champ Semi B: Ingram (EF) pin Alt (P)
215 Champ Semi A: Ballenger (P) dec. Gabbert (F)
215 Champ Semi B: Bright (EF) pin Miller (B)
275 Champ Semi A: Riggin (A) pin Berg (P)
275 Champ Semi B: Fucello (M) pin Boyd (U)

Comments: Jason Litten 152 of Frankfort named "OW"

Submitted by: Coach Powers - MHS

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