West Virginia Wrestling

Western Greenbrier Timberwolves Duals


Team Results
1st.Western Greenbrier

Individual Results
75: 1st Painter (WG) 2nd Thorne (Clay) 3rd Callahan (Collins)
83: 1st Crane (WG) 2nd Lough (Richwood)
90: 1st Boggs (Richwood) 2nd Gwinn (Meadow Bridge)
95: 1st Hayhurst (Richwood) 2nd Ryan (Collins)
102: 1st Nunn (Collins) 2nd Martin (WG) 3rd Elkins (Fay)
110: 1st Dickerson (Meadow Bridge)2nd Roberts (WG) 3rd Stonestreet (Fay)
116: 1st Baldwin (WG) 2nd Dawson(Clay) 3rd Frias(Meadow Bridge)
123: 1st Gillin (Richwood) 2nd Adkins(Clay) 3rd Wilburn (Fay)
128: 1st Smith (WG) 2nd Martin(Meadow Bridge)3rd Bare(Fay)
135: 1st Johns(Fay) 2nd Stutler(Clay) 3rd Avis (Meadow Bridge)
145: 1st Bragg(Fay) 2nd O'dell(Richwood) 3rd Mitchell(Clay)
155: 1st Smith(WG) 2nd Kyer(Richwood) 3rd Sevey(MB)
165: 1st Tincher(WG) 2nd Parson(Fay)
275: 1st Scott Bennett(Richwood) 2nd Price(Collins) 3rd Carper(Fay)

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