West Virginia Wrestling

4th Annual Frankfort District Mat Club Youth Wrestling Tournament

Saturday, February 12th, 2000.
The tournament was held at the Frankfort High School.

6 & U
40 -- 1st G. Murphy (SMC), 2nd P. Hedrick (HYD), 3rd J. Nichols (FTH), 4th D. Erichsen (FRT)
45/50 -- 1st E. Banner (TMC), 2nd C. Rasel (SMC), 3rd C Bittinger (TMC), 4th A. Finzel (NOR)
55/60 -- 1st J.Opel (NOR), 2nd J. Scheffel (SMC), 3rd R. Peer (FRT), 4th C. Corley (NOR)

7 & 8
45/50 -- 1st J. Scheffel (SMC), 2nd A. Stowell (TMC), 3rd J>Bosley (FRT), 4th D. Fratz-Orr (SMC)
55 -- 1st B. Scheffel (SMC), 2nd N. Brant (SMC), 3rd N. Wilson (FRT), 4th K. Crawford (BED)
60/65 -- 1st J.Duckworth (NOR), 2nd C. Weese (FRT) , 3rd J.Miltenberger (FRT), 4th C. Wellings (TMC)
70/75 -- 1st R. Ryan (FRT), 2nd A. Nelson (KYS), 3rd Z. Watkins (NOR)
UNL -- 1st J. Corbin (HYD), 2nd I. Turner (FRT), 3rd G. Smith (FRT)

9 & 10
50/55 -- 1st J. Warnick (NOR), 2nd C. Mc Caffrey (SMC), 3rd B. Sheffel (SMC), 4th A. Peer (FRT)
60/65 -- 1st Z. Huffman (FTH), 2nd S. Whetstone (BEL), 3rd C. Stikle (BED), 4th D. Cook (BED)
70 -- 1st D. Sisk (HYD), 2nd D. Liningston (CHR), 3rd C. Tressler (NOR), 4th C. Spiker (BEL)
75 -- 1st D. Roy (IND), 2nd N. Larson (TMC), 3rd S. Bennett (FTH), 4th R. Finzel (NOR)
80 -- 1st D. Carr (SMC), 2nd B. Mangold (KYS), 3rd C. Wright (BEL), 4th K. Vauls (KYS)
85/90 -- 1st B. Opel (NOR), 2nd J. Bluebaugh (TMC), 3rd N. DeVore (BEL), 4th J. Shoemaker (SMC)
100 -- 1st R. Bosley (FRT), 2nd S. Westfall (FTH)
UNL -- 1st N. Beegle (BED), 2nd D. Windle (TMC)

11 & 12
65/70 -- 1st C. Schnably (BED), 2nd J. Linn (FRT), 3rd A. Friend (SMC), 4th C. McCaffrey (SMC)
75/80 -- 1st C. Kamp (SMC), 2nd B. Emerick (HYD), 3rd J. Brant (BEL), 4th S. Mongold (FRT)
90/95 -- 1st D. Shoemaker (HYD), 2nd J. Bluebaugh (TMC)
110/120 -- 1st D. Shoemaker (HYD), 2nd R. Stack (NOR), 3rd D. Miller (FRT), 4th P. Sagel (BEL)

13 & 14
90/100 -- 1st D. Shoemaker (HYD), 2nd T. Dixon (BEL)
110 -- 1st D. Fridley (FRT), 2nd C. Lewis (BEL), 3rd W. Perkins (TMC), 4th E. Beeman (TMC)
120 -- 1st D.L. Longerbeam (FRT), 2nd J. Larson (TMC), J. Feaster (KYS), E. Garlitz (NOR)
130 -- 1st J. Weeks (IND), 2nd C. Miller (BEL), 3rd D. Bosley (FRT), 4th A. Lopez (FRT)
UNL -- M. Staggers (KYS), 2nd S. Windle (TTN), 3rd J. Staggers (KYS)

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