West Virginia Wrestling

Harpers Ferry Invitational Duals Tournament

February 11-12, 2000
Jefferson High School

Dual Match Results
Harpers Ferry 8-0
Cheat Lake 7-1
East Greenbrier
6-2 Harpers Ferry "B" 5-3
Warm Springs 4-4
Clarke County 3-5
Mannington 2-6
George Mason 1-7
All-Stars 0-8

75: 1-Ryan Jackson HF "B" 8-0 2-Chris Galford HF 7-1 3-Ben Grusseti CL 6-2 4-Matt Earl 5-3
83: 1-Ronnie Dillow HF 8-0 Andrew Olden HF"B" 7-1 Ricky Kump WS 6-2 Andy Denson CL 5-3
90: Justin Lodge M 8-0 Bryan Means WS 7-1 Brett Child CC 6-2 Shane Bartolo CL 5-3
95: Nathaniel Hendricks 8-0 Randy Waugh WS 7-1 Andrew Martgan GM 6-2 Tyler Moore HF 5-3
102: 1-Chris Moore WS 8-0 2-Dave Campbell CL 7-1 3-Jonathan Luciano HF 6-2 4-Ryan Morris M 5-3
110: 1-Steve Reynold HF 8-0 2-Matt Vance EG 7-1 Josh Nelson HF"B" 6-2 4-Joey Harrison WS 5-3
116: 1-Eric Thorne EG 8-0 2-(Tie) Joel Gorb M 6-2 Tommy Jackson HF 6-2 Danny Schneider HF "B" 6-2
123: 1-Matt Mason WS 8-0 2-Kevin Stottlemeyer HF"B" 7-1 3-Travis Nutter HF 6-2 4-Jack Longanacre EG 5-3
128: 1-Jacob Parkes CL 8-0 2-Mike Thompson HF"B" 7-1 Cartier King EG 6-2 4-Brian Leuters HF 5-3
135: 1-Mike Davis HF 8-0 2-John Frunce CL 7-1 3-Clayton Goins GM 6-2 James Brown EG 5-3
145: 1-Evan Whalen HF 8-0 2-Billy Lyons CL 7-1 3-Zeb Unger WS 6-2 4-Joel Allen CC 5-3
155: 1-Doug Sillex HF 8-0 2-Ryan Fletcher CL 7-1 3-Joe Harrison HF"B" 6-2 4-Mac Cole GM 5-3
165: 1-Mike Smith HF 8-0 2-Dennis Warner HF"B" 7-1 3-Matt Serling EG 6-2
190 lb. class: 1-Artie Badger HF 8-0 2-Jeremiah Weatley EG 7-1 3-Drew Loy CC 6-2 4-Glenn Blon CL 5-3.
250: 1-Matt Ernst CC 8-0 2-Chris McDowell HF 7-1 3-Sam Wyndham HF"B" 6-2 4-Junior Ward EG 5-3

Comments: The Harpers Ferry Invitational was a great way to wrap up the season with plenty of fun and good wrestling. Harpers Ferry flexed its muscles by placing eight champions and eight runner-ups with its closest match being a 58-19 win over its own "B" squad. For Harpers Ferry it was the team's sixth straight tournament championship this season and raised the team's record to a perfect 40-0. There was a great battle for second place with Cheat Lake East Greenbrier and Harpers Ferry "B" going head-to-head in exciting matches that were all decided by a few points. The sportsmanship and comraderie among the wrestlers and coaches was outstanding and every boy on every team got eight matches. Sixty kids went home with individual trophies and teams were split into junior high and middle school divisions so that every team went home with at least a 4th place trophy in their division. It was a great way to end the season!
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