West Virginia Wrestling

2000 Mason Co. Youth Wrestling Championships

DATE: April 1, 2000
PLACE:Point Pleasant H.S.
TEAMS:Bulldogs, Knights, Stingers ,Raiders-PPHS Feeders
Pinners-Wahama Feeder

1st-  Tanner Sayre              Bulldogs
2nd-  Jordan Messick          Bulldogs
3rd-  Christian Pyles           Knights        2nd Jr. States
4th-  Steven Porter              Knights
5th-  Noah Searls                Knights        Jr. State Champion (35)
6th-  Micah Powell             Knights

1st-  Anthony Darst            Bulldogs
2nd-  Cole Bowman            Stingers
3rd-  Bradley Loomis          Stingers
4th-  Brett Keeling              Raiders
5th-  Brady Whitt                Raiders
6th-  Shane Filkins              Bulldogs

1st-  Caleb Doung               Bulldogs           4th Jr. States
2nd-  Josh Hereford             Raiders
3rd-  Travis Grimm             Stingers
4th-  Phillip Allen               Bulldogs
5th-  Donaven Powell         Knights
6th-  Steven Kimberling     Knights

1st-  Jared Searls                 Knights          3rd Jr. States
2nd-  Tyler DeWitt              Stingers
3rd-  Dakota Wernsing        Bulldogs
4th-  Garrett Wamsley         Bulldogs
5th-  Zack Willet                  Knights
6th-  Jeremiah Hoffman       Pinners

1st-  Brock McClung           Bulldogs
2nd-  Micaiah Branch           Pinners
3rd-  Zack McCormick         Knights
4th-  Derek Rogers               Stingers
5th-  Ray Gandee                 Stingers
6th-  Tyler Kitchen               Pinners

1st-  Dennis Rogers              Stingers
2nd-  Will Garrison               Bulldogs
3rd-  Bryan Gregg                Stingers
4th-  Jacob Carr                    Raiders         Jr. State Champion
5th-  Michael Burris              Knights

70 Dev
1st-  Jared Long                    Bulldogs
2nd-  Jamin Branch               Pinners
3rd-  Isaac Beller                  Stingers
4th-  Beau Bellamy              Raiders
5th-  John Malone                Stingers
6th-  Ryan Anderson            Pinners

1st-  Justin DeWitt               Stingers
2nd-  Mathew Thompson     Bulldogs
3rd-  Derek Mitchell            Raiders         2 time Jr. State Champion
4th-  Adam Carr                   Raiders         Jr. State Champion
5th-  Chris Diver                  Stingers

1st-  James Garrett               Raiders
2nd-  James Rainey              Raiders
3rd-  Nathan Rhodes            Bulldogs
4th-  Eric Veith                    Stingers
5th-  Arnie Painter               Stingers
6th-  Alea Hipes                   Stingers

1st-  Clay Krebs                   Bulldogs
2nd-  C.J. Payne                   Raiders           2nd Jr. States
3rd-  Casey Hogg                 Knights          Jr. State Champion
4th-  Charles Zerkle             Stingers
5th-Cody Greathouse           Stingers

1st-  Shane Byer                   Bulldogs
2nd-  Ryan Messick              Bulldogs
3rd-  Andy Legg                   Pinners
4th-  Matt McConihay          Bulldogs
5th-  Evan Yeager                 Knights

1st-  Kris DeWitt                  Stingers
2nd-  Chris Thompson          Bulldogs
3rd-  Jared Meaige                Bulldogs
4th-  Anthony Jeffers            Bulldogs
5th-  Todd Burris                  Knights
6th-  Kyle Smith                   Pinners

1st-  Justin Cullen                Bulldogs
2nd-  Tre Pyles                     Knights
3rd-  Caleb Marcum             Stingers
4th-  Trey Watterson            Raiders

1st-  Cody Pumphrey           Bulldogs
2nd-  Josh Nott                     Stingers       5th Jr. States
3rd-  Brenton Clark              Pinners
4th-  Tommy Blazer             Stingers
5th-  Travis Clark                 Raiders
6th-  Shane Huffman            Stingers

1st-  Brent Hereford             Raiders         2nd Jr. States
2nd-  James Casto                 Stingers
3rd-  Brandon Warner          Knights        4th Jr. States
4th-  Nathan Stafford           Pinners         Jr. State Champion
5th-  Adam Barton               Pinners
6th-  Brett Allen                   Knights

1st-  Josh Wroten                 Knights
2nd-  Justin Williams           Bulldogs
3rd-  Kyle Grubb                 Bulldogs
4th-  John Hipes                  Stingers
5th-  Ronnie Gleason           Stingers
6th-  Chris Payne                 Knights

1st-  Owen McFarland         Pinners
2nd-  Justin Bailey               Knights
3rd-  Anthony Black            Raiders
4th-  Allen Jordan                Knights
5th-  Amanda Zerkle           Stingers

1st-  Heath Shirley              Stingers
2nd-  Benson Shirley           Stingers
3rd-  Travis Burdette           Bulldogs
4th-  Chris Cook                  Raiders
The Mason Co. youth wrestling season was a great success with 18 weight classes and over 150 wrestlers K-6th grade. Special thanks to : J & R Home Improvement and Jim McCormick for their support of the Mason Co. Youth Wrestling Program.
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