West Virginia Wrestling

Williamstown Junior Wrestling Tournament

Williamstown High School 13, 1999
6 and Under
40 lbs
1st Zac Wilson- Lubeck 13- 0
2nd David Jeffrey- Patriots
3rd Colton Nutt- Pleasants Co. Pin 1st
4th Cody Greenburg- Wirt Co.

45 lbs
1st Cory Szabo- Wirt Co. 4 - 0
2nd Jacob Douglas- Patriots
3rd Shawn Piggott- Patriots 9 - 7
4th Brooke Knight- Pleasants Co.

50 lbs
1st Caleb Norman- Mineral Wells Pin 3rd
2nd Cody Everett- Pleasants Co.
3rd Jordan Anderson- Ripley Pin 1st
4th Matthew Enoch- Mineral Wells

55 lbs
1st Josh Seldenright- New Philadelphia,OH 11 - 3
2nd Cole White- Pleasants Co.
3rd Oakley Cheuvront- Wirt Co. Pin 3rd
4th Ethan Lockhart- Lubeck

1st Thomas Collins- Marietta 14 - 2
2nd Zaiver Sinnett- North Parkersburg
3rd Andy Gainer- Mineral Wells Pin 1st
4th Zachary Thomas- Pleasants Co.

7 and 8
45 lbs
1st Jeremy Laird- Mineral Wells 12 - 5
2nd Cory Szabo- Wirt Co.
3rd Brent Wilson- Vienna Pin 1st
4th Drew Smith- South Parkesburg

50 lbs
1st Cody Tyler- Mountain State 7 - 5
2nd Tyler George- Williamstown
3rd Dylan Brizendine- Pleasants Co. Pin 3rd
4th Kyle Bratke- Vienna

55 lbs
1st Adam Metz- Mineral Wells 5 - 0
2nd Tyler Dickel- Mineral Wells
3rd Jordan Yates- Marietta 6 - 4
4th Jordan Nolan- North Parkersburg

60 lbs
1st Kari Childers- Pleasants Co. 2 - 0
2nd Josh Valentine- Wirt Co.
3rd Cody Richards- Mineral Wells Pin 3rd
4th Curtis Rea- Pleasants Co.

65 lbs
1st Mark Board- Patriots PIn 3rd
2nd Mark Turner- Independent
3rd Jason Porter- Morgan Co. 17 - 1
4th C.D. Cox- Pleasants Co.

70 lbs
1st Trey Toliver- Travelers
2nd Tom McCoy- Wirt Co.
3rd Steven Cumberledge- South Parkersburg

75 lbs
1st Brent King- Pleasants Co. Pin 2nd
2nd Greg Heldman- Marietta
3rd David McCoy- Mineral Wells Pin 1st
4th Chris Smith- Patriots

1st David McCoy- Mineral Wells Pin 1st
2nd William Burns- Vienna
3rd Cody Keeney- Moutain State 7 -5
4th Randy Tallhamer- Lubeck

9 and 10

55 lbs
1st Jessic Tetter- South Parkersburg 9 - 6
2nd Ervin Page- Mountain State
3rd Justin Smith- Waterford Pin 3rd
4th Loren Cullum- Williamstown

60 lbs
1st Brandon Wilson- Pleasants Co. Pin 1st
2nd Morgan Leach- Parkersburg Cougars
3rd Ethan Morrison- Wirt Co. 8 - 4
4th Corey Farley- Waterford

65 lbs
1st Mackenzie Peters- Williamstown 1 - 0
2nd Scotty Boggs- Independent
3rd Thad Duvall- Williamstown Pin 1st
4th Michael Battin- Lubeck

70 lbs
1st Logan Martin- Ripley 2 -1
2nd Thad Duvall- Williamstown
3rd David Dennis- Patriots 4 - 2
4th Max Fordyce- South Parkersburg

75 lbs
1st Tommy Little- Pleasants Co. 6 - 0
2nd Corey Cronin- Pleasants Co.
3rd Cody Bragg- Morgan Co. 15 - 3
4th Seth Bartrug- Pleasants Co.

80 lbs
1st Matt Lindamood- Parkersburg Cougars Pin 2nd
2nd Aaron Hinzman- Ritchie Co.
3rd Conner Phillips- North Parkersburg 7 - 3
4th Billy Smith- Mineral Wells

90 lbs
1st Andy Thomas- Parkersburg Cougars 4 - 2
2nd Alex Dunn- Williamstown
3rd Blake Ponchak- 11- 2
4th Sam Bruce- Marietta

1st Nick Munday- Parkersburg Cougars 6 - 0
2nd Dan Nicholson- Marietta
3rd Brian Barnhart- Pleasants Co. Pin 2nd
4th Zack Nolan- North Parkersburg

11 and 12

65 lbs
1st Ryan Flowers- Williamstown 13 - 4
2nd Mackenzie Peters- Williamstown
3rd Ben McCoy- Logan Co. WV Pin 3rd
4th Sean Shultz- North Parkersburg

70 lbs
1st Brandon Wolfe- Patriots 11 -0
2nd Craig Johnson- Williamstown
3rd Ryan Flowers- Williamstown 7 - 6
4th David Taylor- Pleasants Co.

75 lbs
1st Zac McCray- Patriots 4 - 3
2nd Seth Phalen- Ripley
3rd Brady Bragg- Morgan Co. OH Pin 1st
4th Craig Johnson- Williamstown

80 lbs
1st Zac McCray- Patriots 4 - 2
2nd Michael Klintworth
3rd Jason Lorenz- North Philadelphia, Oh Pin 1st
4th Conner Phillips- North Parkersburg

85 lbs
1st Billy Everett- Pleasants Co. Pin 3rd
2nd Jonathon Wilson- South Parkersburg
3rd Thomas Miller- Pleasants Co. 11 - 6
4th Justin Ball- Mineral Wells

90 lbs
1st Tim McCoy- Independent 15 - 0
2nd T. J. Shaw- Marietta
3rd Alex Dunn- Williamstown Pin 2nd
4th Brandon Shafer- Vienna

100 lbs
1st Joey Lindamood- Vienna 8 - 0
2nd Nick Munday- Parkersburg Cougars
3rd Mike Staats- Lubeck 6 - 0
4th Brandon Coss- Vienna

110 lbs
1st Codi Norman- Mineral Wells 17 - 3
2nd Justin Adkins- Lubeck
3rd Nick McCoy- Logan Co. WV Pin 1st
4th Sean Chichester- Williamstown

120 lbs
1st Dustin Combs- Vienna Pin 2nd
2nd Josh Burns- Pleasants Co.
3rd Gene Beatty- South Parkersburg Pin 3rd
4th Josh Sharder- Wirt Co.

1st Matt Nicholson- Marietta 4 - 1
2nd Pat Pepper- Williamstown
3rd Dustin Combs- Vienna 2 - 0
4th Matt Joy- North Parkersburg- 15


90 lbs
1st Felix Osuna Cotto- Patriots
2nd Dustin Bartrug- Pleasants Co.
3rd Tim McCoy- Independent

95 lbs
1st Dale Doebereiner- Waterford, OH Pin 2nd
2nd Erica Dye- Wirt Co.
3rd Bobby Cooper- Ripley
4th Daniel Hershberger- Mineral Wells

110 lbs
1st Jay Thomas- Raliegh Co.
2nd Matthew Dye- Wirt Co.
3rd Derek Bragg- Marietta
4th Brandon Dye- Wirt Co.

120 lbs
1st Jay Thomas- Raliegh Co.
2nd Brandon Kesterson- Independent
3rd Michael McCoy- Mineral Wells

130 lbs
1st Seth Young- Independent
2nd Jamie Miller- Independent
3rd Dale Everett- Pleasants Co.
4th Pat Pepper- Williamstown

140 lbs
1st Willie Broce- Ritchie Co.
2nd Andrew Houser- Pleasants Co.
3rd Robert Beatty- South Parkersburg
4th Paul Adkins- Pleasants Co.

150 lbs
1st Nathan Allen- Independent
2nd Lee Lauderman- Williamstown
3rd Matt Schaad- Waterford
4th Josh Parsons- Williamstown

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