West Virginia Wrestling

Ohio vs WV Super Duals

Date: Dec. 18th 1999
Location: Cheasapeake Middle School - Chesapeake Ohio

Team Scores:
Cammack 84 - Enslow 6
Milton 57 - Point Pleasant 36
Cammack 54 - Milton 39
Point Pleasant 54 - Enslow 30
Cammack 51 - Point Pleasant 39
Milton 93 - Enslow 0
Chesapeake 70 - Gallia Academy 21
Jackson 54 - Athens 39
Chesapeake 66 - Jackson 27
Gallia Academy 42 - Athens 42
Chesapeake 60 - Athens 28
Jackson 54 - Gallia Academy 35

75 Championship: Simmons (Milt) def Smith (Ches)
83 Championship: Kelley (Cam) def Stepp (Jac)
90 Championship: Setliff (Milt) def Laverty (MiltB)
95 Championship: Russell (PtP) def White (Ches)
102 Championship: Fullen (Cam) def Robbins (Ches)
110 Championship: Riner (Cam) def Ferris (Jac)
116 Championship: Cremeans (Milt) def Caynor (Ches)
123 Championship: Cooper (Milt) def Thomblin (Jac)
128 Championship: Bonecutter (PtP) def Davis (Gal)
135 Championship: Taylor (Cam) def Adami (Ath)
145 Championship: Carr (PtP) def Pugh (Ath)
155 Championship: Daniels (Jac) def Alexanderopoulous (Cam)
165 Championship: Richardson (Mil) def Brenahan (Ath)
190 Championship: Price (Cam) def Huffman (Ches)
250 Championship: McDonald (Ches) def McCormick (PtP)

75 Third Place: Chicki (Ath) def Dudley (Cam)
83 Third Place: Jenkins (Ches) def Rittenhouse (Milt)
90 Third Place: Hetzer (Cam) def Warner (Ches)
95 Third Place: Nichols (Jac) def Dudley (Cam)
102 Third Place: Moore (PtP) def Saunders (Gal)
110 Third Place: Billings(PtP) def McDonald (Ches)
116 Third Place: Conaster (Ath) def Durst (PtP)
123 Third Place: Maack (Cam) def Finley (Ches)
128 Third Place: Myers (Cam) def Luce (Ath)
135 Third Place: Eldred (Ches) def Palmer (Ath)
145 Third Place: Proczak (Ath) def Burton (Gal)
155 Third Place: Smith (Milt) def Blair (Ath)
165 Third Place: Simmering (Jac) def Newell (PtP)
190 Third Place: Cremeans (Milt) def (Miller (Jac)
250 Third Place: Cook (Gal) def Varney (Milt)

Comments: Also contested was the 215 lb class as per Ohio Weight Classes
1st Hutchinson (Cam) def Doolitle (Gal)
3rd Hamlin (Ches) def Harshbarger (Milt)

WV Defeated Ohio with 14 of 16 champions.

Submitted by: Jim LeMaster - Coach - Milton Middle School

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