West Virginia Wrestling

Gallipolis OH Olympic Pool Tournament

Date: Dec. 30 1999
Location: Gallipolis OH

Team Scores
1st - Point Pleasant (PP)
2nd - Belpre OH (B)
3rd - Gallipolis OH (G)
4th - Cheaspeake OH (C)
5th - Jackson OH (J)
6th - Meigs OH (M)
7th - South Point OH (SP)
8th - River Valley OH (RV)

103 Championship: Parsons (G) Stapleton (RV)
112 Championship: Parsons (G) McCoy (PP)
119 Championship: Gibson (B) Duncan (PP)
125 Championship: Russell (PP) Gates (B)
130 Championship: Dewees (PP) Bond (B)
135 Championship: Ferris (J) Nott (PP)
140 Championship: Pumphrey (PP) Sims (B)
145 Championship: Wood (J) Stapelton (G)
152 Championship: McDaniel (B) Warner (PP)
160 Championship: Fuller (SP) Gates (B)
171 Championship: Wyatt (J) Jones (B)
189 Championship: McNemar (G) Wiley (C)
215 Championship: Marshall (C) Wood (G)
275 Championship: Bostic (G) Doczi (M)

103 Third Place: Damron (C)
112 Third Place:
119 Third Place: Duncan (C) Kemper (RV)
125 Third Place: Collins (C) Jones (RV)
130 Third Place: Voss (G) King (J)
135 Third Place: Wheeler (G) Neal (C)
140 Third Place: Locke (B) Johnson (J)
145 Third Place: Gilley (PP) Richards (B)
152 Third Place: McLaughlin (M) McDaniel (C)
160 Third Place: Merola (G) Tipton (RV)
171 Third Place: Dixon (M) Imboden (M)
189 Third Place: Davis (M) Raines (B)
215 Third Place: Randolph (B) Bonecutter (SP)
275 Third Place: Belville (SP) Roach (G)

Comments: Point Pleasant was with out the services of four starters due to injuries or illness. Nott (125) Bonecutter (152) Carr (189) Rhoades (HWT)

Thanks to David Darst

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