West Virginia Wrestling

Cameron Tri-State Tournament

Date: 1-6-01
Location: Cameron High School

Team Scores
1.Cameron 223
2.Grafton 177
3.Berkeley Springs 140
4.Magnolia 93
5.Tyler Consolidated 73
6.Clay-Battelle & Hundred tied with 36
8.South Harrison 31
103 Championship: Jared Ross (C) dec. Noah O'Neil (C-reserve) 12-8
112 Championship: Todd Dureya (G) pin Brandon Antil (C) 2:31
119 Championship: Corey Auvil (G) dec. Daniel Whiteman (H) 10-4
125 Championship: Tyler Hughes (C) maj dec. Matt Rosensteel (B) 12-0
130 Championship: Casey Hughes (C) dec. D.J. Yoders (C-reserve) 2-1
135 Championship: Adam Leach (G) win by blood time default over Joel O'Neil (C)
140 Championship: Chris Leach (G) dec. lsaac Stewart (C) 11-8
145 Championship: Roger Kupfer (C) pin Chase Andrews (B) 1:46
152 Championship: Tucker Brown (C) pin Jamie Moore (B) 5:00
160 Championship: Drew Toth (S) dec. Jamie Dent (H) 5-3 ot
171 Championship: Richard Stotler (B) dec. Curt Meyer (C) 13-8
189 Championship: Wyatt O'Neil (C) pin Josh Clark (B) 3:36
215 Championship: Mike Keener (G) dec Joe Weaver (M) 9-4
275 Championship: Ken Hollenbach (G) tech fall Luke Shepherd (T) 18-2

103 Third Place: Bobby Rawles (G) pin Jonathan RIch (B) :43
112 Third Place: Stephanie Beach (CB) win by default
119 Third Place: Brandon Clark (B) maj. dec. Justin Kotson (C) 11-3
125 Third Place: Dan Doty (C-reserve) dec. NIck Kuhn (M) 9-8
130 Third Place: Tommy Stiles (CB) pin Rick Brewer (M) 1:26
135 Third Place: Frank Gregg (B) pin Dustin Kildow (T) 5:10
140 Third Place: Shawn Fullerton (C) pin Randy Miller (B-reserve) 3:14
145 Third Place: Chad Bolyard (G) win by default
152 Third Place: Sam Gieseke (T) dec. Chris Lantz (G) 11-1
160 Third Place: Trampas Efaw (G) pin Luke Roupe (C) 3:48
171 Third Place: Matt Kreger (G) dec. Brandon Long (M) 12-4
189 Third Place: Matt Eddy (CB) pin Jesse Neely (T) 2:21
215 Third Place: Justin Beresford (C) pin Donnie STotler (B) 2:50
275 Third Place: Matt Spencer (M) pin Turd TImmons (C) 2:37

103 Champ Semi A: Jared Ross (C) pin Jonathan RIch (B)
103 Champ Semi B: Noah O'Neil (C-reserve) pin Bobby Rawles (G)

112 Champ Semi A: Brandon Antil (C) pin Stephanie Beach (CB)
112 Champ Semi B: Todd Dureya (G) bye

119 Champ Semi A: Corey Auvil (G) dec. Justin Kotson (C) 5-3
119 Champ Semi B: Daniel Whiteman (H) dec. Brandon Clark (B)

125 Champ Semi A: Tyler Hughes (C) pin Nick Kuhn (M)
125 Champ Semi B: Matt Rosensteel (B) pin Dan Doty (C)

130 Champ Semi A: Casey Hughes dec. Tommy Stiles (CB) 8-0
130 Champ Semi B: D.J. Yoders (C-reserve) pin Rick Brewer (M)

135 Champ Semi A: Joel O'Neil (C) dec. Frank Gregg (B)
135 Champ Semi B: Adam Leach (G) pin Dustin Kildow (T)

140 Champ Semi A: Chris Leach (G) pin Shawn Fullerton (C-reserve)
140 Champ Semi B: Isaac Stewart (C) pin Randy Miller (B-reserve)

145 Champ Semi A: Roger Kupfer (C) bye
145 Champ Semi B: Chase ANdrews (B) dec. Chad Bolyard (G)

152 Champ Semi A: Tucker Brown (C) pin Sam Gieseke (T)
152 Champ Semi B: Jamie Moore (B) dec. Chris Lantz (G)

160 Champ Semi A: Drew Toth (S) dec. Luke Roupe (C) 8-5
160 Champ Semi B: Jamie Dent (H) dec. Trampas Efaw (G)

171 Champ Semi A: Richard Stotler (B) pin Matt Kreger (G)
171 Champ Semi B: Curt Meyer (C) pin Brandon Long (M)

189 Champ Semi A: Wyatt O'Neil (C) pin Matt Eddy (CB)
189 Champ Semi B: Josh Clark (B) pin Jesse Neely (T)

215 Champ Semi A: Joe Weaver (M) pin Justin Beresford (C) 3rd
215 Champ Semi B: Mike Keener (G) pin Donnie Stotler (B)

275 Champ Semi A: Ken Hollenbock (G) pin Turd TImmons (C)
275 Champ Semi B: Luke Shepherd (T) dec. Matt Spencer (M)

Comments: This was an entertaining tournament. The officiating was consistent and there were many great match-ups. There was a lot more to this tournament than I can show by these results. Outstanding wrestler was Corey Auvil of Grafton.

Submitted by: Chris Wood

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