West Virginia Wrestling

 Athens John Deno Classic 
Feb 3  2001
MVW Justin Mautz 171 Philo 

126.5 Point Pleasent W.V. 
119.5 Logan Elm 
117.5 Fisher Catholic 
116 Warren Local 
110 Philo 
90.5 Athens 
89.5 Tri Valley 
84 Morgan 
83.5 Logan 
72 Nelsonville-York 
68 Jackson 
64 Belpre 
61.5 Coshocton 
54.5 Meigs 
48 Cheasepeak 
33.5 Fairfield Union 
4 Federal Hocking 

1st Gregg Smith FC 
2nd Jon Kruszewski AT 
3rd Jake Deal BE 
4th Zach Stepp JA 

1st Ryan Morgan TV 
2nd Cody Apperson MO 
3rd Phillip Traugh NY 
4th Moore PH 

1st Ron Helm FC 
2nd Jason Mccoy PP 
3rd Jesse Helms LE 
4th Chad Bledsoe BE 

1st Jarvis Bateman NY 
2nd Nick Duncan PP 
3rd Aarron Shaeffer PH 
4th Tim Neill WL 

1st Jesse Nott PP 
2nd Tom Good FC 
3rd Rob Diehl LE 
4th Matt Culver WL 

1st Jon Ferris JA 
2nd Kiern Anderson FC 
3rd Jeromy Nott PP 
4th Matt Mullins ME 

1st Noah Bookman LO 
2nd Ben Westbrook WL 
3rd Bruce Hammon TV 
4th Eddie Neel CH 

1st D.J. Deweese PP 
2nd Shannon Glancey WL 
3rd Eric Cornwell AT 
4th Mark Dunkle PH 

1st Casey Apperson MO 
2nd Kemp Nolan CO 
3rd Matt Warner PP 
4th Nick Tipple FC 

1st Adam Gates WL 
2nd Ryan Knapp MO 
3rd Chad Whited LE 
4th Scott Hurst PH 

1st Justin Mautz PH 
2nd Zach Woltz LO 
3rd Mike Parker LE 
4th Ryan Richardson MO 

1st Jeremy Roush ME 
2nd Graig Flynn PH 
3rd Seles LE 
4th David Chapman AT 

1st Brian Dearing AT 
2nd Joe Meisser LE 
3rd Chad Spiker TV 
4th Mike Randolph BE 

1st Eric Mcghee JA 
2nd Mike Jacobs CO 
3rd Don Platt NY 
4th Jesse Harvey TV 

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