West Virginia Wrestling

2001 Little Kanawha Conference Wrestling Championship

February 3, 2001

. Team Scores
Williamstown 159
Calhoun 152.5
Clay 144
St. Marys 104
Wirt 85
Roane 69
Ritchie 63.5
Braxton 62.5
Raveswood 54

103 Championship: E. Dye (Wirt) ot dec J. Biddle (Will.) 7-5
112 Championship: A. Gandee (Rav) mj dec C. Biddle (Will) 16-6
119 Championship: C. Morris (Cal) pin B. Freeland (Roa)
125 Championship: T. Haddox (Will) mj dec J. Lobis (Ritch) 10-2
130 Championship: Q. Keaton (Roa) dec D. Metz ( Cal) 11-5
135 Championship: S. Smith (Will) pin D. Hashman (St.M)
140 Championship: J. Dennis (Wirt) dec T. Westbrook (Will) 8-4
145 Championship: T. Childers (St.M) pin B. Smith (Wirt)
152 Championship: R. Stutler (Clay) pin M. Seckman (Will)
160 Championship: L. Lauderman (Will) dec D. Cottrill (Cal) 5-3
171 Championship: R. Burge (Cal) dec B. Deboard (Will) 11-7
189 Championship: R. Delebreau (Will) pin P. Hashman (St.M)
215 Championship: D. Peck (Clay) dec D. Raban (Rav) 5-1
275 Championship: T. Naylor (Ritch) pin H. Cliver (Clay)

103 Third Place: D. Bartraig (St.M) pin D. Stutler (Clay)
112 Third Place: J. Brewer (Cal) pin C. Bolte (Roa)
119 Third Place: R. Elder (Will) mj ded J. Wince (Ritch) 10-1
125 Third Place: J. Stutler(Clay) default B. Yurkovich (Brax)
130 Third Place: D. Everrette (St. M) dec A. Tracewell (Will) 5-3
135 Third Place: M. Minger (Clay) dec C. Wine (Brax) 5-2
140 Third Place: J. Morris (Cal) pin C. Bennett (St. M)
145 Third Place: C. Stewart (Cal) dec T. Albright (Clay) 9-8
152 Third Place: C. Foster (Brax) tf C. Miller (Wirt) 17-2
160 Third Place: J. Reed (Clay) dec B. Tucker (Rav) 8-2
171 Third Place: E. Tackett (Rav) dec B. Luff (Ritch) 13-6
189 Third Place: G. Nicholson (Roa) mj dec N. Shaver (Brax) 10-1
215 Third Place: C. Gibson (Cal) pin T. Karr ( Wirt)
275 Third Place: J. Laughlin (Cal) pin S. Statts (Will)

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Robert Stutler Clay

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