West Virginia Wrestling

SEOAL Championships

Date: 2-10-01
Location: Gallia Academy High School

Team Scores
1. Point Pleasant 164.5
2. Warren Local 154.5
2. Marietta 154.5
4. Logan 132.5
5. Athens 92
6. Gallia 65
7. Jackson 61
8. River Valley 41

103 Championship: 1st-Kruszowki (A) 2nd- Miracle (M)
112 Championship: 1st-Brancato (M) 2nd- Nelson (L)
119 Championship: 1st-McCoy (PP) 2nd- Tucker (M)
125 Championship: 1st-Hansis (M) 2nd- Duncan (PP)
130 Championship: 1st-Nott (PP) 2nd- McDaniel (L)
135 Championship: 1st-Ferris (J) 2nd- Nott (PP)
140 Championship: 1st-Bookman (L) 2nd- Westbrook (W)
145 Championship: 1st-DeWees (PP) 2nd- Glancy (W)
152 Championship: 1st-Shein (L) 2nd- Warner (PP)
160 Championship: 1st-Gates (W) 2nd- Bonecutter (PP)
171 Championship: 1st-Woltz (L) 2nd Merola (G)
189 Championship: 1st-Carr (PP) 2nd-Wood (G)
215 Championship: 1st-Dearing (A) 2nd- Brammer (M)
275 Championship: 1st-Nicholson (M) 2nd- McGhee (J)

103 Third Place: 3rd-Stepp (J) 4th-Imboden (L)
112 Third Place: 3rd-Barrett (W) 4th-Hill (J)
119 Third Place: 3rd-Hale(W) 4th-Parsons (G)
125 Third Place: 3rd-Neil (W) 4th-Rice (RV)
130 Third Place: 3rd-Culver (W) 4th-King (J)
135 Third Place: 3rd-Morris (M) 4th-Myers (W)
140 Third Place: 3rd-Pumphrey (PP) 4th-Hodgson (A)
145 Third Place: 3rd-Cornwell (A) 4th-Edwards (RV)
152 Third Place: 3rd-Niceswanger (A) 4th-Estes (M)
160 Third Place: 3rd-Henestofel (L) 4th-Meek (A)
171 Third Place: 3rd-Bonnett (W) 4th-Stroud (RV)
189 Third Place: 3rd-Covalt (M) 4th-Dunfee (W)
215 Third Place: 3rd-Sands (G) 4th-McLevey (W)
275 Third Place: 3rd-King (G) 4th-Richie (RV)

Comments: Coach Of The Year- Jack Cullen PPHS

Outstanding Wrestler- Noah Bookman (Logan HS)

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