West Virginia Wrestling

9th Annual East Fairmont Junior Wrestling Club Tournament

March 3, 2001

4/U 35
1st T. Moore Taylor County
2nd D. Dodd Clarksburg
3rd Z. Stanley North Marion
4th Z. Miller Clarksburg

4/U 40
1st H. Mayer Clarksburg
2nd T. Arnett North Marion

4/U 45
1st A. Alvaro West Fairmont
2nd C. Koracs West Miflin
3rd H. Spencer Taylor County
4th H. Mayer Clarksburg

1st L. Johnson Clarksburg

5\6 40
1st Schram CCNS
2nd Stanley NM
3rd Mulvihill West Miflin
4th Clevenger Clarksburg

5\6 45
1st Marsico All American
2nd Michael East Fairmont
3rd Street Taylor County
4th Guilihone All American

5\6 50
1st Griffin Taylor County
2nd D. Dodd Clarksburg
3rd Grahame Waterford
4th Young West Greeene

5\6 55
1st Rotella West Miflin
2nd Keys West Miflin
3rd Walter East Fairmont
4th Mayer Clarksburg

5\6 60
1st Kovacs West Miflin
2nd Rozzel Southern Mat

5\6 UNL
1st Severson Elkins

7\8 45
1st Nelson Waynesburg
2nd Sheleflak Waynesburg
3rd Schiffbauer Mapletown
4th Cornman All American

7\8 50
1st Connelly All American
2nd Beckman All American
3rd Williams Connellsville
4th Scarberry East Fairmont

7\8 55
1st Hull Lewis County
2nd Hardy Central Ohio
3rd Dell South Moreland
4th Miller Waterford

7\8 60
1st Swink Connellsville
2nd Brunswick Clarksburg
3rd Cutright Buckhannon
4th Bosley Frankfort

7\8 65
1st Moore East Fairmont
2nd Goodwin Buckhannon
3rd Pauley Clarksburg
4th Calvert Waynesburg

7\8 70
1st Bartlett Taylor County
2nd Hartzell East Fairmont
3rd Minnick Mapletown
4th Ellis Waynesburg

7\8 75
1st Nezjak Mapletown
2nd Harazzy All American
3rd Thorpe Laurel Highlands
4th Hayes West Fairmont

7\8 UNL
1st Long Buckhannon
2nd Morgan West Fairmont
3rd Phillips North Marion
9\10 50
1st Wood East Fairmont
2nd Dunnelly McGuffey
3rd Connelly All American

9\10 55
1st Few Central Ohio
2nd Griffin Taylor County
3rd Reed Waterford
4th Schram CCNS

9\10 60
1st Sherlock All American
2nd Swick Connellsville
3rd Glover Mapletown
4th Marsico All American

9\10 65
1st Karpency Independent
2nd Sim McGuffey
3rd Robe East Fairmont
4th Totterdale Canon Mac

9\10 70
1st Johnson West Greeene
2nd Jenkins East Fairmont
3rd Walters All American
4th Hyre Buckhannon

9\10 75
1st Bailey East Fairmont
2nd Peterson Burrell
3rd Headlee Waynesburg
4th Chidester Buckhannon

9\10 80
1st Gallaher Taylor County
2nd Adams CCns
3rd Fleming All American
4th Johnson Clarksburg

9\10 85
1st Cunningham All American
3rd Patton Waynesburg
4th Morgan West Fairmont

9\10 90
1st Hinerman East Fairmont
2nd Kline Central Ohio
3rd Dulaney AG
4th Brunswick Clarksburg

9\10 95
1st Camps Waynesburg
2nd Brunswick Clarksburg
3rd Ray East Fairmont
4th Carlson Soutn Morland

9\10 100
1st Hardy Central Ohio
2nd Gaffney Connellsville
3rd Grippo South Moreland
4th Day Buckhannon

9\10 UNL
1st Brownlee All American
2nd Bella AG
3rd Karpency Independent
4th Potts

11\12 65
1st Scherlock All American
2nd Robe East Fairmont
3rd Knopsider Connellsville
4th Yuhas West Miflin

11\12 70
1st Sim McGuffey
2nd Scherick McGuffey
3rd Maloney Burrell
4th Ray Cambridge

11\12 75
1st Ivanco All American
2nd Atwood All American
3rd Leggett Waynesburg
4th Bailey East Fairmont

11\12 80
1st Roberts Trinity
2nd Redfoot All American
3rd Conklin West Greene
4th Cano Clarksburg

11\12 85
1st Bossart Connellsville
2nd Neville East Fairmont
3rd Schoeffel All American
4th Grippo South Moreland

11\12 90
1st Bissett West Greene
2nd Eberly CCNS
3rd Snyder Connellsville
4th Teague Connellsville
11\12 95
1st Beckman All American
3rd Renner West Greene
4th Mamula CCNS

11\12 100
1st Blackburn Connellsville
2nd Greco All American
3rd Phillips All American
4th Swaney AG

11\12 105
1st Cunningham All American
2nd Glover Mapletown
3rd Michalski West Fairmont
4th Smith North Marion

11\12 110
1st Evans All American
2nd Jackson West Fairmont
11\12 120
1st Waltko All American
2nd Bennet All American
3rd Dunaway Buckhannon
4th Miller McGuffey

11\12 UNL
1st Totterdale Canon Mac
2nd Bean South Moreland
3rd Brownlee All American
4th Davis Clarksburg

83 1st Dunn
2nd Leggett Waynesburg
3rd Knepper Canon Mac
4th Holden Connellsville

13\15 90
1st Snyder Connellsville
2nd Guthrie West Greene
3rd Ward Buckhannon
4th Schoeffel All American

13\15 102
1st Primus All American
2nd Bryson AG
3rd Fleming All American
4th Bell Connellsville

13\15 110
1st Martin Connellsville
2nd Pinear All American
3rd Bucci Connellsville
4th Mayer Clarksburg

13\15 120
1st Uncapher All American
2nd Scherich McGuffey
3rd Wilson West Greene
4th Ray Cambridge

13\15 128
1st Ray East Fairmont
2nd Blosser AG
3rd Morrison Pittsburgh
4th Kendall Spencer

13\15 135
1st Hunt Transfer
2nd Ellis Waynesburg
3rd Sines Connellsville
4th Kuhn Independent

13\15 145
1st Bittner Connellsville
2nd Lattea Lewis County
13\15 155
1st Tony Connellsville
2nd Peer All American

13\15 165
1st Wojcik Independent

13\15 180
1st Murphy East Fairmont
2nd Wojcik Independent

13\15 UNL
1st Miller Buckhannon
2nd Gum Buckhannon

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